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^ New to Ruby!
152777 [sethrasmusse] I recently finished reading the 2nd edition of the PickAxe. I thought it=20
+ 152782 [joevandyk gm] They are currently moving to a new datacenter and upgrading all their
| + 152785 [sethrasmusse] =20
| | 152789 [joevandyk gm] Yup.  Archives are at http://www.rubyquiz.com/
| | 152792 [sethrasmusse] =20
| | 152801 [james graypr] I am that person, so here's the official word, from the horse's mouth
| | + 152803 [SimonKroeger] Thanks for the great quiz James Edward Gray the second !
| | | 152814 [sethrasmusse] Too kind of you, Simon. Thank you.
| | + 152813 [sethrasmusse] It's okay, James. I'll live. I just thought I'd mention it. :)
| + 152799 [gene.tani gm] there's lotsa hosts
+ 152784 [lyle.johnson] Welcome to the list, Seth. I was surprised to discover just this
+ 152786 [josh.charles] Hey, I just joined the list today, but I'm going to try to help you here.
| 152788 [gaston.garci] coldfusion but Php stuff.
+ 152810 [gaston.garci] it's http://www.asmallorange.com
| 152812 [sethrasmusse] Thanks Gaston, that looks like a swell deal. I'm eyeing the Medium plan, an=
+ 152961 [alang cronos] Take a peek at Nitro too:  http://www.nitrohq.com

^ AIX and Ruby issues (still)
152780 [ober linbsd.] I know this is a thorn to bring up every so often.
+ 152905 [bww00amdahl ] I need an AIX build also.
| 152979 [victor.reyes] Me three!
| 152998 [Stephen.L.Mo] Me four.  This is the hold up in getting Ruby approved at our company.
| 153015 [victor.reyes] I provide sys admin support to over 200 RS/6000 running from AIX 4.3.3
| 153042 [wilsonb gmai] Autrijus linked me to this; I'm told that it works.  I don't have
| 153063 [ober linbsd.] Yes Ths version has no working socket support.
+ 153133 [kubo jiubao.] I have no news for an AIX package. But as for the latter how about two
  153158 [ober linbsd.] I tried those patches with xlc to no luck.
  153320 [kubo jiubao.] ruby 1.8.2 on AIX 5.1 with IPv4 socket was also built, which was
  153814 [ober linbsd.] That appears to work.
  153945 [victor.reyes] I guess I am not as lucky as other members.
  154080 [kubo jiubao.] Did you untar the tar-ball at /usr/local/bin?
  154198 [victor.reyes] My mistake!=20
  154298 [victor.reyes] Well, I got it to work on two AIX 5.3 Servers.
  154461 [kubo jiubao.] OK.
  154519 [victor.reyes] Thank you for the info. I'll give it a try tonight.

^ Re: Python vs Ruby! (Forcus on Performace)
152781 [josh.charles] One concern I have is performance issues, especially when it comes to
152790 [khaines enig] Ruby performance with web tasks has been mentioned a great deal.  Heck, I
152796 [josh.charles] Thanks for the info.  That really makes me feel more comfortable with

^ domain-specific language
152793 [joevandyk gm] I'm writing an application that controls a group/cluster of linux
+ 152795 [jamis 37sign] That's what SwitchTower does. I'm sure there's many other ways to do
| 152808 [joevandyk gm] Thanks!  I'll check it out.
| + 152822 [lukfugl gmai] I'd think similarly, but a bit different in that
| | 155212 [joevandyk gm] Thank you for your ideas.  I've adapted it somewhat for parts of my
| | 155213 [joevandyk gm] I would also like to be able to 'group' things together, like
| | 155216 [joevandyk gm] application_group :all_x_apps
| | 155231 [joevandyk gm] Here's the start of what I have so far.  How's it look?
| + 152860 [bob.news gmx] Here's how I'd do it;
+ 152817 [Ara.T.Howard] config = <<-config

^ SWIG Ruby Memory Management
152816 [cfis interse] I've recently gotten up to speed with SWIG as I try to create Ruby
152858 [pit capitain] I can't say anything about your code, cause I've never used SWIG yet,
152898 [Mlipper doit] Ditto.
152946 [cfis interse] Yes, the bindings will be part of the GDAL release (and are in CVS now -
152978 [Mlipper doit] Cool, thanks!

^ [ANN] Mockery initial release (yet another dynamic mock object generator)
152819 [shea gtsdesi] Ruby is a really easy language to write mocks in, and it took
152859 [pit capitain] Nice work! I will try it if I need mocks in my unit tests. One first
152907 [shea gtsdesi] I didn't even know you could do that, very slick.  The only problem is

^ Re: gmailer 0.0.1 (plain text)
152835 [konstantin.l] <code to detect proxy>
152837 [phasis68 hot] Thanks for your code.

^ Ruby Jobs (potential siting)
152842 [ptkwt aracne] Enter 'ruby programming' in Google and one of the ads that comes up on
152849 [mailinglists] It's normal behavior if you want to run an successfull addwords or

^ RedCloth .... PILES of warnings when I require it ...
152843 [jeff.darklig] I've downloaded and have the Gem for RedCloth 3.0.3 installed.
152846 [alex verk.in] Comstants? Strange...
152851 [jeff.darklig] irb(main):001:0> require 'RedCloth'
152852 [jeff.darklig] Reading  your mail further, I tried the same using require_gem
152856 [gavin refine] charset=US-ASCII;
152861 [alex verk.in] Aha! I know, I know! Case-insensitive Windows file system strikes again,
152877 [dontfall gma] $ ruby -w -e "require 'rubygems'; require 'RedCloth'"
+ 152881 [    s xss.de] FWIW, I had a similar experience with a lib, whose name I've forgotten
| 152887 [Stephan.Kaem] Or you might like to remove double entries in RUBYOPT. I had 'rubygems'
+ 152893 [james graypr] I see the same messages when I launch Instiki on TextDrive.
  152904 [alex verk.in] That's for a different reason - you see those when Madeleine replaces

^ Code safety question
152853 [jamal.hansen] I have a situation where I would like to create a string and
152901 [gavin refine] My Ruby security knowledge is lacking, so i can't directly answer
152931 [jamal.hansen] Thanks Gavin,

^ Redefining Kernel Methods on the Fly
152854 [gavin refine] As part of my Quest to find a clean way to get #puts and #print to
152857 [nobuyoshi.na] Use module_eval instead of instance_eval.
152900 [gavin refine] charset=US-ASCII;

^ Gateway vs MIME
152855 [martindemell] How hard would it be to get the gateway to extract the text part from

^ Time::xmlschema returns wrong results
152866 [lucas lucas-] (instead of Wed Aug 31 of course)
152869 [akr m17n.org] Thank you for the report.  I fixed the problem now.

^ ruby 1.9 Bug
152872 [pascal.guich] not sure, that this list is the best one for my issue, in that case could=

^ finding one's self in the strangest places
152873 [transfire gm] Thought this was interesting for a numbner of reasons, not the least of
152875 [bob.news gmx] The concept is generally known as "closure". The closure captures variable
152889 [transfire gm] Right. In this case it just seems more facinating in how the two

^ Starting point
152876 [bearitall ra] setup using Webrick to an ISP that hosts Rubyrails.
152934 [josh.charles] If you get this, then you are up and running on rails.
153198 [bearitall ra] No I'm afraid that isn't right. You can pull the index.html local have and

^ Require problem with gem installed code on OS X
152882 [peter semant] I have used gem to load flickr, which appears to have been loaded.
152883 [jim weirichh] Does this help?
152888 [peter semant] Magic, all sorted.

^ consistency (was: Re: Python vs Ruby!)
152891 [dblack wobbl] I don't think you'd want it any other way.  Imagine if you were using
152897 [simon.kroege] Ok, that wasn't about bashing ruby (I'm not that silly trying this on a
152908 [dblack wobbl] Which one do you mean -- $0 or the $1 to $n ones?  You can use
152912 [simon.kroege] ah, require "English".
152913 [dblack wobbl] $ ruby -e 'p $PROGRAM_NAME'

^ [QUIZ] Sodoku Solver (#43)
152892 [james graypr] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 153016 [karlvonl rcn] <20050819130127.ELYX12628.eastrmmtao02.cox.net@localhost.localdomain>,
| + 153023 [chrisgame ex] Why is it harder? If an algorithm works, all solvable puzzles are
| | + 153024 [SimonKroeger] This is true for brute force solving only. If you apply some logic
| | + 153037 [karlvonl rcn] Well, it's harder for a human to solve; I forget where I snagged it
| |   153104 [heron jpl.na] I too did one back in April - and have modfied it to
| |   153115 [mohit.muthan] 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
| |   153123 [mail exotico] This is missing the third row of the original Problem, which probably
| + 153292 [adam.shelly ] .=20
|   + 153293 [adam.shelly ] aargh. What happened to my tabs?
|   | 153628 [ jupp gmx.de] Vanished. Well-known problem in ASCII-artist communities.
|   + 153297 [james graypr] Welcome to the Ruby community and thanks for the quiz submission!
|     153314 [adam.shelly ] Ok, I've updated my version to resort to guessing when it can't deduce
|     + 153315 [simon.kroege] Hmm, what about
|     | 153317 [ruby.brian g] Yes, see above
|     | 153318 [simon.kroege] Thanks!
|     | 153335 [heron jpl.na] I think I got it ...
|     + 153321 [james graypr] Looking good.  Here's a few general Ruby style tips.  Feel free to
|     | + 153322 [email55555 g] Euh ... mmm....
|     | | 153327 [simon.kroege] Ok, I figured it out also...
|     | + 153343 [adam.shelly ] thanks
|     |   + 153344 [zultan.durin] You can always recuse it, then throw it again if you don't want it. At
|     |   + 153346 [jim weirichh] def search_for_solution
|     + 153348 [dbatml gmx.d] _ 2 _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|       153353 [adam.shelly ] Since everyone pointed this out, I worked on my guessing code more.
|       + 153354 [james graypr] Please do.  I can only talk about in the summary what I see.
|       + 153356 [SimonKroeger] You have been busy, hmm?
|       | 153366 [adam.shelly ] Ok, here's my latest.   My big speedup was figuring out that if I make
|       | 153369 [adam.shelly ] I should be doing real work, but.....
|       + 153374 [ruby_talk sh] He posts an 8000% speed increase and he wants to know if we want to see
|         153397 [simon.kroege] hmm ... I use cells with only 2 possibilities left for guessing, so if I
|         + 153427 [email55555 g] Thanks for the hint, unfortunately, I cannot use it on my last program.
|         + 153512 [adam.shelly ] I went back and looked at the differences between the two versions.
|           153518 [SimonKroeger] Is it posiible that you use ruby 1.8.1 or older?
|           153537 [adam.shelly ] Thanks, that was it.
|           153543 [simon.kroege] It took me some time to figure that out on a second pc :)
|           153547 [simon.kroege] Ok, I couldn't resist.
+ 153140 [karlvonl rcn] Ok, I'm pretty sure that it's been over 48 hours, so here's my solution,
| 153142 [gavin refine] Here's my (poor) solution. I started out thinking "Hey, that's
| 153166 [email55555 g] Here is my solution, just uses backtracking and simple algorithm, no
| + 153168 [SimonKroeger] here is a list of some Sodokus to solve and test
| + 153363 [email55555 g] Speed up my program ...
| | 153364 [email55555 g] Slightly modified, during the reduce once,
| | 153430 [email55555 g] I am sorry to post too many my solutions.
| + 153484 [email55555 g] The way I translate the Java's continue label is not "ruby way".
+ 153169 [SimonKroeger] here is my solution. The algorithm is well described by Horndude77,
| 153184 [heron jpl.na] OK - here's my solution - without the change I plan to
+ 153349 [dbatml gmx.d] Here is my solution.

^ RExpect
152894 [a.griesser g] Has anyone used RExpect?  Line 16 requires 'ropen3', which I have not
+ 152895 [jeff.darklig] I would expect they meant popen3
+ 152938 [jfh cise.ufl] I've moved to using the PTY module and the built in expect in lieu of
  153026 [a.griesser g] Thank you James.  Your example is clear and elegant.

^ What the FAQs should and should not contain
152902 [ jupp gmx.de] As far as comp.lang.ruby/ruby-talk is concerned two FAQs are

^ open-uri and Kernel.open
152903 [scott.walter] I am new ruby usrs (and loving it) and have a question.
152906 [mohit.muthan] The open-uri module simply redefines the Kernel.open method. You can
152929 [scott.walter] Thanks for the info.  Thats a cool feature of Ruby where you can
153202 [bob.news gmx] One of the most widely used features... :-)

^ Case Expressions and Classes
152914 [daniel.schie] Could anyone explain to me why this isn't working?
+ 152915 [james graypr] Cases use ===() to do the check in when.  The ===() for class checks
| 152921 [daniel.schie] That worked like a charm! Thank you very much!
+ 152916 [dblack wobbl] whether Symbol is an instance of... Symbol.  It isn't: it's an
+ 152917 [patrick.fern] With the case...when construct, the class of the object is already
+ 152918 [gavin refine] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 152922 [Ara.T.Howard] case statements use the '===' operator.  the '===' for classes is the same as

^ Controlling acces to object instantiation?
152919 [andrew.townl] Trying to get my head around some of the subtleties of Ruby.  I've done
+ 152920 [gavin refine] charset=US-ASCII;
| 152925 [andrew.townl] Cheers, Gavin.  Thanks for the quick reply.  I figured there had to be a
+ 152927 [Ara.T.Howard] module Factory
  152933 [andrew.townl] Hmmm... interesting approach.  I'm not sure I quite need the indirection
  152941 [Ara.T.Howard] i agree it's overkill - but i does prevent the classes from being introduced

^ Refactoring of File.basename
152940 [Daniel.Berge] After a recent "idiomatic" thread, I decided to try and refactor the
+ 152981 [Daniel.Berge] A couple minor corrections...
+ 152997 [nobu.nokada ] It doesn't look easier to read for me.
  153002 [djberg96 gma] I suspect your opinion is biased, but I'll defer to others who may
  153014 [nobu.nokada ] It feels a roundabout way, and also it has a bug.

^ Newbie:Differences between arrays
152944 [fghfghfh hom] Quick question - I have 2 arrays, one which holds the list of people who
+ 152945 [derek derekw] ~  added_users = NEW - OLD
| 152949 [Daniel.Berge] For set operations you'll probably want to use the "set" package.  Part
+ 152960 [rcoder gmail] require 'set'
| 152999 [fghfghfh hom] I knew Ruby would have an easy answer. Thanks for the insight.
+ 153010 [w_a_x_man ya] irb(main):005:0> %w(oldb newa newb) - %w(oldc oldb olda)

^ Dude, where's my carriage returns?
152969 [doodpants ma] I'm trying to write a tiny Ruby program that will print the ascii
+ 152970 [shanko_date ] File.open(fn, "rb") do |f|
+ 152971 [james graypr] File.open(fn, "rb") do |f|
| 152974 [doodpants ma] Perfect! Thanks, both of you.
+ 152976 [SimonKroeger] File.open(fn, "rb") do |f|
  152977 [SimonKroeger] rofl, as always James was quicker :)

^ Rubyful Soup v0.8
152972 [leonardr seg] I've created a Ruby port of Beautiful Soup, my Python module for HTML
+ 152975 [josh.charles] How good is this for scraping google search results (web)?  I have an
| 152983 [james graypr] I would expect Google to have fairly good pages, but that's a random
+ 152990 [mrcode netro] I don't have time to play with it today, but I'm very glad to see this, as
+ 153029 [olczyk2002 y] Hmm. Being new to these packages, I wouldn't understand

^ soap4r ... tutorials? anything?
152984 [jeff.darklig] Hey folks,
152986 [kbrush gmail] HTH,
152988 [jeff.darklig] Yeah, that's all I had come up with before ... So I guess I'll just

^ Overlapping regex help
152987 [Bil.Kleb NAS] We can't get pass green in the test-first's
152989 [james graypr] Does this do it?
153033 [Bil.Kleb NAS] Perfect.

^ problem installing mysql in windows
152991 [ahidalgo bel] gem install mysql --remote
152995 [rcoder gmail] The 'mysql' gem only provides the Ruby bindings to the MySQL client API
153004 [caldridge gm] Andres, I experienced the same problem and got no where. If you figure
153005 [tio.a tacteo] have you tried other versions of mysql-ruby ?

^ Problem with sort!
152992 [heron jpl.na] I'm having a problem using sort! to sort an array
+ 152993 [threeve.org ] Don't use a as the variable name inside the block.  You are
+ 152994 [dblack wobbl] Don't use the same variable name (a) for your block variables.  You're
+ 153012 [w_a_x_man ya] b = a.sort_by{ |x| x[0] }
  153106 [heron jpl.na] The real function was a little more complex than