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^ Installing a ruby application on a linux system
154822 [mail miketec] I have a question about installation ruby applications on a linux system.
154852 [vjoel path.b] The standard install.rb (and also setup.rb, which is similar, IIRC)
154858 [mail miketec] It replaces each line "require 'xy' #include' with the content of the file

^ Zip Extraction Bug?
154824 [ded-google d] require 'zip/zip'
154826 [ts_news1 son] Yep, a working version of rubyzip. rubyzip-0.5.9 is broken so I have
+ 154837 [ded-google d] Wow! What a guy.  I would offer to bear your children, but I'm a guy
+ 154838 [ded-google d] Thomas,
  154896 [ts_news1 son] Okay, I'll take a look at that. Thanks
  154999 [ded-google d] Thomas,

^ [ANN] gmailer-0.0.8 released
154825 [phasis bclin] GMailer 0.0.8 Released
+ 154834 [daniel.schie] Sweeeeeeeeet!
+ 154840 [daniel.schie] One thing that would be cool is a more advanced API. Something along the
| + 154842 [dteare teare] charset=US-ASCII;
| + 154845 [daniel.schie] That should of course be
| + 154855 [phasis68 hot] Thanks for suggestions.
+ 154841 [dteare teare] Thanks for sharing this as a GEM.
  154848 [discordantus] cheers,
  154850 [dteare teare] The require_gem seemed to work (it returned true), but I still had

^ How to know which interface a broadcast packet comes in on?
154828 [junkto tm.ne] If I have a program listening on on all interfaces,

^ Re: MouseHole 1.1 -- rose-colored spectacles for the Web
154830 [vfoley gmail] Is there a gem available somewhere?

^ [SWIG] Dynamic method dispatching with "send"
154831 [zoso foton.e] Can't I use the "send" method for dynamic method dispatching? I'm currently

^ Lexical Casts with Ruby
154833 [kingruedi c-] I want to assign some values I recive in string form to attributes of a
+ 154835 [shortcutter ] You can use send, like your_string.send(:to_i) where you determine the
+ 154836 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 155209 [pbrannan atd] In C++, boost::lexical_cast uses streams to convert the object to a
  155215 [eric_mahurin] A while back, I suggested adding some klass.from_* methods.
  155359 [pbrannan atd] See RCR#280.  The implementation is 34 lines long.
  155367 [eric_mahurin] Don't know why I missed that one.  I don't really like the
  + 155374 [surrender_it] The reason for the global transformation table is basically being able
  + 155381 [pbrannan atd] class Object
    155383 [eric_mahurin] Let's say you have some aribitrary class that you want to

^ [ANN] acts_as_taggable v2 - Tagging on Steroids for Rails
154839 [demetriusnun] Thanks to the community feedback on the 1st version, I've come up with

^ Newbie Q: Self-Testing Ruby Files (Double Assignment to Constants)
154843 [ded-google d] I like to make class files self-testing and can do so with the
+ 154846 [halostatue g] - require 'Junk' unless defined?(CONST)
+ 154847 [dblack wobbl] class, not Class :-)
  154904 [ded-google d] Thanks, both.
  154910 [halostatue g] It shouldn't. Using ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32], I didn't

^ [ANN] traits-0.6.0
154844 [Ara.T.Howard] URLS
154875 [ruby.brian g] Is the botox needed, because otherwise traits would "frown" on me ;-) ?
154893 [Ara.T.Howard] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,

^ How to get REXML to return items in order??
154853 [tedPLEASE-NO] I'm new to Ruby and can't figure out why REXML isn't returning the elements
154854 [gavin refine] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 154857 [tedPLEASE-NO] Thanks Gavin. Unfortunately I can't remove the anchors. The html is just a
| 154862 [dblack wobbl] I would be astonished if Sean Russell had combed through the 1.0 spec
+ 154866 [dooby d10.ka] .... and it's fixed in CVS for 1.8.3
  + 154871 [tedPLEASE-NO] Thanks daz.
  + 156204 [dan dankohn.] I just wanted to mention that I encountered the same bug and that the
  + 156328 [dan dankohn.] Daz, there's a bug in the CVS version of REXML.  The following code
    156516 [dooby d10.ka] Thanks Dan.

^ Detecting a hung/stalled child process
154856 [junk5 micros] I need to be able to start an external process (as one might do by
154865 [vjoel path.b] but fork doesn't port well. The following might work, and I'm pretty
154899 [junk5 micros] Thanks for your help!

^ Kerberos module for ruby?
154861 [snacktime gm] Is there a kerberos module anywhere for ruby? I wasn't able to find anythin=
154864 [prakash.diby] Had a discussion in the forum sometime back about this topic,but nothing=20
154867 [snacktime gm] Hmm. I need to put together a single sign on module and kerberos was my=20
154870 [prakash.diby] I dont have much idea about pearl,but java does support Kerberos.ldap would=

^ Idea about Test::Unit
154868 [surrender_it] I just realized that it is a common idiom to put a TestCase in a single
154869 [transfire gm] I've gotten tired of this verbosity myself and have started playing
154882 [chneukirchen] mine is called "quiktest" and the test name is optional (you need to
+ 154884 [surrender_it] quicktest seem to be a common name[1] :)
| 154889 [chneukirchen] quiktest was primarily made to add the tests in the same file as the
| 154891 [surrender_it] answering messages in ruby-talk on how to do something. I would'nt
+ 155293 [transfire gm] Thanks for this, I had been "playing" and hadn't yet coded it. So yours
  155343 [chneukirchen] You're right, the code doesn't work at all. :-P It was just a quick
  155356 [transfire gm] As so I have. It will be in the next release of Mega Modules, fully
  155360 [chneukirchen] Wow, thanks.

^ windows shell
154872 [gaston.garci] Is there anyone here that uses Windows XP and uses a windows shell=20
+ 154876 [bob.news gmx] If you mean the command line shell: cygwin - there's even a Ruby package
| + 154879 [surrender_it] I prefer the mingw/msys pair[1] since they seem somewhat more "native".
| + 154917 [halostatue g] That's not a good replacement. It's substandard, at best.
|   + 154918 [gavin refine] The things that drive me crazy about cmd.exe, and the reason I'd
|   | 154919 [halostatue g] Um. If you have "QuickEdit" on (I *always* do), then any mouse selection
|   | 154958 [news physics] The column copy mode by default is ridiculous.
|   | 154981 [halostatue g] talking about, you have no business in this particular discussion,
|   | 154986 [news physics] Ummm... Maybe you should look in the mirror.  I'm not sure which bigotry
|   + 154922 [billk cts.co] It can't even escape its own metacharacters.
|   | + 154929 [daniels pron] Rather than getting a full-blown cygwin install going, I'm usually happy
|   | + 154941 [dave burt.id] JScript/WSH replaces shell scripts for anything too hard for a batch file,
|   |   + 154961 [james_b neur] Or just use Ruby + Win32OLE.
|   |   + 154969 [billk cts.co] I had in mind 'dir' and the headers and footers it outputs, which
|   |     154983 [halostatue g] Can't do that, as far as I can see, but that may just be where my
|   |     154989 [billk cts.co] Interesting... I'm not sure what the parens are actually
|   + 154957 [news physics] This depends a *lot* on whether you are coming from the unix world or
|     154980 [halostatue g] Not at all. I personally find it mostly matters whether you have a bias
|     154984 [news physics] Ummm...  Yes.  It must be my secret bias against Microsoft.  And yes, I
|     + 154987 [halostatue g] Too bad your comment doesn't jive with reality. (There are *more*
|     | 154988 [news physics] My guess is that most of the people on this list programming Ruby are
|     + 154996 [mailinglists] I don't agree with many arguments from Austin and also not with his
|       + 155010 [news physics] Since I don't have numbers of my own, I'll take your word for it.
|       | 155014 [Neville.Burn] mode con cols=140
|       + 155061 [chneukirchen] I barely can believe that.  Note that your numbers are biased since
|         155106 [nightphotos ] I was at a gathering of Ruby users this weekend (mostly Railers), and when=
+ 154886 [daniel themi] If you mean a replacement for the command prompt terminal application
| 154912 [sean.zuzu gm] I'm a fan of the pipes and filters design pattern, so on Windows,
+ 154970 [snowzone5 ho] i use the xoblite [http://xoblite.net/] variant of blackbox

^ REXML bug - descendant-or-self selector
154873 [gavin refine] In XPath, "//" is an abbreviation for the "descendant-or-self"
154974 [gavin refine] REXML is correct. My claim above (and what I believe is Microsoft's

^ params v.s. @params in rails?
154874 [rubyrails gm] Both work in my controller class, so I am wondering what's the
154888 [dblack wobbl] To the extent that this is a Rails question, you might want to ask it
154900 [demetriusnun] Not really. In this particular case, params is simply an accessor
+ 154901 [dblack wobbl] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 154902 [rubyrails gm] Thank you. That makes sense now.  I found the following in
+ 154903 [david.heinem] Direct access to these instance variables is deprecated. The same goes
  + 154905 [marcel verni] Another reason is that the accessor method conceals the actual implementation
  + 154948 [rampant gmai] Is there a one-stop reference to the best practices for this sort of thing?
  + 156181 [ronjeffries ] David, Chet Hendrickson and I are just getting back to Ruby after too long away,
    + 156182 [twifkak comc] Ron,
    + 156183 [Ara.T.Howard] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
      156184 [Neville.Burn] Intuitively it sounds expensive, because [I imagine] ruby needs to
      156186 [Ara.T.Howard] /* is it in the method cache? */

^ RubyGems bin stub cause Dir.pwd misdirect
154878 [transfire gm] Typical Gems bin stub
+ 154881 [transfire gm] On second thought #load should work fine, and I did a testcase to be
+ 154883 [transfire gm] Okay, believe I tracked it down. It's a line in nitro.rb. Rubygems was

^ ruby / rails newbie - Finding documentation in RDocs
154880 [steven.heron] with many others, no doubt). I'm trying to hack together my first rxml
154890 [james_b neur] In the construct
154894 [dave burt.id] James is right, there is no explicit type or class set for column, or indeed

^ "cyclic include" error inside anonymous module
154892 [B.Candler po] $ ruby -v
154895 [decoux moulo] ruby create an anonymous module (wrapper) to make the load and protect
154897 [B.Candler po] Guy, I'm afraid you're being a little terse for a dimwit like me :-)
154898 [decoux moulo] Like I've said previously, I prefer ruby and C :-)
154947 [B.Candler po] OK, thank you.
154950 [decoux moulo] load("file", true) is a security mechanism but, unlike $SAFE = 4, use it
154952 [B.Candler po] * Why does Ruby do this strange thing of an implicit 'include <Anon>' and
+ 154953 [decoux moulo] Use -w with your script
+ 154956 [decoux moulo] Well, a stupid example
| 154959 [B.Candler po] I guess I'm not communicating very well today. Let me try one last time.
| 154960 [decoux moulo] See [ruby-talk:154956] the script a.rb must give the same result when run
+ 154963 [matz ruby-la] Just because we want methods and constants defined at the toplevel

^ Fwd: windows shell
154907 [gaston.garci] sorry for not having been clear. I meant the command promt. thanks for all=

^ unit_diff (Was: Re: Idiomatic conversion of yielding block to array)
154908 [drbrain segm] Use unit_diff in ZenTest.

^ Nonblocking and/or win32  (was: Re: [ANN] EventLoop 0.0.20050825.1600)
154911 [billk cts.co] Wow, I guess I did say "afraid" a lot of times there.
154913 [billk cts.co] I guess it must be something very basic I'm not aware of
+ 154921 [Ara.T.Howard] [ahoward@localhost ~]$ cat a.rb
| 154923 [billk cts.co] Thanks, Ara  !
+ 155046 [akr m17n.org] I documented the blocking behavior of IO#eof?.  I hope it reduces
  155281 [taria the-ar] Hmmmm...
  + 155284 [vjoel path.b] Doesn't select work, with a timeout of 0? I haven't tried that, but it
  | + 155285 [hal9000 hype] This whole issue always confuses me. But isn't that the purpose
  | + 155297 [taria the-ar] I suppose because it's part of the only way I've found to get around the
  |   + 155299 [billk cts.co] Just curious why that would seem crude.  It's my understanding
  |   | 155301 [billk cts.co] Oops, I meant
  |   + 155305 [akr m17n.org] Why you needs the all available data?
  + 155287 [akr m17n.org] I'm not sure why people want a such method.

^ Re: [SOLUTION] MUD Client (#45)
154914 [james graypr] A very basic quick solution I thew together.  This only works on Unix
+ 155027 [taria the-ar] Well, since I have no unix available, I can't try this myself. But I have
| 155051 [james graypr] I'll be happy to answer them.
+ 155283 [taria the-ar] And another question. You use a Queue in this.
  155321 [james graypr] When I start threading, I instantly activate my thread-safe
  155348 [billk cts.co] Also, what about when Ruby switches to a bytecode-based VM?

^ Making my Regex less greedy?
154915 [l.d.u.n.c.a.] I'm working on a regular expression that will chop a posted message in half,
154916 [gavin refine] The question mark makes quantifiers non-greedy.
154927 [l.d.u.n.c.a.] Thanks very much, that works a treat. Always nice to have something
+ 154937 [w_a_x_man ya] "1. All 27 bells were rung 3 times.".scan(/\d+/)[2]
+ 154938 [gavin refine] a) As noted in my example, you can leave the second 'argument' to the
+ 154942 [dave burt.id] a = "first second third".scan(/\w+/)

^ Help me clean up this method
154920 [vfoley gmail] I think it's very ugly.  Could anyone help me clean it up a bit?
+ 154924 [james graypr] File.size(dirname) seems to be working on my system.  Am I missing
| + 154925 [ef alum.mit.] File.size(dirname) only tells you how many bytes the directory's own
| + 154926 [wuhy80 gmail] Yes,File.size(dirname) is working.but It only calc the current dir's
+ 154928 [hristo.deshe] I managed to get rid of the file names discovery by using Dir's globbing=20
| 154930 [hristo.deshe] The mailing list critters ate my indentation! Maybe this one will get=20
| 154931 [daniels pron] This is cleaner to my eye, but YMMV.
| + 154933 [hristo.deshe] The ?: operator is indeed shorter. I am not sure if I like it better, but I=
| + 154935 [nightphotos ] Not to be picky, but most of the above examples need another rescue=20
+ 154936 [drbrain segm] require 'find'
+ 154939 [w_a_x_man ya] def Dir.size(name)
| 154940 [ruby.brian g] One more safety addition
+ 154967 [Ara.T.Howard] just thought i'd point out that every solution posted thus far fails in a
  + 154992 [ruby_talk sh] If you have links, you also have du, which IMO is the Right Tool For
  | + 154994 [SimonKroeger] sorry for stating the obvious, but: this isn't very portable.
  | | 155005 [ruby_talk sh] Yup!  :-)
  | + 155015 [Ara.T.Howard] windows has links - and systems that have du may not have one that supports
  + 155011 [w_a_x_man ya] This solution fails under windoze by always returning 0, apparently
  | 155017 [Ara.T.Howard] Ara@JEN ~
  | 155019 [w_a_x_man ya] build_os: mswin32
  + 155023 [djberg96 gma] For a good summary of the problems with calculating the size of a
    155054 [Ara.T.Howard] indeed.
    155142 [djberg96 gma] By all means, please share.  I'd be happy to add a Dir.size method to

^ Rubygems Gemspec question
154943 [dave burt.id] Can I build a gem that will execute arbitrary ruby code after putting the
154979 [halostatue g] No, but a patch has been posted to allow for "extensions" built with
155003 [dave burt.id] A post-installation message sounds like a good candidate to be another

^ Rails validate in models
154946 [bearitall ra] I have been working through the Rails book. The given examples in the
154955 [kevin.olbric] Try this...
154965 [bearitall ra] Thank you.

^ Encoding hell
154954 [damphyr free] OK, I am officially frustrated/lost/bewildered (take your pick) with all
+ 154966 [james graypr] require "rexml/document"
+ 154968 [zdennis mkte] You are seeing already escaped characters. You need to unescape them.
  + 154971 [joshua rever] Another way of looking at this: you're getting one XML document
  | 154975 [chneukirchen] This is the right way to tackle the problem.  Don't unescape on your own,
  | 154976 [zdennis mkte] Good call. then unescape real_doc...
  | 154977 [joshua rever] charset=US-ASCII;
  | 154978 [zdennis mkte] Ah, yep, you're right. Doing that makes more sense. =)  I did't know
  | 154982 [chneukirchen] We all know REXML does a lot of stuff in interesting ways... but of
  + 154972 [damphyr free] reading about the changes in CGI between 1.6 and 1.8.

^ Rake: Deleting or overwriting a task?
154962 [michael schu] Rails has recently (in SVN) moved to a modularized Rakefile. This causes
154964 [jamis 37sign] task :clone_structure_to_test do
154990 [michael schu] Thanks! It works indeed.

^ (none)
154985 [fabio.mazana] # index

^ Re:
154991 [hawkman.gelo] spammer..

^ [ANN] acts_as_taggable v3 - Yet better tagging for Rails!
154993 [demetriusnun] There a brand new version of *acts_as_taggable* available at the