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Modules, identical methods and warnings
151551 [Daniel.Berge] I was just thinking about the potential issue of including multiple
151552 [matz@ru y- a] As Module#ancestors tell you, priority line is Foo - Baz - Bar, you

Problem with Time.iso8601
151553 [the.chrismo@] I'm assuming Time.now.iso8601 should work? Do I have a muffed
151556 [threeve.org@] irb(main):001:0> Time.now.iso8601
151583 [the.chrismo@] Ah, muffed brain it is, then. :-)

Need some help setting up ruby mode
151557 [francisramme] I'm an emacs newbie but would like to use the editor for ruby coding.
151558 [ jimm@io co ] Put ruby-mode.el somewhere where Emacs can find it. I have a directory where
151567 [francisramme] I can find my emacs file. Am I supposed to create it myself? I'm using
+ 151568 [ jimm@io co ] I set the environment variable HOME to point to my home directory, then I
+ 151573 [francisramme] Ok I found out that I can create a file called _emacs in C:\
  151579 [ jimm@io co ] (global-font-lock-mode t)		; always turn on, where available
  151585 [francisramme] Thanks Jim, it works now!

File::Spec equivalent?
151570 [mreed@th re ] Dumb question: does Ruby have an equivalent to the Perl File::Spec module
151575 [james@gr yp ] I can't remember File::Spec right off the top of my head, but does
151582 [mreed@th re ] What I'm specificalliy looking for is a version of File.join() that will join
151584 [Daniel.Berge] See pathname2, on the RAA.
+ 151593 [mreed@th re ] Great!  It was even easier than that - "gem install pathname2" worked like a
| 151595 [james@gr yp ] Gems do their docs differently.  Type "gem_server" at a command
+ 166473 [thorin@th sh] Isn't this what File.join is supposed to do?  I haven't tried Ruby on
  166486 [dave@bu t. d] ["/", "a/b"]

Ruby on windows -- slow startup time?
151577 [brockweaver@] ...
151603 [nobu.nokada@] One Click Installer sets RUBYOPT environement to "rubygems",

anonym variable $_ and foreach similar in Ruby ?
151578 [ngoc@ya oo c] In perl
+ 151580 [james@gr yp ] array.each { |e| puts e }
| 151586 [florgro@gm i] [1, 2, 3].each(&method(:puts))
| 151589 [dblack@wo bl] ...
| 151594 [florgro@gm i] In this case I would also use puts ary, of course, but there is cases like
+ 151581 [acharlieblue] There is also
| 151610 [ptkwt@ar cn ] print $_, "\n" foreach (@array);
+ 151825 [daniel@br ck] The following syntax comes out naturally for Ruby,
+ 152020 [flori@ni e. ] class Proc

Emacs commands for running Ruby code
151587 [francisramme] I have a question about running Ruby code with emacs.
+ 151588 [jeff@op nd m] I use ruby GUD mode, M-x rubydb
+ 152956 [fkc_email-ne] Depends on how you want to code.  Running the irb inferior and

POSIX regex character classes on Windows Platform
151590 [kevin.olbric] I've been mucking about with regular expressions and have not managed to get
151615 [nobuyoshi.na] $ ruby -e 'p /[[:alnum:]]+/ =~ ":ab0d,fd"; p $&'

Ruby-Postgres-0.7.1 Installation Question
151591 [greg.kujawa@] Has anyone out there been able to build the Ruby-Postgres-0.7.1 package
151639 [mail@vr pr .] A way to get the sockets is to cross-compile Ruby for ARM, with the
151667 [greg.kujawa@] Thanks for the tip. I will look into doing this. I recall working with
151753 [greg.kujawa@] I am getting closer to stumbling onto this. I had to edit the
151874 [greg.kujawa@] I googled around and found that I needed to comment out the reference
151990 [mail@vr pr .] A guess: Glibc 2.0. Postgres has PQsocket. I have postgres-0.7.1

[OT] Zaurus on #ruby-lang?
151592 [rubyhacker@g] The other day I was chatting with some Ruby people about
+ 151597 [binary42@gm ] You are going to be up to your neck in high prices but if that is not
+ 151636 [aglarond@gm ] ...

trying to make rails work
151596 [mkhan@le tr ] [mkhan@localhost ~]$ ruby -v
151598 [kevin.olbric] Try this first..

File size descrepancy via IO#write or IO#syswrite
151599 [zdennis@mk e] I have a gzipped xml file, which I get from a Java Client on a Windows
151622 [zdennis@mk e] After restarting the ruby process, the problem still occurred. After
151644 [ruby.brian@g] Maybe you were shown the space the file occupied, this may be more due

Ruby on .NET?
151600 [neutralm@gm ] I'm about to start a .NET project, slated to be written mostly in ugly
+ 151601 [shalev@si pl] ...or did you already try that?
+ 151602 [florgro@gm i] There's already various proxies that can let Ruby code talk to .NET one.

POSIX regex character classes on Windows Platform
151606 [kevin_olbric] I've been mucking about with regular expressions and have not managed
151609 [w_a_x_man@ya] irb(main):010:0> p "@@@ abc".scan( /[[:alnum:]]+/ )
151613 [kevin.olbric] A missing set of brackets will get ya every time.

Ruby,Rails mentioned in Salon article
151607 [ptkwt@ar cn ] A friend of mine just sent me an email where he said something like: "Are
+ 151678 [Bil.Kleb@na ] Follow the "skip to salon" link at the top right
+ 151712 [james_b@ne r] The Web started with Netscape Navigator?
  151718 [brianm@ap ch] ...

Nuke on Rails
151608 [paniagua@pc ] Does anyone knows if there is any Nuke-like package for Rails? I mean
152240 [gerardo.sant] Gerardo Santana G?mez Garrido

Have Scripting Languages Peaked?
151614 [basi_lio@ho ] Ruby is prominently discussed in this thread at LtU. I apologize if
151794 [adrianh@qu e] I have to admit I find the results as stated hard to believe. The
151858 [mailinglists] I'm not sure where the authors found that numbers but i think they are

Failed to install Rails No such file to load -- rubygems/security (LoadError)
151617 [zoong@zo ng ] I failed to install Rails on OpenBSD-3.6 following instruction from
151672 [chadfowler@g] /usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/security.rb?  It looks like

[RubyConf] help us reach 100 registrations!
151618 [dblack@wo bl] We've got 96 people registered so far for RubyConf 2005, which is
151663 [adam@th re l] I've heard rumblings of a pre-RubyConf hackathon to be held the

fxruby (nonexistent) html widget
151619 [hal9000@hy e] Fox apparently doesn't have an HTML widget.
151620 [mailinglists] Did you look at SWT Fox, Ivan Markov implemented an embedded
151625 [hal9000@hy e] I have not heard of that... is it very "heavy"? Would I have
151634 [mailinglists] On windows you don't need to install anything.

Re: help us reach 100 registrations!
151623 [greg7224@gm ] I will be registering as soon as my pay check clears.  Friday most

Ruby report generation tool
151627 [greg7224@gm ] For as long as I can remember the end of the summer meant slaving over
+ 151673 [greg7224@gm ] <snip my code>
| 151692 [Daniel.Berge] Funny you should mention it.  I've created a generic reporting framework
| + 151698 [james@gr yp ] [snip very interesting project description]
| | + 151747 [Daniel.Berge] The Spreadsheet::WriteExcel port I did was originally for reporting
| | + 151795 [djberg96@gm ] Ok, I've put something together.
| |   + 151800 [greg7224@gm ] Neat!  I will look at this more later but it definitely has some of the
| |   | 151803 [djberg96@gm ] Go ahead. :)
| |   | 151816 [greg7224@gm ] Thank you Daniel.  You will be given credit for anything I use.  Anyone
| |   + 152031 [james@gr yp ] Thanks for sharing this.  I'm playing with it and getting a lot of
| |     152054 [djberg96@gm ] Thanks.  I was just thinking that I should add a "config" directory for
| |     152058 [greg7224@gm ] This exists in Ruport :)
| |     152086 [djberg96@gm ] Without looking at Ruport, I added support for YAML config files in
| |     152110 [greg7224@gm ] You'd need to break into some computers to see Ruport just yet :)  It
| |     152414 [djberg96@gm ] I've put release 0.0.2 out there which has the config support, and a
| + 151708 [greg7224@gm ] <snip project details>
+ 151729 [rhkramer@gm ] This is probably pretty far OT for your current project, but I'll mention it
+ 152037 [greg7224@gm ] Regarding Ruport, I have received some requests to consider a license
| 152062 [halostatue@g] When working on PDF::Writer, I deliberately chose the MIT-style licence
| + 152064 [tom@in oe he] +1.  I BSD license my projects whenever possible - if someone wants to
| | 152094 [julian@co et] how do u earn money from them then?
| | + 152095 [halostatue@g] I can't speak for Tom, but I've actually never earned a penny from my
| | + 152111 [greg7224@gm ] Austin put this quite well though I have to say that I've made my
| + 152067 [greg7224@gm ] <snip insightful license discussion>
|   152068 [halostatue@g] Neither the Ruby licence nor the Clarified Artistic licences are
|   152070 [greg7224@gm ] That's not true.  The 8th clause is the one that makes the Artistic
|   152072 [halostatue@g] If that's the clause that makes the difference between the CAL and the
|   152077 [greg7224@gm ] <snip lots of practical opinions about licensing>
|   152087 [halostatue@g] I'll happily use it. (Just to be clear.)
+ 152428 [the.mindstor] #: Greg Brown changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  8/11/2005 5:46 AM :#
| 152467 [greg7224@gm ] This is a great idea and I will do my best to make Ruport model this
| 152482 [the.mindstor] #: Greg Brown changed the world a bit at a time by saying on  8/17/2005 12:18 AM :#
+ 152476 [greg7224@gm ] In an effort to make Ruport either a) the most community inclusive
  152532 [greg7224@gm ] I've updated this survey and it has nearly double the questions and all

Bindings at the time of Exceptions
151632 [netghost@gm ] I always thought it would be neat to be able to get the binding at the
+ 151633 [vjoel@pa h. ] No trickery, but you do have to have the cooperation of the code which
| + 151635 [vjoel@pa h. ] And just for fun, because it's late here...
| + 151738 [netghost@gm ] Well that's the trick of course ;) Being able to view the variables
+ 151640 [bob.news@gm ] => e; puts e.backtrace; end'
+ 151651 [mailinglists] Yes indeed and it is not possible with standart ruby at the moment.

[ANN] booh: static web-album generator
151648 [gcottenc@gm ] I'd like to announce the general availability of `booh', a static
+ 151650 [gcottenc@gm ] And a perfect example of the demo effect: if you launch the GUI for
+ 151655 [surrender_it] <anip>
+ 151666 [bearitall@ra] Very nice, no grumbles with what you have done.
| 151683 [gcottenc@gm ] Yes, I've read some books from Terry Pratchett and I enjoyed them very
+ 151726 [mutoh@hi hw ] Great!

[Rails] Two table edition in one time...
151649 [mj-usunto@tk] Helo, I'm starting small app in rails and I found a problem.

cartesian product - next to last version
151653 [wkehowski@co] Since the original thread got a little long, I decided to post my next to
+ 151656 [ruby.brian@g] Here is my stab at the problem (I made it as a standalone method, as I
| 151844 [dave@bu t. d] Wow - that's nice and functional!
| 151852 [ruby.brian@g] Yielding the values is certainly a good idea, but it makes the code a
| + 151857 [ruby.brian@g] Benchmark.bm(35) do | b |
| | 151888 [dave@bu t. d] Interesting benchmarks. Thanks for sharing these and your code, Brian.
| | 151911 [ruby.brian@g] Thanks Dave,
| | 152018 [dave@bu t. d] Thanks, Brian.
| + 151996 [wkehowski@co] Yielding the values is certainly a good idea, but it makes the code a
|   152045 [ruby.brian@g] because otherwise the function would return the base array when
+ 151674 [gavin@re in ] ...
  151745 [wkehowski@co] require 'matrix'

Performance Ruby
151657 [spam@mi ro o] Is there any benchmark of the performance of Ruby vs. C, C++, Java etc?
+ 151658 [bob.news@gm ] Yes, there are some public performance shootouts on the web.  I'm sorry, I
+ 151660 [ruby.brian@g] You could start reading with this thread
+ 151661 [mailinglists] This makes no sense at all.
| 151664 [spam@mi ro o] I'm sorry, but my knowledge is not that deep.
| + 151665 [bob.news@gm ] Performance is not everything.  Maybe it helps to know which kinds of
| | 151668 [gene.tani@gm] - many apps are bound by external constraints: your DB / web / FTP /
| + 151691 [mailinglists] So the answer is it maybe 200 times slower (for example a pure ruby
| | 151721 [jeff.darklig] There is an online comparison of MANY computer languages ...
| | + 151724 [pythonmailin] Heres another version of that shootout
| | | 151725 [jeff.darklig] Only problem with that one is that it is SO old it's using ruby 1.6.7
| | + 151730 [halostatue@g] The best option for this shootout is to NOT implement anything for it.
| |   152258 [igouy@ya oo ] This is baseless abuse.
| |   152269 [halostatue@g] Incorrect. This is not baseless abuse. It is accurate based on numerous
| |   152274 [igouy@ya oo ] You quoted the Shootout website as saying "make your language perform
| |   152279 [halostatue@g] Compare programming language performance on a few dozen flawed    benchmarks and contribute faster more elegant programs.
| + 151786 [probertm@ac ] Perceived performance is a strange issue.
| + 151848 [bearitall@ra] When I first tried Ruby, my main software language was c++ and main script
|   152041 [gerardo.sant] right on top of the so called most secure Unix-like OS.
+ 151756 [meta@po ox c] There's the Great Computer Language Shootout.
  151891 [halostatue@g] Which, as I keep reminding people, isn't worth the paper it isn't
  152003 [brian.wisti@] I always had the impression that the GCLS was presented as "purely for
  152009 [halostatue@g] Okay, to be completely fair: yes, the GCLS is presented as "purely for
  + 152015 [Ara.T.Howard] the other day my co-worker was out in dc.  one of our clients wanted to gain a
  + 152044 [    s@xs .d ] If I'm into programming mood on the few days I'm not busy programming,
  + 152251 [igouy@ya oo ] The FAQ instructions direct you to this bug report page

[SUMMARY] Stock Portfolios (#41)
151669 [james@gr yp ] The first thing this quiz requires is a source of stock data.  The only

Manual Test::Unit and popen's require space
151670 [transfire@gm] to isolate certain requires from others in the
151686 [Ara.T.Howard] i think you'll want to open up a pipe to the ruby interpreter and send a
+ 151714 [transfire@gm] Thanks Ara! That's just what I needed!
+ 151727 [transfire@gm] Almost have it, but can anyone tell me how to stop Test::Unit from
  151772 [mrcode@ne ro] At first this may not look right, but what it is doing is telling
  151808 [transfire@gm] Ryan, Thanks.

Time to vote for Ruby: SD's 2005 Readers' Choice Awards
151675 [Bil.Kleb@na ] Vote question #4, best scripting language, here,
+ 151676 [Bil.Kleb@na ] Actually, I suppose someone should just write a
+ 151685 [dblack@wo bl] It looks like the nomination process is where the action is, judging
+ 151689 [james_b@ne r] Looking over some of the entries in the categories, the whole thing
+ 151703 [rob.02004@gm] The poll is devoid of any meaning. I'm not voting because it will
  151706 [batkins57@gm] Neither Lisp nor Gtk are mentioned?  How can I have a favorite
  151740 [lyle.johnson] I stopped reading when I got to the choice "Max (sic) OS X Tiger
  151842 [web2ed@ya oo] Ditto, what a bunch of bull that survey was.

java strings read and write
151677 [discussionru] I want to prepare some data so that a java program on a mobile phone can
+ 151690 [bob.news@gm ] Can't you just use BufferedReader?  That's present since JDK 1.1 so I
| 151850 [discussionru] No, it is not part of the CLDC/MIDP specification, used in the majority
| 151851 [bob.news@gm ] Ah, ok.  Didn't know that.
+ 151713 [dave@bu t. d] The way I read the Java API, the format is simply the UTF-8-encoded string

Java/C# "interface" in Ruby ?
151680 [Peter.Fitzgi] ...
+ 151682 [halostatue@g] Depends. The standard answer is "thank ghu, no." There are some
| 151694 [bob.news@gm ] Agree.
| 151699 [james@gr yp ] Yeah, I have to agree here.  To me, the Ruby equivalent of interfaces
| + 151700 [mkelly@el ve] Not positive what you mean by the "Java/C# 'interface'", but perhaps
| + 151704 [Daniel.Berge] I released "interface" on the RAA, mainly as proof that interfaces
|   151709 [mkelly@el ve] Ah, reading other responses I see that you are'nt looking to interface
+ 152102 [florgro@gm i] There is also http://ruby-contract.rubyforge.org/ which tries to do this

[SCIRUBY] interview with world famous biologist pjotr prins!
151688 [Ara.T.Howard] well, we don't actually know if he's world famous, but he will be after this!
152183 [drosihn@gm i] Garance Alistair Drosehn     =             drosihn@gmail.com
152202 [Ara.T.Howard] sorry!  i re-vamped the acl scheme for the entire site last night and missed

Ruby readline - completion based on already-entered commands
151696 [batkins57@gm] How can I use the builtin readline library to complete arguments to
+ 151702 [james@gr yp ] Do you have a Pickaxe (second edition)?  It's demoed on the page for
| 151705 [batkins57@gm] I do.  I have the basics of readline working; I'm just trying to
| + 151707 [james@gr yp ] Oops, sorry.  I misunderstood the question... and it's a great one!
| | 151710 [batkins57@gm] No problem.
| + 151720 [brianm@ap ch] You'd have to have the completion function parse the line "so far" so
+ 151732 [dave.baldwin] Unfortunately the ruby readline bindings are missing some key

Dynamically changing class methods
151715 [henrikbrink@] Im making an application that loads and uses the methods of a class
+ 151716 [batkins57@gm] How are you removing the method?
+ 151717 [dblack@wo bl] class MyClass
+ 151719 [Ara.T.Howard] irb(main):001:0> class Foo;def foo;end;end
| 151755 [henrikbrink@] I can see now why my code didn't work, and i must say... doh!
+ 151757 [vjoel@pa h. ] Aside from the suggestions so far, you might want to take a look at