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^ Ruby vulnerability in the safe level settings
159521 [rubytalk ben] In regards to the recent safe level setting vulnerability
+ 159523 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 159535 [matz ruby-la] matz.

^ WinXP CD Burn integration ?
159522 [peter.fitzgi] I read once before a thread about running WinXP CD Burn via Ruby.

^ Method added hook
159547 [aurelianocal] I'm looking for a way to prevent the redefinition of a method. I'm able
+ 159622 [aurelianocal] It's my (Aureliano) again.
| + 159623 [decoux moulo] ...
| | 159625 [blargity gma] $SAFE = 4 and you're done. (for clarification)
| | 159635 [aurelianocal] I want more granularity than what the five (0-4) $SAFE levels offer. I
| | 159659 [ruby-ml magi] $ chmod a-w a.txt
| | + 159688 [aurelianocal] Uou! Something like this is what I'm looking for! I can build my
| | + 159890 [aurelianocal] I've patched it a little bit and it worked nicely.
| + 159781 [ogilthorpe d] i just happened across this at rubyforge.  it seems like it might have
+ 159645 [sylvain.joye] MyClass.freeze
  + 159651 [aurelianocal] I've tried it, but there is no unfreeze method :S. And I need to be
  | 159854 [gene.tani gm] Besides, you can dup a frozen object and alter it (but clone gives you
  | 159879 [aurelianocal] I can always override dup to freeze the duplicated object. Is it right?
  | 159885 [gene.tani gm] oops, I was just repeating what ES said.  Maybe some combination of
  + 159676 [logancapaldo] Just out of curiosity does anyone know what happens if I do (class <<
    + 159709 [dblack wobbl] class << MyClass; freeze; end
    + 159712 [sylvain.joye] An you can also do class << my_object; freeze; end which blocks any

^ EuRuKo, get together on Friday?
159548 [kero chello.] ...
159610 [robert_kuzel] i'd gladly join you.
159662 [armin approx] I will book tables.
+ 159719 [chneukirchen] Sounds good.  Pick what you like, it's fine with me.
| 159765 [Stephan.Kaem] Yes, it does.
| 159785 [mannl gmx.co] When's EuRoKo? I thought it was on 15th of October, but that's a
| 159791 [m.fellinger ] hey robert,
| 159836 [    s xss.de] .... and as soon as we can find a spare moment, you'll find euruko-related
+ 159847 [rob.02004 gm] ...
+ 160224 [chneukirchen] It would be extremely helpful if you could announce the location,
  160401 [rob.02004 gm] Friday's meeting spot (taken from the Euruko homepage
  160420 [Mail Jonas-H] Is a EuRuKo in Frankfurt am Main planned in anway in future? (being a Student i cannot affort the train ticket to munich)

^ Code for title-casing (US) snail addresses?
159549 [rpardee gmai] Hey All,
+ 159550 [james graypr] abbreviations = %w{NW SW PO} # ... etc ...
| 159552 [rpardee gmai] Niiice!  I'm so glad I asked.
| 159555 [james graypr] my_address.gsub!(/(\d)([A-Z]+)/) { $1 + $2.downcase }
| + 159561 [dblack wobbl] /\d[A-Z]+/ {|s| s.downcase }
| + 159574 [rpardee gmai] And thanks again!
|   + 159577 [james graypr] Glad to help.
|   + 159578 [dblack wobbl] That whole if statement is a no-op: you don't actually change w, and
|   | 159583 [rpardee gmai] Oooooh.  Okay.  I thought that gsub was going to take whatever 'w'
|   + 159585 [w_a_x_man ya] def prettify(address)
|   | 159591 [rpardee gmai] Far out--I'm going to have to ponder that one--learn what inject()
|   | 159593 [dblack wobbl] Just a few suggestions to prettify prettify :-)
|   | 159861 [rpardee gmai] Very nice!  Thanks so much!
|   + 159612 [robo mars.co] This Perl code deals with Mc, Mac, O', van, von, etc, might be
+ 159611 [dom sisna.co] I think perl has the most robust module for this and other geocoding
  159636 [james graypr] That's about as easy as a port gets.  Take a peek at the source.

^ newb: Class Method determining it's actual class?
159558 [agillesp gma] New to Ruby and to the list.  I've looked through pickaxe and through
159560 [agillesp gma] There must be some law somewhere says that the chances of finding the
+ 159565 [jgbailey gma] It's like lighting a cigarette while waiting for the bus. Nothing
+ 159567 [james_b neur] The path to enlightenment, grasshopper, is through the 'send' button.
+ 159614 [bob.news gmx] There must be a similar law that determines that you find the posting with
  159616 [botp delmont] Robert Klemme [mailto:bob.news@gmx.net]

^ access denied when trying to write to win32 registry
159569 [ null void.0] Win32::Registry::HKEY_CURRENT_USER.open('Software\Microsoft\SomeSoftware')
159590 [robo mars.co] Win32::Registry::HKEY_CURRENT_USER.open('Software\Microsoft\SomeSoftware',
159979 [ null void.0] That was it.  Thanks.

^ Any Rubyist here work for Boeing?
159579 [curt.hibbs g] ...
159584 [jason.sweat ] Does a Boeing supplier count?  :)  Alcoa Mill Products here.
159648 [horndude77 g] I work for a sub-contractor to boeing. Maybe that counts too.

^ Re: RDE 1.0.0 released - missing underscores
159580 [the.mindstor] #: m4dc4p changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  10/6/2005 7:01 PM :#

^ Problem using RDoc programatically
159599 [gsinclair gm] Sorry about the big ASCII dump, but this is what I get when trying to
159603 [leavengood g] This seems to be some strange interaction between IRB and RDoc: the
159605 [gsinclair gm] Thanks for that.  I guess I should have tried in a small program.  IRB

^ "downto" the nitty-gritty
159602 [tomascabeza ] 1.downto(1) {|i| puts i}
+ 159604 [botp delmont] zetetic [mailto:tomascabeza@gmail.com]
+ 159608 [matthias-lue] as far as I can see the block is actually never _executed_ when you say
| 159609 [botp delmont] pls ignore previous post.
+ 159615 [bob.news gmx] That's not true.  You probably mixed output in IRB as #upto and #downto
  159693 [tomascabeza ] Thanks, that clears it up. I was about to post the very same code you

^ Re: Class Method determining it's actual class?
159613 [bob.news gmx] class A

^ bang methods (was: Re: select! not present but reject! is)
159617 [dblack wobbl] [hundreds of lines of ri output snipped :-]
+ 159619 [Ara.T.Howard] def add!
+ 159660 [twifkak comc] Yeah, I just used ObjectSpace, so it didn't pick up any stdlib stuff.
  159665 [dblack wobbl] What's POS?
  + 159668 [twifkak comc] Piece of... err... sunshine...
  + 159684 [leavengood g] I vote we add keep_all or keep_if, and make select! a synonym for it.
    + 159710 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):010:0> [1,2,3,4].delete_if {|x| x > 4 }
    + 159716 [hal9000 hype] It's not a matter of the English language as such -- English is just
      159726 [gsinclair gm] Can you justify that opposition in the context of the following Array
      + 159730 [gsinclair gm] I was going to add a footnote, thought better of it, and forgot to
      + 159731 [dblack wobbl] I'm not sure what you mean by the context of those methods.  It's just
      + 159743 [james graypr] Not to hijack the thread, but I secretly pine for sort_by!().  I
        159754 [leavengood g] Not to add to the highjacking, but I agree. In fact, if I had to

^ Save the world from evil code crusade
159624 [aurelianocal] It's my (Aureliano) again.
+ 159626 [james_b neur] If detecting malicious code is essentially impossible, would it be a
| + 159627 [blargity gma] Thread.new do
| | + 159629 [james_b neur] Guaranteed?
| | | 159844 [matz ruby-la] No. But we are trying to make it as safe and useful as possible, as
| | | 159862 [james_b neur] Can't ask for more than that!
| | + 159631 [aurelianocal] I want to be able to define different capabilities for different parts
| |   159632 [decoux moulo] ...
| |   159633 [aurelianocal] But I would need to run a new process and I don't want to do that.
| |   159634 [dblack wobbl] I think the only way to do that fully is to write the code yourself
| |   159637 [aurelianocal] I want to say things like evil.rb code can write to "evil.log" but to
| |   + 159638 [khaines enig] There is no pretty prepackaged way to do what you want to do.  You can
| |   | 159640 [aurelianocal] That's why I've started the securedruby project
| |   | + 159727 [maze strahlu] Maybe there is something to learn from .NET.
| |   | | + 159729 [blargity gma] What, not to use it? :-D
| |   | | + 159734 [aurelianocal] Yes! I want to implement in ruby something like this. The description
| |   | + 159852 [eeklund gmai] Setting up a list of "unsafe" methods (blacklisting) is likely to
| |   |   159878 [aurelianocal] I agree. But my idea is to leave security configuration to the
| |   |   159973 [eeklund gmai] Same goes for the sysadmin, really.  Security researchers tend to list
| |   + 159639 [vjoel path.b] require 'thread'
| |     + 159642 [vjoel path.b] If you have no control over this data object, you probably want to check
| |     + 159644 [aurelianocal] I would like to be able to write standard ruby code to do it. I mean,
| |       159646 [dblack wobbl] Don't worry -- I'm sure it will stop a number of people from
| |       159650 [aurelianocal] What I've tried to say is that I want to be able to declare the
| |       + 159657 [dblack wobbl] It's OK -- I just think you may find that whatever you end up doing is
| |       | 159666 [bob.news gmx] One major problem when checking code is that checking names is not
| |       | + 159674 [logancapaldo] Has anyone in this thread seen E? I get the feeling that a capability
| |       | | 159851 [eeklund gmai] Excepting ObjectSpace, Ruby/DL, and C extensions, Ruby already has a
| |       | + 159680 [kero chello.] ...
| |       + 159658 [bob.news gmx] 1. What exactly will your security model look like?  I'm not even sure that
| |         159681 [aurelianocal] A permission is an object with the method implies?( permission )
| |         + 159685 [vjoel path.b] These two lines in b.rb should be in the reverse order, shouldn't they?
| |         | 159687 [aurelianocal] You are completly right!
| |         + 159690 [vjoel path.b] The call stack would not be enough. Another .rb file might have been
| |         | 159696 [aurelianocal] I don't see why the stack isn't enough if method redefinition is not
| |         + 159721 [bob.news gmx] So basically you control method execution.
| + 159630 [aurelianocal] The idea is to have something like the Java SecurityManager.
+ 159664 [twifkak comc] Why are you trying to implement this? If it's just for fun & greater
| 159678 [aurelianocal] It's the first item of a lot of personal projects (dreams) I have.
| 159679 [james graypr] I really don't mean any offense by this, but you picked a pretty un-
| 159682 [james_b neur] Or, viewed another way, trying to get something to do the sorts of
+ 159697 [sean.ohalpin] I think saving the world from evil code is a laudable aim, but if
+ 159722 [chneukirchen] You possibly need to restrict Ruby in some way to allow for an
+ 159997 [aurelianocal] I've sumarized some of your questions and added them to the secured

^ Re: [Rails] Re: RubyConf video, audio, streams and recordings?
159641 [wilsonb gmai] I volunteered, but I haven't heard back.  Maybe someone had a more
159677 [ezra yakima-] I'm still ready to post anything that anyone records. So get in touch
159702 [jim freeze.o] All

^ RubyOnRails with Apache2 and SCGI_Rails
159643 [mail miketec] I have a server running an apache2. I've decided to play around with ruby
159653 [james_b neur] Hmm.  I've not seen that.  I got scgi running using the HOWTO on Zed's
159669 [james_b neur] No, sorry;  in my current reality I use

^ [ANN] Ruby Win32 Drag and Drop 0.5
159655 [nightphotos ] Ruby Win32 Drag and Drop is a Windows Explorer Drop Handler which

^ Objects, Ruby, and everything
159671 [narf968 gmai] I need to upload myself to my PC. Does someone have a Human class I
+ 159672 [twifkak comc] Yes.
| 159673 [vjoel path.b] ... but the #clone method always raises IllegalOperation.
+ 159686 [ptkwt aracne] ...
+ 159689 [christophe.g] Somebody's watched Tron one too many times? ;)
  + 159698 [sean.ohalpin] I think everyone's missing the point here. No-one has asked, ~why~
  + 159705 [tim vegeta.a] My mind went here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087197/

^ ruby-dev summary 27103-27392
159675 [ttate ttsky.] Here is a summary of ruby-dev mailing list.
159708 [dblack wobbl] What's the behavior with these new arguments?
159723 [ttate ttsky.] Those behavior is similar to "{....}".

^ Ruby/DL Question
159691 [greg.kujawa ] I am trying to call a method included in a Windows DLL file. Judging by
+ 159724 [ttate ttsky.] Takaaki Tateishi <ttate@ttsky.net>
+ 159725 [ttate ttsky.] I think the above line should be csta['acsOpenStream', 'IPSISSSSSISIIIIS'].
  159728 [greg.kujawa ] I made the change to include the integer return value, and removed the
  159733 [greg.kujawa ] I think I am getting closer. I know that the ENUM values being fed as
  159770 [ttate ttsky.] "h" or "H" are for the short data types.
  159794 [greg.kujawa ] Thanks. I found that in the DL docs
  159837 [botp delmont] gregarican [mailto:greg.kujawa@gmail.com]
  159850 [greg.kujawa ] What I am looking to do is write a group of Ruby classes that connect
  159919 [botp delmont] gregarican [mailto:greg.kujawa@gmail.com]
  160113 [greg.kujawa ] Four methods down, 95 to go. Checking the TSAPI docs in detail there
  160123 [billk cts.co] thread - but if you've only taken a brief look at SWIG

^ using lambda/Proc can prevent a lot of garbage collection
159692 [eric_mahurin] Does anybody else think it is a serious issue that a Proc holds
159717 [kero chello.] ...
159735 [eric_mahurin] ruby -e '
+ 159736 [gavin refine] I believe that detecting references at compile time is tricky in a
| 159797 [eric_mahurin] Compile-time meaning compile-time of the block - when the block
+ 159738 [dblack wobbl] That's an interesting illustration, but I don't think I'd call it a
| + 159742 [transfire gm] Why not? More the merrier! ;) Still think they could be reduced as a
| + 159768 [drbrain segm] A closure should only enclose the variables needed for its execution.
| | 159773 [vjoel path.b] Aren't there some useful hacks that depend on being able to get at vars
| | + 159783 [logancapaldo] Speaking of eval, I've always wondered why ruby of all languages
| | | + 159786 [binary42 gma] Unfortunately, eval can do things that non-eval-code can't. Little
| | | + 159807 [eric_mahurin] I can't think immediately how giving a binding to this would be
| | | + 159808 [transfire gm] No closure.
| | |   159838 [logancapaldo] Yes, but if eval only took a block the closure could be over exactly
| | |   + 159856 [twifkak comc] No it isn't, because before the 'x = 2' line, you stupidly did a
| | |   | 159866 [logancapaldo] Ah yes but in  my imaginary ruby, your call to mod.class_eval would
| | |   + 159927 [transfire gm] But I don't know if you'd want to do that in general. I don't know,
| | + 159805 [eric_mahurin] I assume you mean "eval str, some_binding" and 'eval "self",
| |   159830 [vjoel path.b] Works with procs, too. I guess it's just a shortcut for the
| + 159798 [eric_mahurin] IO.readlines("/proc/#{Process.pid}/status").grep(/VmSize/).display'
|   + 159801 [dblack wobbl] The problem, though, is that the need (or lack thereof) can't be
|   + 159828 [vjoel path.b] Some have a narrower definition of memory leak: a block of memory that
+ 159741 [transfire gm] This seems essentially the same as the discussion on closed blocks.
  + 159761 [chneukirchen] *This* will be really fun to parse. :-P
  | 159772 [transfire gm] Ugh, yea. Well, it sucked for other reasons anyway. Just tryng to churn
  + 159769 [drbrain segm] That won't make eval work in a closure like it should.
    159771 [transfire gm] Like it *should*? I think eval works like it should, it's just that

^ who the what the when the where the how the heck is _why?
159699 [sean.ohalpin] Long time no hear

^ where to start for gui
159700 [mike mikesch] Hey ruby lovers,
+ 159711 [mpsalisbury ] I haven't read it, but the Pragmatic Programmers have just produced a
| 159713 [blargity gma] It's not a review by any means, but I'm reasonably familiar with the Qt/Ruby
+ 159714 [curt.hibbs g] ...
+ 159823 [greg7224 gma] I've gone through hell getting Tk to work on 10.3, but it apparently
  + 159937 [magicmat gma] Can anybody tell me if Qt/Ruby and/or Konundrum, and more specifically
  + 159941 [gene.tani gm] Pretty good overview (in French) of Gtk, Glade and Anjuta (which i

^ Quick module include question.
159701 [chriseskow g] ...
+ 159703 [christophe.g] This looks a lot like the traits library. You might want to look at it.
+ 159720 [bob.news gmx] You're basically reimplementing attr_accessor, attr_reader, attr_writer and
  159800 [chriseskow g] ...
  159819 [daniels pron] module Attributes
  159821 [chriseskow g] ...
  159835 [christophe.g] That's because "extend" adds the methods defined in the Module *directly* to