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^ RDoc: bug or limitation?
144565 [vfoley gmail] I think I found a bug in RDoc, although this could be a limitation, I'm
+ 144568 [gfb tonesoft] RDoc parses ruby code in pretty simplified way, not execute it. Hence a
+ 144574 [mailinglists] Static source code analysers will never catch dynamic code generation.
  144662 [bsd.SANSPAM ] def rubyurl
  144665 [mailinglists] Or better

^ Net::HTTP.get, obsolete 'dest' parameter?
144567 [loris gmail.] I noticed in the ruby 1.8 source for net/http.rb that the 'dest'
144573 [aamine lover] Because it is not intuitive.

^ Package, a future replacement for setup.rb and mkmf.rb
144579 [chneukirchen] During a discussion on IRC, I started to wonder if Ruby's install
+ 144580 [halostatue g] I think that there is room for improvement, definitely. However, if
| 144593 [chneukirchen] I don't think making the installer work on windows "perfectly" would
| + 144627 [billk cts.co] Pretty well, actually.
| | 144630 [chneukirchen] That is good to know, I guess you used MSVC then?
| + 144634 [surrender_it] definitely fine.
|   144637 [chneukirchen] I think that's an issue pure Ruby code can't change... can it?
|   144642 [surrender_it] I don't know.
|   144674 [chneukirchen] But would it be possible to run extensions built with mingw32 on a
|   144675 [surrender_it] I think nobu said in a recent thread that if ruby is built with msvc7 it
+ 144581 [jim freeze.o] If you have #name(arg) do the same thing as #name=(arg), how
| + 144588 [acharlieblue] That isn't too hard to implement.
| + 144594 [chneukirchen] Package will try to provide a more clean (no icky globals, for
|   144599 [langstefan g] A clean API sounds good, it would be nice if it could be used as a
|   144600 [chneukirchen] I agree.  However, Package should not have any dependencies that are
+ 144583 [ruby-ml magi] No. setup.rb is OK but inflexible. Package management (gems etc.)
| 144597 [chneukirchen] Package will not handle dependencies on it's own (You are strongly
| 144632 [ruby-ml magi] misleading, perhaps call it 'Kit' or something? If you want to get
| 144638 [chneukirchen] While I agree that Package is not a perfect name, Kit isn't better IMO.
| 144640 [ruby-ml magi] Seeing as Aoki-san combined his efforts to setup.rb,
+ 144591 [dave.m email] clap, clap.
| + 144595 [langstefan g] SCons is a full blown build tool. AFAIK they use the distutils
| + 144598 [chneukirchen] Please note that Package aims to specifically help Ruby developers
| | 144601 [dave.m email] i'm not able to accomplish such glourious task :(
| + 144602 [mailinglists] Sorry but the "autoconf", "automake" and "libtools" are the worst
+ 144603 [paul luon.ne] Very nice.
  144604 [chneukirchen] True, but it does no harm if you can easily change it.

^ irb session =
144586 [vikkous gmai] Ok, so I have to admit that I hate writing unit tests. I know that's
+ 144656 [assaph gmail] irb | tee log
+ 144663 [dave burt.id] ...

^ Pulling My Hair Out With WEBrick!
144589 [james graypr] WEBrick and I are not getting along tonight.  I'll throw out some

^ Ipv6 on a ipv4/ipv6 hostname
144606 [jesse icecre] I'm trying to use the TCPSocket to connect to a host. This works fine
144609 [prakash.diby] I m trying to do the same thing and the same error is errupting.If u

^ Re: [QUIZ] [Solution] Whiteout (#34)
144607 [robin-lists-] Here's my solution for Ruby Quiz #34. It's my first one :)
144616 [dave burt.id] ...
144623 [batkins57 gm] if __FILE__ == $0
144629 [ruby.brian g] first let me thank you for this quiz. It is a hillarious idea. Never

^ [SOLUTION] Whiteout (#34)
144608 [mrcode netro] This was a fun one. If I would consider anything my Ruby forte, text
+ 144611 [chneukirchen] And this is my solution, with no time spend on robustness or error
+ 144652 [dbatml gmx.d] Here is my solution. It is quite similar to all the others already posted.

^ Creating objects from strings.
144610 [ruby theback] I'm a Java programmer that is trying to learn Ruby.
+ 144612 [james_b neur] mc = Object.const_get( "MyClass" ).new
| + 144618 [dblack wobbl] I think Dave T. revised some links to point to that, but I guess the
| | 144625 [james_b neur] The FAQ I looked at is the first one that Google finds.  Perhaps that
| + 144626 [ruby theback] Thanks for all the quick help.  The presumption was my problem.  I had
|   + 144628 [nseckar gmai] def load(filename, classname)
|   + 144639 [Ara.T.Howard] this may be of interest
+ 144613 [marshall.jim] ...
+ 144615 [ruby-ml magi] cls = const_get classname

^ unbinding a Proc?
144614 [eric_mahurin] This is mostly a curiosity thing...
144619 [ruby-ml magi] Proc#rebind would be very useful but I am still waiting for
144620 [matz ruby-la] Can you explain what you want?  I am not sure how Proc#rebind would
+ 144621 [eric_mahurin] Proc#rebind(anotherBinding)
+ 144624 [ruby-ml magi] class A
+ 144631 [logancapaldo] I think what he wants is (optionally) dynamically scoped closures.

^ [SOLUTION] Whiteout (#34)
144622 [Ara.T.Howard] my solution tried to strike a balance between being readable and user friendly

^ [ANN] Omaha Ruby User's Group
144636 [blainebuxton] It's time to hold the second meeting of the Omaha Ruby User's Group. This
144644 [paul luon.ne] Please, do not reply to a random mail to skip the step of having to type

^ [ANN] uuid generator
144645 [simon.staple] I knocked together a little C extension today with the help of the
+ 144650 [simon.staple] Woops.  Mixup on the webserver meant that anyone who trid getting to
+ 144654 [steven.jenki] I went through this exercise myself a while back, and then discovered

^ RubyRadio
144651 [eevench gmai] My name is Eric and im interested in creating something called

^ RubyForge down until about 11:00 EDT
144653 [dblack wobbl] RubyForge is down due to a power outage in Centreville, and should
144655 [tom infoethe] Sorry for the inconvenience, thx David for notifying folks...

^ SOLUTION Re: Whiteout (#34)
144657 [matthew.moss] I thought of adding more bits by using other whitespace characters, but
144749 [matthew.moss] I just realized I can shave this down by one expression by removing

^ Rails/ActiveRecord Nuby question.
144658 [hhausman gma] I am kindof assuming that this is something of a newbie question as
144659 [acharlieblue] I haven't used this particular feature of Rails, but I think what you
+ 144743 [hhausman gma] Perfect! This was exactly the problem, perhaps this should be added to
| 144774 [threeve.org ] class Match < ActiveRecord::Base
+ 144805 [rampant gmai] Douglas

^ TkScrollbox with horizontal scrollbar
144660 [deckard73 fr] I recently found this very useful widget TkScrollbar. It works great, if
144661 [nagai ai.kyu] Here you are. Please see "<ruby-src>/ext/tk/sample/tktextframe.rb" also.
144673 [deckard73 fr] Thank you for this high speed answer, Hidetoshi NAGAI

^ A Ruby script to add email disclaimers
144666 [jspies sun.a] A few years after my first contact with ruby (and not using it) I am
+ 144667 [ruby.brian g] $ echo "this is a test" | ruby -e 'puts $stdin.read; puts "Disclaimer"'
| 144669 [jspies sun.a] Thanks. Also thanks to Robert Klemme.
+ 144668 [bob.news gmx] I'm not 100% sure about your use case.  If your script is invoked like

^ socket level network programming
144670 [martindemell] ...

^ newbie read.scan (?) question
144672 [bdarcus.list] I'm trying to get my feet wet with Ruby by tackling a manageable, but
+ 144677 [pit capitain] I don't know which libraries you're using, but could it be that you can
| 144684 [bdarcus.list] Yes, that solved the problem.  I had a feeling it was something pretty
+ 144680 [dbatml gmx.d] article is a stream and you try to read it twice, this doesn't work like
  144689 [bdarcus.list] One followup.
  144707 [nospam lunac] Because your author and title probably aren't strings as you expect them
  144716 [bdarcus.list] Ah, right.  Using scan returns an array.  On this ...
  + 144718 [nospam lunac] So welcome into the Ruby community ;-)
  | 144722 [bdarcus.list] OK, thanks!
  | 144728 [nospam lunac] class Article
  + 144719 [nospam lunac] Oh... I was forgetting.
  + 144720 [ruby.brian g] I have not followed this thread in depth, but I think it is a good
    + 144729 [bdarcus.list] OK, am struggling with translating this to my example.  Here's what
    | 144734 [ruby-ml magi] add is a class method (see the definition of self.add, which is the
    + 144733 [bdarcus.list] And actually, I guess the bigger question is how you would deal with
      144814 [ruby.brian g] Yes, I'd say you were on the right track. Even if you by now only use

^ rexml child nodes
144676 [csnyder1 kc.] ...
+ 144679 [premshree.pi] doc.elements.each("QUIZ/QUESTION/CHOICE") { |element|
+ 144683 [james_b neur] quiz.push element.text
| 144697 [bob.news gmx] Yeah, and most likely a nested version is needed because Charles will
+ 144752 [csnyder1 kc.] ...
  144764 [bob.news gmx] Btw, you are not closing the file here.  And you just need a single string

^ How to call a class method when (i.e. in the moment of) inheriting from a class/defining a descendant?
144682 [sanobast-200] This problem maybe results from a bad understanding of what I'm trying
+ 144687 [gfb tonesoft] You must keep in mind that a class instance variable is local for the
+ 144688 [surrender_it] => nil
+ 144690 [Ara.T.Howard] class A
  144757 [sanobast-200] Thanks for this reference to "inherited" -- I didn't know about this

^ making a duck
144691 [eric_mahurin] Regarding duck-typing... Is there an easy way make a "duck"?
+ 144693 [lukfugl gmai] Well, my way isn't really different, and I actually wouldn't use
+ 144695 [surrender_it] There was some talk in the past about Object.new taking a block, which
| 144792 [chneukirchen] Wow, this is nice... but where is it documented?
| 144798 [eric_mahurin] StructClass = Struct.new
| 144809 [surrender_it] nowhere, it seem. But I remebered it was discussed on ruby-core and
+ 144696 [dblack wobbl] I've always understood "duck typing" to refer to a particular approach
| 144702 [eric_mahurin] out there to
+ 144698 [bob.news gmx] Why aren't you satisfied with
| 144705 [eric_mahurin] For the example I gave above, I think you are correct.  The
| 144762 [bob.news gmx] class Object
| 144771 [eric_mahurin] If you put an & in front of your "Foo.new.method(:test)" (like
| 144780 [bob.news gmx] Darn, though I had the & in there.  However, there's another problem which
+ 144746 [nobu.nokada ] I'd posted a feature called `behavior' in [ruby-dev:25772].
  144750 [eric_mahurin] Looks like 2 approaches to doing the same thing.  I do like the
  144758 [nobu.nokada ] To allow sharing same behavior.
  144772 [eric_mahurin] I'm not sure how much application this would have over the
  144781 [bob.news gmx] I always remind myself that the binding of "self" changes - even for each
  144790 [eric_mahurin] define_method, instance_eval, class_eval, module_eval, and
  + 144799 [bob.news gmx] "Eric Mahurin" <eric_mahurin@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  | 144803 [eric_mahurin] because you can get a handle on that rebound Proc.  You might
  | 144862 [bob.news gmx] I see.  Although I don't have a use case for this at hand and in fact
  | 144892 [eric_mahurin] Yep.  I wasn't paying attention very well.  Here is its
  | 144936 [nobuyoshi.na] It would be called as `alias', I guess.
  | 144960 [eric_mahurin] I don't care too much what the method names are.  Below is the
  + 144810 [surrender_it] I think of self as a dynamic variable, outside of lexical scope
    144812 [eric_mahurin] From what I saw, this didn't seem much different than another

^ A little Quiz
144694 [dbatml gmx.d] First of all, this is no attempt to rival with James' nice Ruby Quiz ;-)
+ 144699 [james_b neur] Interesting.
| + 144704 [dbatml gmx.d] Dominik
| + 144796 [logancapaldo] module Enumerable
+ 144747 [james graypr] Then you definitely should have sent it in as next week's quiz.  ;)

^ OT: Apple goes Intel
144701 [mailinglists] Yes it's the truth.
144708 [ruby-ml magi] first psot!!!1
144726 [snail objmed] Anonymous Coward <ruby-ml@magical-cat.org> writes

^ ObjectSpace::_id2ref and GC
144703 [Ara.T.Howard] say i'm doing something like this
144738 [matz ruby-la] I'm sorry I'm not sure I get what you meant.  You call
144740 [Ara.T.Howard] exactly what i wanted to know!

^ 'gets' has been hijacked
144706 [pete petta-t] I was working with a simple script, that unexpectedly broke.  The
+ 144709 [langstefan g] $stdin.readline
+ 144710 [james graypr] gets() as you're using it calls Kernel.gets(), which basically
  + 144711 [pete petta-t] Yeah, that's what I'm doing.  What I was wondering was if there was
  | 144713 [james graypr] module Kernel
  | 144721 [pete petta-t] Ah, thanks.  I'll probably just keep using $stdin.gets if there's not a
  + 144717 [discordantus] mark@eMac% ruby -e'p ARGF.fileno == STDIN.fileno'

^ Ruby DL callback function for a windowProc
144714 [awertyui gma] I am trying to create a window class with ruby dl so I can create my
+ 144905 [ttate ttsky.] Create an PtrData object using to_ptr() and assign it to lpfnWndProc as follows.
+ 144906 [ttate ttsky.] Create an PtrData object using to_ptr() and assign it to lpfnWndProc as follows.

^ Stats comp.lang.ruby (last 7 days)
144723 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Stats comp.lang.ruby (last 7 days)
144776 [hramrach cen] I kind of liked the stats.
144795 [james_b neur] I love the irony.
144801 [billk cts.co] last psot!!!1

^ Saving YAML data
144724 [nigel waspz.] I've just started playing with YAML but am having problems saveing the
+ 144730 [ruby-ml magi] File.open('filename', 'w+b') {|file| YAML.dump my_data, file}
| 144826 [nigel waspz.] Thanks, that seems to do what I want.
| + 144829 [discordantus] Try "require 'yaml/store'", and it should work. The YAML::Store
| | 144843 [nigel waspz.] Yep, works a treat,
| + 144840 [Ara.T.Howard] require 'yaml/store'
+ 144731 [Ara.T.Howard] you are trying to call the 'Store' method of the YAML module with 'YAML.Store'
+ 144732 [drbrain segm] . signifies calling a method.

^ 'gem install rails' does not work?
144725 [nohmad gmail] This is not 'rails' question, but 'gem' question.
144727 [drbrain segm] remote_installer.rb?cvsroot=rubygems

^ Help getting RMagick working
144736 [pjhyett gmai] I've tried everything to get RMagick working on my iBook. I'm running
144735 [cyclists nc.] Sorry you're having trouble.
144808 [pjhyett gmai] I went through the textfile and was able to get RMagick to make
144819 [cyclists nc.] Go to /opt/local/lib/ImageMagick-6.x.y/config, where 6.x.y is the actual
144824 [pjhyett gmai] Thanks a bunch Tim! Everything is a-okay now. BTW, the X11 download
144836 [cyclists nc.] Thanks for pointing this out, PJ. I see from this page

^ Can't see the ground 'cause my chest is so puffed out!
144737 [cyclists nc.] Following the Rails Day links from /. I was immeasureably pleased to
+ 144739 [Ara.T.Howard] any why wouldn't they?  it's a great library!  ;-)
+ 144751 [jeremy hineg] Its a fantastic library Tim, Thanks for putting it together and keeping

^ Why no class_variable_set?
144741 [michael schu] I'm looking for a clean way to reflectively set the value of a class
+ 144745 [eric_mahurin] Instead of using a class variable, you could use an instance
| 144748 [michael schu] That's what I would probably do in the general case. As I'm using Rails
+ 144754 [matz ruby-la] 1.9 has class_variable_set().  Should I back port it to the 1.8?
  144761 [michael schu] if you don't mind, then yes, please, back port it.
  144763 [matz ruby-la] Ok, I will.

^ Could Ruby-doc be better? -- Proposal for a better system.
144742 [vagabond cat] <Sorry for the crosspost, but I thought I might as well try to reach as
+ 144753 [james_b neur] <snip/>
| 144783 [vagabond cat] So, basically the consensus is that Rdoc is in need of some work,
| + 144786 [mailinglists] Don't forget Class Hierarchy Graphs.
| | + 144788 [bob.news gmx] Yep, I also think documentation of inheritance hiearchies could be better.
| | + 144806 [premshree.pi] Umm, performance issues?
| + 144794 [james_b neur] The 'ruby-doc browser' is just basically what rdoc emits.  The available
+ 144755 [premshree.pi] I think it's easier for the PHP folks to have a manual like that,
  144760 [mailinglists] Yes but the main problem is the bad implementation of RDOC which

^ [ANN] Ruby/Odeum 0.4:  ResultSets, KirbyBase Demo
144756 [zedshaw zeds] An announcement for another version of Ruby/Odeum 0.4.