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^ ANN: Interactive Fiction Mapper
151903 [GGarramuno a] Okay, this started as a little tool for one night to prove to myself
151943 [lyle.johnson] This should presumably read, "FXRuby 1.2 or later". FXRuby 1.4 has not
+ 151965 [GGarramuno a] Oh, but it works *so* much better on that version of fxruby.  I swear.
+ 151966 [GGarramuno a] Oh, but it works *so* much better on that version of fxruby.  I swear.
+ 151969 [batkins57 gm] Perhaps that's part of the fiction.

^ eval, attr_* like methods
151907 [clr7.10.rand] Dear all,
151915 [ruby.brian g] class Object
+ 151953 [clr7.10.rand] Yes, it helps! But there are two more questions left: since this
| + 151952 [clr7.10.rand] This warning doesn't show up in production code. Strange.... I'll
| + 151999 [navindra cs.] You can move it as close as to the class itself.  It's just a class
| + 152026 [dave burt.id] ...
|   152032 [dave burt.id] ...
|   152080 [clr7.10.rand] Thats really neat. Thanks Why for this examples and for the pretty
+ 151958 [dblack wobbl] ...
  151973 [clr7.10.rand] That's cool. Where does 'Module' come into play? What part of
  151979 [acharlieblue] That's right.

^ Re: LibInject 0.1.0: Small Pieces Smooshed Together
151908 [sera fhwang.] Nope. It really only handles the simplest, most common case, of the
+ 151919 [halostatue g] I generally have all of my includes outside of methods, but there are
+ 151927 [jim weirichh] My personal style (in general) is to put all the requires at the top level
  + 151994 [sera fhwang.] Thanks for the input, Jim & Austin. Okay, I'll put a fix for this in my
  + 152013 [flori nixe.p] You can have both, if you do
    152063 [jim weirichh] Cool!  I never stumbled across autoload before.  I'm going to give it a try.

^ [OT] Re: Ruby Performance
151936 [ruby.brian g] regards,

^ Any San Diego Rubyists?
151944 [lyle.johnson] For those of us traveling from out of town, are there any Rubyists in
152014 [sunh11373 ho] Though I am in San Diego, I am not that familiar with that area.

^ [RubyConf] Thanks, and keep it coming!
151959 [dblack wobbl] We're at 102 registrations.  For those keeping score, there's now a

^ typo ideas/notes
151960 [rubyhacker g] I upgraded Typo to 2.5.0 several days ago, and I like it

^ [ANN] FeedTools 0.2.3
151963 [vacindak gma] I don't think I've mentioned my FeedTools library anywhere except my

^ Rinda on Windows & Linux
151972 [guslist free] I have a rinda ring server. But I can't get Windows machine to see it if
151975 [curt hibbs.c] Do you have a firewall running (ZoneAlarm, Windows Firewall). They can
151976 [guslist free] No, there is no firewall running on the windows machine. And another
151988 [curt hibbs.c] Someone else will have to answer that, I havn't tried it myself.
152016 [guslist free] I think I found the problem, and it is not the firewall.

^ Instance variables and method parameters
151974 [sam.s.kong g] I have a question about using instance member variables in a method.
151977 [bob.news gmx] Well, acceptable by whom?  If you work on this code with other people you
151983 [sam.s.kong g] This is exactly what I was asking for.

^ Layouts in Rails...
151991 [brockweaver ] ...
151992 [sean ardismg] ...
151993 [brockweaver ] ...

^ darb -- was Re: [ANN] LibInject 0.1.0: Small Pieces Smooshed Together
152000 [vjoel path.b] ...

^ [QUIZ] Scheduling (#42)
152001 [james graypr] ...
+ 152046 [ruby.brian g] How are theses hours given? Is it a one-time appointment, repeating
| 152065 [james graypr] Here's one possible idea.  What do you think?
| 152081 [ruby.brian g] Interesting to parse. May I assume then, that there are only timeslots
| 152084 [james graypr] If you've got an easier format in mind, toss it up here.  I'm not picky.
| 152128 [kero chello.] ...
+ 152401 [james graypr] 9 AM:  Brian

^ "Unsupported cipher algorithm" in OpenSSL
152007 [invalid dev.] Currently, I'm doing my darndest to implement SSL file transfers.  Using
152012 [jamis 37sign] 1) What does the output of "openssl --help" tell you? There should be
152019 [invalid dev.] forrest@apok-2 ~ $ openssl

^ (X)emacs user unite!
152017 [fkc_email-ne] This is related to previous inquiry of which (x)emacs were going to
+ 152024 [ news jay.fm] says...
+ 152033 [airboss node] Take a look at http://ecb.sourceforge.net. It's a code-browser that
  + 152276 [fkc_email-ne] I'd tried ECB on solaris and di't like it at the time, kinda cool,
  + 152389 [spamoff.danx] Cool.
  + 154944 [wsdngatgoogl] Dan, as a longtime user of ECB I am really looking forward to that!

^ Installing MySQL Module on Windows?
152023 [caldridge gm] All, I'm having a very tuff time getting this mysql module working on
152035 [r.mark.volkm] ...
152038 [caldridge gm] I briefly read into ActiveRecord and do not think it will suffice
152140 [demetriusnun] rgds

^ templating system
152025 [horndude77 g] At work we use a tool (Rational SoDA for Word) to automatically create
+ 152027 [twifkak comc] (And others, I'm sure.)
| 152366 [james_b neur] James
| 152392 [jeff.darklig] Also, there is PageTemplate ... available through gem & via direct download.
| 152678 [paul__mcardl] have alook at the book Code Generation in Action.
| 152688 [tom infoethe] Yup, and Jack Herrington (the author of that book) has put some of his
+ 152028 [Ara.T.Howard] hth.
+ 152029 [james graypr] ERuby is actually a general purpose tool.  And as Devin has already
  152034 [horndude77 g] Thanks for the quick reply! I'm still pretty new to ruby and hadn't

^ ruby-odbc on Solaris 9 + Informix
152040 [gerardo.sant] I'm having problems running ruby-odbc-0.996. I hope somebody can give

^ [ann] dea-0.0.1 (Deployment Enduser Applications)
152050 [dave.m email] ...

^ Is this possible?
152055 [greg.kujawa ] I asked this on the #ruby-lang IRC and got referred to the Ruby ML.
152056 [ruby thorste] Our Exchange offers contact data via LDAP.
152074 [greg.kujawa ] Thanks for the tip. I will have to see about our Exchange box. It's
152083 [greg.kujawa ] My Exchange 5.5 box did offer the LDAP connector out of the box. But

^ Building YARV
152059 [jimfreeze gm] I am trying to build ruby-1.9.0 with YARV so I can run rite, but
152060 [jimfreeze gm] Ok, never mind.
152061 [jimfreeze gm] Ok
152091 [dbatml gmx.d] get ftp://ftp.ruby-lang.org/pub/ruby/snapshot.tar.gz (when I got it, it
152138 [dali insula.] In case you compile on a BSD variant use gmake instead of make to compile
152156 [jimfreeze gm] The above worked on OS X, but thanks for the tip. I'll remember that when

^ Ruby PDF text extractor
152069 [kevin.olbric] I notice that Ruby has lots of tools for creating PDF files, are there any
+ 152071 [halostatue g] Not yet. PDF::Writer will be refactored a little bit for version 2.0
| + 152073 [kevin.olbric] Thanks, I'll keep my eyes open for it.
| + 152565 [martindemell] ...
+ 152491 [aschrafl ywe] I tought they released it on rubyforge but I can't find it anymore.

^ seek/sysseek 64 bit support under Windows
152075 [aritter gmai] if I open a disk device in windows (i.e. \\.\PhysicalDrive1) I can't
152106 [nobu.nokada ] Though I'm not sure if it is applicable to recents.
152107 [nobu.nokada ] I found newer version, 2005-04-21, and put it.  This would be
152143 [aritter gmai] Thanks for the patch, I'll try it. Why hasn't it been merged

^ [ANN] darb 0.2
152079 [vjoel path.b] Darb 0.2

^ ThreadError, : , return can't jump across threads,
152082 [faker yahoo.] ...
152092 [lthiryidontw] Did you put a return statement in a block? And that block, did you

^ Unit testing servers
152085 [luke madstop] I've got an xmlrpc server and client that I can't figure out how to test.
152090 [vjoel path.b] What about trying a simple TCP client/server in this configuration,
+ 152163 [adam thereal] I'm doing something pretty similar to this.  I've got a class that
| 152231 [luke madstop] You know, I had a test that looked a lot like that and worked for small
+ 152228 [luke madstop] I've thought about that, but success in that case doesn't really help

^ YANQ (yet another newbie question): "string"[0.."e"]
152099 [basi_lio hot] In other words, indexing using a "pattern".
+ 152100 [vjoel path.b] The (?=r) is a lookahead operator that matches but does not consume
+ 152101 [w_a_x_man ya] ...
+ 152104 [basi_lio hot] To Joel V and William J.
| 152118 [bob.news gmx] Interestingly nobody seems to care to anchor the expression at the beginning
+ 152108 [heron jpl.na] I can't do it with a literal string, but think
| 152132 [basi_lio hot] Wonders never cease! A very readable solution, and it stays within
+ 152174 [w_a_x_man ya] ...

^ BiskyMisky
152109 [fidelerol ho] BiskyMisky

^ Ruby Weekly News 8th - 14th August 2005
152113 [timsuth ihug] ...

^ Mixing Constants into objects
152115 [surrender_it] is there a way to add a constant into an object which is not a module/class?
152116 [dblack wobbl] irb(main):001:0> s = ""
152117 [surrender_it] " Adds to _obj_ the instance methods from each module given as a
+ 152122 [dblack wobbl] I'm not sure what you mean by "adding a constant to an object" if the
| + 152126 [twifkak comc] As David said, the constant accessed in whatever class is specified by
| + 152131 [surrender_it] you're right as usual :)
|   152133 [dblack wobbl] I think it's more than that.  What I should have said was: constant
|   152277 [vikkous gmai] Just how constant lookups work is something of a mystery to me in some
|   + 152281 [wilsonb gmai] My (possibly totally off-base) understanding is that, as there is no
|   + 152285 [vjoel path.b] class K
+ 152150 [dave.burt gm] class Foo

^ Newbie question by apparent old guy;)
152119 [lsumnler gma] I was trying some code from the "Learning to Program" by Chris Pine,
+ 152120 [ruby.brian g] $ ruby -ve 'puts Time.mktime(1952, 4, 3)'
+ 152121 [cyclists nc.] test$ irb
+ 152123 [nobu.nokada ] Time class is just a wrapper of time_t.  That error occurs if
+ 152124 [kevin.olbric] The "Time" class stores its value as a unix timestamp, which is defined as
  152125 [kero chello.] ...
  152130 [kevin.olbric] This is apparently inconsistent across platforms because if I do
  152134 [lsumnler gma] I am using the latest version of Ruby 1.8.2 on a Windows XP

^ FXRuby Tutorials?
152127 [buliowned gm] I have recently been looking for some decent FXRuby tutorials, as I
152142 [lymans gmail] What were you wanting tutoring in?
152145 [buliowned gm] ...

^ drb client-side proxies
152141 [r.mark.volkm] The source file lib\ruby\1.8\drb\drb.rb defines the class DRbObject. I
152310 [drbrain segm] You can pass DRbObjects across the wire, so you could wrap a local
152388 [r.mark.volkm] Are you saying that this is a way to force a pass by reference?
152423 [drbrain segm] Yes.

^ $SAFE >= 2
152144 [r.mark.volkm] The pickaxe says "prohits loading program files from globally writable
152386 [konstantin.l] AFAIK "globally writable"  means having attribute "writable to all;

^ Webrick: save on shutdown
152146 [mboonen gmai] I am running a HTTPServer and use my browser to change some data that's

^ Possible to find ringservers in different subnets?
152148 [caldridge gm] I walked through the following tutorial and discovered that RingFinger
152311 [drbrain segm] Place the ringserver on a machine that spans multiple networks.
152433 [caldridge gm] I'm glad to know that I'm not going crazy but it's unfortunate that

^ RubyGems or any HTTP on XP NOT working
152149 [mycallidus y] I tried to start learning Ruby by installing Ruby & Rails on XP, and it
+ 152152 [caldridge gm] Use Ctrl + Break  instead of Ctrl + C
| 152168 [mycallidus y] Both Ctrl-C and Ctrl-Break work if no browser requests to the server
| 152170 [ezra yakima-] I think you have run into the XP firewall problem. The same thing has
| 152175 [mycallidus g] Ezra, Thanks for you response.  That's also the closest answer I could
| 152185 [dooby d10.ka] ...
| + 152204 [brockweaver ] ...
| + 152259 [mycallidus g] Process	PID	CPU	Description	Company Name
+ 152153 [kevin.olbric] I've been working smoothly on an XP machine with none of the problems you
| 152167 [mycallidus y] Everything works fine on the old NT which is in the same network as the
+ 152244 [noSpam noSpa] I've recently updated to Windows XP SP2 and I also have ZoneAlarm Suite
  152278 [mycallidus g] Thanks for the pointer.  I was able to resolve the issue for my office
  152868 [marco marcog] just to add that I had the same problem on my XP machine: following

^ hacker logo
152151 [wkehowski co] ...
+ 152155 [mailing-list] This has been around for some time and I was amazed to find that it made
| + 152342 [chneukirchen] I can't see it there anymore, it's probably "out" already. ;-)
| | + 153087 [sy1234 gmail] A-fwcking-men!
| | | 153092 [james_b neur] Rock on!
| | | 153359 [shalev simpl] Oooh I like that one!.
| | + 153345 [ruby_talk sh] Remember kids, blindly rejecting what ESR says doesn't make you anything
| + 153376 [navindra cs.] I don't get it.  What do these three sites have to do with each other?
|   153401 [mailing-list] I didn't write it, but Walter was just showing how he came across
+ 153086 [sy1234 gmail] ...

^ Asynchronous events in GTK application?
152154 [no spam.plea] I have a GTK app with a thread monitoring a COM port for particular
152200 [no spam.plea] Ok, I learnt some more, and I think I'm hung up on a GTK "feature".
152214 [mutoh highwa] Do you mean to call Gtk.events_pending?  ?
152289 [no spam.plea] No, I'm happy if it blocks inside main_iteration, as long as the
152379 [mutoh highwa] Usually, we use Gtk.timeout_add with
152543 [no spam.plea] Ok, I considered that, but since the external input will cause

^ Stats comp.lang.ruby (last 7 days)
152157 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Stats comp.lang.ruby (last 7 days)
152190 [Bil.Kleb nas] 0 posts on Tuesday and Wednesday?!  Maybe you
+ 152191 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 152192 [dblack wobbl] The stats should be taken with a grain of salt.  Weekly posting does
+ 152195 [bsd.SANSPAM ] I'm sorry for the errors in stats, there were some link problems at my

^ OSDC 2005 Call For Papers
152164 [simon unisol] OSDC (Open Source Developers' Conference) is a grass-roots/low cost

^ Instiki with SQL backend
152165 [alex verk.in] We've got a working (at least to some extent) Instiki implementation
+ 152166 [julian coret] What does instiki run on at present "out of the box"?
| 152169 [alex verk.in] WEBRick / Madeleine (the latter is a persistence layer conceptually
+ 152255 [bg-rubytalk ] Cool stuff.  It's great to see instiki gradually becoming a standard Rails
  152260 [ben.myles gm] I'd hope it was more like dozens of requests a second... at least :-)
  152324 [alex verk.in] You are absolutely right. In fact, one should be able to host the
  152333 [fxn hashref.] Which post talked about concurrency problems with SQLite? Did the
  152509 [alex verk.in] Oh, I guess, it's been from a thread on Rails ML. Someone said there

^ utf8 string with reverse question
152171 [idylls gmail] I have a minor problem with a utf8 string.
+ 152172 [pit capitain] Can't help with the reverse behaviour, but if you want to substitute
| 152222 [idylls gmail] Aha, I knew there was something I was missing in Regexp. Thanks for
+ 152178 [ruby.brian g] It seems like reverse is acting on the string as a byte-array. That
| 152221 [idylls gmail] That makes sense, but seems like incorrect behavior for this instance.
+ 152245 [levin grunde] $KCODE = 'u'

^ ruby-dev summary 26662-26760
152173 [aamine lover] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.
+ 152199 [Daniel.Berge] Will this be part of the Config hash in rbconfig?  If not, why not?
| 153075 [nagai ai.kyu] The problem is that we cannot check consistency between the running
+ 152257 [bg-rubytalk ] Nice!  It sounds like this is the best kind of performance optimization you

^ rdoc for generated methods
152176 [bret pettich] def self.def_wrap_guard(method_name)

^ newbie: installing rails on standalone pc
152184 [botp delmont] How do i install rails to a pc that does not have an internet/network connection?
+ 152187 [ruby.arie gm] you could download rails gem and its dependencies, then install them locally.
| 152297 [botp delmont] #you could download rails gem and its dependencies, then
| 152299 [botp delmont] #you could download rails gem and its dependencies, then
| 152304 [rubyrails gm] I believe those will do you fine.  As I recall, you will need the
| 152306 [botp delmont] #I believe those will do you fine.  As I recall, you will need the
+ 152344 [chneukirchen] Why don't you simply get the .tar.gz?