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Rubygems, FreeBSD, Nitro not all playing together nicely
163759 [criglerj@ea ] I installed Rails to tinker with on my FreeBSD 4 box.  Because of
+ 163760 [james_b@ne r] I think there are a few issues with the current version (0.24.0) of
+ 163771 [Ara.T.Howard] the fact that this works, but the above does not, means that the stub has been

YACC (Was: Re: ruby-dev summary 27393-27541)
163762 [mental@ry ia] Seconded.  I really don't think letting yacc dictate the shape of
+ 163767 [daniel.schie] Best. Idea. Ever.
| 163785 [leavengood@g] I tend to agree, but this begs the question: since this idea is fairly
| 163788 [tanner.burso] ...
| 163846 [kevin.jackso] RubyQuiz idea, translate the grammar for a portion of Ruby (I don't
+ 163903 [chneukirchen] Full ack.
  + 163915 [nobu.nokada@] Exactly.  It's a headache.
  | 163926 [eric.mahurin] ...
  | + 163979 [mental@ry ia] If you can reduce it that far, you don't need lexer state, just
  | + 164184 [dooby@d1 .k ] A-m-e-n.
  |   164189 [eric.mahurin] ...
  + 163977 [mental@ry ia] Well, you could, it would just be prohibitively verbose (well,
  | 163987 [chneukirchen] In this case, it may make sense not to use EBNF but some kind of
  + 164068 [vikkous@gm i] This is true, but it shouldn't be an obstacle to doing a parser. There

[rails] dispatch.fcgi do not exiting ..
163766 [mj-usunto@tk] Helo Group.
163777 [jamis@37 ig ] This is now fixed in edge rails. TERM will always immediately exit.

O'Reilly Ruby Blog - Bloggers Wanted
163773 [steve.mallet] O'Reilly is looking for some Ruby devotees to help man a new group

Update problems with rubygems 0.8.11
163781 [lars.broecke] I recently tried updating rubygems on my linux machine from 0.8.10 to
163791 [caleb@ae -t ] There's a Gentoo bug report about this.  Are you using Gentoo?
163874 [Lars.Broecke] yeah, that one is from me. I thought asking the question in front of a

lazy evaluation in Ruby (Was: Re: Anonymous methods, blocks etc.)
163810 [mental@ry ia] Hmm, I'm not really convinced they're useful in that respect -- it

Hardening http POST uploads
163812 [crf@sb x. u-] Shipping Webrick with Ruby as default offers a nice and easy way to

Compiled version of Ruby
163818 [web2ed@gm il] I know this has been discussed before but I would like to know if
+ 163819 [greg.kujawa@] Have you checked out YARV? See http://www.atdot.net/yarv/ for details...
+ 163820 [james@gr yp ] I know this isn't exactly what you asked for, but if you just need a
+ 163823 [blargity@gm ] Ruby 2.0 will be byte compiled.  Take a look at YARV.
| + 163879 [surrender_it] notice that is planned for yarv to even support translation to C, and
| | 163965 [web2ed@gm il] "notice that is planned for yarv to even support translation to C, and
| | 163991 [langstefan@g] I wouldn't be to euphoric. I don't think it will be ever possible
| | 164025 [surrender_it] yes, AFAIK, the ruby->c translation just spits out a C library that you
| + 164173 [deanwampler@] Bruce Tate in his book "Beyond Java" argues that Ruby would benefit a
|   164286 [surrender_it] I think that there asre still issues for a ruby interpreter running on
+ 163824 [mental@ry ia] It's not a "real compiler", but it bundles up everything into a
+ 163989 [drbrain@se m] ZenObfuscator can compile a Ruby program to C.
+ 164076 [drosihn@gm i] You might want to check out the 'ruby2c' project.  It is still in beta-land,

[ADV] Beta book: Enterprise Integration with Ruby
163825 [dave@pr gp o] Forgive the commercial, but I suspect this will be of interest...

soap + wsdl troubles
163829 [kero@ch ll .] When using wsdl and soap, I fail to get the contents of a second item
163833 [kevin@kb de ] One important difference is that the SOAP packets in the two examples are using
163838 [kero@ch ll .] Am I looking at different defaults (yuck) or is the wsdl setting this?
163849 [kevin@kb de ] The server you are attempting to call determines it. THe server
163954 [kero@ch ll .] ok
163959 [kevin@kb de ] Congratulations on solving your problem!

Re: [[OT] Ruby vs REBOL
163839 [snowzone5@ho] i think rebol has quirky syntax. you can't pick it up as quickly as

Windows TempFile permission denied
163841 [robert.evans] I looked for an answer to this problem, but couldn't find one.

Mac ftp.list problem
163843 [sbowman@lo a] Trying to call the Net::FTP list command, e.g. ftp.list(), on my Mac
163848 [Ara.T.Howard] ftp.passive = true
163850 [sbowman@lo a] Beer's on me next time you're in Denver.  Worked perfectly.

pdf::writer - can it concatenate existing PDF files
163851 [itsme213@ho ] Sorry to ask here, I could not figure it out from Google chasing.
163936 [halostatue@g] No. Sometime next year.

NTLM Authentication...
163853 [fernand@di .] I am working on a rails app and I need to provide
163855 [alex@ve k. n] Apparently, NTLM breaks AJAX. So, beware.
163858 [daniels@pr n] It's not going to hook into your rails code, so you're going to have to
163952 [b.hutchison@] ...

Haiku Challenge
163854 [jzakiya@ma l] Ruby, Python, Perl.
+ 163861 [gregory.t.br] My Haiku is a lie!
+ 163863 [billk@ct .c ] FORTH LOVE IF HONK THEN

Fun with Permutations
163857 [daniels@pr n] For a little project I've been doing, I've been playing around with
+ 164049 [ammon.christ] ...
+ 164384 [transfire@gm] Sorry it took me some time to get to this. I've been quite busy. This
| + 164408 [daniels@pr n] ...
| + 164500 [horndude77@g] Sorry if this doesn't totally apply to this thread, but I felt like
+ 164410 [lyndon.samso] Cool. Although maybe call them unsort :-)

Doing a splat within a C extension
163862 [djberg96@gm ] Say I have an array VALUE.  How would I splat that value within a C
163877 [decoux@mo lo] I've not understood but look at splat_value() in eval.c
163906 [djberg96@gm ] I saw that, but it didn't seem to be doing anything special.  Also, I
163908 [decoux@mo lo] it call rb_Array() with an exception for Qnil

Audio File Playback
163864 [rictic@gm il] I'm interested in tooling around with creating a media player in Ruby.
163868 [daniel.amela] ...

Ruby On Rails Tutorials That Actually Work?
163865 [dmgreer@ns m] This may not be the group to ask, if not pardon me. I've gone through three
+ 163866 [gregory.t.br] The Depot Application in Agile Web Development with Rails and the
+ 163867 [kevin.jackso] - Output from the server console/log
| 163869 [james_b@ne r] James
| 163870 [sbowman@lo a] I think most of the Rails tutorials online are out-of-date with the
| + 163929 [vanweerd@gm ] What exactly is Ontology Strategy? Sounds like a career I'd like to aspire to.
| + 163930 [curt.hibbs@g] The Rolling with Ruby on Rails tutorial at ONLamp.com is up to date
|   + 163932 [kevin@kb de ] I was able to follow the "Rails Video" by DHH pretty closely as a tutorial -
|   + 166046 [Krystan@gm i] I Just completed this tutorial,
+ 163937 [vfoley@gm il] I think I should probably remove my tutorial (the todo list one) as it

Detect if the computer is little or big endian
163880 [anryla@te ia] How can I know if my computer is little or big endian with Ruby?
+ 163881 [peter@se an ] Perhaps pack a string into an integer and look at the result?
| 163883 [danieljohnle] I like this, thanks.
+ 163882 [decoux@mo lo] You can test if [1].pack("I") == [1].pack("N")

What else do I need besides Ruby source?
163885 [bluy@si a. o] Though I know  there is a easy pack called "One-Click Ruby Installer",

163887 [Fleck@sc le ] is the Ruby-'include' equal to a C++-'using' statement? Meant for namespace issues. Or does it have a bigger result?
163888 [christophe.g] "include" is used to mix in a module into a class. It has nothing to do with
163895 [bob.news@gm ] Adding to that "extend" is more similar to "using".  Using "extend" you
163904 [christophe.g] Indeed. And if you defined module methods in the module, you can even call them

ruby 1.8.4 ???
163889 [rasputnik@gm] sisred@planb:~$ ruby -v
+ 163891 [yrashk@gm il] verb% ruby -v
| 163893 [rasputnik@gm] Sorry, short of sleep.
| 163921 [tom@in oe he] Yup, also here (along with other older versions)
+ 163951 [ehames@gm il] The same on Gentoo this morning: ruby-1.8.4-pre1.
+ 163996 [christophe.g] Got the same on unstable.

execeute gawk from inside ruby script
163894 [rgilaard@ya ] Dear folks,
163897 [hgs@dm .a .u] That is a right track, but not the only one.
163898 [bob.news@gm ] Pretty complete list.  I'd like to add "drop (g)awk and do it in Ruby" as
163905 [rgilaard@ya ] Drop gawk, also right:-) I have enough to read and

Fwd: Please Forward: Ruby Quiz Submission
163909 [james@gr yp ] ...

[SUMMARY] TumbleDRYer (#53)
163910 [james@gr yp ] Great quiz Hugh!  This is one of those unique ideas that was a lot of fun to

Ruby Certification
163911 [Meghanath@Ne] Is there any Ruby certification ?
+ 163914 [danieljohnle] I haven't heard of one, but maybe there should be, I think at the
+ 163919 [james_b@ne r] I think quite few here are  'certified'.
| + 163939 [lyle.johnson] I don't think that's what people mean when they tell you you're
| | 163944 [james_b@ne r] Oh indeed.  And, luckily, not alone.
| + 163963 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Agreed. Certification is just a scheme for testing companies to make
+ 163922 [peter@se an ] Certification tends to get pushed as a 'good thing' by people selling
  + 163924 [danieljohnle] I agree. I think the best way to know a language is to have a little
  | + 163927 [peter@se an ] Now courses I have no problem with, they are a very good idea to get
  | + 163931 [james_b@ne r] I have a hard time believing that someone experienced with only C and
  |   + 163934 [kevin@kb de ] I'd say certification in Ruby would be close to worthless anyway. The culture of
  |   + 163935 [danieljohnle] But if you know the concepts of declarative programming, then lisp
  |     + 163941 [james_b@ne r] That sounds very much like begging the question.
  |     + 163943 [obiefernande] Assuming we're on the verge of a big boom in Ruby jobs, shouldn't
  |       + 163945 [james_b@ne r] Isn't that what a job interview is for?
  |       + 163947 [gwtmp01@ma .] Speaking as someone who has done hiring in a area with lots
  |       | 163978 [ptkwt@ar cn ] I would even maintain that a technical interview is not a very good way to
  |       + 163964 [mental@ry ia] That's what Open Source is for.  It's not just a hobby, it's a
  |       | 163986 [james@gr yp ] I so agree.  It's a win, win for everybody.
  |       + 163971 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Maybe these employers should look at things like ruby-talk particpation,
  |       + 163972 [djberg96@gm ] You can rank your peers on RubyForge, although I realize relatively few
  |         163981 [james_b@ne r] Indeed, I believe Dan's RubyForge user ID number is 1337, is it not?
  + 163949 [greg.kujawa@] The idea of programming certification seems a stretch for me to imagine
    163950 [stevena@ne s] ...
    + 163980 [ptkwt@ar cn ] This is important.  You're doing a good thing.  I've had interviews where
    + 163985 [james@gr yp ] My most recent interviewer (for a job I landed, using Ruby), asked me
      163988 [james_b@ne r] Which is a slick technique: Ask potential employees to solve your
      163995 [nshb@in mi .] interview.
      + 164004 [james_b@ne r] Pretty much any test I took involved learning things I found
      | 164012 [nshb@in mi .] I imagine quite a few people ride in this boat. Personally, if I am going to
      | + 164062 [toddkennethb] irb(main):001:0> ruby_exists = true
      | | 164064 [nshb@in mi .] I am not trying to degrade any of his accomplishments, nor win over any of
      | | + 164067 [blargity@gm ] This has already been said, but let us not forget those raking in the cash.
      | | | 164069 [gregory.t.br] ...
      | | + 164070 [billk@ct .c ] The entity awarding the certificate receives $$$ ?  I've wondered
      | | | + 164077 [kevin.jackso] I went to uni a (long) while ago and really enjoyed the experience etc,
      | | | + 164085 [leavengood@g] Most definitely. I'll go even further and say that many computer
      | | |   164090 [james_b@ne r] I don't regret getting a CS degree; I learned a while lot & had fun, but
      | | + 164083 [gwtmp01@ma .] I think that if you are putting in the effort in order to learn
      | + 164281 [kero@ch ll .] Sorry, I don't do Rails.
      |   164347 [chneukirchen] While I don't think that a certificate is a good idea, self.to_i is
      |   + 164367 [halostatue@g] I donno; self.to_i is a joke thread and people *know* it's a joke.
      |   + 164378 [kero@ch ll .] I know there won't be 1000 organizers of RubyConf, 10000 authors of Ruby
      |     164381 [chneukirchen] But you don't need to see a number created by some "random" algorithm
      + 164008 [kevin@kb de ] Contributing to an open source project is much better credential than getting a

Nokia goes Open Source
163916 [bob.news@gm ] All,

[ANN] Rubyipq v0.1.0: Bindings for Netfilter's libipq
163923 [leonardo.elo] Rubyipq are Ruby bindings for Netfilter's libipq (ip queue), making it
+ 164060 [tom@in oe he] Yours,
+ 164091 [leonardo.elo] Thanks a lot Guillaume, I'm correcting this issue right now.

FastCGI spawn_fs_process() failed error
163925 [sandrews@in ] Am running : Windows XPPro, apache2, mysql and rubyonrails.

Test First Challenge
163928 [pat.eyler@gm] Bill Wake.  I've been converting the tests into Ruby and Test::Unit, and

Question about NUM2LONG, symbols
163938 [Daniel.Berge] The various NUM2x functions (NUM2LONG, NUM2INT, etc) include builtin type
163942 [decoux@mo lo] moulon% cat aa.c
163946 [Daniel.Berge] Ok, thanks Guy, I get it - internally it calls rb_num2long(), which in turn
164287 [nobu.nokada@] An object has :to_int method should be treated as an Integer.
164299 [djberg96@gm ] I understand the duck typing approach.  However, I'm curious why
164300 [nobu.nokada@] In older versions, symbols were just integers, so Symbol has

http-access2 help
163940 [Ara.T.Howard] i'm trying to convert some scripts i have which login in to rubyforge, cache
+ 163948 [Ara.T.Howard] client.redirect_uri_callback = lambda do |res|
+ 163953 [alex@de et m] I am pretty sure that the HTTP spec requires that a Location header content
  163961 [Ara.T.Howard] hmmm.  i'm reading
  202309 [nakahiro@sa ] Sorry for late reply again.  It needed half a year to fix.

Continous running thread
163955 [iamscottwalt] I have a simple task, I want to have a Thread that will every 2 minutes
+ 163957 [caleb@ae -t ] Change 10000 to 10.0 ?
+ 163958 [detlef.reich] sleep sleeps for seconds not for milliseconds. Try   slee 10
| 163962 [iamscottwalt] thread = Thread.new do
| + 163967 [gregory.t.br] sleep only takes integer values, but I don't think that's your problem
| | + 163969 [caleb@ae -t ] Nah, it's perfectly happy taking a Float too.
| | | 163973 [gregory.t.br] Sleep will round you to the nearest integer.
| | | + 163976 [caleb@ae -t ] It rounds its return value to the nearest integer, but at least here it sleeps
| | | | 163984 [gregory.t.br] I just looked it up in the Pickaxe... you're right.  It returns the
| | | + 163983 [james@gr yp ] That's just the return value.
| | + 163975 [iamscottwalt] That did the trick!  Thanks.
| + 163968 [james_b@ne r] thread = Thread.new do
| + 163970 [desmarm@gm i] If you look at one of the previous responses (from Bob Showalter) youl'l
+ 163960 [bob_showalte] You have to join the thread, or otherwise ensure the process keeps
| 164117 [bob.news@gm ] Yes joining is the main problem here.  But if Bob makes his main thread
+ 163966 [mental@ry ia] s/10000/10/

Fwd: sqlite - and ruby
163956 [ammon.christ] ...
163982 [Ara.T.Howard] if you do

Re: The "perfect" ORM?
163992 [Stephen.L.Mo] What about one the Ruby dbm libraries (dbm, gdmb,...)?
164055 [ruby-talk@wh] No, MouseHole does it.
164061 [billk@ct .c ] Unless something has changed recently, my experience with

memoize and yaml
163993 [briankbuckle] I am using the "memoize" module to eliminate having to redo complex,
164003 [florgro@gm i] This memoize module stores the cache in a local variable that can be
+ 164011 [briankbuckle] I see the intent.  I have not worked at it yet but I dropped your code
| 164036 [sean.ohalpin] With a slight adjustment, Florian's version can be used at the top
+ 164618 [briankbuckle] Two questions of this solution.  (It works and is what I need now so
  164970 [florgro@gm i] Overriding methods usually produces warnings. It's best to remove the
  164978 [briankbuckle] I was wondering if warnings might be the motive.  I am glad to get confirmation.
  165015 [florgro@gm i] Please note that extend is not the same thing as inheriting from another

make $VERBOSE thread-local?
163997 [ctm@ar i. om] I'm new to ruby, so setting $VERBOSE to true is very useful for me.
165068 [nobu.nokada@] It might be interesting.
165217 [ctm@ar i. om] Thanks for the nice patch.

DRb recycled objects.
163998 [blargity@gm ] I started this as a question but figured out the answer while I was
+ 164001 [hgs@dm .a .u] [stacktrace]
+ 164009 [drbrain@se m] DRb uses the __id__ of the object and the URL of the process it is
+ 164046 [Richard_Dale] I'm not sure about the cause of your problem.. But as you using Korundum you
  164063 [blargity@gm ] We _do not_ want to have to have KDE installed on the server.  Much less
  + 164080 [blargity@gm ] ...
  | 164291 [drbrain@se m] The garbage collector is not random in how it collects garbage.
  + 164081 [blargity@gm ] Forgot to mention this is only one front end.  It is possible (but