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[rails] option_groups_from_collection_for_select
163532 [fran.cy@li e] I would like to get an option_groups_from_collection like this (from the
163561 [fran.cy@li e] option_groups_from_collection_for_select(@categories,

Euruko 05 videos
163534 [    s@xs .d ] Euruko Video Productions
163597 [chneukirchen] Yay!  Someone better set up a torrent...

[ANN] gdiff / gpatch 0.0.1 on rubyforge
163536 [ruby.brian@g] gdiff / gpatch now on rubyforge

utime bug help?
163542 [axel.friedri] in some cases, utime does not set the mtime correctly. AFAIK, this
163571 [nobuyoshi.na] * win32/win32.c (unixtime_to_filetime): use localtime() instead of
163579 [axel.friedri] Thank You, Nobu. So will wait for the Ruby 1.8.3-One-Click
163618 [curt.hibbs@g] There's not going to be a 1.8.3 One-Click installer, because 1.8.4 is
163782 [axel.friedri] Thank You for this info. I like the One-Click Installer very much; it

[ANN] Rant 0.4.8
163543 [langstefan@g] Rant is a flexible build tool written entirely in Ruby,
+ 163546 [vjoel@pa h. ] Interesting. How is that state stored between rant executions? Or am I
| 163547 [langstefan@g] The MD5 checksum of the command string is calculated and then
+ 163585 [d454d@we .d ] What are the differences between rant and rake? Can you explain the
| 163592 [langstefan@g] Basic syntax is (nearly) the same.
| 163605 [d454d@we .d ] oops, shame on me!
+ 163615 [fakeaddress@] thanks Stefan! I use rant every day and its superb. Have not

fxruby doesn't work
163548 [hawkman.gelo] ...
+ 163553 [lyle.johnson] Just a note to try to pin down the source of the problem: It's not a
+ 163556 [curt.hibbs@g] In version  182-15 of the One-Click Installer there is a problem
| 163589 [hawkman.gelo] ...
| 163606 [curt.hibbs@g] You must be running in to a different problem, then.
+ 163611 [HolgerArndt@] I had the same problem after "gem update ; gem clean". I had to remove
  163616 [curt.hibbs@g] Hmmm... I suppose this could have been my problem when I built 182-15
  164911 [faker@ya oo ] Is this caused by a require of a method that exists in 1.2-6 that no longer
  164966 [curt.hibbs@g] Looks like I didn't read the original message closely enough. The

Nice article...
163557 [jeff.darklig] ...

Newbie: How to format a number to always show two decimals?
163558 [ivanvega@gm ] This seems like a simple task, yet I've been unable to accomplish it.
163559 [james@gr yp ] => "1.01"
163560 [ivanvega@gm ] That was fast! Thanks a lot.
163562 [hhausman@gm ] ...
+ 163564 [dblack@wo bl] Aside to Phrogz: is that left over from a game of code golf?? :-)
| 163619 [gavin@re in ] ...
| 163622 [dblack@wo bl] Interesting pedigree.
| 163623 [gavin@re in ] Ah, no. Upon reflection, those are because the ruby code is actually
+ 163566 [james@gr yp ] Hmm, it's certainly not Ruby length...
+ 163568 [Ara.T.Howard] that quote is absolutely beautiful - though i __much__ prefer printf to cout
+ 163658 [ivanvega@gm ] What's wrong with sprintf? I don't see how sprintf is evil versus the
| 163663 [mental@ry ia] There's nothing wrong with using sprintf (aka format) here.  It's
| + 163665 [dblack@wo bl] I think one of the common rites of passage into Ruby is going from
| + 163672 [ivanvega@gm ] Ah, I see.
| + 163842 [Digikata@gm ] That reminds me, what are the options for nicely text formatted table
|   + 163873 [vjoel@pa h. ] irb(main):001:0> a=[1,2,3,4]
|   + 163912 [dbatml@gm .d] [a.zolum, b.feb, c.gorza].map { |col| col.rjust(7) }.join
|     163913 [james@gr yp ] You can also use max() to get the size, instead of a magic number.
+ 163814 [logancapaldo] In that case...

[OT] Why the Lucky Stiff on Noboto
163567 [ray@ne dm re] I wanted to mention to the Ruby list that Why the Lucky Stiff, author
163621 [gavin@re in ] filling...filling...achieved...danger...danger...overload! OVER QUOTA.
163714 [rictic@gm il] Honestly though, you can't say that you didn't expect more than the

mySQL AVG in Active Record
163572 [kenfettig@bt] How do I use the MySQL AVG function using Active Record from Rails?

The Last Goodbye for #ruby-lang
163574 [zedshaw@ze s] I've had a really great time hanging out with you folks, and think some
+ 163575 [curt.hibbs@g] I think you just confirmed my longstanding descision to avoid IRC or
| 163640 [snail@ob me ] <31d15f490510311939j35ac26efyd222e181db7bfd37@mail.gmail.com>, Curt
+ 163577 [zdennis@mk e] zedas! You'll be missed! It's been great chatting with you, and you've been a great help to me many
+ 163599 [chneukirchen] And they'll all come back... ;-)

require hacks not affecting -r command-line option?
163578 [sera@fh an .] So, I'm trying to override Kernel.require, doing a similar thing to it
163603 [decoux@mo lo] With -r ruby call directly rb_require()

163583 [mikkel@gm il] Ive been looking for a webcrawler/robot, implemented in ruby...
163631 [jfister@gm i] ...
+ 163669 [gene.tani@gm] ...
+ 163676 [drbrain@se m] It is only useful as a benchmarking tool, it is too stupid to do any

PDF with Arabic
163587 [tobin@_d _n ] Anyone know what my best choice of library is for generating multilingual
+ 163593 [usenet@an re] I don't know any of the ruby PDF libraries, but I've been using Latex to
| 163607 [tobin@_d _n ] Sounds like an interesting approach. Would you be able to give me some
| 163770 [usenet@an re] you don't need a library. Just create a Latex template file with
+ 163620 [halostatue@g] Long term, this will be PDF::Writer. Right now, we've just *barely*
  163772 [usenet@an re] Including support for right-to-left text?
  163775 [halostatue@g] That's the intent. I believe that it's pretty easy to do that part

Ruby Weekly News 24th - 30th October 2005
163588 [timsuth@ih g] Ruby Weekly News 24th - 30th October 2005

[blade] server down ?
163590 [dooby@d1 .k ] What nice people must be at the ...

Ruby Unit Testing Framework
163602 [Meghanath@Ne] I am newbie to the Ruby language and just started going through the documentation.
+ 163604 [farrel.lifso] ...
+ 163628 [pat.eyler@gm] HtH
+ 163673 [javierg1975@] I recently posted a Domain Specific Language (a wrapper to Test::Unit,

Get media from rss feed?
163609 [nieuws@ha lw] Dear all,

walkthrough for consuming web service from ruby?
163634 [rpardee@gm i] Hey All,
+ 163743 [jasonecartwr] I'm gearing up to consume a webservice in a Rails app myself. I've been
| 164006 [rpardee@gm i] Ooh, that does look helpful--I'll give it a go.
+ 163859 [nakahiro@sa ] Sorry for that.  Soap4r distribution package at
  164035 [rpardee@gm i] Hee-hee--"I feel your pain" as they say.
  164124 [nakahiro@sa ] Thanks.  Hmm.  No operation definition in Send method...  It should
  164865 [rpardee@gm i] Okay--I've resolved this by taking the one-way attributes off the 2

163639 [r.vrajmohan@] ...

Best way to free a device
163643 [detlef.reich] what is the best way to release an unix device that can't handle
+ 163644 [hgs@dm .a .u] Make it a Singleton?
+ 163645 [ef@al m. it ] def open(device_name)
+ 163646 [Ara.T.Howard] make 'Wc::Cam::new' return a singleton object and allow new to take a block

Finding File source
163651 [dav.coleman@] I've been trying to locate the source for File.open and I'm having no luck.
+ 163652 [itsme213@ho ] Have you tried #alias_method ?
+ 163653 [detlef.reich] Mostly, yes.
+ 163656 [dooby@d1 .k ] Yes.

[QUIZ][SOLUTION] TumbleDRYer (#53)
163654 [bob_showalte] My approach was to look for repeated "phrases" made up of one or more
163657 [hgs@dm .a .u] Interesting solution.  I've overlooked a lot of the functionality of

"RubyConf for Stragglers" has moved (mp3/video from the conf)
163659 [rsanheim@gm ] If this has been posted already forgive me.  Ezra's site with the
163667 [james_b@ne r] On a side note, has anyone thought about hosting these on ourmedia.org?
163701 [ezra@ya im -] Well thats a good idea. I had never seen that site before. I think I
163709 [james_b@ne r] One caveat: I believe the site requires that all files be available

Sessions and GET (CGI.rb)
163660 [mannl@gm .c ] I'm close to the deadline for a (rails) project that must support

Would you find it useful?
163662 [jeff.darklig] ...
+ 163664 [mental@ry ia] * What's the best way to treat methods not written in Ruby?
| 163668 [AegisThorne@] You might find it interesting ;)
| 163670 [gene.tani@gm] There's also SCRIPT_LINES__, which captures all your 'require' and
+ 163675 [drbrain@se m] You already can do that with ruby2c and ZenHacks.
  163677 [jeff.darklig] ...

ruby-talk archives.
163671 [agorilla@gm ] Can't seem to connect to either of the ruby-talk archive servers.  Are
163674 [gregory.t.br] Same problem here.

Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML) You are added automatically
163678 [theuedimaste] ...

Help wanted.
163680 [greg.kujawa@] A little over a week ago I started a project on RubyForge

Any OKC Rubyists?
163681 [james@gr yp ] I ask this every couple of months, but what can I say...  I want a
+ 163683 [gregory.t.br] It's not good enough to be a remote organizer and participant for an
+ 163684 [tanner.burso] Well I'm up in Stillwater but I could make the trek down to North
  163695 [james@gr yp ] Yeah, we've talked about hooking up before.  We need to do that.
  164967 [mrchucho@gm ] I'm in Tulsa, but might be willing to drive to OKC for a meeting. Isn't
  165461 [james@gr yp ] How often?  Would you consider coming once a month?  If you, Mr.

RMagick error using script/server but works in unit test
163686 [amj@co or ec] We have a method which converts a PDF from the filesystem to a

[SOLUTION] Ruby Quiz #53
163687 [daniels@pr n] My solution only acts on one 'line' at a time, by calling enumerating
163729 [hgs@dm .a .u] I don't quite understand that -- it seems to

How can I avoid this boring code?
163688 [sam.s.kong@g] I'm creating a class.
+ 163689 [marcel@ve ni] You could use Active Record.
+ 163690 [nobuyoshi.na] Person = Struct.new(:person_id, :last_name, :first_name,
| 163691 [daniels@pr n] class Person
+ 163692 [Ara.T.Howard] class Person
+ 163726 [surrender_it] def initialize(row=nil)
+ 163732 [transfire@gm] Doesn't a DBI::Row respond to #to_h?  If not teach it and be sure to

[ANN] urirequire: I got yer Web 2.0 right here
163694 [sera@fh an .] Fellow Rubyists! How many times have you thought to yourself: "If only
+ 163696 [james@gr yp ] That's so damn classy.  Makes me want to download it right now!
+ 163698 [gregory.t.br] Francis, you are my hero.
+ 163700 [nightphotos@] urirequire is really nice!!!   Thanks!
| 163702 [jeff.darklig] ...
| + 163703 [daniels@pr n] require 'urirequire'
| | 164372 [stevena@ne s] Probably would be better if I could merely check that it was signed
| | 164377 [james_b@ne r] It's HyperActiveX.
| + 163712 [james_b@ne r] require 'open-uri'
+ 163706 [gavin@re in ] ROFL. You made me wake up my wife with my giggling. :D
  163708 [daniels@pr n] This'll make uri_require a nice safe place to live.... sort of.
  163711 [daniels@pr n] '#{digest}'"
  + 163713 [kevin.jackso] If you could adapt it so that it'll accept svn:// (or https I suppose),
  | 163716 [jeff.darklig] ...
  | + 163719 [gregory.t.br] Hmm... I like that idea a lot.  What would you put into a ruby based
  | | 163724 [simon.kroege] cheers
  | + 163751 [ehames@gm il] I would say, we need some sort of "ioslaves" like KDE's. Then,
  + 163797 [chneukirchen] Been wondering about that too...
  | 163798 [james_b@ne r] That's the problem. Need better hash.
  + 163826 [rascal1182@g] I'm just guessing, but you were probably smoking hash, albeit the wrong hash.

Weird irb experience
163699 [gregory.t.br] So, I was hacking on Ruport at work tonight.
+ 163704 [drbrain@se m] Probably some garbage like \342\231\245 that got interpreted as a
+ 163769 [mental@ry ia] In the character set your DOS window is using, heart is 0x03.
+ 163815 [rampant@gm i] Yea, seen that one before :-)
+ 163836 [gregory.t.br] Well, thank's all for your insight.  The moral of the story is that one

Re: urirequire: I got yer Web 2.0 right here
163705 [sera@fh an .] Yeah, something like that. Actually right now urirequire clocks in at
163710 [sera@fh an .] Cool! Thanks so much for this. I'll definitely fold this into the next
163794 [netghost@gm ] Doesn't putting the hash in kind of defeat the purpose?  If you know
163799 [ef@al m. it ] Yes.  But you could salvage the situation with PKI.  So you'd specify
163802 [netghost@gm ] I was looking at the open-uri code, and I think it is pretty easy to

Chicago.rb Meetup
163707 [ng@jo nw on ] Monday, November 7th

[OT] Ruby vs REBOL
163715 [peter.carlss] I apologize if this is a little bit off topic.
+ 163755 [lthiryidontw] Ruby is fondamentally OO. For exemple, you never truly call any
| 163900 [chneukirchen] Rebol also makes use of generic functions and multi-method
+ 163807 [chaotrope@jp] The main diff is Ruby is open source which implies a whole
| + 163871 [peter.carlss] I agree that the documentation for REBOL at the moment is a
| | 163890 [snowzone5@ho] i agree. when people see how quickly net related operations can be
| | 163974 [mental@ry ia] It's not just an issue of proprietary languages being limited by the
| | 164138 [snowzone5@ho] that's a good point. although in some cases if the company is general
| + 163872 [peter.carlss] I never had any problems like that. REBOL has always felt
|   164040 [chaotrope@jp] that was from someone else's posting to c.l.python in 1998 (probably on
+ 163875 [neoneye@gm i] For a while I did stuff in Rebol, before I switched to Ruby.

How to use htmlextension of cgi class?
163717 [lahirister@g] require "cgi"
163718 [ruby.brian@g] Assuming that your config.ini exists we can shorten the example to

[ANN] deplate 0.7.3: A converter for wiki markup with output to HTML, LaTeX, DocBook, and more.
163727 [sanobast-200] For those interested: I just uploaded deplate 0.7.3. It's also available

ruby-dev summary 27393-27541
163730 [aamine@lo er] This is a summary of ruby-dev #27393-27541.
+ 163734 [christophe.g] For the "'$' is ugly" argument, what about a syntax putting the namespace
| + 163735 [christophe.g] I know it's not nice to reply to one's own mail, but looking at it again I
| + 163739 [nobuyoshi.na] Not just aesthets.  The difference has a big impact to its
|   + 163745 [Ara.T.Howard] then they would not be useful.  surely everyone will want to nest a 'util',
|   + 163748 [christophe.g] It still looks strange to me. I'd really rather have namespaces after rather
+ 163736 [dblack@wo bl] How about block level?
| + 163738 [christophe.g] Nice idea. Maybe block level when one gives a block, and module or method level
| | 163744 [dblack@wo bl] That's similar to what I did in Ruby Behaviors, but with an "off"
| | 163787 [ mfp@ac .o g] Wasn't Ruby Behaviors dynamically scoped though?
| | 163805 [dblack@wo bl] ...
| | 163808 [ mfp@ac .o g] Yes, that's why I only said it seemed more likely, based on the original
| + 163741 [nobuyoshi.na] I had asked Shugo the question in [ruby-dev:27419], and his
|   + 163746 [Ara.T.Howard] but then how to i __stop__ using a namespace?
|   | + 163747 [dblack@wo bl] See my previous post, with an example from Ruby Behaviors.
|   | | 163752 [Ara.T.Howard] sure.  but afaikt there is no jcode __object__ in the initial post to call
|   | | + 163753 [dblack@wo bl] I guess part of my problem here is that I think "using" is the wrong
|   | | | + 163758 [Ara.T.Howard] completely agree.
|   | | | + 163845 [kevin.jackso] Isn't using the keyword from C# for declaring namespaces?  Similar to
|   | | + 163768 [transfire@gm] I agree with Ara. What's being presented here looks like it may be s
|   | | + 163786 [billk@ct .c ] There's only one reason I've been eagerly awaiting selector namespaces,
|   | |   + 163801 [dmartenson@m] 1. Global namespace change to allow for transistion from one namespace
|   | |   + 163811 [Ara.T.Howard] something like this?
|   | |     163816 [billk@ct .c ] Neat; but what I'm looking for may be just unreasonable.  When I
|   | |     163822 [transfire@gm] The should be able to do this.
|   | + 163750 [christophe.g] putting_away jcode
|   + 163780 [halostatue@g] Yes, but there may be cases where one has a number of operations that
|   | + 163789 [ mfp@ac .o g] IIRC from the original thread (around [ruby-dev:27421]), a
|   | + 163902 [chneukirchen] Unrelated, but that option would be really nice for "private" and
|   + 164259 [kero@ch ll .] p "\244\242\244\244".chop  using jcode
|     + 164268 [christophe.g] Nice one. But then I'd rather have my proposal of putting the namespace
|     | 164296 [dave@bu t. d] p "\244\242\244\244".chop @jcode
|     | + 164329 [transfire@gm] In the past I always thought of ':' (boy that comes up a lot ;-)
|     | | 164337 [ruby-ml@ma i] Yes, this is usually the syntax I prefer to illustrate selector namespaces.
|     | + 164343 [kero@ch ll .] holds as well for
|     |   164357 [christophe.g] Exactly. I wanted to reply that but you beat me to it :) . If matz and
|     |   164392 [blaumag@gm i] class String
|     + 164294 [dooby@d1 .k ] p "\244\242\244\244".jcode$chop.kcode$change
|     | 164344 [kero@ch ll .] A bit silly, yes
|     + 164356 [chneukirchen] Now, what is the advantage over doing
|       164444 [surrender_it] this is exactly the same thing that I was thinking.
|       164446 [transfire@gm] He he. Seems like no one read my first post to this thread. I don;t
|       164465 [surrender_it] Actually, I did not, it did not appear in my newsreader :/
+ 163742 [Ara.T.Howard] i don't see why the above cannot be
+ 163749 [dooby@d1 .k ] def jcode:>chop
+ 163764 [Daniel.Berge] For those interested, Sydney will accomplish selector namespaces via Behaviors.
  163778 [dblack@wo bl] Not to be confused with my Ruby Behaviors, I guess? :-)