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^ ~ method
16927 [ms iastate.e] Idle curiosity.
16929 [Dave Pragmat] Regards
16935 [ms iastate.e] [Dave]

^ Embedded Ruby Request
16931 [bryan terral] Hey guys!

^ [Newbie] Forgetting "extended behaviour"
16932 [sheik carib-] One can use: obj.extend(Mixin1, Mixin2,...) to give

^ [Newbie] overload + operator for instance variable
16933 [putsch fiber] Howdy,
16934 [avi beta4.co] Well, I'm not sure I would personally use operator overloading for this,
16936 [putsch fiber] Thanks,

^ Another question
16941 [will.sobel B] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
16946 [matz ruby-la] This one should be added to FAQ.
16947 [Dave Pragmat] 'tis added to the list.
16968 [SAT MULTITEC] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand

^ RubyGarden wiki is upgraded
16948 [Dave Pragmat] I just upgraded the wiki to Usemod 0.92 (from 0.88). The two biggest

^ Ruby/X11 version 0.4
16949 [matju sympat] Announcing Ruby/X11 version 0.4. This is, as promised, a quite

^ Ruby 1.6.4 for Windows InstallShield
16969 [andy toolshe] Just wanted to let ya'll know that Ruby 1.6.4

^ Extension building
16973 [tony smee.or] I'm just getting started with Ruby and my first comment is "at last!". I've
16974 [glen enabled] I have been round and round on the python mailing lists regarding a
16994 [tony smee.or] Aha! A worthy opponent ;-)
17011 [glen enabled] You know what I really like about Makefiles? They are completely
17013 [tony smee.or] I know what you mean - I felt the same way when I started to get to grips

^ CRAN -- They got there first.
16975 [hgs dmu.ac.u] The slot in namespace for the Comprehensive Ruby Archive Network

^ Introspection and 'where's the source'?
16976 [johann physi] Is there any way that you can find the source code of a ruby method

^ Catching object creation
16978 [kare_tempo e] class Class

^ Warnings with Oracle, DBI 0.5
16980 [djberg96 hot] I ran a fairly simple query and got several warnings.  The query
17073 [neumann s-di] Sorry to get back at you so late.
17078 [matz ruby-la] Yes.  It should be fixed.  Thanks.

^ RCR for the String class
16982 [joe vpop.net] What does everyone thing of this as an RCR to change the behavior of
+ 16983 [elanthis use] That sounds very clear and a good idea to me, except for the whole
+ 16984 [dblack candl] puts str[0].chr
  + 16985 [joe vpop.net] Good to see you're still with us! :-)
  + 16986 [ms iastate.e] There's also the [position,length] substring notation.  I've found this
  + 17007 [pbrannan atd] Well, I'm not certain what the exact reason is, but in C, a char *is* an
    17018 [ser germane-] One of the problems with this is that it makes working with non-ASCII strings
    17019 [decoux moulo] This is not true with ruby_m17n
    17020 [SAT MULTITEC] What specifically do you like better about Java's IO library?
    17032 [ser germane-] Input and Output streams and writers, and the ability to fairly easily chain
    + 17040 [ms iastate.e] Yeah... Ya know what I don't like about Ruby?  The class names are too
    | 17063 [ser germane-] Ooh, ooh... and another thing I hate about Ruby.  All of those Object
    | 17081 [niklasf cs.u] In general, I don't think this is a very good idea. If you rename
    + 17047 [irving_1 com] Interesting. I'm a student, not much of a programmer, but learning.
      17065 [ser germane-] Well, when I first started learning Java, there were only 5 packages and

^ Poll results
16987 [Dave Pragmat] Oh what a conservative bunch are we. The poll at RubyGarden.org just
+ 16992 [aleksei.guze] I think changes should be approved by Matz.
| 17008 [Srecko.Howar] Have been following the discussion regarding who should control the language
| + 17024 [YuriLeikind ] I agree with Srecko Howard in almost all points,
| + 25487 [YuriLeikind ] I agree with Srecko Howard in almost all points,
|   + 17146 [Srecko.Howar] Sorry for taking so long to respond.  Had a lot of articles to catch up
|   + 25515 [Srecko.Howar] Sorry for taking so long to respond.  Had a lot of articles to catch up
|     17148 [ser germane-] ... the difference between Java and Pascal being, of course, that Pascal
+ 17017 [boognish23 y] I've been playing around with Ruby for the past couple of months, and I am

^ using alias_method
16988 [laotse lumbe] class Redef
+ 16989 [matz ruby-la] unless defined? self.hello_orig
| 16999 [laotse lumbe] Thank you :)
+ 16998 [dblack candl] (eval):1: warning: discarding old hello

^ eruby (or equiv) for windows?
16991 [derek digita] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 16995 [neumann s-di] Any CGI based program should work with IIS if you set it up correctly.
+ 16997 [aleksei.guze] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
| 17016 [derek digita] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 17015 [m_seki mva.b] Did you try 'erb'?

^ endif,enddef,do .. done
16993 [fritz.heinri] last days i transformed ugly database management \@$%->{}->[]perl

^ Gtk on win32 initialization problem
16996 [brixi unicod] /cygdrive/c/usr/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.6/i386-cygwin/gtk.so (Loa
17038 [alwagner tca] gtk-dlls-20000215.zip contains some outdated, buggy dlls.  It must be

^ FOX subclassing FXTextField and messages
17002 [ rc duria.de] I want to subclass FXTextField in order to map certain keys, eg Ctrl-Left,
+ 17009 [ljohnson res] Message handlers (like your "onKeyPress" method) need to be registered with
+ 25483 [ljohnson res] Message handlers (like your "onKeyPress" method) need to be registered with
  + 17056 [ rc duria.de] require "fox"
  + 25508 [ rc duria.de] require "fox"

^ the evolution of Ruby itself
17004 [tobiasreif p] I'm still very new to the Ruby world, so parts or all of the following
+ 17044 [matz ruby-la] I'm not happy to imagine that.  But in that case, Dave Thomas would
+ 17046 [toddg linux1] Could that the be Ruby mascot?!
+ 25488 [toddg linux1] Could that the be Ruby mascot?!
  17049 [toddg linux1] I just woke up.  Please excuse the grammar.
  17050 [matz ruby-la] Please don't make me anything non-human (yet) ;-).

^ suggestion: Mail/News gateway
17021 [tsyk yk.rim.] I'm afraid my first post is not a ruby related topic.
17129 [tsyk yk.rim.] I have another opinion about the mail/news mirroring gateway.
17130 [Dave Pragmat] The code does actually keep the message ID when it passes it

^ removing singleton methods
17022 [marick testi] Is there a way to remove a singleton method from an object?
17023 [Dave Pragmat] You could use

^ memory leaks
17025 [hdstich hdst] hmmmm, may i ask, in a very polite manner, if there are any
+ 17026 [hdstich hdst] hmm...
| 17058 [decoux moulo] Can you send me, in a private e-mail, a complete example
+ 17045 [matz ruby-la] I know none, except PR#145 in http://www.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/ruby-bugs

^ sigprocmask
17027 [joe vpop.net] Is there a way to call sigprocmask in ruby?  Here is an
17039 [joe vpop.net] FYI, the reason sigprocmask is called is because: according to perl

^ Wrapping Methods
17028 [laotse lumbe] ran into a problem I'm trying to work out. I have two versions of a
+ 17029 [Dave Pragmat] make this line "instance_eval"
| 17030 [laotse lumbe] Aaah! Excellent. And that makes sense. Thanks Dave.
+ 17031 [avi beta4.co] You might want to take a look at aspectr.sourceforge.net as a fairly

^ Fwd: The #1 reason I love Microsoft
17034 [joe vpop.net] I know this is OT, but I can't stop laughing, I have to pass it on...

^ Java implementation of a Ruby interpreter
17035 [japetersen w] Is there a Java implementation of a Ruby interpreter?

^ keeping an Exception object alive
17037 [dblack candl] This started out as an attempt to answer ruby-talk:17010, but it has
17055 [matz ruby-la] How about making it RCR?  Since Mike Wilson has not appeared for a
17121 [gnhurst hurs] Ok. David A. Black has already added this one, but there are a number of them

^ Building extension.
17041 [aleksei.guze] I mentioned earlier I have problems building my extensions.
17192 [yashi yashi.] It'd be easier if you post a fragment of your code.
17205 [aleksei.guze] I solved the problem. See [ruby-talk:17074]

^ rescuing qualified names
17042 [marick testi] Does 'rescue' obey the scope operator ::?
17054 [matz ruby-la] A bug.  Here's the patch.

^ Problem building extension
17052 [aleksei.guze] rb_cObject given to my extension by mswin32-ruby16.lib and rb_cObject in
+ 17053 [WYS helbling] I had the same behavior when building extensions for cygwin (with SWIG).
+ 17074 [aleksei.guze] Here it is. The problem was I didn't use makefiles generated by

^ "cvs commit" from within ruby
17059 [wys helbling] I am trying to commit a file from within a ruby script (automation

^ Problems accessing RubyGarden.org
17062 [Dave Pragmat] I discovered last night that the folks who were supposed to be doing

^ RCR: Exception methods (was: Re:  Re: keeping an Exception object alive)
17066 [dblack candl] OK, I declare it an RCR :-)  And I'd be glad to put it on the wiki if
17076 [matz ruby-la] I'd like to see them as two separate RCRs.
+ 17079 [dblack candl] OK -- whoever is updating the wiki (?), please list them separately
| 17138 [matz ruby-la] So, how about making Exception#exception clones the receiver exception
| 17141 [dblack candl] class NameError
| + 17142 [decoux moulo] You have not made the good grep :-)
| | 17145 [dblack candl] True, my grep is a bit selective :-)  But still, if the only reason
| | 17147 [decoux moulo] I've not understood sorry. #raise want a new object Exception and for this
| | 17155 [dblack candl] There are really two threads of discussion here: first, whether
| | + 17156 [decoux moulo] pigeon% grep to_ary *.c
| | | 17160 [dblack candl] $ cd /usr/local/lib/ruby
| | + 17157 [Dave Pragmat] To be fair, just about every time the interpreter now checks for a
| |   + 17158 [decoux moulo] I've not understood, it's exist case where it check for T_STRING and not
| |   + 17159 [dblack candl] Fair enough... but I would still argue that it wouldn't make sense for
| + 17153 [matz ruby-la] Because I don't like hidden side effect.
+ 17113 [dblack candl] I've gone ahead and added them to the Wiki.  I hope this isn't

^ FXRuby: How to forward a message?
17067 [alwagner tca] Do any of you FOX users know how to forward a message?  How to use
17162 [barry_shultz] I don't have any experience using FXDelegator, but I just found this old
17171 [alwagner tca] That's great, Barry.   Thank you.

^ Is the ruby GC compacting ?
17069 [llothar mail] Or can i safely assume that a reference to a Ruby object is always the

^ Farewell
17077 [ben_tilly op] I have reached a point where I need to reconsider how much time I
17082 [matz ruby-la] Bye now.  I will wait you in the future.  Yes, I'm living in the
17083 [armin approx] Brilliant answer. I love it.

^ (cvs?) configure / make problems
17080 [kero d4050.u] Building Ruby on debian potato, mixed with progeny and ximian (yeah)
17090 [akira ruby-l] You can apply --with-dbm-type=db1 to configure or ext/dbm/extconf.rb.
17098 [kero d4050.u] Nope. Like I said, DBM_HDR is not accepted in dbm.c
17118 [matz ruby-la] Which version are you trying to compile?  1.6.4 does not have DBM_HDR
17120 [kero d4050.u] thought CVS would say enough.
17131 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, according to CVS repository, dbm.c at 2001-06-22 has DBM_HDR in
17163 [kero d4050.u] I did a `make distclean` before I started to compile my list of errors

17084 [toomax tin.i] Messaggio in formato MIME composto da piparti.

^ alias question
17085 [joe vpop.net] I'm sure I'm misunderstanding something about alias.  For instance, I
17088 [kero d4050.u] alias new_name old_method

^ [newbie] Time.now into 4 bytes
17086 [mrp cre.cano] i would like to grab the current time into 4 bytes in an array.

^ ensure block not being executed
17091 [joe vpop.net] Am I missing something here?  I run this program and kill it with ^C
17092 [aleksei.guze] I'm afraid You stop not the script but You stop the interpreter with ^C.
17093 [Dave Pragmat] Try running this, and trying ^C.
17095 [joe vpop.net] Yes, that works as I expect.  But my example doesn't.  Could it
17099 [aleksei.guze] Then what is MessageQueue? (I haven't foud it at my Ruby sources )
17101 [joe vpop.net] It is part of sysvipc: http://deisui.bug.org/~ueno/ruby/sysvipc.html
17104 [decoux moulo] at this step, recv will receive an interrupt and sysvipc will call
17114 [joe vpop.net] Interesting. So are you saying that if an interrupt occurs, ensure
17115 [decoux moulo] No, I'm trying to say (with diplomacy :-)) that there is a problem in

^ Net::HTTP
17096 [atsang hk.li] I use the following code to download a number of files from a remote web

^ HTTP connection-alive and threading
17100 [neumann s-di] Do following calls to Net::HTTP#post (or get...) use the
17108 [aamine mx.ed] Both is yes. Please use other HTTP object in each thread.

^ Ruby on a PDA
17102 [tobiasreif p] I would like to use Ruby on a PDA, to play with little text/XML scripts,
17103 [kero d4050.u] I ported tcl, tk and ruby to iPAQ (running linux, Familiar to be precise).
17110 [kentda stud.] That last bit is wrong, as my pages are getting a wee bit stale in the

17105 [toomax tin.i] Messaggio in formato MIME composto da piparti.

17106 [toomax tin.i] Messaggio in formato MIME composto da piparti.

^ Unsubscribe
17107 [toomax tin.i] Messaggio in formato MIME composto da piparti.
17111 [tsyk yk.rim.] See the 'X-ML-Info:' header in your mail received from ML.

17109 [mgiacoma dsi] I have a problem using SWIG and I hope someone else uses it.

^ Re: Ruby on a PDA -- GTk/Ruby ??
17112 [john_van_v y] This looks very good.  One question, are there folks working on GTk
17117 [kero d4050.u] Gtk has been ported a long time ago to Linux for iPAQ.

^ Sharing a room at RubyConf
17116 [Dave Pragmat] If you'd like to reduce the cost of attending RubyConf, you might want

^ Ruby Unit
17122 [ronjeffries ] My link to RubyUnit is severely old and broken. I'm finally updating.

^ Using the ISE compiler with another IDE
17124 [llothar mail] Because i write an IDE for SmallEiffel i just want to know if there
+ 17123 [llothar mail] Sorry this went to the wrong newsgroup and my newsreader does
+ 25521 [llothar mail] Sorry this went to the wrong newsgroup and my newsreader does

^ Extending existing object pools
17126 [larsch cs.au] I am looking for ways to handle extensions of classes while reusing saved
17127 [decoux moulo] 2 small remarks (I've just quickly read it)

^ ruby-dbi problem with mysql
17128 [info mjais.d] I installed Ruby dbi on my Red Hat 7.1 from source
17140 [neumann s-di] Sorry for the inconvenience.

^ Class# syntax
17132 [beren lenny.] Could someone explain the Class#method syntax?  Is it just the same as

^ Snubbing the windows console
17134 [tyrennias ea] I'm writing a small program under Windows using the Ruby and GTK+ mingw32

^ Net::SMTP error
17136 [atsang hk.li] I tried to send some email using the Net::SMTP object and got the following

^ Timing GC
17144 [feldt ce.cha] Sometimes when profiling I find myself wanting to know how much time is
17352 [matju sympat] I think this is good. At some point I had added a counter for the number
17460 [feldt ce.cha] Good idea! And then access your GC stats GC.num_cells etc?!

^ Re: Is there anything like a Ruby version of CPAN?
17150 [ljohnson res] Not quite like CPAN, but do you at least know about the Ruby Application

^ Calling Marshal.dump/load from C
17151 [onge mcs.anl] I'm new to Ruby and I'm trying to write and extension in C.  I'm defining
17152 [decoux moulo] I suspect that someone in Japan don't want that you call it :-)
+ 17154 [onge mcs.anl] That did it!
+ 17161 [matz ruby-la] I don't think so.  He's just thoughtless, as always.
  17188 [emilong midw] Those would be helpful.  It might also be useful to add rb_mMarshal
  17189 [decoux moulo] Not really, at least 1 module missing, some classes and some errors, but

^ Language desgin
17165 [matz ruby-la] Here's my answer to the question about language design.
17166 [Dave Pragmat] Can I stick this in the FAQ?
17172 [matz ruby-la] I don't think it'd be frequently asked, but of course you can.

^ ` (back tick) on Win32 machines
17167 [Stephan.Kaem] On the Win2K box the following line works fine (and echoes the name of

^ Question on Net::HTTP
17177 [Dave Pragmat] Let's pretend I wanted to add additional requests so that I could send
17179 [aamine mx.ed] I'm afraid there's no any ways. You can only creating subclass of
17184 [Dave Pragmat] That would certainly be very useful. However, I'm wondering if
17195 [aamine mx.ed] http.request_by_name 'GET', path [,body] [,header]
17196 [Dave Pragmat] I'm playing with it already :) You're quick!

^ How can I use get_ancestor in Ruby/Gtk?
17178 [bombadil wan] get_ancestor needs an int argument for type of ancestor widget, but I don't

^ language-dev Mailing List
17185 [simon netthi] Recently I had an idea to try and get Perl, Python, Tcl and Ruby implementors

^ [ANN] Distributed v0.1.0
17186 [mike lepton.] I just released Distributed v0.1.0 which makes writing distributed
17193 [maki open-ne] It seems interesting, but I cannot install it...
17194 [mike lepton.] Sorry. It will included in the next release.
17209 [maki inac.co] Thanks!  It works! (^_^)

^ Status of generational GC?
17187 [feldt ce.cha] What is the status of the generational GC? Is it in the latest
17202 [matz ruby-la] Not yet.  It's going to be merged to the development branch, so that

^ Iterators in C
17190 [onge mcs.anl] I'm still working on my extension module in C and I'd like to call map! on
17191 [decoux moulo] pigeon% cat tt.c
17197 [onge mcs.anl] This worked great!