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154543 [SimonKroeger] is the Module Enumerable documented somewhere?
154552 [nobu.nokada@] ext/enumerator/enumerator.txt in 1.8 source, or would be seen

Ruby project examples
154547 [gaston.garci] ...
154600 [nohmad@gm il] Unlike "Daily Python URL", these are very formal pages though.

database driver developers guide
154555 [leigh_kenned] I was looking at the list of drivers supported by rails, and it is
154575 [dave@bu t. d] * #rubyonrails on IRC
154700 [leigh_kenned] Thanks for the tip.  I had a look though this and have an idea where to
154740 [eduardo.yane] There is an adapter at http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/2030 but I don't

Ruby and WSH How?
154556 [ahidalgo@be ] Any ideas or links to Ruby and WSH(Windows Scripting Host)?
154560 [tksano@gm il] You can do it with ActiveScriptRuby. Though I myself have not experienced that.
154562 [zdennis@mk e] I have used Ruby and WSH. It is beautiful. Documentation is sparse, so
154565 [dave@bu t. d] There is good documentation around! There's the Microsoft website, which has
154574 [zdennis@mk e] I guess I meant documentation for using WIN32OLE and WScript...etc... I
154576 [dave@bu t. d] Well, you're right then. But it is pretty simple. So simple I'm going to

Re: automated testing tool in ruby
154561 [karlin.fox@g] Sounds like your asking for a protocol-level capture/replay functional

ruby enscript support
154570 [sy1234@gm il] I got enscript working to highlight syntax with my wiki, but I've been

Re: Rogue threads found! The plot thickens....
154573 [drbrain@se m] ...
154597 [drbrain@se m] Even better with renewer objects.
155746 [andrew.townl] Sorry for the late reply--haven't been able to keep up with the list
155784 [drbrain@se m] Its more low-level than that, it can be used to expire the Tuple it

Code Sharing - Units (abandoned child)
154577 [gavin@re in ] Last night I was sleepily trying to calculate the sustained transfer
+ 154580 [Ara.T.Howard] you're code looks very interesting too though...
+ 154588 [jeff.darklig] ...
| 154623 [gavin@re in ] Er, I must have missed it...where is there a module in that
+ 154706 [netghost@gm ] Damnit, ruby is too much fun.  I was just thinking I was going to

how to read binary file with char 0x1A
154582 [sunh11373@ho] I tried to read a binary file with a char '0x1A' (EOF on window I guess).
+ 154585 [drbrain@se m] File.open name, 'rb' do |fp|
| 154604 [ruby.brian@g] That is one of the things that I did not understand for a long time,
+ 154586 [w_a_x_man@ya] contents = open(filename, "rb") { |f| f.read }
| 154589 [tshiget1@gw ] see also: IO.binmode
+ 154618 [Ara.T.Howard] open(path, 'rb') do |f|

Friendly community petition - official IBM DB2 drivers for Ruby
154583 [andrew.stuar] This is a show of interest/community petition to IBM, requesting that IBM
155749 [andrew.townl] Just a thought:  wouldn't it be better to have the "real" DB2 drivers

interface Ruby with C on a 64 bit machine
154594 [vb.here@gm i] I need to interface Ruby with C on a 64 bit machine? How can i do that.

implementing the "each" method for own classes
154598 [huber.philip] first of all, i'm new to ruby and this list.
+ 154599 [ruby.brian@g] It is a bit hard to help you, if we don't know your classes. But lets
| 154601 [huber.philip] thanks a lot, works exactly as i wanted :)
| 154607 [bob.news@gm ] - did you test this with an empty queue (I guess in that case @root will
| 154608 [huber.philip] actually i did test it with a queue filled with a few elements. as you
| 154609 [ruby.brian@g] Sorry for posting something that untested. But as I look again you
| + 154611 [huber.philip] of course your right, my variant leaves out the first element.
| | 154613 [bob.news@gm ] Don't ask.  There's a dark secret connected to this.  Noone ever lived to
| | 154653 [daryl@br nd ] Chaining is the reason.
| + 154612 [bob.news@gm ] Just put "return self" or just "self" in the last line of your method
|   154614 [ruby.brian@g] It is - I'm sorry, I'm task-switching in my mind too fast at the
+ 154610 [ruby.brian@g] Just one more hint in case you didn't know it. You should do

[ANN] Nitro Flare 0.3.0
154602 [george.mosch] Flare is a Blog engine powered by Nitro and Og. The aim of

Re: FCKEditor and Rails Walk-through
154616 [tokmak@gm il] Thanks for the article, i enjoyed it very much. Also FCKEditor is very cool!
154627 [josh.charles] Ok, I'll work on that this weekend.

[SUMMARY] Word Chains (#44)
154620 [james@gr yp ] Gavin Kistner asked that I try timing the quiz solutions this week.  I did
+ 154660 [SimonKroeger] "Each word in the chain must be in the dictionary and every step along
| + 154668 [email55555@g] If I have the words directionary file first, and the final solution wish,
| + 154678 [james@gr yp ] Certainly any specification is open to interpretation.  This time,
|   154705 [SimonKroeger] i was about to write a lengthy answer.... i will compress it to the
|   154712 [james@gr yp ] To be clear, I used neither the word "dumb" nor the earlier implied
|   154726 [SimonKroeger] No, thats fine, thank you.
+ 154728 [jimfreeze@gm] Nice write-up James.
| 154734 [james@gr yp ] Thank you.
+ 154743 [gavin@re in ] ...
  154750 [james@gr yp ] Sorry about that.  Word on the street is that James was cranky when

154622 [nakahiro@sa ] Add the following line to dump methods it has.

Code Kata Word List
154628 [josh.charles] The word list document that is used for some of the code kata's
154711 [nohmad@gm il] If you use Unix like system, /usr/share/dict/words would be equivalent

Nano : Array#each_permutation
154630 [jeff.darklig] ...
154707 [transfire@gm] Looks like you found a couple of bugs. I will fixed shortly. Thanks.

Email classes
154637 [tsuraan@gm i] Has anyone written email parsing classes similar to those found in the
+ 154639 [brian@le ro ] ditto - i was looking for something that would parse attachments from
+ 154640 [gfb@to es ft] Have you looked at RubyMail? http://rubyforge.org/projects/rubymail/
| 154641 [tsuraan@gm i] That looks promising.  Thanks!
+ 154666 [usenet@an re] TMail
  154722 [mikkel@gm il] Tmail is quite good, although the docs are not really up to par...

palindrome finder
154642 [josh.charles] I've been working on this piece of code and it's starting to drive me
+ 154643 [calamitas@ad] line.chomp!
| + 154644 [Daniel.Berge] IO.foreach("testdict.txt"){ |line|
| | + 154646 [calamitas@ad] irb(main):001:0> "hello".downcase!.chomp!
| | + 154648 [james@gr yp ] No, don't do that.  ;)  The "bang" methods return nil when they don't
| | | 154649 [Daniel.Berge] Oops, indeed.
| | + 154650 [discordantus] a="test\n"
| | + 154651 [Ara.T.Howard] irb(main):001:0> 'foobar'.downcase!
| | + 154652 [tanner.burso] ...
| |   154654 [Daniel.Berge] Yes, I've been corrected, 4 times now.  Thanks.
| |   154655 [Ara.T.Howard] don't worry - it's happened to us all... i didn't read the others first btw!
| + 154645 [josh.charles] gosh, I knew it had to be something stupid.  Thanks!
+ 154647 [james@gr yp ] No worries, it's a simple mistake with an easy fix.
+ 154701 [neoneye@gm i] palindrome = Regexp.new(<<'EOPALIN')
  + 154708 [josh.charles] Ok, I"m not even going to pretend to know how this code works exactly,
  + 154730 [chneukirchen] And what if I have a palindrome longer than eight chars?
    154746 [gavin@re in ] ...

Builder Question
154659 [keith@or il ] Hey,
154664 [chneukirchen] Did you try  xml.xsl :variable, "name" => "cats"  ?
154675 [keith@or il ] Ah, that works great. (How can I not have tried that...?)
154688 [chneukirchen] xml.xsl :stylesheet, "version" => "1.0" do
154692 [keith@or il ] Hooray! You get 20pts for answering a quesiton while I was writing the

test--my apologies..
154662 [leoun14580@f] This is a test post---new news client.  Sorry for the intrusion.  -EP
154671 [Daniel.Berge] This is what groups like alt.test are for.
154674 [robby.lists@] Is there an alt.test.reply group?

[ADV] Yet Another Shameless Plug for RubyStuff
154663 [james_b@ne r] Overwhelmingly exciting new stuff at RubyStuff.com!
154665 [josh.charles] How about a ".NET" rehab?
154670 [gaston.garci] ...

Ruby and COM(ActiveX)
154667 [dandrew.thom] Does anyone know if there is a COM component for Ruby offering an
+ 154669 [wildwildwes@] ...
+ 154672 [stevetuckner] Its called Win32OLE and it is part of the standard windows distribution

Meta Information for Ruby -- Continuation of the discussion about testNG needing function attributes, etc.
154677 [jeff.darklig] I just came across this very interesting module today.  And I really
154753 [george.mosch] FYI,

Re: Word Chains (#44)
154686 [w_a_x_man@ya] Added a line to your program that lets it accept -d.

[Off-Topic] Colleges in the US
154693 [daniel.schie] This has absolutely nothing to do with Ruby.
154699 [james_b@ne r] I've heard that, in many places, scholarships go unused because of

Ruby compilers (for DSP processors and alike)
154704 [bart.massche] A few weeks ago, sbdy talked to me about Ruby, and Rails, and how
+ 154710 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Not likely.  If we had a compiler that would target a DSP we would also
| 154887 [bart.massche] So what is such a DSL exactly then? In your case, it is a Ruby piece of
| 154934 [ptkwt@ar cn ] It's not translated per se, but running that Ruby code causes the C code
+ 154727 [mailinglists] First of all i'm not sure if i understand you correctly.
  154885 [bart.massche] Ok, let me explain a bit more what I am aiming for... I'll explain it
  154932 [ptkwt@ar cn ] So just to understand: you need to be able to find out how many times

Koto released - if you can install it :-)
154714 [mail@ia nd o] if anyone has ever used Qt Designer to make a .ui file, you can open it

Ruby/Event Fix Released 0.4.1 for SCGI
154718 [zedshaw@ze s] * lighttpd 1.4.3 didn't work with the documented lighttpd.conf configuration.  The documentation and examples are updated with a configuration that works and does not require the "empty dispatch.scgi trick".  Do not use 1.4.x versions before 1.4.3 as these will frequently segfault on CTRL-C in -D mode.
154719 [Neville.Burn] runner.
154736 [zedshaw@ze s] scgi_rails start --help

Hamburg.rb in September
154721 [Stephan.Kaem] It's close to the Theatre "Neue Flora", the next S-Bahn station is

How to use helpers in layout ?
154723 [ mig@19 4. z] I'm trying to use any helper in a layout but it raises
154738 [james_b@ne r] James

float out of range
154724 [lovebyte2000] I am reading from a file a list of floating point numbers, some of
154725 [bob.news@gm ] IMHO Float() should raise an exception in these cases; your program will
154729 [cameron.mcbr] Morning,

[QUIZ] MUD Client (#45)
154731 [james@gr yp ] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
154801 [zedshaw@ze s] This is so bizarre, I've been working on a telnet emulator using Myriad for the last week so I can script some green screen applications at work.  Who'd have thought I could post a ruby quiz solution too. :-)
154808 [james@gr yp ] Great.  We need some clients to go with all the cool MUDs posted to

rpc (not xml-rpc)
154732 [bouncer@no h] is rpc possible with ruby?
154739 [james_b@ne r] Have you looked at Drb?
154741 [bouncer@no h] the rpc is to a different (not ruby) piece of software/server (disk quota
+ 154742 [james_b@ne r] DCOM? CORBA?
+ 154832 [halostatue@g] If the disk quota system implements Sun's RPC, you're not going to be

Ruby-specific performance heuristics?
154733 [hgs@dm .a .u] I've been doing some stuff with CSV recently, having data in one
+ 154735 [bob.news@gm ] Yes, definitely.
+ 154745 [Ara.T.Howard] - use class variables of some sort : never store in an object what should be
  + 154747 [bob.news@gm ] <lots of good stuff deleted>
  | 154748 [Ara.T.Howard] irb(main):001:0> "foo bar".scan %r/ \b\w+ /x
  | + 154751 [bob.news@gm ] ...
  | + 154761 [eric_mahurin] Regarding performance, just using any anchor won't necessarily
  + 154754 [mailing-list] That's an overstatement.  True, use anchors whenever possible, as they
  | 154763 [mailing-list] Well, what you said was that "performance degrades exponentially
  | 154766 [Ara.T.Howard] can i assume then, that yours is DFA?
  | 154772 [mailing-list] No, it's an NFA executed in parallel,
  + 154762 [hgs@dm .a .u] Wow, lots of good stuff already.  I'm collecting these on the web
    + 154768 [hgs@dm .a .u] I seem to be finding that using Struct::Thingy.new is slower than
    + 154771 [Ara.T.Howard] cool.
      154777 [hgs@dm .a .u] Thank you.  I've still not tidied it up yet.

Suggestion for future quizzes  (was: Re: [SUMMARY] Word Chains (#44))
154737 [ruby@ml ic m] Since the ruby quiz is about specific problems, not about the same kind of
154749 [james@gr yp ] I really don't want to tell anyone how to write their code.  That

Rake: multiple prerequisites in rule?
154744 [maze@st ah u] I am using Kwartz as a templating engine for my Rails project. Kwartz
+ 154769 [langstefan@g] Rant allows you to give a block to create the prerequisite name(s)
| 154945 [maze@st ah u] Thanks Stefan!
+ 154949 [niklas@gr n.] Not as elegant as using a rule perhaps, but you could write
| 154951 [maze@st ah u] Thanks, that does it! So that means there will be one definition (in memory)
+ 155025 [jim@we ri hh] Rake 0.6.0 (just released) now supports multiple prerequisites in a rule.
  155044 [maze@st ah u] rule '.rhtml' => ['.html', '.plogic'] do |t|

variables in regex
154756 [JCYoder@gm i] Does anyone know how I can write a regular expression using a variable

variables in regex
154757 [JCYoder@gm i] Does anyone know how I can write a regular expression using a variable
154758 [dblack@wo bl] /.{1,#{variable}}/

Re: template library - specific needs
154764 [mikkel@gm il] there are many template systems in ruby...
154765 [james@gr yp ] ERb fails the very first requirement of what the other person was
154767 [ruby-talk@le] erb is the accepted way to do this.
154770 [Ara.T.Howard] amrita supports all of this and also separates code from template - the

[ANN] MouseHole 1.1 -- rose-colored spectacles for the Web
154773 [ruby-talk@wh] MouseHole 1.1 is out.  If you're unfamiliar with it, that's okay because
+ 154784 [james_b@ne r] Very slick.
| 154792 [james_b@ne r] But this
| 154805 [ruby-talk@wh] Yeah, the first one had some missing DLLs.  Sawry!!
+ 154796 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Wow, it's already slicing and dicing and making julienne fries!

Idiomatic conversion of yielding block to array
154775 [ruby_talk@sh] So I have a function that generates like 300 lines of text and I want to
154776 [levin.alexan] require 'enumerator'
+ 154779 [SimonKroeger] You don't need the to_a but still zip will create 3 arrays.
| 154785 [SimonKroeger] s1 = ['this', 'is', 'a', 'test'].join("\n")
| + 154786 [levin.alexan] require 'generator'
| | 154788 [SimonKroeger] Yes, perfekt, that's what i was looking for (and implemented :) )
| | 154793 [lukfugl@gm i] What's the second to last line for?
| | 154794 [SimonKroeger] str[fixnum] => fixnum or nil
| | 154798 [lukfugl@gm i] Ah, sorry, I missed the fact that you were iterating over characters
| | 154800 [SimonKroeger] hmm, true .. on the other hand assert_equal throws an
| | 154804 [lukfugl@gm i] Indeed, I forgot about that as well. Most my programming has been in
| + 154789 [lukfugl@gm i] Good heavens, no! Neither of those are thread safe. Criminy!
|   + 154790 [lukfugl@gm i] (Sorry, for those in non-tree-threading clients, that was in reply to
|   + 154791 [SimonKroeger] because zip converts each argument to an array, which isn't what you
|     154795 [lukfugl@gm i] Ah, yes. I'd probably do it with SyncEnumerator rather than zip as
|     + 154797 [lukfugl@gm i] Again, I need to proofread my posts better. That should read "Only if"
|     | 154799 [SimonKroeger] It is a _sized_ queue wich i initailized to be of size 1, so there is
|     | 154807 [lukfugl@gm i] Yeah, I should have looked into that before my first post. Again, my
|     + 154803 [levin.alexan] ...
|       + 154806 [lukfugl@gm i] Yeah, but that performance is probably linear (again, I'm shooting
|       + 154829 [SimonKroeger] ...
+ 154813 [w_a_x_man@ya] class Array

Beginner: Options with YAML
154778 [lispamateur@] I already use YAML to handle persistance of a queue, e.g. - one big data
+ 154780 [james@gr yp ] The first thought that pops into my head is to store these options in
| 155095 [lispamateur@] Well, by 'clumsy' I meant exactly something like
| 155112 [james@gr yp ] login(SERVER, PORT, USER, PASS)
+ 154782 [langstefan@g] Simply store the information in a hash in a yaml file.

Thread for scheduling
154787 [csjasnoch@wi] I would like to be able to create a thread that uses a schedule
154802 [Ara.T.Howard] background commands in a way that does not block the calling thread.  so,

Ruby "Game" (Graphics & Sound) Frameworks
154809 [ruby_talk@sh] What's the state of Ruby with regard to "game" frameworks, a la PyGame
+ 154810 [peter.thoman] I think the most usable framework is RUDL (http://rudl.sourceforge.net/)
+ 154812 [florgro@gm i] Except for the 3D model this is all done by Ruby-Gosu in a very