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^ Serving/linking to static pages in Instiki?
157819 [edhead2003 y] Sorry if this is slightly OT but this NG has the highest number of hits
157827 [assaph gmail] "this file":/my_file.doc
157848 [edhead2003 y] Assaph,

^ what's new in 1.8.3??
157824 [rmt512 gmail] worth upgrading to. i know there's a changelog but that doesn't
157834 [halostatue g] At this point, I'd wait for a or 1.8.4 -- there is a fatal

^ Ruby on Rails Agile role
157837 [grant.bodie ] I am an IT Recruiter and a client of mine is looking for a Ruby on
+ 157839 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II
| 158016 [grant.bodie ] Assistance Appreciated!!
+ 157887 [ptkwt aracne] 35K Pounds * 1.78 = $62.3K
  + 158017 [grant.bodie ] I agree but this is a startup organisation so it is a situation where
  + 158019 [kevin.jackso] I left London with a base salary of 28K GBP/anum, and I survived fairly

^ Trimming whitespace from ERB
157845 [gavin refine] a) Is there a way to ask ERB to trim leading whitespace between the

^ dl/import help
157853 [billk cts.co] I'm trying to use dl/import on
+ 157963 [lyndon.samso] Seems you've hit one of the 'black holes' of ruby knowledge. It would be
+ 158026 [decoux moulo] Try it with

^ Class and Iterator Design Question
157854 [jim freeze.o] This may be a silly design question, but I always balk at
+ 157859 [damphyr free] Encapsulate, encapsulate, encapsulate!
+ 157860 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Which exposes implementation somewhat, but....
+ 157861 [eric_mahurin] Don't you want peas in a pod and not the other way around :)
+ 157866 [hutch recurs] I don't think this is a silly question at all. I'm having to deal
| 157889 [jim freeze.o] Wow, thanks for all the responses.
| + 157891 [rmagick gmai] a = [ 1, "s", 3.0, [1,2] ]
| + 157893 [dblack wobbl] I think if you're using pod/peas as a container/elements example, then
| | 157896 [jim freeze.o] Ok, so you convinced me. Use #each. But, there still does not seem
| | + 157918 [jim freeze.o] I am curious what people think about these methods.
| | | + 157930 [mail adamvan] obj.each  { | element, container | ... }
| | | + 157931 [bob.news gmx] 4. is definitely a non option.  That's in the same league as containers
| | |   157935 [jim freeze.o] Thanks Robert. That's good advice.
| | + 158023 [flori nixe.p] I think people should require 'enumerator' for this, it creates
| |   158052 [james graypr] I believe that's the plan.  I think all the standard iterators are
| |   158300 [surrender_it] would'nt it make more sense to have yield work coroutinish when called
| |   158304 [eric_mahurin] That sounds unnecesarily complex.  If it is what I think you
| |   158308 [surrender_it] My apologize, I actually meant "Generator" not "Enumerator".
| |   158312 [eric_mahurin] a) hardly anybody finds use in generators
| |   158397 [martindemell] I think this is a case of "b causes a" - python, for instance, uses
| |   158419 [eric_mahurin] I think the main cause of (a) is the presence of internal
| + 157970 [ptkwt aracne] what if youcalled the iterator function each_pea?
+ 157890 [dblack wobbl] Why not just call that #each?  (And, as others have said, possibly
| 157894 [jim freeze.o] Good question.
| 157898 [eric_mahurin] I still think the second way is just fine if you just say in
+ 157990 [twifkak comc] pontificating. :)

^ Object private methods
157856 [paolo_verone] I noticed that Object private methods are available everywhere.
+ 157877 [bob.news gmx] Dunno what exactly you are looking for...
| 158028 [paolo_verone] My question was about something different probably.
| 158029 [decoux moulo] yes,
| 158036 [paolo_verone] This is the first bad hack I meet in the Ruby machine.
| 158040 [decoux moulo] Too complex what you do :-)
+ 157946 [dooby d10.ka] It's useful to have some methods available almost anywhere ...
| 158008 [bob.news gmx] Not exactly: Fixnum inherits split from Kernel and it's just not
+ 158015 [han.holl gma] irb(main):001:0> self.puts 'aa'

^ Re: Lisp macros
157862 [hutch recurs] I think I agree with Ben to some degree. I don't think the outcome is
+ 157876 [benbelly gma] Absolutely.  Well said.
+ 157910 [pit capitain] And as I understand it, this is exactly what Matz didn't want to happen.
  157940 [hutch recurs] All of the major implementations, with the exception of CLISP, are
  + 157983 [hutch recurs] Coincidentally, in the thread "Is there an issue with a library
  + 158120 [bob.news gmx] True, but that doesn't contradict what I said, does it?  I mean, you can't
    158129 [hutch recurs] First, I wasn't trying to contradict you, just clarify the situation
    158202 [bob.news gmx] Ah!  Ok, then I probably misread you.  I'm sorry.
    158222 [hutch recurs] You are right about run-time changes to lisp being an important
    158225 [bob.news gmx] Yeah, that's right.  Same for Ruby.  No compilation needed for closures.

^ Wierd behaviour with Date
157869 [damphyr free] Tell me where does everything get mixed-up
157878 [bob.news gmx] Date = "+2004/200"

^ Gem uninstall local repository?
157870 [the.chrismo ] gem install ... -i ./gems
157881 [dougkearns g] Set the GEM_HOME environment variable.

^ [OT] 101, Was: Ruby Threads 101
157902 [ruby.brian g] sorry if this has no ruby in it, but what does the 101 mean in the
+ 157903 [benbelly gma] Colleges in the US usually number their courses, and the introduction
+ 157904 [Bil.Kleb NAS] American Universities typically number their courses
+ 157905 [james graypr] In the U.S. a freshman college course will often be named "Science
  157907 [ruby redry.n] modules! right? :)
  157981 [caldridge gm] Reserved numbered courses: Certain blocks of numbers that have been

^ Re: ShortURL 0.7.0
157912 [vfoley gmail] You know, I am running out of ideas for ShortURL.  I admit that it's
157915 [Daniel.Berge] May I recommend a WWW toplevel namespace?
157916 [james graypr] My thought is that is should include a command-line binary for making
157993 [vfoley gmail] It does.  In the bin/ folder, there's a little script called shorten.
+ 157995 [vfoley gmail] Oops, that shorturl, not shorten.  Sorry.  It's late and I need to
+ 157999 [djberg96 gma] Yes.
+ 158003 [dougkearns g] Thanks for this Vincent - very handy.
| 158022 [vfoley gmail] All right, I'll get on it!
+ 158047 [james graypr] Oops, didn't know that.  Excellent!

^ Trouble building 64-bit Ruby 1.8.3 on Solaris 10/AMD64
157913 [bascule gmai] of Solaris 10 with gcc and have been running into a number of
+ 157922 [bascule gmai] 1. Yes, this is successfully building a 64-bit binary.
+ 157978 [nobuyoshi.na] Try to use DLDFLAGS instead.
  158130 [bascule gmai] DLDFLAGS didn't do anything.
  158195 [nobuyoshi.na] I tried with DLDFLAGS=-m32 on cygwin and it worked fine.
  158196 [bascule gmai] If you want I could do this for experimental purposes, but my
  158205 [nobuyoshi.na] I'd like to know why DLDFLAGS can't be set only on Solaris.
  158207 [decoux moulo] With DLDFLAGS=-m64 it do
  158214 [nobuyoshi.na] DLDFLAGS itself seems to work.
  158245 [Daniel.Berge] See ruby-talk: 134958

^ IO.select hangs with fusefs
157924 [cldwalker ch] I read about fusefs on why's page and found a commandline
+ 157926 [ksruby gmail] Well, it doesn't really hang. When you run a sample it creates a virtual
+ 157945 [ruby-talk le] Thanks for this - I'll include some sentences mentioning how this works
  158633 [cldwalker ch] Thanks. I should've thought of this in hindsight.

^ [PATCH] Remove duplicate entries from gem_server's list of gems
157932 [sean.ohalpin] I finally got fed up with seeing n-thousand duplicate anchors at the
157938 [halostatue g] This mighit be better sent to rubygems-developers on RubyForge, or
158160 [dave burt.id] But this is also a good place to post this kind of patch, as well as other

^ Re: RDE 1.0.0 released
157939 [murphy cYcnu] Oh, this is SO great. My beloved RDE. Finally, debugging works as it
157957 [dooby d10.ka] Dude, that's been there, forever :-)
158020 [michelemende] Very nice!
158181 [rocioestrada] Use the macro menu(register script|quick register) to bind a script in
158294 [michelemende] That seems like one way to do it, although somewhat awkward.
+ 158296 [the.mindstor] I think we should wait for the next release :-(.
| 158370 [dooby d10.ka] The next release is equally unlikely to 'Load' a
+ 158313 [naseby gmail] - Load the script into the editor

^ Socket Problems...
157942 [jtxx000 gmai] I'm having some trouble getting ruby sockets working... I have two
157944 [ef alum.mit.] If you set the server to listen on localhost it will only listen on
157952 [jtxx000 gmai] That was it!  Thanks, I've been trying to figure that out for the last

^ Dynamically generating classes?
157947 [jonasgalvez ] ...     import new
+ 157948 [Ara.T.Howard] klass =
+ 157949 [jonasgalvez ] MyClass = Class.new {
| 157953 [halostatue g] def create_class(name, parent = nil)
| + 157960 [jonasgalvez ] ERROR_CODES = YAML::load open('config/errorcodes.yml').read
| | 157961 [sean.ohalpin] I don't know Python's scoping rules, but to get the same effect in
| | + 157997 [twifkak comc] ERROR_CODES = {
| | + 158066 [jyurek thoug] Isn't that wrong, though? You instantiated MyExt1, but your code and
| |   158090 [sean.ohalpin] Hey - you're right! It's the for vs each scoping again! Ouch!
| + 157998 [twifkak comc] A case of mistaken identity?
| | 158092 [halostatue g] No, both Ara and I will sign with -a from time to time ;)
| + 158009 [bob.news gmx] Note though that this is completely superfluous if you know the name
+ 157950 [halostatue g] def create_class(parent = nil)
+ 157951 [ruby-talk le] MyClass = Class.new do
+ 157954 [sean.ohalpin] klass = Class.new do

^ How do you read ruby source code?
157956 [brian-usenet] wondering how Ruby developers go about browsing Ruby source code?
+ 157966 [dbalmain.ml ] I do that in vim with Ctrl-] and excuberant ctags [
| 157977 [caldridge gm] I use jedit with the ruby plugin.. jedit.com/ruby
+ 158151 [daniel.amela] Coming from a Java background, you might be interested in the ruby
| 158156 [gene.tani gm] ...
| 158166 [caldridge gm] jedit.org/ruby
+ 158177 [sean.ohalpin] I usually get a cup of tea, sit back and just enjoy it. :)

^ Client certificates with https
157958 [84cdz4d02 sn] In order to connect to my secure payment gateway I need to supply a
158416 [84cdz4d02 sn] I'm pathetically replying to my own post with the solution I have come
158463 [jabunch firs] I've used client-side digital certificates to communicate with web servers

^ [ANN] RDE 1.0.1 released
157962 [qzs01353 nif] ## Hi daz, Thank you very much for your support.

^ raising exceptions across DRb and XMLRPC
157964 [joevandyk gm] My architecture looks something like this.  Please excuse the pitiful
157979 [florgro gmai] It is no problem with DRb as it can safely transport exceptions across
157984 [james_b neur] Pretty sure XML-RPC has a defined means for expressing exceptions, or
+ 157986 [joevandyk gm] Hm, now all I have to do is figure out how to send a
| 158808 [adam thereal] IIRC, just raise it like any old exception
| 158852 [ezra yakima-] class BlogAPIFault < StandardError
+ 159422 [joevandyk gm] Yes, so it does.

^ Splitting a string with escapable separator?
157968 [michael schu] I'm trying to come up with an *elegant* way to split a string into an
+ 157971 [daniels pron] class String
| 157973 [daniels pron] Just because you've done something similar before, doesn't mean you
| 158038 [benbelly gma] I printed that and put it on my wall.  I do that all the time.
+ 158001 [gavin refine] Your above example is missing a couple of \, but I assume I know what
| 158076 [michael schu] That's a thing I'd need. Opportunistically, I'll go with William's
+ 158027 [w_a_x_man ya] class String
| 158077 [michael schu] Thanks, that appears to work indeed, although I can't claim to
+ 158031 [jason.sweat ] With the new Regex engine in cvs ruby you can use a negative lookback
| 158069 [michael schu] That must be the most elegant solution. Unfortunately I can't use cvs
| 158070 [warrenbrown ] Jason,
| 158075 [gavin refine] LOL, what a creative solution! :) I'll have to remember that trick.
+ 158216 [han.holl gma] None of the offerings so far had support for the second argument for split.
+ 159002 [email55555 g] 'Hello\,World,Hi'.scan(/(?:\\,|[^,])+/).map {|e| e.tr('\\','')}

^ FT Ruby/Watir Contractor Needed
157969 [jfry lyris.c] <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

^ [Cancel][ANN] RDE 1.0.1 released
157975 [qzs01353 nif] Sorry, I found the problem these packages.

^ Gems undermine unit testing
157980 [bret pettich] $LOAD_PATH.unshift File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), '..') if $0 == __FILE__
157991 [jim weirichh] Bret,
+ 158011 [bret pettich] I'll take a look at this. I've just started to use Rake.
| + 158030 [twifkak comc] Hmmm... I don't know a lot about gems, but it's certainly counter to my
| + 158032 [jim weirichh] Let me know if you need any help with it.
|   158309 [bret pettich] I was using breakpoint to try and debug this situation, but i now think
+ 158034 [halostatue g] I, too, release all my software as gems. I don't, however, use the
  158086 [transfire gm] This is true, but as Austin pointed out to me the other day, if there

^ ANN: Instiki-AR beta 1
158000 [alex verk.in] I've just uploaded to RubyForge a what seems to be usable version of

^ http.post question
158002 [jlarsen guid] I'm trying to recover a neopet creation for my son and thought this might be
158014 [lyndon.samso] <form action=3D'/hi.phtml'...
158065 [jlarsen guid] Thanks for pointing that out!  That is my problem.

^ class variables
158004 [vnainar mant] What is wrong with the following code? Why is  @@id  incremented before
+ 158005 [daniel themi] You are assigning to the return value of setId, which is the incremented
+ 158006 [blargity gma] When somethings at the end of a function, it gets returned implicitly.  So,
  158010 [vnainar mant] Well it **was** silly of me .Thanks for the quick replies

^ [REXML]  Wierd behaviour with Date
158012 [damphyr free] If I do
158013 [damphyr free] snip
158025 [bob.news gmx] "rexml/document"; p Date.object_id; class X; include REXML; p
158033 [damphyr free] Well, I figuredd that out and I run my code without the include, but the
158039 [bob.news gmx] IMHO REXML is not intended for inclusion it's just a namespace module.  If

^ Even more WIN32OLE_EVENT
158037 [jagenheim gm] I'm still having trouble with the message_loop construct.
+ 158190 [daniel.amela] When I've used PeekMessage/GetMessage like functions, I've called them
| 158201 [jagenheim gm] It's not the actual PeekMessage/GetMessage functionality I want. I want the
| 158337 [daniel.amela] Yea, sounds like it. Not to harp on ruby-dl, but I've been able to do
+ 158392 [masaki.suket] Does sleep method help you?

^ creating independent lambdas in loops
158041 [mroth nessie] I'm still making progress in learning ruby, but I ran across a problem
+ 158042 [decoux moulo] [2, 3, 4, 5].each do |multi|
| + 158044 [itsme213 hot] Why the difference in behavior between these two?
| + 158046 [mroth nessie] Already tried. Doesn't work... :-\
| | + 158048 [simon.kroege] Because in the second case multi is local to the (do-end)
| | + 158049 [decoux moulo] moulon% cat b.rb
| | + 158050 [mroth nessie] Argh, stop. Looks like it works. But only if 'multi' doesn't appears
| |   158051 [simon.kroege] Completely true. If a variable of that name is already defined it is
| |   158057 [eric_mahurin] Does anyone else find this "feature" useful?
| |   + 158058 [decoux moulo] Read the archive : you have at least 10000 messages on this subject :-)
| |   + 158059 [Ara.T.Howard] it's everywhere in ruby - it's called the 'block' ;-)
| |   | 158064 [eric_mahurin] Add another "p y" and you'll see y wasn't localized in the
| |   | 158082 [Ara.T.Howard] you are right - i'd forgotten about that...
| |   + 158074 [gavin refine] All the time! I would say that at least half the programs I write use
| |     158081 [eric_mahurin] I'm talking about specifically block arguments (the only
| |     + 158089 [gavin refine] charset=US-ASCII;
| |     + 158093 [eric_mahurin] Sorry, the above statement is wrong.  After doing some irb
| |       158094 [dblack wobbl] It's never bothered me to view block variable assignment as
| |       158096 [eric_mahurin] Any idea what the planned change is going to be?  New construct
| |       158102 [dblack wobbl] Hopefully nothing quite that obviously "added as an afterthought to
| |       158105 [Ara.T.Howard] oh gawd - that's horrible : variables exported from method scope to the global
| |       + 158107 [james graypr] Yeah, I'm not fond of it either.  I believe the goal is to make
| |       + 158113 [martindemell] Blocks exist in the caller's scope, not the method's, so I don't really
| |         158118 [eric_mahurin] I like it.  The variable locality is independent of whether or
| |         158122 [Ara.T.Howard] but it totally violates structured programming principles - methods pollute
| |         158142 [eric_mahurin] You should be able to free x as soon as the enclosing methods
| |         158145 [Ara.T.Howard] what if there is no eclosing method - eg. you are at the top level and
| |         + 158152 [SimonKroeger] Yep, i got very used to the fact that x='something' creates a new local
| |         + 158154 [eric_mahurin] If your top-level has uses 10,000 different variable names,
| |         + 158176 [sean.ohalpin] Yes - me too (because I want to have my Ruby systems running 24/7).
| |           158179 [james graypr] No.  I think we've got a bit before we need to sound the alarms for
| + 158054 [eric_mahurin] The each loop works because the variable multi is local to the
|   158055 [jim freeze.o] It's an alternate form that has different scoping, similar to {} and do/end
+ 158062 [Ara.T.Howard] you don't have to write a __specific__ helper method - you can have a general