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^ Access control and class methods
164456 [madsk foo.ba] I was just wondering: does access control not apply to class methods?
+ 164457 [sean.ohalpin] They do but you have to be in the right scope.
+ 164458 [transfire gm] It just doesn't work when done in this way becuase public, private and
  164460 [madsk foo.ba] OK. Thanks a lot for the swift reply.
  + 164466 [dooby d10.ka] *Nothing* to do with inheritance.
  | 164474 [madsk foo.ba] I'm sorry. I should have done a simple search in this newsgroup ;-)
  + 164527 [gwtmp01 mac.] One of the early hurdles I had with Ruby was trying to map
    + 164530 [ruby-ml magi] Well, it does bear some relation to inheritance which is why,
    | 164543 [gwtmp01 mac.] This is all part of the confusion.  An object is not a subclass
    + 164544 [zdennis mkte] Once you know what << does, there is no confusion. I suspect the same would be with your proposed
      164552 [gwtmp01 mac.] Isn't that a truism?
      164563 [christophe.g] Personally, I found the "class << object" *extremely* good at describing the
      164595 [gwtmp01 mac.] And can understand this mental model of the syntax.  It is what I've
      164598 [christophe.g] True. That's why you don't use "<" but "<<". Different relationship, different
      164616 [gwtmp01 mac.] I can accept it.  Semantic overloading happens all the time in

^ while-loop not executable in RDE
164459 [boyang.xia g] I have written a small script with a while-loop and tried to execute it
164462 [dooby d10.ka] Put the following line at the top and then you'll see your prompt
164482 [boyang.xia g] Thank you, daz! Do you know the link to the official bug-list?
164483 [dooby d10.ka] It's not an RDE bug, it's a Windows 9x thing.

^ while-loop not executable in RDE
164461 [boyang.xia g] I have written a small script with a while-loop and tried to execute it

^ I can't get RUBYSCRIPT2EXE_LIB to work
164464 [phlipcpp yah] I need to package MiniRubyWiki. When I run it, with a healthy chain of
164554 [alex deletem] You should normally just need to create a runnable .rb that requires the
164591 [phlipcpp yah] Right. It's an application, not a library, so we have the equivalent of this

^ [ANN] rubyforge-0.0.0
164472 [Ara.T.Howard] SYNOPSIS
+ 164496 [ruby-talk wh] YES.
+ 164499 [lyndon.samso] I think the package name is a little confusing.
| 164515 [Ara.T.Howard] hmmm.  i'll consider it.  i'm all about short - maybe it should install as
+ 164505 [lyle.johnson] Whoa. Very nice, I look forward to trying it out.
| 164516 [Ara.T.Howard] it's not that nice - but it does what i need it to do at the moment... the
+ 164928 [ruby.brian g] thank you for the script, that is exactly what I need. But I seem to
| + 164932 [assaph gmail] Just go to the RubyForge project page and go to any of the tabs other
| + 164933 [nshb inimit.] Hey Brian,
|   164937 [ruby.brian g] Thank you all for the replies and thank you Ara for the script. I just
+ 164983 [george.mosch] GREAT :)
+ 165007 [tobias.luetk] I installed the gem for this (0.0.1) but didn't get the rubyforge

^ Need DSL assistance
164484 [sillewille g] I'm sort of pondering a project in which I think a DSL would be a good
164673 [kero chello.] Check slides about DSL from RubyConf and EuRuKo.
164710 [sillewille g] thanks for the pointers :)
165889 [wilsonb gmai] Sorry for the late reply here, but I'm still catching up on Ruby-Talk.

^ Basic help with understanding RoR Inheritance
164488 [tomrossi7 gm] I'm sorry for the newbie question, but I can't seem to find a basic
+ 164493 [james graypr] Close.  Remember it's called "Single Table" Inheritance.  That means
| 164494 [tomrossi7 gm] James,
| 164495 [james graypr] That's exactly the case, with Rails Single Table Inheritance.  It's
+ 164497 [vanek acd.ne] You might try one 'Vehicle' table that holds all common

^ Ajax calls intermitently failing...
164498 [fernand dim.] One of the page in my rails app make 4 ajax calls to gather information
164555 [caldridge gm] I'm thinking  someone will probably direct you to the rails mailing

^ Lazy fun: Make unary minus silence stderr for backticks
164502 [sstephenson ] I was reading about mentalguy's lazy.rb and thought it'd be fun to use
+ 164504 [sstephenson ] Sorry, make that @silence_stderr.
+ 164508 [sean.ohalpin] win32-open3 (see http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/win32-open3/)
| 164510 [sstephenson ] I knew about win32-open3 but not about 2>:nul. Thanks for the tip Sean!
| 164512 [sean.ohalpin] Be careful where you put the colon! It's 2>nul: not 2>:nul. Win/DOS
| 164518 [sstephenson ] My mistake. I'm full of typos tonight. Thanks again.
+ 164513 [ mfp acm.org] batsman@tux-chan:/tmp$ cat test.rb
| 164520 [sstephenson ] Interesting, I didn't know that reopening STDERR would affect
+ 164523 [mental rydia] Hmm, what you've got here doesn't look quite like lazy evaluation,
+ 164525 [florgro gmai] Nice hack, but here's a case that doesn't work and for that I don't have
+ 164607 [vikkous gmai] I hacked up a BlankSlate module for my own purposes. (This version doesn't

^ [ANN] CommandLine-0.7.10
164503 [jim freeze.o] CommandLine-0.7.10
164556 [nshb inimit.] Hey Jim,
164580 [jim freeze.o] Thanks

^ RubyOnRails: Problem representing objects in forms
164506 [rexlorenzo g] I am having a huge problem representing objects in my forms with Rails'
164652 [drbrain segm] For the fastest and best answers, please consult the Ruby on Rails
164910 [rexlorenzo g] Well, I did post on the mailing list and tried subscribing to it, but
+ 164989 [martindemell] I suggest setting digest mode back to off, and creating a gmail account
+ 164990 [halostatue g] The problem is that this list is very active as well and many of the

^ Re: Fun with Permutations (including new change for Facets)
164509 [daniels pron] Eeep. Seems I never actually sent this email... I hate it when I do
+ 164511 [sean.ohalpin] Did you know there is a reverse_each? Might shave off a millisecond or two ;)
| 164519 [daniels pron] For some weird reason I was expecting reverse_each to be slower than
| 164521 [sean.ohalpin] Every little helps! ;)
| 164526 [daniels pron] Too Slow. Firstly, all those calls to Integer#- are a killer, but downto
+ 164551 [transfire gm] Cool. Thanks for your work on this. Its just the kind of thing that

^ Retrieving class name in a class method?
164514 [petermichaux] I'd like to use the name of my class in a class method. I've tried
+ 164517 [sean.ohalpin] Just use self.to_s or name in a class method, e.g.
+ 164559 [ruby.brian g] That is because the class of a class is class.

^ terminology: "class method" = "singleton method"?
164528 [petermichaux] I've seen references to singleton methods and class methods. They seem
+ 164531 [ruby-ml magi] Not entirely the same: a class method is a singleton method but a singleton
+ 164549 [transfire gm] Speaking of terminology and singleton class,  I came across a new word
  + 164562 [christophe.g] Why would one want haddock classes when we have chunky bacon? ;)
  + 164596 [itsme213 hot] +1

^ programming best practices
164529 [sillewille g] I have a couple of standard programming questions.  The first is that
+ 164532 [jwheeler1 gm] I do the same thing. Not taking return values into account could have
+ 164533 [ruby-ml magi] Whenever it makes sense, do it. If you do not have a use case
+ 164535 [dblack wobbl] But the way you've written it, rc is always false.  Did you mean true
| 164539 [sillewille g] Ah, yes, that was a typo.  My example possibly wasn't the greatest...
| 164566 [bob.news gmx] <soapbox>
| + 164574 [lyndon.samso] Well if you were really against Exceptions you could allways use
| | 164581 [bob.news gmx] I'd be curious how an exception equivalent behavior with continuations
| | 164677 [lyndon.samso] Sorry, I meant deeply nested method calls returning one-by-one up the
| + 164597 [gwtmp01 mac.] I tend to think there is a middle ground also.  Bertrand Meyer has
|   164605 [bob.news gmx] Well, yes.  My statement was of course too strong.  I wanted to make clear
+ 164537 [lyndon.samso] Ruby doesnt have procedures, so every method call returns a value. Its
| 164600 [klancaster19] That is true as long as the error condition is truly an exception (disk
+ 164538 [ljz asfast.c] Well, the traditional reason is because by putting the number to the
+ 164547 [zdennis mkte] Not really pertinent to your question, but another way to do your example code is to utilize the
+ 165436 [stuglaser gm] I feel that if a function fails so badly that the "do_stuff" section of

^ [ANN] Ruby Group Meeting in Montreal
164536 [micologist g] This is an announcement for a Ruby meeting in Montreal (Quebec).
164540 [micologist g] Oups! I really meant November 9th! Sorry all.

^ Array#unzip
164542 [mental rydia] Any particular reason we don't have an Array#unzip, or should I RCR

^ Re: Array#unzip (never mind)
164545 [mental rydia] Never mind.  Missed RCR 311 the first time through.  Though it appears

^ [ANN] setuidruby-1.0.0
164550 [Ara.T.Howard] URI

^ Re: CommandLine-0.7.10
164560 [gsinclair gm] * I want to write an application that inherits a different class.  Can
164582 [jim freeze.o] # my bad here
164711 [gsinclair gm] Say I have a company-specific application class (which I don't, but
164729 [jim freeze.o] Your AppOptions is basically playing the role of the

^ rake/rdoc problem
164567 [kevin.jackso] I'm getting this error when I try to execute the rdoc task from rake
+ 164603 [james_b neur] Are you on Windows?
| 164699 [kevin.jackso] unfortunately yes I'm on Windows
| 164720 [james_b neur] Then I believe this is a known issue with Rake.
| 165417 [damphyr free] Which is fixed in latest from Rake's repository (I discovered it because
+ 164767 [langstefan g] It is a limit of the batch script that starts rdoc on Windows.

^ Wikis
164568 [danieljohnle] On the LesserWiki website ( http://lesserwiki.org/ ) it says that I
164576 [james graypr] Doesn't look good.
164584 [danieljohnle] Does anyone know what the "initializer" does and where I can get it?

^ A wiki markup class
164570 [peter semant] Is there a class that can convert ordinary wiki mark-up into html and
+ 164571 [dave burt.id] Redcloth also supports Markdown. Bluecloth is markdown-only.
+ 164572 [lyndon.samso] class LykiInterpreter
| 164587 [phlipcpp yah] class LykiInterpreter
+ 164578 [clr9.10.rand] Whatever 'normal' means...
+ 164583 [ mfp acm.org] Mauricio Fernandez
| 164586 [phlipcpp yah] def test_simpleWikiMarkup()
+ 164585 [gavin refine] like.
+ 164590 [sanobast-200] Depending on your needs, deplate[1] is probably a little bit too big.
+ 164787 [netghost gma] I personaly like RDoc's syntax.  It's really easy to expand, and it

^ ANN: eric3 3.8.0 released
164573 [detlev die-o] this is to inform you about the release of eric3 3.8.0. It is available
164577 [eule space.c] (In response to news:dknd1g$50k$1@online.de by Detlev Offenbach)
+ 164579 [martindemell] "Just another"? I can't remember the last one, personally. (Anyway,
+ 164629 [surrender_it] Luckily, you should :)
+ 164880 [magicus snet] eric3 is a full featured Python (and Ruby) IDE, maybe you just might want to

^ lazy fibs
164575 [mental rydia] I've been playing around with adding explicit support for lazy streams

^ YARV web site moved or down?
164589 [dlazaro mac.] I've been trying to access the YARV web site during the past hours
164622 [dooby d10.ka] Looks OK from here.
164624 [danieljohnle] I had problems accessing it earlier as well.
164628 [surrender_it] It seem that at least the svn http gateway is down

^ Ad Hoc Class [was Re: terminology: "class method" = "singleton method"?]
164594 [gavin refine] To be pedantic, it's "ad hoc", not "adhoc".
164670 [martindemell] 'Tis a sad day when *programmers* shy away from geekiness :)
164671 [transfire gm] Actally it's just old-school geek --it's Latin ;-)

^ why?
164599 [hawkman.gelo] def foo(string)
164601 [ruby.brian g] def foo(string)
164602 [hawkman.gelo] i want my program to print all files and directories in a given directory,
+ 164606 [Ara.T.Howard] ruby -e' Dir["**/**"].each{|e| puts(File::basename(e))} '
+ 164608 [bob.news gmx] You probably get an endless recursion because you don't exclude "." and
  164611 [hawkman.gelo] i am using Find::find, but i got it to only display files and dirs in
  164612 [bob.news gmx] Did you try my one liner?  Are there sub directories?  You're probably
  164614 [hawkman.gelo] i started out with your suggestion, but i need it to first display files an=
  164615 [bob.news gmx] Then you're likely better off using a combination of Find.find and Dir
  164617 [hawkman.gelo] this does print the files in proper order, but the point is that i need the
  164635 [bob.news gmx] Hey, where's your creativity?  You can do the exporting in find's block.  If

^ [ANN] new_haven.rb First Meeting, Wednesday November 9th
164604 [gregory.t.br] The first meeting of new_haven.rb will take place on Wednesday,

^ [ANN] Ruby Web Bench 0.0.0 (RWB)
164610 [pat.eyler gm] Last week I had an itch that ab (the web performance tester shipped with
164679 [zedshaw zeds] Nice.  I think your calculations on the mean request time might be wrong
164692 [pat.eyler gm] thanks
164760 [hutch recurs] This looks really quite handy -- I think I've had the same issues as
164775 [pat.eyler gm] Not there yet, but I love the idea, so I'll add it shortly.  How does
164781 [hutch recurs] Looks good. Maybe with the ability to sepecify a set of URLs to

^ [OT] Refresh Phoenix (AKA Not-quite Phoenix.rb)
164613 [james_b neur] Tomorrow, Tuesday November 8, will be the first Refresh Phoenix[0]
164730 [tirado.carlo] I so wish I could attend, but at that time I should be unloading my
+ 164812 [james_b neur] Ah!  Well, as one transplanted New Yorker to another, welcome to the
+ 164814 [james_b neur] Ah!  Well, as one transplanted New Yorker to another, welcome to the

^ catching a system call output
164619 [kibleur.chri] system('latex -interaction=nonstopmode temp.tex')
+ 164620 [sean.ohalpin] text = `latex -interaction=nonstopmode temp.tex`
+ 164621 [ruby.brian g] Try
+ 164623 [hgs dmu.ac.u] open('|latex -interaction=nonstopmode temp.tex') do |stream|
  164633 [kibleur.chri] Thank you very much for your answers, I'll try them. I've just received
  164645 [kibleur.chri] system("latex -interaction=nonstopmode #{@myvar}")
  164650 [ruby.brian g] $ ruby -e 'test = 42; p `echo "#{test}"`'
  164651 [kibleur.chri] Thanks Brian, I forgot the "" inside !

^ Daemons written in ruby...
164625 [steve_rubyta] I've written a simple daemon as a ruby script... it writes all
+ 164626 [jim freeze.o] A while back there was some discussion about daemons.
+ 164627 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thus spake Google: http://redhanded.hobix.com/inspect/daemonize.html
| 164636 [bob.news gmx] There's also http://rubyforge.org/projects/daemons
| 164642 [ mfp acm.org] It is in 1.9.
+ 164644 [Ara.T.Howard] runs any command line as a daemon.  also sets the name that appears in top/ps.

^ Ruby 1.8 Reference Documentation
164630 [iamscottwalt] Is there a place where I can get access to the 1.8 reference
164632 [ruby.brian g] cheers,
164646 [james_b neur] And, for the adventurous,

^ Line Endings?
164631 [ezra yakimah] Hey there folks-
164634 [Daniel.Berge] require "ptools"

^ an array of hashes
164637 [fran.cy libe] Can this be done better/nicer?
+ 164639 [bob.news gmx] 1. there is no hash dereferencing in your code
+ 164640 [transfire gm] @person.telephones.collect {|x| x.number}.join(', ')
+ 164641 [ruby.brian g] If telephone (x) is indeed a hash, the above would not work. It seems
+ 164643 [pertl gmx.or] @person.telephones.map {|x| x.number}.join(', ')
+ 164681 [fran.cy libe] @person.telephones.collect {|x| x.number}.join(', ')
  164737 [dooby d10.ka] If you show some sample data, you may see alternatives.

^ Cannot install qtruby
164638 [gunnar.larss] I'm running OpenSUSE 10.0 on a AMD64. I tried using the Suse ruby rpm
164756 [gunnar.larss] Solved!
164808 [mercan01 gma] Out of curiosity, what did you do to solve this issue?
164936 [gunnar.larss] Well William

^ [RCR]  Inherit Module Class Methods
164647 [transfire gm] On the whole, there arn't many changes to Ruby that I feel are

^ Compile error with stable snapshoot 2005-11-06
164648 [Meino.Cramer] while trying to compile the stable snapshot of the 2005-11-06

^ Cross-compiling Ruby for ARM?
164649 [greg.kujawa ] I have the source for Ruby 1.8.1 and am attempting to cross compile it

^ Only one level? (Was: Re: why?)
164653 [drbrain segm] $ ruby

^ yajb usage queries...
164654 [mail wbh.org] wondering if it's possible.
+ 164769 [m.sakurai dr] This error is simply thrown by ruby, not yajb.
+ 164800 [ryand-ruby z] If you want to start a new email, do so. Do not hijack someone else's

^ Scheudle display
164655 [csjasnoch wi] I have made a scheduler for lights that uses a labjack. I would like to
164780 [nagai ai.kyu] Maybe, I don't understand your problem.
+ 165191 [csjasnoch wi] Yes it helps but just in the right direction.
+ 165193 [csjasnoch wi] Oh and the minutes conversion isn't working? It only goes up to 15 (I
  165205 [csjasnoch wi] Looking at some other stuff this is what I came up with but I am stuck
  165559 [nagai ai.kyu] Hmm... How about the following?
  + 165688 [dooby d10.ka] It was interesting to me - thanks.
  + 165833 [nagai ai.kyu] The following is a improved version of the previous example. :-)
    165915 [dooby d10.ka] This is a  c-r-a-z-y  clock  :-)))