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^ vim question
145372 [jeem.hughes ] How can I run the file I'm currently editing, see the output, then
+ 145375 [thomas eduli] "One of us is a cigar stand, and one of us is a lovely blue incandescent
| 145397 [mark ociweb.] Can you provide a little more detail?  I went through all that documentation and
| + 145400 [thomas eduli] under the heading "QuickFix" mode, that'll show you what you can enter
| + 145415 [james_b neur] I obtained from now-vague sources a menu + function set that would  do
| + 145416 [james_b neur] which also includes
+ 145417 [newsgroups a] This only answers part of your question, but I like to keep a separate
  145435 [jeem.hughes ] Thanks, everyone, for the replies.

^ Deploying on Textdrive
145373 [bruno.bornsz] I've got an application working nicely on my localhost, and I'm
145426 [gene.tani gm] Unfortunately, this is the canonical question that's so open-ended we
145431 [bruno.bornsz] Never thought it would be so complicated...
145433 [lyndon.samso] tar->bzip2->scp ?

^ Ruby and recursion (Ackermann benchmark)
145390 [ptkwt aracne] ...
145396 [halostatue g] [snipped benchmark]
+ 145401 [logancapaldo] Ok I realize that this (definitely) probably won't make it any faster
+ 145402 [chneukirchen] The real question is why the Ruby interpreter doesn't do tail-call
| + 145474 [g_ogata optu] def f arg
| | 145495 [chneukirchen] So what?  It just calls the new definition with a TC and it's
| | + 145504 [logancapaldo] you do-whatever-mean?
| | + 145578 [g_ogata optu] Yeah, that is kind of obvious now that you say it.  In fact, now that
| + 145593 [pit capitain] The interpreter doesn't do this automatically. You have to tell him :-)
|   145598 [chneukirchen] I know that, but there is no reason it couldn't... while your code
+ 145404 [Digikata gma] I think it depends on the purpose of the ackermann benchmark. If its
| 145410 [igouy yahoo.] -snip-
+ 145414 [ptkwt aracne] ...
+ 145445 [glenn.parker] So what?  The alioth benchmark can be faulted because it does not

^ Ruby Quiz #35?
145392 [twifkak comc] ...
145425 [james graypr] Looking forward to seeing what you have.
145459 [dave burt.id] ...
145483 [james graypr] Gavin was right, it's too much work.  ;)

^ [ANN] constraint 2.0 -- Ensure that objects always satisfy a set of constraints
145394 [sanobast-200] - The evaluation order of constraints has changed from bottom-up to

^ [ANN] AllInOneRuby 0.2.4
145406 [pan erikveen] I just released AllInOneRuby 0.2.4.

^ [ANN] RubyScript2Exe 0.3.6
145407 [pan erikveen] I just released RubyScript2Exe 0.3.6.

^ Re: AllInOneRuby 0.2.4
145408 [jgreek gmail] Very nice work. Does this installation executable include everything
145413 [pan erikveen] AllInOneRuby normally only embeds the default runtime

^ Setting up Rails on Windows
145409 [pkchau gmail] Has anyone run into this problem?
+ 145480 [dave burt.id] ...
+ 145522 [jared.RMOVE_] ...

^ Installing Rails via Gem - CRC Error
145418 [galizur gmai] I'm installing the beta version of Rails, but I'm running into a CRC
145440 [daniel.amela] Sorry I couldn't help. BTW, would you be interested in helping start a
145807 [galizur gmai] Upgrading to Ruby 1.8.2 solved the issues I was having.

^ PDF::Writer Angle Issues
145429 [halostatue g] Well, things have just gotten ... interesting. In response to a
+ 145430 [kjwcode gmai] For what it's worth, I prefer a point release with an incompatible
+ 145437 [Ara.T.Howard] i've been releasing all my code like
| 145451 [halostatue g] [snippage]
| 145453 [Ara.T.Howard] but without the 'require_gem' bit ;-)
| 145472 [halostatue g] Some. I'll see if I can make it work for future versions; part of the
+ 145476 [cyclists nc.] "RVG" transformations?
| 145486 [halostatue g] Why not? RVG works against a canvas. If I provide people a way to
+ 145488 [jim freeze.o] Make the change now Austin. No, better yet, make the change yesterday.

^ Limiting the CPU time of program started via SYSTEM()
145434 [drosihn gmai] Let's say I have a ruby script which calls system() to run some
+ 145444 [Ara.T.Howard] maybe something like
| 145449 [nobuyoshi.na] Resouce module is in "rough".
| 145454 [Ara.T.Howard] yes, very true.  in 'real-life' the code from my lib is
+ 145446 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'm going to give a general Unix programming answer and then some
+ 145447 [akr m17n.org] Ruby 1.9 has Process.setrlimit (and Process.getrlimit).
  145492 [gene.tani gm] never used it, but i did notice "rlimit" port in RPAbase with

^ [ANN] SNMP 0.5.0 Released
145448 [davehal42 gm] Release 0.5.0 of Ruby SNMP is now available on RubyForge.

^ [OT LONG] Re: python/ruby benchmark(don't shoot the messenger)
145455 [steven.jenki] In this essay I'm going to attempt, one final time, to demonstrate
+ 145464 [kig misfirin] Thank you for the interesting tale, it was a pleasure to read.
+ 145490 [pjpizza rsie] Steve, that was a wonderful and fascinating account, thanks very much.
  + 145494 [halostatue g] Yes, it was. And, given the broadness of the definition that Steven
  | 145500 [james_b neur] So, do we call that "benchmarketing"?
  | 145502 [halostatue g] You know, it's a good thing that I didn't have a drink in my hands
  + 145513 [steven.jenki] I said I had other examples :-).
    + 145536 [snail objmed] <steven.jenkins@ieee.org> writes
    + 145560 [pjpizza rsie] I used to do some spending of U.S. D.O.E. money at Fermilab for servers/workstations/networks for CADD/CAE , as you say the standard benchmarks were a starting point to see what vendors might be considered, but for justifications the capabilities for in-house needs were the main thing.  My projects were in $100-$200K range, surely a few orders of magnitude smaller than your NASA ones, with the procurement requirements not as burdensome.

^ Problem to make Xtemplate parse my XHTML
145456 [simonced gma] I ecounter a problem for few days.
145493 [ttate ttsky.] The above line should be as follows.
145525 [simonced gma] Thank you very much !
145534 [ttate ttsky.] Maybe documentations of Amrita are useful for you, since an expansion
145562 [simonced gma] I'll look better to Amrita documentation.
145602 [ttate ttsky.] template["include"] returns sub-template named by <xt:template name="...">, and
145620 [simonced gma] Yes, thanks, I see it's wroking.
145770 [simonced gma] I discovered a strange problem !
145860 [simonced gma] Does anyone knoes why

^ code optimpization: delete_if, each, send.
145465 [dave.m email] i've a query string like inname:ruby,opt
+ 145477 [bob.news gmx] You don't need to_sym - a string is ok.
+ 145481 [twifkak comc] I assume you mean "shorter without being unreadable". Well, it's
  145524 [dave.m email] yes, sorry i'm very tired today :(
  145564 [twifkak comc] I didn't test this, so don't assume it works...
  + 145572 [bob.news gmx] I think that's as good as it can get with the current knowledge.
  | 145584 [twifkak comc] Interesting. It's a good thing matz is trying to wave off that "least
  + 145579 [dave.m email] It does !

^ [ANN] librend 0.0.2
145470 [kig misfirin] librend 0.0.2 a.k.a. "The Great 3x Slowdown."
145498 [daniel.amela] Fabulous work! Both the API and the images rendered (haha) look beautiful.

^ [ANN] ruby-glew 0.0.3
145471 [kig misfirin] Ruby/GLEW provides GLEW ( http://glew.sf.net ) bindings for Ruby,
145478 [florgro gmai] Hm, is there any samples for pixel shaders? That would certainly be very
145479 [kig misfirin] Yes, there's test_toon_shader.rb in the tests/ -dir

^ [SOLUTION] Chess Variants (I) (#35)
145482 [p.capriotti ] Here is my solution. It is not fully designed to support variants and
+ 145489 [gavin refine] My solution can be found at http://phrogz.net/RubyLibs/GKChess.rb
+ 145512 [p.capriotti ] Paolo Capriotti
+ 145516 [james graypr] I tried to go the extra mile with tests and documentation to make it

^ [SOLUTION] Chess Variants (I) (#35)
145487 [ jimm io.com] My hacked-together solution, based on Bangkok (http://bangkok.rubyforge.org),
145519 [james graypr] Egad that's short!
145521 [ jimm io.com] Oops. Remove the line
145523 [james graypr] You're going to wish I would shut pretty soon, but...
145526 [ jimm io.com] No, I missed something. Bangkok reads pre-existing chess game files. Those
+ 145527 [ jimm io.com] I'm sorry that I wasted *your* time, though.
+ 145529 [james graypr] I must say, I had seen Bangkok on RubyForge before and wondered about

^ Converting LaTeX/makeindex to YAML?
145491 [michael schu] I've got the index of a "well-known book" in LaTeX/makeindex format

^ Executing an Oracle stored procedure
145505 [djberg96 gma] Ruby 1.8.2
145506 [Daniel.Berge] Nevermind - got it.

^ What it takes to write ruby interface to inkscape?
145507 [meruby gmail] Inkscape is one of the best open source SVG editor which has binding
145568 [neoneye gmai] Some time ago I made a binding for ncurses

^ Unexpected sprintf/String % Behavior
145508 [rubytalk ben] I am puzzled by some strange (to me) behavior exhibited by String's %
+ 145509 [gfb tonesoft] Because leading 0 makes your argument string be interpreted as an octal
+ 145510 [Ara.T.Howard] leading zeros (as in c) mean octal.  so there is no 08.  only
  145717 [rubytalk ben] Thank you for explaining this.

^ (none)
145511 [hal9000 hype] ...

^ Re:
145514 [Daniel.Berge] Any chance of adding a subject line?
145550 [hal9000 hype] One would think so.

^ Article on Ruby/Rails
145531 [tom infoethe] Hope this isn't a duplicate posting; there's an article by David Mertz
+ 145532 [tom infoethe] Er, no he didn't, that was Koen Vervloesem.  Doh!
| 145544 [james_b neur] But he *has* written a book on Python; it first struck me as an odd
+ 145557 [gavin refine] ...

^ How to open HTML file and provide a link
145533 [sujeetkr gma] I want to display HTML text in Ruby Tk canvas or other widget. How

^ Regex help
145537 [ezra yakima-] Could someone help me do a little regex conversion? I've got a
+ 145538 [info my-webs] I'm willing to help, but could you give a little more detail on what
| 145540 [ezra yakima-] Thanks Chris-
+ 145543 [mailing-list] OK, this wins my newly instated prize for _worst regexes ever_.  Inefficient,
  145545 [ezra yakima-] Nikolai-
  145566 [martindemell] ...
  145567 [ezra yakima-] Martin-

^ Funniest Thing Evar!
145546 [mailing-list] % python
+ 145548 [billk cts.co] I never understood that.  :)  Let's find out what a lot of users naturally
| 145554 [david.mitche] $ irb
| 145555 [acharlieblue] If you make it def self.quit, it'll work.
+ 145552 [acharlieblue] Just put "def exit() 'Use Ctrl-D (i.e. EOF) to exit.' end" in your
  145571 [mailing-list] The problem isn”Ēt exit, but quit.
  145585 [acharlieblue] My bad. The "exit" in the Python response threw me off. You can do the
  145592 [mailing-list] Yes.  It seems they were in such a hurry to add that message that they
  145615 [acharlieblue] Oh. Heh. After a full day of working tech support, I think my

^ sequentially output each hash key and value
145547 [csnyder1 kc.] ...
+ 145549 [cyclists nc.] Hash#each
+ 145573 [bob.news gmx] What do you mean by that?

^ ruby openssl ?
145551 [billk cts.co] I've just begun a project where I'd like to do public
145553 [drbrain segm] There should be a sample/openssl directory in the ruby tarball.
145569 [billk cts.co] Thanks! .... Hmm..
145577 [pelleb gmail] In your verify statement you need to swap the sig and the data
145604 [billk cts.co] D'oh !!!!  Thanks.  I was looking at http://www.nongnu.org/rubypki/README

^ Re: Ruby.exe does not work on Windows 64-bit system
145556 [curt hibbs.c] I haven't heard of any. You'll probably have to build it yourself from
145599 [Daniel.Berge] Unless you have a very particular need for a 64 bit version, I'm not

^ Way Off Topic Re: Funniest Thing Evar!
145558 [john.carter ] ...
145559 [Neville.Burn] Back in my uni days, a similar thing happened to a comp-sci friend of
145648 [jim weirichh] Here's my story:  Again back in the "old" days I was having a particularly
145650 [jim weirichh] s/prompted/promptly/
145653 [Harry_Ohlsen] Twenty odd years ago, I was sitting in front of the console of a Unix

^ Help translating from GLUT to FXRuby??
145561 [imifumei ima] Can some please help me translate smooth.rb (below) from yoshi's opengl

^ Can't figure out how to use wsdl2ruby.rb
145563 [achou tealea] Maybe I'm just an idiot, as I see several people have successfully run
145622 [achou tealea] Yup, I am an idiot.  The wsdl2ruby.rb I need to execute lives in the bin

^ Ruby on Rails is a powerhouse, so says JavaLobby
145570 [snail objmed] I got the regular email from JavaLobby today. Don't read it much, but

^ stubborn program using readline
145574 [wybo servaly] I've been on the list a few days ago with a readline-problem, for which
145576 [logancapaldo] that STDIN gets EOF, which means STDIN is closed which means readlien
145633 [wybo servaly] No, readline should not necessarily read from STDIN. It can read from the
+ 145666 [jp-www dcs.g] tty = open("/dev/tty","a+")
| 145674 [wybo servaly] That's too simple: it does not use the readline library with its editing
| 145678 [james graypr] [snip code]
| 145685 [wybo servaly] Sure, when you run it with a file argument.
| 145689 [twifkak comc] ...
+ 145692 [Ara.T.Howard] put another way - you want the program to ALWAYS read from EITHER a file or

^ OpenVMS woes
145575 [buter cwts.l] I have recently asked our sysadmin to install ruby on one of our OpenVMS
+ 145594 [matz ruby-la] That means either
| 145658 [buter cwts.l] I'd love to help out, here. However, you will probably be know people on
+ 145617 [rf.oodanaw s] I'm thinking loud ...
  145618 [pjpizza rsie] NODE"username password"::DEVICE:[DIRECTORY1.DIRECTORY2.....]NAME.EXENSION;VERSION_NUMBER
  145619 [Daniel.Berge] I don't know if you're interested, but the HP testdrive program has a
  145671 [greg.kujawa ] I recall back in the mid-90's supporting some DEC VAX OpenVMS servers

^ net/http: using cookies
145580 [info my-webs] Hey everyone,
145632 [heron jpl.na] def login(username, password, domain = nil)

^ [ANN] Ruby/Odeum 0.4.1 -- Bug Fix & Index Server
145581 [zedshaw zeds] This is just a quick bugfix release of Ruby/Odeum--a library for full

^ [SUMMARY] Chess Variants (I) (#35)
145582 [james graypr] ...
145590 [twifkak comc] ...
145600 [james graypr] There is no such thing.  There's only James's schedule, which forces

^ How to make a browser in Ruby Tk
145586 [sujeetkr gma] I want to make a web browser in Ruby Tk. I used "net/http" to connect
145595 [nagai ai.kyu] Probably one of the easiest way is to use TkHTML extension
145630 [sujeetkr gma] When I run Ruby's source archive ("ext/tk/sample/tkextlib/tkHTML/hv.rb").
145646 [nagai ai.kyu] The error which you got shows that Tcl/Tk's TkHTML extension is not
145809 [sujeetkr gma] I am new to ruby. How to install the extension onTcl/Tk
145817 [nagai ai.kyu] I don't know existence of RPM pakage of tkHTML extension for FC3.
145832 [sujeetkr gma] I installed ActiveTcl8.5.0.0b3.121397-linux-ix86.tar.gz in
145854 [nagai ai.kyu] Hmmm....
145866 [sujeetkr gma] This is summary of what i did.
145867 [nagai ai.kyu] That is a wrong path.
145881 [sujeetkr gma] /usr/local/ActiveTcl/lib to /etc/ld.so.conf  on top
145896 [nagai ai.kyu] Did you execute /sbin/ldconfig after modifying /etc/ld.so.conf?
145955 [sujeetkr gma] Thanks . It worked now.

^ Watir, XML,
145588 [sp1_falkevik] I use the Watir extension to generate automated test
145601 [james_b neur] What sort of object are you expecting ie2.document() to return?

^ How to display text file content in ruby widget
145589 [sujeetkr gma] I want to open any  text file of my computer and display the contents
145596 [nagai ai.kyu] Use a TkText widget.

^ ANN: ruby-ldapserver-0.1
145591 [B.Candler po] What is it?

^ Good Ruby Cross-platform GUI toolkit
145603 [jhouchin tex] ...
145606 [jeem.hughes ] Speaking just for myself, I want a toolkit that is
+ 145608 [lypanov gmai] qtruby4 in the coming 6 months
+ 145610 [threeve.org ] 4.  Has a decent Grid/Table widget

^ Using WxRuby :: Notebook
145605 [paniagua pcm] I'm using WxRuby::Notebook, and after searching thought the ruby
145647 [alex deletem] but the child windows within the tab aren't destroyed and can be re-shown

^ hash of hashes by default
145607 [belorion gma] I want a Hash of Hashes.  Furthermore, I want it so that if a key for
145609 [james graypr] irb(main):001:0> foo = Hash.new { |hash, key| hash[key] = Hash.new }
+ 145612 [halostatue g] An infinite variation of this is a two liner.
+ 145613 [belorion gma] Aha! Perfect!