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Bug? Fixnum#** is slower than Bignum#**
143303 [murphy@cY nu] (original text by Wolfgang N?dasi-Donner)

join not in Enumerable
143305 [logancapaldo] Just a few minutes ago I was playing with irb as I am wont to do, and
+ 143311 [Ara.T.Howard] the only reason i can think of is that just because somthing is countable
| 143318 [nobu.nokada@] Feels interesting.
| 143334 [Ara.T.Howard] only you would crank that out in C nobu ;-)
+ 143314 [dblack@wo bl] module Enumerable
| + 143316 [jim@we ri hh] [... elided version using to_a ...]
| | 143317 [chr_mail@gm ] It's
| + 143319 [kristof@vl e] I believe because join requires an ordered collection, and enumerables
|   + 143322 [bob.news@gm ] "Kristof Bastiaensen" <kristof@vleeuwen.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   | 143324 [dblack@wo bl] As per my previous post, I don't think that matters for join, which is
|   | 143329 [eric_mahurin] Unfortunately for Hash, this can cause confusion to what an
|   | 143330 [dblack@wo bl] I see it the other way.  "Index" means different things to different
|   | 143332 [Ara.T.Howard] hmm.  i don't really see any possible implication with orderedness or index
|   | 143333 [dblack@wo bl] It may not imply orderness, but it imposes an order.  I think part of
|   + 143323 [dblack@wo bl] I don't think the unorderedness would matter; consider, for example,
+ 143338 [djberg96@ho ] functionality.
  + 143349 [eric_mahurin] I was agreeing with you - each_with_index confuses what an
  | 143372 [dblack@wo bl] It just seems like a bad fit for, say, iterating through lines of a
  + 143354 [Ara.T.Howard] Enumerable#join(sep): concatinate each (Enumerable#each) thing onto a string
    143374 [djberg96@ho ] definition of
    143377 [eric_mahurin] I don't think an inifinite collection is a legitimate

Ruby Debugger.  Remove catchpoint?
143312 [dcorbin@ma h] Is there someway to remove a catchpoint while in the debugger?  Better yet, is
+ 143383 [mailinglists] Sorry, what you mean with this. Do you mean to reload the source files
| 143395 [snail@ob me ] <mailinglists@scriptolutions.com> writes
| + 143397 [mailinglists] Wow, does "ruby -rdebug" really not offer this feature ?
| + 143520 [dcorbin@ma h] Eeew.  No, the idea came from Perl.
+ 143385 [assaph@gm il] Better yet, is
  143521 [dcorbin@ma h] Yes

[ANN] soap4r/1.5.4
143320 [nakahiro@sa ] 'SOAP4R' is an implementation of

[ANN] Ruby Facets 0.7.2
143321 [transfire@gm] A N N O U N C I N G

Ruby/Tk and BWidget
143325 [nornagon@gm ] (specifically, the NoteBook thingy), primarily due to the poor
143326 [nagai@ai ky ] Please install BWidget extension on your Tcl/Tk.
143351 [nornagon@gm ] Could you point me in the right direction as to installing BWidget?
143356 [nornagon@gm ] Ah, nevermind. Got it!

Vim's Ruby indenting
143328 [vfoley@gm il] I have always used Vim to edit my Ruby code, and I've always been very
+ 143331 [ruby.brian@g] I just came over from emacs to vim, and this is also the main thing
+ 143391 [sanobast-200] Do you use vim-ruby's indent file?
  143422 [vfoley@gm il] Yes, I do.  And I have this version installed.
  143423 [vfoley@gm il] Ah no, I did not.  Thought I did.  I used the new version and it fixed
  143428 [mailing-list] I°«ll add support for this at a later time.  Until then, consider
  143435 [ruby.brian@g] On 23/05/05, Nikolai Weibull
  + 143461 [mailing-list] Sure, but tell me a reasonable way to indent it and provide me with the
  | + 143478 [vfoley@gm il] Oh, don't get me wrong, I definitly appreciate what you did.  I once
  | | 143510 [mailing-list] Thanks.  It°«s nice to hear that people like it more than what becomes
  | + 143504 [ruby.brian@g] On 24/05/05, Nikolai Weibull
  |   143512 [mailing-list] Thanks.  I agree that this kind of thing should work properly.  Ruby°«s
  + 143466 [gsinclair@gm] The following code indents properly and is what I use.
    + 143469 [sroberts@un ] I wonder whether using Syntax, based on the ruby parser, would allow an
    | + 143509 [gsinclair@gm] no
    | + 143516 [mailing-list] This has been an idea of mine for some time, but I haven°«t had time to
    + 143514 [mailing-list] The reason that this works and the other form doesn°«t is that in this

[SOLUTION] Ruby Quiz #33 Tiling Turmoil
143336 [email55555@g] Here is my solution, it is kind of short ...
143430 [email55555@g] The solution for 2x2 and 4x4 is unique.
143629 [email55555@g] =begin

Uniform vector class, inheriting from Array: How to make sure that methods return a Vector and not an Array?
143337 [sanobast-200] I recently tried to implement a uniform vector class being defined as a
143342 [ruby.brian@g] I'm quite shure you don't need to do what you are doing, because this
+ 143346 [surrender_it] this makes me think: the delegation approach is usually simpler.
| 143403 [rampant@gm i] I think you've got it. Classes which have methods which return
+ 143396 [sanobast-200] Thank you very much for pointing out how to use method_missing here.
  143399 [discordantus] Use of a "uniform" array would seem to preclude duck-typing. Even if
  143421 [lukfugl@gm i] Well, on this point, isn't it recommended that whenever you override
  143424 [discordantus] I'd never heard it mentioned on the list (that I remember), but it

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[ANN] AllInOneRuby 0.2.2
143343 [pan@er kv en] I just released version 0.2.2 of AllInOneRuby.
143348 [pan@er kv en] gegroet,

Gem Dependancies
143345 [james@gr yp ] With HighLine, we've recently moved over to using termios... on Unix
143365 [jim@we ri hh] Not within a single gem.  You could provide separate gems with different
143369 [james@gr yp ] Do a few projects do this?  Can you point me toward an example project?
143379 [jeremy@hi eg] I'll add to it too...
+ 143388 [surrender_it] I think this are called "virtual" more than optional.
+ 143473 [jim@we ri hh] The problem is that once you get beyond simple dependencies, the requirements
  145150 [foobar@fu zb] Jim, I don't want to make this sound simpler than it is, but I'd guess

ri doesn't go on my SuSE workstation
143350 [xeno@es im .] xeno@linux:~> ri GC

ruby wiki reccomendation
143355 [Ara.T.Howard] i've used a few of the ruby wiki's in the past and liked them.  however, i'm
143368 [rampant@gm i] A ruby wiki with file/image managment and user authentication.
143440 [tamc2@ca .a ] %r{/(edit|save)/home page}, WEBrick::HTTPAuth::SiteWidePassword.new

Re: [QUIZ] [Solution] Tiling Turmoil (#33)
143358 [dbatml@gm .d] here is my solution. I didn't know this problem and I didn't google ;-)
143359 [gasman@ra w.] Here's my solution (and my first attempt at a Ruby Quiz) - also
143442 [jannis@ha de] ...

[ANN] RMagick 1.8.1 released
143361 [cyclists@nc ] RMagick is a binding to the ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick image

GREAT VIDEO! >> http://www.tbn.org/films/videos/To_Hell_And_Back.ram << Just click link to view the free video.......... May 22, 2005 7:37:34 pm
143362 [AOLfan250129] GREAT VIDEO! >> http://www.tbn.org/films/videos/To_Hell_And_Back.ram <<

Stats comp.lang.ruby (last 7 days)
143366 [bsd.SANSPAM@] Stats comp.lang.ruby (last 7 days)
143367 [agorilla@gm ] I know it's been raised before, but I don't recall any suggestions, so
143370 [dblack@wo bl] ...
+ 143371 [agorilla@gm ] Yeah, saw that conversation.  Guess I meant 'no suggestions for
+ 143382 [james_b@ne r] Sadly.
| 143413 [glenn.parker] Balwinder,
| + 143429 [billk@ct .c ] Sorry to contribute to the noise, but I don't understand this.
| + 143527 [dblack@wo bl] ...including devoting a lot of one's time to trying to help people
+ 143417 [glyconis@gm ] How about removing the stats entirely?
  + 143420 [tanner.burso] +1
  + 143928 [chneukirchen] +1, I can't hear the weekly discussions about the disclaimer anymore.

debugger restart
143373 [mark@oc we .] In looking through the debugger commands for "ruby -r debug {name}.rb", I don't
143470 [sroberts@un ] As far as I have been able to tell. Its a huge PITA, isn't it? You get
143501 [matz@ru y- a] Does this small patch helps you?

sciTe editor IRB window getting double characters
143375 [faker@ya oo ] Has any one had a problem with the latest release of Ruby and the included
+ 143475 [itsme213@ho ] Are you on Windows? I've had anamolies with Ruby/irb with another editor
| 143588 [faker@ya oo ] Yes, XP, I should have included that in the original post.
+ 143959 [david.a.boyd] today I installed Ruby per 1.8.2-14 final and tried to adapt scite
  + 143970 [thunder@gm i] The way that SciTE's output pane works is that it has two file
  | 144016 [david.a.boyd] Neil,
  | 144061 [thunder@gm i] This could be shortened by using $(file.patterns.rb) where commands
  | 144074 [david.a.boyd] Neil,
  | 144147 [thunder@gm i] There is SciTE documentation at
  + 144037 [curt@hi bs c] Thanks, I'll add this stuff to the One-Click installer's version of

143402 [test@fr en t] Its only test.

Re: The many sounds of the unduck.
143404 [Peter.Fitzgi] _Why,

a deepcopy for "array = [1,2,3]*5"?
143407 [bvschmid@gm ] Been looking this up in the myriad of deepcopy strands, but couldn't
+ 143408 [flori@ni e. ] array = Array.new(5) { [1,2,3] }
+ 143409 [ruby.brian@g] For me [1,2,3]*5 behaves different.
  143418 [premshree.pi] He prolly meant [[1, 2, 3]]*5

GEM C Extensions
143410 [transfire@gm] I'm thinking about bundling libxml in a GEM. Does GEM support C-based

[ANN] HighLine 0.6.1
143411 [james@gr yp ] =======================
143458 [ljz@as as .c] The gem install of highline went smoothly.  However, when I did the
143476 [james@gr yp ] Can you tell me what the following code prints?
143508 [ljz@as as .c] # irb
143544 [james@gr yp ] These are indeed strange issues.  I wish I could provide some
143577 [ljz@as as .c] Yes.  All's well that ends well, and I won't belabor the point any

Endian packing errors.
143431 [binary42@gm ] I have a number I must convert to a network long. I have been using
+ 143434 [jim@fr ez .o] BigEndian    = (0 == [1].pack('l')[0])
| 143436 [binary42@gm ] PB(G4): true
| 143437 [jim@fr ez .o] irb(main):001:0> [65].pack('N')
| 143438 [binary42@gm ] I think that is what it is. I just compiled ruby from source to check
| 143443 [acharlieblue] install.
| 143445 [binary42@gm ] Thanks for the post! I've filed a bug report but it's probably more
+ 143524 [gavin@re in ] ...
  + 143535 [binary42@gm ] I this using the ruby that comes with 10.4, a custom build, or something else?
  | 143537 [gavin@re in ] ...
  + 143536 [acharlieblue] I suspect that's a custom build, because the version string is slightly

RDoc and SWIG
143433 [gfb@to es ft] I use SWIG to wrap C++ classes into Ruby. Is there any way to use RDoc
+ 143471 [sroberts@un ] I would be surprised if this works, but you might get lucky.
| 143477 [gfb@to es ft] Interesting. However, it sounds like a lot of hassle. I took another
+ 143612 [mailinglists] When using SWIG and Ruby do the that FXRuby does. Generate a complete
  143613 [gfb@to es ft] That's, actually, what I ended up with, on my own ;-). Thanks.

Sending and receiving windows messages with ruby.
143441 [awertyui@gm ] I'm trying to send and receive windows messages between a ruby app
143459 [polyergic@gm] (this may be equivelent to using Ruby/DL)
143472 [tylere@gm il] Well, can't speak for how useful it is with Ruby, as I haven't tried it

Array.=== Bug, Rails Bug, or brain failure?
143444 [markus@re li] I've got some rails code that is failing in a very strange way.  It is
143447 [jamis@37 ig ] Markus,
143449 [markus@re li] 1) x.y.class.name == 'Array'
+ 143450 [markus@re li] Ah ha!  We're both right!  It is a bug, and it does involve some of the
+ 143451 [jamis@37 ig ] Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction. ;) Consider this snippet from
| + 143452 [Daniel.Berge] I think someone needs to take a look at Forwardable and Delegator.
| + 143454 [lukfugl@gm i] It's because the proxy is the argument to, not receiver of, ===. So
+ 143453 [lukfugl@gm i] IANARE (Rails Expert), but my guess it that whatever x.y is is

UDP select()/recvfrom() delay under Windows?
143448 [ruby-talk@ba] I have the following snippet of code in a UDP client I'm knocking
143488 [mulperi@cc h] I think this will be fixed in 1.8.3 so you could try it. There is a 1.8.3rc1
143513 [ruby-talk@ba] I don't have MSVC++, so I downloaded ruby-1.8.3-preview1-i386-mswin32.zip
143601 [ruby-talk@ba] Thanks to the suggestion of Kent Sibilev in...

loop over array with indices
143455 [softpro@gm .] i have the recurring problem that i want to loop over an array with
143457 [Daniel.Berge] See Enumerable#each_with_index.
143505 [ruby.brian@g] And define yourself map_with_index, inject_with_index etc. where
143617 [logancapaldo] require 'enumerator'
143625 [pit@ca it in] arr_iter.inject("") { |a, (b, i)| a << "#{b}@#{i}" }
143627 [logancapaldo] Aha. That's really cool. I did not know that.

Tk read-only text box
143460 [nornagon@gm ] Another Tk question.
143474 [nagai@ai ky ] Hmmm.... Probably there are some ways.
+ 143497 [nornagon@gm ] Interesting. Could you tell me how that works, exactly? Like, what's
| 143507 [nagai@ai ky ] Each widget has a bindtag list to determine bindings which should be
| 143584 [botp@de mo t] #Each widget has a bindtag list to determine bindings which should be
| 143594 [nagai@ai ky ] # Are you misunderstanding? I'm not NaHi-san. :-)
| 143595 [nornagon@gm ] How extensive is the Japanese documentation? Would it be worth trying
| 143606 [nagai@ai ky ] reference (almost all of the commented problems are already fixed).
| + 143608 [nornagon@gm ] Ahhh, okay. Thanks for the info.
| + 143649 [steve.brumba] Indeed.  Benjamin Peterson translated it; you can find the translation
+ 143609 [nornagon@gm ] Hmm. I've been using this for a while and it works quite nicely.
  143614 [nagai@ai ky ] Here is an example.
  143633 [nagai@ai ky ] It goes without saying that the following is same to replace

Re: Array.=== in Rails Bug
143462 [markus@re li] This is a bug in the code that does the proxying, and either the
143463 [jamis@37 ig ] Except that you'd want to add that to Array, rather than the proxy
143482 [markus@re li] Did that, but in the meantime I found a better solution (and included it
+ 143483 [ksruby@gm il] The target of AssociationProxy is not always an instance of Array. For
| 143523 [markus@re li] Good point.  Descending it from Array shouldn't hurt for the other
+ 143486 [jim@we ri hh] FileList in Rake used to inherit from Array to get array-like behavior.  I
  143525 [markus@re li] This is a much more thorough wrapping (see earlier on this thread).  It

Re: HighLine 0.6.1
143465 [greg7224@gm ] Are you running in Windows or *nix.
143464 [greg7224@gm ] whoops... missed the uname listing and jumped to conclusions.
143511 [ljz@as as .c] # cd /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.9/gems/highline-0.6.1

Making a scripting tutorial
143479 [vfoley@gm il] I am part of a Linux User Group in Quebec, and I would like to make a
+ 143484 [james_b@ne r] Over how many days?  You've listed quite a bit of material to present to
| + 143485 [agorilla@gm ] Bill Guindon (aka aGorilla)
| + 143490 [vfoley@gm il] I was thinking in a period of about two hours.  Like I said, I want to
|   143502 [ruby.brian@g] I'd say it is impossible to do what you want to do in just two hours.
|   + 143522 [curt@hi bs c] Curt
|   + 143532 [vfoley@gm il] Four days?  We meet once a month, I doubt they'll remember something
|     143533 [ruby.brian@g] That is exactly what I meant. ;-)
+ 143487 [assaph@gm il] can
| 143489 [ryco@gm .n t] I found
+ 143506 [bob.news@gm ] There are quite some tutorials out there - you can easily find them with
  143529 [gene.tani@gm] Unfortunately, ruby-forum.org not quite up yet (get screen shots of old

Killing a Process started with Kernel.system
143491 [MartinAusChe] I know, this question was asked a dozen times, but I can't believe that
+ 143494 [billk@ct .c ] I'm guessing the problem is your "everlasting" program
+ 143495 [nobuyoshi.na] Fundamentally, since Kernel.system doesn't finish until the child
+ 143496 [nobuyoshi.na] Fundamentally, since Kernel.system doesn't finish until the child
+ 143526 [gavin@re in ] require 'win32ole'
  143539 [Ara.T.Howard] so no way by pid?
  143542 [Daniel.Berge] require "win32/open3"
  143556 [Ara.T.Howard] awesome!  so can do something like this from now on to make code
  143654 [nobuyoshi.na] That interface feels ugly to me.
  143660 [Ara.T.Howard] but maybe
  143663 [nobuyoshi.na] To implement is easy, to design is not. :-)