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^ Ruby Performance vs. Java
163999 [rbazinet gma] I am new to this list and Ruby in general. I had read a blog post recently
+ 164010 [leavengood g] This topic comes up every few months on this list, and you might find
| 164017 [leavengood g] To respond to myself, it seems the main culprit is Mr. Kumar's
| 164074 [rbazinet gma] I would like to see this LogEntry class be rewritten and sent to the author
| 164361 [roland.schmi] It's done. Look at
+ 164013 [mental rydia] In most cases, the same algorithm implemented in Java and in Ruby is
  + 164015 [mrkode gmail] OTOH, if speed really was the issue, one should go with ASM or something. M=
  + 164026 [trashcan hot] Yes, in this case C is probably the good language because it allows you
  + 164399 [igouy yahoo.] Interestingly we can also use the Java VM as a bytecode interpreter

^ Writing little data languages
164002 [robert.evans] I have been using Ruby for some work lately, and came up with one
164005 [james_b neur] Or

^ Possible Array#pack issue on OS X?
164018 [Daniel.Berge] I've got a user who's having a problem with the spreadsheet-excel package.  It
+ 164028 [Daniel.Berge] Yeah, you're right.  The "v" directive forces little-endian byte order, so it
+ 164697 [djberg96 gma] Ok, can the folks on OSX tell me what the following returns?
  164700 [jeremy bitsw] ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [powerpc-darwin8.2.0]
  164704 [djberg96 gma] TiBook-5:~ xdefrang$ uname -a
  + 164716 [lists kalama] The pack('v') from OS 10.4's default ruby (/usr/bin/ruby) is
  + 164719 [ezra yakima-] (~/Sites/select/):~>$: uname -a
  + 164726 [drbrain segm] $ uname -a
    164727 [ruby-ml magi] I would venture 'yes' if you are in fact cross-compiling it

^ Faster RubyGem downloads...
164037 [tom infoethe] ...and a generally faster RubyForge are the news of the day, thanks to

^ Hoodwink'd away?
164038 [daniels pron] charset="us-ascii"
164039 [gregory.t.br] No winks for me either :(

^ Hiring Technical People (was Ruby Certification)
164044 [gwtmp01 mac.] charset=US-ASCII;

^ ruby 1.8.3 on windows
164053 [kgergely mcl] Will be version 1.8.3 available as an installer?
164146 [dave burt.id] It's a little more work to get going than the one-click installer, and there

^ html output from required file
164056 [maggelet gma] Can someone please tell me why this doesn't work?
164206 [maggelet gma] Yes, I want my class to be able to output html without a bunch of ugly
164212 [maggelet gma] I guess I just answered my own question. I should have been using

^ [ANN] lazy.rb
164059 [mental rydia] I've got an 0.0 release of lazy.rb, an implementation of lazy evaluation
164108 [pit capitain] do you have some unit tests or an example where implicit forcing isn't
164139 [mental rydia] Err... unit tests.  Those would be nice.
164316 [pit capitain] module Lazy #:nodoc: all
164385 [mental rydia] Hmm, I can adapt this, I think.  Thanks.  It does have a few problems as
164387 [twifkak comc] Use defined?

^ Re: urirequire: I got yer Web 2.0 right here
164071 [dave.burt gm] def ur(url) require \

^ Re: Should "a,b = x,y = 1,2" give an error?
164073 [new2ruby exa] irb(main):001:0> a = b = x = y = 0
164075 [dblack wobbl] (a,b) = x,(y=1),2

^ [BUG/PATCH] http-access2
164079 [Ara.T.Howard] here's a patch for a bug that causes cookies using http-access2 not to be sent

^ Some comments on new 1.9 features
164082 [transfire gm] Just looking at http://eigenclass.org/hiki.rb?Changes+in+Ruby+1.9.
+ 164122 [nobuyoshi.na] Why do you all want colon to overwork so much? ;)
| 164135 [dblack wobbl] Not all of us -- I'm still in the "conservative about new punctuation"
| 164147 [dave burt.id] Aren't you the "conservative about most things" camp, David?
| 164152 [dblack wobbl] In Ruby development, or in life? :-)
| 164285 [surrender_it] For what I understand: not it was a joke, mostly like GOTO in yarv (hey,
+ 164145 [ruby.brian g] Please don't add ;; thats
| + 164159 [keith oreill] 3) Going to confuse all the people coming from Lisp...
| | + 164160 [decoux moulo] perhaps the persons coming from Caml will be happy ...
| | | + 164167 [Ara.T.Howard] an people who don't like to move their fingers off of the
| | | | 164293 [drbrain segm] ` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 [ ]
| | | + 164179 [mental rydia] Or confused, because it is similar but different to what it means in
| | + 164163 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| + 164176 [mental rydia] 3) Gives me OCaml flashbacks.
+ 164193 [mailing-list] The funny thing about this example is that the whole point of having
| + 164194 [james graypr] To save one character?
| | 164224 [mailing-list] Hey!  I didnt say that it was great.  I just showed what I thought was
| | 164234 [james graypr] I didn't mean to blame anyone.  I was just trying to understand.  :)
| + 164217 [defelicedome] [CUT]
|   + 164219 [mental rydia] Serious question: why not permit multi-line bodies this way, by
|   | + 164226 [transfire gm] That's interesting. It's quite clean. Which is better because....
|   | + 164340 [ruby.brian g] No! I like to standardize badly indented code of other people using my
|   + 164276 [halostatue g] It sounds too much like Python. Python's syntax is one of the reasons
|     + 164284 [mailing-list] Well, the idea was to give everyone the choice of what they wanted to
|     | + 164355 [chneukirchen] Using editors that actually can parse what they indent helps a lot
|     | | 164358 [blargity gma] *snip*
|     | | 164363 [transfire gm] Matz has repeatedly said Ruby will not have indent significant blocks.
|     | | 164368 [nohmad gmail] IIRC, ';;' was stolen from Qu language[1], which Matz also mentioned
|     | + 164370 [halostatue g] On 11/4/05, Nikolai Weibull
|     |   164391 [mailing-list] Thanks for repeating what I said in the rest of my response, which you
|     + 164338 [defelicedome] [CUT]
|       164371 [halostatue g] def bar: "bar"
+ 164218 [dale.martens] # {normal args; local variables}
  164223 [transfire gm] The comment was simply that, to indicate what the semi-colon is doing.
  + 164225 [transfire gm] Sorry, that should be
  | 164238 [dale.martens] Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  | 164243 [defelicedome] Yes, something like
  | + 164254 [mental rydia] I don't know ... honestly, why can't we just make the block
  | | 164271 [defelicedome] [CUT]
  | + 164258 [transfire gm] They would'nt *have* to be just at the top. You could even do it
  |   164265 [defelicedome] [CUT]
  |   164275 [mental rydia] Has anyone considered the semantics of share/local and how they
  |   164282 [transfire gm] Would they? Wouldn't 'share' just point the closure's var to the local
  |   164297 [mental rydia] Well, keep going.  How would this work with e.g. nested closures?
  |   + 164336 [defelicedome] Maybe it could work in this way
  |   + 164365 [transfire gm] I am not knowledgable enough about the matter to continue. So the
  + 164236 [defelicedome] [CUT]

^ Compiling C extensions with MSVC
164084 [erichof425 y] c_lib-i386-mswin32.def : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol Init_c_lib
+ 164103 [david koontz] Hey Eric, I just went through all this myself.  I did a write up that
| 164115 [lyndon.samso] Off topic but the koontzfamily doesnt include the famous author Dean does it?
| 164154 [curt.hibbs g] Continuing this OT thread, I am currently "reading" (actually, I
| 164165 [tanner.burso] And for one last addition to the OT'ness. If you like Snow Crash make sure
| 164178 [david koontz] stories
| 164181 [curt.hibbs g] I keep a list of books I want to listen to. I first check my local
+ 164290 [nobu.nokada ] It is the function what *you* have to write to initialize the
  164395 [erichof425 y] I don't understand exactly what you mean.  The class that I am loading into ruby is called "Lib."  When I was getting that error the only thing that was named c_lib was the .c file itself.  I have no idea where else it could have gotten that name.
  164416 [nobu.nokada ] Ruby doesn't know what class or module (even nothing) will be

^ Lack of SystemStackError
164092 [djberg96 gma] Ruby 1.8.x (2,3,4)
+ 164094 [Ara.T.Howard] is that bad?  ;-)
+ 164096 [mental rydia] Raising SystemStackError if the stack gets too deep is a courtesy, not a
  164097 [gregory.t.br] Still sounds like a bug.   On OS X 10.3 and Gentoo (Linux Kernel 2.6)
  164171 [Daniel.Berge] Unfortunately, I don't know enough to know whether or not it should be

^ [SCRIPT] auto rubyforge releasing
164093 [Ara.T.Howard] this is one of the ugliest, but most useful, things i've written in a while.
164150 [ehames gmail] How about getting this from a YAML file? I'd love to post the patch

^ Re: In an extension, doing a Data_Make_Struct and getting value back
164095 [ptkwt aracne] Could you post the actual code?
+ 164125 [nobuyoshi.na] Parentheses after free should not be there.
+ 164264 [ jsw abc.com] SQLHANDLE hDb;
  164292 [ptkwt aracne] (What type is conHandle?  It should be a VALUE holding a Class)

^ Re: auto rubyforge releasing
164098 [transfire gm] Thanks Ara, I've been needing that!

^ Re: http-access2 multi-part from upload
164099 [dan eparklab] Hey Ara,
164155 [Ara.T.Howard] thanks dan.  i just couldn't figure out how to tell http-access2 that my form

^ invoking class method within class definition
164100 [guoxiaotian ] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
164102 [johnwilger g] def some_method

^ [ANN] ruby-gdchart-1.0.0 initial release
164101 [daniel.wislo] around the GDChart C library written by Bruce Verderaime
164561 [daniel.wislo] Upgraded the gdchart library being used to 0.11.5dev.
164609 [kou cozmixng] In <b3892fbd0511062348p17f91392q158ad3cdc21f8faf@mail.gmail.com>
164693 [daniel.wislo] The point wasn't just to make them "more Rubyish," but also to make it
164695 [daniel.wislo] Some people were having trouble with the Gem that I uploaded to

^ i wanna get involved
164104 [cameron.math] So reading that thread on certification made me really want to get
+ 164157 [james graypr] I'm currently building a FasterCSV library, but it's taking me longer
| 164161 [zdennis mkte] I have a side project (webstar-tools) on rubyforge which needs some love
| 164255 [cameron.math] Hmm, that sounds pretty cool.  I hadn't heard of webstar but it looks
| 164257 [cameron.math] sorry i forgot that ruby-talk changes the reply-to address... i'll try
+ 164174 [gregory.t.br] There is a need for a pure Ruby charting library.   If you were
| 164182 [james graypr] I would hold out one more version before attempting this.  The
| 164262 [shanko_date ] ... which is about when? I have a couple that I wanted to try out usin Gambit.
| 164267 [james graypr] Probably after I finish my book, if it is to wait on my attention.
| 164274 [gregory.t.br] A thanksgiving codefest might be in the works.  But that's an unreliable might.
+ 164261 [khaines enig] LOL.  There are many, many, many different projects that could probably use a
+ 164295 [christopher.] The Watir project (wtr.rubyforge.org) is always looking for help.  I
+ 164305 [drbrain segm] Check out your local ruby group, too.

^ instantiating one of each object type
164105 [kevin.jackso] I want to create an array of one of each class in ruby for testing
164142 [transfire gm] You gogin to have trouble instatiating without know what it is. Try
164143 [bob.news gmx] There should at least be a rescue clause as not every class supports

^ two arguments in a block?
164106 [kevin.jackso] I want to pass an array into a block like so
+ 164109 [peter no-non] v2 = []
| 164111 [kevin.jackso] DOH!
+ 164110 [daniel.wislo] You're not actually "passing" v2 anywhere. The |v1, v2| creates two
  164134 [dblack wobbl] It's a little different than that: at the time of |v1,v2| v2 already

^ MS SQL Access from Ruby in Windows
164107 [hsanson moeg] Can someone point me where to learn how to access a MS SQL 2000 database
+ 164114 [alex verk.in] You need ADO driver for DBD. Here is how you get it into One-Click Ruby
| 164144 [dave burt.id] That's one way, but you don't need it. The Windows One-Click installer comes
| + 164156 [none none.co] ODBC isn't really a good way to connect to an access database.
| + 164185 [ysantoso-rub] Just yesterday I was trying the ODBC DBD and encountered SEGV when I
|   164196 [sean.ohalpin] I've been using it for 4-5 years now and never had a problem either
|   164256 [ysantoso-rub] I'm using iodbc 3.52.2, freetds CVS (downloaded yesterday), ruby-odbc
|   164353 [sean.ohalpin] I see - I was referring to my experience on Windows.
+ 164151 [gavin refine] Here's some (sanitized) code from a project of mine. A System DSN was
+ 164198 [sean.ohalpin] I use DSN-less connections with the DBI ODBC driver using the
| + 164202 [peter.fitzgi] assword}"
| + 164534 [hsanson moeg] Sean,
+ 164240 [rblists gmai] Raph

^ Rails and dirty namespaces
164116 [leslie camar] Hey people
+ 164162 [james_b neur] warn $".join( "\n" )
+ 164166 [langstefan g] require 'rbconfig'
  164558 [leslie camar] Thanks - great solution!

^ Lazy evaluation
164118 [srinivas.j s] I was just looking at lazy.rb (http://moonbase.rydia.net/software/lazy/).
164140 [mental rydia] Well, Haskell is a language where all computations are lazy by default.

^ Re: PDF with Arabic
164119 [Nuralanur ao] Dear Tobin,

^ double byte string numbers to_int??
164120 [hsanson moeg] ʿǯ
164123 [christophe.g] I may be wrong, but seeing your post without UTF-8 on, I see that the y, m and d
164128 [christophe.g] I checked around, and my guess is that your original string contains "fullwidth
164164 [hsanson moeg] I made some testing and so far no luck getting encoded strings to convert to
164170 [christophe.g] That's normal. Those characters are just Unicode characters, without any more

^ patches to libs?
164121 [kevin.jackso] How do I post a patch/dif file for one of the core libs - is there a
164130 [matz ruby-la] ruby-core.  You can subscribe it by sending

^ win32ole: Passing an Array to Autocad
164126 [muellerix gm] I am (again - tried the same thing 2 years ago) trying to use ruby for
164153 [masaki.suket] Could you show me the result of the following script?
165290 [muellerix gm] AddText
168571 [masaki.suket] Sorry for being too late to reply.

^ [OT] Re: Writing little data languages
164127 [dooby d10.ka] It's still a bit long, though ;)
164327 [robert.evans] ...
164339 [botp delmont] #> > http://rubyurl.com/gdi

^ float round
164129 [ianic 4dva.h] Sorry for the stupid question, but I colud not find the method to round
+ 164132 [bob.news gmx] => 1.23
+ 164141 [transfire gm] Facets has round_to and round_at.
  164148 [ianic 4dva.h] Works great,
  164400 [nbarnes gmai] In other words, Ruby doesn't support that function without extension.

^ Question about TCP manuals
164131 [jacekolszak ] TCP networking in Ruby. I've
+ 164136 [zdennis mkte] The best book out there is probably Unix Network Programming by Stevens.
+ 164137 [ysantoso-rub] The programming language used there is C, but that is irrelevant since

^ Re: any good racc examples that parse from an IO instead of a String?
164149 [steven.jenki] I don't understand the question. The parser operates on a token stream,
164158 [eric.mahurin] All the example racc parsers I've seen use lexers that parse from a string.
164222 [steven.jenki] OK. It's not exactly published, but not exactly proprietary either. I'll

^ RUBYLIB on Windows
164168 [aurelianocal] I'm using the excelent ruby one click installer's ruby on windows, but
+ 164172 [langstefan g] ruby -r rbconfig -e "puts Config::CONFIG['bindir']"
| + 164186 [nobu.nokada ] And -S let ruby to search RUBYPATH directories.
| + 164210 [aurelianocal] Thank you very much, the third option worked like a charm (ruby -S
+ 164177 [halostatue g] RUBYLIB is only for require, not for programs.

^ postal code/zip code distance
164169 [vanweerd gma] I need to do a store/restaurant locator search from a persons postal code.
+ 164175 [james_b neur] Google Local?
| 164213 [vanweerd gma] Looking at that now, but it doesn't take postal code only.
| + 164214 [Daniel.Berge] For possible ideas, take a look at
| + 164216 [anthony.eliz] Check out http://maps.huge.info/
+ 164228 [vanweerd gma] I'm now looking at http://www.zipcodedownload.com/ as they have US and
  164248 [michael.camp] My company did something like this, but in Java.  In essense, we
  167122 [Reid.Thompso] load the data in postgresql and use it to calculate the distances

^ What about {:a => "a", :b => "b"} argument
164180 [nicolas.rass] I'm doing some gnome/ruby stuff and I wonder how instance method's
164183 [dblack wobbl] instance_variable_set("@#{k}",v)
164188 [nicolas.rass] snip
164192 [mental rydia] Well, it could be argued against on the grounds that using :@a