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[ANN] spreadsheet-0.3.1
160049 [Daniel.Berge] Version 0.3.1 of the spreadsheet package is out!

[Gateway] Postings Mail -> News truncated
160053 [bob.news@gm ] ...
160089 [warrenbrown@] Robert,

Re: Why do some of my posts turn into weird multi-part mime documents?
160058 [calamitates@] I don't think it's related to gmail, I think it's your name that's the

Installing a gem locally (RubyForge.org unreachable)
160072 [gavin@re in ] I'm trying to get a coworker set up, and rubygems isn't working,
+ 160076 [tom@in oe he] Back up now...
+ 160078 [gavin@re in ] Just as I posted this, rubyforge.org seems to be back up again. So
  160081 [edwardbunt@g] gem install rails -l (that is an "el")
  + 160169 [damphyr@fr e] Well, this is the correct way, but you can also run 'gem install ' on
  + 160217 [gavin@re in ] Does that assume that there is a "rails.gem" file in the current
    160227 [ezra@ya im -] One unambigous way to install a .gem file locally is to cd into the

Ruby noob with a coming from Python question
160075 [jfcarlson@co] I am very new to ruby and thought I would start with my simplest python
+ 160079 [jfcarlson@co] Oops, I meant the *getMapFromFile* function.  If I could see the ruby
| + 160082 [logancapaldo] results = File.open(file_name) do |file|
| + 160137 [twifkak@co c] def hash_from_file(file_name)
+ 160080 [ruby-ml@ma i] def map_from(file)
  160083 [james@gr yp ] Pretty much the same thing, but this should allow you to leave of
  160120 [kballard@gm ] Erm, what do you mean "to leave of some strips"? The only difference I
  160142 [james@gr yp ] #!/usr/local/bin/ruby -w
  160225 [kballard@gm ] Ohh, leave *off* some strips. I see what you mean.
  160231 [james@gr yp ] Ah, I see now.  You're right, that was a terrible typo on my part!  :(

Learning ruby by make a simple game...
160085 [robert@rl 3.] ...
160090 [james@gr yp ] Clever, I like that.
+ 160127 [w_a_x_man@ya] class Array
+ 160211 [james@gr yp ] require "enumerator"

a quiz idea!
160087 [alawi2@ei .a] I've remembered one of the challenges on: refactoring old programs.

a quiz idea!
160088 [alawi2@ei .a] I've remembered one of the challenges on: refactoring old programs.

unfinished [SOLUTION] Text Image (#50)
160099 [SimonKroeger] i'm completely new to ncurses, so could someone with more exprerience

[ANN] Instant Rails 1.0 preview1 Released
160101 [curt.hibbs@g] ...
+ 160104 [curt.hibbs@g] ...
| 160109 [curt.hibbs@g] ...
+ 160108 [drbrain@se m] MySQL versions prior to 4.1.13a contain some security flaws.
  160110 [curt.hibbs@g] ...
  160144 [roys@mi ds r] How well does Instant Rails play with versions of these components
  160145 [curt.hibbs@g] ...

calling blocks with arguments from other contexts
160105 [yodlep@gm il] I'm having trouble with Procs.
+ 160112 [eric_mahurin] I don't think so.  I think there was a thread about adding an
+ 160125 [sean.ohalpin] class Foo
  + 160133 [yodlep@gm il] Now that is a super cool ruby hack. Thank you.
  | 160150 [Ara.T.Howard] class Object
  + 160276 [sean.ohalpin] Scratch that - it defines a method on the class not the object so all
    160332 [sean.ohalpin] This is better - it defines the z method on the singleton class of the

Re: spreadsheet-0.3.1
160140 [myhat123@gm ] ...
160141 [myhat123@gm ] when can it support reading from excel on non-windows system?
160200 [Daniel.Berge] I have no plans to support reading Excel files.  There's a Perl module

Download link for Instant Rails
160143 [curt.hibbs@g] ...
160407 [peter.fitzgi] How do you manage "no touch" installs of apache and mysql?  I thought
160408 [khaines@en g] I can't speak to Apache, for for MySQL, there is a self contained installation
160410 [curt.hibbs@g] ...

small array/hash question
160146 [kevin.jackso] I'm trying to loop across a dataset and create a hash where each value
160147 [Ara.T.Howard] irb(main):001:0> work_types = Hash::new{|h,k| h[k] = []}
160148 [kevin.jackso] I got the output I wanted with this
+ 160152 [dave@bu t. d] How about this?
+ 160153 [Ara.T.Howard] this is one easy way
  160156 [kevin.jackso] That looks promising - I see it essentially relies on defining Hash and

160154 [clowder@gm i] ...

ruby DB application in windows
160155 [ananthkrish@] ...
+ 160168 [jqshenker@gm] Use activerecord (lightweight ORM) or DBI.
| 160307 [khaines@en g] Kansas.  Soon to have a new release (with a gem), once I figure out making
+ 160240 [greg7224@gm ] Hate to self promote, but if you've got DBI running, Ruport might be

Re: [bulk]: ruby DB application in windows
160160 [r_mueller@im] use http://raa.ruby-lang.org/search.rhtml

Antw: Re: Tk, default event bindings
160161 [Fleck@sc le ] Thanks,

Can this be usefull?
160165 [r_mueller@im] i had an idea of a cyclic list. It came to my mind months ago and the
160333 [transfire@gm] Hey, intersteing --a Modal Array! :-) I'm not sure of use case, but its

Re: [Rails] Ruby question
160175 [ananthkrish@] According to the site http://www.kitebird.com/articles/ruby-mysql.html
160198 [caleb@ae -t ] They come with mysql.  If you installed it from source, you should have them.

Building a basic FTP server.
160178 [grn@in in um] * anonymous ftp access (or simply no login)
160199 [james@gr yp ] Are you aware of Net::FTP in the standard library?  I don't know how

[ANN] W3CHTMLValidator v0.1.0
160183 [damphyr@fr e] This is a mini-module that does not merit a RubyForge project but might
160184 [damphyr@fr e] require 'validator'

Hash as a class variable
160203 [oliver.march] I am a python2ruby switcher and just encountered this problem today
+ 160205 [james@gr yp ] In this line, you create a Hash and set the default value for new
+ 160206 [bob.news@gm ] => nil
+ 160210 [Ara.T.Howard] @@myhash = { "a" => "aaaah" }

ruby in the government - 1.6.x -> 1.8.x woes
160214 [Ara.T.Howard] one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the widespread adoption of ruby in my
+ 160229 [meta@po ox c] How unfortunate for you.
| 160235 [Ara.T.Howard] an of course enterprise is not...
| + 160237 [caleb@ae -t ] This link (https://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2005-543.html) shows a
| | 160239 [Ara.T.Howard] ah - nice.  we're running rhe3 - guess that explains it.  so now i wait ;-(
| | 160266 [hobe@gm il c] You can probably build a version that will work for you from these srpms
| | 160268 [Ara.T.Howard] boy - you must no work for the government ;-)
| | + 160275 [hobe@gm il c] How about backporting the RPMS from rhe4 to 3?  Or is that still not
| | | 160290 [Ara.T.Howard] we're talking about that actually...
| | + 160715 [steven@lu os] But... they run software written by you.  But... they won't run Ruby
| |   160720 [Ara.T.Howard] choir.preaching!
| + 160304 [wilsonb@gm i] tagoh@redhat.com
+ 160291 [joevandyk@gm] Yeah, same problem here.  It sucks.
+ 160303 [rascal1182@g] I am also stuck with RHEL for Linux at the office, mostly because we
  160287 [rascal1182@g] My reply seems to have dropped off.  Trying again...

[ANN] Instant Rails 1.0 preview2 Released
160219 [curt.hibbs@g] ...

Agile Job Opening at Lond Island, NY
160220 [dmozzherin@g] We are looking for an Agile/XP person to expand our small team of

Answers for bugs in Instant Rails
160233 [curt.hibbs@g] ...

[RH bug number] Re: ruby in the government - 1.6.x -> 1.8.x woes
160236 [Ara.T.Howard] fyi.
160282 [snacktime@gm] ...
+ 160293 [Ara.T.Howard] oh i know - i've got about 100 bits of software (seriously) installed that
+ 160294 [hobe@gm il c] This may be getting slightly off topic, but anyway...
| + 160295 [Ara.T.Howard] i go back an forth.  here's a motivator for you though:  i recently switched a
| + 160387 [meta@po ox c] Because the collection of packages is almost always incomplete.
+ 162586 [comp.lang.ru] _ You are confusing ruby and python. Their installer anaconda is

Removing blank lines
160238 [basi_lio@ho ] How does one delete blank lines from a text file? (I did try a number
+ 160241 [zoso@fo on e] zoso@velutha:~/tmp$ cat >test
| + 160243 [langstefan@g] ruby -e 'puts File.read("test").gsub(/\n{2,}/, "\n")'
| | 160253 [chneukirchen] ruby -e 'print File.read("t").squeeze("\n")'
| | 160263 [SimonKroeger] Yep!
| | 160359 [bob.news@gm ] Without inplace editing
| | 160594 [snowzone5@ho] this thread (and the removing duplicate lines thread) are a good
| | 160610 [lukfugl@gm i] I would call it more of an example of TIMTOWTDI for *n*x in general.
| | 160857 [snowzone5@ho] for the most part i DO know my tools. that's why i have to reinvent
| | 160862 [bob.news@gm ] LOL
| + 160244 [langstefan@g] ruby -e 'text = File.read "text"; open "text", "w" do |f| f <<
| | 160247 [basi_lio@ho ] To Stefan and Kevin,
| | 160248 [basi_lio@ho ] Opps, that was meant for Stefan...
| + 160245 [basi_lio@ho ] Thanks much! Yes, I'd have to use a temporary file, but there are
+ 160284 [w_a_x_man@ya] awk 'NF' infile >outfile
| 160286 [w_a_x_man@ya] Here's another.  Remove blank lines (lines that are empty or contain
+ 160324 [nobuyoshi.na] grep -v ^$ infile > outfile
  160331 [basi_lio@ho ] Wow, so many people who'd like to help. Overwhelmed I am again. Thank

best resource for postgres/rails setup
160242 [kevin@kb de ] Can anyone share their opinions on the best resource for information
+ 160246 [tom@in oe he] I've been running PostgreSQL 8 and Rails on Linux for a month or so with
+ 160249 [vacindak@gm ] Please, please, please tell me someone knows of a better frontend for
| + 160251 [daryl@br nd ] You might want to look at Aqua Data Studio: http://www.aquafold.com/
| + 160259 [caleb@ae -t ] phppgadmin is what I use here, and I'm very happy with it.
+ 160250 [basi_lio@ho ] Yeah, same here, I'd go for Sqlite3 or Postgres. I just got Sqlite3
+ 160258 [martindemell] I've been pretty happy with pgadmin3, though pgaccess was easier to get
+ 160299 [snacktime@gm] ...

Ruby Contractor Openning
160252 [jfry@ly is c] ...

Problem subclassing IO and writing on Windows
160260 [Daniel.Berge] Windows XP Pro
160267 [Ara.T.Howard] def initialize *a, &b
160270 [Daniel.Berge] That's not it.  I didn't see that you have to pass the mode *twice* on

A (minor) coding challenge
160261 [rubyhacker@g] This is one of those things that "anyone can do" and it doesn't
+ 160334 [hal9000@hy e] [snip solution]
+ 160389 [dblack@wo bl] PARAGRAPH_RE = /.*?\n(?:\n+|\z)/m
+ 160427 [lukfugl@gm i] Assume paragraphs A and B, where B follows A directly, with some
| 160447 [rubyhacker@g] I knew somebody would bring that up. :)
| + 160464 [dblack@wo bl] Oh, so NOW you tell us :-)  This reminds me of the eating whitespace
| + 160512 [w_a_x_man@ya] Lines_per_page = 60
+ 160446 [w_a_x_man@ya] [ deleted lines ]

[ANN]: ActiveState Komodo 3.5 Beta for OS X Released with Rails debugging support
160262 [eric.promisl] Apologies to those who saw this on the Rails list.
160264 [cribbsj@oa w] Any ETA on a Windows/Linux beta that has Ruby support?
160323 [gene.tani@gm] How about an alpha for Win32/linux, at the link above.

Wrapper for Ebay API?
160272 [yes@no pa .c] Is there a Ruby wrapper class encapsulating the EBay API ?
165287 [gdolley@gm i] I'm writing one right now.  It should be ready for the first alpha

integrating irb/ruby into vim
160274 [datapanix@gm] is there a possibility to have an option to run the ruby script currently being
+ 160285 [ppi@am g. rg] My suggestions work on FreeBSD and Linux.  Don't know about
+ 160302 [mailing-list] No.  Vim doesn¡Çt have a terminal emulator built in...by choice (see

drb example
160281 [snacktime@gm] ...
160283 [snacktime@gm] ...
160368 [drbrain@se m] There is no difference between the two.  But!  You must have the same

RubyConf feed digest
160296 [sera@fh an .] Okay, one last thing about RubyConf and then I'll shut up for now.
+ 160636 [ezra@ya im -] Hey Francis-
| + 160640 [james@gr yp ] This is a great service to the community.  Thank you!
| | 160643 [ezra@ya im -] James-
| + 160645 [jeffrey.dik@] cool_people = ["Chad Fowler", "Jim Freeze", "Francis Hwang",
+ 160650 [sera@fh an .] Right now we're up to 7 feeds. More feeds! More! The digest must be

Re: [ANN] spreadsheet-0.3.1
160297 [Daniel.Berge] Short on the heels of 0.3.1, I've release 0.3.2 which includes an

160301 [sandhya1205@] ...

Re: Anyone use "syndication" gem?
160321 [nightphotos@] I installed Syndication on WindowsXP and tried your example.  I got

array1 + array2 newb question
160337 [mike@mi es h] Hey all,
+ 160340 [ruby-ml@ma i] You are close but there is no cookie for you! :) You are just constructing
| 160350 [mike@mi es h] Thanks guys, that'll do it.
| 160354 [simon.kroege] It's not so obviously,
| 160355 [simon.kroege] leads to
| 160469 [dblack@wo bl] require flattenx # available on RAA :-)
+ 160341 [twifkak@co c] a1=[1,2,3]
| 160342 [twifkak@co c] AHH! Nevermind. I can't read.
+ 160343 [m.fellinger@] hey mike,
+ 160346 [dooby@d1 .k ] The outer iteration should be on a2 ...
+ 160361 [bob.news@gm ] Since there hasn't been an #inject solution so far... :-)
| 160366 [simon.kroege] hmm, is the gateway broken again?
| 160373 [bob.news@gm ] No, it's here.  Can't tell though whether I just overlooked it or whether
| 160384 [dooby@d1 .k ] A more significant disadvantage is that you both posted solutions
| 160423 [bob.news@gm ] ...
| 160510 [dooby@d1 .k ] That's enlightening about #concat.  When you mentioned
+ 160431 [ysantoso-rub] [1,2,3].zip([:a, :b, :c]) #=> [[1, :a], [2, :b], [3, :c]]
+ 160453 [w_a_x_man@ya] nums = [1,2,3]

RubyConf welcoming party
160348 [daniel.amela] ...
+ 160388 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] Maybe, but I'd be late and I'd need
+ 160440 [rubyhacker@g] I'm interested... I suppose I should drop by the hotel first.
  + 160454 [steve@wa ts ] That doesn't seem quite right to me...
  | 160466 [rubyhacker@g] Right, I got some of my numbers wrong by a factor of 2 or 3.
  | 160472 [jeremy@hi eg] I called the Lafayette, They said they have contracts with Cloud 9 and
  | 160490 [steve@wa ts ] These are the two main door-to-door shuttle companies (I see) in San
  | 160496 [gregory.t.br] Anyone know about public transportation for those who... love... public
  | 160497 [steve@wa ts ] I've not used it much.  We have a light rail "trolley" that can get you
  + 160455 [jeremy@hi eg] What a brilliant obfuscation technique :-).  You'll probably hear from

Problem with IRB and some sample code...
160353 [untz@sa .r .] I am a Ruby newbie... I am using the following version on Mac OS X
160394 [james@gr yp ] This is Apple's default install, it looks like.  There are a few
160402 [untz@sa .r .] Thanks James,
+ 160411 [james@gr yp ] No, it's best not to muck with Apple's install.  Better to install
+ 160452 [ezra@ya im -] Unnsse-
  160493 [untz@sa .r .] Ezra,
  160502 [ezra@ya im -] Yes I would still do this. Apple ships a broken version of ruby and
  160507 [untz@sa .r .] Ezra,
  160511 [ezra@ya im -] Please try one more thing before you give up. Set up a sylink from /
  160514 [untz@sa .r .] Ezra,
  160518 [ezra@ya im -] OK here is a numbered list of steps to reinstall ruby from source
  160526 [untz@sa .r .] Ezra,
  160541 [joevandyk@gm] Haven't followed this thread, but Apple has a broken Ruby.
  160651 [untz@sa .r .] I followed Ezra's instructions and grabbed the source, compiled it,

Jobs using ruby
160362 [danieljohnle] I was wondering, are there many companies out there that use Ruby? I
+ 160364 [ruby@re ry n] You might wanna check out the ruby jobs site... seems to be a few added
| 160365 [danieljohnle] Thats a cool site, I'll have to check back there in the future when I
+ 160370 [drbrain@se m] The Robot Co-op (of which I am an employee) has five programmers who
+ 160442 [alang@cr no ] Where I work I've successfully got a go-ahead nod from the boss to let
+ 160505 [Stephan.Kaem] Well that depends, I suppose.
| 160581 [krisleech@in] I'm not sure if the ruby mailing list is the right place for this, a
+ 160662 [pjpizza@rs e] I'm "salting the oats" by writing remote admin/monitoring tools at my job
+ 160678 [snacktime@gm] ...