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^ Intellisense and the psychology of typing
143705 [andrew.queis] Yesterday I typed in some C++ code that called a function with two
+ 143710 [thomas eduli] I'm indifferent.  It depends what mood I'm in as to whether it is useful
| 143716 [mailinglists] Intellisense is most useful for the case where you use libraries or
| + 143722 [halostatue g] Because I don't want foo to only accept String objects. Suggestions
| + 143724 [Ara.T.Howard] do you really think so in the general case?
| | 143727 [mailinglists] Taking a specific not very good implementation might not be a good
| + 144032 [rcole itee.u] Me too. Ruby is a great language and it has given birth to a really
|   + 144040 [halostatue g] These are probably noted by hand.
|   | 144080 [mailinglists] Yes and a standart how these are annotated by hand is missing, so no
|   | 144088 [halostatue g] Then perhaps one of the things you can suggest, Lothar, is what such
|   | + 144108 [surrender_it] Sorry, but If I recall correctly MSIL brings explicit type informations,
|   | | 144115 [halostatue g] Mmmm. Not really. See my rather pointed post to Caleb. Self managed
|   | | 144128 [surrender_it] you are thinking of a "fast" thing (i.e. the self system, which in the
|   | + 144109 [vikkous gmai] I don't see how what you propose is all that different, semantically,
|   |   144114 [halostatue g] Then you're not paying attention. Sorry if that offends you, but
|   |   + 144124 [eric_mahurin] From your history of posts, you definitely are not sorry that
|   |   | 144125 [halostatue g] Actually, I am sorry if he's offended. I *am* exasperated that this
|   |   | + 144129 [eric_mahurin] I don't know if he was offended or not, but the statements
|   |   | | 144212 [vikkous gmai] And I still fail to see the semantic difference between the two.
|   |   | | + 144214 [gavin refine] What is the semantic difference between a hint and a declaration?
|   |   | | + 144222 [lukfugl gmai] Sorry to take just a small incidental part of your post and veer
|   |   | | | 144227 [gavin refine] ECMAScript-262 rev3 does not have type declarations, but "Javascript
|   |   | | | 144235 [lukfugl gmai] Ok, thanks for the clarification. I was thinking of
|   |   | | + 144241 [halostatue g] Type hints are just that: hints. They aren't restrictions. Type
|   |   | |   144244 [mailinglists] Sorry to say this, but instead of writing so much text please
|   |   | + 144173 [mailinglists] Maybe i missed a posting but i couldn't find anybody suggesting this.
|   |   + 144172 [mailinglists] Which simply means that it is optimized with exactly one type hint.
|   + 144046 [cyclists nc.] In RMagick's case, they were painstakingly inserted by hand by the
|     144062 [rcole itee.u] And are very much appeciated by me, a user of your library.
+ 143711 [sp1d3rx gmai] my opinion is that if you find it useful, use it. if you don't then
+ 143713 [curt hibbs.c] I'm all for intelligent help. But I just wanted to point out that this
| 143717 [andrew.queis] But only if the receiver and the types of the arguments of the function
+ 143715 [mailinglists] When doing wrong (showing wrong types, obmitting methods, adding wrong
+ 143720 [rob.02004 gm] Andrew, code auto-completion is not tied to static typing. Your search
+ 143721 [no noemail.c] To me I found the intellisense in VS for C++ was somewhat helpful in my
+ 143791 [eventhelix g] Intellisense does improve programmer productivity as
+ 143813 [exogen gmail] Well, there are two distinct features of IntelliSense as you know it.
+ 143857 [jamesdcarrol] ...
| + 143858 [mailinglists] Yes you come from static typed languages, so you have to learn
| + 143917 [nowhere noth] ...
| | + 143933 [hramrach cen] Touch-typing is good (and I should also learn that :) but it's always
| | + 143935 [ruby-ml magi] Oh, now. If we estimate that a decent programmer writes about 60
| + 144083 [rampant gmai] You don't need to write 'b
| + 144085 [rampant gmai] So, you save typing four letters.
+ 143950 [vfoley gmail] I have rapidly skimmed over the few responses here.  Auto completion is
| 143955 [mailinglists] When using procedural code it is easy and not comparable with autocompletition for Ruby.
| 143956 [ruby-ml magi] Er, Lisp is a procedural language?
| + 143958 [surrender_it] I think what Lothar is saying is that you use prefix syntax in lisp,
| + 143993 [mailinglists] At least Lisp is not a functional language. Lisp is Lisp.
+ 144220 [unclebob obj] Static typing is a strong enabler of certain intelisense functions;

^ MySQL-Ruby
143714 [paniagua pcm] Does anyone knows if the MySQL-Ruby module is compatible with MySQL  4.1?
143725 [simonced gma] I'm using it with Mysql 4.1.10 and it rocks !
+ 143726 [paniagua pcm] Thanks! just checking...Last time I used it there was some
| 143794 [r_mueller im] MySQL changed the authentification from 4.0.* to 4.1. You can see that
+ 143818 [vanek acd.ne] I use the package found at
  + 143819 [paniagua pcm] I will try with this.... I will also set  the MySQL engine to work with
  + 145711 [joey joeygib] MySQL 4.1.11, WindowsXP, VC6 and the one-click installer version of Ruby
    145769 [paul__mcardl] the package found at

^ Strange split with parentheses in Regexp
143732 [lispamateur ] I just stumbled over the following effect and (trial-and error)
143734 [james graypr] A capture in a split() Regexp is taken to indicate pieces of the

^ Broken IRB in Windows?
143735 [ro cayoparai] I'm new to Ruby, and I'm really enjoying it.
143743 [Stephan.Kaem] Have a look at http://blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp/
143744 [ro cayoparai] Thanks :)
143841 [ro cayoparai] Just for the record, I'm using IRB with --noreadline now, and that works

^ Licensing Question
143737 [zdennis mkte] (http://rubyforge.org/projects/webstar-tools/) in ruby in my own spare
+ 143738 [halostatue g] You will probably need a custom licence for this; the GNU GPL or
+ 143739 [aredridel nb] That itself doesn't seem like an open license.
+ 143757 [zdennis mkte] What would I look for if all we wanted to do was to force people to pass
  + 143758 [ruby-ml magi] == Authors
  + 143772 [aredridel nb] BSD. The version with the advertising clause isn't GPL compatible,
  + 143789 [jtregunna bl] Three clause BSD license comes to mind. However, it's vague in some
  + 143792 [cyclists nc.] The MIT License. http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php

^ [ANN] Packgen 0.2
143740 [nospam lunac] Here is the release of Packgen 0.2. Of course, this version brings

^ hash of hash and complex data structure
143741 [ngoc yahoo.c] I am perl programmer, looking for new tools and interested in Ruby
+ 143742 [mailing-list] Wasnt this question asked but yesterday?  You may find a lot of useful
+ 143745 [john.carter ] Ruby doesn't quite have the auto-vivification that perl has. You have to
| 143746 [john.carter ] Oh yes, just as an aside, as a perl programmer I use to create quite a lot
+ 143786 [bob.news gmx] Just for the record, as I don't see any post that actually shows code with

^ Using WxRuby
143747 [paniagua pcm] value of the selected cell.. I tried to
+ 143760 [assaph gmail] This worked for me. What is the problem you encounter?
+ 143763 [zdennis mkte] There is some better api documentation at

^ [RubyConf] Deadline extension for presentation proposals
143748 [dblack wobbl] The deadline for submitting a proposal for a full-length presentation

^ Using string.slice for unicode chars
143753 [ilya.sabanin] I try to cut unicode string with "slice" method but looks like Ruby
143770 [discordantus] ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) on powerpc-darwin8.0.0Welcome to Interactive Ruby  us = ''    ==>""  us.scan(/./)    ==>["", "", "", "", "", ""]  us.unpack('U*')    ==>[7782, 566, 529, 239, 331, 608]

^ ADV: Rail Beta Book now available
143755 [dave pragpro] Sorry to barge in with some gross commercialism, but I thought it might
+ 143756 [matt technor] Will you autograph it as well?  It would be nice to have it match the
| 143761 [dave pragpro] Kinda hard with the PDFs...  :)
| 143762 [gene.tani gm] Could you post Table of Contents somewhere, pls?
| 143793 [gene.tani gm] I have a ? and a !
| 143912 [dave pragpro] The PDF is licensed to you, and is intended for your use. We don't do
+ 143782 [nicholas_wie] Great !
| 143910 [dave pragpro] I'm afraid right now we don't accept Paypal--we try to keep our
| + 143914 [hal9000 hype] If you wanted to go to the trouble, you could always have the
| + 143916 [sera fhwang.] How tight would your integration with Paypal have to be? Would you want
| + 143922 [zdennis mkte] I setup a summer basketball camp web site
+ 143787 [surrender_it] cool, and do I understand correctly that you'll follow this approach for
  143911 [dave pragpro] We're hoping to, but we'll see how this works first.

^ [ANN] Finite State Ma-thing 0.6
143766 [gavin refine] ...

^ RubyCocoa on MacOS X Tiger
143774 [jmichaels gm] There isn't a RubyCocoa package available for Tiger yet. This
143783 [alexg ebi.ac] ....Snip...

^ Methods with lots of arguments
143776 [dido.sevilla] Just went through a bit of refactoring on a bit of Ruby code that I've
+ 143795 [news.home.nl] def somemethod(foo, bar, baz, *options)
+ 143809 [angus quovad] [Dido Sevilla <dido.sevilla@gmail.com>, 2005-05-27 08.10 CEST]
  143860 [daniel.amela] ...

^ [OT] vim tips
143777 [martindemell] ...

^ ruby-termios: Patch to make it work under both 1.8 and 1.9
143778 [ljz asfast.c] ...
143780 [nobuyoshi.na] stdio_file isn't non-NULL always.  Use rb_io_stdio_file() instead.
143781 [akr m17n.org] Don't use rb_io_stdio_file if possible,

^ qtruby for windows
143796 [dave.m email] hy list,
143861 [Richard_Dale] Yes, certainly. I hope to have a version of QtRuby working on Linux/Mac OS X
143862 [dave.m email] i'm a beginner but i can help this porting for that concerns

^ dbi: passing parameters to execute
143798 [davidbe gmai] I'm fairly new to Ruby. I touched some Perl, looked at Python, but the
143814 [jim weirichh] How do I pass values when my sql-code is something like

^ [FYKA] Plz comment
143799 [bsd.SANSPAM ] Dear Rubiest!
+ 143801 [dave burt.id] ...
| 143807 [sroberts uni] How matz does it.
| 143873 [dblack wobbl] I agree strongly.  Ruby has a beautiful and perfectly useable
+ 143802 [pjpizza rsie] Dr. Dheeman,
| 143847 [bsd.SANSPAM ] +1, I shall :)
+ 143803 [gavin refine] ...
+ 143805 [mailing-list] 1.1.1 is what I use.
+ 143806 [halostatue g] I prefer this, because the rescue, else, and ensure clauses belong to
+ 143810 [lists halffu] Personally, I prefer either matz's way or your third way (where the=20
| 143848 [bsd.SANSPAM ] You know me too am a newbie to Ruby as yet, that's why one in while I
| 143875 [lists halffu] Well, that's the problem - you don't always want it as compact as=20
| 143878 [Ara.T.Howard] very important point.  power editor users often appreciate having code
| 143888 [halostatue g] which shows up in MY editor as
+ 143811 [Ara.T.Howard] why?  because it makes it much easier to determine which 'when' goes with
+ 143834 [dave.m email] I'm for Matz, his style is more compact.
| 143836 [threeve.org ] If I had to pick, I'd pick Matz's style as well.  The other identation
+ 143839 [florgro gmai] This one.
+ 143844 [ehames gmail] Picking the "best" option for your users might keep some users away
| 143867 [bsd.SANSPAM ] That's a good point, other posters have also suggested similary. I will
+ 143992 [dubois kavi.] my $0.02 ==> ever since Pascal I've formatted my code to make the block
  143995 [dubois kavi.] Oops! There is one indent that got eaten by my Thunderbird editor (tab

^ Difference between 'def self.' and module_function 
143804 [mailing-list] I thought I new the difference between writing
143886 [mailing-list] Yes.  Thanks,

^ =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_Difference_between_'def_s?= =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?elf._=85'_and_module=5Ffunction_=85?=
143808 [halostatue g] Module A defines only A.a. Module B defines B#a and B.a. B.a is a copyof B#a at the time of the call to module_function and B#a is madeprivate (according to the documentation).

^ Ruby on Rails interest in comp.lang.python
143812 [snail objmed] A heads up to the Rails folks.
143817 [curt hibbs.c] Huh?
143824 [snail objmed] writes
143850 [dave burt.id] ...
+ 143874 [zimba.tm gma] Which makes me think of... is there a ruby equivalent of Twisted ?
| + 143876 [joaopedrosa ] No.
| | + 143880 [Ara.T.Howard] what about spread and rb_spread?  it's an event driven ultra fault tolerant
| | + 143892 [ptkwt aracne] ...
| + 143882 [nicholas_wie] This can help implementing something similar :)
+ 143877 [ro cayoparai] I'm new to all of this -- is there a mutual hostility between the Python
  + 143881 [joaopedrosa ] Yes. The Python community is too big to bother with the Ruby community. :-)
  + 143883 [dave burt.id] ...
  + 143885 [sera fhwang.] Hostility is probably too strong a word. "Healthy competition" is
    143909 [surrender_it] definitely much better.

^ RI Conceptional Showstopper Bug.
143820 [mailinglists] at the moment i'm working on RI and RDOC integration into the
+ 143828 [curt hibbs.c] I can fix this (I just added a bug report for it).
| 143845 [botp delmont] #I would prefer a more complete solution that uses SQLite as a
+ 143859 [mailinglists] Looked further into it and the situation is more worse then i
| + 143865 [ryand-ruby z] Not true...
| + 143866 [drbrain segm] I'm not sure this is a good thing.  Library A extends String with a
| | 143870 [mailinglists] Thats why we need tagged sets of documentation that can be added and
| | + 143872 [james_b neur] Get together with the folks on the ruby-doc mailing list and help them
| | + 143890 [drbrain segm] It is not an attitude, it is reality.  Please do not knock volunteer
| | + 143891 [sroberts uni] Yeah, but if there wasn't a good doc tool in the core, then you'd be
| + 143913 [dave pragpro] I'm surprised if this is the case: rdoc and ri go to some trouble to
|   144011 [halostatue g] On an individual run, rdoc and ri do handle this very well. On
+ 143863 [ryand-ruby z] Theoretically, I am maintaining rdoc. Theory and practice are the

^ How to build an index of phrases in a phrase/sentence?
143825 [dan eparklab] I am trying to build an indexing structure on some phrases. Most phrases
+ 143830 [james graypr] Perhaps I'm not understanding, but how does the following fail to
| + 143831 [Ara.T.Howard] exponential run time vs. O(1) runtime once the index is built maybe?
| + 143832 [dan eparklab] I have a few million phrases to index so I don't want to loop through
|   143835 [dubois kavi.] Full Inverted Index maybe?
+ 143833 [Ara.T.Howard] maybe
| 143838 [gene.tani gm] Besides glimpse, there's a bunch of indexers in RAA and elsewhere,
+ 143851 [ilveroluca n] I think what you want is a suffix tree.
+ 143853 [gavin refine] ...
+ 143854 [gavin refine] One last followup (sorry, I'm bored onboard a plane) :)
+ 143855 [gavin refine] ...
  143856 [g_sezhian th] One last followup (sorry, I'm bored onboard a plane) :)

^ Coercion and ranges
143842 [trash philke] Dear Ruby fellows,
+ 143843 [ruby-ml magi] I think you probably would be able to create a properly working
+ 143846 [jim weirichh] I find it a bit odd that adding two ranges  results in an array, but
  143864 [trash philke] Well if I see the range as an array of its elements (which you would get
  143989 [bob.news gmx] Another probably more efficient variant would be to create a special class
  144054 [trash philke] Kind regards,

^ Re: Difference between 'def self..' and module_function .
143849 [dave burt.id] ...
143887 [mailing-list] Dont worry, Im definitely Nikolai Weibull; the quotes are unnecessary.
143907 [dave burt.id] ...

^ OT: disabling colors in browsers. Was: Re: A different perspective on Ruby.
143868 [sellberg gma] Or be lazy and install the prefbar plugin. Has a lot of other nice
143871 [james_b neur] A few people recommended "Bookmarklets for Zapping Annoyances"

^ Useless hack of the saturday morning
143869 [surrender_it] this morning I stumbled across the Autrijus Tang journal[1],
143931 [chneukirchen] That's very nice and useful (I often wished for it), but goo already
143932 [surrender_it] wow, I always thought GOO was cool, it seem I need to investigate it
143940 [chneukirchen] If it was alive, it would be even nicer... so many good ideas but
144076 [murphy cYcnu] class Array
144089 [chneukirchen] I think the nice thing about packings is that they don't need to
144092 [james graypr] In that case, how are gather/packing an improvement?  They require
144116 [chneukirchen] For example, you could write methods that can add to any object

^ debugging Ruby - where to find the big picture?
143879 [wsdngatgoogl] I know, Ruby has a debug option and a debugger, which means that I am

^ preventing Object#send from dispatching to a global method?
143884 [sera fhwang.] Is there a way to prevent Object#send from dispatching to a global
+ 143889 [lists bertra] class SomeClass
+ 143894 [itsme213 hot] ...
| 143906 [sera fhwang.] Yeah, that makes sense. I can use that workaround, but the code I'm
+ 143908 [jim weirichh] ...
| 143915 [sera fhwang.] Okay, thanks for the tip, that's definitely giving me some ideas.
| + 143968 [jim weirichh] I don't know of any ... however, would this help?
| | 144307 [sera fhwang.] Thanks for the suggestion, but that's probably too cumbersome. For the
| | 144311 [nseckar gmai] Perhaps Jamis Buck's BlankSlate might be what you're looking for?
| | 144320 [sera fhwang.] Don't you mean Jim's BlankSlate? Seeing as http://onestepback.org is
| | 144322 [nseckar gmai] *cough* That would make sense. My apologies to the related parties...
| + 144063 [glenn.parker] Not that I could find, and I've mentioned this as an annoying limitation
|   144321 [sera fhwang.] Should I submit an RCR? Haven't done one before. Would it be called?
|   144360 [glenn.parker] I would say it's worth an RCR, but a class definition is never really
|   147626 [sera fhwang.] Coming back to this thread after a long hiatus, sorry about that ...
+ 144366 [matz ruby-la] How about undef'ing global methods from the class?  See delegate.rb in
  147627 [sera fhwang.] Part of the problem is solved, part is not.