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^ [ANN] YARV Compile and Disassemble CGI
158942 [ko1 atdot.ne] I made a cgi script that compile ruby script to YARV (*1) instruction
158948 [ptkwt aracne] Very cool!  Thanks for all your hard work.

^ creating objects
158943 [felix.mccoey] $class_name = 'User';
158944 [hal9000 hype] class_name = 'User'
+ 158945 [joshua rever] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 158946 [adam.shelly ] @class_name = User
  159037 [chneukirchen] eval(@class_name).new

^ Sorry nother regexp/ruby problem
158951 [kevin.jackso] Given the following data
+ 158952 [kevin.jackso] Hmm 1/2 hour messing with sub, or 2 minutes - split + join(", ") perfect
+ 158953 [blargity gma] I'd go with split
| 158961 [gene.tani gm] just FYI here're reg ex tools that i've found helpful (not
+ 158955 [bob.news gmx] Why do you use VALUES in the regexp?  I cannot see it in your sample data.
  158957 [kevin.jackso] Sorry about that, the original string is part of an insert statement
  158989 [bob.news gmx] If it's guaranteed that there are no "," in STUFF you might cook up a

^ Ruby Weekly News 26th September - 2nd October 2005
158958 [timsuth ihug] (Web viewers have more fun.)

^ RDoc problems
158962 [damphyr free] rd.title="rrt_ruby"
159010 [langstefan g] This could be fixed in rake. I posted a solution once.
159109 [damphyr free] Oooops, I should have counted (it's that having 5 files you don't count
159161 [langstefan g] Have you read

^ The definitive GUI for Ruby
158967 [eustaquioran] I'm wondering about some things here.
+ 158969 [alan-ruby-ta] Cheers.
| 158975 [khaines enig] Now, be fair.  Refresh looks like it has some admirable goals, but it is still
| + 158979 [eustaquioran] Yes, seems to be a very good idea, but it's really not
| + 158981 [alan-ruby-ta] It's a week old, if that's what you mean. :)
+ 158973 [khaines enig] No.  Rails isn't the "the" Ruby option for web development.  It is _a_ Ruby
| 158976 [eustaquioran] Well, you got the idea. :-) I was talking about all
| 158992 [bob.news gmx] Is it possible to add a table with feature vs. UI toolkit so people can
| + 158995 [eustaquioran] Very good idea.
| | 159132 [eeklund gmai] There is one here: http://vworkers.com/vruz/dav/guichart.html
| + 159027 [guslist free] One feature I'd like to see mention is the ability for the UI toolkit
|   159029 [cribbsj oakw] FXRuby also plays *very* well with rubyscript2exe.
|   159033 [vapidbabble ] Neither FxRuby or WxRuby seem to play very well on Tiger,for me. Maybe
|   159038 [jim freeze.o] Try RubyCocoa.  It Rocks! :)
|   159055 [vapidbabble ] Yes it does. It's very slick. But not exactly cross-platform ;).  My
+ 158974 [halostatue g] There's no such thing, and that's a good thing.
| 158978 [eustaquioran] I answered Kirk right now. :-)
+ 159118 [groups grand] As somebody who's much more "a serious user who programs small things"
  159126 [eustaquioran] Millimeter stuff. :-)
  159189 [jeffh remove] Tk is only ugly if that's the way you like it.  You have a
  159190 [eustaquioran] Oh boy, was me that did not checked all its features
  159214 [jeffh remove] No insult taken.  Tk certainly keeps moving, but it's done in
  + 159218 [rdm cfcl.com] I haven't seen any mention of Rails in this discussion.  It seems
  + 159225 [eustaquioran] Sure. :-)

^ New ruby-lang website?
158970 [vfoley gmail] I just wanted to know what was happening with the efforts to build a
159020 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I was just wondering about that myself.  I really enjoyed
159023 [curt.hibbs g] It hasn't disappeared. There has been sporadic progress over the past few
159131 [zimba.tm gma] Can I do something to help ? I am learning rails fastly and want to
159134 [curt.hibbs g] Not at the moment. At some point some help may be needed to create content.

^ parallel programming
158986 [segabor gmai] Is there any Ruby extension for parallel programming? I want to write
+ 158993 [khaines enig] Ara Howard has done a lot of parallel programming with Ruby using a system
| 158996 [Ara.T.Howard] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 159000 [bob.news gmx] See for example
  159062 [Neville.Burn] Ara Howard has done a lot of parallel programming with Ruby using a system that he devised.
  159071 [wmwilson01 g] Umm, anyone else feel like Ara has the best work environment in the

^ Apache Log Munging
158987 [alan-ruby-ta] Are there any Rails projects, or Ruby libraries for Apache logs?
159203 [drbrain segm] Analysis of Apache logs?  Dunno.
159582 [hramrach gma] Maybe I could dig it out if you are interested.

^ Needle in a haystack :-)
158997 [greg.kujawa ] Not sure if many folks here would benefit from this information, but if

^ [SOLUTION] Lisp Game (#49)
159004 [dooby d10.ka] Good quiz!
159022 [james graypr] No quiz administrators where harmed in the making of this solution, I

^ Gems Multi-package
159005 [transfire gm] Does Gems support setup.rb's multi-package format?
159006 [halostatue g] Explain?
159007 [transfire gm] Creating Multi-Package Archive
159008 [halostatue g] No. It doesn't need to as it has version locking and dependency resolution.

^ [ANN]Ruby for Rose RealTime v0.2.0
159009 [damphyr free] This is the first public release of rrt_ruby. I talked about it a few

^ Looking for book reviewers
159011 [dave pragpro] Chris Pine is just finishing off the first draft of his "Learn to
+ 159012 [pat.eyler gm] Dave,
| 159013 [pat.eyler gm] doh!   I hate hitting the send button before adjusting the To: line.
| 159015 [leavengood g] I personally liked hearing about a young potential new Rubyist.
| 159066 [botp delmont] #> However, before you all rush to sign up, there's a catch. I'm
| + 159089 [tomcloyd bes] You can find Dave (?) Pine's Ruby book online (Google those words). It's
| | + 159094 [rdm cfcl.com] Is this it?
| | + 159095 [hawkman.gelo] i'll be willing to review it,
| | + 159115 [rasputnik gm] Chris Pine? He's the guy Dave (T) is talking about :)
| | + 159788 [chris pine.f] Chris Pine.  (Though David is my middle name... I have *no* idea how
| + 159787 [chris pine.f] Very sorry!  I responded to this right away, but from the wrong email
+ 159014 [dave pragpro] Oh, one more thing just occurred to me. If you're nominating someone
+ 160595 [rwestcot gma] I think you're talking about me! Ruby is my first programing language
+ 161037 [billotte gma] I picked up the Pragmatic Programmer some years ago simply because it

^ Segfault with broken regular expressions
159019 [rm_rails che] When I try to define this function with a syntax error in
160604 [nobu.nokada ] I've missed your article until it'd happend to be discovered,

^ OFF Topics :: PC-laptop or Powerbook
159024 [wallenberg g] I will change job soon and I have to decide which type of laptop I want.
+ 159025 [binary42 gma] Powerbooks are excellent tools. I would recommend one, however, PC
+ 159026 [vacindak gma] I adore my 12" Powerbook, but if I had it to do over again, I would
| + 159035 [alan-ruby-ta] Half the fun of a powerbook is chosing a sweet bag to go with
| + 159042 [k.parnell gm] I love my 15" PowerBook. I would highly suggest that over a PC
| + 159058 [mike stok.co] ... the 17" isn't that much bigger than the 15".  Just don't ask my
|   159138 [r.mark.volkm] Quiet?  I've got a 15" Powerbook and the fan in it has to be the
+ 159031 [wilsonb gmai] Powerbooks are great, but it is true that the hardware currently isn't
+ 159043 [ptkwt aracne] choose the powerbook. Definitely.  ;-)
+ 159044 [news physics] - Mac laptops are generally more expensive than their Windows
| 159054 [james_b neur] I recently bought a Dell Latitude 810.  It kicks ass.
| 159112 [damphyr free] I've been working exclusively with laptops for the past 6 years and all
| 159148 [gsinclair gm] I've had a Dell Inspiron 8000, running Windows, for 5 years now.
| + 159154 [leavengood g] I agree. I was a pretty rabid anti-Microsoft person back in the
| | 159170 [christophe.g] To each his own. On my desktop I have *never* had to reinstall Windows
| + 159174 [vanweerd gma] 4 dell laptops, used continuously over 8 years. One flaky hard-drive
+ 159051 [scott alodar] <c8c1ec5c0510041201k7a47859cn482f5e86944db19e@mail.gmail.com>,
+ 159063 [wmorgan-ruby] My data point: I have a 3-year-old Gateway laptop that's thin and light,

^ PL/Ruby segfaults
159034 [jeremy chaos] I have installed plruby, but it segfaults on the simplest example.
159097 [decoux moulo] FOR EACH ROW
159185 [jeremy chaos] I specifically want a FOR EACH STATEMENT trigger .
159320 [decoux moulo] I hope that know that, in this case, you don't have access to old, new and
159439 [jeremy chaos] /me dances a little jig - it works!  Thanks again for your help.  BUT
159441 [robby.lists ] Wait! That is an insecure operation!
+ 159493 [decoux moulo] * don't run postgres as root
| 159951 [jeremy chaos] Hmm, that's definitely *not* what I want.  I suspect I'm going about
+ 159948 [jeremy chaos] Thanks, that's very interesting.

^ RubyConf && OOPSLA
159047 [fkc_email-ne] So who's going to both?  I know from looking at the OOPSLA
159057 [ryand-ruby z] Eric Hodel and I are going to both. We're switching hotels on Sunday
159207 [fkc_email-ne] Coolio, we and any others should get together to represent at OOPSLA.  I'm semi local (70 miles north), so I'll be commuting.

^ Does YARV bring us closer to Ruby for embedded machines
159050 [fkc_email-ne] Wondering if getting a VM for Ruby means we could create a stripped
+ 159059 [greg.kujawa ] You don't have to use J2ME for developing on these units. I just
| 171320 [rdusong gmai] Could you share your ruby version on Windows Mobile 5 ?
+ 159061 [lyndon.samso] jruby on J2ME?
+ 159075 [cmills frees] I think for embedded apps creating a VM will be only half the battle.
+ 159164 [doodpants ma] Not Ruby related, but instead of using J2ME, I highly recommend you
+ 159175 [ko1 atdot.ne] YARV doesn't care consuming memories.  I want to try porting YARV on

^ [newbie] Encryption using OpenSSL
159052 [mannl gmx.co] I'm writing a website with Rails and I want to encrypt the passwords
+ 159085 [hawkman.gelo] i'm sorry, not really an answer to your question here, a question of my own
+ 159101 [Roland.Schmi] look at http://www.cacr.math.uwaterloo.ca/hac/.

^ file upload information
159067 [felix.mccoey] where can i find a complete list of the details and methods available
159068 [felix.mccoey] sorry, wrong list, should be for rails......

^ Turn $6 into $6.000
159070 [dblack wobbl] 5994.times { 6++ }

^ nested #{expr} in strings
159073 [konsu hotmai] if a double quoted string has a #{} block that evaluates to another double
+ 159074 [assaph gmail] It's a feature :-)
+ 159137 [sean.ohalpin] It's a mystery. As Matz said (ruby-talk/82247) "Only Nobu knows this
  159151 [matz ruby-la] Yes, but still it's defined behavior.
  159165 [sean.ohalpin] Indeed. And a lot of work went into making it possible.
  159184 [konsu hotmai] thanks, i guess i spent too much time working for commercial software

^ Monitoring total memory usage?
159076 [awbacker gma] I need to monitor the memory usage of a ruby script, and I would like
+ 159078 [joevandyk gm] What the heck do you mean by 'array wrapping'?
+ 159079 [hal9000 hype] Hmm. The GC must know something about this, but I don't think it
  159082 [awbacker gma] Wow, quick responses ;)
  + 159083 [joevandyk gm] There's printf and friends in Ruby.  Check http://www.ruby-doc.org or
  | 159086 [martindemell] And the Lisp::Format module at http://ned.rubyforge.org/ruby-lisp/
  | 159120 [mailing-list] Thanks for remembering!  Actually, Im about to release a new version of
  | 159428 [awbacker gma] Here's why I wanted to resize an array : I am translating a function
  + 159087 [Ara.T.Howard] irb(main):001:0> printf "%s\n", "foobar"

^ CSS switcher in Ruby?
159077 [tomcloyd bes] I have no idea if this is a goofy idea or not (and I'm only just starting
+ 159081 [james_b neur] What might this do?  CSS switchers I'm familiar with use JavaScript to
| 159088 [tomcloyd bes] What I had in mind was to do what the fairly common PHP server-side CSS
| 159091 [james_b neur] Ah.
| 159128 [gavin refine] FWIW - creating dynamic content breaks browser caching. (This should
| 159213 [tomcloyd bes] Gavin,
| 159254 [mail adamvan] Actually there is a way to have dynamic_css.rb without breaking
+ 159084 [lyndon.samso] Sounds like a job for the abode of the mouse...
| 159092 [james_b neur] Not all are holed-up, though.
+ 159116 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Just in case it shot past unnoticed: you can have alternative style
+ 159223 [khaines enig] Possible, and generally easy, though the details depend a great deal on what

^ Re: : Lisp partial solution - meta-programming help
159080 [mpsalisbury ] Maybe I read the original lesson wrong, but I understood the point of
159099 [dave burt.id] Mike Salisbury...

^ Object Orientation
159093 [krekna gmail] Can someone point me to a not-too-long introduction of howto to model
159104 [bob.news gmx] Basically, it's
159108 [dave burt.id] There's also this one, which isn't particularly short, but it's like a
159121 [krekna gmail] Wow, thanx, these, especially the Little Ruby, A Lot of Objects draft
+ 159123 [damphyr free] As with all things, it's a matter of convention.
+ 159136 [christophe.g] Why? instance variables always begin with @, and methods can't, and I'd say that
+ 159139 [ehames gmail] You may want to take a look at the Pickaxe's Book
+ 159140 [dblack wobbl] Because Ruby follows Ruby conventions, not Java conventions :-)
+ 159169 [bob.news gmx] No problem with that.  It's just, um, that you will die a slow and painful
  159344 [groups grand] I've always found underscores hard to type and annoying to read, so
  + 159348 [bob.news gmx] Huh?  How are printf(), Printf() and prinTf() in C the same?  Did I miss
  | 159352 [dblack wobbl] Also, if you want case insensitivity and don't care about traditional
  | 159360 [sean.ohalpin] Ah. My favourite. $RanSomNOtE style.
  + 159390 [jim freeze.o] Well, I can think of a couple of reasons why people don't put a lot
  | 159414 [halostatue g] I don't mind case-sensitive languages. It ends up discouraging
  + 159488 [w_a_x_man ya] Although case is not significant in Pascal, it is in Wirth's later

^ Tools for memory tracking
159096 [adam truveo.] charset="us-ascii"
+ 159100 [sweet_thiruv] Happy Harmony is the fastest growing matrimonial portal for
+ 159103 [bob.news gmx] I don't know about tools, too.  But you can cook yourself something with
+ 159114 [snail objmed] Beguelin <adam@truveo.com> writes
+ 159133 [caleb aei-te] On Linux you can use Valgrind (valgrind.kde.org).

^ Ruby 1.8.3 breaks Needle's logger?
159102 [dido.sevilla] I've been using Ruby and Needle to develop many applications, and in
159113 [rasputnik gm] Yes, I think so - Rails was affected by this too.
159141 [jamis 37sign] Yah, Ruby's Logger API changed in a non-backwards-compatible way.
+ 159142 [Ara.T.Howard] accck!  can you elaborate?  i use logger in, oh, every single peice of my code
| 159143 [jamis 37sign] Well, to be fair, it was a private API that changed. The problem was
| + 159146 [Ara.T.Howard] o.k. - i actually do dig to do something like
| + 159229 [vjoel path.b] If you are using logger with threads, run do not walk to the newest
| | 159241 [jeremy bitsw] Yup, same for Rails (and I imagine Needle and Nitro.)
| + 159273 [nakahiro sar] What is the concept 'private API' here?  In general library development,
|   + 159281 [jamis 37sign] By 'private', I meant 'hidden via the private method'. Thus, it was
|   | 160677 [nakahiro sar] Thank you for the explanation.  I felt words 'interface' and 'private'
|   + 159282 [jeremy bitsw] I think by 'private API' Jamis means Logger implementation that is
|     + 160676 [nakahiro sar] I wasn't aware of that...  I had to check well the documentation.  Thank
|     + 160679 [nakahiro sar] iD8DBQFDULm1f6b33ts2dPkRAgOhAJ99e/fSl1PIINP3N0dSk3ShjmfZ9QCcDyx6
+ 159145 [gsinclair gm] A non-backwards-compatible change in a minor release sounds like a bad
  159152 [matz ruby-la] See [ruby-talk:159143].  It's a minor internal change, which
  159156 [Daniel.Berge] The problem was a hard coded "Format" constant in the Logger class that
  159157 [jamis 37sign] *Ahem*. For what it's worth, Needle *does* subclass Logger. ;) And
  + 159159 [Daniel.Berge] Well, in that case, I apologize to you Jamis, as I did not look at the Needle
  | 159178 [jeremy bitsw] Whether you reopen or subclass Logger has little bearing; either way
  | 159179 [langstefan g] It's Free Software. One possibility is to take the code, fix it,
  | 159181 [jeremy bitsw] I think reimplementing Logger is a far more questionable design
  + 159160 [james graypr] The *real* problem is that Logger doesn't let us get at that format
  | 159168 [Daniel.Berge] Yes, that's what was fixed.
  + 159228 [Daniel.Berge] djberge@~/local/src/ruby/needle-1.2.1/test-580>/opt/bin/ruby -v ALL-TESTS.rb
    159235 [jamis 37sign] ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [powerpc-darwin8.0.0]