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^ Instant Rails -- Are You Using it?
164656 [curt.hibbs g] Its been a little over three weeks since I released the first preview
+ 164657 [curt.hibbs g] I've received a couple inquiries from people who missed the original
+ 164660 [joshknowles ] Curt,
+ 164665 [kyosuke sezn] Im in the "Downlodaded-but-hadn't-tried-yet" category. :-D For me,
| 164667 [james_b neur] Same here.  I'm probably more interested in learning how Instant Rails
| 164672 [kyosuke sezn] As with Linux Live scripts that allow you to creat a live linux media
+ 164888 [snacktime gm] I would love to give it a shot but it's windows only. Something like Instan=
| + 164891 [khaines enig] I think webrick is being unfairly maligned here.  I use webrick all the time
| + 164893 [curt.hibbs g] Version 2 of Instant Rails will be designed to run on Linux, BSD, and
+ 164930 [davem1957 ya] Curt,

^ Investigating Ruby - key limitations ?
164658 [mortench gma] I have been looking at the Ruby programming language recently. I like
+ 164661 [matt technor] I have found Ruby to generally be fast enough.  With the easy addition of
+ 164668 [djspiewak gm] Ruby does have support for native threads in the form of Proc.new
| + 164669 [Daniel.Berge] Wha...?
| + 164675 [halostatue g] Try using gvim on Windows.
| | 164680 [djspiewak gm] Considered it, but I don't like the windows implementation of VIM.  I
| | 164684 [martindemell] What didn't you like about it? I found it pretty similar to the unix
| | + 164694 [halostatue g] And the way that I've got my .vimrc and ~/.vim directories shared
| | | 164696 [nohmad gmail] More funny thing on vim is we can write real ruby code in vim
| | + 164698 [djspiewak gm] Basically, it was because it didn't fit in well with my workflow.  i.e.
| + 164761 [bob.news gmx] Either this is a misunderstanding or I missed something fundamental.  From
+ 164674 [halostatue g] There is currently no VM in Ruby; it's currently all interpreted. This
+ 164686 [khaines enig] Speed is only relevant when you need it.  I've been writing Ruby code for my
| 164701 [daniel.wislo] Actually what I've found is that most Japanese don't use Unicode at
| + 164703 [matz ruby-la] Since Windows XP (and Max OS X) uses Unicode, the situation has been
| + 164707 [cjs cynic.ne] Actually, the more technical Japanese folks seem to actively hate
|   + 164708 [daniel.wislo] Osaka here.
|   + 164713 [halostatue g] I've done a bit of work with Unicode and there are two primary
|     164724 [nohmad gmail] Good summarization. But I'd like to add some comments.
+ 164706 [kevin.jackso] Ah the old chestnut - no IDE, it can't be used in the 'enterprise'.
| + 164709 [cjs cynic.ne] Actually, I'd find some better interactive support for exploring methods
| | 164714 [twifkak comc] (Exuberant)? ctags might help with that. It's a fairly general 'search
| | + 164988 [martindemell] That's my top 3 too - I do it by using konqueror in tree mode and
| | | 164993 [pertl gmx.or] can anybody suggest a close approximation to TextMate on Windoze?
| | | 164998 [sean.ohalpin] EditPlus
| | | 165105 [jussij zeuse] Zeus - http://www.zeusedit.com
| | + 165106 [jussij zeuse] The Zeus for Windows IDE uses the ctags output to drive
| + 164770 [greg.kujawa ] I am downloading the Windows trial version as I'm typing this. From
+ 164712 [srinivas.j s] I would like to comment only on this point.
+ 164794 [mortench gma] Thanks for all the replies. Since I can't possibly reply to all, I will
| + 164810 [halostatue g] This is not true. Java has *always* been statically compiled to
| | 164829 [mortench gma] 1. You confuses what I said about the VM for the job of the compiler.
| | 164835 [halostatue g] Um. (1) Early Java VMs were still bytecode based. Even "interpreted",
| | + 164851 [surrender_it] I don't recall how java handles encodings (apart that it should be using
| | + 165484 [jwkenne attg] Java has /always/ used UTF-16 internally, and currently has the ability
| | | 165486 [halostatue g] That's good to know.
| | + 166390 [markjreed gm] And that's the problem.  A String should be composed of *characters*,
| |   + 166418 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'm no expert on character encodings but as far as I know, the concept
| |   + 166488 [matz ruby-la] As far as I know, physical string representation in Perl/Python/Java
| |     166629 [cjs cynic.ne] For Java, at least, you are wrong. A Java String object is a sequence of
| + 164811 [mental rydia] Not really.  Java's model was always a VM, whether interpreted or
| + 164817 [gwtmp01 mac.] How should one interpret this statement?  Clearly lots of people
| | 164819 [pertl gmx.or] not to mention that ruby is pretty fast anyway.
| + 164823 [chneukirchen] Guess in what Ruby was developed in?
|   164827 [pertl gmx.or] edlin?
|   164841 [alang cronos] Microsoft Visual Edlin.NET
|   164844 [pertl gmx.or] Microsoft Visual EDLIN-Studio.NET Enterprise Architect with SQL-EDServer
|   164872 [greg.kujawa ] Superceded by Microsoft Visual EDLIN-Studio.NET Enterprise Architect
+ 165493 [hans fugal.n] I'll add my voice to the chorus.
  165506 [christian.le] 50%? :)

^ from text file to array in shortest way
164659 [ngoc yahoo.c] books_array = Array.new()
164662 [Ara.T.Howard] a = IO::read 'books_file.txt'
164663 [SimonKroeger] you just misspelled 'readlines', right? :)
164664 [Ara.T.Howard] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,

^ navigation script
164666 [nolith gmail] I'm looking for a libs that allow me to make some scripts able to
+ 164879 [collinsj sea] I would start here: http://ruby-doc.org/stdlib/ with net/http.
+ 164883 [vanek acd.ne] ...
  164896 [drbrain segm] Rails is on the opposite end of what he's looking for.
  164899 [vanek acd.ne] it can be found at http://rubyforge.org/projects/wee/
  165445 [nolith gmail] Tnx a lot to evryone,

^ Bug in URI.parse?
164676 [sixtus gmail] looking for the right place to post a bug, hope this is the right mailing
+ 164678 [drbrain segm] An _ is forbidden by RFC952.
| 164682 [sixtus gmail] An _ is forbidden by RFC952.
+ 164683 [alex deletem] It's an invalid URI - the "_" character is not permitted, only hyphens, numbers and letters. See RFC 1035
  + 164685 [billk cts.co] ...with dashes.  (Seems to bring up the same page.)
  | 164687 [anthony.eliz] It also responds to http://super-chunky-bacon.hotels-london.co.uk/transfer.php
  + 164688 [sixtus gmail] e,
    164689 [drbrain segm] URI follows it perfectly.
    164690 [sixtus gmail] I consider throwing an exception as breaking. As I said, Firefox just
    164702 [halostatue g] Don't overload. If you get an exception, rescue and see if the URI

^ [ANN] Rails 1.0 RC4 (0.14.3): It's the final countdown!
164691 [david.heinem] Comrades, we are so close to the goal that the relieve should be

^ [ANN] Ruby Web Bench 0.0.1 (was Re: [ANN] Ruby Web Bench 0.0.0 (RWB))
164715 [pat.eyler gm] fixed now.   I was taking a shortcut and not thinking about the fact that

^ Generating stdlib documentation
164718 [lists kalama] I just tried 'rdoc ~/ruby/lib -f html -o /tmp/ruby_1.9_stdlib' in an
164723 [gsinclair gm] Check for .document files: there'll almost certainly be one in
164904 [lists kalama] Wahoo, thanks!

^ Ruby Developer Needed
164721 [jobs digital] charset="iso-8859-1"
164739 [eule space.c] The job seems to be in LA, as I gather from whois information.
164740 [jobs digital] Its a telecommuting job actually.
164752 [dave burt.id] But it's an American job, right?
164755 [jobs digital] The job is open to anyone that wants to submit a resume as long as you're
164757 [alang cronos] Alan Garrison
164758 [jobs digital] This was posted over a month ago. I'm looking for additional people.

^ Win32API help: PathFindOnPath()
164722 [djberg96 gma] The second argument is an optional null-terminated array of
164725 [nobuyoshi.na] $ ruby18-mswin32 -rWin32API -e '
164750 [nobu.nokada ] Sorry, the terminator was missing.
164771 [dooby d10.ka] Thanks for posting that tricky snippet, Nobu.
164907 [nobuyoshi.na] (C) just hadn't heard of that API.

^ which open source licence?
164728 [petermichaux] I think I've seen an open source licence that requires any
+ 164732 [daniels pron] There is no legal way in which you could enforce such a license.
+ 164733 [gregory.t.br] I believe there is a license like this but it really goes against what
+ 164734 [christophe.g] I doubt such a license would be considered open source. At least not the way you
+ 164735 [dido.sevilla] An open-source/Free Software license cannot enforce this, as they
| 164743 [ruby-ml magi] This is actually not quite accurate. There is an argument to be made on
| 164751 [christophe.g] In this case, you are the one that is incorrect. Copyright only covers copying
| + 164753 [jlsysinc all] Wrong!
| | 164759 [christophe.g] That's copy.
| | 164788 [jlsysinc all] No shit sherlock.  Brilliant.
| | + 164791 [dblack wobbl] (etc.)
| | | 164803 [ruby-talk wh] I thought the first "No shit sherlock" was forgiveable, but that second
| | + 164795 [gregory.t.br] 1) The original posters question about an open source license that
| |   + 164797 [gregory.t.br] These are the two specific parts of the RPL that force the developer
| |   + 164802 [petermichaux] Thanks for the straight answer.
| |     164804 [gregory.t.br] Happy to help
| + 164832 [ruby-ml magi] No, no, I am sure I am right :)
+ 164762 [uk.ac.ox.phy] There was the APSL version 1.2, but then that wasn't open source it was
+ 164763 [vacindak gma] As others have said, it's not a very open source thing to do.  I would
+ 164764 [rmagick gmai] If you're seriously interested in Open Source licensing issues, I

^ What got built?
164731 [rickhg12hs g] Some computer system administrators have placed "common" libraries and

^ OpenBSD AMD64 NoMemoryError - bug ?
164736 [jeremy hineg] I'm encountering an odd error, but only on the amd64 using OpenBSD. I

^ crash of extension on rb_str_new2
164738 [zhimin.wen g] I am integrating a 3rd party API with ruby extension. The code is
+ 164741 [dooby d10.ka] VALUE my_function()
+ 164742 [ruby-ml magi] p is a pointer to a local array which may be causing
| 164744 [ruby-ml magi] Bah, too little C lately. The function's return type should be
| + 164745 [dooby d10.ka] The new string is a malloc'd copy of the local array.
| + 164746 [zhimin.wen g] Thanks for the quick reply!
+ 164908 [nobuyoshi.na] Is it certainly terminated by '\0'?

^ [ANN] Ruport 0.2.0 Released
164747 [gregory.t.br] I am pleased to announce that I am finally done with Ruport 0.2.0, the
164748 [gregory.t.br] Whoops!

^ change default timezone
164749 [rwvtveer gma] My name is Remco, I am new to this list and still feeling my way
+ 164765 [Ara.T.Howard] t = Time::now
| 164766 [rwvtveer gma] That's too obvious!  ;)  Thanks.
+ 164773 [springer sil] Here is an alternate way, in case you don't want to hardcode it in your

^ [ANN] Ruby/ZOOM 0.2.2
164754 [lrz gnome.or] I am happy to announce the 0.2.2 release of Ruby/ZOOM.

^ Need Assistance Building ruby-1.8.3 on HP-UX 11.00
164768 [kevin.hinner] I ran ./configure successfully as a first step. However, I am getting
+ 164798 [ryand-ruby z] gperf not found. Yup. You need it. Google properly puts it at the top
| 164821 [kevin.hinner] Thanks, that solved my problem. Guess I should have caught that.
+ 164909 [nobuyoshi.na] Do `touch lex.c' before `make'.

^ webservices broken in ruby 182/rails actionwebservice (0.8.1)
164772 [phil.swenson] is it appears that web services are broken in 1.8.2 and the latest

^ [OT] RubyForge milestone
164774 [tom infoethe] Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that RubyForge is up to 1000
+ 164785 [lyle.johnson] Congratulations, Tom. This is a great service that you guys are
+ 164856 [surrender_it] wow great news, as usual thanks to everyone that works to make this
+ 164982 [martindemell] Sweet! Who hit the lucky #1000 spot?
  164985 [tom infoethe] Yours,

^ [ANN] Ruby Web Bench 0.1.0 was Re: [ANN] Ruby Web Bench 0.0.0 (RWB)
164776 [pat.eyler gm] *sigh* I fixed the mean and mis-implemented the standard deviation (that's
164777 [jeff.darklig] Groovy.
+ 164778 [pat.eyler gm] thanks
+ 164793 [ryand-ruby z] Unless you are planning on paying him, I suggest you go for it and
  164854 [jeff.darklig] Heh, that's completely true...

^ Can ActiveRecord handle columns containing spaces?
164779 [a.hrvojic gm] I'm using Rails 0.14.3 (upgraded this morning in case it would solve
+ 164782 [bob.news gmx] Ypu might get away with creating a view with a different name for this
| 164816 [a.hrvojic gm] Ah, of course!  Works like a charm and at least I have this option now.
+ 164837 [jeremy bitsw] Anthony, you may turn off reader method generation if you'd like this

^ Soks
164783 [danieljohnle] Related Website: http://www.soks.org/
164796 [tamc2 cam.ac] Open your start.rb file
164801 [danieljohnle] Thats fantastic, worked perfectly.

^ String#match shim for Ruby 1.6
164784 [Bil.Kleb gma] How do I shim 1.6 for String.match?
164790 [dblack wobbl] I assume there are answers to the obvious questions (Why not
164828 [Bil.Kleb gma] I got the '::' from the IO.read that ts gave me.
164878 [ mfp acm.org] I fear the closest you can get would be
164892 [ mfp acm.org] sorry, I meant

^ Test::Unit
164786 [beeplove gma] Would anybody please mention some link to start play with Test::Unit
+ 164792 [gregory.t.br] Chapter 12 of Programming Ruby, Version 2 is about unit testing.
| 164805 [pat.eyler gm] [good suggestions elided]
| 164806 [gregory.t.br] new_haven.rb
| 164813 [vanek acd.ne] at least your RUG runs on ruby. Get this, our RUG in MI runs on...
| 164815 [james_b neur] Well, try not to feel to bad.  There are a few well-known Ruby sites
| 164836 [gregory.t.br] Before we opened it up to the whole community, the University of New
| + 164855 [jeff.darklig] I'm still trying to get better Ruby support from
| | 164860 [gregory.t.br] Dreamhost works great for me.  Though TextDrive seems to be the ruby
| | 164894 [jeff.darklig] Anybody else have any feedback on good ruby hosts?
| + 164905 [assaph gmail] That's OK, the Sydney RUG[1] runs on beer ;-)
+ 164955 [rasputnik gm] Rasputin :: Jack of All Trades - Master of Nuns

^ Can a action view invoke a methode of a controller then display its results
164789 [sayoyo yahoo] Can an action view (a template) invoke a methode of a controller, then
164799 [stonelists g] @controller.method_call
164807 [sayoyo yahoo] I have tried the @controller.actionTwo, but it doesn't work. I got the
164809 [pertl gmx.or] class FooController < ApplicationController

^ Better way to build string
164818 [m-lists bris] I'm trying to build a query string based on an array of properties. Is
+ 164822 [pertl gmx.or] I always find it useful to post code that is runnable
+ 164825 [pertl gmx.or] def build_query_string(properties, prop_type)
| 164940 [m-lists bris] Thank you everyone. I went with this one as it was the only one who took
+ 164826 [ruby-ml magi] properties.inject('?') {|memo, (key, value)| memo << "#{key}=#{value}&" }
  + 164840 [emschwar pob] FWIW, I've had a mental block about inject for some time, and this
  + 164859 [drbrain segm] "?" + properties.map { |pair| pair.join('=') }.join('&')
    164903 [daniels pron] I'm guessing your code either includes name/value pairs for html/xml tag

^ [OT] Re: which open source licence?
164820 [dooby d10.ka] Had to go.

^ Checking for race conditions with Ruby threads
164824 [wilsonb gmai] I've got an untrustworthy legacy app that seems to have a nasty race
164830 [mental rydia] You cannot test for race conditions, only prove them.
164838 [wilsonb gmai] Thanks. This code exposed the problem successfully. Not sure if it's
164868 [mental rydia] Using Process.fork and IO.pipe might be "cleaner" than this, but
164897 [wilsonb gmai] Unfortunately, this is a SQL Server application being used as a 'work
+ 164898 [sean.ohalpin] Locks can be acquired on rows, pages, keys, ranges of keys, indexes,
| + 164900 [daniels pron] Proving them can be easy, but in general they're hard to disprove.
| + 164902 [sean.ohalpin] Look up ROWLOCK in SQL Books Online. You might also want the READPAST
|   164979 [wilsonb gmai] Sorry to pollute the mailing list with SQL Server talk, folks. I beg
+ 164901 [drbrain segm] You may be able to demonstrate a race condition with a test case, but
+ 164921 [mental rydia] Writing unit tests is not the way to go for race conditions -- depending
  164952 [ruby-talk ba] With enough control over the components under test, it is often possible

^ Ruby with WMI but that is not the problem.
164831 [timgerr gmai] Hey I am new to ruby and I do Windows administration.  I have been
+ 164833 [sean.ohalpin] cpuName = cpuName.chomp
| 164875 [timgerr gmai] Thank you, I learned somthing new.
+ 164834 [Daniel.Berge] Try STDIN.gets