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modifying pickaxe 2 pdf
147207 [botp@de mo t] I hope this is not a stupid question.
+ 147211 [se@di it le ] I just gave it a quick try and it worked. I used the Note Tool and the
| 147219 [Graham Nicho] Just out of curiosity, anyone know if I'm entitled to the pdf for free as an
| + 147228 [sastph@sa .c] There doesn't appear to be a "free PDF" option. You can buy the PDF
| | 147232 [Graham Nicho] Thanks - shame really, but there you go.  I might just go and get it anyway,
| | 147265 [dbatml@gm .d] Check out the very last page of the 2nd edition, there is a "Save on the
| | 147269 [Neville.Burn] Insude the back cover of the book is a link to 60% off the PDF for book
| | + 147275 [botp@de mo t] #> Is the pickaxe 2 pdf modifiable? I want to put notes, extra
| | | 147307 [dave@pr gp o] Feel free to annotate to your heart's content. If you had a paper book,
| | + 147294 [Graham Nicho] Aaargh!  Just bought the PDF at full price!  Didn't think to look.... what a
| + 147305 [dave@pr gp o] Not free, sub you can get it for $10--look inside the back cover of the
+ 147217 [gcottenc@gm ] Beware of acrobat v7.
  147304 [dave@pr gp o] We have no tagging such as this in the PDFs we distribute.

147218 [ts_news1@so ] What's the trick to installing DamageControl. I've installed it using
147221 [ts_news1@so ] Never mind, apparently the place to start is http://localhost:3000/project.

A matter of style.
147222 [Graham Nicho] I'm writing an application to extract data from a dataease database.
+ 147225 [eduardo.yane] You need to ask yourself which of each classes are responsible for
+ 147226 [bob.news@gm ] Upfront I'd go with the second alternative (3 classes).  That way your
| 147233 [Graham Nicho] Thanks, both of you.  I was beginning to think, yes a third class would be
+ 147251 [james_b@ne r] Do the simplest thing that works.

[ANN] RubyConf 2005 Registration now open
147224 [chadfowler@g] We are pleased to announce that registration for this year's
147268 [hal9000@hy e] Wonderful news! The time draws ever nearer...
+ 147271 [drbrain@se m] I got my acceptance email a week ago or so.
| 147281 [curt@hi bs c] And I got my rejection email a couple weeks ago.
+ 147282 [chadfowler@g] Hal, we did.  We didn't get a proposal from you.  Did you think you
  147283 [hal9000@hy e] I submitted one at prereg when the rails app crashed
  147284 [Ara.T.Howard] i submitted two.
  147288 [hal9000@hy e] Did you get responses on either/both of them?
  147306 [Ara.T.Howard] nope.

RoR: Tree and Grid Widgets
147235 [jenjhiz@ya o] So far I'm impressed with what I see in RoR. I look at using RoR to
147237 [zdennis@mk e] 1 - using frames, a left and right frame
+ 147240 [bww00amdahl@] Does anyone have an example(s) of Zach's 2B recommendation ????
+ 147245 [jenjhiz@ya o] Thanks for the reply. So basically the handling of widgets is still all

What is wrong in this code ... ???
147242 [Raja.Faisal@] Well Im new to programming in Ruby Language ( Infact only an hour back
+ 147243 [threeve.org@] you aren't printing anything.  Try putting "p st.inspect" instead of
| + 147244 [nugend@gm il] The extra assignment is unnecessary too.
| | 147247 [gavin@re in ] ...
| | 147591 [meta@po ox c] Well, if we're doing stylistic suggestions... :-)
| + 147249 [Raja.Faisal@] Well  , p st.inspect worked ... thanks .
|   147250 [belorion@gm ] st.inspect just returns "... a string containing a human-readable
|   + 147252 [Raja.Faisal@] Well I got it . Thanks you every1 , for helping
|   + 147253 [Raja.Faisal@] Well I got it . Thanks you every1 , for helping
|     147254 [twifkak@co c] Not quite.
+ 147248 [jared.RMOVE_] I'm no Ruby guru (and I'm sure you'll hear from others soon), but if you add

Re: OWLScribble 0.8
147255 [mgarriss@gm ] very cool, good work.

Found bug - need new test? or modify existing test?
147256 [joevandyk@gm] So, I'm developing some software.  It's still pretty early in
147259 [Tanton.Gibbs] Typically you want to add a new test.  This preserves your "history" of
147266 [twifkak@co c] Agreed. You don't want duplicate tests, though, so I would simplify the string to the simplest thing that would force you to fix the error.

Need help with win320le word interface
147258 [andyh@sy pl ] I'm writing a report generator which uses word for formatting. In
+ 147261 [corey.ssf.la] Use the Object Inspector in VBA to see what is the numeric value of
+ 147262 [dave@bu t. d] curpos = Selection.Information(wdHorizontalPositionRelativeToPage)
  147331 [andyh@sy pl ] Thanks very much for your post and the one from Corey.  The advice worked

Establishing new TCP Socket connection
147260 [joevandyk@gm] If I want to establish a new TCP connection every time I need to
+ 147270 [joevandyk@gm] No response needed on this... it all seems to work ok.
+ 147272 [drbrain@se m] def do_the_stuff
+ 147274 [thorin@th sh] Sure, except you should explicitly close the connection as well at the

eruby mode emacs with mmm-mode
147267 [jeff@op nd m] ...
147289 [Digikata@gm ] Jeff,

tcltklib and pthread
147273 [vjoel@pa h. ] I haven't used Tk/Ruby for a while, and I'm trying to get some code
147279 [vjoel@pa h. ] Never mind. I just installed and built tcl and tk with the default

Extract/Parse String?
147280 [tuyet.ctn@ms] How do I extract "treeframe1120266500902" from this String class
+ 147285 [assaph@gm il] Use regular expressions
| + 147292 [bob.news@gm ] Although that'll work for this particular string, I'd rather think this is a
| + 147354 [tuyet.ctn@ms] Thank you Assaph!
+ 147286 [twifkak@co c] (Almost) Everything in Ruby is an Object, so what you're asking for is

(newb) converting seconds into plain english time units
147290 [lduncalfe@em] i'm having some difficulty in writing a method that takes a number of
+ 147293 [bob.news@gm ] The way I did this once was to have two arrays, one containing factors and
+ 147299 [dooby@d1 .k ] The reason you're getting plural is that
  147368 [lduncalfe@em] thanks to you both, that works a charm :)
  147373 [gene.tani@gm] check out ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Time::Calculations

Wikiversity and Ruby.
147291 [erlercw@gm i] ...
147320 [ptkwt@ar cn ] Very cool.  If I get a little time I'll try to contribute.

Reading arbitrary data into a c-like structure
147295 [Graham Nicho] I mentioned before that I'm writing a tool to extract data from a (dataease)
147296 [mneumann@nt ] You need to read sizeof(data) bytes as a String, then unpack it.
+ 147297 [bob.news@gm ] Plus, if you want to do further processing, you can use any of Hash,
+ 147298 [Graham Nicho] Excellent - just what I (think!) I want.  I looked at pack, but didn't think
  147301 [mneumann@nt ] Also have a look at my BinaryReaderMixin. This allows you to use methods

Inheriting Array and slice() behaviour
147300 [sylvain.joye] I have a class inheriting Array, and I expected slice() and []
+ 147319 [wmorgan-ruby] It looks like [], slice and slice! methods create a new instance of the
| 147321 [sylvain.joye] I find it VERY weird to build anything else than an Array here. Array now
| + 147322 [dblack@wo bl] But remember... you're not calling Array#slice; you're calling
| + 147326 [wmorgan-ruby] I agree with you. I think this is bad behavior.
|   147348 [bob.news@gm ] I wouldn't be so certain of this.  It's normal for operations like #dup and
|   + 147349 [twifkak@co c] Somebody should write a list of these.
|   + 147357 [clr5.10.rand] Now it is the second time I've read this. Currently I have a class
|   | 147387 [bob.news@gm ] class Module
|   | + 147388 [sylvain.joye] Isn't that what Forwardable do ?
|   | + 147393 [clr5.10.rand] Great, that works fine with all my tests :) Somehow I was always
|   | | 147396 [bob.news@gm ] Well, you as the lib provider have to decide on the public interface of
|   | + 147402 [daniel@br ck] Maybe change that to not assume an instance variable and accept
|   | + 147410 [james@gr yp ] class Queue
|   |   147412 [bob.news@gm ] Yuck!  Didn't new this one.  That covers pretty much everything one needs
|   + 147437 [wmorgan-ruby] Dup and clone work on objects that have already been initialized.
|     147443 [Ara.T.Howard] class Expression < ::Array
|     147465 [wmorgan-ruby] Actually, it's even simpler---the author of Expression can simply
|     147483 [pit@ca it in] The LSP has been mentioned before in this thread. According to that
|     + 147497 [wmorgan-ruby] So you're suggesting that #initialize be called (automatically) by
|     | + 147499 [halostatue@g] No, from a design level, Expression isn't an Array if it doesn't
|     | | 147596 [wmorgan-ruby] I'm sorry, that simply isn't true, under any kind of reasonable
|     | + 147535 [pit@ca it in] I was thinking that that was the actual behaviour, but now I realized it
|     + 147532 [sylvain.joye] Are you suggesting that everywhere I write a subclass I should have the
|     | 147534 [pit@ca it in] See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liskov_substitution_principle for a
|     | 147560 [twifkak@co c] Wrong. The LSP says that /objects/ of a subtype have to support the same
|     | 147600 [wmorgan-ruby] Thank you (and Adam Jenkins) for clarifying this.
|     | 147603 [twifkak@co c] Good summary.
|     + 147593 [thorin@th sh] The LSP is defined in terms of particular interfaces.  Given an
+ 147323 [daniel@br ck] I'm sorry, but this is asking for trouble.
+ 147327 [matz@ru y- a] Why?  I'd expect them to return instances of the class of the
  + 147329 [Ara.T.Howard] you suggest a has-a or aggregation approach then?
  | 147360 [matz@ru y- a] It depends on what the original poster want to accomplish.
  + 147334 [sylvain.joye] This is a lisp-like language, so expressions are basically array of atoms
  | + 147339 [twifkak@co c] Pragmatically, I'd suggest that you use the has-a relationship, as mentioned. Make the Array of atoms an instance variable of Expression, and give the Array an attr_reader. If you want to provide convenience methods that access the methods of the Array, that's fine, too. Modify the instance methods of Expression to act on the instance variable instead of on self.
  | | 147343 [sylvain.joye] I'm not trying to talk about pragmatism (the program already works,
  | | 147344 [twifkak@co c] Sure. Liskov's Substitution Principle states that if I (say, if I ever get around to finishing Ruby Quiz #35, let alone starting #36 :P) wanted to make use of an array (say, to store a list of captured pieces), you could construct an empty Expression object, hand it to me, and I could mess with it as an Array object, having no idea what "Expression" is.
  | + 147346 [Ara.T.Howard] class Expression < ::Array
  | + 147361 [matz@ru y- a] In Lisp, a sub-list from a list is a list (or atom), not an array.
  | | 147362 [twifkak@co c] True... Array has a "copy constructor" (Array.new can take another Array), so you could call klass.new(theNewSubArray) unless klass == Array, instead of just massaging it into a klass...
  | + 147365 [dblack@wo bl] Expressions may be arrays or lists of atoms and expressions in a
  | + 147449 [halostatue@g] I disagree. In an OO language, a slice of an Expression should be an
  |   + 147454 [sylvain.joye] I don't. We're on the side of dogmas here, so no need to argue about it.
  |   + 147469 [wmorgan-ruby] I'd say that's probably a requirement for a well-written OO Expression
  + 147356 [wmorgan-ruby] But #+ returns an Array. Is that consistent?
    147359 [matz@ru y- a] The result from + method is not a sub-array.  Where X = A + B,
    147440 [wmorgan-ruby] But I don't think it can be. To be initialized, #initialize must be

Bordered Gtk Label
147308 [martindemell] How do I draw a rectangular border around a Gtk Label? Also, is there
147400 [martindemell] FWIW the answers are

Hamburg.rb - 2005-07-06 / 18:00
147309 [Stephan.Kaem] just to remind you...

Frankfurt.rb (was Re: Hamburg.rb - 2005-07-06 / 18:00 )
147310 [Mail@Jo as H] Anyone up for some Frankfurt.rb meetings btw?

Ruby & Java Crypto interoperability
147315 [andy@le ni a] Well, I've taken a couple days to look  at it - googled for solutions
147756 [roland.schmi] cipher = OpenSSL::Cipher::Cipher.new( "BF-CBC" )

Rails 0.13: 225+ features/fixes in 75 days!
147333 [david.heinem] Rumors of our inability to release ever again was surely false. It has

UDPSocket question
147335 [joevandyk@gm] I'm having problems creating a UDP socket that listens for messages on
147337 [joevandyk@gm] What would be great if someone could fill in the blanks for me, or
147338 [guslist@fr e] server.send(return_message, 0, sender[2], sender[1])
147340 [joevandyk@gm] Seems to work great, thanks!
147342 [joevandyk@gm] If I need to send a message that's greater than 64KB back, is there
147347 [ysantoso-rub] No. That's the maximum size of a UDP packet, and since UDP is a
147485 [joevandyk@gm] Are there any 'tricks' that I can use to make sending data messages
+ 147490 [ysantoso-rub] No. UDP really does not have the necessary features needed for
+ 147491 [vjoel@pa h. ] but you may just want to roll your own simple solution using sequence
+ 147492 [billk@ct .c ] Are you sure TCP is inappropriate for your application?

Marketing a system that relies on a component that is alpha version 0.1
147336 [jenjhiz@ya o] No matter how good the programming language is, no matter how easy it
+ 147350 [pjpizza@rs e] as long as you're going to advocate bleeding edge technology like ruby and ruby-on-rails, why wouldn't  you use a robust open source databASe engine instead of Oracle, with its fearsome costs and nightmare complexity?
| 147375 [jenjhiz@ya o] Oh, i'm not advocating the use of Oracle. I'm trying to find a way to
| 147430 [B.Candler@po] Then your management seems to have missed the point.
+ 147353 [Ara.T.Howard] my best work never gets to 1.0.  that's because it's simple and stable for the
| 147377 [jenjhiz@ya o] My posting is not about whether a lower or higher version number is a
| 147378 [Tanton.Gibbs] In America, banks will often start your checks at 1000, even though you
| 147392 [mailinglists] Yes but this does not answer the question or help in any way.
| 147463 [jenjhiz@ya o] <<
+ 147395 [erlercw@gm i] Assuming the interface to Ruby has a license that allows it, fork the

Ruby and Agile
147341 [premshree.pi] I'm (most likely) gonna talk about agile development with Ruby in a

Collecting garbage
147345 [eustaquioran] class CustomObject
147351 [ysantoso-rub] Ruby's GC is lazy and conservative. Lazy meaning, it does not
+ 147352 [ysantoso-rub] YS.
+ 147398 [eustaquioran] Thanks for the answer. :-)
  147472 [ysantoso-rub] Funny, I couldn't reproduce what you are seeing. I cut and paste the
  147476 [eustaquioran] class CustomObject
  147478 [ysantoso-rub] Still same thing, I got 0 objects found at the end.
  148011 [jay@fl ei gr] I've been following this thread as well as why's post (and the
  148047 [drbrain@se m] begin does not create a new scope.  why made a mistake here.

Major web host supports Rails
147355 [bertrandmusc] One of the biggest web hosts on the internet (Dreamhost) now supports
+ 147358 [michael.camp] "Ruby on Snails"... *chuckle*
| + 147369 [vjoel@pa h. ] ...
| + 147371 [jason.sweat@] On one forum I watch, there was discussion of doing a Rails port to
|   + 147372 [destiney@gm ] Mojavi
|   | 147374 [jason.sweat@] Thanks, I am aware of them and have contributed to several.
|   + 147592 [meta@po ox c] I could really use a Java version of Rails; I've been referring to this
|     147594 [yanfali@be t] Yan
|     147648 [surrender_it] ;)
+ 147370 [lduncalfe@em] very good for dreamhost to be one of the first of the popular hosts to be
| 147403 [mrt@th ma zo] Wow... the Code Monster plan is now 7.5 gigs, with 375 (!) shell
| 147618 [lduncalfe@em] hehe, yes i meant to say 3.8 gigs of space! (half a code monster plan). i
+ 147655 [michael.camp] Does anyone know if DreamHost "oversells" their space?
| + 147658 [mailinglists] Isn't this the most common configuration for web hosters ?
| | + 147660 [dotnetguy@gm] Actually, I think massively oversold bandwidth is a bigger issue.
| | + 147665 [michael.camp] Textdrive doesn't.
| |   + 147759 [shalofin@gm ] Actually, it's just a question.  How you choose to interpret that
| |   + 147966 [Fe_Como@ya o] That was unnecessary. Please don't be so rude in an otherwise friendly
| |     148017 [michael.camp] So was that.
| + 147721 [karlin.fox@g] If they oversell it, that fact is overshadowed by their great tech
|   147760 [michael.camp] yeah, I've heard nothing but good about them.
+ 147761 [denrober@gm ] Want to support Ruby?  Use Textdrive (http://www.textdrive.com/).
  + 147763 [james_b@ne r] Want to support Ruby? Contribute Ruby code, or write Ruby docs, or send
  + 147781 [rampant@gm i] Don't you mean Rails, not Ruby?
    147826 [denrober@gm ] Yup I meant rails...sorry about that.

file contents was truncated
147363 [shaobo.li@gm] i've printed a 3102 lines text file,but why the top (about 893 lines)
147364 [assaph@gm il] Silly, really, but what's the buffer size of your command prompt window?
147366 [shaobo.li@gm] this results came from eclipse rdt plugin,yes in command promp window

win32ole  help
147367 [erne@po er a] I'm trying to use winHTTPRequest (a com object) in Ruby.  But I'm having
+ 147380 [pit@ca it in] Hash notation would be
| 147382 [erne@po er a] Thanks Pit, but that doesn't do it. I had tried that notation but  I get
| 147384 [dooby@d1 .k ] EDIT (was same reply as Pit gave)
| 147404 [erne@po er a] Thanks for the hint.  ran into a few problems
+ 147408 [masaki.suket] Try the setproperty method.

disable ri case sensitive
147376 [botp@de mo t] How do i disable ri's case sensitivity?
147386 [mailinglists] Write a patch.
147389 [botp@de mo t] #PB> How do i disable ri's case sensitivity?
+ 147390 [mental@gm il] I guess you already found this, but it's called ri.bat which is just a
+ 147401 [dougkearns@g] I'm not on Windows but...
  147512 [botp@de mo t] #> Arg, i'm in windows and i cannot even find ri.rb. I guess it
  147513 [botp@de mo t] #> Arg, i'm in windows and i cannot even find ri.rb.