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YAML for Ruby: How to turn off the boolean interpretations?
169943 [mikshir@gm i] I have YAML documents generated in Perl and Python that I process with
+ 170034 [dooby@d1 .k ] Hadn't heard about those :-?  Interesting.
| 170037 [dooby@d1 .k ] ...
+ 170036 [logancapaldo] Well, I was looking at the YAML site, and apparently yes/no on/off
+ 170039 [ara.t.howard] doc = <<-yaml
  170040 [logancapaldo] I believe that the documents are being generated by Python and/or
  171225 [mikshir@gm i] Thanks for the followups, gang.

different methods for initializing one object?
169944 [kibleur.chri] let's say I've got a class Point2D to write, it must have 2 methods to
+ 169955 [rforum@gm il] One way would be to take keyword arguments and figure out which you were
| + 169962 [desmarm@gm i] What you've proposed is a fine idea, but I think that it's important to
| | 169966 [rforum@gm il] Oop, you're of course correct.  It's more "I can't believe it's not
| + 169976 [mental@ry ia] If you are always storing cartesian coordinates internally, I'd
|   169996 [kibleur.chri] Thanks for all your answers, in fact, my class was already written with
+ 169973 [transfire@gm] class Point2D

next, retry, break?
169947 [mental@ry ia] Okay, I've got a question.
+ 169963 [surrender_it] don't they do it already?
+ 170011 [matz@ru y- a] Just do it normally.  You don't have to do nothing for them.
  170028 [mental@ry ia] Thanks...
  170030 [matz@ru y- a] Right, if the term "closest" means what I thought.
  170086 [mental@ry ia] I think the word I wanted was "innermost"..?
  170103 [matz@ru y- a] Then, I think you were wrong.
  170107 [mental@ry ia] Thank you!  That was the root of my confusion.  I was under the mistaken

Unpack problems
169957 [aaron_patter] foo = "\000\000\022\227"
+ 169964 [wilsonb@gm i] This looks like an endianness issue.  Check out what happens when you
| 169969 [aaron_patter] Looks like it is an endianness issue.  Thank you for the help!
+ 169989 [drbrain@se m] Tiger's Ruby's pack/unpack have reversed endianness.  You'll have to

need to run setup.rb after 'gem install facets'
169965 [akonsu@gm il] i just installed facets thus: 'gem install facets' and was expecting it
169981 [transfire@gm] Hmmm... my guess is the RUBYOPT setting. Make sure you have this
169982 [akonsu@gm il] thanks. with rubygems it works. stupid of me.

Unspecified Syntax Error
169967 [hmrhouse@ho ] def MakeBoard
+ 169972 [akonsu@gm il] [instr[0],instr[1],instr[2],instr[3],instr[4],instr[5],instr[6],instr[7],in?str[8]]
| 169977 [hmrhouse@ho ] That doesnt appear when i try to execute... there is no \255 character
+ 169974 [james@gr yp ] In my experience, this is almost always the sign of a missing "end".
+ 169980 [desmarm@gm i] For starters, you're gonna want to replace "else if" with "elsif".  The
| 169990 [hmrhouse@ho ] That.. would do it, thanks. Now i just have to figure out my logic
+ 169984 [toddkennethb] elsif num == 0

Re: next, [redo], break?
169975 [mental@ry ia] Sorry, s/retry/redo/.
169988 [lukfugl@gm i] Like Gabriele said in the other thread, they seem to already...
169997 [mental@ry ia] Well, yes and no.  You didn't try anything like my example (which

Rails & MySQL login problem (#42000Access denied for user)
169979 [nospam@ya oo] I'm running Ruby on Rails and MySQL on a Fedora Core 4 server. When I
169992 [vanek@ac .n ] It looks like you or your host have upgraded to the latest Rails gems.
169994 [jeremy@bi sw] Because AR bundles the latest version of the pure-Ruby mysql driver
170003 [yanfali@be t] sudo gem install mysql -- --with-mysql-lib=/location/of/your/mysqllibs
170043 [nospam@ya oo] Thanks for your help, but I still didn't get it working.
+ 170048 [vanek@ac .n ] When you look at field mysql.`user`.password do you see strings that are
| 170097 [nospam@ya oo] Ok thanks to all who answered, this OLD_PASSWORD thing seems to have
+ 170082 [yanfali@be t] Have you tried running mysql client from the command line with the same

LyX chapter lister
169993 [slitt@ea th ] The script under my sig is a filter that takes a LyX file from stdin and spits
170083 [chneukirchen] lines = STDIN.readlines
170089 [slitt@ea th ] Thanks, I was looking for something like that.

Ruby SOAP client communication with Microsoft .NET webservice
170004 [keyshawn@gm ] I am trying to interface a SOAP client written in Ruby with a .NET
170042 [kero@ch ll .] How would the call to stopGenerate know that '1' is a request id?
170081 [keyshawn@gm ] Thanks a lot. That worked out. Would you know how to pass an array of
+ 170100 [tsumeruby@ts] When using SOAP4R with .NET web services, you must use the ASPDotNetHander.
+ 170214 [kero@ch ll .] I have something like
  171962 [keyshawn@gm ] Thanks for getting back to me. I got it to work after reading through

[ANN] langhelp-0.9.2
170006 [rubikitch@ru] == Abstract

Customizing erb's recognized tags
170007 [ljw1001@gm i] Does anyone know if it's possible to change the tags that erb
+ 170010 [james@gr yp ] You mean normal String interpolation?
| 170012 [ljw1001@gm i] I need to read in a template file and apply replacements in two steps
| 170014 [james@gr yp ] I just showed how to use delayed String interpolation on any String.
| 170015 [ljw1001@gm i] i want to do a series of replacements on a file in two passes - one at
| 170020 [james@gr yp ] <body>
+ 170017 [james_b@ne r] checks the file extension;  if it's an erb template, it replaces <? ?>
  170021 [ljw1001@gm i] that might be a good solution.  i'll give it a try. thanks.

Semi-OT: Red Crystal - Ruby is taking off everywhere
170009 [phurley@gm i] The Red Crystal flag is the new politically neutral emblem approved by

Phoenix.rb : Phoenix Ruby Users Group
170031 [james_b@ne r] The recent Refresh Phoenix[0] meeting earlier this month went extremely

Re: is this a good way to find anagrams?
170032 [wrong@so al ] i goofed up my thread by using the word "anagram" incorrectly, or too loosely...
170208 [martindemell] One interesting way to do subset finding in words is to hook up a fast

rb_str_replace not public?
170038 [djberg96@gm ] I wanted to use rb_str_replace for a destructive method in a C
170044 [trashcan@ho ] VALUE str1;     // string to replace
170062 [djberg96@gm ] In my case I need to replace 'self' within a subclass of String, so I

:-) Sharing a Shower Moment :-)
170051 [transfire@gm] What did the Rubyist say to the duck?
+ 170080 [billk@ct .c ] To quack or not to quack, that is the question.
| 170084 [julesjacobs@] Would fit in Why's Guide to Ruby.
+ 170091 [djberg96@gm ] Why did the duck cross the road?
  + 170095 [trashcan@ho ] There was an instance of road, an instance of duck and an instance of
  + 170096 [cyclists@nc ] Q. How many ducks does it take to change a lightbulb?
  + 170098 [sgentle@gm i] Because road.is_a? Crossable returned true.
  + 170099 [ezra@ya im -] If a duck quacks in the woods... Does anyone.respond_to? his calls?
    + 170133 [luc@ho k- on] In ObjectSpace, nobody can hear you quack.
    + 170159 [john.carter@] You guys are Quacking me up. This is riDuckulous!
      170161 [pertl@gm .o ] public final class Duck extends AbstractAnimal implements MayQuack, CanSwim
      170164 [kevin.olbric] "What's in a Type? That which we call a Duck

Gem problem behind proxy with authorization
170058 [anatol.pomoz] ...

[ANN] rctool-1.1.1
170059 [rubikitch@ru] == Abstract

[ANN] el4r-1.0.2 - EmacsLisp for Ruby
170060 [rubikitch@ru] El4r enables you to write Emacs programs in Ruby as well as in EmacsLisp.

[ANN] langhelp-0.9.3
170061 [rubikitch@ru] == Abstract

Fwd: [XpWdc] Overview for Ruby On Rails - Tuesday, December 13th
170063 [jeffwaltzer@] ...

170069 [hmrhouse@ho ] def MakeBoard
+ 170070 [lopexx@au og] It is supposed not to print anything since nothing is called here...
+ 170071 [m.fellinger@] charset="utf-8"
| 170074 [hmrhouse@ho ] The idea is to take a string of 9 characters, and transform them into an
| 170075 [hmrhouse@ho ] Obviously i meant 9 strings of 9 characters.
| + 170076 [gregory.t.br] On 12/10/05, StarLion <hmrhouse@hotmail.com> <hmrhouse@hotmail.
| + 170077 [m.fellinger@] charset="utf-8"
|   + 170079 [gregory.t.br] if you use a range, you don't need to worry about extraneous input
|   + 170092 [hmrhouse@ho ] This code returns a 10 element array, with 0 in index 9.
|     170093 [hmrhouse@ho ] Nevermind... I just cant count how many characters i put on one line.
|     170094 [james@gr yp ] input =~ /^\d{9}$/
+ 170072 [daniel.schie] I think it's because when you write `puts board[rcount]', `rcount' is 1
+ 170073 [gregory.t.br] make_board returns a board split by spaces.

Ncurses - how do you get mousemask working?
170088 [lymans@gm il] I've tried... and I've looked around.
170334 [pabs@pa lo r] They couldn't
170340 [pabs@pa lo r] diff -ur ncurses-ruby-0.9.2/ncurses_wrap.c ncurses-ruby-0.9.2-mousemask_fix=
170533 [lymans@gm il] Thanks for the reply, but I think I'm going to move away from
170622 [dickey@sa tm] That's a terminal-dependent feature.  If the terminal supports it,

How to preserve line endings in strings with YAML?
170105 [ruby@to pa n] Normally I would expect that
170109 [billk@ct .c ] On my system, ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32], the first two

inserting raw xml into a rexml document
170115 [ara.t.howard] [ahoward@localhost xhtml-0.0.0]$ irb -r rexml/document
170122 [ruby-ml@ma i] Are you actually trying to create new elements in the doc? (If not, then
170123 [ara.t.howard] that's just what i did!  thanks!

[ANN] lazy.rb 0.2
170121 [mental@ry ia] Now that I'm done asking stupid questions about iterators, it's time for
170124 [ezra@ya im -] Mental-

ruby's Logger conflict with Log4r's Logger
170126 [capitain@gm ] Both of them has a class named "Logger"
+ 170128 [langstefan@g] I know it doesn't help now: As a general suggestion: Never
| 170141 [capitain@gm ] thanks for your help , I prefer the second way :)
+ 170145 [james@gr yp ] # ...

erb and scope
170127 [wybo@se va y] require 'erb'
+ 170129 [langstefan@g] puts ERB.new(FOO).result(binding)
| 170132 [wybo@se va y] That helps (although I don't understand it yet, but I'll find out),
| 170148 [james@gr yp ] ERb templates are resolved in the scope of some "binding".  They have
+ 170131 [malte__@gm -] [erb]
  170134 [fxn@ha hr f.] [Other poster suggests passing binding.]
  170150 [james@gr yp ] I imagine the reason is because ERb uses eval() under the hood and

Houston ruby and / or rails user group?
170152 [klancaster19] Jut left full time employment to do a start-up with Rails as our

RubyGems - trouble with .gemrc gempath setting
170155 [rix@ad al as] I'm having a strange error with RubyGems when specifying a repository in a

About open-uri and ENV["HTTP_PROXY"]
170156 [anatol.pomoz] ...
170186 [akr@m1 n. rg] Environment variables are not appropriate place to store

Ruby: A New Danger
170157 [hcatlin@gm i] This is my attempt at humor. I was having fun with The Movies and
+ 170158 [hcatlin@gm i] One last note.
+ 170204 [mrkode@gm il] ...
+ 170207 [tsumeruby@ts] hcatlin, Good work

[ANN] Ruby SNMP 0.6.0 Released
170165 [davehal42@gm] Release 0.6.0 of Ruby SNMP is now available.  I got tons of user

The end of Gem vs Proxy war
170166 [anatol.pomoz] ...
170176 [lyndon.samso] I haven't tried your patch, but good work!

creating a <=> method
170167 [hawkman.gelo] ...
+ 170168 [james@gr yp ] Like this?
| 170170 [hawkman.gelo] ...
+ 170169 [surrender_it] yuu should return 1 if self > b, 0 if self == b and -1 otherwise.
+ 170171 [ruby-forum-r] # The spaceship operator needs to return either

Calculating single-digit summands
170174 [boyang.xia@g] I have tried to make an algorithm that finds all possible combinations
+ 170178 [ronjeffries@] I don't understand the rules of the game from your writeup.
+ 170187 [james@gr yp ] One thing that your code could really use is better names.  Variables
  170191 [dandiebolt@y] ...
  170192 [james@gr yp ] Oops.  Yes.  Thank you.

Calculating single-digit summands
170175 [boyang.xia@g] I have tried to make an algorithm that finds all possible combinations
+ 170179 [janchrister.] Calculating single-digit summands
| 170180 [janchrister.] Calculating single-digit summands
+ 170271 [boyang.xia@g] This is a newer algorithm which works much more faster.
  + 170270 [boyang.xia@g] # examples
  + 170276 [dblack@wo bl] Array#reverse gives you a new array, so you don't need to clone it.
  | 170308 [janchrister.] draq,
  | 170515 [boyang.xia@g] I don't see the problem. The list of arr(2) seems to be right. The
  | 170519 [janchrister.] draq,
  + 170295 [james@gr yp ] You don't think so?  Let's ask Ruby...
  | 170501 [boyang.xia@g] I see, there is much to learn. ;-))
  + 170303 [pine29@my as] Since only single digit summands are under consideration, I don't think

[ANN] ruby queue : rq-2.3.1
170177 [ara.t.howard] - added 'stage' option to submit mode, which allows submission in a 'holding'

Watir Javascript popup handler: works with popups from links, not from buttons
170181 [jeffz_2002@y] (long post!)

Embedded Ruby into C
170182 [joevandyk@gm] Anyone got any good resources on embedding C into Ruby?  The ones I
+ 170188 [jonsmirl@gm ] Chapter 21 in Programming Ruby, Second Edition covers it for Ruby 1.8.
+ 170189 [joevandyk@gm] I created a Ruby extension in C called 'functions.so'.  My ruby script
  + 170190 [jonsmirl@gm ] The examples from "Extending Ruby" may help.
  + 170193 [joevandyk@gm] Aha, calling ruby_init_loadpath() did the trick.
    + 170194 [joevandyk@gm] int main()
    + 170200 [joevandyk@gm] Anyone know how I can avoid the following compile errors?
      170202 [joevandyk@gm] Can I embed a Ruby extension into a C executable, run a Ruby script
      170213 [joevandyk@gm] Whew, figured it all out.

Ruby + yaml = warnings???
170183 [ml@ku t. in ] % ruby --version
170240 [hutch@re ur ] FYI, no warnings in 1.8.2
170241 [edder@tk sp ] I played around with yaml on 1.8.3 and found out it is completely broken
170248 [edder@tk sp ] yaml seems to be broken on 1.8.4_pre2 too, so I suggest downgrading to

Problems with missing collection method in has_many relationship.
170184 [sean.swolfe@] I have a layered one to many relationship situation that is having some

Catching Errno::ETIMEDOUT
170185 [hsanson@mo g] This is a little method I use to download webpages. It works ok until I
+ 170314 [ruby-forum-r] Try to rescue SystemCallError (all off the Errno
+ 374339 [raju.10.thot] I am new to Ruby and using selenium automation framework but ended with

[QUIZ][SOLUTION] Kalah (#58)
170196 [dbalmain.ml@] Hey guys,
+ 170216 [rob@ma s. rg] [QUIZ][SOLUTION] Kalah (#58)
| 170232 [dbalmain.ml@] To you only.
| + 170235 [dbalmain.ml@] Whoops, that was supposed to be to Rob only. :P
| | 170297 [james@gr yp ] No worries, you didn't offend me.  ;)
| | + 170329 [perrin@ap th] If you have to rewrite something three times to get it down to two lines
| | + 170401 [dbalmain.ml@] Cool. And this is the way it should be. That's the reason I read your
| |   170612 [adam.shelly@] Dave scored 1057 points in 409.138 seconds
| + 170245 [steve@wa ts ] Dave,
|   170259 [dbalmain.ml@] Great :-)
+ 170317 [adam.shelly@] ...
  170347 [adam.shelly@] ...
  + 170354 [adam.shelly@] Not strictly quiz related, but why do my emails to the list get have
  | 170360 [mental@ry ia] As far as I can see, it's because the archive software doesn't
  + 170388 [slitt@ea th ] Could you please tell me more about the use of test units?
  | 170402 [james@gr yp ] If you are curious about Ruby's Unit Test library, it is documented
  | 170466 [slitt@ea th ] Ahhhh, I've always called those things "test jigs". Thanks.
  | 170474 [james@gr yp ] There are many examples on the Ruby Quiz site.
  + 170405 [dbalmain.ml@] Just ran a tournament with your players. In case you or anyone else is
    170430 [adam.shelly@] Cool.
    170435 [dbalmain.ml@] ...

Strange bahaviour of "Set"
170210 [th-dev@on in] I already mentioned this in another thread, but I think this is of
170281 [collinsj@se ] I believe include? checks for the specific Object ID for the set, not