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gem auto delete upon upgrade
161529 [tdjordan@gm ] Is there a way to configure gem to uninstall the previous
161547 [steve@wa ts ] gem install FOO
161638 [tdjordan@gm ] Thanks, that did it.

curl up gem to rubyforge
161534 [Ara.T.Howard] anyone out there figured out a way via curl, or otherwise, to automatically
+ 161536 [Daniel.Berge] Regards,
+ 161540 [halostatue@g] Yes. Look at the Rakefile for PDF::Writer. I'm using Aslak's code
  161580 [Ara.T.Howard] thanks much austin - i won't get to it for a few days - but i need it badly.

wxruby unfriendly to Ruby threads?
161537 [guslist@fr e] I have a GUI application with a bunch of threads proxying network
161582 [wink@sa il e] On my system running windows I need to redefine puts as below to flush
161712 [guslist@fr e] I am using net-ssh, which uses threads internally, so my count is only

Australian ruby jobs
161538 [cjwoodward@g] A quick question, are there any companies out there doing ruby (with
+ 161542 [assaph@gm il] .... for general commiseration about the lack of Ruby jobs downunder :-)
| + 161544 [lyndon.samso] I'm using ruby in my day job, but its not a ruby job per-se.
| + 161548 [infocommon@g] You can also check http://Jobs.Rubynow.com, I think  there were a few
+ 161554 [no.spam@pl a] I introduced Ruby at ManageSoft (Melbourne) for use in code generators.
  161561 [matt@te hn r] Since it looks like you have a bogus email address, I'll reply to the
  161633 [no@sp m. le ] Sorry about that, but I assumed you'd enter "ManageSoft Melbourne jobs"

Ruby on Rails version of osCommerce in PHP?
161564 [petermichaux] I'm just new to Ruby but after only a few hours I can see that I want
+ 161786 [petermichaux] Anyone interested in joining a new open source project to write this? I
| + 161797 [snacktime@gm] ...
| + 162294 [corey.ssf.la] ...
| | 162305 [rampant@gm i] Isn't that for-free with Rails?
| | + 162398 [dave@bu t. d] Sort of. It's not fool-proof, though, especially if you use big magical
| | | 162531 [corey.ssf.la] ...
| | + 162530 [corey.ssf.la] ...
| |   162538 [petermichaux] What parts do you think stand out as not rails-friendly?
| |   162608 [corey.ssf.la] ...
| |   162613 [paul.vaillan] Per what a number of others have discussed, auditing/triggers are
| |   162787 [petermichaux] Here is David Heinemeier Hanson's thoughts about why it is best to keep
| |   162798 [halostatue@g] As much as I respect David's work on Rails, he can't be more wrong on
| |   + 162807 [snacktime@gm] ...
| |   | 162817 [jeremy@bi sw] As far as I can tell, you have a moot point: David assumes the
| |   | 162912 [halostatue@g] That's why, in part, I put the caveat in there. I still think that his
| |   + 162851 [paul.vaillan] David's argument is for a single-app database, because he doesn't
| |     162913 [halostatue@g] Ah ... but at that point, in many ways, he's wrong. The moment you have
| |     + 162936 [paul.vaillan] I can certainly agree with foreign key constraints; where possible
| |     | 162940 [corey.ssf.la] ...
| |     | 162972 [paul.vaillan] You can always plug a BI type system (Crystal, Hyperion, etc) into a db
| |     + 162977 [david.heinem] To quote from the article (especially the "my opinions are confined to
| |       163006 [halostatue@g] On 10/27/05, David Heinemeier Hansson <david.heinemeier@gmail.com>
| |       163011 [david.heinem] On the notion of foreign keys, let this serve as an open invitation to
| |       163069 [botp@de mo t] David Heinemeier Hansson [mailto:david.heinemeier@gmail.com]
| |       163096 [david.heinem] Foreign keys work just fine with Active Record, they're just not
| |       163100 [botp@de mo t] David Heinemeier Hansson [mailto:david.heinemeier@gmail.com]
| |       163171 [xmlblog@gm i] WRT osCommerce or any other call to action to build an app... it's been
| |       163174 [david.heinem] I too believe this dichotomy to have a strong correlation to failure
| |       163248 [botp@de mo t] xmlblog (Christian Romney) [mailto:xmlblog@gmail.com]
| + 162403 [joevandyk@gm] I think it's better to extract a framework from an existing store,
|   162510 [petermichaux] This is what I want to do. I'm planning on building a demo store that
|   162512 [petermichaux] Unless you by "existing" you mean one that exists today. If you mean
+ 162314 [otanuki@gm i] There is the rubyforge.org
+ 162791 [petermichaux] There seem to be people interested in a project something like

Re: Cut-based AOP
161569 [transfire@gm] side
161994 [dave@bu t. d] I've just finished catching up on this thread (phew!) and you do make a good
162072 [transfire@gm] Had to give this some thought. Mu immediate conjecture is that it must
162342 [transfire@gm] I thought about this some but I don't understand what you mean. How ill
+ 162436 [daniel.schie] I can't see why there *shouldn't* be multi-inheritance for cuts, unless
| 162616 [transfire@gm] That's a conceivable notation, but it's NOT multi-inheritance --we're
+ 162525 [chneukirchen] Usually, you want to share a container and it's use between several
+ 197129 [rubynewbie@g] ...
  197145 [halostatue@g] I have yet to need AOP in Ruby. Of any sort.
  + 197199 [daniel.schie] I think AOP is just what we need. Currently, it's difficult to combine
  | + 197207 [daniel.schie] That should of course be `previous(block.call(value))'...
  | + 197230 [halostatue@g] I don't.
  |   197233 [daniel.schie] Then I guess we disagree.
  + 197236 [transfire@gm] Well, saying that is sort-of like programming Turbo Pascal in the 80's
    + 197238 [toalett@gm i] Well, you could just go Functional Programming All the Way (tm). Not
    | 197832 [znmeb@ce ma ] Hmmm ... pure functional programming? I could live with that. :)
    + 197239 [garbagecat10] ...
    | 197248 [transfire@gm] One can argue the merits (or lack there-of) of AOP all you want. But I
    | + 197252 [rubynewbie@g] ...
    | | 197255 [halostatue@g] 1. Cut-based AOP for Ruby is neither alive nor dead. Matz has neither
    | + 197253 [halostatue@g] Excuse me. I didn't say that others don't need AOP. I said that *I*
    | | 197260 [rubynewbie@g] ...
    | | + 197266 [halostatue@g] I like to think I do, at least. I will freely admit that I don't "get"
    | | | + 197269 [djberg96@gm ] What about taking this concept and applying it to the great Unicode debate?
    | | | + 197291 [pollak@gm il] ...
    | | + 197280 [eric.mahurin] Here is a way to get 99% of this cut-based AOP thing (that is
    | |   + 197285 [transfire@gm] Try reading some back posts. This has been proposed countless times.
    | |   | 197287 [halostatue@g] If it takes two years of studying to "get" AOP, then I definitely *do
    | |   | + 197298 [transfire@gm] Ha ha! You're funny Austin. It took over 20 years for OOP to gain
    | |   | | 197310 [halostatue@g] Yes and no. OOP's biggest problem to adoption was not the concepts
    | |   | | 197337 [transfire@gm] Okay, then. I will try to explain my view of why AOP may well be a very
    | |   | + 197303 [Stephen.L.Mo] For what it's worth (not much), I'll share my perspective on this.  At
    | |   + 197288 [rubynewbie@g] ...
    | + 197262 [garbagecat10] ...
    + 197251 [halostatue@g] Nice article. It is, as a follow-up message said, the best

Check it Out!
161577 [nikool29@ya ] Friend,

Escaping single quotes in SQL queries
161584 [lists@ka am ] message_num = '1'
+ 161588 [ysantoso-rub] This is prone to sql injection attack. Consider using
| 161764 [lists@ka am ] That did the trick, thanks Yohanes and Jamis!
+ 161589 [jamis@37 ig ] message_text = SQLite3::Database.quote("This won't work")

Agile Web Development with Rails Book
161598 [cyx.ucron@gm] i just like to ask if the book is up to date with the current / latest
161967 [phurley@gm i] The book is up to date, there have been a few additions to Rails since
161982 [rictic@gm il] ...
161984 [rictic@gm il] *Does the book _cover_ the latest features...
161989 [zdennis@mk e] no, the agile web development with rails book does cover things like
+ 161991 [steve@wa ts ] s/does/does not/ ?
| 161992 [zdennis@mk e] yeah my bad, that is *does not*
| 161999 [cyx.ucron@gm] thanks for the feedback. *off to buy the book* :)
+ 163835 [dave@pr gp o] Not yet. I'm waiting for things to settle down a tad, and then will
  163837 [jeremy@bi sw] Wow -- way above the call of duty.  Thanks Dave!
  164588 [jeffrey.dik@] I agree.  That's truly awesome.

REXML escaping seems broken
161603 [trejkaz@gm i] Part of the point of using a library to build up a DOM and output it,
161677 [nicksieger@g] ...
161765 [trejkaz@gm i] Yeah, I know that the API docs say that it doesn't escape known

log4r problems under FreeBSD
161604 [johan.nilsso] I've tried mailing the lead developer of log4r for this problems a couple of

[Way, Way OT] Re: How to hire a rubyist?
161605 [zedshaw@ze s] * Swimming across the Amazon to help some lepers: 0 dollars.
161629 [halostatue@g] You know, this is getting *way* off topic, but both commentaries on

Ruby Weekly News 10th - 16th October 2005
161606 [timsuth@ih g] Ruby Weekly News 10th - 16th October 2005

database.yaml config for DB2 (and other DBMSs..)
161607 [sjallard@gm ] I'd like to test Rails with a DB2 database. I thought that a web page
161612 [sjallard@gm ] Then, "RUBY SCRIPT/GENERATE MODEL TABLE_NAME"

[OT] Keyboard nightmare (was Re: Can't type {, }, [ or ] in irb)
161611 [damphyr@fr e] Oh yeah, the placement of {} and /,\,[] on any keyboard other than the
+ 161620 [mrkode@gm il] ...
+ 161681 [robin@ni or ] The placement of these and other special characters is also very well
  161725 [christophe.g] I personally very much like the placement of special characters on my
  161732 [mrkode@gm il] ...

All What You Are Looking For And Mor ...
161616 [savatage4eve] Here http://s14.invisionfree.com/SaVaTaGe4eVeR/

Problems with RNA
161623 [r_mueller@im] I try to use the RNA Code Generator by Jack Herrington. but i get this error

Ruby speakers needed
161624 [bogomil@sp s] We just issued call for papers for our annual conference about www

Ruby 1.8.3/HP-UX/[BUG] Bus Error
161625 [tad.bochan@b] Just had Ruby 1.8.3 installed on our HP-UX box, and it seems to be
165305 [kero@ch ll .] Hardly.

Reflection, observ(er|able) instance vars?
161631 [hgs@dm .a .u] I have an object for which equality tests take a long time, and I
161678 [ef@al m. it ] I think the simplest solution it to define your own attribute writer
+ 161694 [hgs@dm .a .u] If only I could add it to object.  I've tried, but _Why's metastuff
| 161761 [transfire@gm] Use Module, or better yet your own mixin. And just do the class eval
| + 161789 [daniels@pr n] Problem with the == method you defined is that hash equality != object
| | 161807 [hgs@dm .a .u] Yes, I'd spotted that and was going to take that into account.
| | + 162015 [sean.ohalpin] # file 1: compare def vs block method call overhead
| | + 162016 [transfire@gm] Daniel makes some fair points, but there's nothing wrong with using
| + 161806 [hgs@dm .a .u] That's very nice! :-)
+ 162013 [sean.ohalpin] You meant

[SUMMARY] Lost Cities (#51)
161644 [james@gr yp ] There's nothing too tough in this quiz, but it turned out to be pretty time

Re: Rails 1.0: Release Candidate 2
161647 [botp@de mo t] #The release of 1.0 is near upon us! It has been a long time in the

Weird Rails | Rake | Gems Error
161663 [james@gr yp ] I'm seeing the strangest error this morning.  Does the following
+ 161665 [james@gr yp ] $ rake migrate
| 161674 [jamis@37 ig ] Can you run it with --trace enabled?
| 161698 [james@gr yp ] Thanks for trying to help here, I believe I fixed this issue.
+ 161672 [jamis@37 ig ] It looks like you might need to 'require "time"' somewhere (config/
  161713 [james@gr yp ] After spending half a day hunting this down, I can tell you it's

[ANN] radp 1.0 - Ruby Asterisk Dial Plan generator
161686 [fugalh@gm il] With many thanks to Jim Weirich for his excellent presentation[1]

module-based AOP (was Re: [RCR] Cut-based AOP)
161688 [eric_mahurin] Trans/Peter,
161714 [transfire@gm] Given the implementation of proxy-cuts, it is basically the exact same
161719 [eric_mahurin] So, let's start with the simple preclude/wrap module concept.
161741 [calamitates@] It's obvious that you don't like cuts (you've stated such before). That's

Ruby on Rails Agile role
161689 [grant.bodie@] I am looking for 2 Software Engineers with a Java / Python / Ruby

Removing a class for good from ObjectSpace
161691 [csshsh@gm il] Is there a way to remove a class for good from the ObjectSpace? I
+ 161721 [david@va ln ] Might be a tad bit too tricky, AFAIK, classes are more or less global
+ 161734 [leavengood@g] class Module
  161824 [csshsh@gm il] When I simply remove the class using remove_const it will still be
  161865 [pbrannan@at ] I think this is the same or a similar issue the Rails guys were dealing
  161876 [csshsh@gm il] class Bar
  161892 [pbrannan@at ] Your test looks odd to me.  First you create Foo.  Next you destroy it with
  161900 [csshsh@gm il] Yup, but I want that only one Foo class inheriting from Bar is found
  + 161903 [sera@fh an .] Object.send :remove_const, :Foo
  | 161905 [pbrannan@at ] $ irb-1.9
  + 161908 [pbrannan@at ] Do not depend on the garbage collector's behavior in this way.

experimenting with gems
161692 [printdude196] I have an XP Pro box and installed ruby182-15.  No problems ... yet
161696 [hgs@dm .a .u] That's the problem.  It's designed for people using Ruby from the
161702 [printdude196] It all works fine from a command prompt.

wsdl2ruby.rb (SOAP4R) generator not working properly
161711 [lgalea@gm so] I'm trying to run wsdl2ruby.rb against an WSDL and I'm getting a
161758 [m.sakurai@dr] I met the same trouble. Then, replacing "soapenc:string" by
161962 [nakahiro@sa ] Thanks, Luke and Masashi, for taking the time to file about this problem.
162185 [m.sakurai@dr] I downloaded wsdl2ruby.rb and checked.  The latest wsdl2ruby.rb read

[OT] New Language
161715 [jim@fr ez .o] I think I am going to start a new language, just so
161717 [tim@ve et .a] Not to mention all the puns available for when you "freeze" the
161718 [james_b@ne r] Call the language "Frozen"
+ 161728 [dblack@wo bl] And a bit britt-le.
| 161731 [rascal1182@g] Of course, considering you are creating the language just to spite
| 161735 [leavengood@g] And many would complain you robbed other languages for the cool
| + 161739 [martindemell] And criticise you for not leavengood enough alone.
| | 161745 [tom@in oe he] At yeast the language wouldn't be unleavened.
| | 161746 [binary42@gm ] This thread has gone too far. I can't cope with it anymore.
| | + 161749 [leavengood@g] ROFL. And I thought you guys would have a tough time adding my name to the joke!
| | + 161750 [ruby-ml@ma i] It makes your brian hurt? Not to worry, it will likely be gone
| | + 161864 [gavin@re in ] I'm brian' to come up with a good pun, but failing mitchellably.
| |   161881 [tom@in oe he] At least you're gavin some fun, though!
| |   161948 [mailing-list] I kind of wish that this thread would be as quiet as a tom-b.
| |   161969 [twifkak@co c] I truwei bulleve this thread needs to come to an end.
| + 161740 [james_b@ne r] But all you need is ten or 'leven good features.
| + 161743 [ezra@ya im h] Of course if you didn't end up using it Ryan, one could say that you
+ 161747 [adam@ta ew r] ...

java.awt.Robot functionality in Ruby?
161736 [ljr2600@gm i] I'm a solid Java programmer, who recently came across ruby and liked
+ 161742 [christophe.g] ri is a documentation viewer that is shipped with Ruby itself. Just type
+ 161744 [collinsj@se ] -Justin
+ 161766 [dave.burt@gm] Well done for recognizing that the tool is going to be
+ 161820 [hgs@dm .a .u] Hugh
  162055 [rictic@gm il] Another source of libraries: http://rubyforge.org/

Fun with function definitions
161737 [chucky@dt k.] Me and a friend realised earlier today that this is actually a legal
+ 161768 [wmwilson01@g] That's pretty interesting.  It makes for some interesting recursion too :)
| 161770 [wmwilson01@g] Err nevermind... that's just not unusual at all...
+ 161809 [mail@s- ol t] irb(main):027:0> foo def foo(o); o+'o'; end || foo('f')

Re: Cut-based AOP
161752 [transfire@gm] What do you want to say? There are a number of Dependency Injection
+ 161754 [the.mindstor] Most probably my comments are missinterpretted. I am not trying to argue the value behind the RCR.
| + 161760 [transfire@gm] I have already agreed. We are not promising the world. Like I said we
| | 161762 [the.mindstor] #: Trans changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  10/21/2005 1:16 AM :#
| | 161781 [leavengood@g] I have tried to follow along on this *very long* and verbose thread,
| | 161799 [the.mindstor] #: Ryan Leavengood changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  10/21/2005 6:35 AM :#
| | 161847 [transfire@gm] Yes it does introduce the keyword cut. We have examined source and
| | 161855 [transfire@gm] Sorry for the delay steve. Mnay questions...
| + 161884 [lukfugl@gm i] How about this?
|   161909 [transfire@gm] Nice "plunge into the foray" Jacob! I bet if you worked Binding into
|   161910 [transfire@gm] I concur. "our" would be right.
+ 161755 [transfire@gm] I should probably be saying "We" here, rather than "I", though I do not