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^ OpenSSL and ruby
155990 [klancaster19] (Posted this to the rails group, then realized here was better...)

^ Launch directory in Rake
155992 [jim freeze.o] I have a directory of projects and in the directory above that, I
+ 155993 [jim freeze.o] which
+ 156042 [jim weirichh] Reasonable request.  Committed to CVS.  Use Rake.original_dir to get the
  156121 [jim freeze.o] Thanks Jim
  156130 [jim.menard g] I'm not. If I'm not mistaken, Make and Ant both assume that you are
  + 156138 [jim weirichh] Make (and I believe Ant) will not change the current directory to the
  | + 156152 [ruby-talk wh] Actually, the Jims currently in this conversation only represent a small
  | | 156163 [jim.menard g] Once, I played in a band with a drummer named Jim. Our soundman was
  | | 156167 [jim weirichh] Heh.  I play guitar with Jim the drummer and Jim the bass guitarist.  We
  | | + 156169 [ruby-talk wh] * Ruby was invented by Jim Matsumoto
  | | | 156171 [vjoel path.b] This thread is dead, Jim!
  | | + 156213 [martindemell] Maybe you can form a cricket team :)
  | + 156158 [jim freeze.o] I guess to put it succinctly, is that I want to use Rakefile
  |   156165 [vjoel path.b] Can I pop into this thread even if I am not a Jim?
  + 156156 [jim freeze.o] proj/

^ REXML and new file problem? bug?
155996 [bart.massche] I want to use the REXML class, but encounter the following problem, if I
156004 [zdennis mkte] "Constructor @param source if supplied, must be a Document, String, or

^ [ANN] Boston.rb Meeting Tonight!
155998 [clambert gma] Just a reminder about the meeting today. The website and mailing lists

^ REXML and new file problem? bug?
156003 [bart.massche] (Sorry if re-send, mailbox was full and problems)

^ Question on StringValuePtr, rb_str_dup
156009 [Daniel.Berge] I'm having a hard time preserving a string.  Essentially, what's
+ 156019 [matz ruby-la] Because plain duplication shares internal memory region.  You have to
+ 156021 [nobu.nokada ] rb_str_modify(rstring);
  156106 [Daniel.Berge] Good to know.  Thanks!

^ Where did ruby go?
156015 [josh.charles] I just did a clean install of Suse 9.3 and was pleased to see that it
+ 156017 [cyclists nc.] Probably the version of Ruby that came with Suse is installed in
+ 156018 [vanweerd gma] Usually works pretty well.
| 156022 [josh.charles] Exactly what the problem was.  It's fixed now.  Thanks for the tip!
+ 156052 [martindemell] In addition to the /usr/bin vs /usr/local/bin problem, you should

^ tcl/tk translate
156026 [redman acces] I am still fairly new to ruby/tk
156028 [nagai ai.kyu] For example,
156091 [greg.kujawa ] When I pasted your sample code into a text file and ran it on my
156179 [nagai ai.kyu] Hmmm... I commited TkTimer.start at 2004/10/15.
156295 [greg.kujawa ] The start method is present, but I think what's being passed along is
156367 [nagai ai.kyu] You'll misunderstand about arguments of those methods.
156412 [greg.kujawa ] Sorry. I forgot to require enumerable. That's why it bombed. Doooh!

^ Re: KirbyBase [ANN (sort-of)] proof-of-concept KirbyBase ORM
156029 [logancapaldo] Well after hacking away today for a couple of hours I've come up with
+ 156032 [ezra yakima-] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 156047 [hal9000 hype] So far I'm interested.
| + 156095 [logancapaldo] I agree. I wish it was smarter. Originally I had it learn the
| + 156114 [logancapaldo] charset=UTF-8;
+ 156085 [cribbsj oakw] That was fast!  :-)
  156086 [aglarond gma] Before you go too far with this, you might want to check out Og's KirbyBase=
  + 156089 [logancapaldo] Well don't I feel silly. *goes over to check out Og*
  + 156103 [logancapaldo] Well after now having looked through some Og examples (didn't get
    + 156107 [aglarond gma] You only need darcs if you wanted to check out Ysabel's patches. The main O=
    | + 156135 [ezra yakima-] Here Here! I think KirbyRecord would be great to use in scripts and
    | + 156161 [hal9000 hype] I will look at this further later... right now I'm swamped.
    |   156199 [aglarond gma] I understand - me, too. :)=20
    + 156112 [george.mosch] I am glad you like Og. But if you would like to work on a kirbybase adapter
      156116 [logancapaldo] I will take a look at those when I get a chance

^ [BUG/PATCH] cgi/session.rb
156030 [Ara.T.Howard] the following program with fail both the way it is, and using the commented
156041 [matz ruby-la] Can you explain how it fails?  "the way it is" version seems to work
156045 [Ara.T.Howard] [ahoward@localhost ~]$ cat /var/www/html/acgi/acgi-0.0.0/a.cgi
156046 [matz ruby-la] Something must be different.  I can't think of anything though.
156048 [Ara.T.Howard] can you reproduce?  or is it just me?
156051 [matz ruby-la] I couldn't.  Mine worked fine, even on localhost.
156122 [paul.vaillan] I've seen problems in the past where certain versions of Firefox and
156125 [Ara.T.Howard] this is defintely something to do with it.  i've been able to duplicate it

^ strings and regex's
156031 [ xyz xyz.com] I'm parsing some html and have a table-driven state machine that configures
+ 156033 [dblack wobbl] Is it possible that you need chomp! instead of chomp ?  I'm not sure
| 156034 [dblack wobbl] (Don't chain it, though :-)
+ 156037 [dblack wobbl] I think my chomp theory is probably wrong.
+ 156039 [ruby.brian g] I can't see the error you describe, but I'll just clean up and debug
+ 156073 [gavin refine] Just an aside - you might be interested in my TagTreeScanner class,

^ tclink vs payment
156035 [beeplove gma] I am trying to find right payment processing API.

^ Re: [BUG/PATCH] cgi/session.rb, cgi/session/pstore.rb
156036 [Ara.T.Howard] @@ -244,7 +244,7 @@
156038 [nobuyoshi.na] What does this change?
156049 [Ara.T.Howard] that's right - too tired - going to bed ;-(

^ URL encoding
156043 [jonasgalvez ] {:foo=>1, :bar=>2}
156044 [daniels pron] There's no reason for the hash.to_a bit - you can just do a hash.collect
156079 [gavin refine] CGI.escape

^ A GUID experiment for ActiveRecord
156050 [demetriusnun] Care to shed some light into the GUID vs auto-increment primary key

^ ruby and aop
156053 [the.mindstor] I am one of the developers of AspectWerkz [1] a plain Java aop implementation. During the last
+ 156056 [lyndon.samso] Hows this for a less than sophisticated attempt
+ 156057 [matti.georgi] I think, aop-like programming is done mostly by redefining methods.
| + 156062 [the.mindstor] Thanks for both suggestions so far. However these are easy solutions for the most commons things.
| + 156105 [surrender_it] you don't have to do that, see the implementation of this from Mauricio
+ 156220 [transfire gm] Well, in my experience the hardest part has been dealing with name
| 156222 [the.mindstor] #: Trans changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  9/15/2005 12:36 PM :#
+ 156255 [chneukirchen] It's probably not too related, but I think Context-oriented
| + 156281 [the.mindstor] #: Christian Neukirchen changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  9/15/2005 4:49 PM :#
| | 156289 [chneukirchen] One could say (although some people may disagree with that), that COP
| + 156371 [transfire gm] Going to Disney. I'll be back Monday, and will pick up on this thread
+ 156425 [george.mosch] there is a rather simple implementation of AOP in the Glue libarie

^ Win Pipes and IO
156055 [simon.kroege] I hope there is a guru out there today.
156058 [nobuyoshi.na] It worked successfully, with both of mswin32 and mingw32 ruby.
156059 [simon.kroege] Thanks for trying it.
156060 [nobuyoshi.na] Many things have changed then.
156061 [simon.kroege] YES!

^ TkDialog question
156065 [snail objmed] I have a TkDialog that I just want to display and then get the answer
+ 156078 [greg.kujawa ] Try the TkMessageBox. See
+ 156083 [snail objmed] <snail@objmedia.demon.co.uk> writes
  156109 [email55555 g] FYI.
  156180 [nagai ai.kyu] Thank you for your report. I'll fix it on CVS.

^ REXML screen scraping questions
156068 [dan dankohn.] My goal here is to take an HTML table and convert it into an array of
156192 [dooby d10.ka] I know you've tried other packages but I think REXML isn't what
+ 156211 [dan dankohn.] Daz, thank you so much for taking the time to code that.  I was also
| 156242 [dooby d10.ka] Your code, IMHO, is inefficient due to the use of 'industrial grade'
+ 156245 [gavin refine] Following is a sample of what I do for screen scraping - net::http

^ extend question
156070 [pado CoLi.Un] I apologize if this a stupid question - but I'd be very grateful for
+ 156071 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 156075 [bob.news gmx] <snip/>
| 156144 [vikkous gmai] Here's a somewhat wild suggestion that I have found useful when running
+ 156139 [jim weirichh] You might want to consider the Strategy Pattern ... create an object that

^ Quick and dirty word wrapping.
156093 [erik terpnet] In case anyone needs it,
+ 156096 [james graypr] Dang that's cool!
| 156100 [gavin refine] charset=US-ASCII;
| 156104 [james graypr] I do understand the Regexp, but isn't that a look-ahead assertion at
| + 156110 [simon.kroege] str = '12345678901234567890'
| | + 156149 [email55555 g] Hmmm.... Here is my quick fix for him ...
| | + 156150 [itsme213 hot] Yup. Lost the "b" in "b"roadcasting below.
| |   156153 [email55555 g] The origin post assumes no word longer then wrap size.
| |   156155 [email55555 g] Hmmm.... Here is my quick fix for him ...
| |   156170 [gavin refine] charset=US-ASCII;
| |   156173 [gavin refine] Following feels like a good replacement for the existing Nano
| |   156293 [halostatue g] ... I've been observing this discussion, and I'm wondering why people
| |   156319 [transfire gm] Probably b/c of "quick and dirty".
| |   156356 [halostatue g] If RubyGems offered an "optional dependency", Text::Hyphen would be such.
| + 156128 [james graypr] Answering my own dumb question, "No James, that's simple clustering
| + 156129 [email55555 g] No, at the end, it is not look-ahead assertion,
| + 156134 [ezra yakima-] I have been using something extremely similar to add some tags to a
+ 156097 [gavin refine] str = 'This is a test of the emergency broadcasting services'
  156099 [gavin refine] Oops, because mine will split punctuation from its characters.

^ String#digest
156098 [daniel.schie] I don't think this already exists, but if it does I apologise for your
156101 [bob.news gmx] Hm, on one hand I agree to you as this seems natural.  On the other hand
156113 [daniel.schie] That's why I think String#digest should be defined by the Digest
156117 [bob.news gmx] Yepp, right.  For I moment I forgot Ruby's unique openness and

^ Ternary operator request
156111 [mannl gmx.co] I'm more or less an amateur programmer, but I have fallen in love
+ 156120 [alex deletem] That's a cute idea. I do find myself writing code like
| 156151 [mannl gmx.co] I hadn't thought of that.
+ 156123 [dblack wobbl] Welcome!
+ 156124 [Ara.T.Howard] require 'traits'

^ Ruby, SWIG and C++: how to properly wrap vector of vectors of doubles (2D vectors)?
156131 [slonik.az gm] I am succesfully using SWIG generated wreppers to export my C++ library to =

^ rubygems and manually installed dependencies
156137 [transfire gm] please correct me if i am mistaken. if i'm using a gems installrf app
156141 [jim weirichh] Just to be clear ... there are two kinds of dependencies.
156145 [transfire gm] Thanks Jim,

^ Re: [BUG/PATCH] cgi/session.rb (SOLVED?)
156140 [Ara.T.Howard] o.k. - i finally can reproduce from either localhost or hostname.  you can see

^ [ANN] SMC - State Machine Compiler v. 4.2.1
156143 [rapp acm.org] SMC - The State Machine Compiler v. 4.2.1

^ Rails IIS and virtual directories
156146 [anthony.hawe] I've followed all the instructions for setting up Rails with IIS and

^ Article: The Fine Art of Computer Programming
156148 [christophe.g] It focusses on various issues about programming, like fun in writing
156524 [dooby d10.ka] Appreciated; thanks for linking, Christophe.
156590 [ronjeffries ] Yes, thanks! Very interesting ... and leads to even more interesting things!

^ RMagick + ImageMagick issues on OSX
156157 [joevandyk gm] I compiled and installed ImageMagick from scratch.  Seemed to install
156164 [cyclists nc.] I get that behavior when I try to read a file that isn't an image. Two
156185 [joevandyk gm] irb(main):002:0> img = Magick::Image.read('lodge.jpg')
+ 156187 [Ara.T.Howard] don't suppose you want to hear that i spent all day compiling it for redhat
+ 156225 [cyclists nc.] In the README-OSX.txt file that comes with RMagick I outline a process
  156262 [joevandyk gm] sudo port install ghostscript
  156282 [rmagick gmai] ImageMagick doesn't look up fonts dynamically. It has a couple of fixed

^ Re: Win32 gem for RMagick 1.9.1
156159 [senor.j.onio] Yeah - I get that exact same error. Just re-installed my computer.
156160 [senor.j.onio] RMagick-win32-1.9.1-mswin32.gem
156162 [cyclists nc.] Did you see Kaspar's suggested workaround earlier in this thread?
156214 [eule space.c] Are you on the rubygems list ? I would like for someone to crosspost this

^ [RubyConf] Final phase of registration and payment
156168 [dblack wobbl] Please remember that registration for RubyConf 2005 will end either on

^ ruby-dev suumary 26862-26956
156172 [maki rubycol] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.
156292 [halostatue g] I think that it would not be a bad idea to add Enumerable#count as an
+ 156325 [florgro gmai] Why not? I read it as "number of items" so being able to use a block
+ 156339 [nobu.nokada ] It would be radical change for stable version, at least 1.8.3.

^ [Quick Easy Question] Referencing Methods Dynamically?
156174 [caldridge gm] Very Basic Example: (notice the <! part !>)
+ 156175 [gavin refine] MyName.new.send( "#{part}_name", "before" )
| 156177 [caldridge gm] Absolutely perfect.
| 156178 [caldridge gm] I'm completely aware of that and appreciate your help.
+ 156176 [gavin refine] A general suggestion on code, unrelated to your question. (I know you

^ Get to the Point: Ruby and Rails Presentation Slides
156189 [ng johnwlong] Ryan Platte and I just did a presentation to the Chicago ACM about Ruby
+ 156205 [doc doconnel] Great presentation, thanks John.
+ 156226 [twifkak comc] Cool! My browser's sorta, uh, frozen right now (that's what happens when
+ 156241 [josh.charles] Excellent Presentation.  The only thing I didn't quite understand was
| 156265 [curt.hibbs g] Ruby uses the same model of method invocation as Smalltalk. Conceptually,=
+ 156251 [Bil.Kleb NAS] From Tufte's "The Smallest Effective Difference"
| + 156313 [emiel il.fon] %wget -r http://johnwlong.com/slides/gettothepoint/
| + 156374 [ng johnwlong] I've never read this book. Can you explain the reasoning behind what you
|   + 156376 [ng johnwlong] John
|   + 156407 [Bil.Kleb NAS] If you're in the U.S., I highly recommend making every
|     + 156409 [curt.hibbs g] Hmmm... reminds me of when I find a chapter of a book so interested that I=
|     | 156418 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Once upon a time, I read a recommendation to
|     + 156410 [ng johnwlong] Very interesting. Thanks.
|     + 156411 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Yes, but remember that not everyone has perfect eyesight!!!
|     + 156667 [ruby.brian g] For my taste too many words in this passage are highlighted. If it is
|       156672 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Agreed, but these are just the key sentences out of
+ 156419 [han.holl gma] # Output "Ruby Rocks!
+ 159394 [zdennis mkte] Thanks for posting this John. I am going to go over later today. I have
  159395 [zdennis mkte] I just realized that this was posted about a month ago. I do not know

^ How do I convert an int to a date?
156190 [dlehman gmai] I have an int (which is actually a Julian Day Number value) which I
156194 [christophe.g] Is the class method Date::jd what you're looking for? It takes a Julian
156246 [dlehman gmai] Great-- exactly what I needed. Thanks for the lead in the right

^ defining a method relative to a module's nesting
156191 [transfire gm] module X
+ 156193 [Ara.T.Howard] module X
| 156219 [transfire gm] Ara, I guess I did not explain well enough. Instead of
+ 156221 [ mfp acm.org] batsman@tux-chan:~/src/ruby/ruby.head$ cat /tmp/fgdsdgdfg.rb
  + 156224 [transfire gm] Mauricio,
  | 156227 [transfire gm] class Module
  + 156228 [transfire gm] Oh,
  + 156388 [dooby d10.ka] parent = Object.const_get(mod.name[/\w+/])
    156389 [dooby d10.ka] Cuh! As soon as I hit the button -- my nonsense, sorry.

^ [ANN] acgi-0.1.0
156195 [Ara.T.Howard] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,

^ classifying exceptions
156196 [vjoel path.b] There are many places in my code that need to catch any error generated
156198 [nobuyoshi.na] Actually, an exception, to be caught, doesn't have to be
156280 [vjoel path.b] Thanks, that's better. I forgot rescue uses case-matching. And it avoids
156340 [nobu.nokada ] Arguments to rescue must be modules.