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^ gems not recognized -- can't fake fox14
165199 [jtprince gma] Some gems, after installation, cannot be found with a "require
165200 [lyle.johnson] Have you set your RUBYOPT environment variable to include the
165364 [jtprince gma] That was it! Thanks a bunch!

^ gem install fcgi
165207 [beeplove gma] [root@www dhaka]# gem install fcgi
+ 165208 [beeplove gma] I have figured that Ineed ruby-devel package installed too..
+ 165209 [ara.t.howard] have you installed the fastcgi library itself - not the ruby extenstion - the
  165211 [beeplove gma] I have installed ,
  165262 [ara.t.howard] and what does dispatch.fcgi say when you run it from the command line as the
  165300 [stonelists g] I think this means the location reference (she-bang) to ruby in the

^ Ubuntu + Ruby == undefined `type_tag' for YAML:Module
165210 [phlip2005 gm] The good news is I got a new Ubuntu. Wu hu!
+ 165234 [rascal1182 g] I'm still using Hoary on my box at home, but test/unit is in another
+ 165285 [decoux moulo] Perhaps best to install 1.8.4
  165366 [phlip2005 gm] The reason has probably floated through here recently. Apologies for
  165413 [decoux moulo] With bison < 2.0, alloca() was used for the parser stack : ruby knew
  165447 [phlipcpp yah] Wow, thanks! That's completely almost Ubuntu-specific, _and_ it won't affect
  165490 [surrender_it] I supposed that was the same that 1.8.4preview1, but it seems

^ printing Avery labels
165212 [jalotta eart] Greetings,
+ 165276 [blargity gma] The best thing to do would be to either port the Perl CPAN library to Ruby or
| 165293 [w_a_x_man ya] I print labels with TeX.
| 165308 [news-1131722] As do I (well, with LaTex). Here a test template for Avery 2160
+ 165302 [james_b neur] Perhaps use Austin Ziegler's PDF Writer to create PDF files, and send
  165320 [gregory.t.br] This is what I do.  Joseph, if you'd like, email me off list and I'll

^ Network computer name problem w/ Tiger and DRb
165218 [jim freeze.o] While running DRb, I noticed that a timeout was occuring with the URI
+ 165220 [drbrain segm] Sounds like your DNS is not completely configured.
| 165223 [jim freeze.o] The PowerBook DNS? BTW,  I am attaching to my company network.
| + 165226 [jim freeze.o] % dig 'jim-freezes-powerbook-g4-15.local'
| | + 165232 [guslist free] No, this dig output shows that there is no answers to your query. So the
| | + 165235 [drbrain segm] ANSWER would be 1 if it found a matching record.
| + 165233 [drbrain segm] A failure with your IP address is more informative.  I wouldn't
| | 165239 [jim freeze.o] What is RDNS. Is there a command line version of this so I can
| | + 165246 [ysantoso-rub] reverse dns.
| | + 165248 [drbrain segm] Reverse DNS.  You do a RDNS lookup when you look up by IP instead of
| |   165257 [jim freeze.o] Thanks for all the good info, but I am still confused as to how
| |   + 165260 [caldridge gm] Netbios?  Can you ping the hostname?
| |   | 165304 [jim freeze.o] # From Sun box
| |   + 165365 [drbrain segm] I don't have a clear-enough picture of your environment to answer
| |     165367 [caldridge gm] Tell me the IP & submet mask of both machines..
| + 165237 [guslist free] Not on your laptop. But your DHCP server and you DNS server should
+ 165222 [khaines enig] This sounds like a simple DNS lookup issue with computer_name.
+ 165253 [caldridge gm] I also found some weird stuff with DRb & uri..

^ A question about class variable
165241 [sam.s.kong g] I have a question about class variable.
+ 165242 [sean.ohalpin] puts C1.new.f   #=> "C2"
+ 165244 [dblack wobbl] Class variables are per-hierarchy, as you've seen, but if you create

^ Application variable with Ruby on Rails
165245 [tlianza gmai] I've seen a few newsgroups that ask this question, but have yet to find
165249 [drbrain segm] Eric Hodel - drbrain@segment7.net - http://segment7.net
165258 [daniels pron] There may be a better way to do it in rails, but in the general case, if

^ Nightmare with gsub & friends
165255 [listen marcr] Dear List,

^ Accurate Timing in ruby
165263 [erichof425 y] Believe it or not, I'm attempting to make an action-driven game with ruby.  Is there a way to get the time in milliseconds since the program started, or something similar?  I've tried using Time.now.to_f, but all too often that value will be the same in two consecutive update calls, causing jumps in motion and "infinite" fps readings.
+ 165264 [joevandyk gm] Would Time.now.usec help?  Returns the time in microseconds.
| 165265 [daniels pron] You shouldn't time your game in terms of seconds - time it in terms of
| + 165267 [ruby-ml magi] Each cycle also known as a 'tick', if the OP wants to google around.
| + 165389 [vjoel path.b] Here's a pretty mundane implememtation of that idea, which has been
+ 165280 [kero chello.] irb(main):003:0> Time.now - Time.now
  165283 [mail exotico] irb(main):006:0> a=Time.now;while Time.now==a;end;Time.now-a
  165292 [kero chello.] That's bad.
  + 165294 [mail exotico] Windows XP.
  | + 165307 [robert.mcgov] irb(main):001:0> a=Time.now;while Time.now==a;end;Time.now-a
  | | 165312 [hhausman gma] Silly Windows.
  | | 165319 [simon.kroege] does that help?
  | | 165337 [hhausman gma] That looks legit,
  | | 165346 [SimonKroeger] from me :)
  | + 165311 [markus stber] True. There has been an MSDN magazine article about this (beware, I
  + 165295 [jason.sweat ] $ irb

^ Ruby / Rails discrepancies
165266 [burak lysurg] Hey,
+ 165269 [ezra yakima-] Burak-
+ 165310 [jeem.hughes ] Are the requires really within your class, as your message shows?  Try
  165334 [burak lysurg] My code now looks like this, yet still the same error. If I try taking
  165354 [ezra yakimah] Like I said before, you need to make this class a model class not a
  165619 [burak lysurg] this makes perfect sense to me, but apparently not the rails platform.
  165759 [kennethkunz ] In the above example, yahoo is an instance method, but you're trying to

^ Re: [Ruby] Rubyholic
165268 [joevandyk gm] What's rubyholic?
165281 [kero chello.] Someone addicted to Ruby
+ 165284 [mrkode gmail] or someone who consumes large quantities of rubyhol.
| 165331 [drbrain segm] Absolutely not, but it might be part of the logo.
+ 165330 [drbrain segm] Something like that.

^ Interger( a_symbol ) raises no exception
165270 [Stephan.Kaem] yesterday at work I tried to program this: Read a simple (YAML) file
+ 165272 [martindemell] Not to mention
+ 165279 [drbrain segm] Symbols were originally just numbers, so they have #to_int defined
  165297 [matz ruby-la] Until 1.8.  1.9 symbols does not have to_int any longer.

^ sqlite3-ruby: Unable to find libsqlite3.so at runtime
165273 [lasso lassow] I'm having some problems getting sqlite3-ruby to work correctly. It
+ 165282 [david vallne] Hmm. Being a complete newbie at things Unix, I've no idea how the dynamic linker
+ 165286 [nobuyoshi.na] The option --enable-rpath for configure may work.
+ 165296 [ara.t.howard] all you need to do is
  165344 [lasso lassow] *whoa* black ld magic...but it works :)

^ Putting -r ubygems in the path permanently?
165274 [ruby_talk sh] According to the Ruby on Rails download page, Gems is "the soon-to-be
+ 165275 [billk cts.co] Set RUBYOPT=rubygems in your environment, I believe...
+ 165298 [ara.t.howard] install ruby into
+ 165301 [citizen428 g] export RUBYOPT=3D"rubygems"
  165306 [ara.t.howard] this will bite you if you aren't careful.  your bashrc is not sourced under
  165429 [citizen428 g] I'm aware of that, but you're right, I should probably have mentioned

^ Modifing TestRunner Help
165291 [me paulwistr] on something I'm trying to put together.
165582 [leavengood g] ruby testFoo.rb -n test_False

^ List problem
165303 [john-dolphin] i received the attached earlier today.  I am positive the security

^ net/http broken?
165309 [tsuraan gmai] The documentation for net/http on ruby-doc.org gives the following
+ 165314 [bob.news gmx] ...
+ 165315 [bob.news gmx] -e:1: warning: parenthesize argument(s) for future version
| + 165322 [tsuraan gmai] Hm, I get just "1.8.2" when I run that.  Same thing on my apple and my
| + 165324 [james_b neur] Ah.  That explains my problem using the Windows installer version.
+ 165317 [james_b neur] Seems the docs are wrong.  I had the same problem not too long ago.
  + 165323 [tsuraan gmai] I'll give that a shot. Thanks!
  + 165332 [meta pobox.c] The docs on ruby-doc.org are taken from the CVS head. The documentation
    + 165387 [christian.le] Oh my god this is hilarious! I just had to deal with this exact problem!
    + 165388 [dooby d10.ka] daz

^ [ANN] Ruport 0.2.2 Released: Cleanup, Modules, and MORE!
165313 [gregory.t.br] Quick Update
165316 [gregory.t.br] ...

^ Proxy Authentication in open-uri
165325 [wesselej gma] This is the first time I've posted, so bear with me if I defy any

^ Fully well-behaved authentication model / post-backs
165326 [epfrederick ] I am new to rails/ruby.
165333 [drbrain segm] For Rails questions you should ask the Rails list.  They've got
165335 [steve waits.] Thanks for your message about Ruby on Rails.  I think you'll find
165338 [epfrederick ] My apologies--thanks.

^ 1.8.4 question: block parameters
165339 [itsme213 hot] Any idea if 1.8.4 will incorporate any of the improvements to block
165340 [ mfp acm.org] The latter was merged into 1.9 in May 2004: it'd be very strange if it were
165390 [itsme213 hot] Ah, I had forgotten about the "even-odd" convention. Thanks.

^ KirbyBase 2.3: Error: Table already has index record for recno: 1
165343 [basi_lio hot] During insert inside a loop, after the first insert was successful, the
+ 165347 [cribbsj oakw] Yes.  An index is automatically created for recno and it should all be
+ 165349 [cribbsj oakw] I just tried a quick test where I looped 100 times and inserted a record
  165355 [basi_lio hot] Thanks for the quick assistance. Knowing that it is not KirbyBase that

^ [question]How do I access the http request from within a XMLRPC::WEBrickServlet?
165345 [jro codegrin] I've been working with xmlrpc4r and webrick recently, and things have gone
165475 [adam thereal] Here's how I get at the request and response objects in xmlrpc4r.
165715 [jro codegrin] Thanks for the tip, it has put me one step closer to my goal.  I can gather

^ Sprintf bug
165350 [justin.w.smi] ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32]
+ 165352 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):008:0> orig = 123456789012345678
| + 165357 [justin.w.smi] You're right, it change the value by 2...
| + 165361 [justin.w.smi] Is there a standard way to get a more precise floating point number?
|   + 165371 [nobu.nokada ] BigDecimal might help you.
|   + 165372 [M.B.Smillie ] Short answer. BigDecimal: http://www.ruby-doc.org/stdlib/libdoc/
|     165382 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'd recommended the following document if you really want to know
+ 165353 [Daniel.Berge] /* Solaris 10 */
+ 165356 [rascal1182 g] Two more helpless kittens, struck down before their prime.
  165358 [mental rydia] Four, by my count.

^ Re: Ruport 0.2.2 Released: Cleanup, Modules, and MORE!
165351 [gjblomquist ] There are couple of minor errors in your "Ruport, MySQL and Windows"
165359 [gregory.t.br] Thanks.  I'll fix these errors just as soon as I round out the next
165362 [gregory.t.br] Should be all patched up now.  Thanks.

^ Net::HTTP and POST Data
165363 [edibiase gma] Has anyone run into trouble using 1.8.3 (Cygwin, on Windows,

^ Mailing List -> blade URL?
165369 [ruby_talk sh] Is there anything in e-mail to the list that can be used to suss the
165370 [marcel verni] Every email has an X-Mail-Count header. The archives allow you to go directly
165374 [ruby_talk sh] Thing I Love About The Ruby Community #3,247:  Whenever I think, "it

^ DocBook to PDF
165376 [hal9000 hype] I'm wanting to do some docbook to pdf conversion.
+ 165377 [james_b neur] Please, nobody shoot me, but I have to believe this can easily be done
| 165421 [lyle.johnson] It is fairly straightforward to convert DocBook/XML to PDF using a
| 165454 [hal9000 hype] Wow, Lyle. You continue to amaze me. :)
| + 165457 [lyle.johnson] I don't remember exactly how I put all the pieces together back when I
| + 165491 [surrender_it] even ignoring everything about xsl-fo and such stuff, I used
+ 165378 [steven.jenki] I have Ruby code that converts a usable subset of DocBook to LaTeX. It's
+ 165400 [keith oreill] Does this need to be a pure Ruby solution? If not, I'd suggest using (or
| 165453 [hal9000 hype] That sounds tedious and error-prone to me -- I don't normally use any
| + 165458 [twifkak comc] XSL-FO is a W3C standard, a product of the XSL working group (the same
| | 165462 [twifkak comc] DocBook --(XSLT)--> XSL-FO --(FOP)--> PDF
| | + 165463 [rdm cfcl.com] It would be WONDERFUL if someone would create a ReadMe that gives
| | + 165471 [lyle.johnson] Well, point them to the instructions in this thread and they're most
| + 165459 [dblack wobbl] There's a bit of setup involved, but I've got scripts for saxon (XSLT
| + 165508 [vanweerd gma] It's a bit tedious to install, but the toolchain is mostly automatic.
|   + 165531 [james_b neur] It's been a while, but that's my recollection of using it.
|   + 165534 [hal9000 hype] Well, I have to know something at some point if I am going to change
|   + 165541 [chneukirchen] This may well be because the only use of a printed XSL-FO spec is to
+ 165432 [hutch recurs] My first thought is Holy Crap! Really, I've got a kid about that age :-)
| + 165439 [chneukirchen] Have you tried passiveTeX?  http://www.tei-c.org.uk/Software/passivetex/
| + 165444 [steven.jenki] I eventually went with LaTeX because I'm not just trying to make marks
| + 165456 [hal9000 hype] Huh? Smiley or not, I don't get this remark. And I so hate to be
|   + 165658 [hutch recurs] Then you might want to do something like: <http://www.sagehill.net/
|   + 167296 [hutch recurs] FOP 0.9 alpha 1 was released today <http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/
+ 165550 [mailing-list] [ˇÄ]

^ [QUIZ] Index and Query (#54)
165379 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until

^ Function Variable and Return Value References
165383 [erichof425 y] In C++, one thing that is certain is that all variables passed into functions and all return values are actually copies.  Therefore, the functions can't manipulate their arguments directly.  As everyone knows, the easiest way to get this effect is to pass in by reference.  This way a copy is not made; the actual variable is passed in, allowing direct modification.  A similar idea can be used with return values or even without a function at all.
+ 165385 [nobu.nokada ] You need to distinguish variables and objects.
+ 165386 [dooby d10.ka] FAQ [4.5: How are arguments passed?]
+ 165405 [hal9000 hype] You're on the right track, you just have a few misunderstandings.
+ 165431 [eric.mahurin] Actually, I think of ruby variables as pointers (like a void * in

^ Re: Building postgresql on Windows
165394 [djberg96 gma] 1) copy c:/program files/postgresql/8.1/lib/ms/libpq.lib to c:/program
165404 [phasis68 hot] 1) modify extconf.rb

^ I rea......lly need your help ( C++ )
165395 [ashmangat ya] Hey I am new, but I don't have time to intruduce myself yet.
+ 165396 [jeff.darklig] Uhm,
+ 165397 [ruby-ml magi] This is a Ruby newsgroup/mailing list. Please see comp.lang.c++
| 165399 [kyosuke sezn] I'd rephrase it this way: §±lease see comp.lang.c++ for denial of doing
| 165401 [jeff.darklig] QWxzbywgc2VlIHlvdXIgc2Nob29sIGFkbWlzc2lvbnMgb2ZmaWNlLiBZb3UgbmVlZCB0byByZXF1
+ 165410 [nobu.nokada ] students = []
  + 165423 [sjc2000_uk y] Nice. That'll teach 'em to use C++ :)
  + 165427 [chneukirchen] This was exactly the kind of response I wanted to write, but you were
  + 165433 [ara.t.howard] excellent!  i can't wait to see the c++ version ;-)

^ CFP: SAS'06
165407 [dk ropas.snu] [apologies if you receive this CFP multiple times]

^ Re: Rubyholic
165409 [narf968 gmai] Absolut Ruby?
165627 [drbrain segm] Sory, nope.

^ audio programs
165411 [michael.schw] What is Ruby's preparedness to do audio and midi processing? Are there existing
+ 165467 [dooby d10.ka] Don't miss RUDL (SDL) (listed last)
+ 165478 [hans fugal.n] Coincidentally, I just began working on an audio library. See a parallel

^ Typechecking in C extensions
165412 [erichof425 y] I'm doing some experimenting with writing C extensions, and so far it is fairly simple and intuitive.  However, there is one thing that I cannot figure out.  In ruby.h there are the native types define as T_STRING, T_FIXNUM, etc., allowing you to take an argument and see if it is a string or fixnum and act accordingly.  How would I go about testing if the argument is a user-defined type?  Is this even possible?  Thanks in advance.
165437 [cyclists nc.] CLASS_OF(obj) == my_class
165438 [nohmad gmail] #define CLASS_OF(v) rb_class_of((VALUE)(v))

^ Magazine name
165414 [mrbigleswort] How about Ruby Facets?  It seems so simple that it must
165422 [transfire gm] Is that a joke?

^ net/smtp question
165416 [torstello gm] i have a problem setting the From: Subject: und To: fields with net::SMTP
165419 [botp delmont] Torsten Schmidt [mailto:torstello@gmail.com]
165425 [torstello gm] Thanks a lot Botp,

^ Problems building plruby on Windows
165420 [djberg96 gma] Windows XP Pro

^ Execute block in context of yielding method's module
165424 [transfire gm] Mental block. Is there a reasonable way to do this?
+ 165426 [dblack wobbl] M.instance_eval { wrap(10) { dothis } }
+ 165430 [sean.ohalpin] Use
  165487 [transfire gm] Ah, right. Thanks.
  165492 [christian.le] Hey guys,
  + 165501 [ara.t.howard] module Connection
  | 165505 [christian.le] Interesting... Thanks!
  + 165552 [dblack wobbl] Somewhat rarely :-)  I actually prefer to know what 'self' is when I
    165568 [christian.le] Thanks for the reply guys!
    165570 [dblack wobbl] Actually I just showed the construct without assignment.  In full