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^ Re: NDiff (#46)
155543 [meadori gmai] a b 1.2345 c d
155545 [Bil.Kleb NAS] That would be a good option, but at this point, all

^ Mmap crash when appending
155552 [guslist free] [gus@hibernatus Bifurcation]$ cat mmap-abort.rb
+ 155553 [decoux moulo] ...
| 155555 [guslist free] It works!
| 155557 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 155573 [Ara.T.Howard] irb(main):001:0> FileUtils::touch 'mmap'
  155593 [guslist free] Yes, as suggested by Guy, using "rw" instead of "w" fixes the problem,

^ white out on pulldown options when mouse is over said option
155558 [xeno eskimo.] I've got this problem that my mouse options turn completely white (no

^ Problems building Ruby from source on Windows
155560 [djberg96 gma] Windows XP Pro
155585 [ggarra advan] Not sure about the hanging, but regarding the "lib" error, this points
155589 [djberg96 gma] Thanks, that was it.  I ran setenv.bat, but for some odd reason it has

^ I cannot figure out how to set my signature on thunderbird...
155564 [xeno eskimo.] I actually had it working with thunderbird on SuSE, but the "signature"
155565 [james graypr] Are you aware that you are posting to a group for the Ruby
155568 [xeno eskimo.] Sorry.  I meant to post to Debian.  I must be tired.  Oh boy.
155600 [tim vegeta.a] ...

^ Better Random benchmark - need help with profiling
155567 [martialis bi] I recently started to learn Ruby. I thought that the obviously flawed
+ 155575 [ruby.brian g] Risking to be burned because I'm somehow helping with the aliot things
| 155607 [martialis bi] user     system      total        real
| 155608 [ruby.brian g] $ ruby -v
| 155654 [martialis bi] You convinced me. I will make a nice looking version. It will still be
+ 155734 [igouy yahoo.] "Each program should use symbolic constants (or whatever is closest) to

^ Webrick streaming bodies
155572 [phlipcpp yah] ...
155703 [gotoyuzo not] res.body can take an IO object.
155720 [phlipcpp yah] ...
155740 [timsuth ihug] ...
156054 [phlipcpp yah] ...

^ RubyGems in 1.8.3?
155590 [ptkwt aracne] ...

^ confused by nested functions
155591 [navindra cs.] Why does the first one work but not the second one?
+ 155603 [meta pobox.c] Ruby doesn't really have nested functions, and "def" is executable code
+ 155606 [twifkak comc] As mathew said, def is just a command to define a method, it runs when
  + 155624 [dblack wobbl] I think the private thing depends on lexical scope.  Since the nested
  | 155641 [twifkak comc] Yo --
  | + 155886 [discordantus] Just a quick note: beware of IRB. when it comes to method and variable
  | + 155910 [dblack wobbl] $ ruby -e 'def x; end; nil.x'
  |   155912 [twifkak comc] Blrgh! Thanks, Mark & David. I have been schooled.
  |   155913 [dblack wobbl] You're not accessing the top-level object's singleton class there,
  |   155914 [twifkak comc] I, uh... must be tired. Yeah, that's it. I'm going to shut up now. :)
  + 155865 [navindra cs.] Thanks for the careful explanation, Devin.

^ Getting "Require" to work, using the Poignant Guide to Ruby
155594 [Ian.Irving g] In a (doomed?) attempt to actual understand ruby (with my almost 20
+ 155596 [dblack wobbl] Local variables used in a file you 'require' do not appear in the
+ 155619 [dbatml gmx.d] This is an error in the guide, see
| 155620 [hawkman.gelo] ...
+ 155835 [Ian.Irving g] Many Thanks for the replys. Problem resolved! by
  155838 [ruby-talk wh] Becooz I don't like that blue yet.  It buzzes people's eyelids too bad.
  155842 [Ian.Irving g] Well, as long as it's a good reason...(and that's what style sheets are

^ r4 - the simplest ruby pre-processor
155601 [Ara.T.Howard] all this talk about pre-processors and erb got me thinking : what would it
+ 155602 [Ara.T.Howard] no
| 155611 [tokikenshi g] Short and sweet. :-)
+ 155614 [chneukirchen] def macro(name, &block)
| + 155625 [hutch recurs] With a tiny change to this you can also use ruby's embedded value
| | 155627 [hutch recurs] and lost the dump
| | 155640 [twifkak comc] And broke it.
| | 155649 [hutch recurs] Broke it? Nah, it was already 'broken'. And anyway, that's what I
| | + 155660 [Ara.T.Howard] careful - if you go the
| | | 155664 [hutch recurs] Except that '#{' or '`' will be escaped and ignored. Still, point
| | + 155666 [chneukirchen] You broke it because " can't appear as-is in the file anymore.
| |   155670 [Ara.T.Howard] using the -i switch i can interpolate x as #{ x }
| + 155656 [hutch recurs] So, playing around a bit more, I've got something that solves a
| + 155665 [Ara.T.Howard] a version which optionally interpolates - six lines, ergo r6
|   155671 [pit capitain] Just a minor simplification: ARGF is kind of an Enumerable, so you can
+ 155682 [transfire gm] Very cool Ara.
  155714 [transfire gm] exactly think in words, so its not alwasy easy to translate) BUt to
  155742 [dave burt.id] ...

^ Ruby for Pocket PC?
155605 [me prestoncr] ...

^ Interesting Sentence
155613 [Bil.Kleb NAS] I just stumbled across this sentence,
155616 [daniel themi] ...

^ newbie mysteries
155621 [tomcloyd bes] Good morning!
155622 [vanweerd gma] Did you use the Window's one-click installer to install ruby? If so,
155623 [hawkman.gelo] ...
155650 [nightphotos ] ...
+ 155655 [hawkman.gelo] ...
+ 155669 [tomcloyd bes] List and Wayne,
  155672 [pit capitain] you can't put the line into a Ruby script because it's not Ruby code.
  155675 [tomcloyd bes] Nuts. How right you are.
  155678 [nightphotos ] ...
  155681 [tomcloyd bes] Yeah. As a newbie, I note in ruby documentation a variable neglect of

^ When an Array is not
155626 [michael schu] (1) Under what circumstances is an array not an Array? I'm confronted
155628 [dblack wobbl] Can you provide a complete (non-)working example?  I can't quite
+ 155630 [calamitas ad] module M
| + 155631 [dblack wobbl] Yes, thanks for correcting.  I somehow transmuted the whole thing into
| + 155636 [michael schu] I had a nagging suspicion that something like that would be involved.
+ 155635 [michael schu] Attached below with resolution. When copying and pasting the minimally

^ gem & require -> returns false?
155632 [itsme213 hot] ...
155677 [ptkwt aracne] ...
155730 [jim weirichh] I'm not seeing this ...
+ 155781 [drbrain segm] $ cat x.rb
| 155909 [jim weirichh] Thanks.  I took a bit to figure out, but here's what is happening.
+ 155811 [ptkwt aracne] ...
  + 155902 [chrisgame ex] So where's the code for 'require' so we can work out how it works?
  + 155906 [ts_news1 son] Sounds like the gem autorequire'd the module for you. Try requiring just

^ Class.new and extending it...
155633 [enebo acm.or] class Base
155634 [decoux moulo] ...
155637 [enebo acm.or] Thanks!  I have a strange variation on this (using 'inherited') that works

^ [RFC] The Early Demise of Myriad (Thanks To Ruby Threads)
155638 [zedshaw zeds] 1)  Ruby/Event becomes completely evil and redefines Thread's initialize so that it throws an exception telling you to not use threads.  Ugh.
+ 155647 [akr m17n.org] Ruby 1.9 allocates fd_set dynamically.  So the FD_SETSIZE restriction
| 155653 [zedshaw zeds] Thanks, that really helps me decide if I should continue.  FD_SETSIZE in a Ruby implementation that will be done "when it's done" is exactly the information I needed to know that Myriad is worth continuing.
+ 155651 [wink saville] I'm a Ruby newb but have been programming for many years and have been
| + 155695 [rhkramer gma] Yes!
| + 155697 [zedshaw zeds] Hey Wink,
|   155706 [wink saville] Thanks for the feed back and the gotcha's! Let me noodle on this a while
|   155719 [zedshaw zeds] Actually, this would be the *best* way to do this.  You just register the whole damn pool with the GC and never unregister it.  Then you do your own memory management and control.  The GC is completely cut out of the picture and can't mess with your gear.  The only thing you need to do is just not declare a free function for the ruby object.
|   155727 [wink saville] ...
+ 155668 [chneukirchen] Or,     4) Become a great Ruby hacker and replace the Ruby thread select()
| + 155694 [zedshaw zeds] This is apparently in the works for Ruby's "whenever-it's-done-version", although I haven't noticed much mention of it other than an occaisional person announced as being charged with doing libevent.
| + 155763 [hgs dmu.ac.u] [Performance implication...]
|   155769 [Ara.T.Howard] other than liscense issues - i wonder why not build upon a library which
|   155777 [jos catnook.] There's also Sydney which promises to add real POSIX thread support to 1.8.2
+ 155691 [k.wong lapos] This is so depressing for me to hear, I wonder what it must be like for

^ Reference to super instance
155643 [dannyyuan gm] Is there a way (or Ruby way?) to get the reference to the super instance
155658 [bob.news gmx] What do you mean by "super instance"?  Ruby is not C++ - you cannot (and

^ Re: ] Re: File.mtime <=> DateTime.strptime()
155644 [snowzone5 ho] except when it doesn't :/

^ ERB and puts/print
155645 [hal9000 hype] This discussion is interesting, but my solution would be an
155657 [Ara.T.Howard] see the r4 thread ;-)

^ Array#[]=
155659 [daniel.schie] I'm writing a class representing a coordinate system, and I want to be
+ 155661 [james graypr] If the slurpy arrays could be used anywhere in the list, if becomes
| 155667 [daniel.schie] Thanks! That looks a lot better.
+ 155662 [Ara.T.Howard] def []=(*a)
+ 155663 [twifkak comc] Yes, that would be useful. It has been discussed many-a-time, before,
| 155676 [transfire gm] I think that you have the right sentiment, but the implemenation isn't
| 155683 [twifkak comc] 1. Matz has said that he won't implement them. :)
| 155715 [transfire gm] You make some good points. But it occurs to me that having seperated
| 155718 [twifkak comc] Yeah, I guess what I'm seeking is a concise way to write that. Maybe
| 155724 [transfire gm] hmmm....
| 155726 [transfire gm] def prms(bind,*args)
+ 155688 [eric_mahurin] Coincidentally, I was just writing an RCR for this one.  It is

^ [ANN] Gambit 0.1.1
155673 [james graypr] Gambit 0.1.1 Released
155685 [matt.mower g] Really cool that you've released this James.
155686 [james graypr] Sorry about the wait.

^ IO like object
155674 [SimonKroeger] i have an IO like object (in this case win32 pipes, connected to a child
155692 [alex deletem] Nice job on finding a solution to unwanted command prompts with popen()
156133 [logancapaldo] Have you considered creating a subclass from IO and defining the
+ 156136 [eric_mahurin] A module defining all other methods based on just would also
+ 156147 [SimonKroeger] 'considered' is the right word. I just don't know which would be the

^ [ANN] SMC - State Machine Compiler v. 4.2.0 for Ruby
155679 [rapp acm.org] SMC - The State Machine Compiler v. 4.2.0

^ Re: Rio 0.3.4
155680 [itsme213 hot] What an absolutely lovely piece of work! Thank you!

^ rubyw.exe not working
155687 [hawkman.gelo] ...
+ 155698 [lyndon.samso] ...
+ 155701 [halostatue g] Make sure that none of what you're trying to do writes to $stdout or
+ 155716 [curt.hibbs g] ...
  155732 [hawkman.gelo] ...

^ Misunderstanding of instance variables
155693 [matthew.moss] I'm learning Rails, and trying to setup image upload in a form. As part
+ 155699 [matthew.moss] I think I understand...  self.content_type is an accessor, I'm
+ 155700 [twifkak comc] self.content_type = blahblahblah is an invocation of an instance method
  155733 [hal9000 hype] Chances are, it does some extra housekeeping in addition to merely

^ new RCRs
155705 [eric_mahurin] 318 easy way(s) to make a duck
155709 [halostatue g] I'm strongly opposed to this one. David Black has nicely summarised
155713 [eric_mahurin] I think it would be best to post these comments with the RCRs
155753 [halostatue g] Done. However, note that the RCR site itself encourages discussion in
155762 [eric_mahurin] And all of these have been discussed on ruby-talk - most with a

^ [Q] how to well-qualify the 2-inherited methods at their collision point
155708 [tshiget1 gw.] dear guys,
+ 155710 [dblack wobbl] I don't think you can.  However... does this help?
| 155722 [tshiget1 gw.] David, greetings. thank you for your code and adjustment to my
+ 155737 [ mfp acm.org] BaseClass.instance_method(:greeting).bind(self).call
  155739 [tshiget1 gw.] greetings, Mauricio. thank you for showing me inside-ruby mechanism.

^ Re: how to well-qualify the 2-inherited methods at their collision point
155712 [transfire gm] Perhaps you just wish to pass along the call, i.e.
+ 155725 [tshiget1 gw.] greetings, Trans. than kyou for your good guess.
+ 155773 [lukfugl gmai] I'm not sure about that conditional... wouldn't that call super (with
  155775 [malte.milatz] => "method"
  155776 [ruby-talk wh] While ago I dug around the internals to figure out this curious

^ RoR sessions
155723 [kenfettig bt] ...
155752 [balcersk wsi] I have no becouse I'am at work now and can not check it.
156188 [kenfettig bt] ...

^ Another Ruby/DL question
155728 [awertyui gma] I'm trying to set a wndProc to a block of ruby code because the
155774 [awertyui gma] I figured it out. You can't set it to a @instance variable for whatever

^ [ANN] gmailer 0.1.0
155731 [phasis bclin] ...
+ 155758 [daniel.schie] This little project of yours is growing fast! This is great!
+ 155764 [runlevel7 gm] I'm not up on the gmail spec. Can this be used to implement something
+ 157530 [james_b neur] I've found all sorts of neat uses for this code.  Thanks!

^ website screen scraping with Mechanize or Rubyful Soup
155735 [dan dankohn.] I'm trying to get some website screen scraping working, but I'm
+ 155736 [lyndon.samso] ...
+ 155760 [james_b neur] What are you actually trying to accomplish?
| 155767 [dan dankohn.] My ultimate goal is to create a series of screen scrapers that are able
| + 155840 [lyndon.samso] ...
| + 155880 [dave.burt gm] If you can use a Windows box, Watir might be the best-fit.
|   155891 [dan dankohn.] Looks cool, thanks.  I'm developing on a Windows machine, but plan to
+ 155768 [blaumag gmai] print "My wife is ", md[1]
  155778 [dan dankohn.] Thanks, Michel.
  155779 [blaumag gmai] You're welcome!

^ XMPP4R 0.1 released
155738 [lucas lucas-] I'm very pleased to announce the first release of XMPP4R : XMPP4R 0.1.
155765 [chneukirchen] How does it compare to Jabber4r (http://jabber4r.rubyforge.org/)?
155770 [lucas lucas-] "Jabber4R (projet homepage at Rubyforge) : Not maintained anymore.

^ Problem with sockets
155741 [pierre.barbi] I was trying to code a scriptable MUD client (following the RubyQuiz
155743 [bob.news gmx] The first changes I'd do are to use the block form of File.open, use
155757 [pierre.barbi] Well, thanks a lot, I found the error :) And, of course it was not were

^ script hangs while opening a file from /proc in a thread
155744 [ mig 1984.cz] I have a problem with opening a file under /proc in a thread.
155745 [akr m17n.org] Upgrade the Linux kernel to 2.6.13.

^ detaching required scripts
155747 [ mig 1984.cz] I was trying to remove required script (plugin) from memory via
+ 155748 [lyndon.samso] ...
+ 155750 [bob.news gmx] ["socket.so"]
+ 155780 [vjoel path.b] Check out my "script" lib on RAA.

^ Stupid Newb Question
155751 [doc doconnel] ...
155754 [bob.news gmx] You can define constants per class, you can use an existing enum
+ 155755 [doc doconnel] ...
+ 156657 [jlsysinc all] I love :symblos

^ Ruby Weekly News 5th - 11th September 2005
155759 [timsuth ihug] Ruby Weekly News 5th - 11th September 2005
155814 [christophe.g] Wow! Seeing my name associated to one of the websites I follow most is

^ Re: The Early Demise of Myriad (Thanks To Ruby Threads)
155771 [rmt512 gmail] As i mentioned I tweaked my chat to use myriad, and it's going a lot

^ [QUIZ] NDiff (#46)
155782 [jim freeze.o] Uhm, where are the solutions?
155785 [james graypr] Only if my email is broken too.  Haven't had time to fiddle with it
155907 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Sigh, maybe it's just my lame quiz writing skills...
155917 [ruby.brian g] I really want to do this quiz as it looks quite interesting, but I'm