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Troubles, installing rake
149049 [christoph.ne] I use Ruby 1.6.8 on WinXP.
149050 [langstefan@g] Rake requires Ruby 1.8.0 or later. You can download the latest
149051 [christoph.ne] Thanks for answering quickly.
149055 [langstefan@g] Hmm, depends on wether you have to run existing Rakefiles or
149067 [christoph.ne] Thanks, I'll try Rant !

Ruby web app confusion
149056 [cydonia_1@ya] I am confused as to the various web frameworks/mods
+ 149057 [jim@fr ez .o] Wee
+ 149062 [khaines@en g] A templating system.  Allows one to embed ruby into HTML.
  149782 [george.mosch] one small correction: even though Nitro offers (and promotes) excellent

[BUG] Segmentation fault with a threads/forks script
149059 [lucas@lu as ] I experience a reproducable crash (each time) with prunner.rb at
+ 149061 [lucas@lu as ] With Ubuntu Breezy's ruby 1.9 package (version 1.9.0+20050623-2), it
+ 149069 [Ara.T.Howard] [ahowward@localhost ~]$ wget http://blop.info/bazaar/prunner.rb
| 149072 [lucas@lu as ] I tested using Debian's and Ubuntu's packages.
| + 149074 [Ara.T.Howard] o.k. - now it crashed on 1.8.2.  i can't ulimit on the 1.9 box.
| + 149076 [nobu.nokada@] I think it has been fixed in CVS trunk.
|   149077 [lucas@lu as ] Could somebody confirm ? The Debian/Ubuntu package is versioned
|   149158 [nobuyoshi.na] It seems to have new related bug(s), I'll investigate it more.
|   149199 [akr@m1 n. rg] The all three fd_sets must be long enough for select.
|   + 149263 [nobu.nokada@] Indeed.
|   + 149281 [nobu.nokada@] What about making them one struct?  I guess it would be nice
|     149289 [akr@m1 n. rg] It may be a step for kqueue, epoll, /dev/poll, etc.
+ 149094 [Ara.T.Howard] 2000 cmds

[SUMMARY] Sampling (#39)
149060 [james@gr yp ] To me, the solutions to this week's quiz are a fascinating combination of the

[RoR] mssql adapter and set_primary_key problem
149063 [usenet@za ie] For mssql adapter I cannot change primary key. The following code does not

Failed schema validation (was Re: Help with SOAP)
149066 [ben.myles@gm] After following your instructions I managed to use wsdl2ruby to
149070 [nakahiro@sa ] Hmm.  Some parameter could be wrongly encoded by soap4r.  Can I see

[ANN] cursor-0.8
149086 [eric_mahurin] Cursor

Rubygems now integrated in the FreeBSD ports tree
149092 [jw@in er wu ] Cheers,
+ 149100 [ mfp@ac .o g] I have been reading http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=82397 and
| 149105 [jw@in er wu ] Yes, the port infrastructure will download the gem and install it for you in
| 149111 [ mfp@ac .o g] Thanks for the *quick* reply :)
| 149116 [jw@in er wu ] Or you could define a pre-install target, patch the source and rebuild the
+ 149146 [lists@ka am ] Sweet, thanks!

Rails Petstore v0.1 Released
149096 [arustad@gm i] I have released Rails Petstore, a rails implementation of JPetstore.
149130 [mcdorman@gm ] It worth mentioning that you must create a database and create tables
149160 [surrender_it] well, fastcgi shpould be quite faster, but it should be also noticed
149159 [surrender_it] well, obviously on webrick, not in the general case :)

Rubys Regular Expression Engine
149109 [wonado@do ne] Some weeks ago I sent a message here, "Onigurama - Problem with Subexpression Call", sent on Montag, 27. Juni
+ 149117 [mailing-list] ^-- Sorry, but your missing proper encoding information.
| 149120 [wonado@do ne] Why should it?  (See below.)
| 149122 [mailing-list] Hm, OK, sorry.  It works in 3.8.5
| + 149126 [wonado@do ne] Hm, OK, sorry.  It works in 3.8.5
| + 149170 [wonado@do ne] .... Btw, can't that
|   149175 [mailing-list] I assume you mean 'abcde)fgh'.
|   149180 [sndgk393@yb ] to me or ruby-core or ruby-talk.
|   149185 [wonado@do ne] "K.Kosako" <sndgk393@ybb.ne.jp> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:42E0E861.3070204@ybb.ne.jp...
+ 149169 [wonado@do ne] Btw, this major question is still open.

ruby gnome question
149113 [joevandyk@gm] I have something like this
+ 149114 [aredridel@nb] Just define a handler for the signal that calls methods on the
| 149121 [joevandyk@gm] I forgot to mention that I had tried that already.  I think there was
| + 149123 [joevandyk@gm] file.rb:16:in `initialize': wrong number of arguments (1 for 0) (ArgumentError)
| + 149124 [aredridel@nb] Notice that I changed "super" to "super()".
|   149131 [joevandyk@gm] What the.
|   + 149132 [joevandyk@gm] But anyways, thanks for the response.  Is that the common GUI idiom
|   + 149139 [hal9000@hy e] Congratulations, you get to retrain your neural net. :)
|     149196 [daniel@br ck] You frequently need to do this to other methods as well.
+ 149115 [joevandyk@gm] Below is the actual class, would appreciate suggestions on how I can

svn backup via rake.. easier way to obtain lastest rev?
149134 [neoneye@gm i] I have made a small script that makes a backup of
149161 [mental@gm il] svnadmin youngest repos
149166 [neoneye@gm i] Hmm.. my svnadmin does not support 'youngest'..
149165 [neoneye@gm i] Code got reduced into this.

Connecting to a non-localhost Mysql with Ruby-DBI
149136 [sera@fh an .] I'm using DBI 0.0.23 on Slackware 10 and trying to connect to Mysql
149143 [paul__mcardl] can you connect via a CLI to the db form the non-localhost?
149193 [sera@fh an .] Yup, that works, it's been working all along.
149687 [sera@fh an .] I tried messing with the sock, it didn't seem to do anything.
151037 [jesperrr@gm ] ln -s /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock /tmp/mysql.sock

Odd Array#[x..y] return values
149140 [djberg96@gm ] Ruby 1.8.2
+ 149142 [Ara.T.Howard] start at a legitimate index and continue with every possible index until the
| + 149144 [djberg96@gm ] Please explain how one is "legitimate" and the other is not.  In both
| | 149152 [Ara.T.Howard] if you are thinking in terms of 'c' - which i tend to - an offset of zero from
| | 149162 [B.Candler@po] I believe that you are intentionally allowed to go 'one past the end' when
| + 149149 [threeve.org@] irb(main):001:0> [][0]
|   149151 [Ara.T.Howard] yes it does.
+ 149167 [dooby@d1 .k ] daz
  149173 [dblack@wo bl] I'll perhaps superfluously report the results of my digging, as long
  149191 [djberg96@gm ] Thanks David and Daz.

install amrita2
149141 [clsnyder@gm ] I have an older version of amrita installed on my windows laptop, which
149340 [jeff.barczew] I believe you would want to gem uninstall amrita

FreeRIDE: Where does the output go?
149153 [basi_lio@ho ] I'm trying out FreeRIDE and I have a truly embarrassing question.
+ 149163 [whichfactory] Maybe you need to go into the "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu.
| 149178 [basi_lio@ho ] Yes, "Run process in terminal" is checked.
+ 149172 [dooby@d1 .k ] A very valid question.  Are you using Windows 9x ?
| 149179 [basi_lio@ho ] I'm using Windows XP SP2.
+ 149186 [curt@hi bs c] ...
  149190 [curt@hi bs c] This is really weird... somehow all of the text that I typed in my
  + 149265 [basi_lio@ho ] No, it doesn't open a separate Windows command line window. There must
  | 149312 [chuck.brotma] Basi, Curt,
  | 149345 [basi_lio@ho ] Thanks for the suggestion.
  + 149266 [basi_lio@ho ] Yes, it flashes open a separate window, but the window closes quickly.
  + 149268 [basi_lio@ho ] Yes, it flashes open another window but it closes the window quickly.
    + 149269 [curt@hi bs c] Hmmm... it should stay open. I don't understand why its closing.
    | 149284 [basi_lio@ho ] Tried both. Neither works.
    + 170709 [laurent@mo d] Basi,

extconf.rb does the wrong thing?
149164 [sorry@no .v ] I am trying to build a program that comes with a ruby extension. It
149182 [nobu.nokada@] You use ruby compiled with VisualC++, but will need ruby
149282 [nobu.nokada@] Yes, for VC++ 6 and mingw.  VC++ 7 has changed its runtime DLL,
149516 [sorry@no .v ] So not all DLLs are the same? That sounds like an awful situation :-( I

Are there packages?
149168 [eduardo.yane] to know how could organize the classes.
+ 149171 [langstefan@g] Ruby has a variable called $LOAD_PATH which you can access/modify in
| + 149174 [eduardo.yane] What a wonderful answer, thank you!
| + 149325 [groups@jp ri] "Per default"... what if I install to another directory other than
|   149330 [langstefan@g] Something is wrong with your installation. I have six different
+ 149176 [ruby.brian@g] You need not put each class in a file. Normally you put each chunk of
  + 149181 [B.Candler@po] Note 1: If you're using modules, which is a good idea to ensure you don't
  | + 149187 [james@gr yp ] It's often desirable to add both directories to the path, especially
  | | + 149206 [vjoel@pa h. ] Here's another approach that I have been very happy with. First, some
  | | + 149210 [agorilla@gm ] I've recenlty poked my nose into Rake, and it looked like it could be
  | |   149226 [jim@we ri hh] I'm planning on doing some non-c examples soon.  This just encourages me
  | |   149229 [agorilla@gm ] Sure, got stumped a couple times going through the "building with
  | + 149188 [gene.tani@gm] There's a few other environmental variables to consider
  + 149194 [eduardo.yane] Well, that's a point I'd like to ask. Which is the philosophy to follow
    149197 [daniel@br ck] I'd say stick to one class per file in normal cases.
    149215 [ruby.brian@g] Which is not neccessarily a good thing. Thinking about which classes
    149230 [halostatue@g] This points are completely orthogonal to one another.

[QUIZ] Drawing Trees (#40)
149184 [james@gr yp ] 1.  Please do not post any solutions or spoiler discussion for this quiz until
+ 149409 [flori@ni e. ] [Quiz #40]
+ 149411 [ruby.brian@g] so I finally got my internet access again after having struggled with
| 149412 [ruby.brian@g] I forgot to plug the website where the full solution is, but don't
| 149417 [james@gr yp ] Is that page supposed to reference "crossword" in the documentation
| 149419 [ruby.brian@g] Thank you james its fixed now. If I continue writing ruby quiz
+ 149571 [dbatml@gm .d] I found two problems ;-)
  + 149590 [james@gr yp ] Good thing someone is watching over me!
  | 149609 [dbatml@gm .d] Maybe I havn't been clear enough, I meant the heap can't get empty, you
  | 149612 [james@gr yp ] Got it.  Thanks for the lesson Dominik!
  + 149623 [dave@bu t. d] "Dominik Bathon" <dbatml@gmx.de> posted...
    149634 [dbatml@gm .d] Sorry, something seems to have truncated my mail on its way to the
    149701 [email55555@g] I found my "print binary tree" program, it is dated May 1993 using C language.

SOAP and ASP.Net Web Services
149189 [xevious@he v] I am attempting to connect to an ASP.Net web service
149222 [xevious@he v] Please disregard - this was completely a typo issue.

where can I get old versions of testunit?
149192 [pbrannan@at ] I need to use testunit with ruby 1.6.  It used to be possble to download
149293 [nathaniel@ta] ruby-shim provides test/unit for 1.6, but unfortunately doesn't seem
149817 [pbrannan@at ] Thanks, that works very well!

[Rails] Where to put self-contained Custom Libraries
149195 [brian.takita] I'm developing a custom library and would like to know where I can and
149305 [ng@jo nw on ] I think the Rails Way would be to put them in the vendor directory or

Abstract class or interface?
149198 [eduardo.yane] How could I implement this model?
+ 149200 [jim@we ri hh] If Button is a like a Java interface (i.e. no behavior), then you don't
| + 149204 [eduardo.yane] Well I'm trying to get rid of my way of thinking in Java and C++. I have modeled
| | 149207 [jim@we ri hh] class Window
| + 149607 [ehames@gm il] Cheers,
|   149617 [twifkak@co c] Well, it specifies a very tiny subset of the 'contract' that the framework expects. In reality, there's a much more specific 'general contract' that the Store must support (just read the javadocs for Map, for example). Ruby just goes all the way and makes method signatures part of the 'general contract,' too.
+ 149203 [daniel@br ck] In Ruby, modules are like abstract classes except you can
+ 149205 [james@gr yp ] In Ruby, we take a relaxed approach to interface.  Quite literally,
  + 149297 [eduardo.yane] Yes, I understand what you mean.
  + 149389 [martindemell] widgets.each {|w| w.bg = 0xffffff if Button === w}
  + 149583 [redentis@gm ] Doesn't this make it very difficult to write frameworks where you often
    + 149589 [james@gr yp ] I can honestly say that I never try to sit down and implement a Java
    + 149602 [acharlieblue] This sounds like a good use for unit tests, if you ask me.
      149605 [Ara.T.Howard] module Interface

Ruby 1.9 mswin32 Installation and a Problem
149201 [wonado@do ne] After installing the package for Ruby 1.9 (extracting ruby-1.9.0-20050722-i386-mswin32.zip and adding
149209 [langstefan@g] The RUBYOPT environment variable is set from another Ruby
149228 [wonado@do ne] The RUBYOPT environment variable is set from another Ruby

[ANN] Kwartz-ruby 2.0.4 released - a final release of 2.0.x
149202 [kwa@ku at -l] I have released Kwartz-ruby 2.0.4

[ANN] ruby-ldapserver 0.3
149208 [B.Candler@po] ruby-ldapserver is a lightweight, pure Ruby skeleton for implementing LDAP
149277 [B.Candler@po] ruby-ldapserver is a library which handles the protocol operations; how you
149331 [nick@at as i] Brian,

newline and regular expressions
149211 [tsuraan@gm i] I have a string "foo\nbar=blah", which I'd like to entirely replace
149214 [ruby.brian@g] /i makes the regexp case insensitve, use /m for multiline e.g. dot
149219 [tsuraan@gm i] I guess I meant /.../s, which one site said was " '.' matches newline
149279 [B.Candler@po] WARNING!! Ruby and Perl are very different here; don't try to follow Perl

ruby script hangs on regex match
149213 [adrian.dimul] ...
+ 149218 [daniel@br ck] I just wanted to point out that if you add the /x flag to
| 149225 [adrian.dimul] thanks for pointing that out, I didn't know it.
+ 149223 [wonado@do ne] ((\s*(\,|and|or)\s*)*
| 149232 [adrian.dimul] I am sure this regex is far from being optimized as I am really no
+ 149260 [w_a_x_man@ya] regexp =

something similar to perl's XML::Simple
149216 [cameron.math] I'm trying to write a few simple apps (a flash-card type program for
+ 149220 [Daniel.Berge] Regards,
+ 149221 [james@gr yp ] Are you strictly tied to the XML idea?  YAML is a standard Ruby
  149224 [cameron.math] Thanks everyone,
  149227 [james@gr yp ] James Edward Gray II

Possible bug with StringScanner class
149231 [jhalderman@g] ...
149233 [eric_mahurin] You should think of the current position as the beginning of
149234 [jhalderman@g] ...

Threading help with testing webrick and xmlrpc
149235 [luke@ma st p] Well, as so often is the case, I'm finding that my testing was the

Re: Class Attributes and rdoc/Observable
149253 [vjoel@pa h. ] Do you really mean "class attributes", or "class methods which define
149274 [x5@da is h. ] Thanks, the solution proposed there seems to work, but I agree with one
149346 [vjoel@pa h. ] Might be nice, if there are enough users, but the module would have to

Re: FAQ? Hash concatenation
149254 [w_a_x_man@ya] h={'a',1, 'c',3, 'd',4}
149257 [dblack@wo bl] However....
+ 149258 [dblack@wo bl] I'm curious what this gains you.  Is it better than just saying
| 149388 [daniel@br ck] Good point.  Come to think about it, I doubt if I ever used
+ 149262 [w_a_x_man@ya] h=h2.dup.update(h)
  149267 [w_a_x_man@ya] I guess this should be
  149280 [dblack@wo bl] h.replace(h2.merge(h))
  149285 [ruby.brian@g] Though beware of nil and false

IDN Internation Domain Names?
149255 [x5@da is h. ] any library for ruby to convert domain names from and to
149367 [halostatue@g] Not that I know of, but aren't they supposed to just be UTF-8?
+ 149375 [prakash.diby] Me too not sure,if therez any......But whats the need of it.
+ 149381 [dbatml@gm .d] Punycode.encode(Iconv.iconv("UCS-4LE", "ISO-8859-15", "b?cher")[0])

[ANN} RubyURL This!
149256 [robby@pl ne ] Nothing super exciting, but if you drag the 'RubyURL This!' link into
149259 [jack@jn so t] Application error (Rails)

Problem with Ruby requires (rubygem) in non-standard path
149261 [groups@jp ri] I've installed ruby 0.8.11 on Linux i686 in a non-standard path, as I'm

Catching DRb exceptions ??
149273 [casuj@sh ll ] I have a simple problem.
149316 [drbrain@se m] $ ruby drb.rb

What's a canonical way to copy a file?
149275 [jeremy@ch os] It's easy to copy a file with File#{open,read,write}, but I'm
149276 [langstefan@g] require 'fileutils'
+ 149278 [botp@de mo t] #It's easy to copy a file with File#{open,read,write}, but I'm
+ 149328 [jeremy@ch os] .... which *is* documented in Pickaxe II.  Somehow I missed it.  D'oh!

RAILS: edit turns null strings into empty strings
149283 [wybo@se va y] In my mysql database I stored empty strings as NULL's, so that I can test
149291 [acharlieblue] I think the most simple and semantic way of going about it would be to