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15471 [szegedy@or u] Is the RCR list publicly readable?
+ 15477 [neumann@s- i] I am neither Dave nor Matz :-)
+ 15478 [Dave@Pr gm t] Yes. There are a set of pages starting at

Jusritic question
15472 [szegedy@or u] If I create some commercial application, is it allowed to link
15488 [matz@ze ab t] Yes, but it should follow at least LGPL (which covers regex.c), so

Ruby catching error signals
15474 [elanthis@us ] Is there a way to get Ruby not to catch error signals like sigsegv and such?  I'd prefer to handle everything my way, since there are certain actions that have to be performed on a crash in my app (remove lock files and the like).
15489 [matz@ze ab t] use trap("SEGV"){...} or call signal(2) after Ruby initialization.
15504 [elanthis@us ] Well, that's simple enough.  I really should stop being lazy and start trying the obvious stuff before asking the list.  Thanks Matz!  ^,^

stdin/stdout 'name' ?
15476 [buter@CW S. ] is there a standard 'stdin' and/or 'stdout' "name", e.g. the '-' in perl? I
+ 15481 [Dave@Pr gm t] You can use STDIN, STDERR, and STDOUT as file objects connected to the
| 15483 [buter@CW S. ] Hmmm... I think I was a bit unclear in my request. What I meant was; are
+ 15484 [ljohnson@re ] but

Anyone use dyld?
15485 [b@re ho kg o] Has anyone on the list had to do any work with dyld at all? I have a

rdtool: how to add images?
15487 [Milan.Gardia] is there a possibility to add images to the rdtool-generated documentation?
15548 [toshirok@yb ] You can. But the method is a little troublesome.

ranges & case
15490 [ms@ia ta e. ] We don't have open-ended ranges; is it possible to accurately express
15491 [decoux@mo lo] If you don't want if ... elsif
15492 [ms@ia ta e. ] Ah. Hadn't thought of a naked-case like that. But since it doesn't
15509 [jkaurin@ho e] def func1(p)

One for the FAQ
15493 [mattbee@so p] ./rotoproxy:86:in `initialize': wrong # of arguments(2 for 0)
15494 [Dave@Pr gm t] I've added it to http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?SpellingInitialize.
+ 15495 [spwhite@ch r] I've always wished "new" and "initialize" were the other way around.
+ 15497 [matju@sy pa ] The purpose of #initialize is to initialise.

require doesn't seem to search $: on Win2K
15496 [ndrochak@go ] (LoadError)
+ 15499 [benjubb@sy p] i was just about to post a query regarding this problem, so i'll just provide a few more details...
| + 15515 [nick@jo dr g] Ben,
| + 15545 [ndrochak@go ] Ben,
|   15546 [Dave@Pr gm t] I know nothing about IIS. However, does it somehow override the path
|   15553 [benjubb@sy p] i got version 1.1.6 of cygwin1.dll in ruby\bin, and i don't have a cygwin\bin.  also, to your previous question: i don't know what the second %s in the IIS
+ 15500 [wayne.blair@] I'm running on windows 2k and require 'cgi' works fine.  I get slightly

mysql-ruby-2.3.2a with mysql-3.22.32 ?
15498 [the-master-o] I a trying to compile mysql-ruby 2.3.2a with ruby 1.7 and mysql 3.22.32

StringBuffer IO Class
15501 [wayne.blair@] Is there a built in or has anyone developed a string buffer stream class as
15519 [matz@ze ab t] Here is realcode for what you want to do. ;-)
15536 [wayne.blair@] Thanks, matz.

Anyone wants to take over the Ruby/Carbon project?
15502 [cyberelf@ma ] Due to time constraints, I'm not able to continue working on the Ruby/Carbon

ftp client
15506 [todd@de ig s] Where can I get code for an FTP client for windows?
15507 [Dave@Pr gm t] implements a client, but doesn't have the user interface.

15508 [todd@de ig s] why doesn't his code work ?
+ 15517 [jkaurin@ho e] You need
+ 15518 [matz@ze ab t] Try "Net::FTP", "class FTP" is surrounded by "module Net".

ruby methods and attributes
15510 [dthiel@ne pr] I'm just working on learning ruby, and was trying to write a simple
+ 15513 [matju@sy pa ] You use the class methods "attr", "attr_reader", "attr_writer",
+ 15514 [vjoel@pa h. ] Outside of the object's namespace, you can't use @socket,. You have to

Tk Bitmaps
15511 [jkaurin@ho e] The following code works when I use a bitmap from the Ruby Tk demos kit
+ 15522 [rise@kn ve y] MS Paint creates a "Windows Bitmap" which is a different file format.  The
| 15604 [jkaurin@ho e] Is there a list of supported graphics formats for Ruby Tk? I was unable to
| 15607 [matju@sy pa ] * XBM (indexed 1 bpp)
+ 15523 [jkaurin@ho e] Ok, I put the patch in. I upgraded to the 1.6.3-1 and forgot, but the same

Newbie GC question
15512 [ashley.DONT@] I have a question regarding the Ruby GC and strings vs. symbols.  I'm
15520 [matz@ze ab t] No.  GC does not reclaim "unreferenced" symbols (because I couldn't
+ 15524 [patrickdloga] Lisp systems have traditionally had a function (often called GCTWA) in order
| 15531 [matz@ze ab t] Intersting.  But recent Lisps like Common Lisp or Scheme seem not to
| 15542 [patrickdloga] order
+ 15525 [ashley.DONT@] OK, thanks for the reply matz.  I will stick with symbols for now...  I
  15527 [matju@sy pa ] It's closely like the # in SmallTalk. It is a very constrained version of
  15532 [ashley.DONT@] Yep.  "..kind of like...", but not quite the same :^)  Internally, my

Perl's quotemeta in ruby
15526 [matt@li ke .] 1) Is this the best way to implement Perl's quotemeta in Ruby?
15530 [matz@ze ab t] see above answer.

new xmp - please test
15533 [wayne.blair@] I modified xmp.rb to fix the bug declared in its documentation, in which the
+ 15534 [wayne.blair@] I modified xmp.rb to fix the bug declared in its documentation, in which the
+ 15535 [wayne.blair@] Sorry for that brutal first post.  In any case, I modified xmp.rb to fix the
  15557 [wayne.blair@] Somehow I messed that last one up trying to polish things off.  Sorry I sent

Do you have Standards Committee in your language?
15540 [Just_Curious] All,
15556 [comp.lang.ru] Is this a request to do someone's coursework assignment?  I ask only

net/ftp (again)
15541 [todd@de ig s] require 'net/ftp'
15544 [Dave@pr gm t] Hmm. I just ran this under NT and it works fine.
15895 [todd@de ig s] What if I don't have 'strace'?

file browser
15543 [todd@de ig s] Does anybody know where there is code for a windows file selection box,

FW:  evolving lisp
15547 [wayne.blair@] Thought you might find this interesting.

ColdFusion for Ruby
15549 [mdinowit@i- ] I don't currently use Ruby. To tell the truth, I have no real reason to. I'd
+ 15554 [wayne.blair@] Here is a quick and dirty method to create ColdFusion type tags in an
| 15565 [wayne.blair@] Man, I'm always sending rough drafts instead of what I intended.  Hope this
+ 15555 [comp.lang.ru] Why do you want eruby to change in such a way?  It already has
| 15559 [mdinowit@i- ] I'm not only looking for me. I'm kind of a leader in the CF community and
| 15560 [avi@be a4 co] I'm not sure I understand how you're proposing to mix CF syntax and Ruby
| + 15562 [perkins99@ho] YES!!!!
| + 15563 [mdinowit@i- ] The first reply I got suggested such a clone. That's what I'm going to
+ 15580 [shugo@ru y- ] Your idea is interesting, but distant from the concept of eRuby.
  15584 [mdinowit@i- ] If I was that good a low level programmer I would. I've got the language
  15589 [neumann@s- i] I think it wouldn't be that hard, to write a XSLT stylesheet that transforms

array.last and array[array.size - 1] not equivalent?
15550 [colin@we g2 ] a = ['a', 'b', 'c']
+ 15551 [avi@be a4 co] Well,
+ 15558 [knu@iD em ns] Apart from the issue, you can use a[-1] for a[a.size - 1].

array.last and array[array.size - 1] not equivalent?
15552 [colin@we g2 ] No.  Just from the intuitive standpoint - least surprise principle -

ANN: Facet - Ruby Web Application Framework

Cleaning up a 'gmake install'
15564 [erikp@ne mo ] I recently installed 1.6.3 in a different place than my 1.6.2
15566 [matz@ze ab t] Unless you're using installer package like deb, rpm, or installshield,

detecting dead sockets?
15567 [dthiel@ne pr] ...
15572 [Dave@Pr gm t] How about

15568 [waisun.chia@] I've just discovered Ruby and it's great!
15570 [dthiel@ne pr] Yup - http://www.modruby.org/

I like ruby-chan ...
15569 [rob@ca ol ro] Ruby is more human(e) than Python.  We already have too many animals :-).
+ 15571 [glen@en bl d] Rubi-chan (notice the Japanese spelling) is cute! A perfect mascot if
| 15573 [hal9000@hy e] I also think the Rubi-chan logo is cute.
| + 15574 [dthiel@ne pr] My vote is for the Kinglet.  Cute or not, it's a darn good logo.  Ruby-chan
| + 15575 [jim@fr ez .o] From my perspective, a 'cartoon' mascot makes it more
|   + 15576 [dthiel@ne pr] What would one have instead as a mascot?  A photo of a Kinglet? :)
|   | 15577 [jim@fr ez .o] ...man I don't know. I've seen a lot of discussion on this and
|   + 15578 [waisun.chia@] Hmmm...reminds me of yet another cartoon mascot.. ;-)
|     15579 [jim@fr ez .o] a cartoon caricature of the girl Ruby.
+ 15629 [furifilo901@] I still like the ruby laser...

shopping cart in Ruby?
15581 [armin@ap ro ] Dear Rubists,

how to get UTF representation of a string?
15582 [tjabo@un x- ] I want to habe the UTF code of a String, "fel" for example. The first
15586 [matz@ze ab t] First, make sure the target string really in UTF-8, then try "U*" template.

15583 [aleksei.guze] 1. Where could I obtain i586-mswin32 source from?

-lX11 error installing Ruby
15585 [erichey2@ho ] I installed Ruby successfully once (./configure - make - make install), but
15590 [decoux@mo lo] You can run configure with some options. For example for tcltk you can
+ 15640 [erichey2@ho ] I'm stumped.  I tried various configures, but none allow the final ruby
+ 15648 [decoux@mo lo] Apparently this is like if configure was run with the switch
  15657 [erichey2@ho ] Done - same result.
  + 15666 [ljohnson@re ] Collins,
  + 15694 [eban@os ri .] ===================================================================

Parse error:  if (this[x] == this[y] == this[z] and this[x] != '') ?????
15587 [cams89@ho ma] if (this[x] == this[y] == this[z] and this[x] != '')
15591 [decoux@mo lo] Not valid, ruby don't understand 'a == b == c'
15596 [ms@ia ta e. ] Hmm.  I would have expected it to always return false, but not balk at
15597 [ms@ia ta e. ] Whoops - sorry, newsgroup lag.  I didn't see the intermediate responses

Chomp customization
15588 [jim@fr ez .o] I am working with files that can have either a DOS

Re: Parse Error
15592 [szegedy@or u] I would have almost answered the same.
15593 [decoux@mo lo] (a == b) == c is not a runtime error
15594 [benjubb@sy p] but its not even a runtime error.  (1 == 1) == 1 evaluates as false, as it should (true != 1).
15595 [szegedy@or u] Obviously, it is better this way, but still a surprise for me...

Haiku and Ruby...
15598 [john@jo nk i] For me  haiku  honors both ruby's Japanese ancestry and the art of
+ 15685 [hal9000@hy e] Actually, I've thought of the same thing.
+ 15788 [wayne.blair@] Dirt is rubbed away

Language specification reference
15599 [llothar@ma l] because i want to write a tool for ruby
15608 [sma@3p us .d] I'm afraid, the only complete reference for Ruby's grammar is the YACC
+ 15611 [sma@3p us .d] Bad style, I know...  but this tiny ugly script can extract the BNF
| 15613 [glen@en bl d] Stefan.
| 15614 [acme@as ra .] One of the the most recent crazy things I've done is to try to rewrite
| 15620 [sma@3p us .d] you use Perl (besides the obvious idea to embedd our Ruby system in
+ 15667 [llothar@ma l] Thanks, grammer is an imporant part but whats about
  15669 [matz@ze ab t] Beware.  parse.y is a dark side of Ruby source (along with eval.c). ;-)

15600 [dfan@ha mo i] I frequently find myself wanting to take, say, the five matches
15619 [neumann@s- i] Why not just use Enumerable#collect ?
15668 [dfan@ha mo i] Because I want to apply different methods to each member of the

How to avoid spelling mistakes of variable names
15601 [ndrochak@go ] Since Ruby does not require a variable to be declared, do people find
+ 15603 [Dave@Pr gm t] Actually, this is not quite a true statement.
| 15605 [jim@fr ez .o] fred = 1
| + 15606 [Dave@Pr gm t] Umm, it does next time you try to use it. And if you don't use it,
| | 15609 [aaron@hi ni ] Actually it would matter if you had already used bert... then mistyped it,
| | 15610 [Dave@Pr gm t] Yes, that's true.
| + 15647 [benoit.cerri] I use an editor which has an autocomplete functionality, this together with
+ 15612 [aaron@hi ni ] These sorts of problems happen less often than you might think.  When they
| 15638 [ndrochak@go ] I am sure unit testing, especially with a dedicated framework, goes a
| 15651 [max@ma va co] I don't remember when this happens to me last time.
+ 15649 [max@ma va co] Use a good editor. ;-)
  15652 [waisun.chia@] Pardon my ignorance, but how do you do that in vim?
  15656 [max@ma va co] Using CTRL-P and the friends. See :help ins-completion.

Interactive Ruby II
15602 [mlang@ho e. ] I am new to ruby, writing code in Perl/Python/C since about 4 years.
15637 [matju@sy pa ] Let me define both parts, Model and View.
+ 15650 [max@ma va co] [ MVC pattern skipped ]
+ 15658 [mlang@ho e. ] [.MVC.]

help attr_reader
15615 [baasad@qu li] am very new to ruby...and am trying to use attr_reader to create the
15616 [jim@fr ez .o] You need to define initialize
15617 [baasad@qu li] I initialize it and it worked ... but when can I use the attr_reader as a
+ 15618 [jim@fr ez .o] You could do something like
+ 15621 [aaron@hi ni ] attr_reader, attr_writer, and attr_accessor are shortcuts for creating
+ 15622 [sma@3p us .d] attr_reader :x
  15624 [ms@ia ta e. ] Well -- I'm sure it was a typo, but the writer would be x=(x), not
  15634 [sma@3p us .d] Yes, that was a typo - thanks - and no, you don't need to add
  15636 [ms@ia ta e. ] Ah. Something like "def x @x end" gave me a parse error once, so I

$& works -- md[0] does not
15626 [ng@za el .n ] 08:File.open('/var/log/online') do |f|
+ 15627 [ser@ge ma e-] If there is no match, md (and $&) will be nil... but you're trying to
+ 15641 [matz@ze ab t] Try

more fun with TCPServer
15628 [dthiel@ne pr] I think there must be some kind of strange threading voodoo going on - I
15631 [Dave@Pr gm t] In this scheme, what happens if one use stops receiving the stuff you
15632 [dthiel@ne pr] I put a couple puts statements in the loop, at the beginning and after the
15664 [decoux@mo lo] No, with your source :-)
+ 15670 [waisun.chia@] I was trying the code out but what is this "User" class??
+ 15671 [decoux@mo lo] See [ruby-talk:15632]
+ 15679 [dthiel@ne pr] Doh!  Thanks!  Didn't mean to imply it was a problem with ruby, I'm just a

Re: Erlang
15630 [matju@sy pa ] I don't know much about Erlang but wouldn't it be much like each "thread"
15643 [patrickdloga] More or less. Yes, each "process" in Erlang is "shared nothing" with other

Q: Function modification/Procedures
15633 [daishi@cs be] I'm wondering what the right way to do the following in Ruby, expressed
+ 15635 [Dave@Pr gm t] You can use '[]' as an alias for call, so something like
| + 15644 [matz@ze ab t] Because "ultimate.answer(42)" is considered as "invoke method `answer'
| + 15689 [daishi@CS Be] Thanks for the reply.
|   15697 [matz@ze ab t] Hmm, why did you inherit from Proc?  Your Adder has nothing related to
+ 15642 [matz@ze ab t] You need "funcall" if you're using Lisp (except Scheme). ;-)

15639 [hlva@ya oo c] Someone asked a while back about web sites written in Ruby.  I was
15653 [todd@de ig s] Is a site built in ruby generally faster or slower than one built in Perl or
15673 [hlva@ya oo c] For now at least, the answer seems to be slower.  All I can really speak

Ruby mysql strangeness
15645 [Dave@Pr gm t] log.puts "Updating entry at #{posn}"

Disabling stderr
15646 [tspilman@ho ] Is there a way to keep Ruby from sending exception info to the stderr
15662 [jj5412@ea th] nulFile = File.open('nul', 'w')      # UNIX: nulFile =
+ 15663 [jimm@er s. o] Untested answer: try assigning to $stderr and $stdout (global variables)
| 15672 [jj5412@ea th] That takes care of the error about assigning to a constant (oops), but still
+ 15763 [tspilman@ho ] Actually i've been perusing the source to the ruby parser and found that
  + 15765 [tspilman@ho ] I've got a adequate fix that will work for me for now, but i'd really
  | 15768 [matju@sy pa ] Why don't you do STDERR.reopen "/dev/null","w" ?
  | 15771 [tspilman@ho ] Yea reopen would be the better way if that were the method i'd chosen.
  + 15766 [decoux@mo lo] Just use rb_eval_string_protect()
    15770 [tspilman@ho ] I wasn't aware of 'rb_eval_string_protect' and it seems that when it's

copy and paste ruby code under windows
15654 [ng@za el .n ] I have a Unix Server and a Windows client here. The server has a
+ 15661 [Dave@Pr gm t] Did you know the source code is available for download at
+ 15665 [Torsten.Hilb] The HTML file contains a lot of non-breakable space (&nsp;) which are

Config file
15655 [max@ma va co] I think about a configuration file for my utility.

putc ?.
15659 [ng@za el .n ] aFile 
15660 [decoux@mo lo] ASCII code for the character '.'

Having our cake, and eating it too
15674 [jj5412@ea th] Would it be possible, sometime in the future, for Ruby to try a .rb
+ 15675 [glen@en bl d] Why not just write a small sh wrapper script to check if the filename
+ 15677 [bernie@bo ld] I have trouble with the emacs syntax highlighter with both
  15701 [max@ma va co] ruby.vim works perfect for me. ;-)