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^ class_eval
157641 [ dez mac.com] Stealing someone else's recent example code, what is the difference
157646 [bob.news gmx] In this case it's not really interesting to use class_eval.  It's more

^ ANN: semich.rb Meeting (Southeast Michigan Ruby Users Group)
157645 [phurley gmai] Humantech (Main Conference Room) 1161 Oak Valley Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48108

^ [ANN] Rapid GUI Development with QtRuby
157648 [dave pragpro] I hope y'all don't mind a short announcement, but it seemed relevant.
+ 157650 [james_b neur] The info page is short on details.  How many pages is this PDF?
| 157653 [dave pragpro] 90
| 157675 [james_b neur] Good deal.  Thanks!
+ 157655 [james graypr] Is QtRuby used natively on Mac OS X, or through an X-Windows server?
| 157656 [mailinglists] Qt is half native on MacOSX, it uses Quartz to draw controls it and
| 158217 [Richard_Dale] From the platform specific notes and the 'Qt/Mac is Mac OS X Native' in the
| 158353 [meta pobox.c] Anyone know of any examples of real applications using QtRuby that run
| 158381 [Richard_Dale] Well any QtRuby app should also run fine under Mac OS X. I haven't been able
+ 157708 [Richard_Dale] Wow! I'm so excited by this! Dave Thomas announcing QtRuby stuff..
+ 158366 [wrong socal.] checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.1 (20021021))
  158368 [blargity gma] The qt bindings for KDE do not work with Qt4.  Try the latest 3.3.whatever

^ Re: Rapid GUI Development with QtRuby
157649 [greg.kujawa ] Checking out the excerpt this looks like good stuff. It's nice the see
+ 157657 [greg.kujawa ] OT I'll admit, but I just checked out the rubystuff site for the first
| + 157667 [rubyhacker g] There are others out there. Mine (which for some reason doesn't show
| + 157677 [james_b neur] Thank you!
+ 157659 [rhkramer gma] I might be going blind--did you find an excerpt, or are you referring to the
  + 157663 [greg.kujawa ] Check out http://media.pragprog.com/titles/ctrubyqt/TakeThePlunge.pdf.
  + 157669 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Off of the Friday's page,
    157683 [rhkramer gma] Thanks (to you and gregarican)!

^ random testing with Test::Unit
157652 [eric_mahurin] Does anybody else do random testing on their ruby code besides
+ 157763 [kevin.jackso] AOP-like code for ruby but I got stuck with my lack of ruby knowledge!
| 157857 [eric_mahurin] ...
+ 157865 [eeklund gmai] ...
  + 157884 [eric_mahurin] I agree that a derived class of Test::Unit::TestCase (maybe
  + 157923 [eric_mahurin] I gave another shot at making a derived TestCase class.  I only
    157937 [jeff.darklig] ...
    157959 [eric_mahurin] Yes, there are several ruby switches to control

^ Ruby Threads 101
157654 [benbelly gma] I am leading a peer-learning group that is using "Programming Ruby" to
+ 157670 [james graypr] Glad to hear it's proving useful.
| 157676 [joevandyk gm] I have one about a bunch of hungry commie philosophers...
| + 157685 [bob.news gmx] LOL
| | 157689 [benbelly gma] Thanks for the wiki pointer.  It's always nice to see how something
| | 157829 [bob.news gmx] No, AFAIK it's planned to use native threads in Ruby 2.  I believe the
| + 157744 [zedshaw zeds] Haha, I thought this would come up.  I smell another blog entry coming
+ 157745 [lyndon.samso] ...
  157759 [brian skife.] Step one would have to be fixing the ruby client ;-) It has a *huge*

^ Time interval
157658 [Daniel.Berge] I was just wondering if anyone has implemented an "Interval" class of some sort
+ 157666 [transfire gm] I don't know of any specific DataTimeInterval, but Mega has two things
+ 157678 [nowahere hom] Doesn't Rails Active Support porvide .ago, .since, .years_since, .from_now
+ 157687 [bob.news gmx] Note that it's easy to output difference in seconds, minutes, hours, days
| 157690 [Daniel.Berge] You mean with the existing DateTime class?  How?  I thought this was possible,
| 157798 [bob.news gmx] No, I mean because of the underlying model (our calendar).  Months have
| + 157815 [gavin refine] require 'date'
| | + 157820 [pit capitain] Recently I've been representing time intervals by two numbers: months
| | | 157825 [gavin refine] While precise, I claim that that's not very human-friendly.
| | | 157836 [pit capitain] Huh? I'm sure you know the difference between obj and obj.to_s.
| | | 157840 [gavin refine] I understand; you're talking about internal representation, while I'm
| | | 157911 [pit capitain] Yeah, that's right. I wasn't responding to the OP, but to Robert (I
| | + 157849 [Daniel.Berge] I wouldn't try to get more specific than *days*. :)
| |   157886 [xmlblog gmai] While not in Ruby, I recently created a DateTime / Interval library in
| |   158167 [rm_rails che] The one thing I'd like to see regarding an Intervals
| + 157832 [rhkramer gma] Two thoughts, which I don't know whether will help or hurt (may be useful
|   + 157972 [groups grand] [text deleted]
|   | 158053 [rhkramer gma] Thanks, you're right!
|   + 158352 [meta pobox.c] You are probably looking for ISO 8601, which defines the algorithm for
+ 157943 [collinsj sea] ...

^ Macros in Typo?
157660 [rubyhacker g] Last night I tried to use the <typo:code> macro in my latest
157787 [rasputnik gm] Is that the syntax highlighting stuff?
157790 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, I did an svn up 24 hrs or so ago.
157805 [rasputnik gm] There's a

^ RubyPeople
157661 [Bil.Kleb NAS] ThoughtwWorks' Martin Fowler gives us a thumbs
157665 [derek derekw] Awww... screw him.

^ Truncating Floats
157662 [keith oreill] class Float
157681 [ggarra advan] ('%.2f' % 0.255).to_f
158529 [kero chello.] ...
158543 [james graypr] 0.255.to_s.sub(/(\.\d{2})\d+/, "\\1").to_f
158772 [faker yahoo.] ...

^ Outlook calendar
157664 [timgerr gmai] I am new to ruby and I thougt that it would be a great experance to
+ 157668 [greg.kujawa ] If you are interested I can e-mail you some .rb files I have that
| 157671 [Walter mwsew] ... [snip] ...
| + 157673 [TIMOTHYG mot] That would be great, my email is timgerr@gmail.com
| + 157680 [greg.kujawa ] You got it. The line/space formatting might not be exact since I'm
|   157868 [timgerr gmai] Again I am learning, I need a start at parsing the calendar.  Looking
|   + 157895 [blargity gma] I really don't want to be harsh here, believe me, but perhaps if you can't do
|   | 157906 [timgerr gmai] Because I am not that good of a programmer, I am learning and do not
|   | 157920 [greg.kujawa ] Here's a final go at something. If you create a calendar called
|   + 157900 [greg.kujawa ] I also recommend the following book
|   + 157901 [greg.kujawa ] Whether you are working with Contact, Calendar, Tasks, etc. MAPI
|   + 157909 [james_b neur] A handy source of docs for this sort of thing is msdn.microsoft.com, and
+ 157674 [james_b neur] James

^ General programming strategy
157696 [vendredi5h g] I'm neighter a newbie nor an experimented rubyist and I've got a
157704 [james_b neur] Yes, I'm sure there are a couple of ways to do this.
157794 [dave burt.id] ...
158097 [vendredi5h g] James,
158269 [dave burt.id] ...

^ Embedded Ruby and Tag Libs
157697 [mail adamvan] Hey guys,
+ 157700 [halostatue g] Frankly, I think that TagLibs are overblown nonsense ;) You can
| 157709 [mail adamvan] Austin.
| + 157712 [james graypr] I bet you could use ERb and some helper methods to great affect for
| | 157727 [mail adamvan] James,
| | 157733 [james graypr] Would you mind showing how you would clean this up with an XML syntax?
| | 157737 [mail adamvan] The problem is that I LOVE XML, and find it easy to work with, mostly
| | 157740 [james graypr] Oh well.  I'm fine with it if with disagree on that.  I really am
| + 157838 [warrens actc] I'm not sure, but I *think* what you want is a Content Management System (CMS).  They
|   157914 [mail adamvan] Yes.
+ 157713 [twifkak comc] (DHH = The Rails Guy, btw)
  + 157714 [mail adamvan] I agree with DHH for the most part (I have to read it in more detail
  + 157721 [twifkak comc] I cleaned up the syntax, btw, with a dependency on my favorite Rails
    157728 [mail adamvan] That's excellent.
    + 157735 [james graypr] If you can count on valid XML, REXML (a standard Ruby library) makes
    + 157812 [twifkak comc] Thanks.

^ require namespaces
157705 [transfire gm] require 'file2.rb'
158192 [transfire gm] My require namspaces idea worked pretty well. It allows one to free the
158194 [transfire gm] Okay, so I wanted a complete solution. A better solution. So I came up

^ ruby-gnome2 querying of installed library versions
157706 [joevandyk gm] Some of my applications that use ruby-gnome2 require a recent version
157710 [joevandyk gm] Oh, btw, I know that it's possible to check the installed Gtk version
157715 [joevandyk gm] Some searching found the PKGConfig module in the glib directory.  It's
158104 [mutoh highwa] Now, ruby-gnome2 doesn't have such APIs.

^ Is there an issue with a library extending Object?
157717 [hutch recurs] I am writing a library for Ruby programmers. What are the issues with
157724 [Ara.T.Howard] is there any reason you can't extend the bjectinstead of classes?  for
157774 [hutch recurs] Good suggestion. I gave this a shot. It works for the key bits and
157933 [vikkous gmai] class C
157982 [hutch recurs] Oh dear.
157996 [hutch recurs] In case anyone is interested, I've just published a Ruby oriented

^ Molecular visualization in Ruby?
157722 [ptkwt aracne] ...
158116 [daniel.amela] I've used a combination of Ruby and gnuplot for protein visualization.
158164 [ptkwt aracne] ...
158188 [daniel.amela] I'll contact you off-list.
158243 [Ara.T.Howard] any chance i could convice you to post it sciruby?

^ In search of a kind of converse to sub/gsub
157725 [Nuralanur ao] ...
157769 [dave burt.id] ...
157799 [Nuralanur ao] ...

^ [ANN] ShortURL 0.7.0
157732 [vfoley gmail] After a lot of procrastination, I have released ShortURL 0.7.0.  I

^ RubyAEOSA improvements, esp. for iTunes.
157736 [groups grand] Trying to do things faster than they can go with AppleScript and iTunes

^ [SCIRUBY] interview with swedish downhill ski racer mikael borg
157738 [Ara.T.Howard] well, actually he's a postdoc at the university of toronto who uses ruby in

^ WTLS throw' down
157739 [phlip2005 gm] Very friendly, very bloggy I considered it. Easier to read, more than

^ Re: interview with swedish downhill ski racer mikael borg
157741 [djberg96 gma] I tried to resist replying to this thread...but it was futile.

^ tuple-space patterns and lock-free data structures (was: Ruby Threads 101)
157743 [zedshaw zeds] Ben,
+ 157748 [logancapaldo] Speaking of lock-free data sructures (sort of) has anyone ever
| 157789 [pit capitain] What features are you looking for?
+ 157822 [bob.news gmx] As far as I can see the idea is basically to have a synchronized

^ Fwd: Lisp macros
157746 [joevandyk gm] Whoops, this belongs on ruby-talk... Sorry.
+ 157751 [james_b neur] I trust the accidental exposure to Lisp wasn't too traumatizing.
| + 157754 [lyndon.samso] ...
| | + 157833 [itsme213 hot] ...
| | + 157897 [ptkwt aracne] ...
| + 157755 [joevandyk gm] I'm just repeating what I've heard numerous times, but apparently, you
| | + 157786 [surrender_it] well you can get lisp macros only in a s-exp based language, but there
| | + 157793 [martindemell] ...
| + 157762 [michael schu] I'm neither a true Matz nor a true Lisper. The basic facility Lisp
| | 157771 [joevandyk gm] Thank you!
| | 157772 [kevin.jackso] When you want to write your own language, Lisp is very useful, I'm sure
| + 157779 [jim freeze.o] Matz has said (at the Lightweight Language Conf) that Ruby will never
|   + 157785 [joevandyk gm] Was he joking?
|   | 157808 [jim freeze.o] Jim Freeze
|   + 157813 [benbelly gma] This is a cop-out.  Every time a new language comes around and
|     + 157817 [benbelly gma] Alright, now I am intrigued.  How much work would it be to create a
|     | 157846 [sean.ohalpin] Sean
|     + 157835 [jim freeze.o] Hmm, that is strong language. Do you think Matz has made a bad decision
|       157841 [benbelly gma] I'm not meaning to be insulting, but saying that something is too
|       + 157844 [jeff.darklig] ...
|       + 157847 [jim freeze.o] Well, it goes without saying that I am not Matz and that I am only giving
|       | 157965 [surrender_it] maybe this thread can be interesting
|       + 157851 [rhkramer gma] +1
|         157855 [jim freeze.o] Was that +1 to overreacting or to feeling patronized? :)
|         157921 [rhkramer gma] Hmm... maybe both ;-)
+ 157753 [twifkak comc] The big thing Lisp has that Ruby can't do is code-as-data. I wish I
  + 157758 [joevandyk gm] If anyone wants to chime in with an example of what code-as-data is or
  | 157761 [alex verk.in] foo_name = 'MyFoo',
  + 157811 [twifkak comc] Well, nobody's provided an example. The best I can do is provide more
    + 157831 [ef alum.mit.] ...
    | 157967 [surrender_it] I may recall wrongly, but my I remember that
    + 157843 [robbie.carlt] ...
      + 157852 [bob.news gmx] I'm by no means a Lisp expert (rather beginner) but this matches my
      | 157888 [ef alum.mit.] Lisp macros are essentially a technique for metaprogramming.  Ruby
      | 157928 [bob.news gmx] I believe early versions were actually interpreted only and you definitely
      | 157985 [twifkak comc] What I'd love to see (and I'm not asking for it, because that would be
      + 157872 [batkins57 gm] +1

^ Bug In REXML
157768 [daniels pron] ...
157773 [daniels pron] Okay - I don't think this was rexml's fault. I accidentally inputted

^ [Q] how to cancel the 'extend' which once has done
157782 [tshiget1 gw.] dear guys,
157788 [pit capitain] I haven't used it yet, but I think Shin-ichiro Hara's import-module is
157796 [tshiget1 gw.] intriguing!  i bookmarked this.
157806 [dblack wobbl] obj.import(Mod) { ... }

^ changing permissions in windows XP using ruby!!
157791 [ihaveblackou] I am writing an application in ruby ([U]to run in windows XP[/U]) that
+ 157795 [tshiget1 gw.] i wish i could help you, but i cannot
+ 157801 [tshiget1 gw.] i am still get confused. but... maybe...
+ 157816 [gavin refine] [Slim:~] gavinkis% ri File
  158338 [ihaveblackou] so my best luck would be using linux! (damn now I have to work in uni)
  158340 [tshiget1 gw.] maybe.

^ wrapping a set of classes
157792 [duncan.maili] singleton method "new" to alloc function and initialize, I ran into this
158631 [Richard_Dale] In QtRuby I solved this problem by running the construct code twice, and

^ Ruby Weekly News 19th - 25th September 2005
157802 [timsuth ihug] ...

^ How do I (really) encrypt a string in ruby?
157807 [hramrach gma] I find the ruby crypto very confusing. It looks like the methods aredynamically generated, and carry no rdoc documentation that wouldappear on ruby-doc.
157867 [hramrach gma] Thanks for the example. Although ruby complains all the time about keyderivation with encrypt being deprecated I get at least to specify theiv.
+ 157880 [billk cts.co] Any chance you're using Windows?  Maybe it's a "text mode" vs. "binary mode"
| + 157882 [hramrach gma] Is it possible to add more text after final()? I guess not.
| + 157885 [hramrach gma] irb(main):010:0> c=OpenSSL::Cipher::Cipher.new("AES-256-CBC")=> #<OpenSSL::Cipher::Cipher:0x789a08>irb(main):011:0> c.encrypt(c.random_key(),c.random_iv())=> #<OpenSSL::Cipher::Cipher:0x789a08>irb(main):012:0> str='0123456789ABCDEF'=> "0123456789ABCDEF"irb(main):013:0> e=c.update(str+str)=> "\021\203\262\321\232@;Z-\257\020\240\343\350@s\236\322d\312U\246ce\221\331\034\2538@h\303"irb(main):014:0> e+=c.final()=> "\021\203\262\321\232@;Z-\257\020\240\343\350@s\236\322d\312U\246ce\221\331\034\2538@h\303\213L\036\2510b\006\353\307b\261#\022\257B\255"irb(main):015:0> e.length=> 48
+ 157974 [nakahiro sar] It may be caused by PKCS#5 padding.
  + 157976 [caldridge gm] Absolutely Excellent!!
  + 158021 [hramrach gma] But I really want to encrypt (and decrypt) the blocks separately.
    158024 [nakahiro sar] Oops.

^ AW: How do I (really) encrypt a string in ruby?
157809 [Roland.Schmi] Yes, it is a sad, sad story...

^ RAILS question, sql statements
157814 [brutyn_nick ] ...
157828 [bruno.celest] @employee_pages, @employees = paginate (:employee, :conditions =>
157858 [paul.vaillan] You could also just add the % characters to the passed value and use