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^ REXML to extract only values from XML?
158266 [christopher.] Say I have an XML record like
+ 158271 [james_b neur] require 'rexml/document'
| 158279 [christopher.] Works nicely, thanks!
+ 158297 [w_a_x_man ya] xml = "<Subscriber>

^ [ANN] Class Table Inheritance with Rails & PostgreSQL article
158283 [johnwilger g] Just a quick announcement for anyone interested in doing CTI with

^ [ANN] JRuby 0.8.2 released
158284 [enebo acm.or] JRuby is a project to provide a Java implementation of the Ruby language and
158329 [lyndon.samso] Excellent news and excellent work!

^ PostgreSQL driver in binary form?
158285 [robby.lists ] Hey all!
158287 [ogilthorpe d] I've had some success with the postgres-pr gem and PastgreSQL 8.0.  I've

^ rubyzip problem with local header magic
158288 [robert.evans] I was using the rubyzip library (v0.5.12 on OS X 10.4) to read some
+ 158322 [k.wong lapos] I have experienced the same kind of trouble with ZIP files from various
| 158341 [robert.evans] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 158376 [ts_news1 son] I think the problem is that ZipInputStream is slightly broken - it does
  158454 [robert.evans] Thanks for the tip, and thanks again for writing rubyzip. I'm not

^ Net::SFTP: open_handle => null string
158293 [louis.j.scor] Does anyone know off the top of their head why the 'open_handle' method
158299 [jamis 37sign] No, it is correct. open_handle returns an opaque value that
158303 [louis.j.scor] Hrmm... I only assumed it was wrong because I got an error when I tried
158305 [jamis 37sign] Yah, that would be problematic. :) You have to send read/write to the
158306 [louis.j.scor] Doh! You know, I did stare right at the example, closed it, and then still

^ [Ann] rush 0.1.bandicoot: object-oriented shell goodness (rationed for your health)!
158311 [rush-ruby-ml] = rush-0.1.bandicoot
158314 [guslist free] This looks fun!
+ 158316 [rush-ruby-ml] The options package (along with an updated Curses interface) is
| 158323 [blargity gma] Ok, I got a new one for you then. :-)
| 158324 [rush-ruby-ml] This would be the $RUSH/bundles/curses.so :)
| 158326 [blargity gma] Thanks.  I know you're deving right now, but perhaps you could to a begin
| 158558 [rush-ruby-ml] Sure! Changed for next version. In the meanwhile, doc/README
| 158615 [itsme213 hot] I would love to use this. Does/will it run on Windows (XP)? Any compiled
| 158672 [rush-ruby-ml] The thing missing from Windows is the Curses support, so not yet.
+ 158318 [blargity gma] Looks really exciting, but I have to say, +1. :-(

^ QT 4 Binding
158315 [daniel voelk] I played around a while with Ruby. I'm also watching the discussion on
158321 [blargity gma] The Qt/Korundum bindings are currently working on this computer I'm typing on
158407 [daniel voelk] Great. On rubyforge I saw that there is also a up-to-date Qt/Ruby
158410 [caleb aei-te] There should be a Qt4 binding released very soon.  It works well for me on
158491 [daniel voelk] That sounds great. Is there any source repository I can you for testing
158502 [Richard_Dale] In the smoke/qt, kalyptus and qtruby directories. If you have any problems
158800 [daniel voelk] Thanks a lot, I'll try if me there is enough time ;) I'll report my results.

^ help, weird global variable + load problem
158317 [pmeunier cer] #!/usr/bin/ruby -w

^ Nitro and George
158319 [craig.s.rich] Does any one know what has happened to the NitrHQ home page? also George
158320 [james_b neur] Hardware issues, I believe.
158378 [george.mosch] We had a hardware issue with the server. Both sites will be relaunched

^ Operator Overloading <<
158327 [matt.hulse g] Is there a way to overload '<<' in the Array class?
+ 158328 [halostatue g] It's generally not considered a good idea to overload. Consider using
| + 158334 [daniels pron] class Monkey < Array
| + 158375 [bob.news gmx] Pardon me, but this is nonsense: Matt has *inherited* Array.  Of course
|   + 158377 [binary42 gma] It seems like this thread ought to consider the differences between
|   + 158393 [halostatue g] And all of that still works with Delegate. I know, because I *just*
|     158404 [hutch recurs] Where do you stop? Why inherit at all? How do you decide?
|     + 158411 [halostatue g] Sorry, but this really doesn't have anything to do with my statement.
|     | + 158414 [hutch recurs] What classes are difficult? Seriously asked. It would be very useful
|     | | 158424 [halostatue g] Previously named: Array, Hash, and String are the most problematic. In
|     | + 158427 [eric_mahurin] In addition to this, I'd also say be very careful about
|     + 158444 [dblack wobbl] I sometimes wonder how class-based Ruby's model is.  Or maybe it's a
|       158452 [eric_mahurin] It looks like ruby does prototyping just fine since each object
|       158456 [dblack wobbl] Yes I know -- see http://www.rcrchive.net/rcr/show/231 :-)  That's
|       158512 [daniel.amela] Unlike Slashdot-reader objects, who never even move out of the
+ 158336 [hutch recurs] I'm not sure what you mean by overloading. You don't mean like this?...
  158434 [matt.hulse g] <<Austin>>You can't overload in Ruby, you can override and you have to
  + 158441 [hutch recurs] In class based languages like C++ and Ruby it is a technique (or
  + 158442 [james graypr] Delegation is a design pattern and in that sense, yes, it's common to

^ Re: JRuby 0.8.2 released
158331 [bellarchitec] Cool, I will give it a try.

^ [Q] creating hard links for Directories.
158339 [ihaveblackou] well as we all know the File class in ruby has the method link which
+ 158342 [jeff blue-gi] What OS are you working with? I don't believe the Linux VFS allows
| 158344 [louis.j.scor] As pointed out, this is probably OS dependant, but under unix like operatin=
| 158384 [ihaveblackou] well the problem is when I use symbolic links, it gives me a new directory
| 158396 [louis.j.scor] You have a directory you want to link...
+ 158343 [gwtmp01 mac.] Use a symbolic link instead.

^ Threading Performance?
158349 [jeff blue-gi] Greetings.
+ 158351 [rick nooner.] 2000 servers every five minutes 24/7.  This has both high network
| + 158354 [jeff blue-gi] Interesting. I'll do a bit of comparison work between that approach
| | 158362 [rick nooner.] I hope we get native threads at some point.  It would be nice for
| + 158446 [paul.vaillan] I've had similar experiences. As far as I remember from when we had a
|   158499 [jeff blue-gi] Yeah, a lot like pre-KSE FreeBSD threads, implemented via poll(). I'm
+ 158365 [jos catnook.] Have you checked out Sydney?
  158367 [nobuyoshi.na] It is too radical to be incorporated to stable version, but a
  158449 [jos catnook.] Agreed. This should strictly be a HEAD endeavor, not stable.

^ ruby gsub! problem
158369 [kevin.jackso] I need to escape / in a gsub!
+ 158371 [jtregunna bl] line.gsub!(/\//, '')
| 158372 [kevin.jackso] Ta very much, I knew it was something like that but I couldn't get it
+ 158373 [w_a_x_man ya] "09/30/05".sub( %r{(\d\d)/(\d\d)/(\d\d)}, '\3-\1-\2')
| 158374 [kevin.jackso] Another gsub/regex problem
| 158408 [james graypr] File.foreach(filename) do |line|
| 158766 [kevin.jackso] I didn't ry it to be honest, the real problem was that the data (when
| + 158779 [collinsj sea] charset="iso-8859-1"
| | 158787 [ruby.brian g] I don't think so. The /m option more or less only turns on that .
| + 158786 [ruby.brian g] filename.to_s.gsub!(/\n/, '') would replace all newlines in the
|   158789 [kevin.jackso] Here's what I ended up with - love blocks, without them there'd be a lot
|   158814 [ruby.brian g] Here your create a string from the input and substitute the newlines
+ 158402 [ruby.brian g] Nicest way to escape slashes is using a different regexp marker. I.e.

^ Operator Overriding (Re: Operator Overloading <<)
158380 [bob.news gmx] True.  We used the wrong term.  But if I'm not mistaken everybody was

^ Rake, Rant, A-A-P
158389 [alan agtrz.c] I'd like to start working with C++ again. What's held me back is not
+ 158435 [r.mark.volkm] This tool has nothing to do with Ruby, but you might want to consider
+ 158438 [lthiryidontw] Rake and Rant are roughly the same. Differences appear mainly when
| 158443 [alan-ruby-ta] Thanks. This is a good answer for me. I'm hearing that Rant is
+ 158490 [ptkwt aracne] I can symphathize.
  158496 [alan-ruby-ta] The word 'recipe' jumped out at me on the A-A-P site. It is a

^ [QUIZ] Lisp Game (#49)
158400 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
158500 [joevandyk gm] Holy crap, this looks cool.  Very interested in seeing what comes out of it.
158505 [james graypr] Thanks.  It's a James Original Ideas(tm) and we all know those can be

^ Re: gems is a language change, not a pkging system
158401 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,

^ What's up with docs.rubyrake.org?
158403 [damphyr free] Yesterday I got a couple of Apache 500 Errors and today it just does not
158534 [jim weirichh] I seem to be having trouble with the mysql database backing the docs.  It will

^ Simulation / modelling lib?
158409 [david vallne] Well, another semester rears its ugly head, with amongst other horrors a
+ 158417 [tom infoethe] Yours,
| 158422 [Nuralanur ao] Dear David,
+ 158495 [vjoel path.b] Can you tell us a little more about the existing library? What kind of
+ 158544 [yasagure umi] I guess simulation / modelling mean 'numeric simulations' such as FEM or

^ SQLite / Ruby on Windows?
158412 [david vallne] Does anyone have an install-by-copy version of the SQLite Ruby binding at hand?
158425 [halostatue g] Try installing it with RubyGems.
158448 [jeff.darklig] VGhlcmUgYXJlIHRocmVlIHBoYXNlczoKCiMxIC0gQ29sbGVjdCB1bmRlcnBhbnRzCiMyIC0gPz8K
+ 158519 [basi_lio hot] Been wanting to try Ruby and Sqlite3...
| + 158520 [caldridge gm] try, gem install sqlite3-ruby
| | + 158540 [basi_lio hot] That works.
| | + 158542 [basi_lio hot] irb(main):001:0> require 'sqlite3'
| |   158550 [halostatue g] This part is probably because of a bug in RubyGems that I *think* is
| + 158526 [james_b neur] Attempting local installation of 'sqlite3'
+ 159188 [david vallne] *blush* Silly me didn't notice the mswin binary distro of the extension.
  159195 [jeff.darklig] system32 is the normal place that the system will go looking for DLLs ...
  159492 [david vallne] Not since Win2K it isn't, apparently. I confirmed my hunch I read about that in

^ Anecdotal Premature Optimization [was Re: Relative speed of Ruby vs Java for a large compiled app like Freenet]
158426 [gavin refine] JS and Lua bindings to the runtime. Lua is not nearly as nice as

^ Apache 2 & global variables question
158433 [pmeunier cer] In Ruby under Apache 2 threads, is a global variable global to all instances
158436 [pmeunier cer] Or is it that Ruby 1.8.2 isn't compatible with Apache 2?
158440 [Ara.T.Howard] are you using mod_ruby or fastcgi?
158447 [pmeunier cer] Neither.  Just "#!/usr/bin/ruby -w" at the beginning of each script.  Speed
158450 [Ara.T.Howard] then apache2 has noting to do with it.
158471 [pmeunier cer] I tried reducing the scripts as you suggested, but here's what happens.
158472 [Ara.T.Howard] post them online perhaps - the more eyes the better.

^ FXRuby Question
158437 [awertyui gma] I can't get removeTimeout to work. When I run the
158572 [lyle.johnson] It sounds like this example may have gotten broken due to API changes

^ [evanwebb@gmail.com: Re: [sydney-devel] Threading Performance?]
158458 [jos catnook.] [Forwarded per Evan's request. Thanks to both Nobu and Evan for their quick

^ Ruby licence...
158460 [netspam shic] I understand that the distribution of Ruby is under the GPL.
+ 158464 [binary42 gma] The Ruby license is *not* GPL. There is a complete copy of what it is
| 158792 [netspam shic] Thanks!  I see I was wrongly/under informed here... I hadn't intended
+ 158600 [gregory.t.br] The Ruby License and the License of Ruby are two different things.
  158620 [blargity gma] *GASP*
  158659 [chneukirchen] In case you didn't notice, the FSF is not opposed to commercial code,
  + 158662 [james graypr] The reference was to Stallman, not the FSF.  As near as I can tell,
  | 158716 [greg7224 gma] Richard Stallman does not pretend to be anything less than an idealist.
  + 158663 [blargity gma] I didn't notice, as it's quite hard to sell software when one person can buy
    158690 [chneukirchen] FYI, Stallman made some money to get the FSF started by distributing
    158692 [blargity gma] I was already 100% aware of this, and the fact that they still have no problem
    + 158696 [chneukirchen] I'm not familiar with Transgaming... do you mean that only CVS is
    + 158711 [greg7224 gma] Permitting software to be commercial is part of the definition of free
      + 158717 [jtregunna bl] Not necessarily, the license just must not explicitly forbid commercial
      | 158721 [greg7224 gma] " The 'Ruby license' does not give permission to sell copies.
      | + 158722 [jtregunna bl] I was talking about the GPL not the Ruby License.
      | | 158726 [gregory.t.br] Probably a great idea.  The FSF issue will always be a hot spot for
      | + 158724 [halostatue g] Fortunately, there are options other than Stallman's twisting of the
      | + 158736 [matz ruby-la] Non-GPL part of the 'Ruby license' does not contain any terms to
      | | 158806 [chneukirchen] I have to say you that I really enjoy the Ruby license.  It was a very
      | + 158750 [blargity gma] [*snip*]
      + 158725 [snacktime gm] Whether or not this is good economics I will not flame on about.
      | 158727 [gregory.t.br] This is true, but it is assumed that that part had already been paid
      + 158748 [blargity gma] [*snip*]
        158770 [gregory.t.br] That's still technically not free software.  I think this may fit under

^ Net::SSH & passing session
158462 [kilim phenix] I can make a connection using the examples provided in the
158469 [jamis 37sign] The problem is that your #myConnection method isn't caching the

^ net/ssh question
158474 [itsme213 hot] I am using the synchronized shell in net/ssh.
158475 [jamis 37sign] Yes. #send_data just sends data directly across the pipe, without
158504 [itsme213 hot] great, thanks!

^ what does *my_array do?
158477 [ null void.0] using tk in ruby, when I add my_array to a listbox it adds all the items
+ 158478 [ruby brian.p] my_array = [ "str1", "str2", "str3" ]
+ 158480 [dblack wobbl] It "un-arrays" the array, turning it back into a plain list of
+ 158481 [florgro gmai] method(*[1, 2, 3]) is the same as method(1, 2, 3).

^ RDT ... an update for Eclipse 3.1 ???
158485 [jeff.darklig] Does anybody have any idea if and when we might see an update to the RDT to
+ 158488 [Daniel.Berge] RDT 0.6.0 was released a few days ago.
| 158489 [jeff.darklig] Heh, well that was fast ;)
+ 158493 [ news jay.fm] <b539c61e0509301357s612a0ac2ibbafe8b34d9d80aa@mail.gmail.com>,

^ [ANN] Reiserfs for ruby initial announcement
158486 [aritter gmai] I'm proud to announce the first reiserfs ruby implementation. It uses
158528 [rasputnik gm] If it's not a stupid question, could you explain what this could be used for?

^ Re: Reiserfs for ruby initial announcement
158487 [aritter gmai] Sorry, I forgot to write that it's a read only reiserfs implementation.
158531 [aritter gmai] Currently not much.. but FuseFS could be ported to Hurd or Win32 or any

^ suggested changes for ruby libraries
158492 [ xyz xyz.com] These are all relative to version 1.8.1.
158494 [halostatue g] "foo".gsub!(/o/, '')
158557 [martindemell] I actually think LAST (though I'd say :last) is a cleaner sulution there
158562 [halostatue g] str.index(find) + (find.size - 1)
158583 [martindemell] Same thing. It's still asking the user to do something that is more
158584 [halostatue g] Fair enough; I don't think that adding a boolean-style parameter is a
+ 158589 [ruby.brian g] Wouldn't this be too small a function to include into the stdlib? Why
+ 158626 [martindemell] Good point - method names are a lot more self-documenting than flags.

^ Interest in Boost::Ruby
158497 [alan-ruby-ta] I'd like to build a CSS renderer in modern C++ as an enthusist's
+ 158498 [joevandyk gm] Dunno about Boost::Ruby, but why not quickly write the whole thing in
| 158503 [alan-ruby-ta] I am going to want to work with C++ from the start. I'd like to
| 158509 [Digikata gma] I don't know of one either, but I'd be interested in helping
| + 158514 [alan-ruby-ta] Cool. There's interest.
| + 158764 [alan-ruby-ta] Found a few exsiting projects, and some interest at Boost.
|   158804 [martindemell] martin
|   158809 [alan-ruby-ta] It's on the todo list now. If anyone wants to do it for me hwere
+ 158506 [halostatue g] Just for what it's worth, after RubyConf, I hope to be working on a
| + 158508 [blargity gma] ruby2ruby will let you call to_c or to_ruby on your methods and they'll output
| | 158511 [alan-ruby-ta] Using Ruby to generate modern C++ interfaces is cool. I didn't
| + 158510 [alan-ruby-ta] This is a pet of mine. It's supposed to be a fun way to learn
|   158517 [halostatue g] Oh, I'm not in the least trying to discourage you from doing this. I'm
|   + 158522 [alan-ruby-ta] I didn't think you were trying to discourage me.
|   + 158555 [rhkramer gma] Just to be sure I'm on the same page, by CSS renderer, you mean something that
|     158611 [alan-ruby-ta] Yes.
|     159060 [lyndon.samso] You could erm, have the concept of a 'Display Virtual Machine' ...
+ 158507 [ptkwt aracne] I would definitely be interested in something like this, although, how
| 158513 [alan-ruby-ta] I'll have to look into Inline::C/C++ and get back to you. But,
+ 158523 [phlipcpp yah] I have no idea how Boost reflects C++ members into Python members, but
  + 158524 [phlipcpp yah] class
  | 158525 [alan-ruby-ta] [code]
  + 159056 [ryand-ruby z] Um... FYI. That code is a pure/1:1 translation from a ruby version of
    159122 [alan-ruby-ta] I saw that. I'm now looking into a few existing C++ bind