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^ Ruby Golf on Lazy T9 Words.
159291 [john.carter ] Assuming you are running Linux and have a list of valid English words in
+ 159315 [oeaniz gmail] If you wanted this to be a rubyquiz, you better could have send it to
| + 159319 [daniels pron] There are two commented lines that are only necessary if you want to
| + 159423 [john.carter ] Didn't even occur to me. Just thought it was a nice simple problem to
|   159427 [john.carter ] So having learnt from the other posts I get down to...
+ 159330 [w_a_x_man ya] Assumes that ambiguity is disallowed; rejects words with apostrophes.
  159332 [w_a_x_man ya] h=Hash.new(0)

^ foo= ... the only exception to the implicit-self rule ?
159295 [itsme213 hot] Sorry to ask this again, but...
+ 159301 [matz ruby-la] Yes.
| + 159309 [itsme213 hot] Thanks Matz.
| | + 159329 [matz ruby-la] I have never planned for any kind of explicit local variable
| | + 159374 [eric_mahurin] This would really make ruby ugly.  One of the beauties about
| |   159466 [itsme213 hot] I would be happy if all self calls required self.foo, or if self was
| |   159479 [eric_mahurin] Using instance_eval breaks encapsulation anyways (you have full
| + 159392 [transfire gm] require 'yaml'
|   159402 [dblack wobbl] Can you explain what you mean?  I'm not getting it.
|   159413 [transfire gm] Sure. Simply that there are very few setter methods built-in to Ruby.
+ 159303 [transfire gm] I agree and ten not to use them for this reason. I suspect most others
+ 159308 [vjoel path.b] def foo(*args)
  159313 [itsme213 hot] True.
  159364 [gavin refine] I'm amazed that you find either the above or foo(x) more appealing
  + 159370 [james graypr] I believe I have only ever run into this problem when using
  | 159373 [dblack wobbl] It's always the case that
  | 159386 [james graypr] You're right, of course.
  + 159376 [Ara.T.Howard] require 'traits'
    + 159383 [dblack wobbl] That ("in keeping with Ruby's design") is only true if you assume that
    | 159391 [Ara.T.Howard] true.  methods are barewords too though - sometimes.  note that i don't
    + 159465 [itsme213 hot] It is clear. But by munging writer and reader into a single method, it makes
      159478 [Ara.T.Howard] you actually get both here.  if you do

^ RubyConf video, audio, streams and recordings?
159302 [ruby-ml magi] Sadly, I cannot attend this year (I will send you pictures from my
+ 159306 [ezra yakima-] I second this. I can't make it either and would really like to see
| 159311 [ben.myles gm] Heck, if there were high quality streams of everything I'd pay for an
| 159318 [damphyr free] Imagine what we europeans would say, left out of the party like this!
+ 159354 [james graypr] I think a Podcast for each presentation would be too cool for words.  :)
  159408 [leavengood g] Most definitely. What if podcasts were available for presentations on
  159418 [ezra yakima-] I am cross posting this to the rails list as well. We want
  159419 [chadfowler g] If someone wants to bring an extra laptop and baby sit the recordings,

^ traits question
159310 [itsme213 hot] How does one install traits 0.7?
+ 159345 [sean.ohalpin] I'm guessing you're running on Windows.
+ 159365 [Ara.T.Howard] hmmm.  it shouldn't.  all my packages install
  159375 [sean.ohalpin] hard links (File.link) work under Windows but soft links (File.symlink) don't.
  159377 [Ara.T.Howard] neither.  the link exists in the lib directory when i tar up the package.
  159380 [sean.ohalpin] Just the traits-0.7.0.rb file.
  + 159389 [Ara.T.Howard] cool.  i tried cygwin and winrar and they both handle the link properly while
  + 159401 [Ara.T.Howard] can you try again (download again)?  i tweaked the installer to make the copy
    159405 [sean.ohalpin] traits-0.7.0.rb and a traits.rb file.
    159407 [Ara.T.Howard] no bugs in them though eh?
    159411 [sean.ohalpin] I just noticed that traits-0.7.0.rb is zero length in the tar.
    159430 [Ara.T.Howard] o.k. - it __should__ be good now - i had too dang many logins going on at once
    + 159440 [sean.ohalpin] oh yeah - that old one ;)
    + 159474 [itsme213 hot] works now, thanks a bunch!

^ techniques for module to contribute to initialize() of its including classes
159316 [itsme213 hot] What are good design techniques for this e.g. if the module adds some
159328 [bob.news gmx] Do it like this and the module initialite will seamlessly integrate into
159406 [ruby-ml magi] This does not work directly if the class itself defines an #initialize
+ 159409 [sean.ohalpin] It works if you call super from within the class initialize. The
| 159412 [ruby-ml magi] Huh. Should have known better than to try it in irb :)
+ 159410 [Ara.T.Howard] require 'traits'

^ coding style
159321 [baklarz z.pl] Hey,
+ 159322 [farrel.lifso] I do believe 'def my_method' is preferred.
+ 159323 [oeaniz gmail] When coding ruby, the uncerscore way of writing methods is prefered;
+ 159324 [zimba.tm gma] Welcome to ruby :)
  159362 [gavin refine] FYI, I just cleaned that page up a bunch. I welcome corrections if I

^ Tutorial: Rails + RubyScript2Exe = Executable
159331 [google erikv] I get a lot of emails about packing and distributing Rails
159425 [google erikv] I've updated the document. It's now based on Windows instead of
+ 159429 [james_b neur] RubyScript2Exe is quite tasty.  I managed, with minor difficulty, to
| 159449 [joshknowles ] I would love to see an example of someone taking this exe and adding the
+ 159484 [ptkwt aracne] Could you also make the Linux version of the document available?
  159487 [google erikv] Sorry, I've overwritten the Linux version with the Windows

^ regexp to replace comma in text
159337 [nobuyoshi.na] line.gsub(/'(?:[^\']|'')*'/) {$&.delete(",")}
159338 [kevin.jackso] Thanks, it's almost there...
159340 [bob.news gmx] line.sub!(/TO_Date\(\s(\'\d*\/\d*\/\d*)\s[\s\w\/\:]+\',\s\'MM\/DD\/YYYY\sH
159382 [warrenbrown ] Kev,
159464 [kevin.jackso] Thanks to all who helped me with this.

^ Linux.ars ruby mention + script
159339 [kevin.jackso] Fairly nice and the library looks cool too

^ facets-0.7.2
159342 [briankbuckle] When running the following code
159393 [transfire gm] Actually the #permute method was renamed to, surprise,
159396 [briankbuckle] Thanks, T.  In my code I added a temporary alias_method line after the

^ Rake 0.6.2 Released
159347 [jim weirichh] This is just a short announcement concerning the new version of Rake.

^ a2ps or Pretty printing Ruby
159349 [benbelly gma] Has anyone set up a2ps to pretty print Ruby?  If not, what do you use?
+ 159355 [cameron.mcbr] I use enscript and it's worked fine for me.  Not sure about the status
+ 159369 [florgro gmai] I use Ruby Syntax, the gem.
+ 159388 [erik terpnet] Put it in your a2ps sheets directory (mine is: /usr/share/a2ps/sheets)
  159399 [benbelly gma] Sweet!  Thanks.

^ [SUMMARY] Lisp Game (#49)
159351 [james graypr] I'm not going to show one entire solution this week, but instead try to hit some

^ Newbie extension question
159356 [greg.kujawa ] I have coded natively in Ruby for almost a year now and feel very

^ TMail quoted-printable encoding question
159358 [chrisroos re] I have just emailed the author but am going to try here just in case
159359 [jamis 37sign] Chris,

^ run Ruby from a CD in MS Windows
159361 [king_xhuang ] I am new to Ruby.
+ 159363 [blargity gma] You can package up your ruby application plus ruby and everything needed with
+ 159424 [ptkwt aracne] I did this very thing about 1.5 years ago for a very large client (which

^ Chicago job opportunity
159371 [jeff cpsit.c] My name is Jeff Williams and I'm a technical recruiter with CPS, Inc.
159381 [Daniel.Berge] Please post Ruby related jobs at http://jobs.rubynow.com as well.

^ Re: RDE 1.0.0 released
159397 [jgbailey gma] Just downloaded and installed this (1.0.1) on Windows XP. Had no issues

^ Manipulate output from test/unit methods?
159416 [christopher.] When you use any of the test/unit methods, like "assert_equal", you
159446 [drbrain segm] Well... What are you trying to accomplish?  ZenTest's unit_diff works
159489 [damphyr free] Is there a way to suppress everything except the result of the tests?

^ HTTP session
159420 [hh hhenne.dk] It seems like I'm not able to establish a session, when I use NET::HTTP.

^ Q: How to get backtrace of another thread?
159421 [ruby-lang wi] How do I get a backtrace of another (possibly running) Thread?
159482 [vjoel path.b] I was asking the same question just a few days ago, but I didn't come up

^ Customizing Exception, but only when an error is raised
159426 [Daniel.Berge] class Exception
159431 [bob.news gmx] The moment an exception is thrown an exception istance is created.  So your
159436 [ruby-ml magi] Just 'raise' by itself seems to raise the same exception object (it
159509 [bob.news gmx] Right!  Still that does not help to achive the behavior Daniel wanted
159525 [Daniel.Berge] I was trying to emulate Perl's $SIG{__DIE__} handler for reports running
+ 159530 [bob.news gmx] I'm not too familiar with $SIG{__DIE__} but I assume it's called whenever
+ 159536 [rascal1182 g] I thought cron (at least Vixie cron) sends mail whenever a script has
| 159537 [Daniel.Berge] The admin was getting irritated with the mail that would collect, so we
| 159540 [Ara.T.Howard] btw.  in cron you can set MAILTO to be any address.  any program which prints
+ 159539 [Ara.T.Howard] class Exception
  159541 [rascal1182 g] Not that this code isn't a fine example of some of the things you can

^ documentation & tutorials for net::ssh
159434 [bob ubuntu-d] I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any guides & tutorials for using
159435 [jamis 37sign] I'm afraid the only online resource I'm aware of is http://net-
159442 [bob ubuntu-d] Excellent! I did try emailing an address on the net::ssh website but
159860 [hack0r gmail] why does this script continue looping and not end gracefully with the
159863 [jamis 37sign] session.loop
159874 [bob ubuntu-d] That's as much as I had worked out. Reading the guide suggested to me that
159877 [jamis 37sign] Can you post an example of one of the scripts where you were doing
159881 [bob ubuntu-d] None of the scripts I am trying to write are earth shattering. They (will
159882 [jamis 37sign] Bob,
159884 [bob ubuntu-d] They are all going to be self terminating, like the example I gave.
159887 [jamis 37sign] Actually, the example you gave was "tail -f #{file}", and tail -f is
159891 [bob ubuntu-d] ooops :s I'd started with trying to modify a different

^ RubyInline (Was: Re: Can ruby replace c?)
159448 [drbrain segm] No, it should work on Windows too provided you built your own Ruby.
159452 [sean.ohalpin] I was wrong - it almost works with the One-Click Installer version. I
159472 [ryand-ruby z] class X
159486 [sean.ohalpin] Thanks - those are just the pointers I needed.

^ Re: [Vit-discuss] Get to the Point: Ruby and Rails Presentation	Slides
159451 [ng johnwlong] It's fine with me if you use the HTML and images in your own Ruby

^ how to run some c code for every real and forked ruby process
159454 [ben.myles gm] I have some C code (shown below) which I want executed every time ruby
159461 [drbrain segm] No need for C.
159476 [Ara.T.Howard] does this work for forked children?  i'm guessing not - but i'm maybe the

^ Google Calculator command line tool
159456 [jgbailey gma] I whipped a quick script to send queries to Google and scrape results
+ 159458 [jgbailey gma] I should have explained the format_result proc a little. Google's
| 159463 [halostatue g] For what it's worth, it's probably better to look at reimplementing
| 159468 [james_b neur] Is that what this is?
| 159533 [jgbailey gma] The needs for this script are so lightweight, it just didn't seem worth
+ 159480 [twifkak comc] Why not just def format_result(s) ... end?
| 159532 [jgbailey gma] I thought I had tried that but obviously I did something wrong. Thanks
+ 159543 [ptkwt aracne] Google is now a calculator?! Uh, errr, umm, this is getting a little bit out
| + 159545 [wilsonb gmai] ...
| + 159546 [leavengood g] Google has had this for a while, and I find it most useful for doing
+ 159544 [ptkwt aracne] Sorry for two replies to the same post, but I tried your code and I always
  159556 [jgbailey gma] Phil,
  159825 [greg7224 gma] Yeah, it is in some regard but if you mean you can't snip posts, I

^ Enhancing/overriding Test::Unit::Assertion methods--what's the best way?
159460 [joe.yakich g] Everyone,
+ 159519 [leavengood g] require 'test/unit'
+ 159531 [bret pettich] Assertions is a module that is included in (mixed in) TestCase. You should

^ is there a way to add attributes to instances?
159469 [akonsu gmail] is there a way to add properties to instances and access them later
+ 159470 [james graypr] irb(main):001:0> require "ostruct"
| 159477 [rascal1182 g] I think OpenStruct is what you want to use.  If you feel you have to
+ 159471 [james_b neur] class <<a

^ Johannesburg, SA (and surrounding areas) Ruby Users Group
159491 [luke.randall] Having started using Ruby in the past few months, I've been interested
159513 [reyn.vlietst] Ey,

^ [RFC] framework of Ruby/Tk + VNC
159494 [nagai ai.kyu] ([ruby-talk:145031]).

^ final sub problem
159495 [kevin.jackso] I've almost finished, but there's something I don't know how to do.
159496 [kevin.jackso] sorry disregard last post, sub! was leaving in quotes because my regexp

^ calling ruby from a windows app?
159497 [skrebbel gma] Hey,
+ 159502 [simon.kroege] Perhaps it helps you, too.
+ 159511 [nobu.nokada ] See README.EXT file.
+ 159527 [snail objmed] The ruby documentation describes how to do this.
+ 159564 [jgbailey gma] Ruby code from a .NET app. YOu have to look at their "EmbeddedSample"

^ [ANN] rctool-1.0.0
159500 [rubikitch ru] == Abstract

^ Re: rctool-1.0.0
159504 [matti.georgi] this is great. Wanted this for a long time :)
+ 159505 [matti.georgi] Sorry, my last post was related to el4r and not rctool.
+ 159538 [rubikitch ru] Thank you.

^ [QUIZ] Text Image (#50)
159510 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 159516 [jim freeze.o] Ahh, a half-toning algorithm.
+ 159581 [hal9000 hype] I never participate in these, but this one is tempting.
| + 159587 [james graypr] Ah, why not?  :)  We do try to have a little fun.
| + 159695 [james_b neur] Might even make a few bucks, no?
|   159732 [kero chello.] do all contributors get a free sample?
|   + 159740 [chneukirchen] +1 :D
|   + 159744 [james graypr] Contributors of quizzes and code used in the book will be contacted
+ 159840 [dave burt.id] I have a solution written five years ago by Brian Fundakowski Feldman. Is
+ 160269 [anthony.mora] I'm happy to submit my first ruby quiz solution. I really liked the RMagick

^ Event Handling
159514 [iamscottwalt] I am coming from the Java world and was wondering if there ins anything
+ 159515 [halostatue g] -austin
+ 159517 [james graypr] Hope that helps.
| 159524 [bob.news gmx] This started in interesting thought with me: a block would come in handy
| 159529 [jeff.darklig] You could always make your adapter collection a hash instead of an array,
+ 159542 [gavin refine] ...
+ 159774 [vjoel path.b] Take look at observable (http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/observable).

^ Going to RubyConf? Please post to RubyConf2005Facebook
159520 [curt.hibbs g] Francis Hwang had the bright idea, and it really cool to see all the faces
+ 159551 [blaumag gmai] And what about RubyFaces in general? I won't go to RubyConf, so I'm
| 159553 [curt.hibbs g] The whole idea is to help those going to RubyConf recognize each other. I
| 160149 [googlegroups] Flickr requires some sort of a signup, does it not? Could just create
| + 160151 [james_b neur] Well, anyone can create a wiki personal page, add an image link, and
| + 160171 [drbrain segm] (Joy of joys (no sarcasm) the News gateway seems busted as I do not
|   160204 [james_b neur] folks simply tagging their RubyConf05 pix as RubyConf05?
|   160230 [drbrain segm] a) Discussion boards.
|   160517 [james_b neur] I see. Thanks.
+ 159554 [curt.hibbs g] What's up with your picture... so far I've seen three different pics of you
| + 159557 [Daniel.Berge] He's rotating it automatically. :)
| + 159559 [makenai gmai] According to his blog, he's got a ruby script rotating the picture on every
|   159562 [james_b neur] Oh, my pleasure. :)
|   159563 [curt.hibbs g] Or you could really confuse us by rotating pictures of completely different
|   159566 [james_b neur] Well, I originally asked Francis if one needed to put up a real picture.
+ 159589 [sera fhwang.] Can anybody tell me how I can make links to anchors using RubyGarden's
  159592 [sera fhwang.] Never mind, dblack helped me figure it out. Social software crisis
  159607 [dooby d10.ka] (I've no preference between the two)
  159628 [sera fhwang.] Ah, that's nice, thanks for making that example. I'll switch it to that
  159694 [dooby d10.ka] Thanks for that clarification, Francis.