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^ what the heck (changing process uid question)
167090 [joevandyk gm] My problem:  When I fork a new process and set the UID of that process
+ 167092 [ara.t.howard] afaik this isn't possible from within a ruby, or any script.  setuid programs
+ 167094 [bob_showalte] Process.euid = uid
  167099 [joevandyk gm] Very nice, thank you.

^ DRb Questions
167095 [james graypr] I've seen a couple of tutorials now claim that both sides need access
+ 167098 [ian blenke.c] If you pass a proxied object rather than marshalling it, yes. The server
| 167125 [james graypr] Very nice link.  Thanks for sharing!
+ 167100 [drbrain segm] Half truth.  Access to all classes or appropriate use of

^ net/smtp question
167096 [itsme213 hot] I am experimenting with SMTP mail from my local machine, to basically send
167128 [tsumeruby ts] You are a client, you still need to use the correct HELO.
167229 [itsme213 hot] I tried <my_host>-12-34-34-2.myisp.com and it failed.
+ 167233 [hgs dmu.ac.u] by sinus.lauschmusik.de with esmtp (Exim 4.50)
+ 167267 [tsumeruby ts] Most ISPs will just have the SMTP server open to all clients on their network.

^ /usr/bin/gem:3:in `require': no such file to load
167102 [nospam2 2nos] Ok, I removed Ruby 1.8-2 and installed Ruby 1.8-3 from source
+ 167140 [Paul.McArdle] I would do a reinstall of gems if I was you.
+ 167188 [Lars.Broecke] I have a problem that may be related to yours. I do not know which
  167210 [acangiano gm] Guys, I had the same error message when I updated to Ruby 1.8.3.

^ Distributing Rails Applications (tutorial)
167104 [pan erikveen] I've updated the tutorial "Distributing Rails Applications"

^ Hiring a rubyist (SF Bay Area or remote)
167115 [jeff.fry gma] Hey there, I'm looking for a star coder to join our team, coding in

^ reverse indexing (was RE: Ruby and WMI)
167118 [botp delmont] #C:\family\ruby>irb --simple-prompt
167147 [sean.ohalpin] Did you know you can use reverse_each?
167153 [botp delmont] #Did you know you can use reverse_each?

^ pattern: auto-running module init code
167124 [ptkwt aracne] Maybe you've run into this problem: you have a module and you want to make
+ 167145 [sean.ohalpin] class Bar
| 167151 [ptkwt aracne] Ah, that would be too simple ;-)  And the user of the module has to remember
| 167174 [sean.ohalpin] With your scheme, the user has to remember to call extend in the
+ 167163 [daniel.schie] Ideally, there would be a method hook that was called when a class
  + 167224 [daniel.schie] class Class
  + 167231 [ptkwt aracne] But as Sean pointed out we essentially get the same behavior by calling
    167234 [daniel.schie] Yeah, but that requires the including class to add code to the
    167250 [ptkwt aracne] True, that's essentially what I was trying to get around (having to know to
    167254 [daniel.schie] That's no different from Module#included and Class.inherited. I think
    167262 [ptkwt aracne] Actually, with your approach where you look for all the included modules and
    167264 [daniel.schie] Yeah, but calling a module's method without first including the module
    167530 [daniel.schie] A different approach than the `initialized' method, which would

^ YAML and :SortKeys in 1.8.3
167134 [vjoel path.b] What happened to this option in 1.8.3?
167136 [vjoel path.b] Actually, I just reinstalled 1.8.2, and it doesn't sort by keys either

^ Persistent Rinda????
167135 [staypufd mac] I'd like to use Rinda to do some blackboard work, but I was wondering if
167181 [ara.t.howard] i looked into this at one point when i was writing rq - i think i decided

^ [BUG] string range membership
167138 [warrenbrown ] All,
+ 167139 [ruby.brian g] I'd argue that it is not a bug, as there is no unique isomorphie from
| 167142 [vjoel path.b] I was going to make that argument, but I realized that #each (by way of
+ 167143 [matz ruby-la] include? and member? compares with beg <= val <= end, which is
  167177 [warrenbrown ] Brian,
  + 167178 [warrenbrown ] T,
  + 167180 [ara.t.howard] but where do '01', '001', and '0001' go?  they too, are in the set of strings.
  + 167182 [matz ruby-la] For your information, member? used to iterate over items to check
  | 167184 [warrenbrown ] Ara,
  | 167200 [ara.t.howard] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
  | 167219 [discordantus] class String  def <=>(other)    dig, up, low = *%w/ \d+ [[:upper:]]+ [[:lower:]]+ /.map{|r|/#{r}/}    re = /#{up}|#{low}|#{dig}/
  | 167270 [daniels pron] ruby -e "p ('1'..'10').find {|x| x == '2'}"
  + 167186 [ruby.brian g] It is not unique as
    167194 [warrenbrown ] Matz,
    167278 [matz ruby-la] #include? used for range check, #member? was for set membership.  But
    + 167280 [ara.t.howard] Range#contains?
    | + 167282 [matz ruby-la] For which functionality?
    | | 167287 [ara.t.howard] well, i would think of #member? as most natural for set membership - so
    | + 167393 [dooby d10.ka] I'm sure there was an earlier post with an excellent
    |   167400 [ara.t.howard] lol.  i realized that actually - i thought that the confusion with "include?"
    + 167791 [bob_showalte] How about something like Enumerable#produces?, or Enumerable#yields?

^ Re: string range membership
167144 [Paul.McArdle] Just playing with it around but...
167161 [transfire gm] This was discussed sometime ago. The solution (mostly arrived at by
167235 [transfire gm] Largely from Ruby-talk 115120, although the solution really came about
167251 [transfire gm] s/it String is/in String it/
167289 [transfire gm] That is NOT all you need! This does not solve the complete problem, but
167297 [matz ruby-la] Depends on how you define problem.
167299 [transfire gm] #succ defines a sort order of sorts (pun intended ;-). But #<=> defines

^ teaching ruby as cs intro?
167152 [michael.schw] My school teaches intro to programming with Java or C#, intro to cs
+ 167154 [francois bag] maybe you could give them a small example of the concise nature of ruby
+ 167158 [bob.news gmx] I'd delete that ^^^ sentence as it somewhat contradicts your statement
+ 167160 [christophe.g] I completely agree. It would also be good to teach it early because it
| 167209 [chneukirchen] Ruby would make a great second language there, I think.
+ 167164 [M.B.Smillie ] I agree whole-heartedly that Ruby would make an excellent
| 167165 [hgs dmu.ac.u] [Lots of good points trimmed]
+ 167175 [morg borgeby] irb ?
+ 167187 [gavin refine] If this list of resources is part of what you plan on sending, I
+ 167195 [gregory.t.br] What I'm about to say might come as a surprise to many, but I
  + 167221 [snail objmed] <b37300880511230807m411c2846x5495e0f4d7d2584e@mail.gmail.com>, Gregory
  + 167223 [M.B.Smillie ] Firstly, it's important to remember that CS is a very, very broad
    167228 [gregory.t.br] Yes.  absolutely.   I am in favor of splitting the naming of the
    167230 [gregory.t.br] Whoops.... I realized that this might not be clear... I meant that

^ using hashes as keys in hashes
167169 [stevena neos] I've seen several posts related in some way to the subject of using
167171 [dblack wobbl] You could define an appropriate default behavior for the hash of
167179 [stevena neos] This is a cool idea (and taught me about the block approach to
167185 [ mfp acm.org] [O(1)]

^ How does this work?
167189 [gandalfmeist] I cam across a construct in the FXRuby examples which I've not seen
167190 [gavin refine] def enum( start, count )
+ 167213 [fghfghfh hom] Doesn't if you do
+ 167256 [leslie camar] #!/usr/bin/env ruby

^ getting stdout and stderr for system calls on windows
167193 [damphyr free] I need to drive a build process using make (dmake) from my scripts and I
+ 167198 [Daniel.Berge] If anyone knows of a magic compatibility switch to cl or link that will
+ 167206 [ara.t.howard] class Redirector
  168984 [www-data and] I have the same problem, and i'm likely going to end up using this
  169742 [damphyr free] I ended up with the following after this discussion. It doesn't separate

^ Continuations
167197 [anders.janmy] I am trying to come to terms with continuations and I am failing
167201 [ef alum.mit.] Alas, that's not how continuations work in Ruby.  The call stack is
167212 [ef alum.mit.] Here is a functional sodoku solver that uses continuations.  Note that
167253 [surrender_it] Sorry, I don't understand what you mean here: IMHO this thing just works
167506 [ef alum.mit.] =20

^ Re: String#to_r(x|e|egexp) ?
167215 [alex deletem] I don't feel strongly about the name, though compare #to_f, #to_i, and #to_s already in the core - I don't see those as obviously more 'expressive' than to_rx, simply more familiar.

^ Is there shape drawing tool (like PHP) in Ruby?
167218 [ricrsskim ya] I need to draw a simple graphs to post my biological data on web.
+ 167227 [hgs dmu.ac.u] for you?
+ 167237 [bob_showalte] ...
+ 167249 [vanek acd.ne] ming rocks.

^ alias_method, return new name instead of class
167226 [transfire gm] Might be nice is #alias_method returned the new method name so that one

^ Re: Is there shape drawing tool (like PHP) in Ruby? I don't want plug-in... :(
167232 [sskim.box gm] It was a great information that it is possible to use SVG in Ruby.
+ 167236 [hgs dmu.ac.u] See which browsers they have, and which support SVG already.
| 167240 [rmagick gmai] ...
+ 167247 [nohmad gmail] I don't know what drawing library in PHP are you saying.

^ How to modify Hash to track key insertions?
167238 [jgbailey gma] I am trying to figure out how I can modify the Hash object so that I am
+ 167243 [daniel.schie] Personally I'd like to see (private?) methods Hash#get and Hash#set that
+ 167311 [bob.news gmx] <snip/>

^ Buncha logging stuff showing up in unit tests
167239 [joevandyk gm] I'm using Ruby's standard Logger to log a bunch of debug, info, and errors.
167241 [drbrain segm] I would redirect the logger output to /dev/null or a StringIO when
167242 [joevandyk gm] How do the classes know whether or not they are being tested?
167246 [drbrain segm] I set $TESTING = true when testing things.  The most frequent place I
167252 [joevandyk gm] So, something like
167272 [drbrain segm] Exactly.

^ OT: Micro benchmarks (Was: How convert an integer to a bit array)
167244 [Daniel.Berge] My filesystem is littered with micro benchmarks.  Is there a website out
167245 [curt.hibbs g] I'm not aware of anything that currently exists. But it sounds like a wiki

^ syntax error warning: useless use of a variable in void context
167255 [w3gat nwlaga] class Tl
+ 167257 [leslie camar] You seem to be having difficulty accessing the variables in the tla object.
+ 167258 [christophe.g] Instance variables are completely private by default in Ruby, and you
| 167298 [gavin refine] a) attr_reader doesn't make an instance variable readable, it's a
+ 167261 [ara.t.howard] you can't do this.
+ 167265 [w3gat nwlaga] Thanks everybody.

^ Unsubscribing for a while...
167259 [christophe.g] Due to imminent moving to another region and loss of Internet connection
167260 [daniel.schie] See ya soon!

^ TN3270E library for Ruby?
167263 [wilsonb gmai] Has anyone done anything with the 3270 protocol in Ruby?
167333 [obiefernande] Wilson,
167348 [wilsonb gmai] Cool. I'm going to head out for some serious pumpkin pie consumption

^ Is there a Rails-like project out that just makes writing software easier?
167266 [mail adamvan] Hey guys,
167268 [jeremy bitsw] I think you'll reap the greatest dividends by plunging directly into
167276 [blargity gma] Lol, yeah, when I read this the first thought I had too was "It's called
167284 [james_b neur] Exactly.

^ A question about metaclass
167283 [sam.s.kong g] Some code first...
167285 [james_b neur] What is "Little Ruby book"?
+ 167292 [daniels pron] class C
| 167293 [dblack wobbl] You're defining C#new (an instance method of C).  Do you mean to
| 167294 [daniels pron] That's what I meant
+ 167309 [bernhard.lei] Objects", book fragment by Brian Marick, a real gem!

^ PLEAC-Ruby
167286 [gregory.t.br] Has anyone seen this before?
167288 [vjoel path.b] Take cover, everyone....
+ 167290 [gregory.t.br] Haha... I just did.  So it seems this project is centered around
| 167401 [gsinclair gm] Failing that, find Martin DeMello's email address on the list and ask
| 167402 [gregory.t.br] This was registered over a year ago and still hasn't released anything :(
+ 167354 [james graypr] I have to agree that it's a poor resource.  I don't even understand

^ Pickaxe tutorial section missing info on writing to files
167295 [greggib bigp] The Pickaxe seems to be missing an example (or two) about how to write a
167313 [damphyr free] You mean
167353 [gregory.t.br] He did figure it out... by reading PLEAC.
167358 [damphyr free] Don't know. I was going to say "Since Pickaxe includes the core
167361 [gregory.t.br] I think the Pickaxe is wonderful... in combination with some other
167365 [james_b neur] WTF[W(p)GtR] ?
+ 167367 [gregory.t.br] Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
+ 167368 [gregory.t.br] Did you ever find out WTF the 'Little Ruby Book' was? ;)
  167375 [james_b neur] Yes, thanks.
  167379 [gregory.t.br] Actually, that was a question on another thread that you asked about
  167394 [james_b neur] Oh, sorry.  "Little Ruby" is, apparently, shorthand for "A Little Ruby,

^ Watir problem
167301 [kevin.jackso] I'm just starting out with Watir to evaluate it's use for testing web
167302 [james_b neur] require_gem 'watir'
167303 [kevin.jackso] Annoyingly that fails with
167304 [marcel verni] You have to require 'rubygems' first.
167305 [kevin.jackso] Thanks so much!  Yes I'm an idiot
167525 [jeff.darklig] Also, if you simply set an environment variable "RUBYOPT" to be "rubygems"

^ ruby error messages
167306 [sam neurogri] Is the meaning of the ruby error messages defined anywhere? E.g. I get
+ 167312 [bob.news gmx] As far as I know there is no such comprehensive list (note, I may be wrong
+ 167314 [kozlov.y gma] irb(main):002:0> x = My_case_is_wrong
| 167318 [sam neurogri] Thanks Robert and Yuri,
| 167322 [pavel.s.soko] Find Gruff lib. There is a base.rb file.
+ 167316 [M.B.Smillie ] Sounds like a decent wiki page.

^ Watir - evaluation...
167308 [kevin.jackso] I've never been so impressed with a piece of software so quickly in my
167326 [christian.le] I know exactly what you mean!

^ syntax error when defining index setter []=
167310 [jchris gmail] I'm trying to write some convenience methods for one of my classes. My
+ 167315 [kozlov.y gma] would
| 167380 [jchris gmail] Thanks Yuri,
| 167388 [pit capitain] If you really want to have the syntax
| 167392 [jchris gmail] Pit,
| 167444 [pit capitain] Yes, I noticed it after sending the code. You'd need define_method with
+ 167387 [gwtmp01 mac.] You can't do this in Ruby because unlike the assignment
+ 167436 [dblack wobbl] I don't know if this is an exact fit, and it may not scale if you have

^ [ANN] Ruby-feedparser 0.1
167317 [lucas lucas-] Ruby-feedparser 0.1 has been released.

^ Re: Fixnum <=>
167319 [vnainar mant] I may be missing something obvious . Why  is the '<=>' operator not
+ 167320 [decoux moulo] ruby has some optimizations : if the 2 elements that it need to compare
+ 167321 [bob.news gmx] AFAIK it's an internal optimization.
| 167340 [vnainar mant] thanks  !
+ 167418 [alex deletem] something.sort { | i, j | i <=> j }

^ [ANN] RRobots - ducks, armed and dangerous
167325 [SimonKroeger] RRobots v0.1
+ 167330 [dave burt.id] Looks great, Simon - I can't wait to try it out!
+ 167336 [leslie camar] Great work!
+ 167339 [nohmad gmail] Really great work!
+ 167397 [reinder verl] It looks cool. Now only if I could find time to write a bot or series of
| 167405 [SimonKroeger] Would make me happy too :)
| + 167410 [lyndon.samso] On
| + 167422 [dave burt.id] Would make me happy too :)
| | 167426 [dave burt.id] (Sorry for the blank post)
| + 167428 [james graypr] Sure, move the communication to a client server architecture so you
|   167438 [dave burt.id] Yes, that's the better way - easier than $SAFE.
+ 167437 [gavin refine] Minor nitpick - as a scalar, this should really be called "speed".
+ 167574 [rasputnik gm] Damn. I had some free time until I found this.

^ newbie scope issue
167327 [jemptymethod] I'm brand new to ruby, as in, one hour!  So along with perhaps
+ 167329 [sgentle gmai] while arabic.chomp != 'q' do
| 167332 [jemptymethod] thanks Sam that worked!
| 167338 [sgentle gmai] No problem. You may also find the resources at
| 167688 [jeff schwabc] The new version is out now.  I've just bought it, and I'm in the process
+ 167331 [jemptymethod] so i know about this resource
+ 167335 [bob.news gmx] Here's another way to do it
  + 167341 [jemptymethod] thanks everybody!  i do have access to the "pickaxe" book online, plus
  + 167343 [dblack wobbl] Although... see ruby-core 6745.  Matz doesn't like this construct, and
    167345 [bob.news gmx] Thanks, I wasn't aware of that.  Although I agree with him on the
    167347 [decoux moulo] One day I've written a stupidity like this
    167646 [dooby d10.ka] a = 1
    167647 [dooby d10.ka] Never mind.