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^ Particle Swarm Optimizer in Ruby?
154995 [ptkwt aracne] Does anyone have a Particle Swarm Optimization package written in Ruby?
+ 155030 [lyndon.samso] I dont think you'll get too many false positives searching for that on=20
+ 155031 [horndude77 g] you like. (I'll probably have to go back through it to make sure
  155081 [ptkwt aracne] I've started coding it.  Just thought I'd ask first to see if anyone had
  155145 [horndude77 g] Yeah, the hard part of PSO and genetic algorithms is coming up with a

^ Change Binding of a Proc
154997 [transfire gm] Is there any way to change the binding of a proc? I'm defining a proc
+ 155001 [florgro gmai] I wonder why you have to call a proc on an instance when it isn't used
| 155006 [transfire gm] I'm writing a little parser and one defines a "state-machine" for the
+ 155002 [pit capitain] instance_eval ?
  155007 [transfire gm] Now that seemed like a really smart solution --but when I try it I get
  + 155008 [transfire gm] er...
  | 155009 [dblack wobbl] That's because your lambda is a closure.  It respects the binding of
  | 155056 [transfire gm] Yes, I recall this now. It's usefule with continuations. But it stills
  + 155016 [pit capitain] I meant: machine.instance_eval( &s )
    155055 [transfire gm] Thanks, I'l play with it some more. Actually I realized what you meant
    155071 [pit capitain] Feel free to send me some more code samples, maybe even with unit tests
    155091 [transfire gm] Thanks Pit that's really nice of you. But I broke down and just turned

^ The penis is way too delicate for masturbation
154998 [dgr1400 hotm] ...
155012 [spam will.do] well.....................
155049 [daniel.cedil] How's about keeping this list for ruby. Posts like this should be posted

^ [Rails] Single Signon (via Kerberos) with Rails
155000 [brian.takita] Has anybody been successful in implementing Kerberos Authentication
155004 [zedshaw zeds] You should check out Yale's CAS if you want web SSO using kerberos but don't want to fuss with GSSAPI.

^ errors w/ webrick, gem & rails on new install
155013 [patrick patr] I just installed ruby 1.8.2, gem 0.8.11 and the latest gem of rails on

^ Rake 0.6.0 Released
155018 [jim weirichh] = Rake 0.6.0 Released
+ 155026 [vjoel path.b] $ gem update
| 155028 [jim weirichh] Sounds like a gem issue.  The Rake gem is signed, but RubyGems is pretty
| + 155029 [vjoel path.b] $ gem update --backtrace
| | 155048 [jim weirichh] Yeah, its the fact that the gem is signed and RubyGems is insisting on having
| + 155050 [schlu-do gmx] I got the same problem here on a Debian/MIPSel (a Buffalo LinkStation)
+ 155059 [fakeaddress ] they look the same?
| 155569 [langstefan g] Sorry for replying so late. Generally, it's possible to convert
| 155711 [yakumo9275 g] Thanks for the reply. I only asked as I currently use rant, and I
| 155798 [langstefan g] Please write a bug report! If I can reproduce the bug, I can fix
+ 155065 [chneukirchen] Wonderful, and thank you for developing it.
+ 156218 [han.holl gma] [ cut ]
  156229 [jim weirichh] Sorry ... it seems that the database was wedged ... It is up and running

^ Efficient Object Reconstruction?
155020 [halostatue g] I have a problem, and it's been bugging me for a while, so I thought
+ 155035 [bob.news gmx] I don't think so.  Since the whole graph is copied foo#35 is copied and
| 155075 [halostatue g] The attached program demonstrates this behaviour using Transaction::Simple.
| 155083 [pit capitain] This seems to be a problem with the implementation of Transaction::Simple.
| 155092 [halostatue g] Well, yes. This is part of the reason that I'm trying to figure out how
| 155163 [bob.news gmx] As I said, use another level of indirection and store references in a hash
+ 155093 [transfire gm] Maybe try storing the parent<->child relationships in an external table?
  155094 [halostatue g] (1) we're talking *hundreds* of objects,

^ [BUG] File::stat(any).ino => 0 [WAS] Re: Help me clean up this method
155021 [Ara.T.Howard] hmmm.  you are right.  this seems to be a bug in ruby - amazing that no-one

^ Re: File::stat(any).ino => 0 [WAS] Re: Help me clean up this method
155022 [djberg96 gma] Generally speaking, File.stat on Windows is not reliable.  Too many of
155053 [Ara.T.Howard] thanks daniel, some searching lead me to suspect this.  seems like a severe

^ [ANN] Ruby/Event 0.4.2 w/ Correct Scriptable Telnet
155024 [zedshaw zeds] == Introduction ==
+ 155427 [no spam.plea] Why do something that's already been done moderately thoroughly?
| 155429 [botp delmont] #What would people be interested in as the next protocol
+ 155451 [wilsonb gmai] My personal vote would be for 3270E, with contention resolution.  I'll

^ ZIP: Writing binary file fails
155032 [dmytro.babli] Ruby version 1.8.2 (windows XP)
+ 155041 [ts_news1 son] You are using backslashes in the zip-file, which you shouldn't do, but I
+ 155099 [ts_news1 son] Nothing. You found yet another bug in rubyzip - this time Windows
  155121 [dmytro.babli] Wow, it's really great and really quick fix!
  + 155161 [ts_news1 son] It's only okay if File::SEPARATOR is a forward slash. The zip spec says
  + 155232 [Tim.Ferrell ] I may be wrong, but I believe you can just use forward slashes and ruby
    155235 [chneukirchen] Even better:  File.join("bin", "eclipse.exe")

^ [Q] how to do insertion and smooth traversal simultaneously on array
155033 [tshiget1 gw.] greetings, guys.
155034 [bob.news gmx] The easiest is probably to use the index for iterating and adjust it on
155036 [simon.kroege] a = [ 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
155038 [bob.news gmx] You can slightly simplify this as
155039 [simon.kroege] a = [ 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
155696 [tshiget1 gw.] dear Kroeger, Robert, and William,

^ jap unicode?
155037 [Jan.Montano ] I'm using freeride for ruby and I'm having a problem in another workstation.

^ Re: how to do insertion and smooth traversal simultaneously on array
155040 [w_a_x_man ya] a = [ 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
155042 [simon.kroege] a = [ [81,"&"], 82, 83, [84,"@"], 85 ]

^ Poetry Jam 05: A Ruby Octet
155043 [twifkak comc] A sleepless night reading way too many blogposts (and a bit high off my
+ 155057 [transfire gm] Cute... but do they run?
| 155116 [twifkak comc] Err... well, that's a pretty easy thing to check...
| 155123 [transfire gm] Oh yes, that's right, I have nothing better to do then check your ruby
| 155125 [lukfugl gmai] Well, they don't have to be verified to produce a certain output...
| 155131 [twifkak comc] Actually, even easier. Since I was nice enough to include __END__ after
| 155135 [Ara.T.Howard] or, even easier if you use a mailer that has vim for it's editor:  select the
| 155139 [transfire gm] What mailer do you use?
| 155178 [Ara.T.Howard] pine and/or mutt.  both support alternate editors.
+ 155132 [ruby-talk wh] It's harrowing to type this into irb.  That the conditionals let slide

^ Newbie Mixed Bag
155045 [doconnel gma] Excuse this mixed bag but to me they all come under the heading "help me
+ 155047 [simon.kroege] Welcome,
+ 155052 [halostatue g] Yes, although I personally wouldn't do it on Win98. As I noted in a
  + 155062 [gavin refine] And no, many projects on RAA are Ruby-only, I think, requiring no
  + 155102 [meta pobox.c] ....though they might if you run Cygwin and do your Ruby development in
    + 155110 [halostatue g] As long as you don't mind foregoing nice things like Win32OLE, the
    | 155115 [threeve.org ] Win32OLE works in the Cygwin version of Ruby, at least for what I've
    + 155111 [halostatue g] I don't hate Cygwin.

^ [RubyConf] Registration is CLOSING SOON for RubyConf 2005!
155058 [dblack wobbl] Registration for RubyConf 2005 is CLOSING soon.

^ Active Record Postgresql handling of Dates
155060 [ded-google d] I am trying to convert one db to Active Record based objects, so I read
+ 155063 [kennethkunz ] Cheers,
+ 155122 [naseby gmail] It constructs a DBI::Date object, not a Date object. Active Record has
  155144 [ded-google d] Thanks, David.  That gives me something to chew on.

^ Sorted arrays
155064 [ruby danb64.] I'm a relative newcomer to Ruby.  Most of my experience is in Delphi.  And in Delphi one of the most commonly-used classes is TStringList, which is sort of analogous to ruby's Array (Delphi also has dynamic arrays and static arrays).  TStringList has a property called Sorted, which if set to True makes it possible to insert strings into the list and have it maintain them as a sorted list (without having to re-sort it each time).  Then you can use the IndexOf method (or the Find method) to do a binary search on the list, so you can quickly find the element you're looking for.  My question is whether Ruby has anything like this.  It seems like one could create a descendant of Array that does this.
+ 155067 [bob.news gmx] This comes up once in a while.  I think there is an implementation of a
| + 155073 [Ara.T.Howard] it'd be great if it were part of the stdlib imho...
| | 155263 [martindemell] martin
| | 155270 [Ara.T.Howard] thanks!  i'll vote - just as soon as i can remember my password... ;-)
| + 155098 [ruby danb64.] Thanks for the help.  I switched it to use a Hash, and that performed MUCH better.  The data is not coming from any SQL server--it is just a flat file.  The Ruby script processes it into a format so that it can be BCP'd into MS SQL Server.  And when the table that it gets BCP'd into has a unique constraint on the MD5 hash field--hence the need for me to eliminate the duplicate values beforehand.  Granted, I could have changed the process of importing the data so that this unique constraint was not necessary, but it seemed better to me to eliminate the duplicates using Ruby in this case.
|   155164 [bob.news gmx] If you're on MS SQL Server there's another option: you can use an index
|   155182 [ruby danb64.] Yes, but that would sort of defeat the purpose.  The point is, I don't WANT the duplicates.  Otherwise I could simply do away with the unique constraint altogether and then just write something in T-SQL to remove any duplicates after the data is BCP'd in.  But, since I'm creating this .DAT file for BCP which is going to be BCP'd into quite a few SQL databases, it is much better for me to just eliminate the duplicates from the .DAT file.
|   155185 [bob.news gmx] You don't with option IGNORE_DUP_KEY (see the page I referenced): with
|   155227 [ruby danb64.] Ah, OK.  I'm finally getting this through my thick skull.  :-)  That sounds pretty cool, I wasn't aware you could do that (have it just skip the duplicates).  But, hey, I've already coded it in Ruby using a hash, which seems to work fairly well.  And this isn't the kind of thing that I'll be running every day--maybe once a month, if that.  So the Ruby solution works just fine for me.  It's a little slower than it was before, but not a lot.  Believe me, it was *really* bad the way I was doing it using an unsorted array.
+ 155069 [huber.philip] should your list be sorted in the end? if not, you could simply use
+ 155072 [hgs dmu.ac.u] If you wish to remove duplicate items, read about uniq ...
  155074 [Ara.T.Howard] what did you end up doing?  i forgot you were working with csv data - did you
  + 155076 [pit capitain] Interesting. What types of keys and values did you use?
  | 155087 [Ara.T.Howard] strings => lists of strings
  + 155078 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I found that the real time-killer was the CSV library itself.  This
    155089 [Ara.T.Howard] this is exactly the approach i always use with csv: i split the first line,
    155113 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Oh, that's rather neat.

^ Status of AGG bindings? (a graphics library)
155066 [erik terpnet] Does anybody know what the status of this is?
155070 [druid.bpg gm] it pretty slow for now :(

^ [ANN] acts_as_taggable v4 - Tag Counting Anyone?
155068 [demetriusnun] There already a new version of the acts_as_taggable mixin available

^ [ANN] Ruby Debugging Article at IBM Developerworks
155077 [pat.eyler gm] The next article is up.   (www.bugmenot.com if you don't want to register)
+ 155097 [florgro gmai] Hm, no mention at all of ruby-breakpoint? See
+ 155101 [meta pobox.c] Something I always want to do is trigger the debugger from the program code.
  155103 [levin.alexan] $ gem install ruby-breakpoint

^ ruby style blocks in java
155079 [martin.anker] Is there a nice way to implement Ruby-style blocks in Java? I have to
+ 155080 [bob.news gmx] That's probably as close as it can get.  If you want methods from Enumerable
+ 155082 [kennethkunz ] The best way to approximate this in Java is with anonymous inner
+ 155104 [bellarchitec] Those code blocks are really nice :-)
| 155107 [pedroarnal g] Very nice indeed... 8-)
+ 155134 [greg notmyre] From my experience attempting exactly the same, that's as close as I could
  155172 [timsuth ihug] If you use the Apache Commons libraries then blocks abound. All sorts of

^ Qt, Ruby, and Windows
155084 [greg.kujawa ] Just checking to see if anyone knows the progress of Ruby's Qt bindings
155307 [Richard_Dale] Caleb Tennis and myself have been working on the QtRuby Qt4 port; it is
155326 [greg.kujawa ] Sounds great. I am looking forward to this for sure. On Windows the

^ Install failure on Mac OS X v10.4.2
155085 [dhinz eng.mc] Upgraded to Mac OS X v10.4.2 and Xtools v2.0 over the weekend.
155086 [threeve.org ] 1a/  Install GNU Readline
155090 [threeve.org ] Sorry, meant to provide detail on this.  Basically make a symlink from
155096 [dhinz eng.mc] Looks like the virgin /usr/lib is the other way around.

^ rails and oracle sequences
155100 [crdiaz324 gm] I'm trying to build an application on rails using an oracle 9i database on=
+ 155108 [schoenm eart] To apply the patch, you'll need to be running on edge rails, meaning
+ 155109 [wilsonb gmai] I'm using that process (fresh checkout of Rails into the /vendor/

^ Re: Standalone application...
155105 [fkc_email-ne] I wanna give Erik a plug.  I've been succesfully using the bottom 2
155210 [damphyr free] What's the comparison between exrb and rubyscript2exe (on Windows, don't
156705 [google erikv] Late response, have been on holiday...

^ attn: wernher - extremely cool postings -  ay - (1/1)
155114 [amilcar rous] Images, video, mp3 music, the real news from around the world... it's all inside waiting for you.

^ [ANN] Simple RSS for Ruby
155117 [lucas rufy.c] Simple RSS is a simple, flexible, extensible, and liberal RSS and Atom

^ Re: Ruby Debugging Article at IBM Developerworks
155118 [vikkous gmai] defined? DEBUGGER__ and Process.kill("INT",0)

^ Re: Simple RSS for Ruby
155119 [lucas rufy.c] gem install simple-rss
155223 [meta pobox.c] # gem install simple-rss
155226 [halostatue g] These are just a single RDoc bug, nothing to be worried about.

^ [ANN] Units for Ruby
155120 [lucas rufy.c] gem install units
+ 155124 [guslist free] Looking good.
+ 155133 [jason.sweat ] # gem install units
+ 155166 [dave burt.id] I have a feature request. I want to be able to use this through an HTTP
+ 155173 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Attempting local installation of 'units'
| 155175 [gavin refine] FWIW, I'm running 1.8.2 also on Mac OS 10.4.2, also compiled from
+ 155195 [george.mosch] Very nice,

^ Re: Units for Ruby
155126 [lucas rufy.c] Good catch Guillaume, I have updated Units to 1.0.1 to address this
155148 [lucas rufy.c] They are warnings and nothing to worry about. The reason they came
+ 155149 [dave.burt gm] "some string with #{interpolation}".intern
+ 155154 [dave.burt gm] Oh, that's only  RDoc whingeing. I'm glad. I'm sure I have some :""s in
  155211 [lucas rufy.c] About using SOAP with an HTTP proxy, see
  155259 [dave.burt gm] Thanks, Lucas, but I've looked there, and haven't been able to leverage
  156742 [ssmoot gmail] The xmethods.net method seems to provide realtime data. Which is cool,

^ [ANN] Rio 0.3.4
155127 [rio4ruby rub] New and Improved -- Rio 0.3.4
+ 155136 [james_b neur] This looks super sweet.  My teeth hurt!
| + 155140 [botp delmont] #New and Improved -- Rio 0.3.4
| + 155150 [zedshaw zeds] Do people seriously like all these examples in the announcement?  I really think this kind of information belongs on a web page showing you how to use it.
|   + 155151 [aredridel nb] Examples in the email. Entice me.
|   | + 155157 [surrender_it] +1
|   | | 155278 [bogus bogus.] Count me in, so long as it is simple and succinct, as with rio examples.
|   | + 155179 [zedshaw zeds] I'll keep that in mind next time I announce software.
|   + 155152 [james_b neur] I'm usually stunned that such examples exist at all.  After that, I
|   + 155174 [gavin refine] Yes, I love documentation by example, and showing what a class/module/
+ 155286 [corey.ssf.la] Will a modification of IRB with RIO, and a few other things, possibly resul=
| 155294 [jqshenker gm] I've been thinking exactly the same thing! (of course, it wouldn'ttake much to whoop Monad, but...) I'd be awesome! Script portabilitywould be a huge plus... Of couse, the first thing I envision would bereplacing  rio("myfile")with  "myfile"otherwise for general shell use (copying files and so on) it would bea pain to use.
+ 155337 [ljz asfast.c] This looks great!

^ Resuable snip to put at the top of my tests
155130 [transfire gm] f=['..','lib']
155138 [james graypr] Well, I doubt you wanted this answer, but isn't this a lot cleaner?

^ RDoc problem
155137 [transfire gm] each (Hash)

^ SSL and gems -- was Re: Rake 0.6.0 Released
155141 [vjoel path.b] That's it. My openssl.so was not installed correctly. It built ok in
155143 [jim weirichh] Thanks for the feedback.  RubyGems assumes that if you can successfully
155229 [chriscodes g] To clarify for the slow and/or nubys who might get this error when
155257 [vjoel path.b] If you're not using packages and are building ruby from source, you can do
155258 [jim weirichh] The patch in RubyGems CVS will address this exact problem.  We still need

^ Class constant methods
155146 [bret pettich] In several cases, i find myself wanting to create constants for a set of
+ 155158 [vjoel path.b] IIUC, this situation calls for constants with dynamic scoping, e.g.
| + 155190 [Ara.T.Howard] require 'traits'
| + 155288 [bret pettich] Thanks, this was what i was looking for.
+ 155167 [bob.news gmx] You might want to register sub classes with inherited like in

^ Harp?
155147 [curtis.edmon] Just wanted to ask a real quick basic noob question, in some posts I
155153 [dougkearns g] That it is simply part of Ara's shell prompt. ;-)
155155 [jeremy hineg] But the real question is; are his other hostnames in the vein of
155176 [Ara.T.Howard] yes.  they're all beers ;-)

^ memoize
155156 [horndude77 g] Is there any good memoize library out there? A quick look for one
+ 155159 [nobu.nokada ] module Kernel
| 155493 [Daniel.Berge] def fib(n)
| 155495 [Daniel.Berge] Whoops.  Should have been memoize(:fib).  Nevermind.
+ 155170 [transfire gm] $MEMOIZE_CACHE = Hash.new
+ 155265 [florgro gmai] I've written one up as a sample for Python decorator like stuff in Ruby.
  155266 [florgro gmai] Hah, here it is then.

^ Re: Particle Swarm Optimizer in Ruby?(and framework philosophy)
155160 [ptkwt aracne] Yes, this is essentially what I'm doing.

^ very noobish eruby question
155162 [hawkman.gelo] i'd say i have some decent knowledge of the ruby language, but i'm=20

^ ri issues
155165 [icedank gmx.] Can anybody explain me why ri can't properly display classes for Modules and

^ Rails mailing list
155168 [henning nosp] Does anybody know what has happened to the Rails
155169 [henning nosp] Sorry, my bad. One of our employees had attempted to do something smart

^ Ruby Weekly News 29th August - 4th September 2005
155171 [timsuth ihug] Ruby Weekly News 29th August - 4th September 2005
155177 [ruby.brian g] original announcement due to sleep deprivation, but it is a fibonaccy

^ Embedding Ruby into C
155180 [devurandom g] charset="utf-8"
155217 [devurandom g] charset="utf-8"
155428 [bearitall ra] The example below is from sourceforge, but before we get that far I'll
+ 155433 [devurandom g] charset="iso-8859-1"
| 155482 [billk cts.co] I haven't compiled the following - just cobbled it together
| 155544 [devurandom g] charset="iso-8859-1"
+ 155437 [just-for-new] Why? Both things are viable uses. one time you want to make C stuff