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[Win32API] Need help with PathCreateFromUrl
143893 [djberg96@ho ] Ruby 1.8.2

object.inspect not working
143896 [navyaamerine] i am very new to Ruby.
+ 143898 [anryla@te ia] Object#inspect returns a string, it does not print out the result.
+ 143899 [james@gr yp ] inspect() returns a String which is often used to contain useful
  143905 [caiot1@ib st] or even

method visibility
143897 [vacindak@gm ] More nubyness.  Apologies.
+ 143946 [bob.news@gm ] Why not just assign a proper cache instance to a global variable or to a
+ 143952 [discordantus] The ruby way, as i would interpret it, would be to make changes to
+ 143957 [logancapaldo] class A

IO with external program
143900 [beaudoin_dan] I would like to run a program from ruby and be able to give it its input and
143923 [nobu.nokada@] cmd = IO.popen("program arg1 arg2", "r+")

Re: Need help with PathCreateFromUrl
143901 [vanek@ac .n ] require "Win32API"
+ 143918 [djberg96@ho ] That worked great, thanks.
+ 143921 [nobu.nokada@] lpLen = [buf.size].pack("l")

rb_cdio: subclass or module?
143902 [clbustos@su ] I'm the developer of rb_cdio, a library to create bindings for libcdio.

Rails Day Registration is Now Open!
143904 [lucas@ru y. ] If you want your chance at thousands of dollars of prizes for one day's

Thankyou caio
143919 [navyaamerine] thanks for your valuble suggestion and it works
143920 [zdennis@mk e] class Karaokesong

What are potentially killer apps at the interface of CS and Bio
143924 [arorasam@gm ] As I see it, lot of technology is being used as an enabler

[ANN] eXPlain Project Management Tool v1.2 Released
143925 [johnwilger@g] eXPlain Project Management Tool version 1.2 was just uploaded toRubyForge (http://rubyforge.org/projects/explainpmt) and is availablefor download. As this is a minor release, no changes to your databaseschema are necessary for an upgrade?you should be able to simplyreplace the files in your application directory with those from therelease archive.

How to get erb to process .rhtml or .rtml files
143926 [paul__mcardl] found ruby 1.6 buried on my new web host's server & can get mysql4.1
143981 [paul__mcardl] Got it working.

143939 [sujeetkr@ii ] I am new to Ruby.When I run the following command it gives runtime

Calling class's method when button is pressed
143943 [sujeetkr@ii ] How to call the method of a class when button(TkButton) is pressed.
143951 [acharlieblue] You are defining bpressed as an instance method, not a class method, of

Ruby presentation
143949 [tomonage2@gm] Cheers,

Thanks for suggestion
143953 [sujeetkr@ii ] Thanks.It works now

2005 ICFP Programming Contest
143960 [robby.findle] Think your favorite programming language is the best one out

How to find ruby?
143962 [probertm@ac ] I am not sure of the best way of going about finding the location of Ruby for
+ 143963 [david.mitche] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 143964 [ jimm@io co ] I use
+ 143966 [nobu.nokada@] $ cat a.rb
| + 143969 [david.mitche] While it is true that some platforms might not have env in /usr/bin, a
| + 143977 [drbrain@se m] Even more importantly, not every shell has the same path (cron).
|   143979 [james_b@ne r] Indeed. I've been bitten by this, so I now hard-code the specific Ruby
+ 143980 [jtregunna@bl] Most modern shells will accept multiple arguments on a shebang line
  143988 [nobuyoshi.na] It isn't a feature of shell, but of kernel, in common.  A system
  144020 [probertm@ac ] Many thanks to all.

[ANN] Imlib2-Ruby 0.5.1
143972 [pabs@pa lo r] A few hours ago I released Imlib2-Ruby 0.5.1.  Imlib2 is a fast image

[ANN] Rubilicious 0.1.5
143973 [pabs@pa lo r] I just released Rubilicious version 0.1.5, my Ruby bindings for the

[OT] Version Numbers
143974 [pabs@pa lo r] You have no idea how confusing it was on my poor fingers and brain to

[ANN] Ruby-VTK-0.2.0 was released
143975 [seiya@ku i. ] I released Ruby-VTK-0.2.0.
143991 [ruby.brian@g] Very good thing and the timing is perfekt! I'll go ahead and
144000 [seiya@ku i. ] Yes, I can use telepathy to get your thinking :-)

Stats comp.lang.ruby (last 7 days)
143976 [bsd.SANSPAM@] Stats comp.lang.ruby (last 7 days)
144084 [dblack@wo bl] If you absolutely must post these stats to the list, and if you
+ 144107 [pat.eyler@gm] I hate add email to what looks like a useless thread, but I have to agree
| + 144113 [james_b@ne r] I do not see any good argument for continuing to post the stats,
| | 144144 [bsd.SANSPAM@] Hey, I have worked hard to make these stats available, not only for you
| | 144145 [james@gr yp ] But did you check to see if they were desired?  :)
| | + 144149 [tanner.burso] I agree.  While these stats may be interesting to a few, they really
| | | 144150 [ryand-ruby@z] Well, I'll admit that they are interesting to me.
| | + 144156 [discordantus] fwiw, I agree...
| | | + 144177 [botp@de mo t] #Hey, I have worked hard to make these stats available, not
| | | | 144543 [bsd.SANSPAM@] That's good idea! I shall try adding this feature to *newsstats*, which
| | | + 144544 [bsd.SANSPAM@] I could easily have put these on a webpage, but I think these do not
| | + 144216 [james@gr yp ] Glenn Parker pointed out that there was some support for the
| |   + 144301 [tom@in oe he] In a similar vein, here's a nice medium-term (2 years or so) chart of
| |   | 144305 [agorilla@gm ] Wow, that drop at the end is spooky.  Where there problems in april/may?
| |   | + 144308 [tom@in oe he] Great scott!  I had forgotten to install a new cron job when I upgraded
| |   | | + 144309 [agorilla@gm ] Ahh, much better :)
| |   | | | 144312 [tom@in oe he] Yup, thanks again!  I always miss something in these upgrades...
| |   | | + 144476 [kero@ch ll .] You don't have permission to access /~tom/new_folks.png on this server.
| |   | |   144505 [tom@in oe he] Yup, sorry about that, we were having some configuration problems today.
| |   | |   144516 [kero@ch ll .] Working for me now! thx.
| |   | |   144519 [tom@in oe he] No problem, thx for the heads up.
| |   | + 144332 [bsd.SANSPAM@] Why not? It is a bit integrated to a _modified_ *Leafnode*
| |   |   144349 [nicholas_wie] Interesting.
| |   |   144542 [bsd.SANSPAM@] Yes, I'm fetching stats from my local news spool. I otherwise have also
| |   + 144541 [bsd.SANSPAM@] That's nice of you.
| + 144148 [bsd.SANSPAM@] NP, I'll soften the disclaimer soon.
+ 144143 [bsd.SANSPAM@] That's a good one, thanks. I'll re-phrase the disclaimer soon.

RubyGems HackFest Weekend #1 is complete!
143978 [ryand-ruby@z] We started our RubyGems Hackfest Saturday, with a turnout of 6
143982 [navindra@cs ] Great work!
143984 [neoneye@gm i] I made something.. not sure if it still works?
+ 143986 [ryand-ruby@z] Not necessary anymore, or they already incorporated your patch or
+ 143987 [discordantus] Current versions of RubyGems alter Kernel#require to do exactly that.

[OT Signature] Re: How to find ruby?
143990 [ruby.brian@g] I don't think you should post to a newsgroup using this footer. It
144007 [chneukirchen] Hey, you were not allowed to read that!

RegExp question
143994 [JensRie@gm .] I need to search a text for a specific pattern, then put all matches
143996 [ruby.brian@g] irb(main):001:0> 'This is Example_1 in a line in a long text with
143997 [JensRie@gm .] vielen Dank, scan() hatte ich noch gar nicht entdeckt.

143998 [wollez@gm .n] I started programming not too long ago, so please excuse this question
143999 [ruby.brian@g] It seems to me that you are reading the return value of the dll
144002 [wollez@gm .n] require 'Win32API'
144005 [dave@bu t. d] The last parameter to Win32API.new is the type of the return value. If your
144008 [phasis@bc in] As far as I know,  You can't use 'F' or 'D' paramenter in Win32API.
+ 144012 [wollez@gm .n] Thanks for your help, but it is still not running. I think the fault is
| 144015 [wollez@gm .n] I found the fault! I can not use a fortran subroutine! With a function
| 144021 [wollez@gm .n] Has anyone an idea how I can get data in double precision?
+ 144057 [dave@bu t. d] You're right. I was thinking about Ruby/DL. Maybe, Wolfgang, you could use

Ruby from source and then from apt
144003 [zimba.tm@gm ] I have a curious behavior, but I suspect it's because of my lack of
144013 [langstefan@g] % rm /usr/local/bin/ruby
144017 [zimba.tm@gm ] Thanks a lot for your help. It was kinda fuzzy in my head, but
144024 [langstefan@g] You have to load rubygems before you can use installed gems.

creating variable with eval
144004 [Geert.Fannes] ...
144006 [bob.news@gm ] This comes up again and again.  You might want to search the archives.
144010 [skaes@gm .n ] This comes up again and again because the current behaviour is
+ 144014 [Geert.Fannes] And is there any other way to create variables in a dynamical manner,
| 144022 [bob.news@gm ] .... but they cannot be accessed from code that was compiled prior to
+ 144019 [itsme213@ho ] contexts.
+ 144023 [bob.news@gm ] You cannot trust IRB on local variables.  This too comes up from time to
  144038 [skaes@gm .n ] Which means that irb has a bug that doesn't get fixed.
  144068 [bob.news@gm ] No, it's not a bug.  It's a conceptual thing that cannot be fixed: IRB
  144073 [skaes@gm .n ] Bytecode? Whishful thinking , I suppose.

Benchmarking RAM
144018 [gavin@re in ] How can I measure the amount of RAM (allocated, not real) is used by
+ 144030 [djberg96@gm ] You should be able to use sys-proctable for Windows and BSD, and use
+ 144095 [Ara.T.Howard] did you consider sending yourself a signal to dump core and check the core

[ANN] Ruby/GLEW 0.0.1
144025 [kig@mi fi in] Ruby/GLEW just went through its first public release, yay!

Ruby != POLS [was Re: creating variable with eval]
144026 [gavin@re in ] Matz has stated repeatedly that the POLS is *not* supposed to be
+ 144031 [Ara.T.Howard] i can see your point - but this really shouldn't be any issue with computer
+ 144033 [james_b@ne r] Really.  I'm surprised people still keep bringing up POLS.
+ 144034 [james_b@ne r] Yes, and in general the hype that tends to bite back are the assertions
| 144041 [the_mindstor] #: on behalf of James Britt :: 5/30/2005 6:42 PM :#
+ 144069 [bob.news@gm ] Another point about surprises: when considering information theory suprise

Problems building gem with c-extension
144028 [erazor@mi oc] i want to build a gem with a c-extension.

Checking KirbyBase
144035 [paniagua@pc ] I'm was taking a peek to Kirbybase and I was wondering how good it
144039 [jcribbs@tw i] I think KirbyBase would work very well for this purpose.  You can use

RubyGems and the FreeBSD ports tree
144042 [jw@in er wu ] Cheers
144617 [jw@in er wu ] No FreeBSD users here that can test this?

Local variables and functions
144043 [ro@ca op ra ] I got one question. While I was coding a method earlier today, and that
+ 144044 [ro@ca op ra ] Nevermind -- I forgot local variables have precedence over method calls
+ 144045 [ksruby@gm il] Your local variables always hide methods with the same name. In order
  144052 [eric_mahurin] Last I checked that won't help in Ruby 1.9 - local variables

(",) Print This! Press [Ctrl][P] Keys To Print... >> http://www.phpbbserver.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=2&mforum=anysubjectchat < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < <
144047 [compaq71127@] (",) Print This! Press [Ctrl][P] Keys To Print... >>

Accessing HSqldb in ruby
144048 [alain.feler@] Since OpenOffice.org v 2.0 is using Hsqldb as a database engine, I would
144075 [virender@ix ] I wonder if the jdbc-odbc driver will be helpful here?

rb_f_lambda vs. rb_block_proc : what are the issues?
144050 [jeremy@ch os] Now that I'm maintaining Ruby/FLTK, I'm seeing lots of "rb_f_lambda()
144067 [decoux@mo lo] yes,
144180 [jeremy@ch os] #ifndef HAVE_RB_BLOCK_PROC
144201 [sastph@sa .c] For the sake of the people who will maintain this code after you've
144413 [jeremy@ch os] I'm aware of that convention and I would *certainly* do that if I was
144466 [jeremy@ch os] Persuded?  Where on Earth did I get *that* word from?  Hmm, I guess it

Gambit Codefest
144053 [greg7224@gm ] We are currently in Day 2 of a 9 day codefest to complete the Gambit
+ 144055 [mrkode@gm il] And I'm looking forward to give opinions on Gambit ;) Sounds really
+ 144056 [tom@in oe he] Always neat to see those CVS ages measured in minutes!

Ruby in C#
144058 [dragoonEX@gm] I am currently working on a project in C# which requires the use of a Ruby
+ 144059 [alex@ve k. n] I have a similar (bit broader question) - what are the good, working
+ 144064 [discordantus] I'm not a .Net programmer, so I don't know for sure if this is what
  144065 [james_b@ne r] Plus
  144135 [dragoonEX@gm] Thanks, though I was thinking more along the lines of using the DLL Import

Ruby/Odeum vs. Lucene: Part 2
144060 [zedshaw@ze s] Just wanted to send out an update on my recent Ruby/Odeum vs. Lucene

144066 [nornagon@gm ] trouble figuring out what rb_struct_new does. I would check the return
+ 144078 [djberg96@gm ] It creates a new struct, one that you've defined previously with
+ 144081 [sastph@sa .c] It's basically the same as the Ruby code "Struct.new". The first

Weird problem.
144070 [erik@te pn t] Why is the last expression false?
144071 [ryand-ruby@z] Same reason in pretty much every other language. Floating point
144072 [erik@te pn t] Thanks a lot, I should have known this.

Ruby Weekly News 23rd - 29th May 2005
144077 [timsuth@ih g] Ruby Weekly News 23rd - 29th May 2005
144079 [james_b@ne r] Where's the link?
+ 144090 [chneukirchen] It's in the web version, but you can find Anarchaia at
+ 144093 [Dee.Zsombor@] Zsombor

Where to get the RubyGems documentation
144082 [mailinglists] maybe i'm too blind to see it but where can i get a local copy of the
+ 144086 [demerzel@gm ] (The site uses Hieraki(http://www.hieraki.org/), AFAICT)
+ 144087 [jim@we ri hh] Follow the export link (e.g. http://docs.rubygems.org/export/book/1 for the
  144102 [mailinglists] Unforunately none of this formats have the layout options i see on the
  144127 [jim@we ri hh] ...

Cannot install Ruby on Win XP SP2
144091 [alewando_won] Cannot install preconfigured Ruby on Win XP SP2
144094 [curt@hi bs c] First of all, you should install the final version of 182-14, not
144126 [alewando_won] Works this way.

[ANN] parseargs-0.0.0
144096 [Ara.T.Howard] URLS
+ 144151 [hal9000@hy e] Interesting. I look forward to checking this out.
| + 144155 [vjoel@pa h. ] Was that, or  ;)
| | 144190 [Stephan.Kaem] And the version numbers of ideas (read: vapour ware) might well be
| + 144166 [Ara.T.Howard] i'd love some feedback.  i end up writing the code the library contains plenty
+ 144389 [sean.ohalpin] If this is to avoid 'cat', then you could also use
  144397 [Ara.T.Howard] i'll take it ;-)

Passing a block to rb_funcall
144097 [djberg96@ho ] I've seen some other threads on this subject, but none that quite
+ 144098 [decoux@mo lo] From plruby
| 144099 [Daniel.Berge] I guess I need more hand holding because I don't get it.
+ 144100 [nobu.nokada@] static VALUE
  144101 [Daniel.Berge] Ah, I didn't realize it had to be broken up that way.
  144106 [Daniel.Berge] Oops, just wanted to point out (for future googlers) that I'll have to
  144119 [Daniel.Berge] Hmmm...I guess nil is a special case with regards to $/ and is extra

Operation on Classes
144103 [aartist@gm i] While learning ruby, I want to study from the perspective of classes.
+ 144104 [bob.news@gm ] There might be but I'd say it's not really worthwhile.  The reason being
| 144112 [aartist@gm i] The main idea is  about  creating templates.  In life and in general,
| 144183 [bob.news@gm ] If I understand you correctly you kind of want to introduce static typing
| 144210 [aartist@gm i] Well, all I am saying is that I can group bunch of things together to
+ 144110 [ruby.brian@g] Maybe I do not understand you correctly, but every object has the

[RFC] DocTest module
144105 [nicholas_wie] this is the first time I write code in Ruby that's not Rails-centric, so
144130 [surrender_it] I have little time and can't check your code.. but have you looked at
144198 [nicholas_wie] Yes, I found extract.rb and looked at it, but it doen't seem to do the

Gnome's Guide to WEBrick
144111 [james@gr yp ] I can't seem to find Gnome's Guide to WEBrick.  I know if moved
+ 144134 [james@gr yp ] If anyone can forward me the PDF, that would help too...
| 144137 [james_b@ne r] Try here, as an interim URL
| 144139 [james@gr yp ] Many thanks!  I've saved it locally so hopefully I won't be without
+ 144140 [navindra@cs ] Out of curiosity, what does Gnome have to do with WEBrick?  Some kind
  + 144141 [james@gr yp ] No clue here, but they've written the best documentation so far, in
  + 144142 [drbrain@se m] Gnome is an alias of the writer of the guide.  You can sometimes

Possible training classes for Ruby programming and for Ruby on Rails
144117 [curt@hi bs c] Later this year, there could be a commercial offering of training
144120 [Daniel.Berge] d-rails
144122 [curt@hi bs c] Yeah, something was going on with the server. My ISP has restarted the

Looking for a good RSS/ATOM parser
144118 [bruno.bornsz] I'm looking for a parser that will handle all versions of RSS and ATOM
144178 [davidbe@gm i] Check http://raa.ruby-lang.org/ and search for rss and atom. There
144195 [bruno.bornsz] Thanks David, rssfwd (one of the apps on the page you linked to) has a

mswin32-ruby17.dll, which distribution contains it
144123 [jcb@it ri .c] I just downloaded SOAP4r.  I get an error stating that
144146 [nobu.nokada@] ruby 1.7 was an old development version, and the DLL shouldn't
144152 [jcb@it ri .c] I downloaded SOAP4r from
144175 [mailinglists] As 1.7 was an unstable developer release you are out of luck.
144415 [jcb@it ri .c] I downloaded the latest Ruby 1.8.2.  Soap4r worked fine with this