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^ Permathreads
164839 [james_b neur] Recent discussions Ruby's so-called 'key limitations', as well as

^ gsub and gsub! are inconsistent
164842 [aurelianocal] I've been trying to optimize the code
+ 164846 [ruby-ml magi] There have been many discussions about method chaining. Some think it
+ 164862 [drbrain segm] So you've profiled your code and determined that gsub is your slow
+ 164882 [bob.news gmx] To be able to determine whether something was changed
+ 164912 [aurelianocal] Thank's all for your responses,
+ 164913 [aurelianocal] Thank's all for your responses,
  164914 [drbrain segm] You realize you may break the Ruby standard library by doing that?
  164946 [aurelianocal] Ups!
  164954 [dblack wobbl] And also *incredibly* fragile.  It's really not an option.
  164957 [bob.news gmx] 6. Don't complain and accept it the way it is.

^ ASCII code thing...what gives?
164843 [toddkennethb] irb(main):001:0> ?T
+ 164847 [pertl gmx.or] I think the correct way is not
+ 164848 [billk cts.co] 8 is too big for octal... :)  So I think the \8 is just
+ 164849 [hutch recurs] That 124 octal equals 84 decimal may be a clue. I don't have my Ruby
+ 164850 [jeffrey.dik ] 84 is 124 in octal.
+ 164857 [dale.martens] The '?' operator returns the ascii code of the character
  164858 [toddkennethb] Yes, thanks to everyone for the quick response.  I don't even know
  164926 [dooby d10.ka] Programming Ruby (original)

^ win32ole --Dynamic lookup vs Static?
164845 [ghalsey yaho] I am using 'win32ole' to script excel.
164853 [jeff.darklig] You can simply use the WIN32OLE object ...
164906 [ghalsey yaho] Your answer was read the document and don't attempt to optimize???
164923 [dave burt.id] % olegen.rb "Microsoft Excel 11.0 Object Library" > excel.rb
165040 [ghalsey yaho] many thanks...however, something is still wrong.  I am using the 1
165051 [jeffrey.dik ] Grab http://raa.ruby-lang.org/gonzui/source/win32ole/lib/oleproperty.rb
165058 [ghalsey yaho] It worked!!!!!
165616 [ghalsey yaho] It slowed things down. I guess "require 'excel.rb'" slows things down

^ [ANN] SMC - State Machine Compiler v. 4.3.0
164852 [rapp acm.org] SMC - The State Machine Compiler v. 4.3.0

^ Numeric <=>
164861 [chris.hulan ] Just looking at the docs on ruby-doc.org and noticed that Numeric
164864 [drbrain segm] Numeric is an abstract class.  Fixnum, Bignum, Float, BigDecimal, etc
164973 [chris.hulan ] Thanks Eric.  I just wonder why Numeric doesn't implement it properly?
164981 [christophe.g] Probably because it can't. I'm not completely up-to-date with the Numeric
164999 [bob.news gmx] Although I agree with your analysis that Numeric can't properly implement
+ 165028 [drbrain segm] If you forget to define #<=> in your Numeric subclass you have a
+ 165032 [dooby d10.ka] #-------------
  165135 [bob.news gmx] => [#<Roo:0x101957e8>, #<Roo:0x101957b8>, #<Roo:0x10195788>]
  165151 [dooby d10.ka] Those instances are all different.  The change only helps
  165152 [bob.news gmx] But for detecting equality there's already == and eql?.  And these methods

^ Is RubyForge on the fritz?
164863 [gregory.t.br] I'm getting a timeout error trying to install gems and grabbing files
+ 164866 [Daniel.Berge] It's the dreaded P1K bug!  Run for your lives!
+ 164867 [jeem.hughes ] This happens to me every time I try to use RubyForge from my home
  164871 [gregory.t.br] I tested from 2 locations, my Dreamhost shell and office.  No dice.
  164873 [gregory.t.br] And as soon as I say that, it's back up again.  The internet is a
  164874 [Daniel.Berge] Nah, Tom probably kicked the power cable out. ;)
  164877 [tom infoethe] Gah, sorry about that... once again I fouled up the mirroring scripts,

^ Rails app organization question
164869 [jakejanovetz] New to Ruby.  New to Rails.  New to web app development, quite honestly.
164884 [vanek acd.ne] comp.lang.ruby.rails

^ Rails app organization question
164870 [jakejanovetz] New to Ruby.  New to Rails.  New to web app development, quite honestly.
164876 [drbrain segm] The Ruby on Rails mailing list will most cheerfully (well, they'd

^ Question about symbols
164881 [jacekolszak ] I've just read the Pragmatic Programming Ruby book. But I don't understand
+ 164885 [daniels pron] Symbols are immutable memory-saving strings.
+ 164886 [bob.news gmx] Because they are immutable, fast and less memory consuming.  They are
| 164890 [mental rydia] Well, they consume memory differently -- not necessarily less.
| + 164929 [bob.news gmx] 1. If you have a string constant in your code like "foo" or 'bar' then the
| | + 164931 [jacekolszak ] Thanks everyone for replies. I've got it :D Now I know why should I use
| | + 164935 [M.B.Smillie ] I wonder if I could trouble the list a bit further on this one: I've
| |   + 164939 [dooby d10.ka] This doesn't feel like a "use symbols" application.
| |   + 164941 [bob.news gmx] I would not use Symbols for that and I'd also not change the application
| |   | 164947 [bob.news gmx] Sounds interesting.
| |   | 165153 [bob.news gmx] charset="iso-8859-1"
| |   + 164948 [khaines enig] Lots.
| |   + 165150 [usenet andre] Why don't you use a proper compression method like gzip?
| |     165154 [ruby.brian g] IIUC, he does not want to compress the articles, but to do linguistic
| + 165011 [rm_rails che] Is the non-garbage-collection of symbols just a matter of the
+ 164953 [dblack wobbl] See the other answers for details and interesting stuff....  I just
  + 164969 [dooby d10.ka] I'm saying that a typical advantage to using :symbols is in code
  + 165024 [chneukirchen] Just note that you can't intern strings with null-byte.
  + 165052 [halostatue g] Shouldn't this be "So is this".to_sym ? ;)

^ [ANN] Instant Rails 1.0 preview5 Released
164887 [curt.hibbs g] Instant Rails is a one-stop Rails runtime solution containing Ruby, Rails,

^ file extension for eruby imports
164889 [maggelet gma] I'm wondering what the file extension should be for eruby imports (like

^ OpenSSL
164895 [rcs bgoark.n] Where can I find a good implementation of OpenSSL for Ruby (on Windows)?

^ Testing array.push(array)
164915 [djberg96 gma] def test_array_infinity
164916 [drbrain segm] irb(main):001:0> expected = [1, 2, 3]
164917 [djberg96 gma] Ah, that will work fine, thanks.

^ Looking Ruby script to compare two files
164918 [yongsheng.ya] I want to compare two PDF or WORD files. Any Help?
164920 [blargity gma] Where are you at?  Do you have a way to read in the files?  Are you having
165087 [yongsheng.ya] yes, I just started. Any suggesions?

^ new_haven.rb Unit Testing Slideshow now online
164919 [gregory.t.br] I will not flood ruby-talk with messages about our materials, but in
164964 [jeffrey.dik ] I just took a look at your unit testing presentation pdf.  It looks very
164968 [gregory.t.br] Thank you.  Hopefully new_haven.rb will enjoy them tonight, too ;)

^ How can I get data store in text_field (or any input) with ruby-rails
164922 [sayoyo yahoo] I use text_filed_tag to create a text field on my form, but I don't
+ 164924 [halostatue g] ...by joining and asking your question at
+ 164925 [drbrain segm] Has your answer!

^ $$$$$make tons of cash EASY$$$$$
164927 [alanmikaluk ] What is $5 and 15 minutes when it can make you earn $100,000 ?

^ Ruby Weekly News 31st October - 6th November 2005
164934 [timsuth ihug] Ruby Weekly News 31st October - 6th November 2005

^ [ANN] rbibtex -- A bibtex parsing library for ruby
164938 [ruby.brian g] I'm happy to announce my third mini-project within a few weeks. I

^ Distributed (desktop) computing middleware?
164942 [ilmari.heikk] Is there any easy-to-use middleware out there for creating programs that

^ Fwd: Question about symbols
164943 [M.B.Smillie ] Thanks for the replies, and if there are no objections to indulging

^ Equvialent of RoboCode and/or Terrarium for Ruby?
164944 [kheon comcas] Just wondering if there is an equivalent to RoboCode (http://robocode.sourceforge.net/) or Terrarium (http://www.windowsforms.net/Applications/application.aspx?PageID=30&tabindex=8) currently available for Ruby.
+ 164945 [dave burt.id] No, there isn't. Tim Bates started work on Rubots, and I have early-stages
| 164949 [kheon comcas] I'd love to be involved but I'm learning Ruby myself right now so I don't know how much I'd be able to contribute. I'm more then willing to assist in anyway I can though.
| 164950 [jim.menard g] Sounds like a good Ruby Quiz to me.
| + 164951 [reyn.vlietst] Does robocode allow the user to compete against a bot ?
| | 164956 [kheon comcas] Yes, that is the premise. You build bots and put them into an arena where they compete against each other.
| | 165046 [jeff.darklig] Heh, I've thought about building stuff like that many times ... the problem
| | 165083 [kheon comcas] Although I'm just starting to learn Ruby and really don't know much about AI
| | 165099 [ezra yakima-] Count me in.
| | 165100 [jqshenker gm] Neato. I'm definitely interested.
| | 165101 [lyndon.samso] Somebody should register something on rubyforge...
| | + 165104 [adam.shelly ] I'm interested too.
| | | 165108 [daniels pron] Somebody should write some code first =).
| | | + 165109 [lyndon.samso] Running everything over TCP would mean language independence, which
| | | + 165173 [belorion gma] Matt
| | + 165118 [dave burt.id] Tim Bates registered rubots a few years ago.
| |   165134 [andrey_ryabo] with Jess. And I think I'll need in tool like that on Ruby.
| + 165440 [james graypr] I feel that recreating RoboCode, is a bit much for a Ruby Quiz.  (If
+ 165168 [netghost gma] That could be really cool :)
| 165442 [james graypr] I think the easiest way is to select a client/server architecture.
+ 165197 [fugalh gmail] I've not used RoboCode (by the time I heard of it I was already happily
| 165391 [netghost gma] Alternatively if you just wanted to make something for ruby, you could
| 165408 [reyn.vlietst] Would be nice to have a server to which different renderers could connect,
+ 165198 [fugalh gmail] I've not used RoboCode (by the time I heard of it I was already happily
| 165227 [daniels pron] That's definitely the way I would go if I was trying to port robocode or
+ 167599 [slowbyte gma] Hey, this looks like an interesting idea!

^ OT: Alternative code
164958 [greg.kujawa ] Apologies for a slightly OT question. Due to some portability issues
165010 [ngzax comcas] "VisualWorks offers a complete solution for Windows(95/98/ME/NT/2000),
165017 [greg.kujawa ] Actually I have vw7.3nc. Since I am developing this application for
165023 [ngzax comcas] They're all there in the /bin directory.  The excellent cross-platform

^ How to install something on MacOS X?
164960 [pete.boardma] So far I've been learning Ruby (1.8.2 as pre-installed on Mac/Tiger)
+ 165053 [ruby.journal] Have you tried to get Ruby stuff from DarwinPorts?
| 165059 [pete.boardma] No. I've just been using everything as supplied by Apple, then
+ 165061 [M.B.Smillie ] 1. install the developer tools (the cause of your immediate error, I
+ 165063 [cyclists nc.] Typically, Ruby extensions that are compiled (as opposed to pure-Ruby
  + 165064 [pete.boardma] Thanks! That defines both the problem and the solution neatly. I'll
  + 165065 [drbrain segm] Wrong.
    165066 [discordantus] Yes, also: they get installed with the dev tools, as someone suggested earlier.
    165082 [M.B.Smillie ] Unfortunately, this isn't a complete solution to Tiger's Ruby
    + 165110 [binary42 gma] They somehow messed up the endianess of the pack and unpack
    + 165328 [rubymage gma] The Ruby-WordNet problem is a bug in the conversion script. I've
      166352 [Rawn027 gmai] If I installed Ruby 1.8.3 from source, will I have any problems or do I
      168182 [rubymage gma] Ruby-Wordnet doesn't use any C components so it doesn't care where your

^ Re: Alternative code
164961 [bob.news gmx] Did you consider Java?  It's cross platform and has all three mentioned
164962 [greg.kujawa ] I wasn't aware that I could deploy Java apps on a Windows Mobile PDA. I
164963 [bob.news gmx] To prevent misunderstandings: I don't know whether there is a JRE for your
164974 [greg.kujawa ] Checking this thread -->
165003 [martindemell] Smalltalk is probably more fun to learn than Java anyway.
+ 165019 [greg.kujawa ] True that. It's kind of a throwback vibe. Like back in the day with
+ 165044 [christophe.g] long-windedness (Smalltalk, given the typical length of method names,

^ swig and ruby 1.6.8
164965 [simon.kroege] Dear list,
164972 [simon.kroege] define IMPORT and NT, compile again, everything is fine.

164971 [puellula gma] Can you help me? I have to write a Ruby Editor + Parser with Java
+ 164975 [eric.mahurin] Why are you posting this to ruby-talk? Wouldn't antlr-interest be better?
| + 164992 [mental rydia] I don't know, it seems quite on-topic to me, especially after the
| + 164994 [puellula gma] Eric,
|   + 165002 [mental rydia] It's worth noting that there is no authoritative grammar for Ruby
|   | 165005 [puellula gma] Mental I know,
|   + 165014 [eric.mahurin] The first thing you need to do is pick the subset of ruby you want to parse=
|     165127 [puellula gma] Eric,
|     165136 [puellula gma] Please,
+ 164980 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| 164995 [puellula gma] Hugh,
| 165001 [hgs dmu.ac.u] about right.
+ 164986 [rob.02004 gm] I'm curious why do you *have* to write a Ruby Editor + Parser with Java?
  165000 [puellula gma] Rob,
  165029 [mailing-list] This is what I suspected.  Shouldn°«t you be solving this by yourself?
  + 165060 [ptkwt aracne] Well, this is a pretty tough exam question, so while in general I would
  | + 165124 [skaes gmx.ne] Turning to the internet to get your exam problems solved by others is
  | + 165201 [mailing-list] Writing a grammar for a small subset of an existing language isn°«t what
  |   165415 [Ian.Hobson n] <mailing-lists.ruby-talk@rawuncut.elitemail.org> writes
  |   165418 [puellula gma] Ian,
  |   165428 [mrkode gmail] first language, so I suppose I could have misunderstood that, but...
  + 165131 [puellula gma] Nikolai,
  + 165132 [puellula gma] Nikolai,
  + 165133 [puellula gma] Nikolai,
    165206 [mailing-list] Yeah, I know that; well before you posted three messages saying so.  And
    165289 [puellula gma] First of all, if I posted three same messages, that would be because of
    + 165466 [toddkennethb] Wow!  What happened there?
    | 165470 [billk cts.co] I dunno, but it reminded me of a recent post on the XP mailing list -
    + 165549 [mailing-list] No.  I obviously don't understand.  And here we are with two new

^ webrick and CGI module
164976 [sajakarta mi] I'm new to Ruby, so apologies in advance if this is a silly question.

^ Ruby Security?
164977 [kevin kbedel] Hey all -
164984 [pertl gmx.or] The basic stuff is explained here.
165071 [aurelianocal] Ruby has a different way to handle security than Ruby. Instead of the

^ [ANN] RWB 0.2.0 (now with extra RubyForge goodness)
164987 [pat.eyler gm] RWB 0.1.1 was released last night, but before I put together an
+ 167196 [jeff.darklig] have you released this as a gem yet?
| 167205 [pat.eyler gm] I haven't ... I've been caught up in work related goo.  I'm part way
+ 167279 [robbie.wilhe] you guys ever think of explaining wtf you talking about? rwb?? what is it?
| 167281 [pat.eyler gm] rwb is the Ruby Web Bench, a Ruby library designed to let you run
| 167359 [robbie.wilhe] web performance tests... this is very nice.
+ 167300 [wilsonb gmai] I took a brief look at the code a week or so ago, and I like it.
  167324 [pat.eyler gm] Concurrency may be too strong a word, but I'm not sure what else

^ Nested hash constructor confusion
164996 [BArmstrong d] Can anyone explain the following?  Our "intuitive" solution (h1) to
+ 165004 [martindemell] Hash.new, when passed a block, stores the block as a sort of
| 165018 [dblack wobbl] h = Hash.new {|h,k| raise "No such key: #{k}" }
| 165540 [martindemell] Check 1.8.4  - I think this has made it into the core :)
+ 165504 [leavengood g] When you pass an object to the Hash.new constructor, that object is

^ Help, Uploding files with ruby
165006 [mjakowlew gm] I've been trying to create an upload page that will upload files (doc,

^ How to remove POSTData?
165008 [sayoyo yahoo] I write a simple form which have only one text field, I type somthing
+ 165021 [james_b neur] Don't refresh the browser.  That just resends the POST request from the
+ 165107 [gwtmp01 mac.] It sounds like you are running in a rails environment and someone more
  165509 [leavengood g] Not only is it implemented, but I'd say it is the default and

^ Logging vs. Exceptions
165009 [lroland gmai] I am moving a rather big Perl application to Ruby, due to the nasty way
+ 165013 [hgs dmu.ac.u] What is a paniclog if not both an throw and a logging?
+ 165054 [bob.news gmx] It's difficult to discuss this with such an abstract example.  Depending on
| 165163 [lroland gmai] Here is parts of the code, newly rewritten from Perl to Ruby. The code
| 165581 [john.carter ] Evil! Evil! Evil! DON'T _DO_ THAT!
+ 165062 [sillewille g] IMHO, your y method is almost defeating the purpose of exceptions --
+ 165067 [john.carter ] General Rule of Thumb...

^ Question regarding <=> operator and Comparable Mixin
165012 [kasten.m gmx] I have written a class, which includes the Comparable Mixin. I
165072 [matz ruby-la] "nil" denotes underlying assumption (<=> to return an integer value)
+ 165076 [ibroadfo cis] Perhaps "mu" should be aliased to "nil"?
+ 165114 [kasten.m gmx] then why doesn't [line10] return nil? a <=> b is nil [6], so is c <=> d [7].
  165155 [matz ruby-la] Right.  Although it has its own good reason internally, it is
  165178 [kasten.m gmx] I'd prefer returning false. I think it's odd if I test for equality and