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[RFC] Ruby/TkORCA (Ruby/Tk on RFB Canvas)
160371 [nagai@ai ky ] I requested for comments about the framework of Ruby/Tk + VNC
160374 [botp@de mo t] #The address of the test server is not change.
160382 [nagai@ai ky ] Oh, sorry. The demo doesn't need any password.

Re: Ruby for Rose RealTime v0.2.0
160375 [Paul.McArdle] fresh off the net

Re: [bulk]: Re: Can this be usefull?
160377 [r_mueller@im] thanks for the fix.

threading in win32
160379 [ null@vo d. ] I have a TK app.  On a button presses, I call a windows copy command
+ 160390 [Ara.T.Howard] i think reading from pipes should not block the whole process in windows, at
| 160405 [ null@vo d. ] Everything works for fine when cmd = "tree C:\ /F". The text area is
| 160421 [Ara.T.Howard] it hangs.  but this is no fault of ruby - it is some crappy detail of copy
| 160437 [ null@vo d. ] This works, but my problem is I was using 'copy' as an example, b/c I
+ 160404 [Ara.T.Howard] i just found this lying around - i thought i'd messed with it before - it runs

[SUMMARY] Text Image (#50)
160381 [james@gr yp ] I just love it when a totally crazy idea of mine blossoms into a popular quiz.
160391 [dooby@d1 .k ] (my source for the two links above)
160397 [james@gr yp ] Thank you for leading me to the docs!
160403 [dooby@d1 .k ] Possibly because James Britt at ruby-doc.org doesn't
160525 [james_b@ne r] There had been an older version on them on ruby-doc, though I think they
160532 [james@gr yp ] I see absolutely no reason not to make every last shred of
160534 [james_b@ne r] Hosting documentation is trivial. Getting people to write documentation

Iterate over md Array (the Ruby way)
160383 [skull2crush@] Once again I disturb you for a, maybe, obvious thing
+ 160385 [se@di it le ] I don't know if someone already told you about Martin Fowler article
+ 160393 [dblack@wo bl] I'm not quite sure what's what here.  I thought @vindex was the length
| 160414 [skull2crush@] Yes, I admit that I was not very clear
| 160419 [dblack@wo bl] array = <<EOM.split(/\n/)
| + 160450 [w_a_x_man@ya] A minor point: since #split(/\n/) was used, #chomp isn't needed.
| + 160786 [ruby.brian@g] that is cool. I did not know that it was possible to chain methods to
|   160787 [james@gr yp ] I use that a lot, because I'm very anal and insist on indenting my
+ 160435 [skull2crush@] OK. That's an approach. I'll check this out!
+ 160443 [Ara.T.Howard] require 'narray'

instance from class name?
160392 [Alexander.J.] I am new to this list (and language) but I didn't find my answer from
160396 [dblack@wo bl] my_object = Object.const_get("MyClass").new
160468 [ruby-ml@ma i] That works; however, if your class name looks like SomeModule::SomeClass,
+ 160475 [christophe.g] Oh... my...!!! I thought I understood how inject works, but never would
+ 160477 [Alexander.J.] Thanks for those pointers. The first suggestion worked and since I
| 160483 [christophe.g] However, the best way is to use ri, the built-in documentation system
| 160567 [Alexander.J.] Ah, I understand. Simply a class method (like in Objective-C). I just
| 160571 [christophe.g] That's how it comes out yes :) . I guess I could have said it just that way, but
+ 160501 [dblack@wo bl] Like Kernel#singleton_class, this is one of those things that gets
  160542 [ruby-ml@ma i] If only :) Although I think that it might be more appropriate to have

Clear IRB's buffer (similar to clear on Unix and cls on Dos)?
160406 [untz@sa .r .] The Control L doesn't doesn't clear the buffer....
160413 [james@gr yp ] I tested it and it does work for me.  This might be another readline

Re: Text Image (#50)
160416 [gsinclair@gm] Wow!  Them's some pretty long links!  I take it there are some docs for
160418 [james@gr yp ] Gavin, those are 1.9 docs.  If that's a problem, just let me know and
160579 [gsinclair@gm] The stuff on ruby-doc.org/{stdlib,core} is generated from 1.8 source

exec and pipe
160424 [lamola@gm il] I have been coding-testing-googling all day long but I couldn't find a
+ 160428 [hgs@dm .a .u] I think you want IO.popen for this.  Two examples that worked for
| 160432 [lamola@gm il] I think IO.popen waits for  the process to terminate before putting any
| 160438 [Ara.T.Howard] STDOUT.sync = true and loop{ sleep 0.42 and puts Time::now }
| + 160508 [lamola@gm il] thanks Ara!
| + 160543 [nobuyoshi.na] IO#sync flag can't affect other processes.
|   160549 [Ara.T.Howard] sheesh.  you're right of course... how does using a pty affect this?
|   160559 [nobuyoshi.na] $ ruby -e 'IO.popen(%[ruby -e "p STDOUT.tty?"]) {|i| p i.read}'
+ 160433 [lamola@gm il] By the way the same *?wrong?* code is in the CookBook at

ANN:  Crypt::ISAAC 0.9.1 released
160425 [khaines@en g] This release is primarily a reorganization of the old package.  It has a much
+ 160441 [Daniel.Berge] Ew.  I'd prefer it if everyone would use lowercase for all package files.
+ 160445 [Daniel.Berge] I got some improvement when I replaced "read" with "sysread" in ISAAC.rb.
  160448 [khaines@en g] I'll make that change.

Ruby 2.0
160429 [danieljohnle] When will we see (approx) Ruby 2.0?
160471 [christophe.g] I think matz would say: "when it's ready".

[Pre-ANN] ONLamp.com Article: "What Is Ruby on Rails"
160444 [curt.hibbs@g] ...
160681 [dooby@d1 .k ] I'm not familiar with these subterranean organisations ...
160682 [dooby@d1 .k ] Oops, soorrry ... found it on /. ages ago  <cringe>

Thread leak?
160449 [adam@tr ve .] ...
160544 [nobuyoshi.na] if e && !e.closed?

IRB under windows ...
160451 [jeff.darklig] ...
160460 [jeffrey.dik@] Looks like
160480 [jeff.darklig] ...
+ 160482 [damphyr@fr e] Nope, windows uses USERPROFILE (which usually is C:\Documents and
+ 160555 [dave@bu t. d] Jeff Wood...
+ 161028 [flecktone@gm] Care to share them?  I've been looking for tips and tricks on
  161248 [reid.thompso] you might be interested in http://rubygarden.org/ruby/ruby?VimXmp also.

InstantRails: Configure/database(via phpmyadmin) not working
160456 [basi_lio@ho ] Windows XP SP2
+ 160462 [Ara.T.Howard] that is the question isn't it.
| 160465 [curt.hibbs@g] ...
| + 160473 [Ara.T.Howard] sorry - i was just trying to be funny.  guess no one else that it was funny to
| | 160491 [curt.hibbs@g] ...
| + 160547 [basi_lio@ho ] Thanks much!
+ 160494 [curt.hibbs@g] ...
  160551 [basi_lio@ho ] Both Apache and MySql are in the "Started" state.
  160573 [curt.hibbs@g] ...
  160632 [basi_lio@ho ] Here's the content of \InstantRails\apache\access.log
  160638 [curt.hibbs@g] ...
  160649 [basi_lio@ho ] I am now a subscriber.

[OT] Catch a ride from RubyConf to Anaheim on Sunday?
160463 [kennethkunz@] Is anyone planning to drive from RubyConf up to Angel Stadium on Sunday
160621 [hober0@gm il] Amtrak runs from downtown San Diego right to Angel Stadium, and the 15

Ruby/DL struct! method prototypes
160474 [greg.kujawa@] I am trying to use the Ruby/DL library to pass a C event buffer back
160485 [greg.kujawa@] As a follow up I checked this thread

160476 [gordonp1@ya ] Is there a library like ctypes (python) for Ruby?
+ 160479 [djberg96@gm ] Regards,
| 160481 [jeffrey.dik@] This looks more like C's ctype.h.  Python's ctypes module seems more
+ 160484 [nohmad@gm il] [Ruby/DL][1] is similar one, but much expressive, I think.

Buffering problems
160499 [joevandyk@gm] I'm trying to redirect stdout and stderr of a program to a log file.
+ 160500 [joevandyk@gm] Just found IO::fsync...
+ 160520 [Ara.T.Howard] did you mean
| 160522 [joevandyk@gm] No.  Why would the ordering make a difference?
| 160530 [joevandyk@gm] And switching putting the sync calls after the reopen didn't seem to
+ 160545 [nobuyoshi.na] IO#sync flag is only for current process.

install problems
160504 [info@li hy m] I am installing Ruby 1.8.3 on fresh install of Red Hat Fedora Core 4.

Challenging Project ... Need a deep guru to provide enlightenment.
160509 [jeff.darklig] ...
+ 160515 [joevandyk@gm] Would b =
| 160516 [lyndon.samso] ...
| 160519 [joevandyk@gm] Won't work.
| 160521 [jqshenker@gm] Is there an equivalent of method_missing that intercepts *all*methods, not just the missing ones?
+ 160523 [dblack@wo bl] Are you sure you're describing what you want correctly?  The class of
+ 160524 [Ara.T.Howard] class Proxy
| 160527 [Ara.T.Howard] <snip backwards reply>
| + 160528 [dblack@wo bl] a = String
| | 160531 [jeff.darklig] ...
| | 160533 [jeff.darklig] ...
| | 160538 [transfire@gm] See Facets.
| | 160548 [transfire@gm] Actually, I just went ahead and added a Proxy class to Facets (btw aka
| + 160529 [jeff.darklig] ...
|   + 160553 [Ara.T.Howard] sortof.  what would the proxy be?  i mean, you have
|   + 160563 [ruby-ml@ma i] It really helps when you say what you actually want to do :)
|     160582 [jeff.darklig] ...
|     + 160583 [jeff.darklig] ...
|     | 160584 [blargity@gm ] Biggest place I've hit this is while using DRb and the Qt/Ruby bindings
|     + 160590 [Ara.T.Howard] sounds neat - now that i understand what you're after.  i guess that approach
|       160612 [jeff.darklig] ...
|       160613 [Ara.T.Howard] something recursive like
|       160615 [jeff.darklig] ...
|       160618 [khaines@en g] It's own project would be best, IMHO.  There's nothing wrong with small
|       160882 [jeff.darklig] I just posted an announcement outside this thread for version 0.1 of
+ 160540 [john.carter@] b = a
+ 160546 [dave@bu t. d] Jeff Wood...

Why Write Ruby Docs?  (was Re: [SUMMARY] Text Image (#50))
160535 [james@gr yp ] Why write documentation when we don't put up what we have?
160556 [james@gr yp ] I'm sorry, but the more I think about this, the more it bugs me...
+ 160561 [kevin.jackso] If I could get paid to write docs I'd be all over it like something all
| + 160569 [james_b@ne r] Items listed to the left in italics do not have sufficient docs.
| | + 160574 [kevin.jackso] Ok so I've looked at the site (and at the status report).  I presume
| | | 160588 [gsinclair@gm] Damn, thought I replied earlier but ... it hasn't appeared, so I guess
| | | 160658 [dooby@d1 .k ] /**********************************************************************
| | | 160766 [gsinclair@gm] What would that do?
| | | 161132 [dooby@d1 .k ] Probably nothing but harm :/
| | | 161293 [gsinclair@gm] The purpose of those delimiters is so CVS treats them specially.  The
| | + 161377 [gavin@re in ] Ahh...I always wondered what was up with the italics. Good to know :)
| |   161640 [gsinclair@gm] I guess I should put an explanatory note in! :)
| + 160580 [gsinclair@gm] Documentation of core and library classs is written in the source code
|   161149 [james_b@ne r] BTW, what is the copyright on submitted docs, and is it made clear to
|   161291 [gsinclair@gm] I have no idea what the copyright situation is.  Of the few people who
|   161662 [james_b@ne r] Could someone sell a book that included the text from the std-lib docs?
|   + 161759 [gsinclair@gm] I don't know.  Good way of looking at it.
|   + 161800 [ruby.brian@g] The Pickaxe pp. 653-759
|     161878 [james_b@ne r] They do not appear to be part of the Ruby source distro.
+ 160570 [james_b@ne r] Why?

[ANN] grammar-0.5
160552 [eric_mahurin] * BNF-like grammar written directly in Ruby (by overriding +,
+ 160554 [eric_mahurin] Actually, I meant a complete parser/interpreter *engine* was
+ 160558 [itsme213@ho ] Thanks for this!
| 160628 [eric_mahurin] __________________________________
+ 160562 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Just in time for writing our new Ruby parser in Ruby to solve the default
| 160690 [eric_mahurin] Actually, that's what I've decided to do...  The meta-ruby guys
+ 160578 [george.mosch] Hey, just what I needed for a pet project of mine ;-)
+ 160633 [sean.ohalpin] It looks good. How would you go about adding, say, unary minus to the

learning ruby
160557 [ananthkrish@] ...
+ 160575 [tomsonp@ee p] I'm not sure that such an article exists...
+ 160576 [bob.news@gm ] Not that I know.  Some of the introductory material connects certain Ruby

trouble with fcgi and cgi
160565 [tiggerius@gm] I'm having a real difficult time trying to deploy rails demo app depot
160566 [tiggerius@gm] but when I run "/usr/local/bin/ruby --version", it runs and returns

[ANN] Ruby-MemCache 0.0.4
160572 [ged@Fa ri MU] * http://www.deveiate.org/projects/RMemCache/

log4r and log4j root logger differing behavior
160577 [maestroiut-r] I am wondering if anyone who has used log4r and log4j has noticed

Unit Testing with REXML questions
160585 [peter.fitzgi] I'm using REXML to build some XML from a rails app.  I'm unit testing
160586 [jeff.darklig] ...
160602 [peter.fitzgi] require 'rexml/document'
+ 160606 [peter.fitzgi] Ah, well I now understand...
+ 160745 [yasagure@um ] What you want is to get the array of specific nodes, isn't it??
  + 160879 [yasagure@um ] xml.elements['/a/d'].size
  | 160886 [peter.fitzgi] puts xml.elements['/a/d'].size
  | 160893 [jeff.darklig] My mistake
  | 160895 [yasagure@um ] I didn't know such a code but it's seemed so useful.
  + 161374 [gavin@re in ] Because the each method returns the collection, you can actually just
    161427 [jeff.darklig] true.

can i write script in ruby to automate a java-swing application
160587 [sanoop_kp@ya] I am using watir with ruby to automate web application, its working
160596 [dave@bu t. d] 1) Write your tests in Java

[QUIZ] Lost Cities (#51)
160589 [james@gr yp ] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 160593 [ruby@ml ic m] There is some more info about the game (including rules [incl. italian and
+ 161183 [bob_showalte] I've developed a "helper" module to assist those working on Lost Cities
| 161265 [bob_showalte] Erm, that echo_on/echo_off thing didn't work they way I wanted it to.
+ 161412 [james@gr yp ] super
| 161415 [anthony.mora] To work in Daniel's harness, RiskPlayer needs to call super in the
| 161438 [adam.shelly@] ...
| 161563 [adam.shelly@] I saw Daniel Sheppard's solution after I posted mine.  I'm impressed.
| 161597 [daniels@pr n] Inspired by the relatively good performance of the DiscardPlayer, and
+ 161413 [anthony.mora] A really simple idea occurred to me. Just discard the whole time. I

UnitTesting: setup/teardown for classes not methods
160608 [damphyr@fr e] Is there a way to have setup/teardown run for a TestCase class and not

debian sarge - apache2 - ruby
160616 [zee_man78@ya] i have some problem with my debian (sarge) apache2 and ruby...
160648 [rasputnik@gm] 'etcetcetc' ? Check your error log, that's what it's for :)
+ 160660 [zee_man78@ya] - /www/ruby/ (Errno::EISDIR)
+ 160661 [zee_man78@ya] !!!!! hello again !!!!!!

Entrepreneurial Ruby (on Rails) Wizard(s) sought
160617 [jb@ju tB .c ] I hope it's ok to post sort of a job posting in this group but I am

ANN: Next meeting of the Columbia Maryland Codefesters October 17th at 7pm!
160619 [jeffwaltzer@] ...

Odd behaviour concerning procs.
160620 [christophe.p] I've noticed the following behaviour and I'm not certain if this is
+ 160623 [kballard@gm ] This doesn't seem odd to me. I would read that as the equivalent of
+ 160624 [bob.news@gm ] Basically the part between || leads to a normal assignment.  So this

Re: RubyConf mutlimedia files.
160622 [ezra@ya im -] Hey lists-
+ 160631 [surrender_it] thank you a lot for this.
+ 160635 [nicksieger@g] ...
  160637 [ezra@ya im -] Yep I just sent an email to Francis to add the feeds to the meta

rails fastcgi error: terminated by calling exit with status '0'
160625 [tiggerius@gm] I'm able to get the depot demo rails app to work in cgi.
160692 [dave@bu t. d] 1) Try the Rails list - they're more helpful about Rails stuff that we

Re: Ruby question
160644 [gjblomquist@] I installed MySQL 4.1.14 on Windows XP and the libraries were not
160653 [armandino@gm] ...
160912 [gjblomquist@] I used gem to install MySQL Ruby.  However, the install fails because
161185 [johnwilger@g] What platform?