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^ Re: add_weekdays method
149948 [toddkennethb] Don't listen to that piece of code.  I thought I tested it, but now
149963 [chris seagul] Thanks for the alternative implementation Todd.  I'm still running with
149975 [simon.kroege] here is the obfuscated version :)
150035 [toddkennethb] Yes, Simon, that is much better :)

^ Re: Interest in a wrapper for the Dallas/Maxim OneWire Public Domain API?
149953 [no spam.plea] Rubyforge now has a "onewire" project with source in CVS that will

^ [newbie] make local var visible
149957 [botp delmont] I may not be feeling well today, so pardon me pls.
+ 149958 [ruby.brian g] If you really want this, you could prepend an @ to the foo
+ 149959 [mental gmail] I usually use globals...  *duck*
+ 149960 [oeaniz gmail] def mfoo ... end creates a new scope (or how would you say that in
| + 149961 [simon.kroege] or make it global (sigh): $foo
| | 149962 [kero chello.] four and counting...
| | 149966 [botp delmont] #>> I think you have 2 options here (maybe more, but these are
| | + 149971 [langstefan g] IMHO not necessary. Ruby already has what you want. You
| | + 150000 [matz ruby-la] How about using class variables?
| | + 150172 [Ara.T.Howard] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| |   150239 [botp delmont] Ara.T.Howard [mailto:Ara.T.Howard@noaa.gov]
| |   150247 [botp delmont] #Even it is easy to our eyes and brain, I don't think it means ruby is
| |   150268 [twifkak comc] Good observation. Unfortunately, in order to get them over, it sounds
| |   150271 [twifkak comc] Make that 'module Enumerable'.
| + 149972 [daniel brock] You'd say it doesn't create closures.
|   149974 [botp delmont] #> Hi Brian/Cristi/Wannes/Kroeger/Kero, and others,
|   + 149978 [jim weirichh] Then your choices are to
|   | 149980 [botp delmont] #> Can we make something like proc but do it inside out? We do
|   + 149989 [langstefan g] I hope you can understand what I mean, English is not my native
+ 150054 [david vallne] IMO, if you really want clean in the code readability sense, stop trying
  150082 [botp delmont] #How about using class variables?
  150134 [matz ruby-la] Even it is easy to our eyes and brain, I don't think it means ruby is

^ Which Regex-Engine will be used in Ruby 1.8.3 Release?
149968 [wonado donne] One short question.
150001 [matz ruby-la] One short answer: old one.
+ 150038 [wonado donne] Wolfgang Nadasi-Donner
| 150072 [hal9000 hype] An understandable and common error.
+ 150115 [chneukirchen] Will there be a 1.8.x release with Oniguruma being the default engine?
  150125 [matz ruby-la] It's not planned, for compatibility's sake.  Any opinion?
  + 150166 [Stephan.Kaem] That (partly) depends on when Oniguruma will become the default regex
  + 150169 [dooby d10.ka] Compatibility in the sense that an invalid Regexp for the current engine
  + 150958 [james graypr] I guess I can see why that's the case, but I'm very excited about the
    150982 [matz ruby-la] * no one have verified regular expression compatibility in detail before.
    150988 [wonado donne] "Yukihiro Matsumoto" <matz@ruby-lang.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    151077 [surrender_it] I hope you'll be home safely soon

^ Issues about Rubygems
149969 [itsnotvalid ] I am a new user of the one-click installer (1.8.2-15).
150020 [ezra yakima-] Hey there-
150106 [itsnotvalid ] I don't have ZoneAlarm, but I have other sorts of client firewalls
150144 [itsnotvalid ] Itsnotvalid صيئ»،§

^ AW: add_weekdays method
149970 [simon.kroege] i guess the iteration isn't necessary at all, perhaps this would

^ Re: make local var visible
149979 [transfire gm] Foo=["a","b","c"]
149981 [botp delmont] #  Foo=["a","b","c"]
150098 [transfire gm] botp,
+ 150105 [w_a_x_man ya] You say that you are converting Perl code, which is usually full of
| 150108 [botp delmont] #You say that you are converting Perl code, which is usually full of
| + 150109 [botp delmont] #botp,
| | 150110 [botp delmont] #botp,
| | + 150111 [acharlieblue] I think it's overkill to create a way to make local variables not
| | + 150118 [SimonKroeger] foo = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
| | + 150126 [transfire gm] An interesting corllary is the what-if question of class and modules
| |   150145 [transfire gm] Hmm... I just ran into a problem with constant lookup (namely
| |   150146 [dblack wobbl] That would essentially do away with the notion of a local variable.  I
| |   150151 [transfire gm] Would it? Hmm.. I guess I was thinking that if you assigned a vairable
| |   150164 [dblack wobbl] It's fragile because it means you're coupling things that are in
| |   150165 [transfire gm] True. But wouldn't you be facing the same thing by using Const, $var,
| |   150171 [dblack wobbl] I think it at least provides an environment conducive to good
| + 150112 [ruby.brian g] if you just want to convert them one to one without rethinking I don't
| | 150119 [transfire gm] Brian,
| | 150121 [ruby.brian g] attr_accessor :foo
| + 150129 [w_a_x_man ya] Better, I would say. Most lines in a Perl program end with ";".
+ 150147 [dblack wobbl] I think you're giving Perl too much power and reach if you allow all

^ Chopping the beginning of a string elegantly
149982 [francisramme] I'm having some trouble finding an elegant way of removing a part of a
+ 149985 [jason jvoege] widget_description = "BeginCaption"
+ 149986 [kero chello.] str = "BeginOfString"
+ 149988 [wybo servaly] irb(main):001:0>  w='BeginCaption'
| 149994 [wybo servaly] irb(main):004:0>  widgetdescription='BeginCaption'
+ 149995 [jason jvoege] With all the different responses you've received, it's obvious that the
  150009 [francisramme] Thanks all,
  + 150015 [ruby.brian g] line.sub(/^Begin(\w+).*/, '\1')
  + 150023 [w_a_x_man ya] line[/Begin(\w+)/]; thePane = $1
    150048 [david vallne] thePane = line.sub(/Begin/, "") should work. Look, mom, nothing gets
    150107 [francisramme] I'm sorry but my first post was misleading.
    + 150123 [Peter.Fitzgi] I'm sorry but my first post was misleading.
    + 150275 [david vallne] Hmm. A wild guess (e.g. until there's a Windows installer for Ruby 1.9 w/
      150282 [dooby d10.ka] daz

^ [BUG] takes -1, not 0, arguments
149983 [raziir gmail] /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/date/format.rb:598: [BUG] unknown node type 0
150091 [akr m17n.org] Although the bug is too hard to fix without a script to reproduce it,
150423 [osivertsson ] I worked with the thread creator  when we got this error. Later we

^ trying to make a soap request
149984 [gregdyke gma] I'm trying to connect to a webservice which is only "documented" by
150089 [nakahiro sar] Method WSDLDriver#createDriver wass deprecated.  Please use
150101 [gregdyke gma] Nice, that works for me. But I think you're right: the soap4r module
150131 [nakahiro sar] <sequence> just says that child elements (only 1 element for the schema

^ dbdbd: problem with access
149991 [rubytalk kor] charset="iso-8859-1"

^ Hooking Class Methods
149998 [transfire gm] module PromoteSelf
150002 [transfire gm] module PromoteSelf
+ 150004 [acharlieblue] Module#method_added is called when a new method is added to the
| 150007 [transfire gm] Thanks. What I found strange was that
+ 150010 [pit capitain] Compare [ruby-core:4855]. Matz thinks this would make singleton classes
  150012 [transfire gm] Intersting, thanks. Erm... how much more "present" can you get when
  150025 [pit capitain] As I understand it, Matz wanted to have singleton methods in Ruby, but

^ Re: Meaning of OO [was: Linux Journal article on Ruby]
149999 [kero chello.] OO provides a means of abstraction based on inheritance of
150114 [chneukirchen] I think your definition should at least be extended. :-) The thing

^ On-the-fly convertion of function modules into include modules
150003 [transfire gm] .... I've been wanting this functionality for years. I even considered

^ The while loop for calculating a power of a number less than another number?
150005 [the.g.man.x ] number = 1
+ 150008 [ruby.brian g] bschroed@black:~/svn/projekte/ruby-things$ cat power2.rb
| 150016 [kevin_olbric] this is odd since you don't need to loop to find the answer
| 150017 [ruby.brian g] I'd think it was a educative example?
+ 150052 [chris.pine.f] Well, if you are interested in another tutorial which is more

^ Ruby on the Zaurus
150022 [greg.kujawa ] A few years ago I toyed around some with the Sharp Zaurus SL-5500
+ 150027 [rubyhacker g] However, I think this platform has rather limited memory -- difficult
| 150028 [cameron.math] I thought this interface was just qtopia?  I think (could be wrong,
| + 150029 [greg.kujawa ] Indeed. Searching the RAA (which is back online now) I found Ruby-QTE
| + 150030 [binary42 gma] There are other options too. Some people run a Debian ARM install off
+ 150031 [greg.kujawa ] I guess I answered my own question :-) Can't wait to give this a try. I
  150071 [hal9000 hype] Well, keep us posted on what you find out. :)
  + 150283 [greg.kujawa ] Will do. The last time I used the Zaurus was back in '03 before I
  + 151353 [greg.kujawa ] I received my Zaurus SL-5500 last week and finally got around to

^ Typo features - feeds, tags?
150024 [rubyhacker g] I'm starting a blog using Typo (http://typo.leetsoft.com) which

^ What does this assignment operator |=
150032 [erazor mitoc] i think i once saw an assignment operator |= used in a ruby program.
+ 150033 [a.r.ferreira] Easily,
| + 150037 [a.r.ferreira] Well, it looks there are more to the meaning of the operator | as ri shows
| + 150039 [mailing-list] Well, not necessarily.  For an array, the | operator is used to create
+ 150034 [halostatue g] It does the same as foo = foo | bar, where | is the bitwise operator.
+ 150036 [wonado donne] "Stefan Achatz" <erazor@mitochondrien.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:42ea718c_1@news.arcor-ip.de...

^ [ANN] Rant 0.4.4
150040 [langstefan g] Rant is a flexible build tool written entirely in Ruby,
150064 [lthiryidontw] What about ruby license? It's a dual license GPL and a quite liberal

^ Simulating Mouse Dragging
150045 [pan erikveen] Is it possible to simulate a mouse drag event in a browser (or
+ 150051 [kero chello.] Could recording + analyzing mouse data help? Then you can simulate it
| 150057 [pan erikveen] "Recording" the mouse data by reading /dev/gpmdata actually
| 150120 [kero chello.] In what sense does it not work?
| 150124 [pan erikveen] I experimented a bit, yesterday night. I didn't configure X11
+ 150132 [detlef.reich] If you realy want to do it in a browser the simplest way would be to
+ 150160 [w_a_x_man ya] I've never used it, but AutoIt for windows may be able to do what

150047 [thorin thesh] Rails's ActionWebService supports generation of WSDL.  I've tried it and
150053 [bitserf gmai] It currently generates RPC-encoded WSDL, if that meets your requirements.
150079 [scott alodar] Neatokeen.  Thanks!

^ [newbie] Net::Pcap
150056 [david vallne] I was thinking of cutting my ruby baby teeth on making something
+ 150069 [cyclists nc.] For C extensions check out README.EXT in the Ruby distribution, Chapter
+ 150073 [drbrain segm] Not that that should stop you!
  151971 [david vallne] Well, what do you know. I'll go off and see about something else;

^ Windows API's
150058 [not_real hp.] Thanks to all for the help with ftp and CRC library question that I had.
150192 [dave burt.id] Yes, it does. I don't know what TWAPI looks like, or what you want it for,

^ Re: (X)Emacs users going to RubyCOnf
150061 [fkc_email-ne] Cool.  Look forward to meeting with you and seeing how you use
150063 [fkc_email-ne] I can give a quick answer to what I know.  I think I'd be happy to
+ 150077 [kristof.bast] It works best on XEmacs, but should work fine on Emacs.
+ 150097 [jim freeze.o] Sounds good. I just hope I have time to do all these post event activities.
  150170 [batkins57 gm] I won't be able to make it to RubyConf, but it would be cool if the folks=
  150468 [fkc_email-ne] If things go well, you should have an easy to use package of stuff.
  163490 [eric.wenbl g] I wonder whether your emacs folks participated the RubyConf had something

^ [OT] Re: Linux Journal article on Ruby
150062 [Ara.T.Howard] interesting.  there is an article about how 'dual representations'
+ 150095 [treycampbell] I don't follow how the symbol for a number written on a piece of
+ 150122 [kero chello.] Define "children" in both contexts (i.e. their age).

^ confusion trying to get IMG tags from html page
150066 [peter peterk] I'm trying to download images from a web page that has them listed with
+ 150070 [acharlieblue] That isn't valid XML (tags without matching end-tags must have a
| 150074 [peter peterk] I was really hoping for some code or pseudo code.  I'm new to ruby and
| 150078 [james_b neur] I use WWW::Mechanize to slurp down numerous CafePress shop pages and
| 150094 [botp delmont] #I'm trying to download images from a web page that has them listed with
+ 150099 [meta pobox.c] require 'uri'
+ 150116 [ruby.brian g] require 'open-uri'
  150117 [ruby.brian g] obviously that should have read
  150128 [w_a_x_man ya] puts response.body.scan(/<[^>]*?([^\t "']+\.(?:jpg|gif|png))[^>]*>/)

^ Re: Problems with RDT & Unit Testing
150067 [kheon comcas] I'm just starting out with Eclipse and RDT. I had installed it on Eclipse
150103 [zdennis mkte] This has been fixed in the latest CVS for RDT. It should be fixed for

^ BackUp Gems?
150075 [paniagua pcm] I need to take all the gems that I have installed in my computer at work
150222 [dave burt.id] I'm no gem expert, but on my system, ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/cache contains

^ Re: [QUIZ] Drawing Trees (#40) [SOLUTION]
150076 [ruby_talk sh] Sorry if this is too late to be a legitimate entry.
150234 [dave burt.id] It is probably legitimate enough for James to add to the official solutions
150941 [james graypr] Definitely!  It should be up now.  (Sorry for the delay.  I was out

^ [ANN] r43 0.2.0 has been released
150080 [pat.eyler gm] The Ruby Programming Shop has been hard at work on r43, a Ruby

^ Better way to extend Kernel#eval -- can't require 'openssl'
150081 [eric.promisl] This program doesn't work

^ Ruby-related Job Posting (Quantitative Systems Developer)
150084 [AustinJNewto] To the Ruby Community,

^ zlib error while installing gems on Linux
150085 [code joechen] Pardon my ignorance, I'm not that great with Linux.
150088 [code joechen] Sorry, forgot to mention what version of Linux I am using: Fedora Core 3,
150100 [rwoliver2 gm] />
150102 [code joechen] Woohoo!  That worked, once I cleared the stuff out of /usr/local that

^ Instiki file uploads
150087 [horndude77 g] I'm not sure where to ask this, but this looks like as good a place as
150090 [alex verk.in] It's there in the Subversion repository (svn checkout
150093 [horndude77 g] If it's disabled how do I go in and enable it? (thanks for the quick
150148 [alex verk.in] I don't remember myself, and I don't have time right now to figure it
150153 [horndude77 g] Thanks for the reply. I'll check it out when your wiki comes back up.
150168 [alex verk.in] Oh, yes - most certainly it is on our wiki.

^ Mechanize as a tar.gz?
150092 [khaines enig] I realize the answer is probably "no", but might Mechanize be available as a
150127 [mneumann nte] Done! BTW, would be nice if there were a utility that would make a
+ 150130 [langstefan g] Rant can do something similar, you embed the gemspec in an Rantfile
+ 150142 [ mfp acm.org] You can easily create a .tar.gz from the RubyGems package

^ Ruby-Python; using python from within ruby
150133 [Norjee gmail] At the moment I'm looking at rails, it seems like a great framework.
+ 150137 [jim freeze.o] Jim Freeze
| 150138 [Norjee gmail] I'll take a look at odeum. Though that'll only solve a part of the
+ 150139 [mailinglists] Instead of trying to generate something generic you maybe should
| 150155 [Norjee gmail] I kind of got the ruby-python module to work! Sadly enough, I'm still
| 150195 [zoso foton.e] Do you mind posting it somewhere? I'm sure many people would find it
| + 150202 [Norjee gmail] I already send my changes to the original author. It weren't really ig
| + 150203 [Norjee gmail] I already send my changes to the original author. It weren't really big
|   150409 [lyndon.samso] This seems to work for me, Windows only though...
|   + 150534 [Norjee gmail] Thanks! That might come in handt sometime.
|   + 150536 [Norjee gmail] Thanks! That might come in handy sometime. Though i mostly need my
|     150541 [lyndon.samso] You could of course, await the arrival of python and ruby compilers
+ 150539 [twifkak comc] require 'resolv'

^ Re: takes -1, not 0, arguments
150135 [djberg96 gma] Can you show us the code please?

^ Loading data (variables)
150140 [chrisgame ex] I can set require="somefile" to include Classes and methods from a
150141 [ruby.brian g] If you are not concerned about security, you could use
+ 150143 [decoux moulo] moulon%  echo "test = 12" > data.rb
| 150157 [chneukirchen] echo "test = 12; BEGIN { p $SAFE }" > data.rb
| + 150167 [chrisgame ex] So what's this BEGIN {..} stuff do then?
| | 150183 [chneukirchen] It gets executed before the $SAFE = 4 line that is getting prepended.
| | 150266 [chrisgame ex] Thanks - but does it always get executed before other lines which go
| + 150181 [decoux moulo] eval is evil
+ 150267 [chrisgame ex] Thanks - that appears to do the trick. although I'm still not clear
  150273 [chneukirchen] load(filename, wrap=false)   => true