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^ [ANN] ruby-sendfile 0.0.1
165872 [toby cbcg.ne] I just released ruby-sendfile 0.0.1, which is a Ruby binding for the

^ Ask for some experience
165873 [allenbobo gm] any one like to share some experience about ruby string
+ 165874 [toby cbcg.ne] "hello world".split( " ")
| 165900 [allenbobo gm] that's cool.
| 165904 [zoso foton.e] irb(main):001:0> "foo".upcase
+ 166015 [ruby.brian g] Reading the pickaxe and

^ unsubscribe.. please....
165878 [k-zimir gmx.] hey everybody...
+ 165882 [christophe.g] You need to send the unsubscribe command to mailto:ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org,
+ 165883 [matz ruby-la] You should have sent a command mail to ruby-talk-ctl.  But I will remove

^ User's Guide
165880 [slagell ruby] After a long period of neglect, the old User's Guide has received a new

^ [ANN] rctool-1.1.0
165895 [rubikitch ru] == Abstract

^ Solution Comments on Re: Reading a signed byte in network byte order
165902 [robert.evans] So, I came up with a solution, and would be grateful for Ruby style
+ 165912 [dbalmain.ml ] I'm probably missing something here, but how about this? It works for
| 165918 [robert.evans] The only thing I worried about that was according to the PickAxe v.2
+ 165914 [ara.t.howard] require "test/unit"
  165919 [robert.evans] Sweet. That's a very slick answer. Thanks.

^ ZenProfile
165903 [dale.martens] How do I use ZenProfile?
165959 [drbrain segm] require "zenprofile"

^ RDoc questions
165906 [listrecv gma] 1) How do I put RDoc's for an attribute?
+ 166293 [listrecv gma] Can anyone help me with this?
+ 166299 [vjoel path.b] class C

^ comp.lang.ruby FAQ
165916 [hal9000 hype] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2005-4-14)

^ Fosdem : Developers Room, Presence
165917 [riboulet gma] This mail will mostly interest europeans Rubyists/Railists, but others

^ comp.lang.ruby FAQ
165920 [hal9000 hype] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2005-4-14)
165923 [james_b neur] There is a list of books, reasonably well-maintained, at
166237 [martindemell] Which makes me wonder if the FAQ couldn't be somehow templatized, and
166244 [james_b neur] The book list on ruby-doc is pretty-well structured.  It's coded by hand
+ 166279 [hal9000 hype] Very reasonable, and I've made a note of it. But I am very busy lately,
+ 166346 [martindemell] I'm a fan of having FAQs self-contained on one site, or even one page,

^ YAML and constant objects
165922 [briankbuckle] I have an immutable class Foo (once a foo object is created its state
165993 [vjoel path.b] The only problem with the following (I think) is that you have to pass
166117 [briankbuckle] Joel, I don't yet fully understand your code   Where can I find
166119 [vjoel path.b] I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think those are really documented anywhere.
166350 [briankbuckle] I am posting the solution I came up with, seeking critical commentary.

^ win32ole questions
165925 [itsme213 hot] p1 = WIN32OLE.new "Powerpoint.Application"
+ 165942 [sean.ohalpin] PowerPoint allows only a single instance to be running at any one time.
+ 165953 [enleverlesO.] To see, in word (options), "fenů’res dans la barre des t„ńhes" (in french) ;

^ gems on AIX
165926 [matt technor] /afs/austin/u/mattlaw/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:21:in
+ 165927 [pertl gmx.or] you need to install the prerequisite 'zlib' library first
+ 165928 [kashia.buch ] If I remember correctly, you have to compile ruby with the zlib extension,

^ [OT] Triple-Post :-( (Was: [ANN] Red: The Ruby Journal, a professional periodical for Ruby developers)
165929 [ jupp gmx.de] Sorry about that, GMX (my mail provider) sometimes fails to

^ toplevel namespace justification
165931 [transfire gm] When is using the toplevel constant namespace justified? (Other then
+ 165939 [Daniel.Berge] Whenever you're not redefining methods for one of the core classes.
| 165940 [ara.t.howard] indeed.
+ 165943 [khaines enig] It is good practice to keep all of your junk inside your own namespace,
| 165946 [transfire gm] "I don't want to offer them for inclusion in Facets
| 165950 [khaines enig] Then, if you want, provide a simple mechanism to promote them to being
| 165954 [transfire gm] Sure. But waht if you decided to release Webcache as an independent
| + 165955 [Stephen.L.Mo] Related to that, will 1.9 / 2.0 have the ability to extend or modify
| + 165983 [transfire gm] Okay, I found this: http://www.rcrchive.net/rcr/show/289.
+ 165947 [sean.ohalpin] I think the general rule should be as Kirk says, "keep all of your
  165949 [Daniel.Berge] Blech.
  165982 [sean.ohalpin] Lol! What did I say that made you blech? :)
  166037 [transfire gm] Shouldn't Ruby raise an error right here? I mean wouldn't that make the

^ Rake Hates Me Today
165934 [james graypr] I'm trying to package up a new gem to release, but Rake and I just
165936 [jim weirichh] This is caused by a changed in the FileUtils package the Rake uses.  There is
+ 165938 [james graypr] Worked perfectly.  Thank you Jim!
+ 165978 [hgs dmu.ac.u] What's the change that broke it?  I suggested a change recently but
  166004 [jim weirichh] The FileUtils.cd command no long accepts a :noop option.

^ DRb Crashing
165935 [james graypr] #!/usr/local/bin/ruby
+ 165962 [drbrain segm] With what error?
| 165965 [james graypr] $ ruby client.rb
| 165970 [drbrain segm] I'm seeing similar, but only on the Mac.
+ 165979 [hgs dmu.ac.u] while problem = tuplespace.take(["Problem", nil])
  + 165980 [drbrain segm] It seems to be a problem only when OS X is involved.
  + 166051 [james graypr] The Regexp is pretty critical in this case.  It validates the data
    166054 [hgs dmu.ac.u] while problem = tuplespace.take(["Problem", nil])
    166056 [james graypr] This is not equivalent.  You removed the problem from the TupleSpace
    166058 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Yes, that's true, but it's not really the point I was making -- one
    166063 [james graypr] Same issue.
    166068 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Bother.
    166133 [drbrain segm] This is likely not a problem that can be fixed with more Ruby code.
    + 166134 [drbrain segm] I should also note that disabling the GC on the client does not
    + 168359 [ptkwt aracne] I've seen similar results: runs for hours on Linux, very flakey on OSX.  It's

^ gem and stubs
165937 [ara.t.howard] what's the deal?  does it support them or not?  the docs are confusing on the
166155 [gsinclair gm] Library stubs have been unsupported for ages.  In fact, when you
+ 166157 [ara.t.howard] yup.  you are quite right.  i missed that.  they really should be there as an
| 166282 [gsinclair gm] Yes, that's the benefit, but it's a shallow convenience, at the cost of
+ 166240 [drbrain segm] $ gem install --help

^ Unique Ruby position in SC - USA
165944 [gil coresear] I read a posting that said that it would be OK to post unique Ruby

^ [ANN] Nihongo Benkyo 0.3
165951 [mblondel gma] I'm pleased to announce that Nihongo Benkyo 0.3 has finally been

^ [ANN] ruby-growl 1.0.1
165957 [drbrain segm] The 1.0.1 release of ruby-growl allows ruby-growl to work on Tiger's

^ Idea: screensaver lib for Ruby
165964 [rubyhacker g] I'm a fan of screensavers, as maybe you are also.
165984 [lyndon.samso] You'd need a generic ScreenSaverGuiToolkit ( cutdown fox? ), which

^ [ANN] ruby-feedparser : RSS/Atom feed parser
165966 [lucas lucas-] Ruby-feedparser is an ATOM/RSS feed parser. It was initially developed

^ Baffled by error
165969 [candiazoo ma] I am playing around...  I am a ruby newbie.  I am encountering an error
165991 [candiazoo gm] Nevermind.  I did a little Googling and found another example of the

^ RubyGems skips rdoc!
165971 [listrecv gma] Some RubyGems seem to be set to tell gem to not do the rdoc, even if I

^ RubyGems Index Slow to Update
165990 [james graypr] I uploaded a gem about five hours ago and I'm still not seeing it in
165995 [james_b neur] I think the mirrors are updated every 30 minutes; though there may be a
166039 [tom infoethe] Should be about an hour or so... unless you're hitting that Ruby 1.8.3 +
166040 [tom infoethe] Yours,
+ 166043 [ara.t.howard] couldn't a coverter be made so you guys could trigger a
| 166044 [tom infoethe] That would certainly work for me...
+ 166099 [james graypr] Thank you.  I was not aware of this issue.

^ The subtleties of const_missing
165996 [nseckar gmai] I've run into an issue regarding the use of const_missing. This issue
+ 165997 [ara.t.howard] but why do you need to distinguish?
| 165998 [nseckar gmai] The loaded file is expected to define the constant; We assume b.rb
| 166031 [ara.t.howard] i understand that.  but in your original message you said
+ 165999 [drbrain segm] I have found this type of laziness often leads to errors that are
+ 166000 [nobuyoshi.na] What about autoload?
+ 166023 [bob.news gmx] I'm not sure what you're up to.  You define B in a completely different
+ 166041 [twifkak comc] Rails does this very thing. You should check out their const_missing and

166002 [hsanson moeg] I am developing a streaming client in ruby, so far so good... now I am trying
+ 166005 [daniels pron] Well, I'd advise reading
| 166008 [hsanson moeg] Does a verbatim copy of this code work??  I really don't understand what it
| 166009 [hsanson moeg] Sorry,  also an usage example would be appreciated..
| 166010 [daniels pron] The read and close method should work the same as the read and close methods on IO. Any other IO methods that you'd like supported, you'll need to add yourself.
| 166013 [hsanson moeg] Sorry to bother so much....  I still have problems....
+ 166024 [bob.news gmx] open-uri can help you - although you won't see headers
  166132 [daniels pron] Now that I know I know your use-case, definitely use openuri instead.
  166142 [ruby-talk wh] You also can only do GET requests with OpenURI.  The Net::HTTPIO class

^ FXRuby, FXTreeList
166006 [Fleck schlei] I' ve created a TreeList that shows the files in a directory. How can I create a context menu that pops up, when I right-click on a selected item? I know how to create the popup menu, but how can I prevent it to get shown when I click somewhere else than the item? Do I have to remember the items I selected and then check if it' s under the cursor when right-clicking?
166065 [lyle.johnson] I think that I'd just call FXTreeList#getItemAt(event.win_x,

^ How to set up the RI view for RDoc in Ruby RDT for Eclipse?
166011 [nmanole gmai] Could someone tell me how to make the RI view in the Eclipse Ruby RDT
166030 [zdennis mkte] I get this same issue on Winxp and I've been having problems getting it
167533 [nmanole gmai] Zach,
+ 167614 [ruby gazelle] 1. You have to configure the Ruby interpreter under Ruby -> Installed
+ 167764 [zdennis mkte] No, i haven't yet. My cpu died on my server at home, I should be getting

^ where is the each_recursive method defined?
166012 [snailigrape ] #i'm new  to ruby. i download the machanize gem and install it.
166105 [leavengood g] It is part of additions made to the REXML library by mechanize, in

^ Nested classes
166014 [groleo gmail] #! /usr/bin/ruby
+ 166016 [ruby.brian g] What problem do you want to solve?
| 166018 [groleo gmail] Consider the case when class B would have more member functions.
| 166019 [ruby.brian g] Maybe you should look at the delegation pattern. That may be
| 166020 [groleo gmail] Sure.
| + 166021 [ruby.brian g] Because :b is the symbol :b while : b is a colon followed by a b which
| + 166022 [ljz asfast.c] Because colon-identifier represents a symbol, and attr_reader takes
+ 166017 [pit capitain] class A

^ YAML on 1.8.3 question
166025 [george.mosch] I have a yaml file that I parse like this
+ 166026 [ mfp acm.org] require 'yaml'
| 166027 [george.mosch] Ehm,
| 166028 [george.mosch] Anw,
+ 166102 [GGarramuno a] Huh?  You missed the point.
  166183 [george.mosch] Probably you missed the point ;-) Read the later emails that explain

^ static variable; behaviour in ruby?
166032 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Any idea how to create or simulate a static variable in ruby?
+ 166033 [ruby.brian g] I advise that you state your basic problem, as this seems to be a
| 166038 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| 166048 [bob.news gmx] Let's see whether I understand this correctly: you want your method
| 166050 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| 166057 [bob.news gmx] def within(*a, &b)
| 166059 [hgs dmu.ac.u] My use of "input" for supplied source code *and* data to process was
| 166062 [bob.news gmx] And it's thread safe and automatically GC'ed on thread termination. :-)
+ 166034 [pit capitain] and
+ 166035 [ara.t.howard] def do_this_factory x, y, z, &block
| 166049 [hgs dmu.ac.u] [etc]
| 166052 [ara.t.howard] but the second time my_method is called you'll clobber old_my_method - is that
+ 166042 [bob.news gmx] I completely agree to Brian's comment.
  166045 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Because I can't see how to call it into being correctly.  If I need
  166047 [bob.news gmx] I'm not yet convinced that it's actually so complicated.  Please see my

^ rubycocoa error "No such file to load -- tcltklib (LoadError)"
166060 [anne wjh.har] I installed tcltk from
166069 [dave.baldwin] rubycocoa is the Ruby interface bindings to the native cocoa GUI
166088 [anne wjh.har] I started looking at OO with objective C, x code and cocoa. I
+ 166100 [hgs dmu.ac.u] there is this on the Wiki which may be of some help
+ 166135 [rf.oodanaw s] - Eclipse + Ruby Development Tools. I did some Ruby/Tk code in that

^ mod_ruby Apache2 Accessing POSTed Data More than Once
166061 [rubytalk ben] (Moving the below over from mod_ruby to the larger audience on ruby-talk.)
166070 [james_b neur] Here's a guess: request.reset

^ trouble installing Ruby DBI for MySQL
166064 [captvanhalen] I installed ruby 1.8.2 without a hitch and am trying to install drivers for
+ 166196 [captvanhalen] Did this message even get through? Shall i just go back to programming Perl=
+ 166199 [gregory.t.br] I'm not sure what's going on but you may not need to use extconf.rb
+ 166207 [sera fhwang.] Depending on your environment, Ruby-MySQL can have frustrating
  166211 [captvanhalen] Thanks Greg and Francis.

^ Metaprogramming and rdoc
166071 [fugalh gmail] I find myself metaprogramming in ruby more and more. I think this is a
+ 166078 [zdennis mkte] - document the functionality in your class documentation
+ 166089 [ara.t.howard] put a hook into your methods that spews out a docstring into a file.  run your
+ 166120 [vjoel path.b] This won't help with programmatically generating rdoc comments, if

^ [ANN] Learning Ruby Hackfest Hosted by new_haven.rb this Friday.
166072 [gregory.t.br] The New Haven Ruby Brigade is putting on a mini Hackfest this friday evening.
166075 [james graypr] Will the solutions be posted to the list so we can all learn from them?
166084 [gregory.t.br] Yes.

^ interactive shell on windows
166073 [codecraig gm] I downloaded and installed Ruby via the One-Click installer, version
166076 [curt.hibbs g] Instead of typing "ruby", type "irb" (stands for interactive ruby).
166079 [codecraig gm] Thanks!  Apparently the "Programming Ruby" .chm (help) file that comes
166083 [desmarm gmai] No kidding!  Where did it say that?
166087 [codecraig gm] Well for the One-Click installer for Windows, version 1.8.2-15 includes
+ 166090 [curt.hibbs g] I see what's going on here. Ruby with no args reads from the standard input
| 166095 [desmarm gmai] Yup.  I was gonna respond with this as well, but I'll just second Curt
+ 166093 [hgs dmu.ac.u] After typing "ruby" i type,

^ Re: Paid to write Ruby (was: Ruby Forum)
166074 [jvm_cop spam] Can I work there? <g>

^ Proposed RCR: Object#replace
166077 [halostatue g] On the Sydney list, Daniel Berger has been asking about a generic
+ 166081 [ mfp acm.org] What about singleton methods?
+ 166085 [ara.t.howard] class SpecialFile < ::File
| 166107 [transfire gm] class Object
| + 166108 [dblack wobbl] How does instance variable duplication qualify as the general meaning
| | + 166110 [halostatue g] Why?
| | | 166111 [Daniel.Berge] I didn't actually want instance variable duplication.  All I wanted was
| | + 166112 [transfire gm] Yep. You're right. Forget it. So I guess that answers Ara's question
| + 166109 [ara.t.howard] sure - dangerous though, resources can leak and not everything supports clone.
| | 166114 [transfire gm] Though as David pointed out I don't think the cloning qualifies it for
| | 166116 [ara.t.howard] take an open file handle, memory map, or database connection.  you'll be
| + 166113 [rmagick gmai] Hmmm...but not everything that responds to :clone can be cloned.
|   166115 [transfire gm] Oh, that's nice :-/ Sheesh, can't even trust your Ducks around here.
+ 166124 [eric.mahurin] I don't like this a whole lot.  It breaks encapsulation big time.  If
  166128 [halostatue g] Obviously, I wasn't clear. I said "At a simplistic level, this is:" ...
  + 166136 [eric.mahurin] Definitely safer.  But, like you said objects with their own meta
  | 166138 [halostatue g] Not really; I addressed that in my first omnibus response.
  | 166152 [dblack wobbl] Did you mean b = {} ?
  | 166159 [halostatue g] No. It was intentionally to throw an exception, just as my (more robust)
  + 166141 [ara.t.howard] i like the idea.  why not make it more generic and have semantics for a
  | 166150 [halostatue g] It's not really a reinitialization. It's *almost* #become -- but not
  + 166302 [jvm_cop spam] What if the receiver of #replace has instance variables that don't exist
    166359 [halostatue g] That's easier than one might think. I already do a lot of this work in
    166369 [jvm_cop spam] It's not difficult, but when you didn't include it in your "how this
    166378 [halostatue g] Yes.