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^ Need help finding decent IDE/development environment for Windows
155181 [paulcdix gma] I've just started playing around with ruby on rails and by association,
+ 155184 [devurandom g] charset="iso-8859-1"
| 155191 [merkoth gmai] RDE (GPL, coded in ruby)
+ 155193 [greg.kujawa ] Have you checked out Eclipse with the Ruby plug in? See
| 155198 [greg.kujawa ] I think I might have answered my own question I had yesterday to c.l.r
+ 155197 [rob.02004 gm] - good syntax highlighting (yes)
| 155349 [florgro gmai] Let me second this. I've been fairly happy with jEdit and two consoles
+ 155201 [joevandyk gm] vim does all that, except for debugging.  I've never had to really
| 155203 [zultan.durin] How do you do code completion with vim? I'd love that feature.=20
| + 155228 [flori nixe.p] Florian Frank
| + 155261 [reid.thompso] Me too ---
+ 155204 [bearitall ra] I'm entirely a UNIX/Linux man so I may be a touch biased. But I have done
| + 155206 [greg.kujawa ] simply will get in your way.
| + 155279 [dougkearns g] You both might like to have a look at the compiler plugin which will run
|   155311 [joevandyk gm] I actually looked into that for the first time yesterday.
+ 155218 [fghfghfh hom] I agree. I have tried to "sell" ruby at work, and all the Java
| 155220 [joevandyk gm] You could ask them why they need all that IDE stuff for developing in Ruby.
| 155221 [fghfghfh hom] Because they develop complex applications with many Classes, thousands
| + 155222 [joevandyk gm] I do all the above (except debugging and Java) with just vim.
| + 155225 [ef alum.mit.] uby.
|   155264 [fghfghfh hom] I agree. Although Ruby has potential, it still appears to be a language
|   + 155280 [james graypr] I've been watching this list for over a year now and I don't remotely
|   | + 155282 [jqshenker gm] I have to say, I agree that part of what makes Ruby special is that itdoesn't need an IDE to be efficient (*cough* *cough*, Java!). Ipersonally use JEdit for my Ruby work (well, learning it at least),and while I'd love something with more autocomplete abilities andbetter syntax checking, that's it. Btw, that's neat about NOAA usingRuby!
|   | | 155346 [rob.02004 gm] Jacob are you using the jEdit Ruby Editor Plugin?
|   | | 155410 [jqshenker gm] Yes, I do use your plugin.I like the syntax highlighting, and know that good autocomplete inRuby is basically impossible just because of how lots of things happenrun-time in Ruby, but occasionally it gives me syntax errors on Rails'(actually salted_login's) generated code, that runs fine. Rare though.Overall, it is by far the best solution until Macromates get their acttogether to port TextMate to Linux or Windows! ;-) Of course, I can'twait for any improvements you come up with!
|   | + 155290 [jussij zeuse] Most wise words indeed.
|   | | + 155291 [botp delmont] #Lots of programmers like to leave the task of project management
|   | | | 155315 [Tim.Ferrell ] Glade might be what you are looking for... it seems to work well on
|   | | | + 155317 [Tim.Ferrell ] oops ... copy and paste munged the last "end" ... it should be on a line
|   | | | + 155338 [joevandyk gm] This is getting way off topic, but I've found that Glade might be
|   | | + 155292 [andrew.stuar] I worked on a project once where an IDE was appointed as Project Manager - I
|   | | + 155361 [rhkramer gma] I believe it's my job to get as much done as I can--the more I can leave (or
|   | + 155335 [damphyr free] snip
|   + 155296 [ef alum.mit.] =20
|   | + 155345 [rob.02004 gm] The jEdit Ruby Editor Plugin has code completion for the core types based=
|   | + 155707 [jussij zeuse] The Zeus for Windows programmer's editor has a generic form
|   + 155354 [blargity gma] I disagree.  I'm currently writing a complete Magazine Subscription
|   + 155443 [snowzone5 ho] i'm not sure i'd put pascal in the 'backwater' category. maybe 'not
|     155448 [halostatue g] When I was doing some Delphi work 18 months ago, I did 90% of my
|     + 155646 [snowzone5 ho] i tried that with both delphi and c++builder and it was just too
|     + 155648 [martindemell] Same here, in both cases.
+ 155253 [chrisgame ex] What's wrong with this FreeRIDE thing that seems to come along with
| + 155254 [josh.charles] I've found FreeRIDE to be painfully slow - at least on windows.  I've
| + 155262 [mvondung gma] It's slow and unstable, at least on a WinXP platform. The lack of a mature,
+ 155267 [jussij zeuse] You might want to take a look at the Zeus for Windows programmer's

^ How to view the rdocs for gems?
155183 [ljz asfast.c] What is the  recommended method to view the rdocs for gems that
155188 [halostatue g] gem_server
+ 155194 [kennethkunz ] Actually, the default port for gem_server is 8808 (3000 is the default
+ 155196 [ljz asfast.c] Thanks.  That works fine, and it's quite helpful.

^ weird keyword parameters in rails
155186 [robbie.carlt] I'm halfway through the pickaxe book, past all of the stuff on syntax,
+ 155187 [robbie.carlt] just wanted to add, can't google it as google doesn't seem to search on
+ 155189 [halostatue g] It's a hash with a Symbol as a parameter.
+ 155192 [rmagick gmai] Check out p. 361 in the Pickaxe 2nd Ed. In a method call, the initial
  155202 [robbie.carlt] thanks guys.

^ open-uri and rendering html
155199 [anthony.eliz] I recall seeing some instructions for pulling down a web page and
155244 [rasputnik gm] No, open-uri just loads the webpage as a IO object. You'd need to parse

^ Interop problem after update from 1.5.3 to 1.5.4
155200 [Roland.Schmi] a call to a webservice fails after updating from 1.5.3 (Ruby 1.8.2) to

^ unsubscribe
155214 [smgilbert gm] unsubscribe
155219 [joevandyk gm] I've unsubscribed you from the group.  Thank you for participating in ruby-talk!
155260 [matz ruby-la] Do you mind if I ask who you are, Joe?  _I_ have unsubscribed the
155268 [halostatue g] I suspect that Joe was just having a hard day and decided to be funny.
155269 [matz ruby-la] That's fine, if it was.  I was just confused.

^ weird result when updating an array element
155230 [nowen i-55.c] Given the code below, only one element in @ver should be changed,
+ 155233 [SimonKroeger] ...it is created with size copies of obj (that is, size references to
| 155237 [nowen i-55.c] Ah, I see now.  Thanks!
+ 155234 [bob.news gmx] You are creating a two element array where the same hash is referenced for

^ Ruby Conference Hotel
155236 [matt technor] ACK!  The hotel is sold out.  Any suggestions?
+ 155241 [dblack wobbl] I've been waiting to hear from my contact at the hotel on this (we've
+ 155242 [james graypr] It was out of handicap accessible rooms long before this too.  I
+ 155243 [chriscodes g] Tijuana's not far. :)
+ 155401 [drjflam gmai] I just registered over at the Town & Country which is the OOSPLA hotel.=20
  155772 [linguist gma] I've also booked a room at Town & Country. I rented a car as well, so if=20

^ Re: compiling posgres gem fails on osx
155238 [logancapaldo] I recently ran into this problem myself. This page: http://

^ FileTest.directory?( x ) weird behavior
155239 [josh.charles] I have a bit of code I'm working on where I need to seperate the
155249 [bob.news gmx] def GetFolders
+ 155250 [dave burt.id] The reason for the behaviour you're getting is that those filenames don't
+ 155251 [josh.charles] Excellent.  Thanks for the help.  I should have known better...

^ [ANN] acgi-0.0.0
155240 [Ara.T.Howard] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 155246 [Ara.T.Howard] oops - forgot to mention this depends on having posixlock installed - the
+ 155453 [tamc2 cam.ac] Thank you for this Ara,
| 155460 [Ara.T.Howard] great!
+ 155615 [k.wong lapos] Being in the process of evaluating alternatives and possible replacements

^ RubyGems Statistics
155245 [james graypr] I'm giving a Ruby introduction speech at the local university this
+ 155247 [jim.menard g] number of downloads for each.
| + 155248 [Daniel.Berge] Except that there's something wrong with it.  Scroll down to the bottom.
| | 155255 [djberg96 gma] NM - fixed.
| + 155252 [james graypr] That helps.  Thank you.
+ 155256 [jim weirichh] There is also a sidebar on http://onestepback.org/ that monitors the 20

^ soap4r and ASP.NET problems
155271 [pete petta-t] I'm having some difficulty getting Ruby to be able to successfully talk
+ 155277 [ben.myles gm] I had some problems with soap4r and asp.net too. Try the latest
| 155362 [pete petta-t] Thanks for your responses!  Unfortunately, the 'n1:' still appears and
| 155423 [Roland.Schmi] sorry, you are right. I've tested a ASP.NET service with both soap4r
| 155472 [pete petta-t] Thanks!  Downgrading soap4r seems to have fixed the problem, and I'm happily
| 155756 [Roland.Schmi] Or look at http://groups.google.com/group/soap4r/. NaHi has build a new
+ 155306 [Roland.Schmi] i had problems with the namespace declarations too when using soap4r

^ sharing memory in ruby
155272 [Ara.T.Howard] since you seem to be online matz ;-)
155273 [matz ruby-la] I don't thing you need to share memory within same processes.  Just
155276 [Ara.T.Howard] attm.  i'm writing some code to process images for katrina, check out
155289 [masa ir.isas] This is not what I have intended.
+ 155302 [matz ruby-la] Perhaps.  If you have any requirement/proposal/suggestion for that
+ 155332 [Ara.T.Howard] hmmm.  i did not understand that.  i'll make the mod and report back...
+ 155336 [Ara.T.Howard] # the narray lib below is patched with your suggested mod

^ myriad/event comment (was RE: [ANN] Rio 0.3.4)
155274 [botp delmont] #I'll keep that in mind next time I announce software.
155313 [rmt512 gmail] I second this sentiment,  I saw the announcement of myriad/ruby_event
+ 155319 [khaines enig] A general question -- what do you mean when you say that it doesn't let it
| 155331 [rmt512 gmail] to be honest I don't know exactly what it was doing, getting my head
+ 155344 [zedshaw zeds] That's really cool.  The OneRoomChat was mostly an example of how vrec
  155355 [rmt512 gmail] Right on :)

^ [ANN] gmailer 0.0.9
155275 [phasis bclin] GMailer 0.0.9 Released

^ Rake vs NAnt - a real-life example
155295 [alex verk.in] Is it a good idea to replace some or all of your [N]Ant build with Rake?

^ WIN32OLE doesn't seem to support UTF-8.
155298 [bret pettich] Has anyone been able to use WIN32OLE with international characters?
+ 155304 [nobu.nokada ] There is WIN32OLE.codepage attribute in CVS, so it will be
+ 155353 [bret pettich] Nobu,

^ Boston.rb Goes Live!
155300 [clambert gma] I've been talking with several people over the past few weeks about

^ The Laziest Variable in the Whooole World
155303 [nugend gmail] Something got to niggling me in the back of my mind last week during a
+ 155333 [derek derekw] It's an interesting idea but it may be considered a slight
+ 155351 [nugend gmail] Whoops, you're right, should have used ! defined? as the conditional
  155357 [nugend gmail] How about using Thread.pass to avoid sitting in the loop while your

^ Problem with popen on windows
155308 [simon.kroege] i'm using ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32] on win2000.
+ 155309 [bob.news gmx] point to another binary that won't open a window before executing the new
| 155310 [simon.kroege] Hmm, this has no effect on the backqoutes thingie. It has an effect on
| 155339 [alex deletem] I too would dearly love to find a solution to this. I have seen this
+ 155340 [stevetuckner] Below was my attempt to say, here is how you should fix this issue. And
  + 155390 [caldridge gm] I second this and have battled it numerous times. Finally, I've just given=
  | 155395 [caldridge gm] I just found a fix that works for me..  I hope this helps someone else out...
  | 155584 [SimonKroeger] Hmm, this might be a workaround but not realy a fix. At least not for my
  | 155598 [caldridge gm] Simon, this worked on my machine also --excellent!
  | 155684 [SimonKroeger] io = popen('ver')
  | 155729 [caldridge gm] This works like a champ. Thank you again --Fantastic!
  + 155494 [SimonKroeger] Note   The _popen function returns an invalid file handle, if used in a
    155583 [SimonKroeger] I did.

^ [SUMMARY] MUD Client (#45)
155312 [james graypr] Obviously, the first challenge in writing a MUD client is to read messages from

^ [ANN] KirbyBase 2.3 beta 1
155314 [cribbsj oakw] I would like to announce the first beta of version 2.3 of KirbyBase, a
+ 155320 [jim.menard g] Jamey,
| 155328 [cribbsj oakw] Yes.  I had a bad experience with a very early version of RubyGem and
+ 155419 [george.mosch] This looks interesting, I 'll download right now!
  155422 [tomcloyd bes] Greetings! I want to declare myself a complete ruby-nuby, and this is my
  155475 [cribbsj oakw] Where did KirbyBase come from?

^ Re: Rio 0.3.4
155316 [eugenol gmai] So is it for me. I would never gem install it at once if this brillant
155405 [rio4ruby rub] irb(main):001:0> require 'rubygems'
+ 155432 [ljz asfast.c] Thanks for looking into this.  I'll keep testing and see if I can
| 155438 [wybo servaly] I, too, have the problem and had ruby-1.9 before.
+ 155690 [morris wolfm] I also see a similar problem with 0.3.4 but I installed it the old
  155788 [langstefan g] The "pathname" library comes with Ruby. Perhaps rio was tested
  155807 [morris wolfm] Yep that was it, good catch!!
  155877 [rio4ruby rub] Cygwin, actually, which has the same behaviour regarding the

^ Banging head against the wall..
155318 [gandalfmeist] Quick question: I just need another set of eyes on this as I cannot see
+ 155323 [bob.news gmx] Maybe it's not in the SQL put in the process.  Do you have any cursors or
| 155330 [gandalfmeist] GOT IT!.. It was the error message which was confusing me. What Oracle
| 155341 [bob.news gmx] Great!  Error messages can be a nuisance sometimes.
+ 155324 [rasputnik gm] I'd try single quotes - maybe you've getting some sort of variable

^ Ruby RFID?
155322 [greg.kujawa ] I stumbled across http://blogs.bl0rg.net/netzstaub/archives/000539.html

^ [RubyConf] ATTN: people who have preregistered but not registered
155325 [dblack wobbl] Sorry to use ruby-talk for this but I'm eager to put out the word, so

^ general performance question
155327 [brian le-roy] I'm running top and when I run my app - I see the user CPU utilitization
155342 [bob.news gmx] Hm, might be that the rest of the 70% are spent in the kernel (doing IO
155347 [brian le-roy] I am doing some database queries using the MySQL-Ruby library, not DBI.
155368 [bellarchitec] Well, that's it.
155380 [brian le-roy] no, but the table has 140K records.  the disk isn't crunching, so the
+ 155391 [reid.thompso] It may may no difference, but you could try the same with postgresql, or
| 155421 [bob.news gmx] Before he does that I'd try a different query frontend to see whether
| 155436 [brian le-roy] Actually guys, I took out the queries - except for one that is run once.
| 155439 [bob.news gmx] Note also that there is ruby -r profile.  That way you don't have to
| 155456 [brian le-roy] Thanks Robert!
| + 155458 [joevandyk gm] That's odd that it would take so long with only 20 records in the
| + 155459 [bob.news gmx] Unlikely, as the data has to be fetched over the network (even if it's
| | 155473 [brian le-roy] I compiled the C bindings.  I'll try building arrays and pass those.
| + 155485 [bellarchitec] I don't think it's about the number in the query set. I think it's
+ 155426 [bellarchitec] when you have 140K records indexing all fields you are testing is

^ Re: KirbyBase 2.3 beta 1
155329 [meruby gmail] Jamey,

^ dtrace + ruby = super profiling?
155334 [joevandyk gm] This looks really sweet.  You could combine it with Ruby's profiler
155399 [wilsonb gmai] That is totally awesome; full-stack profiling, all the way from your

^ RMagick Thumbnailing Question
155350 [ray needmore] Ray, I live in Portland, I'm a fresh (circa 2005) Ruby convert, and I
+ 155352 [joevandyk gm] Check out the flags at the bottom.  In particular, the '!' flag.
+ 155363 [rmagick gmai] Sounds to me like you need a 2-step method, assuming the original

^ KirbyBase
155364 [rubyhacker g] I'm posting from work, but will try to follow up in more
155392 [mrcode netro] [interesting anecdote snipped]
155497 [rubyhacker g] Well, I didn't get to make this post last night.  :-/  Things such as
155511 [jcribbs twmi] Sometimes it means we are like the "Odd Couple".  Hey, which one of us
155515 [hal9000 hype] I'm Felix. :) No question about it.
155766 [cribbsj oakw] I think the light bulb came on over my head.  :-)
155795 [rubyhacker g] That's very interesting, because I was assuming total symmetry
+ 155800 [logancapaldo] This is kind of off on a tangent, but has anyone ever considered
| 155809 [rubyhacker g] It sounds interesting to me. Ask Jamey.
| 155826 [logancapaldo] 1. Maybe, maybe not. I get the feeling that it could probably be
| 155841 [hal9000 hype] Perhaps... in fact, that might even be the key to my happiness.
| + 155856 [jcribbs twmi] Hmmm, I don't know.  I know that my tendency is to continue to think in
| | 155916 [rhkramer gma] Maybe not, but you are not the only one that works that way (at least
| + 155858 [james graypr] I'm just watching this thread with interest and I've never even
+ 155801 [cribbsj oakw] <Jamey dons Database Guy hat>
| + 155810 [rubyhacker g] Yep, there's our disconnect. My "real job" requires me to use SQL,
| | + 155816 [jim.menard g] I've been following this thread with great interest. I just don't have
| | | 155824 [blaumag gmai] Me too.
| | + 155819 [ezra yakima-] Guys-
| | + 155849 [jcribbs twmi] You know, beehive hairdos are greatly under-rated.  Remember how many
| |   155857 [james_b neur] Plus now I have "Rock Lobster" running through my head.
| |   155860 [hal9000 hype] Thank you. Now so do I.
| + 155818 [rhkramer gma] There are (some) other people paying (some) attention.
|   + 155833 [rubyhacker g] Traditional relational databases can't return objects, which is
|   | + 155836 [blargity gma] class moo
|   | | 155861 [hal9000 hype] I had to spend an hour or so thinking about this (read: napping) but now I
|   | | + 155873 [ezra yakima-] What if you were to store an array of keys in the
|   | | | + 155888 [blargity gma] In relational database design you DO store a seperate key for each. :-)  The
|   | | | | 155968 [rubyhacker g] OK, I guess I was thinking that for a one-to-many you would do a lookup
|   | | | + 155976 [rubyhacker g] [snippage]
|   | | |   155986 [cribbsj oakw] I thought about this, too, when I started thinking about how to
|   | | |   156005 [logancapaldo] The more I read this thread the more the temptation to try my hand at
|   | | + 155911 [rhkramer gma] * (aside) the attribution above is a little misleading (not if you read it
|   | |   + 155938 [cribbsj oakw] Randy, that is an excellent question.  :-)
|   | |   | 155951 [rhkramer gma] You're welcome!
|   | |   | 155972 [rubyhacker g] I'm not familiar enough with those, but I'd be happy to know that what
|   | |   + 155981 [rubyhacker g] Oops, sometimes I am snip-impaired.
|   | + 155854 [jcribbs twmi] I'm getting you.  :-)
|   | + 155870 [probertm acm] <Putting my Db hat on>
|   |   155876 [hal9000 hype] [snip excellent db discourse]
|   + 155851 [jcribbs twmi] Nope.  That's pretty much how it works in KirbyBase.
+ 155827 [khaines enig] I have been saving the mails and skimming them, hoping to come back and read