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^ Ruby mascot - Let Matz pick?
15676 [rmiller tran] Having been through the "mascot" process recently with the Midori Linux Project

^ Serious offer. This is not ordinary offer as many in Internet. The New Way In Your Life Here!!!
15678 [to_infinity ] Serious offer for You here. This is not ordinary offer as many in Internet.

^ for those looking into parsers
15680 [royhamel hom] Todd Proebsting's Home Page

^ Holiday Message
15681 [Richard ruby] Thank you for your email.  I will be out of the office from Friday, May 25

^ Problem compiling 1.6.4 preview 2 on cygwin - timezone redeclarat ion
15682 [martin massi] I'm having problems with 'timezone' being redeclared in
15686 [matz zetabit] It may be caused by Cygwin version mismatch.
15693 [martin massi] cygwin - timezone redeclarat ion

^ Newbie: each!
15683 [mdemello ken] I'm trying to write an each! iterator that will iterate over an object
+ 15684 [jim freeze.o] You can use Array#map! to do this.
| 15696 [matz zetabit] Close.  But map! does not pass a modifiable reference, but replaces
| 15700 [mdemello ken] I can, but the references would have been pretty <g>. I can see (sort of)
+ 15691 [phasis hanan] so
  15692 [mdemello ken] map! sets the iterated-over value to the retval of the block, not to the

^ every body wants java java
15687 [baasad quali] its really frustrating when you try to look for a job noadays.... you know so

^ every body wants java
15688 [baasad quali] its really frustrating when you try to look for a job noadays.... you know so
15719 [elderburn mi] Java is the currently in vogue "magic bullet' for corporate management types,
+ 15726 [wayne.blair ] know
| + 15728 [baasad quali] sounds reasonable
| + 15729 [ser germane-] There is an internal US Forest Service product called Informs.  Informs is a
+ 15727 [baasad quali] very well said...

^ Problems with MD5 and strong comparison.
15690 [WPierce Athe] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
15703 [knu iDaemons] This should be just md5.hexdigest.  Calling update(x) twice then
15717 [knu iDaemons] D'uh, ignore this, I think I was sleeping.  MD5 certainly doesn't need

^ Where can I find tiki for ftp?
15695 [john johnkni] Subject says it all.

^ using gtk
15698 [Jean-Francoi] I try to use ruby/gtk for make a front-end to the "dump/restore" utility
15702 [bombadil wan] perhaps 'each_selection'?

^ Compile to standalone Win32 exe
15699 [ dos mail.ru] I am a novice in this nice language and i have a question to all Ruby
15707 [feldt ce.cha] rbwrap might be an intermediate

^ gnome, bonobo and corba.
15704 [erik bagfors] I send this mail to the list because I think alot of people are
15714 [pate gnu.org] just as a side not, has this discussion been brought up on the
15718 [erik bagfors] No. not on the gnome-components-list either.  I am thinking about
15820 [MAP2303 mapl] Re the message of ``[ruby-talk:15718] Re: gnome, bonobo and corba.''...
15838 [erik bagfors] libbonobo uses ORBit extensively.  Basically if we want a bonobo that's
15861 [MAP2303 mapl] Re the message of ``[ruby-talk:15838] Re: gnome, bonobo and corba.''...

^ regexp
15708 [decoux moulo] Ruby has really a problem with 'duplicate'. I must say that I've found
+ 15709 [matz zetabit] I don't forget your comments, such as this one, [ruby-talk:15162], and
+ 15724 [see_signatur] [0]> ruby -e 'puts "OK" if /(a)+-\1b/ =~ "aaa-b"'
+ 15748 [decoux moulo] I'll try to explain the rules used by ruby.

^ RubyWin and Tk
15710 [s.unsworth v] As an impressed newbie to Ruby I've tried using Tk in RubyWin, however it
15712 [erichey2 hom] My problem turned out to be ruby install (default is static, and for me,

^ bug in "system" PATH scanning?
15711 [pixel mandra] % cd /tmp
15730 [matz zetabit] Thank you.

^ mySQL library under Win2k
15713 [devnull deka] Moin.

^ library for parsing urls
15715 [steven harya] Is there a library for parsing URIs and URLs? I am thinking
15720 [Dave Pragmat] There's a uri library on www.ruby-lang.org/en/raa.html. It works (I'm
15722 [knu iDaemons] /__  __            Akinori.org / MUSHA.org

^ which ones are atomic?
15716 [steven harya] Which ones of the below are atomic (so I don't have to use mutex in
15800 [matz zetabit] None of them are atomic.

^ ruby way
15721 [wayne.blair ] In the last couple of weeks since I started participating, I've noticed a
15723 [Dave Pragmat] Well said.

^ Wow! (impressed newbie)
15725 [sjr3a busa.v] I just got the Programming Ruby book a few days ago and have been reading it
15731 [ptkwt shell1] Welcome!
+ 15732 [erik bagfors] Just getting something like "Ruby weekly news" that we could link to
| 15733 [Dave Pragmat] Well, there's the log on RubyGarden. It just needs people to
+ 15743 [hal9000 hype] ask
+ 15779 [feldt ce.cha] Great list. Minor comments below.

^ java based interpreter and regexes
15734 [wayne.blair ] I have been thinking about the java based ruby interpreter project, and I
+ 15736 [glen enabled] org.apache.oro.text.regex
| 15740 [ser germane-] charset="iso-8859-1"
| + 15747 [sma 3plus4.d] I compared Ruby 1.6.4 against JDK 1.4 beta and cannot confirm your
| | + 15750 [wayne.blair ] Would the goal be to make it compatible with the ruby C regex implementation
| | | + 15753 [sma 3plus4.d] Well, with "it" I was actually referring to Ruby as whole, not to the
| | | + 15758 [decoux moulo] Not really a superset because it give incompatibilities. For example,
| | + 15752 [decoux moulo] There are differences between perl5 and ruby for the regexp engine.
| | + 15759 [ser maus.ger] Hm.  I was comparing Ruby 1.6.4 against IBM's Java 1.3 on Linux.
| |   + 15764 [glen enabled] Hm... it seems to me that a regex implementation that was simply an
| |   | 15776 [sma 3plus4.d] Don't think so as it's not possible to extend class String in Java ;-)
| |   + 15775 [sma 3plus4.d] I was using a PII 450 with 256 MB running Windows 98.
| |     + 15796 [benoit.cerri] I did the test too both using jdk1.4 and the ruby 1.6.3 as distributed by
| |     | 15809 [ben_tilly op] At a glance it doesn't support embedded comments.
| |     + 15812 [ser maus.ger] [Many replies to multiple emails on this thread in one easy-to-delete
| |       + 15815 [sma 3plus4.d] 1.4 should be at least as fast as 1.3, it might include some debug
| |       | + 15842 [benoit.cerri] How did you get those results, I used both -Xloggc:log.gc and
| |       | | 15859 [sma 3plus4.d] Well, I guessed :-)  Actually, I used "-verbose:gc" and counted the
| |       | + 15942 [ser germane-] Have you tried running the benchmark with Java 1.3 on your machine?
| |       |   15969 [sma 3plus4.d] Okay, I installed jarkata 1.2 and run the test: Time says 9.5s. Just
| |       |   15977 [ser germane-] What is Jarkata?  Does this include the Sun HotSpot JIT?  What does your
| |       |   + 16017 [benoit.cerri] I didn't test it but according to the release notes an important part
| |       |   + 16056 [sma 3plus4.d] It includes the regexp package.  It's part of the apache Java project.
| |       |     16061 [ser germane-] Oh, I thought you had already tested the Jakarta regexp package.  I wasn't
| |       + 15837 [benoit.cerri] the
| |         + 15860 [sma 3plus4.d] Well, the startup times have nothing to do with Java's hunger for
| |         + 15943 [ser germane-] Yes, in general, I've found that the IBM JIT is not only faster than HotSpot,
| + 15751 [decoux moulo] You are right, this is the real problem because otherwise you'll have 2
+ 16018 [wayne.blair ] Does anyone have any experience with javacc?  I've been playing with it and
  + 16021 [avi beta4.co] When I was looking at Java parser generators recently, I found sablecc
  | 16041 [wayne.blair ] Thanks, checking it out now.  Certainly better documented.
  + 16022 [matz zetabit] It can be easily generated from parse.y using sample/exyacc.rb.
  | 16044 [glen enabled] After doing some digging and (re) discovering Smalltalk, it seems to me
  | + 16046 [mirian cosmi] I've recently joined this list, so please forgive me if I've missed
  | | + 16047 [wayne.blair ] In my interpretation each ruby class would be an instance in java (say
  | | | 16048 [wayne.blair ] As usual, I look at my example code and find it flawed, RubyObject
  | | | 16049 [wayne.blair ] public RubyObject new(RubyObject[] args)
  | | + 16059 [sma 3plus4.d] One could perhaps try to use Java Debug API which allows to modify
  | + 16058 [sma 3plus4.d] That would be definitely an option.  I'd vote for Squeak as it comes
  |   16060 [glen enabled] What about GNU Smalltalk? Not being a Smalltalk expert I can't verify
  |   16063 [wayne.blair ] I see java as a potential trojan horse (not in the pejorative sense but I
  |   + 16080 [ser maus.ger] Or, in our case, it would make using Ruby *possible*.  We don't have the
  |   | 16082 [glen enabled] Very valid point, and I am sure that Sean is not alone in this
  |   | 16103 [billk cts.co] Yes, we're in the same boat too.  We do Java stuff both server-side
  |   | 16111 [wayne.blair ] Wow is that phat.  Working with antlr the first time and will be psyched to plug in your grammar for hacking.
  |   + 16083 [glen enabled] Jython is pretty widely used as a "glue" language, despite its silly
  + 16057 [sma 3plus4.d] Well, last weekend, I spend some time evaluating quite a few different
    + 16065 [mirian cosmi] I'm intrigued.  What issues in Ruby prevent it from being expressible
    + 16078 [hipster xs4a] While the Ruby grammar might not be LL(k) as-is (haven't got a proof),
      16079 [matz zetabit] It's good to hear you'ce got the work done that much.

^ Compilation helper
15735 [elanthis use] I've run into a few issues in my project AweMUD in trying to embed Ruby in relation to compilation.  I'm using automake/autoconf, but I can't find an easy way to detect/configure the settings for compiling in the Ruby library (library and include paths, basically).
15737 [glen enabled] Hm... I have begun a group of Autoconf macros for Python, am about to
16003 [elanthis use] Sweet.  ^,^

^ Ruby globbing problem?
15738 [gc mandrakes] I have two directories, one being a "real" directory, the other one being
+ 15817 [matz zetabit] I see a problem from
| 15872 [gc mandrakes] Yep.
+ 15850 [decoux moulo] pigeon% mkdir xx
  15852 [matz zetabit] Oh, this one.  Thank you.  I've been not sure this one to be back
  15875 [gc mandrakes] As for me, I think that once we know it, it's not a big deal. And it's

^ Ruby Programming Practice
15742 [jkaurin home] Although the following code is legal in Ruby (assuming I made no
+ 15744 [hal9000 hype] Some other people will have more valuable opinions than mine.
+ 15745 [r2d2 mao.acc] I would probably put a placeholder in the superclass just to remind myself
+ 15746 [guillaume.ru] "John Kaurin" <jkaurin@home.com>
+ 15749 [wayne.blair ] This is a fairly common practice when taking advantage of polymorphism.
+ 15760 [ser maus.ger] Well, I'd say that this is not good programming practice.  Better would
+ 15767 [patrickdloga] It's all software, and so there may be a reason for something like this.
+ 15802 [matz zetabit] I think it's OK.  I even call this a template pattern.

^ Challenges of java interpreter
15754 [wayne.blair ] To create a java interpreter for ruby, ruby would ideally be coded in itself
+ 15755 [decoux moulo] [ruby-talk:14893]
| + 15761 [ser maus.ger] C is pretty famous for (practically) bootstrapping itself this way.
| | 15774 [sma 3plus4.d] However, the next "natural" step would be to write a Ruby2C compiler
| + 15762 [decoux moulo] No,
|   15772 [wayne.blair ] expecting
+ 15773 [sma 3plus4.d] Well, this would be only useful IMHO if there's a way to compile the
  15778 [feldt ce.cha] The RubyVM project emanating from [ruby-talk:10238] is very related to
  + 15794 [sma 3plus4.d] Interesting...
  | 15824 [feldt ce.cha] Agreed, but if you want to go all the way... ;-)
  + 15803 [matz zetabit] Ah, that's just because I'm not smart enough to handle meta.  I'm not
    15825 [feldt ce.cha] And a bright side it sure is. Even I'm not sure I can agree with your
    15830 [matz zetabit] Of course.  The only source of grammer information - parse.y - is a

^ XMLC for Ruby
15756 [dcorbin impe] About 3 months ago someone posted a message here about a Ruby
+ 15757 [decoux moulo] Perhaps [ruby-talk:13919]
+ 15916 [chadfowler y] A colleague and I have written one, available on

^ RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-05-26)
15769 [schneiker ju] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2001-05-26)

^ eRuby file suffix
15777 [ingen.eposta] Just a proposal: How about using ".erb" as the file suffix for eRuby
15813 [comp.lang.ru] .rhtml is inline with .phtml for Perl and .shtml for SSI.  I guess
15876 [ingen.eposta] Well, most PHP programmers (like myself) use the ".php" extension
15890 [comp.lang.ru] I thought PHP was always ".php"?  A law unto itself as ever...

^ system
15780 [baasad quali] how can I run a system command in ruby like the one in perl system(command,options)
+ 15781 [eric sfarc.n] Same way..
+ 15784 [harryo zipwo] You can use backticks, just like in perl.  For example ...

^ Subsets of a set
15782 [harryo zipwo] I know that the Array class has a number of methods that make it usable
+ 15783 [harryo zipwo] By the way, I'd be happy to accept a routine which returns the set of ALL
| + 15787 [matju sympat] Mine is not recursive, but it works anyway.
| + 15790 [dgjs acm.org] An alogorithm exponential in it's input size "runs for a very long time"?
|   15819 [harryo zipwo] Fair comment, but 4 minutes for n=8 is a bit over the top.  Let's face it, 2^8
+ 15903 [r2d2 mao.acc] class Array

^ newbie queation
15785 [akhar videot] is it possible to read, write , display images with ruby? or maybe just read

^ Splitting up a huge ruby file
15786 [ugly-daemon ] split up a source file into several smaller ones but still have them behave as
15791 [hal9000 hype] to
15798 [tuurlijk tuu] Use one module to contain the contents of each seperate file.

^ RCR: Net::FTP SITE command et. al.
15789 [gnhurst hurs] I recently needed to be able to 'chmod' a file after

^ Event Loop (MainLoop.rb)
15792 [matju sympat] This is my event loop, but I haven't got the chance of really using it

^ Check a few characters of a string: How?
15793 [fgeiger date] Want to check the first or last character of a string or say any character
+ 15795 [knu iDaemons] Isn't s[pos,len] short enough?  The first character will be s[0,1] and
+ 15799 [sma 3plus4.d] I think, you could write either use the "?" syntax to refer to
  15801 [ugly-daemon ] Why is it like that anyway?? Wouldn't it be more useful to have array[i] return
  + 15805 [matz zetabit] You might not know the definition of characters can cause very hot and
  + 15843 [mlang home.d] try s[1].chr

^ is it possible to dynamically coerce objects types in Ruby?
15804 [mirian cosmi] Greetings to all.  I am a newcomer to Ruby and I am exploring the
+ 15806 [decoux moulo] use #to_int
+ 15807 [matz zetabit] Try 'to_int' which is for that particular purpose, not 'to_i' which is
  + 15808 [jonas.bulow ] Why is there a difference between to_i and to_int? Is it the principle
  | 15811 [Dave Pragmat] The longer forms to to_xxx (to_int, to_str, and to_ary) are used when
  + 15810 [mirian cosmi] Thank you for your help.  I also should have been more specific about
    15816 [matz zetabit] If you reallly want MyClass to be integer that much, either
    15818 [mirian cosmi] coerce is pretty nice, thank you.  It seems that when I use coerce, I
    15821 [matz zetabit] Yes.  You have to pay the cost to join Numeric family.
    15822 [mirian cosmi] Okay.
    15823 [feldt ce.cha] Yes, it would. MetaRuby takes a similar approach on other classes so you
    15826 [matju sympat] module ArithInterface
    + 15827 [feldt ce.cha] Well, its a start... ;-)
    + 15867 [mirian cosmi] Perhaps I will work on this, as an exercise to learn Ruby.
      15901 [ben_tilly op] You will not be far wrong if you think of "to_int" as being
      15902 [mirian cosmi] *grin*  I like this image.  I didn't understand the different between
      15922 [mike lepton.] So what about a String#to_int method that would raise an exception (or return nil) if the string is not a pure number represented in a string?

^ Cannot run 'irb --readline'
15814 [pschoenb sol] when I do
15869 [keiju ishits] Perhaps, this problem is same for [ruby-talk:8842] and its thread.

^ subclassing Date
15828 [Michael.Husm] Using ruby 1.6.0 and trying to subclass the Date class like
15831 [matz zetabit] You're calling `super("2001.5.28",...)'.  I think there's something
+ 15835 [nahi keynaut] I'm sorry for replying matz' article.  I've lost the
| 15840 [Michael.Husm] sorry for ommitting the st variable in my first posting.
| + 15844 [nahi keynaut] I was wrong...  I don't know how to do it.
| + 15845 [matz zetabit] You're defining an instance method new3.  I think you have to define a
|   15856 [Michael.Husm] yes that works. Thank you for your help.
|   15882 [matz zetabit] This will be fixed in the near future (already fixed in the snapshot).
+ 15848 [Michael.Husm] yes I have forgotten the st before split. But the problem still exists
  15855 [decoux moulo] When new0 is defined as an alias, Date::new is not yet defined. This

^ Can irb have smart completion?
15832 [max malva.co] When I use <TAB> in irb, it used to show file list.
15834 [matz zetabit] irb bundled with 1.7 (try snapshot.tar.gz) has this feature, I think.
15839 [keiju ishits] % irb -r irb/completion
+ 15864 [max malva.co] Yup. It works even in 1.6.2.
+ 15868 [Dave Pragmat] I'm thinking it would be quite neat to tie this is in to 'ri', or an
  15904 [jim freeze.o] Or how about adding the ability to do ri within irb?