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^ [OT] "Tollkit" vs. "Toolkit" (Was: [ANN] Ruby-VTK-0.2.0 was released)
144131 [ jupp gmx.de] Sorry for using ISO-2022-JP but it is essential for this message needs
+ 144136 [lyle.johnson] What is a "vovel"?
| 144138 [probertm acm] I think that it is a little creature, much like a shrew, that spends much of
| + 144153 [vjoel path.b] Ok, I'm beginning to appreciate the lore of the "vovel", but what is a
| | 144154 [hal9000 hype] Two identical noses in a row typically indicate a single long nose.
| + 144160 [lyle.johnson] Oh, good. My somewhat outdated edition of Webster's Desk Guide to
+ 144162 [seiya kugi.k] Thanks Josef for your brief lecture.
+ 144168 [matz ruby-la] Even though I feel the mistake was caused by simple finger slipping,

^ Google pays students to develop open source
144132 [billkatz gma] Hadn't seen this mentioned here... Google is providing $4500 for each
+ 144133 [agorilla gma] Bill Guindon (aka aGorilla)
+ 144161 [jsinger fres] Ruby would get $500 per applicant too. I don't see any reason why ruby
+ 144279 [pedro.wotan ] Bill Katz escribiˇ║
+ 144337 [surrender_it] mh..  it seem that now there are *much more* organizations on the list,

^ Interesting discovery...
144157 [halostatue g] I had a user report a slowdown in PDF::Writer. I'm pretty certain I
144165 [Ara.T.Howard] wow.  can you confirm with somthing like
144199 [halostatue g] I've done quite a bit of confirmation. Much of this has to do with
144298 [Ara.T.Howard] great.  thanks for the follow-up.  i run into things like that alot and always
144404 [vjoel path.b] class C
+ 144407 [Ara.T.Howard] very true - i hadn't thought of that...
| 144412 [jim weirichh] Now, if we could only find out if the method is defined, we could choose
+ 144409 [jim freeze.o] I'm not sure I understand. If the method exists, what is the
| 144411 [vjoel path.b] I was unclear: I was hypothesizing a different test, in which a certain
| 144417 [jim freeze.o] Yes, but doesn't that ratio depend upon the time taken in each method?
+ 144423 [drbrain segm] class C

^ tk image problem
144158 [charleshixsn] When I attempt to read in xpm files created by the Gimp, I get
144174 [nagai ai.kyu] man n photo ;-)
144266 [charleshixsn] That sounds like you know the right answer...but I don't understand it.
144313 [nagai ai.kyu] Official page of Img ext is <http://sourceforge.net/projects/tkimg>.
144329 [charleshixsn] No real problem.  Gifs will work fine, I just prefer xpms.

^ ruby-sdl vs rudl?
144159 [imifumei ima] I don't want to start any flame wars, but was wondering if anyone had

^ ispell
144163 [dteare teare] Is there a way to use ispell from ruby?  I saw raspell but it doesn't

^ TinyUrl class
144164 [vfoley gmail] stable, but it does the job, so I'll post it here in case someone needs
144169 [james_b neur] Um, I'm pretty sure that should be
+ 144171 [vfoley gmail] Heh, indeed :)  Could have both...
+ 144176 [vfoley gmail] How's this?
  144288 [twifkak comc] Noob, here, just playing around with Ruby (if this is spam, please let
  + 144296 [james graypr] Don't let that get you down!  Your version is more DRY (Don't Repeat
  + 144378 [dbatml gmx.d] here is a shorter version ;-)

^ library versioning [WAS] Re: [ANN] parseargs-0.0.0
144167 [Ara.T.Howard] interface.implementation.age
144196 [jim weirichh] I hadn't seen age used like that before.  Interesting.
144256 [Ara.T.Howard] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,

^ binding, ObjectSpace._id2ref [WAS] Re: [ANN] parseargs-0.0.0
144170 [rubyzbibd ub] This looks like a nice tool!
144254 [Ara.T.Howard] the problem here is that the variables will only be __available__ through eval
144306 [rubyzbibd ub] Wow I am quite surprised at this!  It is quite odd that adding a
144356 [glenn.parker] It is a curious side effect of the way Ruby is interpreted.  Perhaps it
+ 144364 [jim weirichh] Actually, you don't even have to actually assign anything to y, you just
| 144365 [glenn.parker] OK, but you have to admit that "y = 0 if false" is Dark Magic.  Who is
| 144376 [jim weirichh] No argument ... I wasn't offering it as a coding practice, but as a
+ 144957 [rubyzbibd ub] Sorry for the late reply.

^ array of object insert polices
144179 [dave.m email] hy list,
+ 144181 [botp delmont] #hy list,
| 144184 [dave.m email] irb(main):006:0> x << "a"
+ 144185 [bob.news gmx] What other reason would there be for IntegerArray other than making it a
| 144186 [botp delmont] #and what if an user does x[2] = "i'm an integer :)"
| + 144187 [dave.m email] RobertK's idea also.
| | 144188 [ruby.brian g] Uniform vector class, inheriting from Array: How to make sure that
| | 144191 [dave.m email] I had a look at Chapter 23 Duck Typing of Programming Ruby.
| | + 144193 [ruby.brian g] If you parse string input that should be converted to int you would
| | + 144194 [bob.news gmx] This is what happens if you calculate the product on an array that
| |   144203 [dave.m email] I wanted to understand what i must check and how to have
| |   + 144204 [bob.news gmx] Yeah.  These are good rules of thumb - especially when it comes to input
| |   + 144215 [glenn.parker] Type checking is just plain ugly.  It's hard to get it right, and it
| |     144218 [bob.news gmx] There's probably a misunderstanding: you seem to talk about internal type
| |     144236 [glenn.parker] Good practice should be a guideline, not a mantra.  There are good
| |     144339 [bob.news gmx] I get the feeling that for some reason you think you have to object me.
| + 144200 [gavin refine] As in Robert Klemme's example, you should use Integer and not Fixnum.
|   144202 [bob.news gmx] Plus don't use "other.class == Integer" but "Integer === other" as this
+ 144205 [eric_mahurin] If you are simply making a sub-class of Array, no.
+ 144269 [charleshixsn] The key question is "What is the purpose of 'IntegerArray'?".

^ post mortem debugging possible?
144182 [wsdngatgoogl] does anybody know how to get a core dump of failing Ruby programs on
144197 [mailinglists] First you must recompile FXRuby and especially Fox with all debugging
144333 [wsdngatgoogl] thank you for the anwer. I added it to the RubyGarden page
144361 [mailinglists] A crash dump without debugging symbols will not help you very much as

^ Reminder: Hamburg.rb meeting tonight (June 1st, 2005)
144189 [Stephan.Kaem] just to remind those in the Hamburg (Germany) area: Hamburg.rb meets

^ [ANN] Nitro + Og 0.18.1
144192 [george.mosch] new versions of Nitro and Og were just released.

^ Implementing a Read-Only array
144206 [gavin refine] Right up front, let me say that I realize that I can't prevent
144207 [ruby.brian g] Why not create a proxy class that contains an array and only forwards
144209 [gavin refine] charset=ISO-8859-1;
144219 [bob.news gmx] require 'delegate'
+ 144229 [gavin refine] Well slap me with a wet noodle and call me Suzy, that is straight-up
+ 144273 [ruby.brian g] Though this means that you have to override all methods that can
  144294 [gavin refine] But again, that way prevents users' convenience methods for Arrays/
  144338 [bob.news gmx] Yeah, I prefer the method to explicitely exclude mutators, too.  The
  + 144371 [gavin refine] charset=US-ASCII;
  | 144375 [bob.news gmx] Certainly.  Did you try using remove_method - that might save you the
  + 144392 [ruby.brian g] Just playing devils advocate here, but if you care about user added
    144420 [gavin refine] Duly noted and understood.
    144422 [Ara.T.Howard] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
    144437 [gavin refine] charset=US-ASCII;

^ OT: Looking for embeddable WYSIWYG HTML editor
144208 [Simon.Vandem] Dear all,
144221 [billkatz gma] In addition to Dave's suggestions, which I think are the two most

^ Re: Looking for embeddable WYSIWYG HTML editor
144211 [dave burt.id] FCKEditor
144341 [Simon.Vandem] Thank you Bill and Dave for your replies. It seems however my question
144348 [rhkramer gma] I have a similar use in mind.  My current plan is to use nedit as an editor,
144351 [Simon.Vandem] Thank you for the invitation Randy. I did some more searching on the

^ Austin.rb - aka ARCTAN
144213 [jim freeze.o] We are having our weekly Ruby lunch at Chez Zee

^ [ANN] tree-0.1 (http://realm.ath.cx)
144217 [dave.m email] Hy list,

^ Document identification
144223 [meteum yahoo] Is there a way to identify any documents from its header? I have a
+ 144232 [robin-lists-] On a Unix system you could use the "file" command, it is able to detect
| + 144242 [halostatue g] Not yet. ;) I do plan on adding it to MIME::Types in the future.
| | 144245 [meteum yahoo] Super! Oh by the way, do you know if Perl or Python has it? I'm quite
| | 144327 [martindemell] Your best bet would be to find a windows port of unix's 'file' (Mac OSX
| | 144328 [martindemell] You're in luck - gnuwin32 includes a port of file.
| + 144246 [meteum yahoo] Thanks for the reply.
+ 144247 [kig misfirin] If you have shared-mime-info database installed
  144255 [halostatue g] Most of this is covered by MIME::Types on RubyForge. However, the OP
  144258 [kig misfirin] Shared-mime-info does this aswell. Though it may fare worse than file in
  144386 [meteum yahoo] Thanks, but where do you get the mime_info.rb? I'm running "ruby 1.8.2

^ Method Chaining Issues
144224 [aartist gmai] string = "I am sold"
+ 144225 [pjpizza rsie] Maybe this just shows that in-place modifying methods that can potentially return nil or an object without needed methods are too dangerous to chain for bullet-proof applications - in this case use .sub and .reverse with tests along the way
+ 144226 [tamc2 cam.ac] Drop the !s
+ 144228 [dan eparklab] (string.sub!('x','new') || string).reverse!
+ 144231 [gavin refine] This is a FAQ, though no page on the RubyGarden wiki seems to address
  + 144240 [mailing-list] It should also be pointed out that the non-destructive version of sub
  | 144248 [nohmad gmail] On 6/2/05, Nikolai Weibull
  | + 144251 [samgoldman j] While everything you said is true, a "smart enough" compiler can do some
  | + 144272 [mailing-list] And some areníăt.  Anyway, Iíăve had gsub! be a lot slower than gsub in
  |   + 144276 [ruby-ml magi] Le 1/6/2005, "Nikolai Weibull"
  |   | 144283 [mailing-list] Very funny.  Totally different argument,
  |   | 144285 [ruby-ml magi] Le 2/6/2005, "Nikolai Weibull"
  |   | 144289 [mailing-list] No itíăs not.  This is an argument for keeping Ruby non-functional.  This
  |   | + 144292 [ruby-ml magi] Le 2/6/2005, "Nikolai Weibull"
  |   | + 144293 [twifkak comc] Seeing how Strings are objects, I'm confused, then. You're only talking
  |   | + 144323 [martindemell] Note that string.meth! is not an optimisation of string.meth, it's an
  |   + 144291 [nohmad gmail] On 6/2/05, Nikolai Weibull
  |     144297 [drbrain segm] The difference is not in the speed of the operations themselves, it
  |     144319 [nohmad gmail] Eric, thank you for kind explanation. It helps me.
  + 144249 [samgoldman j] Some people think that "bang" methods shouldn't exist at all!
    144270 [mailing-list] Definitely,
    144271 [kheon comcas] I'm new to Ruby so I when you refer to a "bang" method you mean something
    + 144284 [mailing-list] Because they alter the value of the object that they are invoked upon.
    + 144300 [hal9000 hype] It's not a Ruby thing... "bang" is just common programmer slang
    + 144302 [hal9000 hype] Oops, failed to address the other half of that.
      144347 [logancapaldo] Just curious, can you give me an example of a bang method that doesn't
      + 144359 [chneukirchen] Process.exit!(fixnum=-1)
      + 144431 [hal9000 hype] The only one in the core is exit! as far as I know.

^ ternary operator confusion
144230 [belorion gma] I don't know if this is "improper" use of the ternary operator, but I
144233 [gavin refine] true ? a.push(1) : a.push(2)
+ 144234 [michael.camp] "poetry mode" strikes again!
| 144238 [belorion gma] ARG, now I feel dumb.  Thanks for the heads up!
+ 144257 [marcel verni] i suspect this could have been just a contrived example but you could also
  + 144263 [eric_mahurin] I wish Ruby didn't make the () optional when passing args
  | + 144264 [ruby-ml magi] Less typing, uniform access, etc. Good news is that if one does
  | | 144277 [charleshixsn] Uniform access could have been achieved if only () was made optional.
  | | 144295 [gavin refine] my_object.foo=( the_value )
  | | 144303 [eric_mahurin] Now you are bring operators into the picture.  Many (as above)
  | | 144759 [matz ruby-la] It's a bug in CVS HEAD (1.9).  Will be fixed soon.
  | + 144267 [halostatue g] I use it in PDF::Writer because it makes certain parts feel more
  | | 144268 [jamis 37sign] And that is _precisely_ why I like the technique as well. It is
  | | 144278 [eric_mahurin] When I first starting using Perl (v4) I thought it was neat
  | | 144346 [logancapaldo] f a b languages with ML derived syntaxes (eg SML, Haskell, etc.)
  | | 144377 [vikkous gmai] This gives a warning, at least.
  | | 144384 [eric_mahurin] I wouldn't mind if it was required to have no space between the
  | + 144299 [hal9000 hype] Personally I like poetry mode in many cases (not all). When
  + 144343 [bob.news gmx] In fact I'd say this is the preferred approach in this case.  Also use

^ killing ruby program from C
144237 [joevandyk gm] I need to start some Ruby programs from a C program.  The C program
144243 [joevandyk gm] Fixed.  If I fork, and then launch the ruby program via system() in
144282 [nobu.nokada ] SIGKILL lets ruby skip even finalizations and END blocks.  If

^ Ruby 1.8.3 Build error on AIX 5.2 with gcc 3.4.4
144239 [philippe.luc] -1) Bind error in ext/bigdecimal because the file ruby.imp doesn't
144427 [nobu.nokada ] Sorry, I removed $(ARCHFILE) from $(PREP) but forgot to let

^ trap HUP not working
144250 [wmwilson01 g] I know I must be doing something dumb here, but I can't figure out
+ 144262 [Ara.T.Howard] untested, but i think you may have to do something like
+ 144340 [bob.news gmx] You surprise me: you are really surprised that only the first signal is

^ net::telnet and broken pipe
144252 [probertm acm] I am getting a consistent broken pipe error on my threaded telnet application

^ Installing ruby on rails locally
144253 [gus_literatu] in a winxp machine that haven't any connection to the internet, but
+ 144259 [gus_literatu] ...
+ 144260 [gus_literatu] ...
+ 144261 [gus_literatu] actually, the answer was for people who cant install in remote mode in
  144265 [ruby-ml magi] If there is no connection, proxied or otherwise, you will probably
  144358 [gus_literatu] When I have the rail package on that pc with no connection to internet,

^ [newbie] help, I can't compile an extension on windows
144274 [lthiryidontw] I'm on Windows2000, with ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32]

^ The WIPO Intellectual Property Forum - defend your right to Ruby.
144275 [reNfOacStPoA] Here is an opportunity to fight the new Imperialism.
144459 [hramrach cen] Either I have missed something or your view of the IP problem is
+ 144474 [kero chello.] The "wheel patent" in Australia is *not* what you would consider a
| 144685 [hramrach cen] OK, the wheel is some sort of simplified patent.
+ 144641 [ jupp gmx.de] In Germany it is unlawful to issue a patent for something that is a

^ Re: help, I can't compile an extension on windows
144280 [djberg96 gma] IIRC, your problem is caused by the word "Test".  I think it conflicts
+ 144281 [lthiryidontw] Replaced all occurences of Test by Foo. The error is still exactly the same.
| 144304 [nobuyoshi.na] Makefile generated by mkmf.rb for nmake can't work with other makes.
| 144419 [lthiryidontw] Unfortunately, it doesn't work.
| 144664 [nobuyoshi.na] I'll consider about it later, but mingw doesn't support msvcr7 runtime
+ 144647 [lthiryidontw] I have it now, and it still don't work. There is something about a
  144649 [ruby-ml magi] Le 5/6/2005, "Lionel Thiry" <lthiryidontwantspam@skynetnospam.be> a
  144678 [lthiryidontw] I haven't. This what I tried to explained: if I mix them, I get errors,
  144681 [Daniel.Berge] Then you must not have the platform SDK.  You should have a directory like 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows XP SP2'.  There should be an 'include' subdirectory there, and that's where your windows.h file should be.
  + 144686 [lthiryidontw] It's probably that that was missing. I've hesitated much before
  + 144700 [lthiryidontw] It perfectly works now, thanks a lot.

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^ [ANN] librend 0.0.1
144290 [kig misfirin] Here's something I've been hacking on for the past two months, an OpenGL
+ 144330 [nospam lunac] Wow, haven't tried it but looks really great!
+ 144331 [erik terpnet] Wow, very impressive!
+ 144401 [vjoel path.b] Very nice, keep it up! Do you think this will ever be a replacement for
  144414 [kig misfirin] Thanks, will do!
  144418 [vjoel path.b] For example: a "car" is composed of several 2D shapes plus some text
  144441 [kig misfirin] Yes, actually there are a couple of ways to achieve this.
  144460 [gavin refine] charset=US-ASCII;

^ internal iterators in ruby
144310 [navyaamerine] I read that it is difficult to iterate over two
144314 [ruby-ml magi] It may not be.
144315 [nseckar gmai] That said, it can be tricky to implement zip in Ruby, and I'm guessing
+ 144316 [ruby-ml magi] I do not follow, that is Array#zip. In any case, it is quite possible
+ 144317 [drbrain segm] Array#zip is built-in, but its not hard to implement.
  144326 [jim weirichh] It's only hard if you want to avoid reifying the enumerable as array.
  144334 [Geert.Fannes] both the each and collect method implemented. You find some example
  144342 [bob.news gmx] <snip long code/>
  144444 [Geert.Fannes] So, if I understand well, the problem with iterating over different
  + 144445 [bob.news gmx] No, this would not be better because then you would have to place
  | 144446 [Geert.Fannes] Yes, indeed, something cursor-like. Enumerable#getCursor returns a
  | 144461 [bob.news gmx] Dunno about the internals though.
  | 144464 [eric_mahurin] It combines features from C++ iterators, Java streams, a
  + 144569 [charleshixsn] This is one of the reasons that I feel that mixins should be
  | + 144572 [ruby-ml magi] You can always #include the module in your module. Or, if you
  | + 144577 [Ara.T.Howard] this limits you to sharing the functionality of exactly one mixin.  the
  |   144584 [charleshixsn] You are correct, if I had been thinking of TwoWayEnumerable as a class.
  + 144592 [martindemell] Note that an internal iterator is a (capable of being atomic) method,