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^ differentiating built-in methods from user defined ones
159105 [mboes cwazy.] is there anyway of determining whether a given method is a method written
+ 159107 [bob.news gmx] You can read the source code...
+ 159433 [drbrain segm] ParseTree can only get the source for ruby methods.  There's no built-

^ Ruby on Rails to develop live multi-user web apps?
159106 [graphis1 mac] I'm just starting on the Ruby ladder, but wondered whether it would be

^ [SOLUTION] Lisp Game (#49)
159110 [daniels pron] ...

^ Does TDB (trivial database) binding for Ruby exist ?
159111 [ mig 1984.cz] I've seen benchmarks of QDBM, TDB, GDBM, DB4 and DB1 databases.
159661 [logancapaldo] Do you really need the fastest database of those four, or just one
160179 [ mig 1984.cz] I need TDB because it is the fastest hash db. The second reason is that it

^ Ruby book list at rubygarden
159117 [zimba.tm gma] I really need some people to complete my list of available ruby books
159147 [james_b neur] See also
159191 [zimba.tm gma] Thanks for the reply.

^ [ANN] el4r-0.9.2 - EmacsLisp for Ruby
159119 [rubikitch ru] ...

^ caller
159124 [limux 126.co] *def checking_for(m)
+ 159149 [dooby d10.ka] ...
+ 159150 [halostatue g] See the documentation on Kernel#caller

^ [PATCH] Ruby debugger Emacs integration
159125 [klischat cs.] I have two small patches that solve two problems I had when using the

^ select! not present but reject! is
159127 [Geert.Fannes] ...
159211 [gene.tani gm] Can you use Enumerable#partition  ?
159251 [lukfugl gmai] 1) Geert's question is regarding the lack of symmetry between the
159256 [dblack wobbl] It seems like a strange concept to me.  I don't associate
+ 159271 [lukfugl gmai] Well, maybe select! isn't the right name for it. But as a concept,
+ 159304 [matz ruby-la] That is a reason.  For the same reason, we didn't implement map!, but
  159444 [rascal1182 g] You don't watch enough reality television.  The fun of selecting
  159450 [dblack wobbl] I'm still not feeling a "dangerous version of select".  It seems such
  159457 [lukfugl gmai] Hmm, I'd disagree. After all, we're sending the message to the array
  159459 [dblack wobbl] That's true across the board, though; it's not a determinant of what
  159475 [rascal1182 g] But the exclamation mark (to me) says, "Do this to yourself, Mr.
  + 159481 [wilsonb gmai] I vote for Array#winnow
  + 159501 [dblack wobbl] See my previous post -- it shows the difference (between reject! and
    159526 [lukfugl gmai] And that's where it confuses me. select and reject are complements, so
    + 159528 [dblack wobbl] I completely understand, and I'm the first to admit I've failed to
    + 159568 [discordantus] The english words "select" and "reject" are not opposites. "reject"
      + 159570 [lukfugl gmai] Funny thing is, it was me that suggested 'keep!'. :) But my argument
      | 159573 [dblack wobbl] The most important thing, though, is that every method name be
      | + 159576 [lukfugl gmai] We can agree on this, I suppose. Though I, personally, would like
      | + 159594 [gsinclair gm] Perhaps not, but in this case, inconsistency would be unforgivable.
      |   159596 [dblack wobbl] As I've said repeatedly, I am *not* suggesting that Ruby adopt a
      |   159598 [gsinclair gm] Ah, you can never have too much consistency... :)
      + 159571 [rascal1182 g] select and reject (without the exclamation marks) are Ruby opposites,
        + 159572 [rascal1182 g] Jacob and others are free to continue the fight in my pseudo-absense :-)
        + 159575 [dblack wobbl] I hadn't thought we were talking about them.  They seem OK to me,
          + 159586 [rascal1182 g] You had to reply, didn't you...
          | 159588 [billk cts.co] exit!
          + 159600 [twifkak comc] True, but the large majority of ! methods are simply in-place
            + 159601 [twifkak comc] Wow. I just executed circular logic perfectly! Good night, all.
            + 159618 [martindemell] ...
              159621 [dblack wobbl] (I'd want to give Professor Parkinson the benefit of the doubt and

^ [ANN] Vim/Ruby Configuration Files, 2005.10.05
159144 [dougkearns g] G'day folks,
+ 159193 [zimba.tm gma] Oh joy ! Oh happyness !
| 159222 [rblists gmai] You're not only ;-)
| + 159242 [joevandyk gm] What do you mean by 'matchit'?
| | 159314 [dougkearns g] It allows for user defined items to be matched when using the '%'
| + 159312 [dougkearns g] Fixed in CVS - thanks!
+ 159782 [lists kalama] With vim-ruby-2005.10.07, if I type
| 159846 [dougkearns g] Weird! ;-)
+ 159995 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Damn! This problem is just too close to the wire with 6.4 imminent.
  160000 [mailing-list] Huh?  The indentation doesn°«t indent multiline strings, so if you have
  160002 [hgs dmu.ac.u] ...
  160006 [hgs dmu.ac.u] ...
  160031 [mailing-list] Exactly how do you indent?  (I guess checking your ftplugin/ruby.vim
  160033 [hgs dmu.ac.u] gg=G

^ Dependency mayhem (was Re: RDoc problems)
159167 [damphyr free] Nope I hadn't, but at the rate I am reading these days something will
159171 [langstefan g] $ cat Rantfile
159182 [damphyr free] Yeap, that's it. Hehe, so nice to just describe a problem and have it

^ ruby-ldap
159173 [justin.crawf] Howdy-
159183 [justin.crawf] Not so, I found.  When adding entry objects using a hash of

^ Strange 'require' side-effects with rubygems
159177 [Avdi_B_Grimm] ...

^ RybyCocoa (was The definitive GUI for Ruby)
159186 [rdm cfcl.com] Well, actually, you use non-Aqua GUIs all the time.  Every web site
+ 159221 [jim freeze.o] From my limited experience, there is a straightforward pattern to
| 159317 [dave.baldwin] oPanel.runModalForDirectory(self, :file, nil :types, nil]
+ 159343 [groups grand] But my definition of "application" doesn't include web sites. Yours

^ Ruby for Palm OS?
159192 [brian le-roy] I have an application in mind that would include a simple GUI, and
159194 [lists halffu] =20
159202 [shanko_date ] It is in Japanese, so I cannot tell what it says (like the other cool projects listed there).
159305 [matz ruby-la] For your information, it's not about the attempt to run Ruby on Palm.

^ RubyConf2005Facebook page on RubyGarden wiki
159196 [sera fhwang.] Maybe I'm just vain and want everyone to see my face, but I thought it
+ 159198 [amarison hot] ...
+ 159200 [james_b neur] Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it.
  159208 [sera fhwang.] I suppose that's your business, but I'm not sure how somebody would be
  159246 [gregory.t.br] Chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunkyyyyyyyyyyyyy BACOOOOOOOOOOOOON!
  159277 [curt.hibbs g] ...

^ OT: Vim/Ruby Configuration Files
159197 [benbelly gma] I love Vim.  My workplace uses 3 spaces for indenting its C/C++, but I
+ 159205 [usenet ruby-] au BufRead,BufNewFile *.rb set sw=2,ts=2
| 159262 [no.spam plea] Fantastic, been wondering how to do that for a while.
+ 159210 [mailing-list] (3 spaces is seriously the most retarded indentation-level ever, hands
  + 159215 [louis.j.scor] ...
  | 159243 [mailing-list] Yes, but there's sort of a praxis of not including stuff like
  + 159217 [benbelly gma] On 10/5/05, Nikolai Weibull
  | 159244 [mailing-list] Precisely, ;-),
  + 159270 [gsinclair gm] I prefer the file ~/.vim/ftplugin/ruby_personal.vim.
    159398 [mailing-list] True, that°«s a possible alternative (although having it in ~/ kind of

^ object.toJavascript?
159199 [zimba.tm gma] I have already looked in different corners of the Internet and found a
159297 [itsme213 hot] ...
159353 [gavin refine] Smells like a not-small project, depending on how much Ruby you want

^ Status of Rite/Yarv ?
159201 [fgp phlo.org] ...
+ 159473 [daniel.amela] You're cordially invited to join us for a discussion on the yarv
+ 159707 [ko1 atdot.ne] If your plathome is not Windows, "--enable-pthread" is needed for

^ Module#const_missing redefinition
159204 [elbart0 free] I try to redefine #const_missing but it does not behave as I expect.
+ 159212 [dblack wobbl] I believe it's because of the pseudo-static way in which constants are
+ 159227 [SimonKroeger] def Object.const_missing(sym)

^ entire stack trace
159209 [eric_mahurin] When the stack is deep and you get an exception, you get
159216 [pit capitain] Catch the exception and print its backtrace
+ 159219 [eric_mahurin] I already figured out that one.  Any way to override the
| 159224 [pit capitain] Works for me on Windows 2000. From looking at the source code, I don't
+ 159292 [twifkak comc] I am continually reminded of how little I know. :)
+ 160960 [tkersh gmail] If you encounter this issue inside of a Unit Test for a controller

^ One-liner removing duplicate lines
159220 [damien.wyart] Converting from Perl to Ruby, I am trying to find an equivalent to this
+ 159226 [leavengood g] I tried creating a version that mimics the Perl one (because Ruby also
| + 159230 [langstefan g] ruby -e 'puts ARGF.readlines.uniq' infile > outfile
| + 159233 [leavengood g] ruby -ne "s||={};s[$_]||print;s[$_]=1" infile > outfile
| | 159239 [langstefan g] ruby -ne 'a||={};a[$_]||=(print;1)' infile > outfile
| | 159245 [SimonKroeger] ruby -ne 'a||={};a[$_]||=print|1' infile > outfile
| | 159247 [SimonKroeger] ruby -ne 'a||={};a[$_]||=!print' infile > outfile
| + 159234 [james graypr] That slurps the file though, of course, so mind your memory
| + 159647 [discordantus] ruby -e'$><<[*$<].uniq' infile > outfile
|   159649 [discordantus] As long as we're mostly obfuscated anyway, we might as well make the
|   + 159652 [leavengood g] That's awesome. I was never a Perl programmer, but I can see the
|   | 159656 [dblack wobbl] David
|   + 159654 [sean.ohalpin] That has a kind of evil beauty... :)
|     159663 [vjoel path.b] If it were a smiley, what emotion would it represent?
|     + 159667 [twifkak comc] ...
|     + 159670 [dblack wobbl] The feeling you get when you're holding up a barbell while standing on
|     | 159715 [hal9000 hype] That has *got* to be the strangest thing I've ever heard from you.
|     | 159739 [christophe.g] I just think he's been channeling why the lucky stiff ;) .
|     | 159832 [botp delmont] #>> ruby -e'$><<([*$<]|[])' infile > outfile
|     + 159683 [leavengood g] It looks like a totem pole to me. The totem of Ruby Golf.
+ 159232 [eric_mahurin] ruby -ne 's||={};s[$_]||print;s[$_]=true'
+ 159237 [SimonKroeger] true,
+ 159238 [chneukirchen] ruby -ne 'BEGIN{$s={}};$s[$_] ||= !puts($_)'
+ 159240 [vfoley gmail] How about the uniq(1) program?  uniq infile > outfile
| + 159250 [louis.j.scor] ...
| | 159255 [louis.j.scor] ...
| | 159350 [louis.j.scor] ...
| + 159300 [damien.wyart] Using uniq is not stable, ie you have to use sort(1) before, and the
|   159506 [chneukirchen] Better use sort -u then...
+ 159253 [nohmad gmail] ruby -ne 'BEGIN{$s={}};$s[$_]=nil;END{puts$s}' infile > outfile
+ 159280 [w_a_x_man ya] awk '!a[$0]++' infile >outfile
| + 159283 [jeremy bitsw] My head a splode.  Old school.
| | 159290 [twifkak comc] Seriously. Awe.
| + 159298 [damien.wyart] This one is very nice, thanks ! I had an Awk version which was slightly
+ 159299 [damien.wyart] Many thanks to everyone who responded, the answers are very interesting
| 159325 [bob.news gmx] As far as I can see noone used the Hash with block feature.  So here it
| + 159357 [sean.ohalpin] I couldn't resist :)
| | 159462 [twifkak comc] ruby -e"ARGF.inject(['']) {|s,l| s.include?(l)?s:s<<l}.display"
| + 159508 [chneukirchen] ruby -ne '($h||={}).fetch($_){puts $h[$_]=$_}'
+ 160029 [tristan.allw] ruby -e 'require "set" ; s = Set.new ; ARGF.each_line {|z| s.add?(z)

^ tk app, reading output from command and put it in a text widget
159231 [ null void.0] subject says it all.
+ 159293 [nagai ai.kyu] Hmmm...
| 159366 [ null void.0] Ruby 1.8.2 Win32 does not seem thave TkTextIO.  A find in my Ruby tree
| 159385 [nagai ai.kyu] "tktextio.rb" is a pure Ruby/Tk script.
+ 159346 [ null void.0] I tried fork, but isn't supported in win32....

^ question marks in ruby.api for SCiTE
159236 [matthewgarys] I created a ruby.api for SCiTE, so I can have autocomplete and
+ 159264 [damphyr free] Nope, but I would like this api file and then maybe I can help search
| 159265 [daniels pron] Not knowing anything about SCiTE's api files, or anything much really,
+ 159274 [thunder gmai] '?' is used in Scintilla autocompletion as the default separator
  159387 [matthewgarys] With HUGE thanks to Neil...

^ pdf writer document encryption
159248 [snacktime gm] ...
159257 [halostatue g] The error appears to be a simple bug. I can probably sneak out a 1.1.4
159258 [snacktime gm] ...

^ preview gems
159249 [bret pettich] I'm planning to make a preview release of next version of Watir.
159334 [rasputnik gm] What the rails guy do is run their own gem-server, then you do
159368 [jim weirichh] This is actually quite easy to do if you have access to a public web

^ xmlrpc frustration
159252 [joevandyk gm] argh
159883 [tom infoethe] Hey, I'm doing some XMLRPC things at the moment too.  When I run your

^ test if session leader
159259 [vjoel path.b] I have several ruby processes that are started from a shell script like
159260 [Ara.T.Howard] in this case wouldn't
159261 [vjoel path.b] Hey, that's right!
159272 [Ara.T.Howard] be careful - if ALL your scripts (a, b, c, z) are started from a script that

^ Can Ruby pop like Lisp?
159266 [waterbowl gm] Is it possible to write a method in Ruby that acts like pop does in
+ 159267 [blargity gma] y = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump(x.first))
| 159269 [dblack wobbl] Actually there's no copying at all in the original example -- it's
| 159285 [waterbowl gm] Thx for the replies!
| 159286 [blargity gma] A different array that contains the same objects is a deep copy.  A reference
| + 159294 [gavin refine] I would disagree. The terminology I'm used to using and hearing
| | 159296 [blargity gma] Which is what I just said minus the recursively.  I apologize for missing that
| | 159367 [gavin refine] ...
| | 159372 [blargity gma] I understand it's not a copy.  In C++ terminology that I learned it's called a
| | 159378 [gavin refine] No worries. I'm not arguing either; I was simply helping to clarify
| | 159379 [gavin refine] Er, wait. Now *I'm* misunderstanding. Ignore what I said, as it does
| + 159341 [dblack wobbl] I highly recommend coming from Ruby when you use Ruby.  It makes
+ 159268 [dblack wobbl] If you want to alter an array that's like x[0], but isn't x[0], you
+ 159307 [hutch recurs] These are very different data structures. The arrays in ruby are like
+ 159326 [bob.news gmx] Erm, if you just want the first element, you can use indexed access
+ 159384 [jim weirichh] Here's one way.  As someone else pointed out, there is a fundamental

^ [Solution] Lisp Game #49
159275 [sean.ohalpin] I wasn't going to finish this but somehow I couldn't stop myself.... :)

^ newbie
159276 [cmk128 hotma] I am new to Ruby, May i know what is ROR (Ruby on Rails?
+ 159278 [dblack wobbl] David
+ 159279 [k.parnell gm] Peter,

^ typo migration
159284 [hal9000 hype] I tried to migrate from 18 to 23 and it crashes on me...
159333 [rasputnik gm] Immediate gotcha is you need to tell it what environment to migrate, otherwise
159455 [hal9000 hype] Hmm. Well, I did it in the admin interface. Dunno what it was doing

^ Can ruby replace c?
159287 [cmk128 hotma] Can ruby replace c ? Or no, because ruby is a high level language !!
+ 159288 [robby.lists ] Perhaps when Matz and the team rewrite Ruby in Ruby.
| 159289 [blargity gma] Ruby is an interpreted high level language.  You can do a lot of C-like things
+ 159327 [bob.news gmx] IIRC there is a project that allows incline C or assembly code.  Someone
| 159335 [sean.ohalpin] RubyInline - http://rubyforge.org/projects/rubyinline/
| 159403 [pat.eyler gm] Windows is problematic since you'll need the compiler you built Ruby with
| 159404 [Ara.T.Howard] 'just fine' is an understatement though- this is a seriously under-rated
+ 159400 [mailing-list] irb(main):001:0> i = 0; "c".upto("ruby"){ i += 1 }; p i
  159417 [christophe.g] This one really cracked me up! The first time I see a joke written in a
  + 159437 [idylls gmail] Which D language?
  | + 159438 [dblack wobbl] $ ruby -e 'p "Z".succ'
  | | 159447 [daniels pron] While programming in Alpha may be problematic, when combined with Omega
  | + 159453 [jlsysinc all] Also...
  | + 159485 [christophe.g] (and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afnix_programming_language used to be called
  | + 159490 [clr7.10.rand] Yes, it is actually very nice. If it were more widespread, I'd
  | + 159498 [mailinglists] Z does exist but is a program specification language, a terrible thing
  | | + 159499 [kevin.jackso] second that!  The painful memories of Z (only two lectures, but it was
  | | + 159503 [christophe.g] So *that's* why I found Eiffel so awful when I looked at it!
  | |   + 159512 [doodpants ma] I'm not familiar with statistical typing. Does this mean that the
  | |   | + 159518 [christophe.g] LOL! Oops! I naturally meant *statically* typed (never do five things at the
  | |   | + 159595 [twifkak comc] Devin
  | |   + 159597 [mailinglists] Because it was never useable in practice. A very bad compiler for
  | + 159620 [chneukirchen] I think I've seen a language called "ya" already, which would be a
  |   159718 [martindemell] ...
  + 159507 [chneukirchen] irb(main):002:0> "c".gsub!(/ruby/, "replacement")