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^ fxRuby- text on canvas and fonts generating errors
167523 [boxofsoxx-go] I have a ruby program that uses FXRuby. I have created a canvas widget,

^ 'private' gems/gems hierarchy
167524 [danyc nospam] Greetings,
+ 167526 [billk cts.co] Sorry I can't answer your gems question, but RubyScript2Exe is another
+ 167531 [james_b neur] You can specify what URL to use to fetch gems.  For your case, you could
+ 167536 [jim-keyword-] Yes, it is easy to setup a private gem server.  See

^ Codepage 850 character set
167528 [dsmorey gmai] Can anybody tell me how to read this information with Ruby?  I
167580 [Nuralanur ao] Dear Dsmorey,

^ What's the difference between require and require_dependency?
167532 [dan.bikle gm] People,
+ 167538 [flori nixe.p] require loads a file (shared object or ruby source) once from the load path.
+ 167559 [schoenm eart] "require" is standard ruby. "require_dependency" is a Rails extension

^ [ANN] The Ruby Grammar Project
167537 [mental rydia] =3D=3D=3D HELLO?
+ 167539 [daniel.schie] Hell yeah!
+ 167556 [surrender_it] hooray for syntax lawyers!
+ 167573 [chneukirchen] In general, a good idea.  However, can there be made a pure-Ruby
  167596 [mental rydia] 1. Is it possible to write a complete grammar for Ruby in ANTLR, given

^ Fun with ranges!
167542 [sgentle gmai] So I was messing around today trying to find out whether there was a
167548 [dblack wobbl] What version of Ruby are you using?
167552 [sgentle gmai] ruby 1.8.2 (2005-02-01) [i386-mswin32]
167553 [dblack wobbl] Interesting -- it seems to be a 1.8.2 thing.

^ forcing STDOUT.sync for scripts
167550 [google frayz] I'm trying to figure out a way to force STDOUT to be synchronized when
167557 [dooby d10.ka] ruby -rsync myscript.rb
167689 [pesterhazy g] 1) ship such a module with ruby
+ 167729 [jeff.darklig] You could always build your sync.rb file and add it to your RUBYOPT env
+ 167734 [pit capitain] another way is use a command line such as
  + 167783 [google frayz] This last suggestion would be great, but it doesn't work.  Ruby doesn't
  | 167839 [pit capitain] Have you tried the command line I've shown?
  + 167914 [nobuyoshi.na] It'd be better to set $0 too.
    167948 [pit capitain] I didn't know you can do this. Thanks for the info! It's very useful for
    168073 [google frayz] Pit,

^ How do two objects communicate?
167551 [anne wjh.har] one the OOP way, but
167554 [james_b neur] One way is to register one or more objects with another object, and have
167634 [dale.martens] Depending on the relationship between the classes, you may want to look
167643 [anne wjh.har] Thank you so much!
167644 [dblack wobbl] The Observable module is a rather specialized tool, and not at all at
167657 [anne wjh.har] Yes, I am aware of the structure.
+ 167659 [edder tkwspi] Partly, most objects communicate only with objects they create and the
| 167664 [anne wjh.har] Thank you Edwin van Leeuwen
+ 167672 [bob.news gmx] Not only: there's no need for C to be present.  A can reference B or vice

^ How to make a system tray program in Windows?
167555 [sskim.box gm] How can I make my program appear in the system tray of the Windows?
+ 167558 [dooby d10.ka] This puts a green tick in the SysTray, then changes it to a red minus
| 167575 [twa post.com] Very neat.  I found the icons in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\INETCPL.CPL' though.
| 167581 [dooby d10.ka] Ah, thanks.  That may apply to the majority, then.
+ 167569 [leavengood g] Ryan

^ Marshal.dump(obj) as String bug?
167565 [hcatlin gmai] Alright, so I've been scratching my head about this along with some
+ 167566 [dblack wobbl] Note the \r, which does a carriage return.  Then what follows
| 167667 [hcatlin gmai] Thanks david, that makes a lot of sense.
+ 167567 [james graypr] I think of Marshal as returning binary data.  In Ruby, we store that

^ Does RUBY have the equivalent of PERL's formats?
167570 [ joe via.net] Scanning through one of the Ruby books, it appears that the language is
167571 [flori nixe.p] ...

^ What branch of (|) RE is match?
167578 [zbl operamai] variant= [ /[abc]/, /[123]/, /[xyz]/ ];
167579 [jeff.darklig] If you put each of the variants into seperate groups, you can check nil on

^ Nubish questions about syntax and gems
167585 [rosco roscop] I'm getting on really well with Ruby (I've not enjoyed programming this
+ 167586 [dblack wobbl] Let me zero in on one of your questions (I'm sure you'll get multiple
| 167587 [rosco roscop] David,
+ 167588 [sean.ohalpin] class A
| 167604 [rosco roscop] Ahh, I should have known to check Module :) I'm still getting used to
| 167607 [sean.ohalpin] Yes - you'd have to pass it as a regular argument.
| + 167616 [rosco roscop] I get the feeling that eval is the more general solution. I'll stick with
| + 167619 [dblack wobbl] class A
|   + 167631 [sean.ohalpin] Thanks David - that explains it. (Obvious of course now you point it out).
|   + 167636 [rosco roscop] That's pretty subtle. Definitely one for the notebook.
|     167637 [dblack wobbl] Keep in mind too that class variable behavior is due to change in 2.0
+ 167591 [dooby d10.ka] class Roo
  167610 [rosco roscop] Cheers :) I was missing quite a bit there...

^ GEM Question On Error Messages
167590 [rblove airma] Am brand new to Ruby. I use Log4Perl in my perl work and wanted a
167649 [kozlov.y gma] Code of base.rb

^ rake + gems + rdoc - broken?
167592 [itsme213 hot] Gems which previously used to install with rdocs (available via the gems
167594 [langstefan g] The problem is a combination of rake and nito's Rakefile.
+ 167629 [itsme213 hot] Thanks a whole bunch, Stefan!
+ 167648 [itsme213 hot] Well, that certainly helped upto a point. It gets further before it dies

^ Marshalling problem
167595 [hcatlin gmai] Ok, I've already posted this once, but that was 10 hours ago and it
167597 [dblack wobbl] It has shown up, as have some responses.

^ warning: default `to_a' will be obsolete
167598 [dcorbin mach] I'm getting this warning, which I think is new in 1.8.3.
+ 167600 [mrkode gmail] Returns an array representation of _obj_. For objects of class
| 167650 [kozlov.y gma] and in the 1.9.0 it is already happens
+ 167602 [chneukirchen] Use [*foo].
  167615 [daniel.schie] That doesn't really look much clearer to me...
  + 167617 [chneukirchen] But it doesn't hurt duck-typing.
  + 167618 [james graypr] Array( foo )
    167624 [transfire gm] Array[ foo ]
    167658 [markus stber] foo = [1, 2, 3]

^ [ANN] Rails and Django Debate
167603 [ng johnwlong] Chicago is becoming a great place for Web development with many of the

^ Fuzzy searching using Ferret and KirbyBase?
167605 [jennyw dange] We need to get fuzzy search and full-text search. We're using MySQL as a
167645 [dbalmain.ml ] I don't really think a server is necessary. I guess it really depends

^ Frappr! map for ruby-lang
167606 [daniel danie] Hopefully this can help with locating ruby neighbors as well as
+ 167671 [cyberco gmai] Great initiative!
+ 167678 [neoneye gmai] Very interesting.. and cool.
| + 167684 [anatol.pomoz] Rails community already have Frappr for a long time.
| | 167693 [chneukirchen] Uh.
| + 167694 [damphyr free] Not exactly cool if it returns "Invalid City" for Barcelona.
|   167731 [hawkman.gelo] dGhhdCdzIHN0cmFuZ2UuLgppdCBmb3VuZCBteSBsaXR0bGUgaG9sZSBpbiB0aGUgbWlkZGxlIG9m
|   167732 [damphyr free] It works for 'Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain)'. Only found it because this
+ 167802 [erik terpnet] Thanks!

^ [ANN] Not-yet Phoenix.rb
167608 [james_b neur] The 2nd meeting of Refresh Phoenix will be held on Tuesday, December 6,

^ Problem with rails
167609 [printdude196] Just installed Ruby and rails as per onlamp.com
167611 [M.B.Smillie ] Off the top of my head, I would say "firewall?"
167620 [printdude196] Thanks... all I had to do was configure NIS to all for MySQL and the

^ supporting/emulating updatable views in a ruby orm
167612 [ara.t.howard] i've got a method to emulate updateable views in postgresql which is rather
167737 [pit capitain] Ara, I don't have an answer for you, but some more questions. If I

^ [ANN] Turing 0.0.7 && cry for help
167622 [rubytalk box] Turing is implementation of Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing-Test
+ 167626 [rubytalk box] Oh well :-/
| 167642 [tom infoethe] Hm, you may want to do a 0.0.9... I think your gem was built with Ruby
| 167652 [rubytalk box] yeah, it was :-( Is this bug fixed in 1.8.4_preview1 ?
| 167654 [sylvain.joye] You can patch rubygems/builder.rb with
| 167655 [rubytalk box] excellent! Thanks!
| + 167662 [zimba.tm gma] I hope your not using
| | 167663 [rubytalk box] Please note: Using this script verbatim is like having no turing challenge
| + 167675 [rosco roscop] Amen to that :). I've been hit with this same problem I think, so thanks
|   167677 [langstefan g] Great! Rant uses this trick now, too.
+ 167709 [tobias.luetk] Great work on the library!
  + 167711 [tsumeruby ts] Not really. Captchas which work properly are protection from automation bots.
  | 167714 [mental rydia] Indeed.  Everybody knows the blind eat old people's medicine for
  + 167735 [rubytalk box] well, I'm aware of this issue ... I just didn't need to solve it right
    167746 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I don't quite understand this.
    167754 [rubytalk box] it might be b/c English is not my first language?
    167762 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Some consideration of accessibility issues might be a good thing to

^ [ANN] win32-service 0.5.0
167641 [djberg96 gma] I'm happy to announce the release of win32-service 0.5.0

^ Usage of Zlib?
167668 [speechexpert] Can someone show me a code snippet, including require '...' for deflating a
167670 [rubytalk box] require 'zlib'

^ Question about SOAP and basic auth
167681 [oliver.andri] I am just starting to learn ruby and want to use it to automate some
167683 [oliver.andri] reading the testcode I understood what I did wrong. After I installed

^ getting character(s) of a string at specified positions.
167685 [theguy0000 g] myString =3D gets
+ 167686 [rubytalk box] irb(main):001:0> a="How much wood would a wood-chuck chuck if a wood-chuck could chuck wood"
+ 167687 [alex deletem] myString[4].chr
  167774 [halostatue g] or

^ backtick with variables?
167690 [Sardaukary g] I want to run an external command and capture the output.
167692 [billk cts.co] cmd = "net view"

^ [ANN] RailsConf 2006, June 22-25, Chicago IL
167691 [chadfowler g] Ruby Central, Inc. is pleased to announce the First International

^ Nubish 2 - Of require and Ruby CVS
167695 [rosco roscop] Thanks for the excellent answers yesterday :) I've been busy again today,

^ How to read/write an int in binary form to a file?
167696 [speechexpert] Anyone know how to do this?
167697 [cyclists nc.] Look up the pack method in Array.
167748 [speechexpert] I did - but could see no way to pack a binary string.
+ 167753 [cyclists nc.] I'm missing something, I think. You don't need to pack a binary string.
+ 167816 [halostatue g] Can you post an example of what it is that you're trying to do?
+ 167820 [ara.t.howard] irb(main):001:0> byte_string = [0,0,0,42].map{|c| c.chr}.join

^ Object access heirarchies
167699 [leslie camar] I often have this problem in my projects.
+ 167700 [leslie camar] Ah, one thread up. Perhaps my question has already been answered in the
+ 167702 [daniel.schie] What about a single base class?
| 167776 [anne wjh.har] I am a newbie on ruby, and I am a bit confused by this code, it seems
| 167785 [daniel.schie] Say you have three classes, A, B, and C, and you want their instances to
| 167812 [leslie camar] Ah, that is so clever.
+ 167704 [vjoel path.b] Modules are typically used not for organizing instances, but for
| 167846 [leslie camar] Thanks a lot for that reply, it's very interesting indeed.
+ 167744 [lyndon.samso] If it really bothers you you could construct an ObjectManager, which could
+ 167761 [edder tkwspi] class Map

^ floating point subtraction question
167705 [nick mobiled] % ruby -e 'puts "#{(1.2 - 1.0) == 0.2}"'
+ 167706 [gavin refine] irb(main):001:0> 1.2-1.0
+ 167707 [gwtmp01 mac.] The short answer is that decimal floating point literals can not
+ 167708 [jwkenne attg] This has nothing to do with Ruby, itself, but is a basic characteristic
  167710 [w_a_x_man ya] BASIC on the 8-bit Atari used binary-coded decimal.

^ Rails Web Service: Convert Parameter to Class Method Call?
167715 [craigjordanl] I'm trying to write a method for a web service that will find objects
167719 [james_b neur] method_missing is your best friend.
167726 [craigjordanl] Thanks for the quick reply. I'm just starting with both Ruby and Rails,
167933 [james_b neur] Once method_missing has teased apart the request, you have  few options.
168418 [craigjordanl] This is very helpful. Thank you very much. Not only have you helped me

^ Case of the missing bytes
167716 [speechexpert] I run Zlib (a compression class) on a string. It outputs a string of bytes
167717 [dblack wobbl] "a" is going to append, so maybe if you've run your program twice
167749 [speechexpert] As far as appending, I erase the file every time to start again.
167772 [dbalmain.ml ] Don't know if this'll help;
167777 [speechexpert] yes - the "b" did it - I had 2 bugs going and didn't realize that fix

^ Ruby language dictionary entry
167718 [cfrayda roch] I am hoping you would help with a Ruby Language Dictionary (cheat-sheet)

^ string substitution question
167723 [ljw1001 gmai] and trying to output the results using
+ 167725 [chdiary gmai] I am not sure, but
| 167747 [ljw1001 gmai] (eval):1: warning: parenthesize argument(s) for future version
| 167908 [ljz asfast.c] eval(%Q(puts(#{str})))
+ 167739 [rosco roscop] (Caveat: relatively new to Ruby)
  167745 [ljw1001 gmai] What is ERB?
  167858 [rosco roscop] It is probably possible, maybe using the special quoting operators and so
  + 167860 [rosco roscop] By that I mean 'that I know of' - I don't know exactly which versions have
  + 167866 [w_a_x_man ya] src = "<% stuff.each do |s| %><%= s %> <% end %>"
    167871 [rosco roscop] Sorry. I was just going for a more esoteric example to illustrate you can

^ Re: How to read/write an int in binary form to a file? [THREAD RENAME NOTICE]
167724 [steve waits.] Your message entitled "How to read/write an int in binary form to a
167813 [halostatue g] Can we *please* have these messages STOPPED?

^ Re: getopt-1.3.0
167733 [sgbirch gmai] Now we need to get this into the standard libraries. :-)

^ htmltokenizer bug?
167741 [hsanson moeg] I am using htmltokenizer to extract the links of some web pages, my script
+ 167742 [rasputnik gm] I think most *browsers* would choke on that :)
+ 167757 [daniel.schie] Your HTML isn't valid. Either use the proper entities (< = &lt; and > =
  167766 [hsanson moeg] Well the problem is that this HTML is not mine, retrieving the pages from the
  168397 [daniel.amela] Sorry for the late reply.
  168410 [james_b neur] I recently tried using RubyfulSoup to parse a Web page, and it had some

^ ANN: Dao Language v.0.9.6-beta is release!
167743 [phoolimin gm] Dear all,

^ Pack an arbitrary length string of bytes?
167750 [speechexpert] I need to write and then read a number of bytes to and from a file...
167775 [ruby.brian g] string = "some junk"
167798 [steve waits.] Your message entitled "Pack an arbitrary length string of bytes?" was

^ from a file to an array of words
167751 [ngoc yahoo.c] I want to compare two text(html) files. "diff" command in Linux compares
+ 167755 [bob.news gmx] What is a word in your context?  If you want an array of tokens consisting
+ 167756 [transfire gm] Not a single but basically,

^ 2dim array/matrix
167752 [wollez gmx.n] I'm quite new to programming as well to ruby. I want to store data in a
+ 167758 [bob.news gmx] The easiest to achieve that is
+ 167760 [cyclists nc.] Ruby has a Matrix class in the standard library. Check out "matrix" in
  167767 [wollez gmx.n] Thanks for the answers,
  + 167769 [ruby.brian g] puts m[1,1]
  + 167770 [bob.news gmx] You probably misread the documentation.  Did you try
    167773 [decoux moulo] Try it :-)
    167779 [bob.news gmx] "cool" :-)

^ AOP in Ruby ...
167768 [markcollinsc] I was wondering if there is any support (in the form of frameworks or
+ 167771 [bob.news gmx] robert
| 167781 [christian.le] I thought aspects were baked into the language.  You just have to re-open a
| 167868 [m-lists bris] re-open a
| 167919 [jim-keyword-] [... example elided ...]
+ 167801 [ed.howland g] There is Cut, as defined in RCR 321 http://www.rcrchive.net/rcr/show/321%22
| 167805 [Daniel.Berge] Regards,
| + 167817 [christian.le] I like the Sydney stuff a little more too...  Seems cleaner somehow.
| | 167928 [transfire gm] So one advice can be used for many methods. Sorry if I made it sound
| + 167834 [ed.howland g] Is there any documentation on this? The upper level README is just a
+ 167945 [george.mosch] Nitro + Og support AOP, have a look at http://www.nitrohq.com