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153449 [rubytalk@be ] Howdy Folks,

ruby way for piece of code
153456 [the.mindstor] [code]
+ 153467 [jim.menard@g] The code that replaces
| 153468 [the.mindstor] #: Jim Menard changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  8/24/2005 7:41 PM :#
| 153472 [jim.menard@g] Aah, alreadh changed on any previous line. Got it.
| + 153473 [the.mindstor] #: Jim Menard changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  8/24/2005 7:59 PM :#
| + 153476 [jim.menard@g] The "tags = line.split ... " should just read "line.split ... ". No
+ 153474 [mailing-list] def prepare_content(new_content)
  153478 [the.mindstor] #: Nikolai Weibull changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  8/24/2005 8:07 PM :#
  153497 [mailing-list] def prepare_content(new_content)
  153501 [the.mindstor] #: Nikolai Weibull changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  8/24/2005 10:09 PM :#

Extending Code Cleanly
153500 [halostatue@g] [NOTE: This is an offshoot of Zed Shaw's rant on Chainsaw Infanticide.]
+ 153502 [ruby_talk@sh] I disagree.  requiring a library should extend stuff in the standard
| + 153506 [Stephen.L.Mo] I'd add that modifying is worse than extending.  If a library adds a
| + 153511 [halostatue@g] I'm arguing that it's generally inappropriate for a random library to
|   153521 [ruby_talk@sh] I *REALLY* like this idiom!
|   153523 [halostatue@g] Thanks. I didn't invent it, but it seems the *best* way to solve what
|   153572 [Stephen.L.Mo] Bigdecimal does this too.   There's some nifty extensions to standard
|   153598 [ruby_talk@sh] require 'foo'
+ 153507 [the.mindstor] #: Austin Ziegler changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  8/24/2005 10:31 PM :#

OT: Nedit fix
153503 [vjoel@pa h. ] Beautiful! That was it: just had to install motif and follow the
153505 [rhkramer@gm ] Wonderful!

[ANN] Alexandria 0.6.0
153510 [lrz@gn me or] Alexandria 0.6.0 has just been released.

[ANN] Bokeo 0.25 - The initial release of an FXRuby interface to RubyGems
153513 [lymans@gm il] I'm pleased to announce the initial release of Bokeo, an FXRuby
+ 153514 [vjoel@pa h. ] Hey, great! I like "local gems have been mined" in the status line.
| + 153517 [the.mindstor] #: Joel VanderWerf changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  8/25/2005 12:53 AM :#
| + 153565 [lymans@gm il] Excellent suggestion. I'll add it to the list.
+ 153522 [jimfreeze@gm] Can we get some screen shots?
| 153567 [lymans@gm il] Good idea. I even had one around for that purpose (dunno why I didn't
+ 153529 [lyle.johnson] Nice job, Richard! You might want to consider packaging it as a Gem itself...
| 153569 [lymans@gm il] That's in the plan.
+ 153621 [chadfowler@g] Great stuff!

Net::HTTP with ssl on Windows
153515 [vanweerd@gm ] In Ruby 1.8.2. should Net::Http work with ssl on Windows?

regexp character classes and +
153524 [r.mark.volkm] On page 71 of Pickaxe 2, discussing character classes, it says "The
+ 153526 [vjoel@pa h. ] The - character denotes a range in a regexp.
| 153528 [mailing-list] There's always the all-encompassing (?) backslash escape: /[\-]/,
+ 153527 [jim@we ri hh] Its not the '+' that is getting you ... its the '-'.

Anyone using ActiveLDAP?  Worked around the bug in 0.5.7?
153525 [shussey@be k] ...
153596 [shussey@be k] ...

mod_ruby and include statements (mixins)
153538 [mithill@te u] Perhaps someone can explain this behaviour to me.

RDoc template update
153539 [ruby-ml@ma i] I was able to do a bit of work on the template I started a while back.
153553 [ruby.talk.li] Very slick.  Are the templates publicly available?

[ANN] gmailer 0.0.3
153540 [phasis@bc in] GMailer is a class for interface to Google's webmail service.
+ 153552 [james_b@ne r] Thanks, very nice.
+ 153557 [james_b@ne r] I was just trying out a variation of your example, and got an error at
+ 153558 [shanko_date@] I tested it with both with and without proxy. On Win 2K Pro and
  153581 [shanko_date@] box = "inbox" unless box

153541 [leslie@ca ar] I am struggling to detect in a script whether the current user is root or
+ 153542 [bruce.woodwa] irb(main):004:0> if Process.euid != 0
| 153545 [leslie@ca ar] Thanks!
| 153582 [andrew.townl] Userid is always who you logged in as;  effective user id is who you
+ 153544 [mithrandir@t] How about this?

Eric Luo has invited you to try Google Talk.
153546 [eric.wenbl@g] I've been using Google Talk and thought you might like to try it out.

[ANN] PDF::Writer 1.1.2
153549 [halostatue@g] * Thomas Gantner found two bugs with page numbering and provided a    patch for one of them. Marc Vleugels found one of the same bugs that    Thomas did and reported it as #2204 on the RubyForge tracker.  * Mike Leddy found an issue with PDF::SimpleTable and provided a    patch in #2129 on the RubyForge tracker.  * Marc Vleugels found several minor issues and one major issue with    PDF::Writer's handling of index-based PNG transparency. I fixed the    minor issues and can reproduce the major issue, but do not as yet    have a fix for it. See #2245 on the RubyForge tracker for more    details.
153550 [lyndon.samso] ...

Redcloth nested list bug
153551 [rasputnik@gm] ...
153648 [alex@ve k. n] Oh yes, well known bug. Another (similar) form is

Ruby Home Page Design
153554 [josh.charles] When I was looking for some sample ruby code.  What is the status of
153575 [bg-rubytalk@] It's in progress, and there should be an update soon (within the next few
153597 [lists@so rc ] Ben,
+ 153625 [seths.mailin] I'd be interested to know more about this. Which domain is it for?
| 153642 [ulmo@va ar a] Here is everything you all wanted to know...
| 153643 [kheon@co ca ] I believe it's for http://www.ruby-lang.org/.
+ 153681 [ng@jo nw on ] John Long

[SUMMARY] Sodoku Solver (#43)
153561 [james@gr yp ] What's the deal?  Is it Sodoku, Sudoku, Su Doku, or what?
+ 153593 [ruby_talk@sh] Loaded suite test_sodoku
| 153606 [james@gr yp ] Thank you for bringing my error to my attention.  I've corrected it
+ 153623 [adam.shelly@] Ok, I admit I'm a ruby newbie.  But I'm trying to learn the Ruby Way.
| + 153627 [james@gr yp ] <laughs>  No worries there!
| + 153633 [SimonKroeger] much better!
|   153639 [adam.shelly@] almost.
+ 153624 [SimonKroeger] Is it ok to reply to your summary?
  153629 [james@gr yp ] Always.  Definitely.  The number one goal of Ruby Quiz has always

idea: klass.from_s(str)
153562 [eric_mahurin] I was thinking how in seems a little asymmetric that many
+ 153568 [simon.kroege] Perhaps implement a method_missing in String such as s.to_xxx
| 153586 [eric_mahurin] That sounds like a good idea to add a little convienence.  That
| 153587 [eric_mahurin] Maybe this would be better - making the class an argument
+ 153571 [mailing-list] How is
| 153573 [vjoel@pa h. ] irb(main):001:0> Integer("123")
| 153579 [mailing-list] Yes, but it's a function and it doesn't really do very much more than
+ 153574 [dblack@wo bl] I don't see that as a burden.  It seems to correspond precisely to
  153580 [eric_mahurin] Maybe for many of the core classes, there should be both forms
  + 153583 [dblack@wo bl] I still prefer the technique of asking an object to provide, if
  | 153588 [eric_mahurin] I think an example is needed to demonstrate my point.  Say you
  | + 153592 [dblack@wo bl] Neither of them would I include in, say, an essay, on duck typing, not
  | | 153599 [eric_mahurin] I'd disagree.  Even if you are passing classes around you
  | | 153604 [dblack@wo bl] The class *is* the object, in this case.  But that's not my point.  I
  | + 153594 [daniel@br ck] Eric,
  |   153605 [eric_mahurin] You are correct with that definition.  Which admittedly is the
  |   153607 [dblack@wo bl] You're shaving the concept of duck typing down to a trivial level,
  + 153585 [mailing-list] irb(main):003:0> String.methods.grep(/^to_/).sort
    153589 [james@gr yp ] ???  ri shows me to_f, to_i, to_s, to_str, and to_sym.
    + 153591 [decoux@mo lo] moulon% ruby -e 'p String.instance_methods(false).grep(/^to_/).sort'
    + 153641 [mailing-list] Oops, I should have written String.new.methods....,

[ANN] EventLoop 0.0.20050825.1600
153566 [daniel@br ck] Due to the somewhat popular demand of an event loop for Ruby,
153590 [vjoel@pa h. ] I *love* ruby threads. Still, I wish ruby's thread scheduler would
+ 153595 [akr@m1 n. rg] File#flock works well since Ruby 1.8.2.  It blocks only the calling
| 153613 [vjoel@pa h. ] Wow! Thanks.
| 153630 [vjoel@pa h. ] I updated FSDB(*) to 0.5 to take advantage of this, in case it's running
| + 153632 [Daniel.Berge] In other news, 1989 called.  They want their version numbering system back.
| | + 153634 [vjoel@pa h. ] I'm still living in 1989 in many ways....
| | + 153637 [vjoel@pa h. ] It just dawned on me that you were probably talking about
| + 153649 [akr@m1 n. rg] Ruby does the polling.  You may call it a hack.
|   153654 [vjoel@pa h. ] Oh, well as long as ruby does it, it's more efficient than me doing it,
+ 153601 [daniel@br ck] Hmm, okay, then I guess I shall have to remove or annotate
| + 153614 [vjoel@pa h. ] That's a good point.
| + 153652 [akr@m1 n. rg] It seems that a giant lock can be some compromise of them.
| | 153663 [billk@ct .c ] Wow - the main thing holding back progress on this front is
| | 153664 [akr@m1 n. rg] Do you have a problem with threads?
| | + 153702 [wilsonb@gm i] Windows actually has plenty of support for nonblocking operations on
| | | 153716 [billk@ct .c ] Thanks; I should have been more clear... I'd posted earlier
| | + 153724 [billk@ct .c ] I'm about to head to the airport so I'll just say that
| | | 153784 [akr@m1 n. rg] The trade-off should not big except programming style issue since Ruby
| | | 154587 [billk@ct .c ] Right... For the program I'm writing right now, if I were
| | | 154820 [akr@m1 n. rg] I can understand the fear.  However I'm not sure how it can be
| | + 153801 [snacktime@gm] Performance and resource consumption is it for me.  I have a
| |   153910 [akr@m1 n. rg] I see.  I never experienced such applications, though.
| + 153748 [ysantoso-rub] To nitpick, neither pre-emptive threading nor cooperative threading
|   153787 [daniel@br ck] To nitpick back, I think you overstated that claim a bit.
+ 153603 [billk@ct .c ] I got the impression from that thread that it pertained only to 2.6... ?
  153612 [vjoel@pa h. ] vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407

Win32ole object collection mapping to array ?
153577 [Peter.Fitzgi] ...
+ 153602 [daniel.amela] items.sort_by {|h| h.keys[0].to_i}
+ 153610 [brian.takita] ...
| 153611 [brian.takita] ...
+ 154431 [tokmak@gm il] ...

153615 [shussey@be k] ...

Testing 2
153616 [shussey@be k] Sorry for all the testing, but I can't get my messages to come
153618 [shussey@be k] That was it.  Does the list freak out at digitally signed messages?

Anyone using ActiveLDAP?  Worked around the bug in 0.5.7?
153617 [shussey@be k] I'm trying to work with ruby-activeldap, but since we upgraded to

resend : Redcloth nested list bug
153620 [rasputnik@gm] ...

Fwd: DrbServerNotFound while running debugger on functional tests?
153626 [railsinator@] ...

Re: DrbServerNotFound while running debugger on functional tests?
153635 [drbrain@se m] @@session_data = DRbObject.new(nil, 'druby://localhost:9192')
153636 [railsinator@] ...
153638 [drbrain@se m] I'm still going to bet you haven't started the DRb service.
153640 [railsinator@] ...
153650 [drbrain@se m] Rails has the option of using a DRb server to store session data.

[ANN] gmailer 0.0.4
153644 [phasis@bc in] ...
+ 153653 [shanko_date@] Really? How? Does it handle files larger than 10MB?
| + 153657 [phasis@bc in] I guess the large file can be handled by dividing for a certain block size.
| + 153661 [james_b@ne r] Split 'em up.
+ 153703 [james_b@ne r] Oh no, thank you!

reading in C structs
153647 [joevandyk@gm] typedef struct
153655 [vjoel@pa h. ] IIUC, just unpack "sC6", C for unsigned char.

[Ann] RueDoc: rdoc-hacks 0.1 and a frameless template
153651 [ruby-ml@ma i] OK, reasonably stable now, lots of work to be done still.
+ 153658 [james_b@ne r] Sweet! This looks super bad.
+ 153660 [james_b@ne r] Does this help?
| 153665 [ruby-ml@ma i] Unfortunately not... the other pages are validating OK yet suffer
+ 153710 [lyle.johnson] Very nice!

rmagick question
153656 [joevandyk@gm] require 'RMagick'
+ 153659 [joevandyk@gm] pixel = Magick::Pixel.new(*rgb)
+ 153673 [ruby.brian@g] Use Magick::MaxRGB+1 instead of 256. RGB Values range from 0...2**16.
  + 153714 [joevandyk@gm] Hm.  I'm reading in from a file that has a bunch of RGB values from 0
  | 153746 [joevandyk@gm] I'm starting to lose my mind now.
  | 153747 [joevandyk@gm] Hm, I'm starting to think there's something wrong with my magick
  | + 153750 [Ara.T.Howard] i've found that the only way to go with imagemagick is to compile from source.
  | | 153752 [joevandyk@gm] Thanks... this is on a imagemagick installation compiled from scratch
  | | + 153753 [ruby.brian@g] Maybe you should take a look at Magick::Image#constitute
  | | | 153757 [joevandyk@gm] Thanks.  In my test, it's faster to create Magick::Pixel objects and
  | | + 153942 [cyclists@nc ] If speed is important then the best thing to do is to build a new
  | |   153947 [joevandyk@gm] I'll try the bitshifting approach, thanks.
  | |   153971 [cyclists@nc ] I don't know. My gut feel is yes but if you're going to be working on
  | |   154011 [joevandyk@gm] Yes, my Ruby program was taking up about 500 MB of memory (for a
  | |   154034 [cyclists@nc ] Okay, first recommendation: have a honkin' great big machine :-)
  | |   154163 [joevandyk@gm] (in case people forgot, the color values in @tad_data are from 0-255,
  | |   154176 [joevandyk@gm] Hm... I don't think that those pixels/second numbers are correct.  I
  | |   + 154187 [cyclists@nc ] I'm not surprised that the 256-color IM is the fastest solution. I'm
  | |   | 154192 [Ara.T.Howard] i was playing with something along the lines of
  | |   + 154370 [cyclists@nc ] Joe, what is the format of the pixel data in your input file? Is it just
  | |     154371 [joevandyk@gm] Nope.  The data starts in the SW corner, then goes east and then
  | |     154388 [cyclists@nc ] Darn. After reading Ara's post I started thinking about a way to move
  | |     154396 [Ara.T.Howard] plus plus on the 'very' ;-)
  | |     154559 [cyclists@nc ] Actually I was thinking that NArray would meet me half-way.
  | |     154581 [Ara.T.Howard] right.
  | |     + 154584 [taria@th -a ] Reading this, I'm wondering what how efficient the from_glob and
  | |     | 154685 [rmagick@gm i] Actually this probably would be pretty fast. I haven't worked with BMP
  | |     + 154702 [cyclists@nc ] Sweet! So you load your pixel data into an mmap object, use the mmap
  | + 153758 [drbrain@se m] Possible, or test.jpg isn't writable?  Your test.rb generated a
  + 153781 [joevandyk@gm] The following behavior is confusing to me.
    153783 [joevandyk@gm] Aha!  On an image with dimensions (say) 200x200, I was trying to set

DRb functions disappearing?
153662 [blargity@gm ] I will start by admitting I'm new to Ruby, but am generally a quick learner.
153667 [drbrain@se m] Looks like you're missing a DRbUndumped somewhere.
153668 [blargity@gm ] Your wish is my command.
153670 [drbrain@se m] The listener isn't involved in the failure, right?
153671 [blargity@gm ] If I don't want db/db to live here?  It's a seperate process...?  I'm totally
+ 153717 [blargity@gm ] require 'db/db'
| 153739 [drbrain@se m] Looking again, maybe its User in the KDE process...  Its hard to tell
+ 153741 [drbrain@se m] db/db may be a huge object that you wouldn't want sent across the
  153807 [blargity@gm ] Ok, that makes sense...  I don't want it marshalled, just need proxy objects,
  153815 [drbrain@se m] Its hard to say what exactly is wrong without being able to tinker
  153831 [blargity@gm ] Nope, but I'll give it a shot.
  153854 [drbrain@se m] If you want messages and exceptions, you may end up implementing half
  + 153862 [blargity@gm ] Alright.  Today I just included the classes directly so work could proceed on
  + 153978 [blargity@gm ] You totally win.  I sat down to start dinking with it, marked User as
    154006 [drbrain@se m] Eric Hodel - drbrain@segment7.net - http://segment7.net
    154309 [bww00amdahl@] Eric,
    154372 [blargity@gm ] Do you mean my code?  It's actually a commercial app, so I can't share the
    154447 [bww00amdahl@] Kevin,

[OT] Sudoku again: How to find a sudoku?
153666 [r_mueller@im] What i like to know, is how could you know, that a sudoku-like number table is
+ 153680 [alchen@vt ed] For those of you interested in pursuing some more Sudoku programming,
+ 153705 [james@gr yp ] The solution I discussed in the summary does distinguish between
| 153754 [email55555@g] This may help you ...
+ 154012 [r_mueller@im] Many thanks for the links!!!