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Class: String   align_center
156857 [charlesleeds] I'm trying to use the align_center method for the String class and it
+ 156859 [charlesleeds] Hmm.  Appears this isn't base Ruby functionality.  My bad.  I will have
+ 156865 [drbrain@se m] You mean String#center.
  156883 [transfire@gm] True. #align_center is a Nano method. It differs from the built-in

[OT] Places for a programmer to live?
156866 [twifkak@co c] While we seem to be rife with OT threads, I thought I'd throw in an OT
+ 156868 [andrew.stuar] A programmer should live in a dark room in a city with a cool climate to
| + 156873 [robby.lists@] That sounds like Portland, Oregon! (except for the summer time.. when it
| | 156889 [ptkwt@ar cn ] And we'll have 6 to 8 months to get a lot of work done ;-)
| + 156915 [hemulaattori] Tampere, Oulu and Helsinki in Finland.
|   156916 [robbie.carlt] ...
|   156917 [chrisgame@ex] Carlisle? Nah! anyway I thought all the programmer jobs were being
|   156955 [blurg@Ju ge ] Well, you should have a look to what country seems attractive to you
|   + 156974 [matt@te hn r] I'm an American and I'm seriously looking for the chance to work and live
|   | + 156975 [halostatue@g] Toronto. I can't speak toward Ruby opportunities, though.
|   | | 156976 [Daniel.Berge] English speaking countries: England, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia,
|   | | 156980 [ruby@re ry n] yep... im in ireland and a quick search on these will show you :)
|   | | 157037 [james_b@ne r] But there is still the matter of getting a work visa.
|   | + 156978 [mailinglists] Singapour - as long as you don't get in contact with the police
|   | + 157267 [chris.pine.f] Come to Oslo!
|   |   + 157276 [lispamateur@] Wow, you actually have *two* IT companies there! Might be more of an
|   |   + 157347 [twifkak@co c] You just made my day.
|   + 156998 [pan@er kv en] Please, explain...
|     157055 [blurg@Ju ge ] Concerning the fact that your dutch, and asking an explanation this can
+ 156878 [james_b@ne r] Google isn't a bad start, it can help you find assorted lists and
| + 156880 [khaines@en g] IMHO, Denver was a nice place for a programmer to live.  Tech employment
| | 156956 [daryl@br nd ] I'd move there in a heartbeat, drop me a line when you do... ;)
| | 157004 [brian@sk fe ] Yeah, no problems at all here either, in theory. Would need to be a
| + 157287 [curt.hibbs@g] Interesting... I lived in Manassas for a couple years (in a former
|   157289 [james_b@ne r] Well, InfoEther is there (well, in Chantilly, I think), which hosts
|   + 157300 [curt.hibbs@g] Yes, That is Rich Kilmer & Company.
|   + 157314 [chriscodes@g] I graduated from Chantilly, it's definitely not Manassass.
+ 156890 [ptkwt@ar cn ] of people are active in them.
+ 156895 [Ara.T.Howard] the view from my office in boulder colorado
+ 156909 [zedshaw@ze s] Here's my opinions of the places I've lived in my life, sometimes as a
| 156972 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Death Cab for Cutie is from Bellingham, correct?
+ 156939 [josh.charles] I live in Kansas City, and it's pretty nice.  It could be beautiful,
+ 156989 [warrens@ac c] My info is a few years old, but LA used to have a tremendous concentration of software
+ 156992 [bob.news@gm ] <snip/>

b = i if i = a doesn't work?
156867 [transfire@gm] Recently I was suprised by the behavior of "start = lambda { start }".
+ 156869 [twifkak@co c] Undecorated symbols aren't interpreted until they're executed. Ruby
| 156882 [matz@ru y- a] "executed" is not a precise word.  Local variables are not recognized
+ 156884 [discordantus] There was a thread on this a while back; apparently it is difficult to

signals handlers and threads
156886 [Ara.T.Howard] how do signal handlers affect threads? specifically, if a resource must be
156887 [rick@no ne .] I smell deadlock issues.  I have always delegated any shared resource action
156894 [Ara.T.Howard] trap 'INT' { handle_requests }
156910 [rick@no ne .] That's certainly a good Unix solution.

ruby-dev suumary 26957-27102
156899 [ko1@at ot ne] [ruby-dev:26965] patch for RDoc about Module#class_variable_get
+ 156901 [dblack@wo bl] s/talk/core/ :-)
+ 156944 [pbrannan@at ] Would any of this be solved by using WFMO instead of select on win32?
  + 156963 [Daniel.Berge] And there was much rejoicing....
  + 156967 [nobu.nokada@] WFMO doesn't work with sockets directly.

signals and win32
156900 [Ara.T.Howard] can someone show me a working example of trapping a signal sent to a process
156960 [Daniel.Berge] The only "signals" that Process.kill supports in win32-process are
156965 [Ara.T.Howard] latest one-click installer and one-click win32utils-installer.  on xp.
157020 [Daniel.Berge] Oh, right, now I remember.  The problem is that signals 2 and 3 will
157023 [Ara.T.Howard] hmm.  no way to specifcally allow unrelated process to signal you then eh?

Re: [ANN] Rio 0.3.4
156902 [Neville.Burn] Can I use rio to gzip a string to a string, bypassing the filesystem ?
156906 [Neville.Burn] I'm having a little trouble using rio in irb ...

Ruby 1.8.3 Issues
156903 [james@gr yp ] I just recompiled Ruby and I'm seeing a lot of issues already.
+ 156904 [robby.lists@] I had similar problems. Every Rails app I tried died...
+ 156905 [james@gr yp ] Referenced from: /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/powerpc-darwin8.2.0/
| 156936 [james@gr yp ] I've repaired my Readline install.  It's broken under Mac OS X 10.4,
+ 156907 [dblack@wo bl] This one is because Logger::Format is now Logger::Formatter::Format.
| + 156908 [robby.lists@] Sounds like some of us Rails folks need to be testing out the Ruby beta
| + 156945 [james@gr yp ] Yeah, I made a patch for this this morning, only to learn that it has
+ 156941 [nobu.nokada@] Can you show mkmf.log under ext/readline?

Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML) You are added automatically
156912 [stewartchen@] ...
156938 [halostatue@g] ri is case-sensitive. Whether it should be is a different question,
156969 [joevandyk@gm] I vote for ri not being case-sensitive.

[ANN] FuseFS-0.3
156913 [ruby-talk@le] Last announcement for the week! I promise!
156995 [ksruby@gm il] Very good job! I'm impressed.
157061 [ruby@br an p] I've been discussing with Greg ways to make FuseFS cross-platform
+ 157069 [jeff.darklig] If I remember correctly, WEBDav support is built into windows now ...
+ 157091 [rasputnik@gm] DAV is a good idea, but 'open as web folder' is an awful webdav
+ 157133 [ruby-talk@wh] Stepping back a bit, doesn't Windows allow mounting of virtual drives?
  157137 [ruby@br an p] Natively, Windows doesn't even support mounting of ISOs.  But there

Tk: changing color of an item in a TkListbox
156918 [clr7.10.rand] I have a TkListbox with several items, and I'd like to change the
156949 [clr7.10.rand] The solution is to use

156919 [ruby.brian@g] the mail body

Problem with constants
156920 [simon.kroege] class X
+ 156921 [theHaPK@ya d] Since A is not a class variable (it's a local variable) it's saved in
| + 156924 [dblack@wo bl] Actually A is a constant, not a local variable, and method definitions
| | + 156927 [decoux@mo lo] Well not really : ruby *want* that you think that the constants are resolved
| | | 156931 [dblack@wo bl] Darn, I thought that by avoiding the word "statically" I was safe :-)
| | + 157013 [SimonKroeger] erm, yes.
| |   157082 [decoux@mo lo] Well another stupid example
| + 156925 [theHaPK@ya d] Ooops... sorry.. Didn't get you right.
|   156930 [dblack@wo bl] There's no bug.  There's a lookup path for constants.  Z finds X::A on
+ 156922 [pit@ca it in] Yes. Constants are lexically scoped. As I've learned from a recent post

[HELP] modifying hash
156923 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] I've got a mental block on refactoring the following,
+ 156926 [dblack@wo bl] hash.values.each {|v| v.delete(:a) }
| 156947 [nobu.nokada@] Hash#each_value would be better.
+ 156928 [Bil.Kleb@NA ] Broke the block?
+ 156929 [r_mueller@im] What about

Re: Places for a programmer to live?
156932 [osktim@gm il] I agree. :p
157010 [rpardee@gm i] Wooaahh now.  You want to stay away from Seattle.  Really.  Complete
+ 157085 [Paul.McArdle] Crikey mate. I reckon Queensland, crocs 'n all is the best place to do
+ 157694 [warrens@ac c] Nice folks in Seattle.  Even the vacant lots are attractive.  Mountains in the distance in
  157703 [snacktime@gm] ...

Hello, I am a newbie to ruby.
156933 [could.net@gm] ...
+ 156934 [james@gr yp ] We use "Mix-ins" for that.  You'll learn the details as you go.
+ 156940 [phlipcpp@ya ] Ruby uses dynamically typed polymorphism, and everything is an object,
+ 156942 [gavin@re in ] If you really want multi-inheritance, you should ask yourself "Why do
| 156952 [josh.charles] One place multiple inheritance / interfaces really shines is with
| + 156954 [rascal1182@g] ...
| | 156961 [rascal1182@g] ...
| | 156962 [josh.charles] Those links were helpful, though I had to reread the adapter code
| + 156957 [james@gr yp ] You're still thinking like a Java programmer here.  Us Rubyists are
+ 156948 [blurg@Ju ge ] I read about Mixins, which can be the solution for you, if multiple
+ 156987 [warrens@ac c] The answers to your questions depend on what you are planning to do with the script

Win32Serial monitor?
156943 [greg.kujawa@] Afer having some issues with serialport-0.6 working in my Win2K/Ruby
157022 [ykloubakov@f] basic
157040 [greg.kujawa@] Good call. I'm checking it out now!

Continuation - where does it continue
156946 [michelemende] Why does the following code print the line "doing other stuff" twice?
+ 156950 [sangamon@t- ] It starts after the callcc call, after returning from the cc method it
+ 156953 [pit@ca it in] The continuation continues here, after the call to callcc.
+ 156958 [jim@we ri hh] 01 def cc
  + 156964 [michelemende] AHA - EUREKA!!!
  | 157042 [sean.ohalpin] this finally cleared up Ruby's continuations for me too.
  | 157074 [michelemende] I justed wanted to understand how continuations work and where it
  + 156970 [rhkramer@gm ] Thanks, the line numbers help a lot!
  + 157045 [rpardee@gm i] 04    callcc { |cont| return cont}
    + 157046 [Neville.Burn] Callcc is a Kernel method
    | 157047 [rpardee@gm i] Ooooh...  Right.  Woah.  Trippy.
    + 157048 [jim@we ri hh] You've got good eyes.  That's exactly what it is ... a call to the "callcc"
      157062 [Neville.Burn] Pg 448  ;D

Re: Rio 0.3.4
156951 [gsinclair@gm] Sorry for lack of context in reply - why oh why, Google Groups?

from 1.8.2-14 to 1.8.2-15
156959 [aastanti@ho ] I'm bound to win environment and I wonder whether it is convenient to

Set#== ain't..
156973 [shea@gt de i] While writing an acceptance test, I needed to compare two sets of sets
156977 [dblack@wo bl] class Set
156984 [shea@gt de i] Whoops :)
157095 [christophe.p] The above solution of set.all? {|x| any? { |y| x== y} } is not a full

ANN: Lafcadio 0.8.0
156981 [sera@fh an .] I've just released Lafcadio 0.8.0, the new production release. It

What to do with the snippets of code you always use?
156982 [damphyr@fr e] I have a question on maintaining code.
156991 [Ara.T.Howard] i do this
156999 [damphyr@fr e] snip
157003 [Ara.T.Howard] - making a library for public consumption generally makes you think harder
157033 [transfire@gm] Keep your library as a separate project. In your other projects have a

Re: Ruby Jobs Site (#47)
156983 [paul.vaillan] What follows is another basic solution using ActiveRecord only and CGI.
+ 156986 [james@gr yp ] Hey, this is great stuff!  Glad to see that someone else had a chance
| 156988 [paul.vaillan] /me is sad now...
+ 157036 [ezra@ya im -] Paul-

[ANN] Usage 0.0.2 - Yet another command line option processor
157000 [stevetuckner] What is Usage?
157015 [halostatue@g] I have no opinion on this library as such, but can I ask a couple of
+ 157018 [SimonKroeger] i think you should. :)
+ 157025 [stevetuckner] ...

Large Ruby Apps ?
157005 [warrens@ac c] I am coming to Ruby having used the usual list of scripting and C*  languages.  Since Ruby
+ 157007 [Daniel.Berge] That's a very old school philosophy.  It just isn't so.
| + 157029 [warrens@ac c] Oh, yes, the Unit Tests, they're right, um, well, over here, um, lemme look ... Uh, I'll
| | 157032 [james@gr yp ] We make jokes, but Unit Tests are a very real option.  The myth is
| | 157035 [drbrain@se m] I use Unit Tests almost exclusively when writing Rails apps, and I
| + 157102 [klancaster19] I don't know why anyone would consider having tools (like compilers)
|   + 157116 [robbie.carlt] ...
|   + 157130 [Ara.T.Howard] because they don't catch that many serious errors
|   | 157149 [igouy@ya oo ] -snip-
|   | + 157153 [halostatue@g] Humbly suggest that the same applies to Java (java.lang.Object,
|   | | 157165 [igouy@ya oo ] I'm not interested in quarreling about the meaning of phrases, so I use
|   | | + 157168 [halostatue@g] Could you be a bit less lazy and post the relevant text next time,rather than forcing people go to download a useless text just to discussthings with you?
|   | | + 157169 [rick@no ne .] I also think that if strong type checking is important to you, you should
|   | |   157173 [igouy@ya oo ] Have you been writing large C++ / Java systems long enough to support
|   | |   157181 [rick@no ne .] Hmmm...  I think I said that I've been doing this for a long time.  Just in
|   | |   157184 [igouy@ya oo ] You said you'd been doing C for a long time - you didn't say you'd been
|   | |   157188 [rick@no ne .] C++ since the early 90's.  Java since '96.  Python since '95.  Ruby since
|   | |   157220 [igouy@ya oo ] Even with all those years of experience, the only alternatives to a
|   | + 157155 [mailinglists] I agree, fore me programming in the large begins with 250.000 lines of
|   | | 157161 [igouy@ya oo ] And let's quickly state that doesn't mean there are no large
|   | + 157172 [Ara.T.Howard] c is 100% staticly typed.  no exception.  static typing means types are know
|   | | + 157178 [igouy@ya oo ] C is not type safe; Smalltalk is type safe, afaik Ruby is type safe.
|   | | + 158467 [corey.ssf.la] ...
|   | |   158468 [binary42@gm ] This is more in relation to weak vs. strong typing. The union is still
|   | + 157175 [Ara.T.Howard] c is 100% staticly typed.  no exception.  static typing means types are know
|   |   157176 [Daniel.Berge] Wow, another "typing" thread.  You never see those.
|   + 157131 [rascal1182@g] ...
|   + 157160 [igouy@ya oo ] Yes.
|   + 157170 [twifkak@co c] On a similar thread to Ara's, the ability for an IDE to do IntelliSense
+ 157008 [shea@gt de i] My recent coding experience with Ruby, written with full
| 157058 [blurg@Ju ge ] Well, supply these tools you've written to the community then, so the next
| 157065 [shea@gt de i] An excellent idea!  In fact, two of them are on RubyForge already: Seep
+ 157009 [gavin@re in ] Regarding Unicode - do a bit of googling, and you'll find that not
| 157028 [warrens@ac c] Yeah, but it blows away 7-bit ASCII for i18n work.
+ 157021 [joevandyk@gm] Ruby should work fine on a 64-bit system.  At least, I used it fine
| 157030 [warrens@ac c] You compiled it for 64 bit?  No -- I'll bet you ran it in 32-bit compatibility mode.
| + 157034 [drbrain@se m] Did you search the mailing list?  No -- I'll bet you just assumed
| | 157823 [warrens@ac c] No I did not.  Yes I did.
| + 157039 [mailinglists] There are some persons running a 64 bit ruby interpreter.
| + 157156 [joevandyk@gm] I built Ruby from scratch, using the 64 bit distribution of Ubuntu.
+ 157031 [alex@de et m] It's sometimes thought better style to use method calls to refer even to
| 157084 [snail@ob me ] Fenton <alex@deleteme.pressure.to> writes
+ 158360 [meta@po ox c] I don't want to be *required* to declare variables, but I'd like to be
+ 158399 [slonik.az@gm] Very useful discussion that highlights quite few misconceptions.
  + 158429 [ksruby@gm il] I don't agree. Static analysis captures errors that are not usually a
  | + 158461 [igouy@ya oo ] That's a huge generalization - can you substantiate it?
  | + 158532 [slonik.az@gm] Kent,
  + 158476 [leonardo.elo] ...
    158634 [eeklund@gm i] I believe this is incorrect.  It should be possible to do a lot of
    + 158666 [igouy@ya oo ] A newer reference based on work done in the language Smalltalk (and of
    + 158781 [matchbo@gm i] A much more recent example of this sort of type inference inference,
      + 158791 [ben.myles@gm] I wonder how hard it would be to create a ruby to objc converter? On a
      + 158795 [mailinglists] I'm still convinced that type inference with ruby and python without
        158827 [eeklund@gm i] Have you read the references on type inference for Self *which has
        + 158828 [tanner.burso] ...
        + 158832 [mailinglists] Yes i read. No it did not worked well - at least on the level people
          158903 [kjana@dm la ] <http://research.sun.com/self/compiler.html>
          158930 [rm_rails@ch ] One more set of interesting papers from them is their work on