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^ gem timeout
162639 [jeem.hughes ] I can no longer install gems on any machines on my little network.  I

^ Q&A from conference
162641 [hal9000 hype] I just found this link where people were apparently typing Q&A

^ Bug with Nils in YAML
162644 [daniels pron] I can't find much reference to this anywhere, except a discussion on

^ RSA/MD5 library?
162646 [ivanvega gma] I'm new to Ruby, and I wanted to implement a new project using this

^ FxRuby: changing button icon
162647 [faker yahoo.] I was going through the button.rb example of FXRuby and got curious. I tried
162730 [lyle.johnson] button.icon = ... some other icon ...
162858 [faker yahoo.] That was it. Thanks for the help.

^ overriding #inspect
162649 [eric_mahurin] Anybody know what the best way to override inspect where you
+ 162661 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):001:0> a = []
+ 162699 [sean.ohalpin] Check out Tanaka Akira's 'pp' lib (if only to convince yourself that
  162720 [eric_mahurin] I actually already did that and saw ugliness.  I thought I'd
  162818 [eric_mahurin] Actually, as soon as I allowed myself to make an instance
  162900 [sean.ohalpin] But as soon as you start using flags to guard against cycles you have
  + 162905 [bob.news gmx] .... which reminds me of an RCR I've been wanting to submit for quite some
  | 162909 [eric_mahurin] Could you describe how this could be used to override #inspect?
  | 162911 [bob.news gmx] def inspect
  | 162925 [eric_mahurin] But this wouldn't allow child objects to use their own
  | 162942 [bob.news gmx] Yes, but do_whatever() can handle this (for example call a method on the
  + 162908 [eric_mahurin] Yep.  Here's one that uses a Hash to effectively make thread

^ insecure home writable warning
162650 [matobinder i] On a few of our systems, I get the following error all the time..
162861 [drosihn gmai] Yeah, I just noticed this happening on some of my systems too, after

^ Paymentech Orbital Gateway SDK for Ruby
162656 [jasonecartwr] Has anyone created or ported Paymentech's Orbital Gateway SDK for use
162691 [snacktime gm] time to interface it into our system and get certified. It's a fairly simpl=

^ REXML::Document.write( my_file, 0, true, false )
162663 [sheam ns.sym] I am reading in simple xml document, adding an element and writing it out.
162697 [discordantus] perhaps -
162850 [sheam ns.sym] ????
162884 [discordantus] What does "????" mean? Did your reader truncate the message? Or did Imisunderstand your original question?
+ 162929 [james_b neur] But at the expense of adding new white space to your document.
+ 163765 [ null void.0] Yeah, I tried with two readers, and both of them showed an empty responce.

^ Comparing Ruby Application Archive (RAA) to RubyForge?
162666 [dan.bikle gm] People,
+ 162671 [james_b neur] Um, RAA is older, so many projects were added there before there ever
+ 162723 [surrender_it] RAA is an index of packages, rubyforge is also a hosting for projects.

^ how?
162667 [robin infuse] How do you get started to use ruby? I'm curious as to it is used.
162670 [james_b neur] James Britt

^ Ruby books, something akin to Effictive Ruby?
162678 [matobinder i] to re-write so much stuff. He made it so logical at times of things like,

^ How to access a button tag in watir
162681 [vanivk gmail] I am facing problem in Xpath query i have written to access a button
162686 [jeff.darklig] Hows about giving us the error message you're getting ???

^ Problem running rails with oracle
162684 [fernand dim.] I am trying to run rails with Oracle9 on a Linux box. I have installed

^ help: trouble with ONLamp's cookbook tutorial / mysql
162688 [lewcio gmail] I haven't yet touched the tutorial app's code except to change the
162733 [curt.hibbs g] I'm not sure what's going on here. You could try running Instant Rails (
162766 [lewcio gmail] Excellent, that worked!
162772 [curt.hibbs g] Ahhh...
162773 [lewcio gmail] Oh, I didn't realize that Eclipse would have it's own version of Ruby.
162777 [curt.hibbs g] I don't know. I haven't yet used the RDT plugin for Eclipse. I keep meaning
162784 [deanwampler ] I haven't tried this yet, but I see that the Eclipse global
162789 [lewcio gmail] Right on, it's there.
162801 [curt.hibbs g] It should be InstantRails\ruby\bin\ruby.exe
162875 [lewcio gmail] You're right. I mistyped the path.

^ Getting IP addresses
162689 [mvette13 gma] Does anyone know how to get an ip address from within ruby? I would like to
162753 [zdennis mkte] irb -r socket
162754 [zdennis mkte] This answered your first question about your local system. The above
162758 [damphyr free] I guess he's behind a NAT firewall and wants to know the IP address on
162760 [zdennis mkte] I know you can use services like dyndns.org and no-ip.com to pick your
162770 [joel joelmwa] require 'open-uri'
+ 162774 [phil hagelb.] Sweet--it's a bit more portable than just pulling it out of
+ 162775 [zdennis mkte] Beautiful! To go with what Joel did...

^ Rinda and notifications example?
162694 [Alexander.J.] I really tried to find some examples on Rinda. There is exactly one
162781 [drbrain segm] Yes.

^ Ruby Weekly News 17th - 23rd October 2005
162705 [timsuth ihug] Ruby Weekly News 17th - 23rd October 2005
162729 [dave burt.id] Tim Sutherland...
+ 162731 [james graypr] Thank you both so much for the kind words!
| 162736 [curt.hibbs g] Yes, yes... this is absolutely well deserved -- keep up the good work!
+ 162813 [martindemell] 3.times { cheer }

^ [ANN] Rails 1.0 Release Candidate 3 (0.14.2): A bunch of little things
162707 [david.heinem] We've pushed out the third release candidate for 1.0 of Rails. This

^ sort on multiple attributes
162708 [flecktone gm] Just thought I'd write this to the list, since it wasn't immediately
+ 162710 [ruby.brian g] Or you can say
| 162712 [flecktone gm] nice!  thanks.  I had a feeling it could be improved.
+ 162711 [martindemell] tracklist.sort_by {|i| [i.artist, i.album, i.track_number] }
+ 162714 [bob.news gmx] Btw, IMHO you should not need track_number.to_i as they should really be
  162719 [flecktone gm] I agree - in this case I was playing around with making the most

^ Enumerable#build
162709 [martindemell] class Enumerable
+ 162717 [bob.news gmx] Looks good.  But,
| + 162778 [martindemell] Oops - yes, I was enthused about the idea and got sloppy with the
| | 162886 [bob.news gmx] What exactly do you mean by Addable?  Did I overlook something?  If you
| | 162897 [martindemell] I mean a collection of methods (like #populate) that rely on the
| + 162891 [drbrain segm] I think you have too much magic.
|   162893 [bob.news gmx] Is this good or bad? :-))
+ 162718 [sean.ohalpin] module Enumerable

^ Dramatic SPAM increase on RubyForge ML's
162728 [curt.hibbs g] I recently (within the last few days) increase in the volume of emails
+ 162735 [warrens actc] One alternative is the email encrypter at
| 162738 [curt.hibbs g] There are no links. I think someone just figured out that they can harverst
+ 162740 [tom infoethe] Hm... I'm not sure.  Let me poke around the Mailman configuration for a

^ gem error on 1.8.3 - Win32
162741 [peter.fitzgi] I am attempting a side-by-side install of ruby 1.8.3 on Win32.

^ Re: A comparison by example of keyword argument styles
162742 [eric_mahurin] Actually, I think the best way to do delegation would be to
+ 162744 [transfire gm] You'd be calling the method right then and there.
| 162749 [eric_mahurin] The "method" above is not meant to mean whatever method you
| 162752 [transfire gm] define_method(:foo,&obj.method(:bar).to_proc)
| 162757 [eric_mahurin] That's the ticket.  I thought &method would be the same as
| 162759 [nobu.nokada ] Yes, they are equivalent.
| 162763 [eric_mahurin] Sorry, I thought I tried this.  I guess not.  I falsely assumed
| 162889 [nobuyoshi.na] I meant that &foo calls foo.to_proc internally.
+ 162783 [daniel.schie] def foo(*args, &block)
  162948 [surrender_it] alias foo x.foo

^ Keeping the Sabbath (more thoughts on meta-coding)
162743 [transfire gm] Previously I entertained a Meta module, or using ObjectSpace for these
162922 [chneukirchen] Let's redefine #bind and #call. }:-)

^ Finding info about some kind of RAXB
162745 [aalvaradoh g] I'm finding info about the existence of some kind of "RAXB: Ruby API

^ SOAP4R fails
162761 [pertl gmx.or] Does anybody have a clue about this one?
162859 [nakahiro sar] What version of ruby (or soap4r) are you using?  simpleType support is

^ [ARTICLE] Monitoring network traffic with Ruby and Pcap
162762 [Daniel.Berge] A colleague of mine pointed this out to me, so I thought I would share it. :)

^ Nuby Array questions - each iterates nested arrays?
162764 [ed.howland g] a=[[1, 2, 3], [4, 5, 6]]
+ 162767 [pertl gmx.or] a.flatten.each { |x| p x}
| + 162768 [Daniel.Berge] Actually, it doesn't.  It just looks that way because of the way 'puts'
| + 162771 [pertl gmx.or] class Array
+ 162974 [markus stber] This does not happen, but the puts makes it seem so. What really

^ using mmap and narray for blinding numerical/io speed [WAS] Re: narray and the stdlib
162769 [Ara.T.Howard] require "mmap"

^ MySQL Ruby On Windows , Why?
162776 [zdennis mkte] Why does making the mysql-ruby .so suck so bad on windows? And for
162864 [phasis68 hot] Do you mean my posting
162866 [zdennis mkte] Thank you Park for responding. Tomorrow when I get to the office I am
162915 [zdennis mkte] I am running Windows 2k. I tried the solution that worked for you on
162927 [phasis68 hot] Didn't you remove the line
162991 [zdennis mkte] checking for mysql_query() in mysqlclient.lib... no
162995 [curt.hibbs g] Zach, I'm following this thread closely. I gave up trying to make the
163007 [zdennis mkte] Curt,

^ Trouble creating a SOAP client
162780 [wshaddix gma] charset="US-ASCII"
+ 162792 [mikkel gmail] extract the code into a simple class that are easy to test...
| 162812 [wshaddix gma] The same code translated to c# works fine. That's what leads me to believe
+ 162860 [nakahiro sar] Can I see a wiredump of the request?
  162939 [wshaddix gma] That helps. From the output, I was able to tell that the soap action was not
  163023 [nakahiro sar] OK.

^ Newbie: Unit testing a private method  with arguments
162788 [mli www.sheb] I'm somewhat new to ruby. and I want to unit test my methods. Since I
+ 162794 [drbrain segm] private unless $TESTING
| 162920 [chneukirchen] Wonderful trick, thanks a lot!
+ 162795 [pertl gmx.or] x.send(:bla, "my-argument")
+ 162930 [ dez mac.com] $ ri send

^ irb question - variable definitions when calling irb from a script problem
162793 [Nuralanur ao] Dear all,
162828 [florgro gmai] By default IRB.start starts the IRB instance in its new custom context

^ how private is private in ruby?
162802 [pertl gmx.or] Why is this allowed / possible?
+ 162805 [james graypr] It's true that there are many ways to bypass method scope.  Ruby
| 162809 [pertl gmx.or] not a big deal.. i pretty much enjoy the freedom of ruby!
| 162810 [dblack wobbl] There was a fairly huge thread not long ago on the matter of having
+ 162806 [ef alum.mit.] While it may or may not be a good idea that #send subverts access
| 162816 [rubyhacker g] Exactly right.
| 162821 [tanner.burso] That has got to be one of the best analogies I've read in a long, long time=
| 162824 [martindemell] Agreed! Though there goes our "come on, it's not exactly rocket science"
+ 162814 [jeremy bitsw] In current Ruby 1.9 you may not send private methods.  I don't know
  162825 [gene.tani gm] the other way to subvert private (or protected) declarations is to
  162830 [dblack wobbl] I don't think that has any effect.  You could, however, reopen the

^ gem - install to different bindir?
162819 [Ara.T.Howard] i have the following setup
162822 [jeremy bitsw] I have a similar multi-versioned Ruby install.  I move the gem-
162826 [Ara.T.Howard] an even simpler solution might be
162833 [jeremy bitsw] Ah, I see, we have different problems.  I want RubyGems to use the
162837 [Ara.T.Howard] you mean rubygems doesn't use rbconfig!?

^ MySQL 5 and Rails
162820 [se digitale-] now that MySQL 5 is out I wonder if anyone has tried it with Rails. I
162823 [jeremy bitsw] I have been testing against it for months with no trouble.
162852 [se digitale-] Good to know. Thanks Jeremy! I was curious if I would be able to migrate

^ nested def's
162827 [uval rz.uni-] I have some quick questions
+ 162831 [florgro gmai] When you are using def in another def you aren't defining a nested
+ 162832 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 162835 [uval rz.uni-] well, I played a little and found out that though b is def'ined within a
| 162838 [tanner.burso] And that's exactly what is happening. The only thing you change by nesting
+ 162843 [surrender_it] it has been possible for long time (I can't say "always" :)
+ 162870 [matz ruby-la] It's changed, but don't use.  Its behavior may change again in the

^ Simple regexp question
162846 [ruby-posting] I'm having trouble doing something with regular expressions in Ruby
162849 [warrenbrown ] Tom,

^ [GEM PATCH] allow gem to install bin file to different location
162855 [Ara.T.Howard] SYNOPSIS

^ gem bin stubs
162862 [Ara.T.Howard] when you install a program under ./bin/ using rubygems it wrappes the code in
162865 [drbrain segm] So you can load version 1.0.0 vs version 2.0.3 (for example).
162867 [Ara.T.Howard] hmm - i did read the source and see this - i just seems overkill since the app
162887 [drbrain segm] No.  We didn't even think of that.

^ Re: [RCR] Cut-based AOP
162863 [transfire gm] Yes. It is applicable to any class (and any module via proxy-cut).
162937 [ed.howland g] No problem, just something I've been thinking about. Brian Button (and
162941 [itsme213 hot] Yep, since DI is a very powerful mechanism for Unit Testing.
162967 [ed.howland g] So you are saying that AOP (or cuts here for example,) can be used to create

^ Newbie help: File searching and writing output to new file
162871 [drew.robinso] I've done a bit of searching through this group, and found some things
+ 162874 [daniels pron] Your problem in find_redir that you were opening the file for write for
+ 162896 [w_a_x_man ya] "file" is a string, the name of a file. It isn't a file handle.
  162903 [w_a_x_man ya] ruby -ne"puts $_ if /redir/" ex*.log >out.txt
  162904 [w_a_x_man ya] ruby -ne"print if /redir/" ex*.log >out.txt
  163042 [drew.robinso] Thanks very much Daniel and William, I will try Daniel's fix soon.
  163045 [drew.robinso] OK - William, you were right - the Dir[*.log].each statement only
  163051 [drew.robinso] Found the extra bit that takes file names and reads them. Obviously,
  163078 [daniels pron] eep. What he said. It seems I'll never learn to test my code before
  163080 [daniels pron] Bah, stupid mail mangling programs.

^ UNH.rb may soon become NewHaven.rb
162873 [gregory.t.br] As far as I know, the University of New Haven ruby group (UNH.rb) is
+ 162918 [runlevel7 gm] I'm not sure if there are any Ruby groups in the New Haven, CT area or
+ 162946 [gregory.t.br] The vote definitely looks like it is going to pass, I know of enough

^ Cleaner syntax for .map (is there already a way, or ruby2 idea?)
162876 [rm_rails che] I find that a bunch of my code looks like
+ 162877 [vjoel path.b] vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407
| 162882 [sylvain.joye] Very nice this one !
+ 162879 [dave burt.id] module Enumerable
+ 162894 [nobuyoshi.na] module Mappable
| + 162895 [bob.news gmx] module Enumerable
| | 162901 [martindemell] That is neat - I never thought of unifying map and mapx
| | 163169 [neoneye gmai] Maybe this can be useful?
| | 163357 [martindemell] I don't like that one, because it provides no visual distinction between
| + 162898 [sean.ohalpin] As always, there's something magical about your code! Unfortunately,
+ 162907 [transfire gm] require 'facets/enumerable/op_mod'
  163044 [nobuyoshi.na] I feel your "every" much cleaner than [*].
  + 163073 [dblack wobbl] I agree, visually, but I find both of the semantically opaque compared
  | 163103 [daniel.schie] module Enumerable
  | 163109 [daniel.schie] class Object
  | 163115 [dblack wobbl] If you must do this, you'd probably want each rather than map there.
  | + 163122 [daniel.schie] Nope. I wan't it to return an array of the values returned.
  | | 163123 [dblack wobbl] Oh right, never mind.
  | | 163145 [daniel.schie] That's of course a matter of taste, but I don't like single-letter
  | + 163132 [dave burt.id] There's nothing really wrong with them, but they are verbose in simple (and
  | | 163147 [dblack wobbl] I probably would say "element" at least twice in describing it to a
  | + 163150 [transfire gm] I sort-of agree. It's definitely a semantic we're not used to --using a
  + 163077 [zdennis mkte] So...

^ Detection of redirection, possible?
162881 [xrfang hotma] How can I detect a ruby program's stdio has been redirected? I would like to
+ 162888 [drbrain segm] $ ruby -e 'p $stdin.tty?'
+ 162890 [nobuyoshi.na] $stdin.gets if $stdin.tty?