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EuRuKo 2005 Videos: Assistance Wanted
160952 [schween@sn f] I am in the process of putting online the videos of EuRuKo 2005 and set up a

Re: rcairo 1.0.0
160954 [kibleur.chri] I've installed cairo and rcairo on Ubuntu and none of the examples in
161020 [kou@co mi ng] Thanks! :)
161022 [kibleur.chri] Thanks a lot Kou, I'll investigate that way...maybe in the different

Class/Method Filename
160967 [evronm@dt in] Hey All,
+ 160971 [halostatue@g] Not really, for a class, since classes are open. Methods can be
+ 160976 [christophe.g] The problem is that classes in Ruby are open: they can be extended, even
  161024 [evronm@dt in] Thanks for the responses, they make a lot of sense.  However, I still
  + 161030 [lyndon.samso] ...
  | 161048 [gene.tani@gm] You could use
  + 161146 [leavengood@g] class Class
    161177 [evronm@dt in] Thanks for all the help, folks.  Great stuff.  I'm psyched to know that

new article (not one of mine)
160974 [pat.eyler@gm] Sockets programming with Ruby.
161001 [jason.sweat@] From the url I thought there was going to be a Wizard of Oz style

Re RubyConf for Stragglers
160986 [ezra@ya im -] Hey lists-
160987 [sean.ohalpin] And a big thanks to you for organizing this.
160994 [wilsonb@gm i] Cool. Did anyone happen to record/transcribe the Rails workshop? I was

A couple of questions/statements from a Ruby neohacker
160989 [me@da eb tt ] I started my programming career off with PHP and ColdFusion. I loved the
+ 160998 [james@gr yp ] We generally use snake_case for methods and variables and CamelCase
+ 161004 [cyclists@nc ] Koichi gave a presentation about YARV at the Ruby Conference this past
+ 161034 [christophe.g] Classes/modules are in CamelCase, methods are with_underscores. For the rest, I
| 161035 [bob.news@gm ] Well, that's probably because you got used to it.  But there are more
| + 161038 [sean.ohalpin] Off the top of my head, here are some unixisms present (though they
| | 161040 [christophe.g] In this case, it's just a library, and one that is *very* useful in Unix. To me
| | 161045 [sean.ohalpin] Sure - as I said, I'm not complaining (though it would be nice to have
| + 161039 [christophe.g] And? Are there some that aren't?
|   161049 [bob.news@gm ] I'm not so sure: the history of this list / ng has shown that this issue
|   + 161051 [christophe.g] And it has also shown that many people agree with the convention as I have
|   | 161056 [bob.news@gm ] Certainly.  And compatibility would suffer.  Agreed.
|   | 161066 [kballard@gm ] You do know that there exists a Hash#merge! as well, which Hash#update
|   + 161069 [hutch@re ur ] This has been debated for years. I'll make a suggestion near the
|     161088 [christophe.g] Indeed.
|     161107 [hutch@re ur ] You might be right. I don't know that the two marker idea would be
+ 161079 [halostatue@g] (Attributed to various people over the years.) There are definite

How do you write an equality method?
160992 [dcorbin@ma h] Without getting into the details of which equality method (eql?, equal?, ==),
+ 160996 [james@gr yp ] class Foo
+ 161012 [james_b@ne r] What would make two objects 'equal' ?
+ 161488 [groups@gr nd] If Foo-class objects are the same if they have the same color . . .

Beer & Pizza SIG; 8 pm, 10/26, San Francisco, CA, USA
161002 [rdm@cf l. om] [ Because some SF Bay Area Rubyists and Railers don't hang out on
+ 161015 [vjoel@pa h. ] The Monsters only play in Monster Park (formerly Candlestick ;) and
+ 161017 [vjoel@pa h. ] If the food is good, maybe we can design them a better web site (even I

Class method aliasing
161006 [hutch@re ur ] I'd like to confirm that I cannot use any kind of aliasing to tidy up
+ 161008 [Ara.T.Howard] class Module
+ 161009 [sean.ohalpin] [snip example - see below]
| 161011 [sean.ohalpin] Though maybe class_function isn't the right name. Perhaps
+ 161036 [bob.news@gm ] module Helper
  161053 [hutch@re ur ] Thanks! I think a variation of Ara's and Sean's suggestion with
  161175 [ruby-ml@ma i] You can automate things a bit (thanks to bitsweat for helping me find

RubyConf 2005 Slides Hosted
161021 [ryand-ruby@z] If your presentation is not on there, please get it to me and I'll

Rails: Error Trace Page not showing
161023 [benjamin.n.l] So when I had syntax errors in my view/controllers before, it would
161025 [rictic@gm il] That may be an error of a different kind, encountered earlier in than
161033 [benjamin.n.l] Thanks for the reply,

Question about releasing open source pieces
161026 [hubrix@gm il] ...
+ 161041 [dido.sevilla] If your aim in releasing these tools is to make a name for yourselves
+ 161080 [meta@po ox c] Unless you plan to release many projects, I'd put it on RubyForge.

161027 [thegreat_lov] You are invited to join www.liveboard.8my.com

REXML - preserve comments?
161029 [itsme213@ho ] Does REXML preserve comments in the source XML? How does one access
161063 [kballard@gm ] I haven't checked, but my guess is that yes, REXML preserves comments

ANN: ParseTree 1.4.0 Released
161032 [ryand-ruby@z] ParseTree version 1.4.0 has been released!
161062 [kballard@gm ] Sounds very cool, but do you have any examples of practical
161086 [pat.eyler@gm] Ryan has also shown off an ABC metric code analyzer, most recently at
161087 [pat.eyler@gm] doh!

Ruby Bounties
161042 [danieljohnle] I am the president and founder of my university Computing Society (
161148 [curt.hibbs@g] ...

Unit testing an each function
161043 [peter@se an ] I am testing a new class I have written that has an each method, how do
+ 161059 [james@gr yp ] I've done it that way before.  If you mix in Enumerable you can also
+ 161061 [kballard@gm ] That sounds fine to me. What's wrong with that method?
  161064 [peter@se an ] At the moment the source for the tests looks like poetry, very terse and
  161090 [kballard@gm ] I'm not quite sure what you would want that line to do. Can you give an
  161098 [peter@se an ] Sort of like this (trivial example)
  + 161105 [james@gr yp ] If you know there's going to be Enumerable objects in there, perhaps
  | 161110 [peter@se an ] It's no great hardship it is just that I was taken aback when
  | 161112 [james@gr yp ] I still recommend a change.  If you are always meant to iterator two
  | 161113 [simon.kroege] does this look more natural to you?
  + 161116 [kballard@gm ] Huh, that's an interesting idea. Lets see if we can get it to work.
    161122 [kballard@gm ] ary = %w{a list of words goes here}
    161128 [kballard@gm ] class EnumerableProxy < Object
    161131 [peter@se an ] Thanks for that, quite an education in that code.
    161152 [kballard@gm ] Ok, here's a new version. It now generalizes the wrapping, so it's
    161205 [leavengood@g] It looks interesting, but I think you are replicating the work done by
    161226 [kballard@gm ] Hrm, interesting, but that doesn't really shed much light on what
    161229 [kballard@gm ] Hrm, I just discovered that Enumerable::Enumerator already exists
    + 161236 [kballard@gm ] And again, I reply to myself. I don't know why I didn't think of this
    + 161239 [james@gr yp ] I believe James Britt said he had a copy of the docs but couldn't see
      + 161246 [kballard@gm ] Do you think what I built here is worth packaging up into a gem?
      | 161258 [james@gr yp ] standard library.)
      | 161304 [kballard@gm ] Not really. Generator basically gives you external iterators which you
      | + 161306 [ruby-ml@ma i] Please do! This idiom is an improvement over dbrock's foo.each {.succ}
      | | 161307 [ruby-ml@ma i] Whoops, sent too soon! I was going to continue to say that while this is
      | + 161314 [ruby.brian@g] I'd understand this
      |   161316 [pit@ca it in] With the famous
      |   161323 [ruby.brian@g] Thats interesting pit. Thank you. Though I'm quite shure I'd never use
      + 161254 [james_b@ne r] Well, no.  What I said was, "There had been an older version on them on
        161366 [james@gr yp ] Thank you.  I'm sure it will help many people.
        161381 [kballard@gm ] But then that interferes with the ability to do
        161483 [ruby.brian@g] Just wanted to state that on second reading of this thread it again
        161654 [kballard@gm ] Except that (1..100).reject doesn't return an array at all unless a
        161657 [ruby.brian@g] it is clear that reject without a block does not work, it was more a
        161851 [kballard@gm ] I understand your disturbance, but the syntax you propose makes the
        161997 [ruby.brian@g] Sorry, I do not see a better syntax. But I have to admit that I have
        162041 [kballard@gm ] Yes, that is what the construct means. Each successive call is one
        162042 [ruby-ml@ma i] @some_array.each.each.each {|i| puts i}

rails install problems (SuSE 9.2)
161044 [anna@an al n] I'm having some problem with installing rails on SuSE 9.2 Linux. The problem
+ 161046 [jf.web3@gm i] Rails 0.13.1 has a compatibility pb with Ruby 1.8.3 because Logger
| 161057 [anna@an al n] Thanks Jean-Fran?ois, I'll give that a try.
| 161108 [anna@an al n] That's sorted it.  They don't call it the bleeding edge for nothing.
+ 161166 [rbazinet@gm ] Check this out - http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/2245. I had the same

Ruby On Rails, NoMethodError 'rewrite'
161047 [pbarry@th ug] Good day,
161082 [jqshenker@gm] Try the Rails list:http://lists.rubyonrails.org/mailman/listinfo/rails

Win32API and GetFileVersionInfo
161050 [jim.peak@gm ] I searched the whole web in order to find answers to my questions
+ 161068 [phasis@bc in] You can use memcpy.
+ 161140 [dooby@d1 .k ] This may be similar to Park Heesob's solution since I learned
  161156 [jim.peak@gm ] Wow, thanks a lot, that'll be very useful!

tk - canvas accessing color for each pixel
161052 [ed.redman@da] I would like to access and change the color of any pixel on a Tk/canvas.
161126 [nagai@ai ky ] A canvas widget doesn't support to access per pixel.

Instance and class variable assignment
161058 [daniel.schie] I know this has been suggested before, but the only reason for rejection
+ 161060 [kballard@gm ] options = Hash.new
+ 161074 [christophe.g] My eyes!!! >*_*<
  + 161083 [halostatue@g] Yes. Matz doesn't like it. ;) (And I agree with Christophe -- my eyes! ;)
  | 161089 [daniel.schie] Bollocks :(
  | 161094 [halostatue@g] It's a bit of an oversimplification to simply say that Matz doesn't
  + 161111 [hutch@re ur ] And what are the binding rules?

Ruby and  Eclipse
161065 [carl.asman@g] I wanted to be a unfaithful to my emacs and try the Ruby plugin for
+ 161071 [aurelianocal] I've tried succesfully the eclipse ruby plug-in in eclipse 3.1 and
+ 161072 [peter@se an ] Other than a large download (50Mb if I recall), installing eclipse 3.1
  + 161084 [carl.asman@g] Thanks for the quick replies folks.
  | + 161091 [carl.asman@g] It worked wonderful in Eclipse 3.1.1
  | + 161092 [peter@se an ] No you just download and unzip eclipse 3.1 and put it where you want it
  |   161097 [carl.asman@g] Eclipse refuses to find any hosts, I suspect that the firewall is
  + 161099 [daryl@br nd ] You don't want to unzip it into /eclipse, put it in /eclipse/plugins and
    161104 [belorion@gm ] ...
    161120 [zdennis@mk e] You may be able to work around this, if you have ssh access to the sftp
    161127 [tanner.burso] ...
    + 161134 [jeff.darklig] #1 - 0.5 of the RDT was built for Eclipse 3.0 and works fine.
    + 161143 [zdennis@mk e] Eclipse is funny about file locking, I know I tried to run Eclipse
      161235 [dandrew.thom] ...

Has anyone written or is working on a constraint/scheduler/dependancy calculator?
161073 [alang@cr no ] Basically a time-based constraint+dependancy+interval scheduler to be

apache2 / ruby question
161076 [ralph@lk lk ] I can get apache2 to execute .rbx files, but I can't get it to execute .rb files. Here is

161093 [daniel.schie] Tell me if this is stupid. I'm sure there's a simpler and faster way to
+ 161095 [halostatue@g] I don't think it's what you want. I won't call it stupid, but note that
| 161189 [eric_mahurin] To elaborate a little more, I think the normal time to think
+ 161102 [kballard@gm ] Austin's post answers your question, but I'd just like to point out
+ 161114 [hutch@re ur ] No, not stupid. Why do you want to know that?
  161141 [daniel.schie] Let's just say I have a history of proposing silly things :)

How do you break out of a server.accept loop?
161096 [ralph@lk lk ] This works, but I don't know how to get out of the loop. I'm running this on windows xp.
+ 161100 [Daniel.Berge] Put "Thread.new { loop { sleep 0.01 } }" somewhere near the top of your program.
+ 161103 [bob.news@gm ] You can for example write an event handler that throws an exception in the
+ 161320 [pit@ca it in] Try CTRL-BREAK.

ruby on rails integration with j2ee
161106 [ittay.dror@g] I'm starting to look at ruby-on-rails, and while it sounds like a great
+ 161118 [zdennis@mk e] I would think you would need to have your Controller's call the rmi or
+ 161123 [tomwilcoxen@] You should look into sails or trails for java. You are really going to
  161190 [ittay.dror@g] also http://www.jboss.com/products/seam
  161192 [tanner.burso] ...

gem versioning confusion
161117 [Ara.T.Howard] 6.5 Examples
+ 161136 [halostatue@g] I personally never release at less than 0.1.0, and often higher than
+ 161372 [jim@we ri hh] Ok, point taken.
  161391 [Ara.T.Howard] thanks for the reply jim.  don't get me wrong - i'm not just trying to be
  + 161587 [jim@we ri hh] No problem ... I really do appreciate the feedback.
  + 161653 [kballard@gm ] The only thing I heard that "a version back" was the way to go was Rake

Expression Interpolation from input "template string"?
161121 [peter.fitzgi] I have a set of "template messages" from a database table that I want
161137 [warrenbrown@] Peter,
161142 [peter.fitzgi] That's stinkin amazing!
+ 161153 [warrenbrown@] Peter,
+ 161155 [kballard@gm ] %{} is the same as "", it's just a different form. And you can use
  161171 [sean.ohalpin] I agree - there are too many gotchas with a roll-your-own string

[OT] gmail double-msg from myself ?
161124 [peter.fitzgi] gmail'ers out there, I'm getting double-msgs from myself wehn I post
161130 [jeff.darklig] Peter,
+ 161160 [discordantus] Except that gmail didn't always do that. It used to hide the "sent"
| 161161 [ehames@gm il] I also thought it was very cool, but I also realised that it's harder
| 161163 [jeff.darklig] For me, I've never seen gmail hide my sent ... but, i guess that
+ 161613 [rasputnik@gm] So why does it only happen on these two lists?
  161860 [lukfugl@gm i] Some/many mailing lists are setup such that the post is not copied to

Strange error: QtRuby and AR (sqlite3)
161129 [fugalh@gm il] I'm developing a recipe app for my wife using ActiveRecord (with
161157 [lukfugl@gm i] Having the luxury of access to Hans' development environment, I
161169 [fugalh@gm il] Thanks again, Jacob. I know some of you are going to ask, so here's the
161284 [Richard_Dale] It's possible that this has already been fixed in the version of QtRuby that
161286 [fugalh@gm il] That would be 1.0.10 right? I tried that one (on my mac) and had

RDT article in Slashdot [was Re: Ruby and Eclipse]
161150 [ehames@gm il] "One of the main limiting factors to widespread development in Ruby is
161315 [ruby@gm il c] ...
161334 [ruby@gm il c] ...

Question about WEBrick console logging
161151 [taria@th -a ] I'm writing a WEBrick server that I want to output some status
+ 161195 [ruby-talk@wh] The *other* stuff is the access log.  You can suppress it by assigning
+ 161200 [leavengood@g] The things you see are logged by the access log. By passing an empty

Regexp problem for template language
161158 [tobias.luetk] I showed this to a few people during rubyconf but couldn't find a good
+ 161162 [sean.ohalpin] require 'test/unit'
| 161164 [sean.ohalpin] I made a mistake in the revised regex - it shouldn't have the +
+ 161167 [kballard@gm ] If you want between {{ }} variables, shouldn't that second branch of
  161172 [tobias.luetk] I omitted the {{ }} search from the regexp for this example, the
  161173 [sean.ohalpin] require 'test/unit'

The Ruby Way to build an object unless nil?
161176 [peter.fitzgi] def mymethod
+ 161178 [kballard@gm ] def mymethod
| + 161181 [peter.fitzgi] Thank you Kevin.  I knew I was missing the obvious.
| + 161191 [gwtmp01@ma .] module Kernel
|   161201 [sean.ohalpin] Nice, but your example is no different to
+ 161179 [jeff@op nd m] This could be accomplished using a recursive method. It is more resource
+ 161182 [halostatue@g] def mymethod(a = nil)
| 161187 [jeremy@bi sw] I like that when I'm only concerned with the final value (e.g. in an
+ 161194 [CodeSlapper@] class NilClass
| 161196 [kballard@gm ] While that certainly works, I would advise not doing that. The problem
| + 161199 [CodeSlapper@] Well, IF you actually want to debug... true... it could cause some
| + 161214 [eric_mahurin] I also think you shouldn't overload the semantics of "nil"
| + 161279 [john.carter@] Yes yes we have had this on out all before... The answer is nil is
+ 161257 [dbatml@gm .d] def mymethod
+ 161271 [john.carter@] class NilObject
| 161272 [john.carter@] Sorry, that should be NilClass
+ 161436 [netghost@gm ] Not quite a direct response, but the ||= idiom is also handy for these