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^ ruby quiz question '*' on the initialize parameters
153730 [gaston.garci] On the ruby quiz called: Banned Words (#9), I'm looking at the class posted=
+ 153731 [james graypr] You guessed it.  It will collect all passed parameters into an Array
| 153734 [gaston.garci] Thanks james, that's a beautiful thing that does!!!=20
| 153735 [james graypr] irb(main):001:0> def var_args( *args )
| 153736 [gaston.garci] well, now I got lost with that reverse example. but I did get the first one=
| + 153738 [james graypr] It just means that if you have an Array of arguments, you can expand
| | 153742 [Daniel.Berge] I didn't see anyone mention it, but it's referred to as the "splat"
| | 153743 [james graypr] Well, then I got to learn something too.  I've always called it the
| | 153805 [dblack wobbl] I call it the unar[r]ay (unary un-array) operator :-)
| + 153744 [joevandyk gm] % cat a.rb
+ 153732 [joevandyk gm] Yes.  And it sticks them into an array.
+ 153733 [dblack wobbl] Yes -- it creates an array out of whatever comes in, zero or more of

^ probably a stupid rails question
153762 [tsuraan gmai] I'm working through the Rails intro on
+ 153763 [threeve.org ] 1)  It would be better to use the Rails mailing list for your Rails
| 153764 [tsuraan gmai] Yeah, I just haven't subscribed yet.  I guess I should :)
+ 153767 [francois bag] Declare the id column as an serial.
  153889 [robby.lists ] Wait, don't forget the PRIMARY KEY!

^ stringio as file
153765 [joevandyk gm] StringIO can be used as a standin for a File object when testing, right?
153768 [joevandyk gm] Ah, nevermind.  I forgot File.open is a class method.
153769 [joevandyk gm] require 'stringio'
+ 153770 [binary42 gma] a.rewind
| 153772 [joevandyk gm] Doh, that clears it up.  Thanks!
+ 153771 [joevandyk gm] require 'stringio'
+ 153773 [nobu.nokada ] a.rewind

^ Asserting files are not different in Test::Unit?
153775 [ruby_talk sh] I am writing some document generation classes now, and testing them with
+ 153777 [jeff.darklig] Hows about
+ 153778 [halostatue g] You could use Diff::LCS, available on RubyForge.
+ 153845 [zoso foton.e] def test_db

^ Introducing ruSH
153780 [reyn.vlietst] Traditionally the unix shell pipes text from one command to the next.
153788 [sy1234 gmail] I've been waiting for something like this to come along.. but I'm
153789 [reyn.vlietst] You have to have
153791 [sy1234 gmail] Again, my apologies for being an utter newbie.  =)
153792 [reyn.vlietst] Yes, thats one of the curses functions I added which were missing.
153798 [sy1234 gmail] Aah, I noticed this mention, but assumed I could run the colour-bugged
153800 [sy1234 gmail] I got it working, looks good.  I can't wait to start thinking about
153802 [reyn.vlietst] A screenshot for anyone interested.
+ 153804 [navindra cs.] Cool.  Any reason external scripts aren't supported directly instead
| 153808 [emeza cdi.go] I like it. It's exactly what I need !.
| 153813 [reyn.vlietst] JM, yes there's a directory where all the commands are held.
| 162292 [tanner.burso] Any work still being done on this? What's the status these days?
| + 162315 [reyn.vlietst] I'm very busy at work atm,
| + 162409 [ruby-ml magi] Yes, although I have not done much recently, mainly due to
+ 153806 [jeffm ghostg] Yes, interested. Looking good. Especially like the expressions feature.

^ Fwd: Good cross-platform IDE / multiple document text editor for ruby / rails?
153794 [gaston.garci] VIM : )

^ [WAY OT]Re: vim user switch to emacs?
153799 [derek derekw] Because the shell suspends current vim usage, and you can't get back

^ Benchmark question
153803 [joevandyk gm] irb(main):015:0> Benchmark.measure { 1000000.times { |i| i + 1 } }
153860 [mohit.muthan] Mohit Muthanna [mohit (at) muthanna (uhuh) com]
154015 [joevandyk gm] ruby 1.8.2, compiled on Redhat 9.

^ [Ann] RueDoc: rdoc-hacks 0.1.2
153810 [ruby-ml magi] Exciting news! :)
+ 153811 [ruby-ml magi] template<typename duck>
| 153825 [james_b neur] At least one of the URLs is still broken
| 153840 [ruby-ml magi] Well, crikey.
+ 153812 [mailinglists] Did you work on the mny bugs in the ruby doc parser. Like skipping
| + 153819 [ruby-ml magi] No. These are specifically hacks to ease the pain until I or someone
| + 153823 [halostatue g] Have you added those as bugs to Rdoc on RubyForge? If not, Eric and
+ 153850 [ruby-talk wh] Great stuff, thankyou.  I needed this.  The YAML which RDoc builds is a

^ Soks Wiki - Support for page tagging added
153817 [the.mindstor] I am not sure this is the right place to post this message, so sorry if it is not.
154100 [tamc2 cam.ac] There is also a soks mailing list, you can join at http://
154130 [the.mindstor] #: Tom Counsell changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  8/29/2005 5:15 PM :#

^ [ANN] vwmc mu* client (was: Still looking for a Ruby MUD client)
153818 [sy1234 gmail] For the interest of the thread-watchers, I found an emerging Ruby mu*

^ POP3 SSL on Ruby
153821 [diego heyboy] I was wondering if it was possible to connect to a POP3 server using
153861 [mohit.muthan] You can do it with OpenSSL (openssl.rb). It's part of the standard library.

^ Unrequiring a module
153822 [idoo4002 mai] rb_require("file.rb");
153824 [halostatue g] Strictly speaking, you can't. Well, you can't unrequire. However,
153826 [idoo4002 mai] my worry with doing this would be that it would reload the 'Qt'
153827 [decoux moulo] first remove the constant AssignSomeText, then use rb_load_protect()
153829 [idoo4002 mai] i tried to find some way of remove a constant, but couldn't see one,
153830 [decoux moulo] Module#remove_const

^ Examples of WWW::Mechanize with cookies and redirect?
153834 [ljz asfast.c] I'd like to use Michael Neumann's WWW::Mechanize package to do some web
154037 [mneumann nte] A redirect is automatically followed, so you don't have to think about
154171 [ljz asfast.c] Thank you for clearing this up!

^ Replacing RDoc: what do you want to see?
153844 [ruby-ml magi] I am thinking of starting something up to entirely
+ 153847 [james_b neur] Have you considered discussion this in the ruby-doc mailing list?  There
+ 153848 [halostatue g] Honestly, I don't want to see RDoc replaced. I *do* want to see it
| + 153853 [james_b neur] I don't entirely disagree with this, but I don't buy the "distraction"
| + 153855 [drbrain segm] If RDoc is broken, people should file bugs so that us maintainers can
|   153858 [halostatue g] Agreed. There are some things that I'd like to see done, but nothing
+ 154109 [meta pobox.c] Any replacement for Rdoc will need to accept the same input Rdoc

^ What's wrong with my index.rhtml?
153851 [lists kalama] When I use some eruby examples from the PickAxe book as my

^ millisec in strin representation of Time
153852 [vjoel path.b] Is there a way to use Time#strftime to generate a string that contains
+ 153856 [james graypr] This may not exactly answer your question, but you you parse with
+ 153859 [khaines enig] Time.parse works via ParseDate.parsedate, and that, in turn, passes all the
  + 153915 [akr m17n.org] I see.  I modified time.rb to use Date._parse directly.
  | 153934 [vjoel path.b] Works perfectly. Many thanks to both of you, Kirk and Tanaka!
  + 153936 [vjoel path.b] If the _date_ arg doesn't have fractional seconds, then parse still
    154065 [andrew.townl] Did I miss something or did someone actually answer this part of the
    154135 [vjoel path.b] No, only the parsing side of the question was discussed.

^ how do you describe '#!' in written english?
153863 [tshiget1 gw.] quick question.
+ 153864 [jimfreeze gm] Yes, it is known as the shebang or the Berkeley !# hack.
| 153865 [jimfreeze gm] Make that Berkely #! hack.
| 153866 [tshiget1 gw.] greetings, Jim. :-)
| + 153867 [idoo4002 mai] isn't it an interpreter?
| + 153868 [idoo4002 mai] by the way, a 'BIKKURI' in english is an exclamation mark. exclamation
|   + 153870 [tshiget1 gw.] greetings iain.
|   | 153872 [idoo4002 mai] dou dashimashite. nihon de "type" o surebanai koto ga zannen na koto da.
|   + 154121 [martindemell] And US hacker slang for the ! is "bang" ("pling" in the UK, though I think
|     154122 [Daniel.Berge] This reminds me of a Ricky Martin song for some reason....
|     154126 [flashdrvnk H] lol I exactly thought the same
|     154215 [res0i3sf ver] It's referred to as an "octothorpe".  :-)
|     154230 [tshiget1 gw.] greetings. thanks.
|     154264 [springer sil] That would be ab "asterisk". :-)
|     154342 [brockweaver ] I have heard "*" called "star" or "splat".  I even heard an old VAX
|     154351 [tshiget1 gw.] i also call it 'star' usually.
+ 153871 [james_b neur] James
  153873 [tshiget1 gw.] greetings, James.
  153874 [idoo4002 mai] i think that's actually a pronunciation guideline. so that just means
  153875 [tshiget1 gw.] how can i thank you, iain.
  153876 [idoo4002 mai] mochiron oshiete kureru!

^ Reopening with a bang: cannot assign to self
153877 [ruby_talk sh] I'm writing some code that benefits from extending Array.  One of the
153882 [daniel.amela] Is Array#replace what you're looking for?
153884 [ruby_talk sh] Possibly.  Array#replace seems to be like collect!, it's a nicer way
+ 153886 [daniel.amela] I see. Well, there isn't a general way to do it in any class, since
+ 153903 [daniel brock] Fixnum could not possibly have it, because fixnum values are

^ FXRuby addInput on telnet connection.
153878 [agemoagemo y] In the program I'm working on, I'd like to use

^ Iterating over arrays in lockstep
153880 [ruby_talk sh] James Gray's refactoring of my decidedly anidiomatic solution to Quiz
153881 [levin grunde] array.zip(array.normalize) { |item, normalized_item| "..." }

^ Ruby idiom for enum?
153885 [ruby_talk sh] I want to set up a program that uses some predefined values to determine
+ 153893 [shortcutter ] There are several possible solutions: Use an enum lib maybe there's
+ 153898 [ruby.brian g] module RATING
| 153909 [phurley gmai] See if it helps
+ 153905 [Ara.T.Howard] you could use enums : it's easy enough to do clearly in ruby
+ 153907 [florgro gmai] That's also possible in Ruby, but I think it is a better idea to

^ Rubyists in Rio de Janeiro
153887 [daniel.amela] Any rubyists in Rio interested in getting together sometime the next
+ 153922 [demetriusnun] Hey Daniel,
+ 153924 [esmiralha gm] Hey Daniel,

^ [ANN] gmailer-0.0.5
153888 [phasis bclin] GMailer is a class for interface to Google's webmail service.
153892 [daniel.amela] Hey Park, looks great. We can tell that you're putting a lot into this

^ Hashing VALUES to C-Structs
153890 [ruby.brian g] in an extension I'm writing I'd like to hash ruby objects to
153955 [vjoel path.b] Not sure I understand, but what about using a ruby Hash whose values are

^ UDPSocket broadcast to
153895 [vjoel path.b] Is my network stack screwy, or is there something strange about
153896 [daniel brock] Joel,
153933 [vjoel path.b] Ah, you're right, of course. The mask for lo is, so of course

^ Fwd: [SOLUTION] Word Chains (#44)
153900 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;
154239 [w_a_x_man ya] D=IO.read('dict').split($/).grep(/^.{#{$*[0].size}}$/)
154346 [SimonKroeger] (the dictionary is the optional third parameter, no -d)
154381 [w_a_x_man ya] Yours is faster and produces shorter chains.  I shortened it a
154400 [w_a_x_man ya] [ clipped ]

^ Re: [SOLUTION] Word Chains (#44)
153901 [james graypr] #!/usr/local/bin/ruby -w
+ 153916 [gavin refine] Here's my solution. It's most surely not the fastest, but it can be
| 153946 [gavin refine] After I posted my solution, I took a shower, scribbled a few diagrams
| + 153953 [levin grunde] An interesting chain to stress-test your algorithms is "sahara" <->
| | + 153956 [SimonKroeger] Heya dear quizers,
| | + 153959 [gavin refine] Mine is missing many of the words in that chain. What dictionary is
| |   + 153960 [dbatml gmx.d] Here is my solution.
| |   + 153964 [levin grunde] "/usr/share/dict/british-english" from Ubuntu Hoary.
| |     154052 [gavin refine] charset=US-ASCII;
| + 153961 [sellberg gma] Did you consider making it into an iterative deepening search instead?
| + 154073 [james graypr] I will try, yes.
|   154152 [email55555 g] Here are my solutions. They are very slow ...
|   154634 [email55555 g] It feels really bad when you see your solution fail on [SUMMARY] Word Chain=
|   + 154636 [james graypr] That's a great point.  Thanks for bringing it up.  It's easy to
|   + 154656 [SimonKroeger] Yep!
+ 153919 [gavin refine] What's the benefit to using #warn rather than #puts here? stderr
| 153920 [james graypr] I can redirect them separately.  For example, I can throw the chain
+ 153926 [james graypr] I'm not sure, but there's a Ruby Quiz that gets you most of the way
| 153929 [jannis harde] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 153957 [vjoel path.b] vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407
  154039 [will thimble] My last email seemed to disappear in the ether, so here it is again.

^ Fwd: Ruby Gateway Done
153902 [james graypr] Just passing the information along...

^ Re: RueDoc: rdoc-hacks 0.1.2
153904 [robertbrook.] Try http://www.magical-cat.org/projects/ruedoc/downloads/

^ Dynamic methods / accessors
153906 [lists elasto] I'm trying to setup some kind of dynamic method / accessor assignment to
153911 [decoux moulo] moulon% cat b.rb

^ Dynamic methods / accessors
153908 [lists elasto] I'm trying to setup some kind of dynamic method / accessor assignment to
+ 153912 [bob.news gmx] You need so called singleton methods. These are present in just a single
| 153913 [bob.news gmx] directly do
+ 153914 [lists elasto] Thanks guys!

^ Re: Forcing attr_writer to a type?
153925 [malte.milatz] class Class

^ Help needed with rexml
153927 [invalid dev.] I've been struggling to properly parse some XML with rexml. I will fully
+ 153930 [shortcutter ] xml.elements.each do |elem|
| 154003 [grice medusa] Thanks for the reply. I did read the tutorial--I just wasn't making the
+ 153931 [zerohalo gma] Michael, I came across the same problem recently when using ruby/rexml
| + 153948 [zerohalo gma] PS. There's a great XML plugin for JEdit that will show you the results
| | 153950 [zerohalo gma] Correction to my last post. It's in the XSLT plugin.
| + 153951 [transfire gm] Written off teh top of my head, but you could write your own.
| | 153962 [james_b neur] If you really think you need to visit every element you  may be better
| | 153965 [zerohalo gma] James, would you mind pointing to a link that explains how to do this?
| | 154001 [james_b neur] I don't think there is much written about the pull parser (though I
| | 154125 [zerohalo gma] Thanks, James, I'll study that.
| | + 154220 [davidbe gmai] Google on REXML and you get some good results!
| | + 154502 [james_b neur] No, the site is missing some obvious UI clues for friendlier usage.
| + 154000 [invalid dev.] Thanks! This is what I'm looking for. I read through the tutorial and
+ 154009 [zdennis mkte] What type of information do you want to get out of this? You never

^ building rbtree 0.1.3 (was: [SOLUTION] Word Chains (#44))
153932 [levin grunde] I tried to build it but it fails the unit tests

^ Debate about Ruby in Another Group
153935 [gervasdougla] Gervas

^ Re: [OT]-  [SOLUTION] Word Chains (#44) - time equivalent for windows
153939 [the.mindstor] #: Jannis Harder changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  8/28/2005 8:39 PM :#
153941 [flashdrvnk H] You could use ruby's Time class to determine the duration.

^ time equivalent for windows (was: [OT]-  [SOLUTION] Word Chains (#44) - time equivalent for windows)
153940 [levin grunde] If you want to benchmark ruby scripts you could use 'benchmark'
153995 [daniel.amela] ruby script I called 'rtime' Really trivial stuff.

^ Re: building rbtree 0.1.3
153958 [vjoel path.b] Looks like your ruby headers or libs aren't where extconf.rb expects

^ UDPSocket broadcast and #connect
153966 [vjoel path.b] Ok, a new problem. The following program outputs "received: foo". But if
+ 153976 [daniel brock] CONNECT(2)        Linux Programmers Manual        CONNECT(2)
| 153982 [vjoel path.b] Hm, so linux connect() implies bind() on UDP sockets?
+ 154008 [vjoel path.b] Wrong. Binding this socket lets the packet go through, when the

^ Re: Rio 0.3.3
153968 [rio4ruby rub] You're a damn genius, aren't you :)
+ 153970 [rio4ruby rub] This change has been checked into CVS, and will be in the next release.
| 154023 [dave burt.id] irb(main):002:0> rio('/usr/bin/ruby').rel('foo/bar')
| 155128 [rio4ruby rub] Your example seems wrong, but is actually correct. If you ran
+ 154020 [dave burt.id] ...
+ 154021 [dave burt.id] (Sorry about the blank post prior to this)
  155129 [rio4ruby rub] You now have both -- and more. You now can create pathless Rios in