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^ Re: Learning Ruby Hackfest Hosted by new_haven.rb this Friday.
166080 [codecraig gm] Time to setup netmeeting (or equivalent) so those of us outside of New
166092 [novakps gmai] Forget equivalent, let's shoot a little higher than that.  ;>)
166285 [ruby_talk sh] I would love to virtually attend, though my schedule precludes it.  (My

^ ruby-ldap: @sasl_quiet?
166082 [mreed theree] ...

^ London Web Frameworks Evening - Nov 17
166094 [rob.02004 gm] For those in London it's allegedly the first ever web frameworks night

^ unable to access jobs.rubynow.com
166101 [joshknowles ] ...

^ [ANN] FasterCSV 0.1.3--CSV parsing without the wait!
166118 [james graypr] FasterCSV 0.1.3 Released

^ [ANN] Ruport 0.2.5: Enumerable DataSets, and things that go bump in the night
166122 [gregory.t.br] The "I'm releasing too often" edition.
166583 [sillewille g] Have you seen IBM's Directory Integrator at all?  It's sort of a any
166584 [gregory.t.br] I haven't seen that, but yes, the number one goal of Ruport is to act
167722 [tom.agnew re] Consider the functionality of Jasper Reports - it's a java-based,
167727 [gregory.t.br] With all these great libraries to steal from, Ruport should be on top

^ Object#to_b
166123 [daniel.schie] Currently, as far as I know, `if' and `unless' merely check if an object
+ 166126 [halostatue g] This would break a lot of my code, personally. I used to use "unless
| 166194 [daniel.schie] `if var and var.foo' would still work. If `var' is undefined (nil), its
+ 166127 [eric.mahurin] You could also ask that "and", "or", "not", "!", "||", "&&" be
| 166143 [daniels pron] The actual need for an Object#to_b is that there's no way to make your
| + 166144 [daniels pron] That was meant to be "If somebody can..."
| + 166146 [jeremy bitsw] class Foo < ActiveRecord::Base
| + 166147 [matz ruby-la] Yes.  And I believe it's good.  There's no possibility for us to
| | 166149 [jeremy bitsw] I agree; I have always liked this behavior.
| | + 166151 [ mfp acm.org] A full method dispatch instead of an inlined test
| | + 166195 [mental rydia] Ah, fudge.  I hadn't thought of that.  That is one place where
| |   + 166197 [transfire gm] Could they get special object_id's that are easy to check?
| |   | 166202 [mental rydia] Like...?
| |   + 166251 [jeremy bitsw] to understand why it did not work.  I was happy to see that it's
| |     166254 [gwtmp01 mac.] I think one of the interesting/useful features of Ruby is its
| + 166148 [halostatue g] I don't know that this is a good or useful thing. I think that it would
+ 166158 [vjoel path.b] ... or Object#not_to_b, that is the question.
  + 166193 [daniel.schie] class Foo
  + 166225 [dooby d10.ka] ...

^ [OT] Today's "Dilbert" cartoon
166129 [lyle.johnson] Apologies if someone's already posted this, I saw it in the local

^ RubyCocoa question
166131 [ezra yakimah] Hey list-
166166 [logancapaldo] ...
166190 [anne wjh.har] see def addFile
166422 [rf.oodanaw s] Note that that particular demo (a GUI to the tar comamnd) is missing one
166430 [ezra yakimah] Thanks for the help to everyone who replied. I was able to get up
166433 [tanner.burso] ...

^ Help needed with Ruby on Rails
166137 [jl_post hotm] Dear Ruby community,
+ 166139 [james_b neur] You will probably get better, faster help at
+ 166266 [jl_post hotm] Thanks for everyone who looked into this, but we recently figured

^ Re: Nihongo Benkyo 0.3
166145 [maggelet gma] Can't load nihongobenkyo/import
166201 [mblondel gma] This message is just displayed for information. It should not prevent
166238 [maggelet gma] oh, okay I guess it's working then. I was confused because there was
166242 [mblondel gma] Well, you know, it's already supposed to help you understand japanese.
166252 [faivrem gmai] I will try it when you'll have a one click installer :)

^ Ruby style question from a newby: exceptions
166154 [richard.j.co] Any hints on the best way to catch exceptions from the point of view of
166176 [kjana dm4lab] Is the following irb session informative?
166214 [dooby d10.ka] ...

^ Improving code...
166160 [joevandyk gm] It should be fairly obvious as to what I'm doing (getting information
+ 166161 [gregory.t.br] @previus_cpu_time ||= get_process_cpu_time
| 166164 [joevandyk gm] That doesn't return 0.0 if the program doesn't know @previous_cpu_time
| 166167 [gregory.t.br] Yes, I like that.
+ 166162 [gregory.t.br] proc_stats = File.read("/proc/#{ @pid }/stat").split(" ")
| 166163 [joevandyk gm] That is *exactly* what I had before I decided to use scanf.  scanf has
| 166165 [gregory.t.br] You could easily call to_f before you assign it to the hash.
+ 166174 [bob.news gmx] Did you consider using Benchmark?  I don't know what you're up to
+ 166189 [dblack wobbl] Although I feel a parental fondness for scanf.rb, I have to say in
+ 166268 [jvm_cop spam] Do you want the elapsed cpu time to include the time it takes to compute

^ Determining the directory a script is running in
166168 [kevin.jackso] How can I find the directory that the current script is running from?
+ 166169 [kevin.jackso] Sorry, I discovered that File.expand_path(".") does work after all -
| 166171 [sgentle gmai] You may also find Dir.getwd/Dir.pwd useful.
+ 166172 [langstefan g] Dir.pwd is what you are looking for.

^ Antw: Re: FXRuby, FXTreeList
166170 [Fleck schlei] Thanks,

^ Antw: Re: FXRuby, FXTreeList
166175 [Fleck schlei] When I selected an item, all works fine, but the menu always pops up, when I right-clicked in the item' s row. That doesn' t happen above or below the row. What happens here?

^ Nitro + Og 0.25.0 Og scope, dynamic finders, evolution, helpers, bug fixes
166177 [george.mosch] Dear devs,
+ 166179 [jeff.darklig] ...
| + 166180 [jeff.darklig] ...
| + 166182 [george.mosch] Yes it is (though I haven't tested this lately...
+ 166192 [james_b neur] Great news, George!

^ extracting lines from an address
166178 [krisleech in] I have an address stored in mysql as a text field.
+ 166181 [l.d.u.n.c.a.] ...
| 166184 [l.d.u.n.c.a.] ...
+ 166185 [w_a_x_man ya] address = "12, HouseName
| 166186 [ruby ml.icem] This method has a couple of minor shortcomings - it does not eliminate all
| 166256 [w_a_x_man ya] I can't help but commend your work.  However, it has the minor
+ 166187 [dblack wobbl] You probably want a local variable there, rather than a constant.
+ 166188 [bob.news gmx] Street
  166205 [krisleech in] Thanks for the replies, very useful.

^ [SUMMARY] Index and Query (#54)
166191 [james graypr] ...

^ step by step tutorial on using emacs with Ruby
166198 [anne wjh.har] I downloaded emacs from
+ 166204 [hgs dmu.ac.u] You don't have a makefile or Makefile to tell it how to build the
+ 166232 [chneukirchen] C-h t
  166239 [anne wjh.har] Thank you
  + 166334 [anne wjh.har] When I download ruby 1.8.3, I get a bunch of files. There it is easy to
  | 166337 [hgs dmu.ac.u] configure is a shell script that searches your system for utilities.
  | 166342 [anne wjh.har] I know my code works from the ruby terminal. so what I need for now is
  | 166347 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I can never remember how to check the versions on those -- it's
  + 166702 [logancapaldo] ...

^ Keyword arguments like grandma makes 'em
166200 [transfire gm] I'm messing around with some methods trying to figure out how to offer
+ 166208 [christophe.g] Congratulations, you've just reinvented Smalltalk ;) (well, in Smalltalk one
+ 166233 [chneukirchen] Without trying to get personal or offensive, I'd recommend you
  + 166260 [richard.j.co] I'm a fan of having optional named arguments, because a lot of the time
  | + 166262 [richard.j.co] Sorry I made a typo, I meant *worth* reading, not work reading.
  | + 166332 [daniel.schie] (Yes, I know I'm repeating myself)
  |   + 166333 [christophe.g] You don't need the "should". This very hash syntax has already been adopted for
  |   | 166336 [daniel.schie] Jolly-good then!
  |   + 166374 [transfire gm] Well, everything is a 'name' really. What these *are* first and formost
  + 166265 [transfire gm] Well, I realize it's  not a walk in the park --it certainly is beyond
    166280 [rcoder gmail] foo(x or y)
    166284 [transfire gm] I'm not sure that's neccessarily true. Yes it is true for 'and' and
    166291 [rcoder gmail] And how, exactly, would you decide which keywords were and weren't
    166305 [transfire gm] Well, 'alias' isn't a method. In fact I think it should be gotten rid

^ 7-zip or rar lib?
166203 [Tim.Ferrell ] Does anyone know of libs for manipulating 7-zip or rar archives in ruby?
+ 166222 [leavengood g] This sounds interesting. I will investigate options for using 7-zip.
| 166250 [Tim.Ferrell ] The thing that got me asking is that I am a long time rar user but I
+ 166415 [ jupp gmx.de] I'd like to add that it would also be helpful to have a library
+ 166416 [ jupp gmx.de] I'd like to add that it would also be helpful to have a library

^ Time.yesterday ? :)
166206 [mj-usunto tk] Is there any simple method to get Time object like Time.now but with
+ 166209 [khaines enig] Time.now - 86400
| 166210 [mj-usunto tk] I knew that is something simple - but not so simple :)
| + 166215 [greg7224 gma] greg@oracle ~ $ irb
| | 166217 [pertl gmx.or] def Time.yesterday; now - 86400; end
| | 166223 [gregory.t.br] Haha very nice.
| + 166216 [lopexx autog] class Time
|   + 166218 [gregory.t.br] You don't need the intermediate variable
|   | 166241 [gene.tani gm] ...
|   | 166247 [drbrain segm] No, Time.yesterday is not in active_support, Time#yesterday is.
|   | 166258 [gwtmp01 mac.] Ditto.  Whenever I see that sort of thing, I start to wonder
|   + 166246 [balcersk wsi] like a stick :)
+ 166263 [michael.camp] Pedantic to be sure, but keep in mind all the variations on the
  166272 [reinder verl] ...
  + 166381 [michael.camp] *Chuckle* I completely forgot about that too; good catch. =)
  + 166388 [netghost gma] require 'date'

^ Serializing an instance with arbitrary methods (in rails)
166212 [gavin refine] (I know there's a rails mailing list. For some reason this feels more
+ 166213 [pertl gmx.or] ...
+ 166219 [james graypr] What's wrong with just sticking the object in the session?
| 166221 [gavin refine] Erps, did I forget to include that? I'd like a user to be able to
| 166227 [gavin refine] Yeah, apparently I was missing something. Or at least, further
+ 166228 [khaines enig] Use Marshal for this.  YAML offers similar capabilities, but it is MUCH
| 166229 [blargity gma] Or unless you're also using DRb on the same objects and need to have them
+ 166249 [ezra yakimah] Gavin-

^ Ruby visibility
166220 [greg.kujawa ] I was pleasantly surprised today to drop by the Barnes and Noble
166290 [l.d.u.n.c.a.] ...

^ ruby-gnome2: emit key press
166224 [ces.fci.junk] I'm trying to have a listbox page up/down based on keys pressed.  so I
166226 [mutoh highwa] If you want to emit a GDK event, you need to allow to accept the event
166231 [ces.fci.junk] I've something similar to that already.. but.. let me try to rephrase.
166615 [mutoh highwa] How about the sample below?

^ ruby-ldap, invalid credentials
166230 [Daniel.Berge] Another ldap newb question.
166340 [bouncer nowh] class LdapAdmin

^ Virtural Host with Apache + FastCGI + RoR
166234 [beeplove gma] FastCgiServer /users/foo/rails/public/dispatch.fcgi -initial-env

^ Apache + FastCGI + RoR
166235 [beeplove gma] FastCgiServer /users/foo/rails/public/dispatch.fcgi -initial-env
+ 166245 [greg.kujawa ] You might have better results posting this to the Rails mailing list at
| 166248 [beeplove gma] sorry for  the dupe..
+ 166637 [beeplove gma] Como'n guys,
  166638 [james_b neur] James

^ [QUIZ][SOLUTION] Index and Query (#54)
166236 [zed.lopez gm] I'm a little late to the party. I just finished PickAxe2 and this is

^ embedded ruby limitations
166243 [derek derekw] I really want to embed ruby in a new app.  However, the limitation
+ 166259 [matz ruby-la] You have to wait until YARV.  Ask others what it means, if you don't
| + 166261 [lyndon.samso] You could probably look at replacing program scope variables with TLS
| | 166264 [drbrain segm] Sydney *might* address this.
| + 166289 [derek derekw] Matz,
+ 166409 [jvm_cop spam] What are you expecting (your users?) to do in Ruby that could require
  166443 [byrd.timothy] (pardon my Windows-centric terminology)
  166448 [drbrain segm] I think irb's workspaces work this way.

^ .yml/host: localhost fails in Rails app generation
166253 [NoOne Nowher] ...
+ 166255 [NoOne Nowher] ...
+ 166257 [NoOne Nowher] ...
+ 166274 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Maybe because it issn't a file?
  166297 [NoOne Nowher] ...
  166325 [kevin.jackso] Ok, I missed the first part, but I'm guessing this is Rails related
  166527 [NoOne Nowher] ...

^ Snakes and Rubies?
166267 [james_b neur] This may be of interest, especially if you live in or near the Windy City.
166269 [Daniel.Berge] I think it's time to start making the "My web framework can beat up your web
+ 166286 [ng johnwlong] Hopefully not. How about "the future is not Java" t-shirts. We would
+ 166320 [bob.news gmx] <soapbox>Sometimes I get the impression that people are more busy
  + 166321 [martindemell] ...
  | 166382 [michael.camp] This is happening in big ways in Java land, right now (WebWork is
  | 166424 [michael.camp] Great googly moogly, I meant TAPESTRY is using Hivemind! (Apologies
  + 166354 [holovaty gma] Actually, Django was extracted from Real-World Web sites two years ago
    166355 [james_b neur] Same goes for Nitro, I believe.
    + 166380 [jvm_cop spam] Who's writing the hopefully-unbiased "how to choose a (Ruby | Python |
    + 166394 [khaines enig] Each of Rails, Nitro, and IOWA are definitely used in real world applications,
      166514 [george.mosch] Many ideas for Nitro were extracted while working on a number of

^ [ann] officeofgreatideas.com
166270 [michael.schw] ...
+ 166271 [lyndon.samso] Interesting site/idea and all but ruby related?...
| + 166273 [daniels pron] The statement
| + 166275 [gregory.t.br] Mike forgot to mention that this is a Ruby on Rails application which
|   166276 [gregory.t.br] not sure if I meant meetings or functions, but I didn't mean mentions.
+ 166288 [ news jay.fm] michael.schwab@yale.edu says...
  166425 [michael.schw] I have spent a fair amount of time pondering my structural approach for
  166465 [mental rydia] ...

^ Ruby not commercial, right?
166277 [boscomonkey ] I'm trying to organize a Ruby Meetup group in San Francisco
+ 166278 [gregory.t.br] Ruby is a tool.   It can be used for commercial gain or not.   It is
| 166281 [james_b neur] But be sure to steer clear of www.mad-bling-ruby.org, or the jig is up.
| 166283 [gregory.t.br] Or www.ruby.com , for that matter. ;)
| 166294 [faker yahoo.] ...
+ 166300 [discordantus] Something comparing Ruby coding to writing in English might be best,since this is a public library. Maybe use Open Source to appeal totheir free speech tendencies.
| 166303 [gregory.t.br] Yeah... or maybe SF Ruby Hobbyists or something.  Anything that
+ 166301 [gwtmp01 mac.] Assuming your proposed meeting is free and open to the public I think
+ 166317 [interfecus g] Explain that you are only advocating the use of freely available
+ 166328 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Interesting.   They have an audio/visual media request form on
+ 166461 [boscomonkey ] Thanks everyone for your input. I emailed the SFPL contact person an
  + 166462 [boscomonkey ] Ah c**p, I meant to write comp.lang.ruby in the footnotes.
  | + 166463 [dblack wobbl] I was wondering about that.  Well, maybe alt will make you seem even
  | + 166531 [lyle.johnson] Given that it's San Francisco, that might actually make it more
  + 166470 [cyclists nc.] Hmmm...hate to be picky, but as a copyright holder myself I have to say
  | 166521 [chneukirchen] Intellectual property is not covered by copyright.
  + 166483 [gwtmp01 mac.] Understandable. :-)  I hope things work out for you and your group.

^ irb and ruby
166287 [uval rz.uni-] I am reading this page
166396 [jvm_cop spam] What's going on is that when you use irb, you are inside a class called
166400 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):021:0> self
166404 [decoux moulo] ...