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^ Re: Lisp Game (#49)
158515 [gregory.t.br] It went EXCELLENT!
158516 [gregory.t.br] It went EXCELLENT!

^ Lazy evaluaton (was Re: In your opinion....)
158518 [twifkak comc] The word "lazy", and the impression I was forming about monads from
158533 [bob.news gmx] Delegate comes to mind.  Not really shorter...
158535 [danieljohnle] oooh my thread has split :)
+ 158536 [lyndon.samso] Into RFID? www.rfidnewsupdate.com <http://www.rfidnewsupdate.com> Simple,
+ 158537 [bob.news gmx] Better your thread
  158538 [surrender_it] could'nt you just use the default_proc in a Hash?
  158539 [khaines enig] That is what is in the example above.  However, he has the trinary operator in
  158541 [khaines enig] def create_calculator_object(memoize, &b)

^ ideas for an RCR: variable locality
158545 [eric_mahurin] I would like to start this thread with end goal being to create
+ 158549 [transfire gm] Peter and I have discussed for Suby. We haven't had a conclusion. I
| + 158556 [sellberg gma] Wouldn't it make sense to let the most common wanted behaviour be the
| + 158563 [eric_mahurin] I was hoping to not bring in any type of variable declaration
|   158567 [transfire gm] I undertsnad but then you start getting into more syntax hacks like {
+ 158559 [hutch recurs] It seems that all of your suggests require a change to Ruby, so,
+ 158565 [ruby-ml magi] Could you perhaps offer a reduced code example? Your problem
  158570 [eric_mahurin] Here's one - a poor man's macro facility.  Let's say a macro is
  + 158576 [hutch recurs] You need gensym as lisp has (and I had in a previous example), in
  | 158582 [eric_mahurin] min2  = lambda { |a,b|
  | 158587 [hutch recurs] No argument there at all, I agree. However a little syntactic sugar
  | 158646 [eric_mahurin] For my exact situation (parser generator), I don't think the
  + 158577 [ruby-ml magi] Well, I would have to say in that case the main problem is
    158581 [eric_mahurin] I just wanted to give a simple example where having some kind
    + 158590 [ruby-ml magi] Ah.. er.
    + 158598 [transfire gm] I don't think reusing 'module' this way is a good idea. Modules don;t
      158617 [eric_mahurin] I don't particularly like using the word "module" either, but I

^ Flexmock question
158546 [jlsysinc all] How do I use flexmock to mock a Socket?
158547 [johnwilger g] You can't mock out the #send method on a FlexMock object, because that
158554 [jlsysinc all] class FlexMock

^ Gems is over engineered
158548 [transfire gm] There has been a lot of talk on core about Gems and how it interrelates
+ 158553 [halostatue g] This is a *Ruby* problem that's accentuated by RubyGems, but is not
| + 158574 [transfire gm] How so? Gems even caches data to the gems lib directory.
| | 158579 [halostatue g] This is a side effect of the problem not being solved under Ruby, not a
| | + 158632 [eeklund gmai] - We try to support users that want read-only for certain directories
| | | 158872 [transfire gm] I realize there's method behind tha madness. But I would point you to
| | | 158984 [eeklund gmai] [Gobolinux use a one-dir-per-package model. -Eivind]
| | | 159036 [transfire gm] Actually that's interesting. Perhaps the authors of the packages
| | | + 159040 [lucas lucas-] No, it doesn't. Gentoo uses a FHS-like model like all other Unix/Linux.
| | | | 159048 [transfire gm] Thanks. So would that be
| | | | 159053 [lucas lucas-] no : docs and code aren't in the same folder. Here is the layout of a
| | | + 159130 [eeklund gmai] This is the model I've been proposing to Austin.  We're still
| | + 158858 [transfire gm] Fine. And say I use system X to get similar features. Then what? Will
| + 159153 [nobu.nokada ] What do you consider needed for that purpose?
|   + 159155 [hgs dmu.ac.u] There is a need for Ruby to ease the separation of portable
|   | 159166 [transfire gm] If you think about it, we already have a mostly determined project
|   | 159176 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I don't know how/if this conflicts with other platforms.  I don't
|   | 159180 [transfire gm] Interesting brainstorming Hugh.
|   | 159187 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you.
|   + 159172 [halostatue g] Something more robust than CONFIG['data'] that can also deal with
+ 158568 [ news jay.fm] transfire@gmail.com says...
  + 158578 [halostatue g] Yeah, but that's platform dependent. Symlink solutions aren't necessary.
  + 158627 [eule space.c] IMHO, that is exactly what would develop into a problem once we start using

^ Better way to make struct with defaults?
158551 [gavin refine] a) Has default values for the properties
158561 [vjoel path.b] def Struct.with_defaults( property_hash )

^ Creating a Class factory
158552 [gavin refine] As noted in another thread, I'm looking at ways of creating a Struct-
158560 [Ara.T.Howard] require 'traits'
158564 [itsme213 hot] Ara,
158569 [Ara.T.Howard] yes.  my trouble, attm, is that i'm extremely busy and often update one or two

^ Functional Programming? (was Re: Lazy evaluaton)
158566 [ news jay.fm] Could you recommend a good book for us old-timers - who grew up in
+ 158575 [james_b neur] * http://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/
+ 158597 [alan-ruby-ta] I can't recommend anything really, since I don't FP.
| 158618 [jeff.darklig] Actually, the tour is mostly useless... but, they also have ( all by the PL=
+ 158773 [ef alum.mit.] Indeed, functional programming is almost the *opposite* of procedural.
  + 158775 [ news jay.fm] says...
  + 158824 [bob.news gmx] I was going to write something similar.  Thanks for confirming that my rusty
  | 158959 [matthias-lue] That is certainly true! Just think of the functions recursive nature and
  + 158949 [christophe.g] Incidently, since functions in functional languages (pure ones at least) have no

^ 1.8.3 segfaulting, how to report bugs?
158571 [yathster gma] I have a large ruby program that runs fine in older versions but causes
+ 158573 [langstefan g] I had this issue too and it was solved by appending an empty
| 158593 [yathster gma] Thanks. I tried adding a blank line or a comment to every file,
+ 158623 [decoux moulo] If you have compiled ruby from the source and you have a version of

^ Sending YAML over TCP
158580 [lists kalama] I'm trying to send simple data structures (hashes) to a daemon
+ 158585 [Ara.T.Howard] why not drb - then you can pass any object and needed bother with yaml/xml,
+ 158588 [ruby.brian g] bschroed@black:~/svn/projekte/yamlserver$ cat server.rb
| 158637 [dooby d10.ka] "YAML::load_documents is the most efficient way to load streaming data.
| 158639 [ruby.brian g] thanks for the pointer. I have no idea if it is applicable in this
+ 158592 [robby.lists ] Will all the clients be based in Ruby? If so, you might look at DRb.
+ 158604 [lyndon.samso] You could use webrick. More overhead, but HTTP is a well understood
+ 158670 [lists kalama] Wow, I didn't know about drb.  That does indeed do what I want more

^ Difference between Class.new and construct literals
158586 [bellarchitec] Sorry if the following is such a n00b question.
158591 [transfire gm] For better or worse, you can't overide the literal contructor AFAIK.
158594 [bellarchitec] OK, but what I'd like to know, is why
158595 [twifkak comc] My guess is that the interpreter takes [1,2,3] and interprets it as some

^ FileUtils and Windows XP
158596 [Tim.Ferrell ] I have a small script I am using to relocate a tree of folders and I notice that
158613 [itsme213 hot] Not a direct answer, but take a look at rio http://rio.rubyforge.org/ ...
158839 [Tim.Ferrell ] Thanks for the tip (this looks useful) but rio suffers from the same
+ 158848 [mental gmail] You could check to see if you don't accidentaly keep the file open.
+ 158849 [phurley gmai] Something somewhere is accessing one or more of the files in the
  159606 [nightphotos ] It will show you all open handles for any process, and even let you

^ Iconv.iconv and Windows XP
158599 [Tim.Ferrell ] I am trying to use the ruby-mp3info library on Windows XP and all is well unless
158861 [dave burt.id] Your iconv install is working fine. Did you use my installer?
158867 [Tim.Ferrell ] Thanks much for the reply ... I picked up the lib in question (mp3info)

^ why can't Ruby load .gem files directly?
158601 [joshua rever] I've just been reading the recent threads about gems.  I don't have
+ 158602 [jim weirichh] Yes.
| + 158616 [schoenm eart] How is this one done? In particular, how would I install a gem as a
| | 158904 [meta pobox.c] <URL:http://docs.rubygems.org/read/chapter/3#page83>
| + 158669 [joshua rever] charset=US-ASCII;
|   158704 [jim weirichh] [... yes to all use cases ...]
+ 158603 [jim weirichh] Actually, this was strongly considered in early versions of gems.  It would
| + 158606 [joshua rever] charset=US-ASCII;
| | 158612 [jim weirichh] If you have a shared library embedded in your gem file, how do you point your
| | 158697 [joshua rever] charset=US-ASCII;
| | + 158705 [jim weirichh] Exactly.  A .gem file is just a tar file.
| | + 158718 [halostatue g] my-gem-dir/i386-linux/foo-1.2-libfoo.so or something like that.
| |   158728 [joshua rever] Right, but the problem with RubyGems that I am trying to solve is
| |   158735 [halostatue g] But do they? What about on a modern AMD or Intel? You'll have i686-linux
| + 158607 [leavengood g] The shared library part makes sense. I didn't even get close to that
+ 158605 [leavengood g] My original prototype for RubyGems did exactly this. I considered gem
  158608 [joshua rever] Please do!  :)
  158641 [twifkak comc] Actually, it doesn't sound like they're mutually exclusive. Stick a
  + 158644 [m.fellinger ] This is done easy, you can provide a path where the gem is put with
  | 158784 [google erikv] Now your application is restricted to your machine or one of
  + 158645 [eeklund gmai] They're trying to repackage software that the author assume to be
    + 158647 [corey.ssf.la] It sounds like a debian user problem, not a Ruby user problem. I think most
    | + 158649 [ruby.brian g] If it is a debian user problem that is sad, but I have to say that I
    | | + 158653 [halostatue g] Because .deb has no concept of multiple versions installed
    | | + 158745 [corey.ssf.la] Well, is there an apt-get for every other OS/Debian besides Debian? Might a=
    | + 158650 [blargity gma] [*snip*]
    |   158655 [twifkak comc] Ah. Well, err, to qualify my previous post, couldn't the .deb just
    |   + 158657 [blargity gma] That was my first thought too.  No, because if you distribute the debians as
    |   | 158668 [twifkak comc] RubyGems can install local gem files quite easily. That was what I was
    |   + 158660 [surrender_it] no, since gems make layout assumptions that do not match the debian
    |     158674 [twifkak comc] Yeah, I figured that I should just be not-lazy and go read ruby-core. :)
    + 158654 [twifkak comc] Okay (and thanks for the reply). That's weird. If they don't paticularly
    | + 158656 [blargity gma] Nope, because in other debian-ish situations with libraries (be they written
    | | 158667 [twifkak comc] But why would someone who doesn't know or care about Ruby be doing that?
    | | 158686 [eeklund gmai] What if other stuff rely on those gems?  Like user-written code?
    | | 158699 [twifkak comc] OK, point. What does apt-get (or ports) do natively to fix this?
    | | 158723 [halostatue g] Nothing. Nothing at all, which makes it something of a nonsense
    | | + 158730 [joshua rever] Why?
    | | | 158737 [halostatue g] Because RubyGems offers several features -- package and API version
    | | | 158746 [joshua rever] charset=US-ASCII;
    | | | + 158769 [halostatue g] Actually, yes, in fact, you *do*. You need something integrated into the
    | | | | + 158778 [joshua rever] Integrated into the *language*, I completely agree.
    | | | | | + 158793 [jim weirichh] Yes, absolutely.  My gem installation directory is read-only except during the
    | | | | | + 158815 [halostatue g] Um. I'm really *not* getting what you're wanting here. If you're wanting
    | | | | + 158790 [eeklund gmai] Since I'm unable to understand what you mean here, I'd appreciate it
    | | | + 158805 [hgs dmu.ac.u] nodes == machines?  I don't think this is a problem if the
    | | + 158788 [eeklund gmai] Actually, at least ports does something about this, though it's
    | |   158796 [halostatue g] I believe that RubyGems currently asks whether a dependency should be
    | + 158664 [eeklund gmai] (Note that some of these are projections from problems I know about it
    |   158677 [twifkak comc] Okay. Well, those are reasonable. :)
    + 158665 [joshua rever] May I request that we talk about technical issues like grown-up
      + 158673 [blargity gma] Unnecessary insult, but sure.
      + 158679 [eeklund gmai] These are user interface issues, and I am trying to explain them in a
        158695 [joshua rever] I apologize -- I misread your tone.  It sounded like you were trying

^ chmod on Windoze
158609 [phlipcpp yah] I'm aware the answer is "because MS Windows is inferior", and I certainly
158610 [djberg96 gma] Why can't I do CreateProcess() on Unix?  Windows doesn't have this
158614 [phlipcpp yah] I stopped reading here.
158621 [martindemell] Your loss - he answered your question downstream.
158636 [james_b neur] I'd venture to guess that if someone is looking is looking for help with
158652 [phlipcpp yah] So "you asked a stupid question, so you deserve to get flamed". Okay.
+ 158658 [ogilthorpe d] But really though, thanks Daniel for your prompt, accurate (to the best of
| 158703 [djberg96 gma] Correct.  For whatever reason MS decided to support a limited form of
+ 158676 [james_b neur] Well, the question itself was a good one.
  158708 [phlipcpp yah] Mr Manners reminds the Gentle Poster that, given a choice between

^ quote stripping in windows ruby.exe command line
158619 [byrd.timothy] puts "ARGV[0] is #{ARGV[0]}"
+ 158622 [w_a_x_man ya] ruby.exe argvtest.rb '"quoted"'
| + 158860 [byrd.timothy] [hoping this isn't a double post]
| + 158865 [byrd.timothy] Thanks.  I didn't get this at first because my shell uses a caret (^)
+ 158640 [halostatue g] This is not Ruby doing this.

^ C++ equivs in Ruby
158624 [pascal.guich] i learned about OOP through C++, knowing that I was previously working in
+ 158628 [martindemell] Everything in Ruby is passed/stored by reference, so you don't need
| 158630 [pascal.guich] thanks
+ 158642 [twifkak comc] class A
| 158681 [pascal.guich] - on pymorphism, i have seen ruby code that is testing what is the type
| + 158683 [leavengood g] In this case the polymorphism based on types that C++ and Java might
| + 158693 [bob.news gmx] You cannot use values in Ruby directly.  There are only references.  Think
|   158698 [dblack wobbl] I think the "immediate value" status of Fixnums etc. goes beyond just
|   + 158701 [twifkak comc] I don't think that's sufficient, else x += 1 would be equivalent to 123
|   | 158710 [dblack wobbl] Not necessarily.  There's no cause and effect link here; each thing is
|   | 158751 [twifkak comc] No, I meant the rationale in the above paragraph wasn't sufficient to
|   + 158820 [bob.news gmx] Which?
|     + 158825 [gene.tani gm] immediate values don't show up in ObjectSpace, can't add Singleton
|     + 158834 [dblack wobbl] a = :sym
|       158985 [bob.news gmx] IMHO the issue here is behavior of a certain type of expression.  Besides
+ 158688 [GGarramuno a] Virtual methods.  No need for them in ruby as ALL methods in any ruby

^ [ANN] RDE 1.0.1 released again
158625 [qzs01353 nif] I announc the release of RDE version 1.0.1 again.

^ fun with splats
158629 [martindemell] class A

^ [SOLUTION] Lisp Game (#49)
158638 [jim.menard g] Boy, was this fun. My solution, RADS, is at
+ 158643 [james graypr] That is beyond awesome!  I've been reading the PAWS source thinking
+ 158740 [dbatml gmx.d] This was really a very nice quiz. I actually had bookmarked this tutorial,
| 158870 [adam.shelly ] Here's my solution.
| + 158871 [warrenbrown ] Adam,
| | 158873 [ef alum.mit.] You don't need the assignment.  #inject automatically sets 's' to the
| + 158883 [rm_rails che] I was thinking
+ 159098 [dave burt.id] Thanks for the quiz, James - a great one!
  159135 [james graypr] class Array
  159158 [dave burt.id] ["i", "had", "had", "enough", "of", "this"]
  159263 [daniels pron] charset="us-ascii"

^ Security issues in Ruby
158648 [gnor x-mail.] Dear Contributors
+ 158651 [halostatue g] Actually, most of the elided isn't true. One cannot randomly execute WSH
+ 158675 [ruby-ml magi] Noooooooo! We must have security holes!

^ forum...wanting ruby programmers
158661 [csheppard91 ] Forum commuication is easier, and I've just started a new forum and
158706 [johnwilger g] That's subjective. ;-)
158797 [dougkearns g] Nah, it's just plain wrong! ;-)
158850 [jochen.immen] ...

^ Eval and block problems
158671 [ruby.brian g] class A
+ 158680 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| 158684 [ruby.brian g] Thank you david, I always forget about things like define_method.
+ 158682 [leavengood g] [code snipped]
| 158685 [ruby.brian g] Thank you ryan, it is incredible how fast there come really good
| 158694 [bob.news gmx] class A
| 158713 [ruby.brian g] thanks a lot thats perfect. I have to wrap my mind around all the
| 158821 [bob.news gmx] They are not really too complicated IMHO: instance_eval is a variant of eval
| 158823 [ruby.brian g] Ok, I have printed this and will put it on my wall. This should help
+ 158689 [twifkak comc] Not sure if this'll help, but it's something I'd thrown together awhile