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^ [SCIRUBY] how the move from pdp-11 assembler to ruby took steve jenkins' breath away
165435 [ara.t.howard] [SciRuby] What languages have you used?

^ [OT] Why the Lucky Stiff (again!) on Noboto
165448 [ray needmore] Pardon the disturbance again, fair Mailing List, but the song "The

^ Converting between Time and DateTime
165449 [ljz asfast.c] What is the recommended method for converting between Time objects and
+ 165450 [dblack wobbl] This is probably just a stepping-stone on the way to something more
| + 165451 [dblack wobbl] Withdrawn :-)
| + 165558 [khaines enig] I don't know if that is practical.  Time and Date/DateTime use two entirely
|   + 165561 [dblack wobbl] I guess what I'm thinking of mostly is default loading.  It seems a
|   + 165726 [netghost gma] Is there any reason to choose one over the other?   At least for post
|     165733 [khaines enig] The range is one difference.  If you want to represent 376 AD, you can't use
|     165832 [sgentle gmai] Sounds a bit to me like the difference between Fixnum and Bignum...
|     165857 [chris pine.f] Except that those convert to the one you want automatically, and have
|     165871 [daniel.schie] What kind of change would you suggest?
|     + 165898 [khaines enig] The analagous behavior would be for every Time method that could have a date
|     | 165909 [daniel.schie] I agree. Though I think the very it's odd that Time and DateTime
|     + 166029 [rm_rails che] I'd like classes like DBI that use Time to (through some trick
|       + 166053 [akr m17n.org] I think it is hard to do.
|       + 166066 [khaines enig] That's a DBI problem, though.  DBI should use a class appropriate for the
+ 165452 [dblack wobbl] OK, let me try again.
| + 165455 [ljz asfast.c] Yes, I thought of these, but they involve converting to and from an
| + 165560 [khaines enig] It works in both directions because the underlying 'parse' is the same
+ 165460 [daniel.schie] class DateTime
| 165556 [ljz asfast.c] Thanks.  Is this considered more ruby-ish because of the non-camel-case
| 165567 [daniel.schie] def some_time_method(time)
| + 165571 [daniel.schie] class DateTime
| + 165572 [ljz asfast.c] Got it.  Thanks!
|   165575 [daniel.schie] Yeah, but only if there's a strong enough sentiment in the community. No
|   165685 [Steven ruby-] Well, as it turns out, last week I spent about an hour looking for
+ 165557 [khaines enig] You have not overlooked anything.
  165562 [ljz asfast.c] Oh well ... (sigh)
  + 165564 [decoux moulo] no, no : this is a difference 1.4 and 1.6. Since 1.6 you can write
  | 165573 [ljz asfast.c] Ah ... thanks for the clarification.
  + 165565 [dblack wobbl] Method defs provide an implicit 'begin', so you can put a rescue
    165574 [ljz asfast.c] I never realized this.  I guess I overlooked that part of the docs.

^ Ruby headers and OS X 10.4.3 & XCode 2.2
165464 [eric.hankins] In addition to the problems that fixrbconfig doesn't cover, I just
165468 [M.B.Smillie ] I haven't tried this out, but I have a hunch that by reinstalling
165533 [coumbes gmai] A quick fix to that problem (atleast worked for me on a simple
165545 [vladgalu gma] If it's there, and you can see it, it's real.
166996 [bill.burcham] The link farm option is extremely distasteful since I fear it will

^ Mailing list <-> web forum gateway
165465 [usenet andre] I have created an experimental List <-> Forum gateway for the Rails
165469 [dooby d10.ka] 2 questions back at you ...
165477 [usenet andre] ;)
165485 [dooby d10.ka] (ruby-talk list assumed)
165489 [usenet andre] Yes, I mixed up ruby-talk and comp.lang.ruby.
165496 [dooby d10.ka] Reply-To: ruby-talk@ruby-la...
165576 [usenet andre] You mean the envelope from? No, I tried it, the mail is still rejected.

^ RFC: Audio
165480 [hans fugal.n] I've noticed that the frequency of questions about doing audio stuff
+ 165483 [ara.t.howard] contact me offline and i'll set you up with an account hans.  please feel free
+ 165644 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Python has had audio stuff for a while as part of the standard
+ 165846 [ news jay.fm] Ha!  He said frequency.
| 165879 [hans fugal.n] Possibly, after all the others.
| 165958 [ news jay.fm] Right, of course.  I know that quite well as an end user, but as a
+ 165891 [ryan.platte ] I recently explored the possibility of SWIGging the "aubio" library up
  165994 [fugalh gmail] I've seen aubio and it looks neat. If they've already SWIGged it for

^ rubycocoa, and 1. hello world 2. nibs
165488 [anne wjh.har] I am starting with ruby, but I would like to use rubycocoa and xcode.
165543 [anne wjh.har] Can you help me with how to debug my nib?
165544 [rf.oodanaw s] nib files are plain text files, so with such simple text tools as an
165547 [kashia.buch ] I'm afraid I have to disagree on that. .nib files are folders, not simple
165548 [rf.oodanaw s] You absolutely correct, I happened to have opened one of the text files.
165646 [anne wjh.har] Thank you for your help. nibtool says it can compare two nibs, but I

^ Want to write something like speech coder using Ruby
165494 [Jianhong.Wan] I am learning Ruby and want to write several speech codec to polish my
+ 165495 [hans fugal.n] I think you should be able to.
+ 165497 [dooby d10.ka] Look around the wiki (evading spam) - e.g.
  165510 [nugend gmail] Biggest style thing I've found (and it's started carrying over to my
  165555 [gregory.t.br] It was mentioned at the RubyConf that CamelCase is more difficult to

^ More fun with C
165498 [erichof425 y] Well, it turns out writing C extensions wasn't as easy as I had originally thought, and for only one reason: poor documentation.  Maybe I'm missing something though, does anyone know where the ruby API is documented?
+ 165502 [dooby d10.ka] README.EXT in the source distribution ...
| 165507 [ara.t.howard] ha!  don't know whether you're serious or not - but it gave me a laugh.
| 165512 [dooby d10.ka] Ehm, both ... balancin' act, y'know ;)
+ 165513 [nohmad gmail] 1. "Extending Ruby" chapter of PickAxe, README.EXT and ruby.h.
  165514 [erichof425 y] Haha, I'm not sure whether you're serious or not, but the readme.ext and pickaxe book are not adequate documentation.  They'll get you started, but there are quite a few API's that are not even mentioned at all, or if so only briefly.  An example would be the -1 calling sequence, which the readme.ext describes, but it does not mention anything at all about formatting the args until the appendix.  When I think of documentation, I think of listing a description for every API that there is telling you everything you need to know when using it.  I'm not trying to complain; obviously C extensions aren't a necessity for ruby, it's just that trial and error is not a fun way to make a simple program.
  + 165516 [toby cbcg.ne] The latter's purpose was never intended solely to document the C extension
  + 165519 [dooby d10.ka] <Programming Ruby I>
    165536 [erichof425 y] I really wasn't trying to complain, I just wanted a little help, and I guess I got carried away since I was frustrated and confused.  Reading it over again I realize that I sounded stupid.  But you people seem to have a lot of free time to pick apart everything that I say.  Sorry for wasting it.
    + 165537 [detlef.reich] rb_path2class ("MyClass");
    | 165538 [erichof425 y] Thank you, that solved it.  I also figured out what was wrong with the require.  I was trying to require outside the Init_XXXX function.
    + 165539 [nohmad gmail] * rb_require("myfile") is exactly same as Kernel.require "myfile".
    | 165542 [chneukirchen] If the latter wasn't redefined (think rubygems).
    + 165546 [cyclists nc.] Here's a snippet from RMagick. This is the C equivalent of

^ KirbyBase 2.3: How to insert record if key does not exist
165500 [basi_lio hot] tgl_tokens = db.create_table(
165515 [jcribbs twmi] freq.each do |w,c|
165532 [basi_lio hot] Yes, this works well. Now I know how to check if a record exists on the

^ www.ruby-lang.org down?
165518 [toby cbcg.ne] Can anyone else get to *.ruby-lang.org right now? It's not responding for
+ 165522 [gregory.t.br] I'm hanging here too. :-/
| 165523 [gregory.t.br] ...
| 165524 [gregory.t.br] Sorry for the triple post, folks.  That is an ANCIENT mirror.  :(
+ 165526 [dooby d10.ka] Someone heard you ?
+ 165554 [matz ruby-la] Sorry, it's scheduled maintenance at my office.  I should have

^ Locale std library for Ruby?
165521 [petermichaux] Is there any thougth to having a Ruby standard library for use with

^ mathematical computation tools in ruby
165529 [manoj bhu.ac] Is there any toolbox for mathematical/engineering computation in ruby
165551 [ara.t.howard] look into narray and gnu scientific library, also

^ [Announce] SAP::Rfc now available for win32
165530 [piers ompa.n] Just announcing that a gem has been built for SAP::Rfc to support win32

^ rails install question
165563 [rbrant gmail] brand new to rails..  downloaded and installed to the 'one-click'
165566 [gregory.t.br] You can use gems. That is what I did.  You'll need to install a DBMS

^ Instiki install
165577 [roger4911 gm] I am trying to get Instiki to run on my win98se system.
+ 165579 [rdm cfcl.com] Instiki-users mailing list
+ 165580 [dooby d10.ka] Yes, I've tried 0.10.x with no luck.
  165583 [roger4911 gm] Thanks, I just downloaded 0.9.2 version and it starts as it should, so

^ [ANN] KirbyBase 2.4
165578 [jcribbs twmi] I would like to announce the release of version 2.4 of KirbyBase, a
165640 [george.mosch] congrats for a new release!
165709 [ezra yakimah] Yes, congratulations! I really love kirbybase as a lightweight pure

^ [ANN] Net::DICT 0.9.0
165585 [mailing-list] (WARNING: This is a lazy-pants announcement.  All I”Ēve done is

^ Abort Rake Task
165586 [brian.takita] I have a rake task named setup, that depends on a file task that

^ Heirarchy Troubles
165587 [CBlair1986 g] of classes planned out, with the attributes needed for them and
+ 165588 [M.B.Smillie ] This isn't unique at all, but is in fact one of the defining aspects
+ 165648 [daniel.schie] class Fruit
+ 165667 [dblack wobbl] That's unique?! :-)

^ Using logger
165590 [listrecv gma] severity and timestamp, but I'm just getting the message string, (no
165609 [ara.t.howard] -a
165643 [nakahiro sar] It should be ruby-1.8.2 or earlier.  Logger#formatter= is from ruby-1.8.3.

^ Test (please ignore)
165591 [f andreas-s.] Testing the gateway.
+ 165639 [  someone <>] Me too!
| 165930 [ jupp gmx.de] You found a bug. The gateway passed you message although the From: has
| 166036 [teste test.d] Really?
+ 165860 [   Tester <>] yes!
  165885 [f andreas-s.] Weird...
  165897 [duane.johnso] Look, he said "Please ignore"... sheesh :)
  165905 [daniel.schie] This one time, at band camp...

^ Subclassing NilClass
165594 [listrecv gma] I'd like to subclass NilClass, creating a NullCase, implementing in
+ 165600 [rascal1182 g] You don't.  See the thread beginning with [ruby-talk:157101].
+ 165611 [gwtmp01 mac.] Take a look at the NullObject pattern: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?NullObject

^ [ANN] Ruby Forum
165595 [f andreas-s.] I have set up a forum that mirrors the ruby-talk and rails mailing
+ 165605 [james graypr] Wow!  I think that's just smooth.  Nice job.
| 165615 [nshb inimit.] This is a wonderful piece of software.
| 165730 [halostatue g] This is ultimately nonsensical, as the public archives have the email
| 165737 [nshb inimit.] Having one less place where spam filters can grab my email address, I would
| 165753 [halostatue g] Hm? Filters for headers? As I said, the public archives pretty much
+ 165608 [ara.t.howard] very cool
+ 165786 [louis.j.scor] Andreas;
| 165853 [f andreas-s.] Thanks.
+ 166086 [jvm_cop spam] I very much like the "if you log in, threads with messages you haven't
| 166091 [f andreas-s.] The forum creates an anchor called "new" on the first new post, so if
| 166096 [jvm_cop spam] Hmmm, it might well -- this is the only thread that's had new posts (by
| 166098 [f andreas-s.] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 166103 [jvm_cop spam] Thanks.  Why not have a link to that (and the prev and next) and the
| + 166104 [lukfugl gmai] There is: at the top-right of the list there is a "<< Page X >>" where
| + 166106 [f andreas-s.] There is a link.
+ 167203 [aap howto.co] This is JUST FANTASTIC !

^ Re: Equvialent of RoboCode and/or Terrarium for Ruby?
165597 [daniels pron] It would be a little problematic to combine both of these goals - if
165635 [reyn.vlietst] Sorry,
165642 [james.rw.wal] Presumably a spectator view would provide information that is beyond
165654 [reyn.vlietst] ah, ok
165671 [dave burt.id] RoboCode is a simple system that includes limited robot-vision. Bots have a
165778 [kheon comcas] Yes, and while this is basic in principle is really why it's such a great
165783 [lyndon.samso] So, come on! Lets get a mailing list or some sort of forum set up to
165913 [netghost gma] No way!  Lets discuss the possibility of discussing this some more!
165932 [SimonKroeger] Without a 3 day kickoff workshop, and validated reviews of the
165967 [SimonKroeger] Ok, i realy don't know if it will be of any help but perhaps someone
+ 166097 [jvm_cop spam] Are you defining the "base" Robot that should be the minimal, standard,
+ 166125 [netghost gma] Looks interesting, I think you have a lot of teh right ideas here.
  167274 [lyndon.samso] Just bubbling this thread event back up to group conciousness.... :-)
  167275 [kheon comcas] Nice to see that people are interested. I don't know Ruby well enough to
  167323 [leslie camar] Reyn and I have started on a project like this. You can see our progress
  167383 [faivrem gmai] Me too.
  167390 [leslie camar] With Tim Bates' permission we have taken over his old Rubots project on

^ question of regexp select
165598 [w3gat nwlaga] Regexp error?
165603 [dooby d10.ka] There's no method Regexp#select, AFAIK.
165637 [discordantus] 538 is the section on MatchData, which has a #select. Regexp has no#select method.

^ Re: Ruby Forum
165607 [Toby DiPasqu] Yes, very. This might become the preferred way to monitor this list ;-)
+ 165612 [     Anon <>] I _love_ how simple the design is.
| 165613 [gregory.t.br] Yes.  This is very nice.  And I love the suggestion for voting.
+ 165614 [mailing-list] Why, exactly?  People may use any method they prefer, but what's wrong
  + 165617 [twifkak comc] An advantage that the web forum adds is that it sorts threads by date of
  | 165645 [surrender_it] is'nt that what you get by clicking on "date"?
  | 165651 [twifkak comc] In unthreaded mode, all the posts are intermingled. Right now, I'm
  | + 165691 [surrender_it] thanks now I understand what you mean
  | + 165699 [kero chello.] Or the machines they run on. As I recall from the days I used elm to read my
  |   + 165722 [mailing-list] I agree.
  |   + 165784 [twifkak comc] No, it's what *you* would use those things for. None of them (I Googled
  |     + 165791 [mailing-list] Scoring is precisely what you described yourself.  You can give
  |     | 165941 [mailing-list] Ah, I misread.  Scoring allows you to give messages a positive or
  |     | + 165945 [vagabond cat] This is really cool, I'm not a big fan of high-traffic mailinglists (I
  |     | | 165948 [mailing-list] How is it easier to read 500 emails in forum form?
  |     | | 165956 [vagabond cat] Well, I can easily see what threads have had updates since I've read
  |     | | 165960 [mailing-list] Likewise.  Thank you mutt(1).
  |     | | 165968 [vagabond cat] Yeah, I saw this one coming :) I'm just stating my personal preference,
  |     | | 165986 [mailing-list] This is precisely why a list-view of a thread is such a bad paradigm.
  |     | + 165952 [mailing-list] Actually, the best way to do this exactly what you wanted, i.e., sorting
  |     + 165817 [steve waits.] You guys all need imap + a mail client that threads well.  I'm on
  |     + 165972 [kero chello.] mutt is a local tool for a local copy. It does not need to scale, because it
  |       + 165977 [gregory.t.br] It will only fragment if the shards are appealing enough to attract people.
  |       + 165981 [james graypr] For all practical purposes, what has been created here is just
  |       | + 165985 [gregory.t.br] Exactly.  Google Groups already does what this does, but it's in their
  |       | + 165988 [mailing-list] My responses haven't been negative, I hope.  I've tried to keep a level
  |       + 165989 [nshb inimit.] I organize Vancouver Ruby Association (vanruby.com), and found that during
  |         165992 [blargity gma] This is great.  Some of us come from the other side, as I had no idea what
  + 165622 [james graypr] I could list a whole lot of things I find very wrong with gmane...  ;)
    + 165628 [lyndon.samso] I allways found this http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=ruby-talk&r=1&w=2
    | 165652 [james graypr] I didn't see the Rails mailing list there.  Please correct me if I'm
    + 165650 [mailing-list] What about google-groups?
      165653 [james graypr] The Rails mailing list is on Google Groups???  Excellent!  Can I have
      + 165661 [pavel.s.soko] This one?
      | + 165663 [james graypr] Nope.  That's the Ruby Talk mailing list, which I already have
      | | 166001 [wrbriggs gma] ...
      | + 165664 [pavel.s.soko] no. nethermind. sorry for noise
      + 165673 [mailing-list] Ah.

^ [ANN] isi.rb Version 0.8
165610 [t-nissie No-] Dear Rubies and TeXnichians,
165636 [ruby.brian g] <plug>

^ win32ole --Test-- Ruby vs. Python
165618 [ghalsey yaho] I am just starting to learn Ruby and I am a beginner at Python. So keep
+ 165668 [dave burt.id] Wow - that's quite a surprising disparity. Also surprising is the fact you
+ 165745 [enleverlesO.] Bonsoir !     Hi!
  165779 [ghalsey yaho] Thanks. It is a faster way to do it.